Thursday, 10 February 2005

Under Pressure


Can I just say well done to the west country contingent at the Brits last night!!  Muse and Joss done us proud!! :-)  Nice to see Brian (shame I couldn't see Roger but still !! )

Wow nearly a whole week of entries!!  I won't be at home on Saturday so that's why I say nearly!!  LOL

Well a crap day at work really - work's drying up again I think it's at least another week if not two before the next accounts are due.  This morning I got very angry with Richard.  (He's the bloke who sits opposite me, I've decided to name and shame him coz if he does ever stumble upon this, good!!)  Well I picked up an account that needed re-typing.  There was a note from the teamleader saying that the previous account had been amended by her but I couldn't see it.  So I sat there for nearly an hour trying to figure out how the account was figured out and if I could make it balance.

I finally decide to give up and go and ask the team leader what her note meant.  She said that the note didn't belong to that account and she was sure Richard had been working on this one I'd been looking at yesterday.  Turns out he had been and put the darn thing in the wrong tray.  This p***ed me off no end!!  What a waste of my time!!  So for the rest of the day everytime he said something to me I wanted to scratch his eyes.  A bit far fetched I know but.......

Tomorrow I have that 3 month thing.  I was talking to Richard about it.  He's going to mention the sarcastic woman and how she hasn't made our lives easy and he's gonna drop my name in it.  He thinks I should mention it too, but at the end of the day I reckon they will mention it for me!!  I'm dreading it enough without bringing up her name LOL...........Hopefully it will go ok!!  I've not made any stupid mistakes so that has to count for something.  Plus I was thinking if they wanted to get rid of me I reckon they would have done it by now!!

Rung me mum at lunchtime!!  I'm going to hers at the weekend as it's her partners 50th birthday and their having a bash for him.  I feel a bit hypocritical for going coz when he first started dating mum we never got on!!  There was something about him I didn't like!!  I guess I have grown up since then and as I don't live with them it makes life a little easier.  Anyway we got to talking and she said that Megan (that's my sister) has been talking non stop about how she wants to dance with me ...........awwww.........I was hoping she would!!  There'll probably be a roomful of adults and I'd rather spend time with her, what does that say about me LOL ;-)   My brother and my uncle will be there too so that'll be cool!!  (My uncles doing the disco)

She was also talking about coming down next Friday and I just thought how typical is that.  The last time she came down I was going out that night with my ex-colleagues.  I've managed to persuade her not to come down on Friday coz I wouldn't be able to get the time off anyway and to come down on Saturday instead.  I am going out on the Friday with my ex colleagues but I think I'll have to pace myself if I'm gonna meet up with mum the next day ;-)

Well I think that's all my news.............(ooooo my dedication has been rewarded they showed Roger during the stars talking about Mr Geldof @ the Brits LOL) happy now :-)

Take care people

Jen xx 


jeanno43 said...

Sounds like the guy is a pain in the butt.  I hope you enjoy your party at your Mum's. Well, work may be grotty but another week is nearly over so you have the weekend.

sarajanesmiles said...

Was shocked and stunned that Robbie Williams got the best song award - I didn't watch, so that's the only one I know!!  Bit of a boring song I think!
Good luck for your three month thing, though am sure you'll be fine :o)
Enjoy your night out Friday, and the party.
Sara   x

shadp said...

The social life seems busy at the moment - hope that 50 bash at the weekend is fun. And it'll be great for your sister, dancing with you. What that says about you is that you care for your sister - she'll appreciate and remember it. And of course - there's always the chance that any eligible adults there will notice you, while you're dancing with her!


quartrlyfecrysis said...

Sounds like a busy weekend :)  I hope you have a good time!
About the sarcastic lady at work, I wouldn't bring it up at your meeting.  Most bosses don't want to hear that kind of stuff unless it's directly related to what you're meeting about, I'd not make mention of it....just let 'wrong box paper boy' shoot himself in the foot ;)
glad you cheered up!
have a great weekend doll~

irisclyde said...

Where do you live Jen? Hope you have a good time at the party! And hope your 3 month thing went well.

ghwt9996 said...

Enjoyed the Brits and thought Scissors scissors were superb and a great set, deserved all the accolades.  Good to see Roger and Brian there and treated as the rock gods that they are and fantastic to see rock being so well featured.  As for dopey dick, whack him on the head with the errant tray (preferrably metal) the next time he transgresses!
Have a great nite