Thursday, 24 February 2005

Big Ideas!!

Hello yet another entry from yours truly!!

Nothing much happening!!  Listening to Planet Rock on the web - check out the link Gary posted in the comments section (I shall eventually get round to sticking it in me favourites!!).  Some good stuff playing and no adverts - now that's what I call a music station (or maybe I've been listening to local radio too much)!!

Accounts are due tomorrow and some problem arised today....LOL!!  I kept me mouth shut.  It doesn't suprise me though....I reckon we'll be lucky if they do arrive tomorrow.  Till they do we are very quiet, it's so quiet even the team leader is catching up on her work. :-P

So because we've been quiet I've been writing things down on post it notes all week and today is no exception.  Well I've got to do something to keep me awake ;-)  Yesterday's consisted of an update for the journal, some websites that I might be interested in and an idea for a story I've been writing for myself!!  Anyway today's is all about how I plan to get a grip on things coz I've been letting myself slip recently and need to sort that out.  I'm gonna tell you guys what I wrote so maybe if you remember what I've said and then I don't mention it in my journal you could shout at me for not doing it or whatever.

After the 1st March (strange day to pick a Tuesday but the 1st is more significant me thinks!!) 

Exercising - Must attend gym as much as possible....... If not then I must do something when I get home.  Lately I've been so lazy I just watch the simpsons doss around and then cook tea.  I know I walk to work every day but I just need to get back into the swing of things.  I used to go every monday and now I'm working very close to the gym I have no excuses!!

Writing - I really must concentrate on this more.  I seem to only do it for my enjoyment but when I was in between jobs I spent a lot of time writing and I was really getting into what I was doing.  I want that feeling back.  I'm sure I could do it, my imagination is really good so all I need to do is get my bum on the seat and the head out of the clouds.  I don't just mean writing though I also mean letters!!  I promised myself I would get on top of the pile after xmas and here we are nearly march and I've only written one!!! 

Discipline myself more with regards to housework!!  I have let that slip too and I have to do something about the stain on that carpet before the land lady comes round again.  I would also like to get some more hints and tips of cooking myself some proper low fat meals.  So hopefully I can get into that!! 

Sounds like a lot but if I can do perhaps I could feel better about meself!!  I guess I shall have to wait and see what happens.

Well a better entry than yesterday I guess.........must go and get some beauty sleep now!!  It ain't gonna snow anymore - well even if it does it ain't gonna settle as it's been raining most of the afternoon :-(  Have to find a way to get to Dartmoor!!

Take care everyone xx



sdrogerson said...

Buy a DAB RADIO  - that's how I listen to it and 30 more!!

shadp said...

The gym sounds good, and writing - two excellent intentions. Try doing a little writing every day - it gets you into the habit, and gives you practice at expressing moods and feelings in effective ways. I wonder why you want to get to Dartmoor!


sarajanesmiles said...

Remembered you asked about the carpet cleaning thing while reading this, it cost me £70 for the hallway, the living room, stairs and landing.  Having the stairs done pushes the price up apparently.  Best thing to do is ring around and get some quotes.  Good luck with the new month resolutions ;o)
Sara   x

juliebreezej said...

Hi, so sorry haven't visited before, you often leave a comment on mine, you sound fun, i bet it's quite nice just having yourself to think of, trouble is then you have no-one to push you to go to the gym or eat those low fat meals.  Do you write alot of stories, i would love to and have often started only to become disheartened when i read it back it just has no spark. Take care xx Julie xx