Friday, 29 February 2008

More Pics and Vids

Hi peeps ~ just a quick entry to show more piccies and videos from V Fest and Dublin last year and a little amendment to the last entry.............I said I was gonna start the next adventures from our mad two weeks in October.  Well Trina asked me what had we done in October.............and she's right...........I meant November!!  So I just wanted to clear that up LOL

So here's more vids:  The first one is Wayne doing a pan round of the V festival site.

This second one was shot after the Foo's in Dublin ~ listen to my voice lol it's gone!!

oh and I wasn't scared of the foo's I was scared of Wayne woohooing at the camera LOL

Well I hope you all have a good weekend ;-)

Best wishes

Jen xx

Ooooooooooo dfs ad is on...........who doesn't want it all :o)  My friends over the pond, don't worry about that lol

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Travelling Home, Pics and a video

Hey everyone xx

So here we are at Wednesday again and it's travel diary time.  Not much has happened so far this week, just the usual getting annoyed with people at work.  Our informal appeal meeting is tomorrow for the Job Evaluation so wish us luck ;-)  Mind you I'm not attending, we've already nominated the fellas to do that for us.  After that it's out of our hands, what happens next *fingers crossed*

One thing I will say is I found out on Monday one of the girls I don't like very much (don't ask me why!!) is leaving ~ woohoo!! 

I'm still behind in my alerts so I do apologise people xx  Oh and I've decided to add a video to this entry eeeeekkkkk.........It was taken at V by Wayne and hopefully you'll enjoy it.  There are more from this trip which I may include at a later date xx

So onwards........last I left you we had just seen the Foo Fighters play at Marlay Park Dublin and had, a  nightmare journey back to the B & on for the endeth to our week long adventure ............Enjoy x


I can't remember what time we woke up but Trina and I went down to breakfast, leaving Wayne were he was. After we finished Trina sneaked some toast and coffee upstairs for him, which was quite funny to watch!! The plane back to Bristol wasn't until 2pm so when we were all up we made our way to catch the bus back to the city centre. It took a while but once there we found the stop for the airport bus. Wayne still hadn't got over his obsession for the big pointy thing in the city centre and everytime Trina and I walked off, we turned round and he was taking pictures of it with his mobile phone, it was very funny!!

We couldn't decide what to do so as Wayne hadn't had any breakfast we went to a nearby cafe which was very busy, but we managed to find a table. Trina and I went up to the counter and got some food and drink. There were some blokes behind us in the queue getting fry-ups and they were wearing Foo Fighter t-shirts. They were sat at the table behind us so we listened in everytime they talked about the gig and then we started singing (in our own heads, I hasten to add) songs that they mentioned. We left before them and wondered round the streets of Dublin. We looked in a jewellrey shop, like the one we went into in Germany, Trina wanted to show Wayne some of the lovely pieces of things that they had. Wayne looked in Game (or was it HMV??) and Trina and I went into a gift shop. We had some euros left so decided to spend them. I brought mum a bell and for myself a garfield pen and a teddy bear with an Ireland jumper on. I kept moaning to Trina that they didn't appear to be selling bookmarks which I thought was quite odd, but she managed to find some. I moaned that I couldn't afford it so she brought me one and some chocolate from a previous shop that we had been into!! To this day Trina still owns them ha ha..................

We caught the bus back to the airport, Wayne and I sat at the back of the bus and Trina sat at the front looking after the bags. It was funny because she could hear every word of our conversation and when I texted her, she replied saying that she knew coz she'd heard us. We weren't talking that loudly I should point out!! Once we arrived at the airport we made our way inside and Trina mentioned that we had just walked past Vanessa Feltz and her bloke. I kept a beady eye out for Dave and co as he said they were leaving that day too!! No such luck though!!

The queue for check-in was busy again!! Once we were checked in and through security (I think Wayne had to remove his shoes again) we looked around a few of the shops then made our way to the plane. We had to walk for miles to get to our departure gate!! I think we even walked past a plane that was going to either Exeter or Plymouth I can't quite remember!! At the gate we sat waiting for the flight to be called and a few more people turned up wearing Foo Fighter t-shirts, I couldn't get over this and thought how funny it was that we were all on the same plane! Eventually the flight got announced and we went to queue. Priority customers got to board first though and that got on my nerves coz just when you thought you could board more priority people turned up!!

We managed to board at some point though and got seats together again. The flight only took 40 minutes again but it felt a lot quicker and I didn't seem to panic as much as I have done on the previous flights!! Obviously getting used to it now! We managed to get straight onto the coach to the train station once we had collected our bags in Bristol. Unfortunately when we got there we had a long time to wait for the train home so we went round to Weatherspoons for food, which was nice.

When it was time we caught the train to Bristol Parkway to catch our train home. At Parkway we arranged to meet up with Dan to collect our stuff that we had left with him. I didn't remember having so much stuff!! The train arrived and the rest of the journey home was okay but Trina and Wayne were panicked about getting back to Torquay. Unfortunately we were delayed just outside Taunton as someone had been sitting on the bridge!!

I managed to get a taxi from the station back to mine when we eventually pulled into Exeter. It was very sad to be home but very nice to be back in my own bed!! What a week................

Here's the video

I hope that works lol..............

Anyway that ends the August 2007 adventure ~ hope you enjoyed V Fest and Dublin.  Next week (yes there is more) see's the start of the two mad weeks we had in October last year.

Till then take care xx

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Pics, Pam and Shopping

hello friends and fellow J-landers :o)


Well I bet your surprised to find all this merriment going on in my journal LOL......To be honest so am I.......but I have one person to thank for that!!  The loveliest lady in J-land Pammels :o)  Not ONLY did she give me a nice matters award but she's now gone and picked my small insignificant journal for a guest editors pick   For those of that you that haven't seen it (although I've left the link there..........) here's what the lovely lady wrote xx

Jenny, a total music lover and No:1 Queen fan, Is 30 going on 18!! lol. Her journal leaves me In awe of the things she manages to do. All the gigs she attends, Her bike ventures and best classic line of all, was from her entry, "Work, NHS, Family and Friends" she describes feeling worthless, sitting In a meeting at work and decides to doodle away on her pad, It turned Into a Pirate Boat that she was so proud of, she took It home! lol. Her closeness with her best friend Trina Is heartwarming, they have so much fun. Jenny shares all her stories from every gig she goes to and makes you feel a big part of It all.

Tee hee hee............Have you ever read something that someone has written about you and thought to yourself yep that's me :o)  Then gone and had a cry about it coz it's the nicest thing to happen when you don't expect it too??  Yep I crossed all those of on my list.  So I just wanna take this opportunity to publicly tell Pammels how much I love her and appreciate her.  That she not only takes the time out to read my journal but that she likes what she reads.  (By the way I know must of you that visit and comment also do the same so please don't feel as though I don't appreciate you just as much ~ oh dear I'm digging myself a hole aren't I?)  Never mind...............

 to pam :o)  Thank you xx   Have a drink on me ;-)

It's so sad that such a small thing can make you so happy isn't it LOL......... you can see I've added the pics from last weekend's jaunt to Dartmoor and a few extra's that I thought you might like to see ~ including the infamous Pirate boat ;-) 

This weekend I met up with Mum and Megs in town on Saturday.  First I had to go to the post office and pick up a parcel which I had to pay £2.52 for the privilege of picking up.  I was NOT amused!!  You see this is the 2nd book in the Emporer series that I wanna read.  I managed to get it on ebay and when you buy something on ebay, you pay for postage!!  So I asked the guy at the collection office whether any postage had been paid and they said no it hadn't ~ armed with this knowledge I was gonna have it out with this person......Technically this book has cost me as much as it probably would've done if I had brought it in the shops!!  Well of course he's come back saying he has proof of postage and that he paid for it.  I've decided I am not gonna pursue this, I just cannot be bothered, but I'll tell you something I ain't going back on ebay for a while!!  First the flippin' necklace for Trina's xmas pressie and now this!!  Grrrrrrrrrrr..........

Had a nice day with mum and Megs.  I brought (list especially for Trina), Manic Street Preachers Send Away The Tigers cd, The Editors An End To A Start cd (or whatever the 2nd album is called lol), a proper pepper dispenser, a new baking tray, a melon, hot chocolate, socks for work and I think that was it!!  I was hoping to find some new trousers as most of my jeans are getting holes in them :(  but I didn't find anything.  However I have decided that after I've got my hair cut next weekend I shall venture into town again and get some!!  I need them for the convention lol...........

Today I chopped and prepared food as it's Sunday Cook from fresh day :o)  Today's recipe was Fajitas, which weren't bad but weren't great either, shall try again tomorrow and see if I can improve on it!!  I have requested Trina to make me some the next time I see her as she is the expert that I know that can cook from scratch

Later I went to Matalan, still looking for trousers ~ no such luck :(  So i went to the range and brought two heatproof dishes (it was like a special pack of two, but they aren't the good make, can't remember the name) as I need one for Lasagne which is in a couple of weekend's time :o)  a new DVD holder which I assembled myself!!  A mother's day card and something to go with the card, which I wanted to get her for xmas!!  There's a hint mum lol

Otherwise I have been trying to catch up on alerts, had to delete a few, sorry :(  Saved a few piccies to photobucket and caught up on, good to see quite a few people over there :o) 

Anyway I think i shall leave you here, gotta update my MP3 player for the rest of the week and it's getting late.  Hope you have a good week xx

p.s before I forget ~ Pammels, Trina said to say thank you for picking me too :o)  She was so chuffed xx

Thursday, 21 February 2008

The Saga repairs and travels

hi all *waves at you*

Guess what?  Bike man turned up yesterday *rolls eyes*  He seems to think he can fix it woohoo :o)  He is coming back next week sometime to collect it and take it to the mystical garage to be fixed *fingers crossed*  He's apparently going away for the weekend hence why he's coming back.  I was relieved when he said that coz I need it to do my food shopping tomorrow.  Plus I'm gonna take some clothes to the recycle bank so I shall need it to help me transport this stuff!! 

Ta for the comments to the last entry, I found it surprising how many of you agreed to feeling shy sometimes, you certainly don't come across that way, but then I suppose the blogs are a good way of hiding the shyness ;-)  Don't know what I'm doing about a group yet.  Have been trying to think of it but my mind is blank.............

I'm not gonna talk about the Brits.........jeez what a farce!!  The only good things about it was the Kaiser's performance (Ricky looked good yum :o), the Foo's winning both their awards (but this got me to wondering whether that was a good thing or not!!), and Mr McCartney's performance at the end weren't bad, (not a big fan of him but like the songs he did :o)

So Wednesday's travel journals have moved for this week to...........yep you guessed right Thursday :o)  Let's see where did I get too??  Oh yeah we are still in Dublin and Nine Inch Nails had just finished their set...............enjoy xx

As soon as their set ended we all sat down and conserved our energy! During this break they played Bohemian Rhapsody on the big video screens. Trina and I went mad and then realised the whole crowd were singing along. The boys behind us were singing louder than we were and we kept smiling at each other as we were so proud of our boys. Everyone took part in the head banging as well, it was so cool and we were feeling quite moved by it all. For the rest of the break we just kept laughing at the boys behind us, they were being stupid and applauding the stewards and shouting out random stuff.

The Foo Fighters came on stage and if I remember rightly they started in pretty much the same way as V with Everlong first (so wrong!!) The band joined Dave on stage and they burst into some of their bigger hits. Learn to Fly, Monkey Wrench, Best of You, Times Like These, All My Life, The One, My Hero, Enough Space, This is a Call, DOA, Breakout. I cannot recall which songs they did from the new album apart from Pretender which they did as an encore and Pat (and the rest of the accoustic Foos) joined them on stage which was cool. However the best bit for me was when Dave walked down on our side of the stage and stood in front of us. On one of these walks during a guitar solo, things had gone quietish and I screamed. I swear to god he turned round at that particular moment and looked in my direction. The scream was the worst thing I could have done coz for the rest of the show I had no voice!! When Pat came on stage I went to scream for him or yell at least and nothing came out!!

Dave also did a speech about how he had come to Ireland just after Kurt had died and went round the ring of Kerry. He said 'what's with all the sheep? Don't get me wrong I like sheep.' which prompted the crowd to start chanting sheep, sheep, sheep. Dave thought this was hysterical and then said 'I hear the trick is to get their hind legs inside your boots.' It was so funny!! During some of the songs I take a moment to look around at the people enjoying the gig too, and there was this one tiny girl only about 5/6 years old sitting on her dad's shoulders in the gold circle. I watched her a couple of times and everytime she was singing along, she knew all the words ~ how cute is that!! When I pointed her out to Trina, she told me that she had seen the girl before at the t-shirt stand. She had been pointing out which shirts she wanted to her dad. I want a kid like that!!

The gig overall was brilliant and I felt very sad when it finished as that was the end of not only the gig but of our adventures too!! Abby had already left by this point and we waited for a bit and then decided to get some food/drink before we make our way back to the B & B. Trina was starting to feel panicky coz we didn't actually know where we were going and we had to leave when other people did so we weren't left alone in the middle of nowhere. As we made our way out of the park, Trina found a policeman to ask directions, but unfortunately he was very unhelpful!! So we followed the crowds and started walking down the main road, the way we had come in the taxi!! There was a lot of people about and we debated about waiting for the bus that was put on to ferry the crowds back to Dublin city centre, but every bus we saw was jam packed with people. I didn't really see the point of that anyway as we didn't want to go that far!! Unfortunately there were no taxi's to be seen anywhere and we were just wandering in a direction that we hoped was right. Wayne was convinced he knew what we were doing was right, I tried to agree with Wayne tried to stay positive and Trina was quickly losing her temper with us both as she was sure we weren't going in the right direction. The problem was that because of road works EVERYWHERE, so at one point it made us take a wrong turning, although at this point we weren't actually aware of this at first. Trina found another copper to ask for directions, yet again though he was very vague. Nobody seemed to know where the B&B was!! He did however give Trina a number for a local taxi company which didn't work coz we didn't know the code for Ireland!! In the end we walked back up the road we had just come and down a turning that we probably should've taken to begin with.

None of us were talking to each other by this point!! We carried on walking and praying that we might actually be going in the right direction.........It was such a shame that this had happened to ruin our Foo High that we had, had!! Eventually we came to a cross roads and traffic, up until this point we had seen the odd car picking people up and buses but that was all!! Trina managed to find a taxi and asked the driver for directions as he already had people inside. The other side of the road was busy with traffic but in amongst that traffic were more taxi's. I managed to find one with no-one in it so I caught the drivers eye and asked him if he was free, he said that he was so I screamed (as best as I could with no voice!!) at Trina and Wayne and we all got in!! You had never seen three people more relieved than we were at that moment!! The driver drove the taxi up to the cross roads, down a lane and turned round and went back in the direction we had been heading in. It took about 5 minutes for the taxi to drop us off after we got out of that traffic. Wayne was still convinced he would've found the B&B ok.

As we got out of the taxi I noticed one of the neighbours curtains twitching. Clearly they don't get much excitement down that way!! We got back into the B&B and went straight to bed.

Hope you all have a good rest of the week xx  I'm suppose to be meeting up with Mum and Megs on Saturday (note to mum...I'm guessing it's 11.30am??)

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Honesty and Annoyance

Hi Everyone,

I didn't feel like leaving an entry for the past two days and tonight i wanna rant so here I am lol...........

Firstly I had a good weekend, well a good enough weekend that someone can have when they are feeling miserable.  I went to Trina and Wayne's for the weekend.  Went down on Friday night and came home on Sunday.  Saturday we went to Dartmoor in search of something or another - can't leave you a link it appears I didn't save the website doh!!  I took some pics though and I shall post those at a later date, I can't really be bothered right now sorry...................

The funniest thing to happen (and she knew I would post this!) we were coming back to the car after going for a walk on the moor and I decided to go down a different path to Trina and Wayne.  Eventually Trina thought she would follow me and ended up running a little bit to catch up with me.  She jumped down the part we had climbed up to start walking, but what she hadn't taken into consideration was the ground was slippery and muddy and she lost her footing and went bottom first into the mud!!  I'm still laughing about it now........There was a group of lads getting into their cars at the time and they had watched her do it and one said 'Wahey' (If I'd been thinking about it I could've started the chant 'you fell over') all I could do was laugh at her!!  When I looked her legs were bent over and she was trying to get up using her hand in the mud, it was so funny, bless her................. She's such a star though coz she didn't stop laughing!!  It got even funnier when she got into the car coz she had to take her jeans off as they were so wet!!  She then worried about getting from the car to the house without people seeing that she had no jeans on!!   I swear if that had been me, I would not have been amused at falling over, let alone having people laugh at me :(  I'm such a spoil sport!!

We also went to see Cloverfield in the cinema on Saturday!!  I have to say I've not read any reviews about this film, I just knew vaguely what it was about and that people raved about it when it first came out.  I tend to avoid things that people rave about aka Harry Potter and Lord of the rings, but curiousity got the better of me and I have to say I really enjoyed it!!  It's definitely one of those films that you can only really watch once to get the full effects but it is very clever and I only jumped at the scariness once lol.......

I came home still feeling very blue and it's nothing that Trina had done, mind you I don't think I do myself any favours, and I couldn't shake that feeling for ages.  I've been like it for a couple of weeks now and Trina is concerned that I might have depression.  I swear that deep down inside I know it's not depression, I am just lonely I think is the best way to describe it!!   I know I have friends out there to talk to, but sometimes you just want someone to cuddle up to and what I wouldn't give to hear someone tell me that they love me. 

I know your probably thinking that this is all sounding a bit stupid or silly and that I should just get over myself but I'm trying to be honest with you here and this is quite hard.  At the end of the day I know what I must do to get myself out of it, Trina's forever telling me that I should join groups etc, but if I'm being honest, which I said I was, when I think about things like that I feel scared.  I'm a shy person and not that good at mingling with people if I don't at least have one thing in common with them.  I also worry about travel ~ that sounds stupid too, but I can't drive, if I was to attend some meeting or another how would i get there and home again?

You see there is something else that bothers me about that too......okay I know what I have to do but am I really gonna find what I'm looking for by attending some kind of group thing?  Jeez I'm making it sound like I'm gonna join an AA meeting me I maybe be a little blue but I'm not an alcoholic lol

I guess things will turn out okay in the end and my head will leave this weird space that it has got itself into at some point and I can concentrate on other stuff that makes me happy such as creating :o)  I love being creative and I haven't done anything about that lately!! 

Anyway enough of this moping..................sorry about that just need to get things off my chest sometimes lol

Bicycle Repair Man has made it to my list of people I am annoyed with.............So far this week he is the only one on it and that's not bad considering it's Tuesday LOL......

Why is he on it I hear you ask?  Well as you know I emailed him and he eventually emailed me back about coming round on the Wednesday.  I fretted all day about this coz I was really down and didn't feel like being cheerful for him and I had no idea what time he was coming so I didn't really settle for the night!!  Eventually I got called away though as Wayne had lost his wallet and had no petrol to get home so they needed money from me, so I had to go round to the petrol station with him. 

Next day I get another email saying 'I tried last night but got no answer', typical huh? He asked if he should come round the next day.  I thought no, I couldn't handle another night like that so emailed back saying no coz I was busy and was away at the weekend so perhaps Tuesday would be good.

Yep you've guessed it he's not shown up!!  I've had my hall door open, which I don't like doing but I thought if he knocks on the front door I won't hear it!!  I've been pretty quiet all evening too so I could listen out for him ~ damn it!!  So that's it I'm annoyed, I could've done my hoovering after all *rolls eyes*  Now I have to do that tomorrow night and my bike is still not fixed!!

Well I've just got some money back from the mobile phone company so I think I shall ring the professional and get him to look at it!!  eeeek...............well what else can I do when some people are so unreliable!!  I need my bike, I want to be able to use my bike for pleasure not just shopping grrrrrrrrrr........... see that's how annoyed I am lol

Onto happier topics?  A lady at work rung in yesterday asking for time off as her sister in law won tix to the Brits so she is going with her.  Her colleague didn't know if they got back stage passes too!!  I'm not jealous..........they are take that fans and I don't care for Take That!!  Mind you if the Foo's turn up (they are nominated) I shall not be amused LOL...........and of course the chiefs are gonna be there, so I shall probably watch it on TV :o)  My predictions:  The Chiefs to win best live act coz they are :)  and the Foo's to win best international album and best international group lol  If those don't come true I shall spread rumours about fixing of the winners  ;-)  Be wary you music big wigs who vote for these things!!  Yes of course these official people are reading my blog..................

Hope you have a good week xx  Ta for reading


Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Making Friends and Wristbands

Hi Everyone ~ unfortunately so far this week is not much better than last week!!  I am feeling very blah at the moment (can't think of a better word to describe it sorry!!) So I'm not gonna say much, (mainly coz I don't feel like it!) just onwards to the travel diary......

Last week's entry brought you over to Dublin and to the B&B.........let's carry on and I hope you enjoy it xx


We woke up just before 9am on the day of the gig and went down to breakfast. It was nice, well you can't go wrong with a fried brekkie can you? We decided to ask the B & B lady how to get to Marlay Park and she booked us a taxi. As we weren't heading off to queue till about 3pm Trina and I agreed that we should just chill for the morning. Wayne wanted to venture into Dublin and have a look around, but we didn't agree with that. (I've done that before walked around all day before a gig and by the end of the night your feet are killing you more than if you just went to the gig!!) So we chilled out in the room and watched some crappy daytime TV, but we did find the most funniest cartoon programme which I can't remember the name of but one of the characters had to keep being called different names, they were like secret service or whatever, so in one episode he wanted to be called Mummy Dearest, it was very funny!!

At 3pm our taxi arrived and took us to the entrance that he thought we needed to get into the park ~ apparently there was a few!! The driver was very nice and told us how to get back if we walked, so we all agreed that was what we should do. He told us that Ireland hadn't seen the sun for ages, that's why they were all making the most of the gorgeous weather. The sun was shining but it was chilly in the breeze. There was a bit of a small queue on the other side of the road, but we had been dropped off at the supermarket on the opposite side so Trina decided we should get some drinks and stuff. After we had got some drinks we went and joined the queue, although it was fairly small when we joined it, it didn't take very long for it to grow. So here we are the three of us in Ireland and who did we end up talking to? A very nice lady by the name of Abby from America. She had come over for this gig and was spending the next week or so at several Nine Inch Nails gigs including the Leeds/Reading festival. She was nice (as I've already said) and was mad about the Foo's as much as us and wasn't really worried about getting to the front like us. She was also aware of queue etiquette as she is a hardened gigger too!!

After a while they moved us up behind the fence but only to another gate. This was a wider area than the path we had been sat on so everyone who had been behind us were forcing themselves in front of us. Not that we cared, but there's a principle!! As we waited there we discussed the idea of writing a book on queueing for the hardened gigger. Such as if you arrive early you get to the front and you should not expect to get to the front if you turn up at 5pm etc...... It was quite funny some of the things we were thinking of adding to it!! Most of the people around us were teenagers and they were all falling over and looked VERY drunk. They moved us on after about an hour or two much to welcome relief, I was bored standing for so long there is just no need for it!! But we were only to moved a bit further along to be greeted by lines all being checked by stewards etc. All four of us got through fine and still not caring about getting to the front and we were all given wristbands. By this point we could see the stage.

The arena was massive, it looked just like a festival site with all the fast food vans, market stalls and drink stalls. Trina went to the loo and then we made her queue up for t-shirts. Wayne, Abby and I sat on the grass waiting for her. After about a minute or two Abby left us and walked down to the barrier. This was the first barrier you could get too, beyond that was a gold circle and I couldn't get over that. We had not been informed there was going to be a gold circle and therefore had no idea how you get in there!! I kept moaning about this to Wayne and at this point Abby returned and explained that some girls she knows have just been off with her. When we asked why, she said it was because she has a wristband. She asked her friend what that meant and apparently it gives us access to the gold circle area!!!!!!! Wayne and I were beside ourselves and immediately agreed that we had to use them!! When Trina returned we informed her of the news and we made our way into the gold circle YAY \o/

Once inside though we were too scared to leave in case they weren't letting you back in!! This was a pain as I was desperate for the loo...........Although Wayne's back was still quite dodgy luckily we managed to find a spot leaning on the back barrier. Nobody would be standing behind him, so he would be fine. We all sat down and couldn't get over how lucky we were and how we hadn't even tried to get to the front yet here we where as close to the stage as we could possibly want!! Eventually Trina needed the loo so she had to leave the area but luckily she got let back in. She kept telling us tales that at other gigs they let people into a gold circle area, then after a while they rotate it or something like so a different crowd are let in. As she was being silly I headed off to the loo a bit wary at first coz I thought they would be just like the festival toilets but they weren't too bad and there wasn't a big queue which was even better. When I came out and headed back to the circle, there was a bloke making his way through the fenced off area that I presumed to be the back stage bit, I looked at him, he looked at me and started laughing. I realised what he was laughing at, I was wearing my 'I'm With the Band' t-shirt.

Eventually the Silversun Pickups came on stage. They were good, don't know anything about them just that they had a girl in their band and she was cool. When the lead singer walked along the front of the audience, Wayne managed to get down to the front and shake his hand!! I was just relieved that I could see fine and that I was close enough for my liking and not behind the other barrier. Between our barrier and the next barrier there was a massive gap for the stewards to walk down through, it was unbelievable. I kept saying to Trina that everytime I looked at the people on the barrier behind us I couldn't help laughing, which was mean, but so cool that we had been given the wristbands!! Next there was a small interlude as they changed the stage around for the Nails. Both Abby and Wayne were really looking forward to this, I had a feelin' it was gonna be good but I wasn't all that bothered!

The first person to come on stage went straight to the front of the stage and the crowd who were already cheering, cheered even louder!! I turned to Trina and asked her if that was Trent Reznor, but apparently it wasn't, this was just the bass player and we soon came to realise he fancied himself!! He pretty much stood like that during the whole gig expecting and waiting for the crowd to go mad, just for him!! Trent did eventually come on stage. Their set was good and would've been a lot better for me personally if I had known more of their songs. I was very relieved when they played Only and Hand That Feeds. They also played Head Like A Hole which made Trina very happy, (turns out it's not that one that she loves most on the album!) Wayne was going mental during the whole set. Being stood where we were there was plenty of room for him to dance around etc. He even made a couple of friends as they too were going mad for the Nails. I kept wondering how he was gonna have enough energy for the Foos.

I shall leave you there for now ~ until next time xx

P.s actually there is slightly good news ~ I've been made member of the week of DSD group :o)  I'm so chuffed!!  I love the group and the games are really good fun..............

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Work, NHS, Bikes, Family and Friends

Hello J-land how are we all??  Hope you've had a good weekend :o)

So that week that has just left us, dragged for me and unfortunately I finished it feeling invisible not just with regards to all this job evaluation stuff but with some of my friends too!!  I'm not going into details here coz they are quite petty and all in my own head of course but it's just not that important.  Of course I told Trina on friday how I was feeling and she said that I was not invisible to her.  Bless her, that was exactly what I thought she was going to say and it wasn't her that I was thinking about anyway!!  I know I couldn't be invisible to her, coz she's my bessie mate lol

This job evaluation crap (excuse my language) is dragging on, but hopefully by Friday we can put it to bed!!  Or at least with regards to my involvement we can ;-)  We've been meeting to discuss what to write for the sections that we want to appeal against and by Friday I just thought what is the point to me being here so I doodled on my pad!!  It turned into a pirate boat :o)  I was very proud of it that I've brought it home.........

Other than that, work has been work and that's all!!

I contacted the NHS helpline the other day and left a message to register with a dentist eeeekkk............I sure hope they will be able to cope with a nervous patient!!  I'm trying to save some money in case it happens soon but it could be several months before i hear anything!!  Still I've set the ball rolling and for that I can be happy about.

Still nothing from the agent about the rent they want this money or not?  Very odd!!

Sent an email to the bike repair man, which I am forever naming him and anyone else that has to fix my bike coz it reminds me of the Monty Python sketch LOL.......but i have not heard back from him *fingers crossed* peeps ;-)

I have spent a nice weekend as the weather was lovely with my mum and my sister.  (They are still reading my blog and now mum has broadband so it makes it easier for her :o)  We went shopping and I managed to buy a few things that I needed.  I got some scales for the kitchen, a new mug for work and a spare one (well at 29p you couldn't pass that up!) and some other stuff.   I didn't borrow any books from mum, I have loads to read, so borrowed some DVD's from her instead.  I have now got the 'Cutting It' collection to watch :o)  I watched the first episode today!!  I am thinking that Jason Merrells is a bit of a hunk ~ especially as within the first few scenes there he is with his top off *sigh*

In the evening I watched Casualty and slightly ashamed to admit i shed a few tears!!  Perhaps it was a good release for me at the end of the week as I have been down :(  Watched a film later about some family (I think they were Irish) and Gillian Anderson was in it (Scully from the X-Files or Bleak House) well she was doing an Irish accent and it was very good :o)  It seemed to be about this boy helping this bloke train racing greyhounds.  At the end the one he had been attached to got murdered in front of his eyes!!  It was horrible, but at the end his mum and dad got him a new one.  A puppy ~ it was dead cute :o)

Today I made a pact with myself that I would do stuff.  I had a quick hoover around and chopped the leeks and bacon for my tea.  Today starts the cook from recipe cooking!!  I have written down all the recipes and stuff I need for the ones i want to attempt.  Then I had something to eat and then went round to Sainsbugs by foot to nosey at the clothes recycling bins (very strange girl)!!  I have two bags of clothes that I shall never wear again in the cupboard and I'm thinking bit by bit I shall get rid of them in the recycling bins.  Those at Sainsbugs are the closest!!  So I needed to know if you have to clean them or anything.  Apparently they have to be in sealed bags but that won't be difficult!!

When I came home, I made my way up to my flat and at the bottom of the second flight of stairs I could smell my leeks ~ jeez they ponged but they were in the fridge so I didn't understand how I could smell them from that far away!

Back in the flat I read some journal entries and wrote up some adventures.  Trina has written one for the Linkin Park gig we went to for use on my journal, bless her :o)  I shall pad it up a bit but it's a great start and I shall get round to posting that at some point.

Dancing on Ice ~ Chris to win!!  He looks like a professional skater.  Linda and Steve or Greg to be in the bottom two next week!!  Get rid of Linda I can't stand her!!  If she let go of Daniel it would be a miracle and yes she argued that she did but it weren't for long was it??  I was getting worried that the new girl was doing the same with Fred but she proved me wrong thank god :o)  I'm not getting too involved I promise lol

Missed half of Larkrise to Candleford coz of the skate off!!  Made my tea before that started.  Chicken and Leek bake with pasta :o)  I took a photo of it with my mobile which I shall upload at some point!!

The only other thing I was thinking about this weekend is the book I'm reading it's Emprorer Gates of Rome by Conn Iggulden.  It's actually the first one in a series so I am going to have to read the other four.  Possibly not straight after though.  I am going to have to buy the second part soon so I can read it after the next book ~ strange way of doing things I know ~ but that's me all over ;-)

Well I reckon that's all of my news for now.  Have a good week xx

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Nice Matters and Dublin

*Warning a fairly long entry following*

Hey everyone ~ so now I've warned you I can feel better about it lol.........There are two reasons for this a) because it's Wednesday and that means travel entry!!  and b) because last night I found out Pammels (link over there ------>) nominated my journal for the nice matters award :)

Yay my journal and big huggles and thanks go to Pam :o)  This means it is now up to me to decide who should get one (such a big responsibility I am not sure if I can cope under the pressure ;-)  I have noticed that most of the journals I wanted to award one with already have one but hey.............I'm gonna mention you anyway!!

Firstly Pam ~ not because she nominated me, but i was actually thinking about who I would put up for the awards if I got nominated at the weekend and she was one of the names i thought off!!  I love her journal, she makes me laugh and i remember the first entry I read was about her journey to work and catching a bus and forgetting stuff and I related so much to it that I loved it!!  She is a lovely person and that's why I think she deserves one :o)

Secondly Indigo - She is a lovely, kind, caring, thoughtful and all those other lovely words that can describe a person.  To be honest I have never met anyone who has been through as much as she has and come out the other side shining as brightly as she does!!  Hmmm.........that sounds wrong but hopefully you know what I mean.  Go read her journal and get inspired ;-)

Thirdly Sara - Her journal is private hence no hyperlink!!  Sara was one of the people whose journal I started reading from the beginning and I love reading about her journey's with Jelly and Spud Bud and now Mr Brainwhispers is keeping us entertained through it all with the hiding of the rat etc.............(don't ask lol)  She is a beautiful person with a lovely humour and kindness.

Fourthly I would like to give one to Jasper :o)  He is the sweetest dog I have ever known and I love reading his tails (ha ha ha.....geddit) and what he gets up to.  How he is keeping the neighbourhood cats at bay......It's a fantastic written journal and very entertaining.  That's why I saved this one lol 

Last but by no means least Ruby - I like reading Ruby's journal obviously lol........She is again a great person with a great sense of humour and she likes her shoes ;-)!!  I'm glad to have met her through J-land.

So here's your award people if you don't already have one ~ congratulations :o)

I would've given more out to you all my dear sweet readers coz I do love each and every one of you coz to take time out in your busy schedule's and read me doings day in and day out (well whenever I write an entry anyway!!) and to leave me a comment to let me know you have well you don't realise how happy that makes me :o)  Thank you xx

Okay so enough soppiness yeah??  Agreed so here's the next instalment of the travel log.......I left you last time at Dan's flat!!  We had finally left the V showground and were starting the next part of our trip :o)  Enjoy xx


I don't remember what time we woke up but he was right, Dan had already gone. We didn't have to leave the flat till about 12.30pm and there was talk about trying to findHalo (a pub type place) for a fried breakfast. I couldn't be bothered to move and was quite happy where I was, only there was nothing decent on TV. So we decided not to go and just lazed around the flat a bit longer. All 3 of us needed showers and felt so much better afterwards. Trina tided up and after we watched the Foo's on the BBCi a few more times we left to find the bus to get us to the station. It wasn't too hard to find and didn't take too long to turn up either. We got off at the right stop for the train station and relations between us started to fray, so much so that when the bus to the airport arrived we all sat seperately!! By the time we got to the airport though apologies were made and we started talking again but it didn't take long for us all to disagree again. This was not a good situation to be in!

Wayne got a Subway sandwich and we went to queue for checking in. There was a big queue for this plane but this started to panic me as it was clearly going to be a bigger plane than I had been on before. After we checked in we went to the cafe for something to eat. Trina and I got fried breakfasts and when we got to the till all the staff seemed like they weren't English and carried on with their personal conversation. Once we finished with our food, it was time to go to the gate but we got caught up in another queue. When we got through security Wayne was asked to remove his shoes and Trina had to remove her belt. I went through fine!! At this point we split up at the shops coz I needed to get something and Trina needed the loo. We met back up after about 10 minutes and sat and waited. Our gate was called so we went to join another queue.

The flight wasn't bad and at least we were all sat together. Trina and Wayne found it very odd though as throughout the flight there was advertising announced through the speakers. I just listened to my MP3 player so I didn't care. It was supposed to take 40 minutes, which I am sure it did, but it didn't feel like it. Once we got off the plane we went to get our luggage and made our way out of the airport to catch a bus. We had no idea which one we were supposed to catch and there was one there already but it was full up, so we waited for the next one. When that turned up the driver shouted out something so we went to get on it and it took us into Dublin city centre. When we got off Trina asked the driverwhere we had to go to catch the next bus that we requried. With her directions we walked down the street towards the canal. In the middle of this road was a massive spire type thing, it was huge, goodness what it was there for. Anyway we managed to find the stop quite easily.

The bus we needed finally arrived and we explained to the driver that we didn't know where we were getting off. He started to shout at us that he was late and that we had to pay 1 euro 60 each, or get off!! That didn't seem like enough to me, but now wasn't the time to mention it. Trina tried to pay with a note and that angered him further. Under pressure now, she managed to find the right money and we went to sit down, but we all felt unsure that we had paid the right amount let alone that we didn't actually have any clue as to where we had to get off! I said that we should ask the fellow passengers, which Wayne being very brave did. Some random woman laughed at us, and was still laughing when she got off but a very nice bloke said he would show us. The bus drove for miles and the old bloke told us were we needed to get off as he was getting off at the next stop. Some drunk bloke heard what he was saying and got involved and promised he would show us where we needed to get off. Eventually we got off at the last stop!!

We still had no idea where we were going but in random desperation we started to walk in the direction we thought we should go. In the end we asked an elderly lady who was going into church, as she had no idea she went inside and got her friend who did! Wayne managed to get us there from the ladies directions and luckily the B & B owner was there, (she'd messed us about something cronic the week before and it turned out to be okay!!). We had a triple room which was cool, as it meant when we came back from our Foo High we'd be able to reminise. In the meantime we hadn't had anything to eat since Bristol so we walked back up to the shops we had passed earlier and got some snacky stuff. We spent the rest of the evening in our room watching some film or another and chillin'. (The film was quite good but I can't remember what it was called!!)

Sorry about the lengthy entry xx

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Work, Life and Niggles ~ just a usual entry

 Everyone :o)  How's you?

Hope you've had a good weekend ~ mine's not been too bad!!

The week had been the usual busy, busy, busy at work.   Unfortunately I have spent most of the week in a bit of state of unease and I thought I would share with you why!!  The gig on Monday, it was good but as we were sat in the upper seats of the O2 arena I didn't feel a) that I could enjoy it as I should or b) felt like I was actually part of the audience.  It was a strange feeling and I spent most of the gig watching their fans going mad and dancing.  I saw a gig on the other side and it was odd.  I expect none of that makes sense but it was strange.

Then there's this rent increase............apart from the email which told me about it I have heard nothing since!!  The agent told me he was writing to confirm ~ well shouldn't I have received this by now?  I can only think that I haven't coz there are other issues that they want to bring up!!  I know I'm an ejit for thinking like this but when it's quiet and i have a few moments to myself it niggles me at the back of my mind!!

On Monday I said something I really shouldn't have to Trina, and that was awful!!  It truely was one of those moments when you say it and realise as the words leave your mouth you shouldn't have done it!!  I have apologised to her and that helped, I had felt guilty about it ever since and that is a nasty feeling!! 

Job evaluation ~ On Wednesday the four of us in the appeal group had a meeting to discuss the sections that we want to appeal against.  Unfortunately I got narky with the other 3 about one point and couldn't shake that narkiness all day!!  I just wish we weren't appealing at all!!  Then on Thursday we met with the big boss to discuss our appeal and which sections he thinks are our strongest cases.  Unfortunately he agreed with them that we should appeal against it, not one of our strongest points but still a point!! least everything feels a bit calmer about that, well I said a bit!!  He pointed us in the right direction, which is good coz we were going in the opposite lol.........Gotta work hard towards it this week!!

This weekend I have not done a lot.  Couldn't be bothered with cleaning as much, so run the hoover around.  Watched Team America World Police (very funny film) and then went for a walk.  To Curry's to buy new headphones (only £9.99 which is good coz I had budgeted £20!!), then round the long way to Scumerfield.  They really are scumerfield coz they've stopped doing their mild curry savoury rice grrrrrrrr.........I preferred their own brand to the Batchelors stuff!!  Came home, surfed online for a while, watched some TV, had curry for tea :o) and a girlie beer which is out of date how odd!!  Watched a film with Piper Perabo on BBC2, she was doing a british accent and wasn't too bad ~ good film though can't remember the name!!  Watched City of Vice considering I had missed it on Monday.

 I didn't sleep that well last night and today I woke up about 7am ish with horrible tooth ache.  Got up and took some Ibruprofen and got back into bed, but I was worried :(  I am not registered with a dentist and can't afford it eeeek..............what am I going to do if it comes back?  It's been alright most of the day but there's a little niggle there now :(  damn it!!  I tell you if it isn't one thing it's another.............

Otherwise I watched Cars, great film :o)  Cried again when he helps the old time race car across the line instead of winning the Piston Cup!!  I am a sucker for happy endings!!  Then spent the rest of the day surfing again..........but I have been going through the recipes for low fat stuff and writing down ingredients I need and what cooking utensils I need ~ hopefully I shall attempt more!!  Well that's the plan anyway!!

Dancing on Ice was good ~ Aggie deserved to go ~ she is actually worse than Linda and I can't stand Linda lol.............I like Chris though, his routine was fun!!

Just a couple of thank you' the two people who commented last time that I should get published with my writing, that was very kind and meant more to me than you could ever know xx  *big hugs* to you :-)

to joan (jaymact1) ~ thank you for the bike advice  ~ good news is the email group that I'm a member of here at the flats, well we've just received one from a bloke called John and apparently he fixes bikes and only wants a cake in return lol.........Shall email him at some point this week ~ this is an offer I cannot refuse LOL.

One last thing that niggled me this week!!  I brought most of Trina's xmas pressies from Ebay last year and one I ordered never arrived.  I kept getting messages from Ebay about leaving feedback and as I hadn't received the item I didn't want too!!  I am pretty sure I emailed the seller about not receiving it but can you adam and eve it?  I can't find the email and I've left negative feedback ~ for the first time ever!!  She has emailed me about it but i feel like a fraud in a way coz of the 'lost' email!!  I don't even care about the £3 something that she has but ..........................oh I don't know!!  Didn't like leaving negative feedback...............grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

oh and I had mackerel for tea, one of sainsbugs be good to yourself range fishcakes ~ first time was quite nice :o)

Ok I think that's everything off my chest..........let's see what next week has to offer!!