Wednesday, 26 March 2008

One More Day To Go wooooo.......Travel Diary

*singing* "Only one day to go, only one day to gooooooo........"  WOOHOO I only have to work till 1pm at the latest tomorrow and then I'm off till Wednesday.  Cannot wait..............Queen convention here I come :o)

I have to laugh though because P who is never at work and always on leave so I'm there on my own, may very well find herself on her own for the next couple of days.....well from when I leave tomorrow anyway ;-)  Our team leader has called in sick for the past couple of days :(  Poor thing............she's had one of these bugs that is going around.  It just makes a change for P to be there on her own.  I'm not being spiteful honest, hey I even laughed about it in front of her today..........She did get her own back, I said something about working hard for the last half an hour and she said 'that would be a first'.....We do get on a lot better now.......which I must say I am thankful for!!  I can still vividly remember the days when I didn't wanna go to the work in case she was in a bad mood.  She used to be one of those people that would take it out on you :(  Not fun to work with, trust me!!

Anyway enough of this miserable talk...Convenssssssssshhhhhhhuuuuuunnnnnnnnn :-)

An update regarding the tour front....Trina has booked us tix to Paris, which is ironic considering that's the one I said I would drop if it came to it!  Germany sounds like it is gonna be fun coz we are organising meeting up with our fabulous German ladies and to stay on for like an extra day to make the most of it, then if we continue to arrange the trip to Vienna too that would be a great tour :o)  Note to Indigo ~ I wouldn't want you to think I don't have any gigs planned ;-)

Anyway talking of gigs (as if I talk about anything else lol) it's Wednesday and that is tour diary day..........I left you last week scouring the O2 dome in London looking for a way to get to the Foo's.............let's carry on x

After about 20 minutes or so our food arrived (well let’s just say it was quicker than the 40 mins they had originally said). Wayne’s arrived first and looked yummy, then the rest, Trina and I had a chicken burger and it was warmish!! Sheila finished her veggie burger very quickly coz it didn’t matter if that was cooked properly or not. Trina and I were not amused with our burgers and left most of it. Even the chips were coldish!! Mark turned up and joined us having a drink and we chatted, gossiped and moaned about men and women. It was very funny and nice to catch up with him.

I have to tell you about the most disgusting part of Sheila and my day!! Some guy who was drunk and what I assumed was homeless but don’t quote me on that came into the pub and sat behind us. The whole time he was talking to himself and I think he may have offered Mark a sandwich. At one point he got up to leave and as he walked passed us Sheila and I (not that we were looking in his direction) caught sight of a rather unattractive sight of the gentleman’s bottom. Let’s just say it wasn’t very clean!!!!

Grossed out completely we agreed that as it was 7pm, Trina, Wayne and myself had to make our way to the arena. Sheila offered to take all our bags back to hers. We felt extremely guilty about this. I had a rucksack, Trina and Wayne had a suitcase and I think they may have had a rucksack too, plus Sheila had her own bag, but she was willing to do it, so we said our goodbyes at the train station and made our way back via the underground to the arena.

As we had seating tickets we didn’t really mind getting there a bit later. As we made our way out of the tube station there was crowds and crowds of people. We joined this crowd and made our way up one of the three escalators that were open to get to the arena. From there it was a bit of a walk to find the door H that we were due to go through. Up some more escalators to the seating area and then we had to find Wayne’s seat. Unfortunately when Trina had booked the tickets she had been in such a panic that she had booked two and then had to go back and book another one. We went through the door where Wayne’s seat was situated and we were relieved as we weren’t in the top part. We were worried that we might be coz we wouldn’t be able to stand up and jump around. Wayne’s seat was slightly to the left of the stage.

Trina showed him to his seat and I stood at the top watching Serj Tankian. He was singing a song I knew so that was okay. I took a picture to see how it would come out from being this far away from the stage, as I had zoomed in quite a bit, it wasn’t too bad, but it wasn’t that great either!! Eventually this woman (security) asked me to move away from the area, as Trina had returned; we went to find our own seats. We were about 3 or 4 doors away from where Wayne was seated. The security bloke on the door had joked about us ‘joining his area’ which was mildly amusing. We then had to find our seats in the dark, which did not turn out to be very easy. Tried one way, no such luck went down the other side still no such luck but we gave up and went through on the other side. The problem was I couldn’t work out the seat numbers. Whichever way we went though we had to disturb people. We find our seat numbers and sit down, making ourselves comfortable. It was actually warmer in there than I thought it was going to be which was good.

We were both quite happy with our seats. We were dead centre and had a fantastic view of the stage and the sound was pretty good, but the seats were quite small and there wasn’t much room to move. Serj finished his set and we then waited for the Foo’s to come on stage. During this break Trina kept texting Wayne and eventually she could spot where he was sitting. She tried to point it out to me but I couldn’t see him. A bit later she tried again and I spotted him. He was chatting to the person sat next to him. (I think he said they were American!) We heard Nine Inch Nails and Queens of the Stone Age tracks which were pretty good. Wayne apparently missed the Nails track which was a shame coz he loves the Nails. The bloke sitting next to me asked if I knew what time the band were coming on but I didn’t know and only guessed!! We also spotted Dave’s little girl Violet playing around on the catwalk before the band came on stage, bless her!!

I can’t remember exactly but I think the Foo’s came on around ten to nine. Dave walked on strumming the sounds of ‘Let It Die’ and the excitement for Trina and I started to build. Only a couple of people in front and to the side of us stood up so I felt too self conscious to do it as well. After about a couple of minutes though Trina and I couldn’t resist it and stood up, that made everyone in front of us stand up as well!!

Next was Pretender and that was brilliant, it was so hard not to jump around, but we were worried we might injure ourselves or something as there wasn’t much room to move. The whole set list was just awesome!! A lot of the same songs from Cardiff were played. During the first break he had Dave asked if they could play 100 songs so the crowd cheered. He laughed coz he said they don’t have a 100 songs!!

They played quite a few rock songs and Trina and I ended up spending a lot of the gig laughing at the blokes in front of us. There were four of them and between me and you I think they were slightly drunk!! But they were jumping up and down and generally being a bit silly. They kept turning round to look at the crowd so Trina and I would smile at them, which made them start giving us high fives. They were funny though and we didn’t mind. I later said to Trina that if it had been any other gig, I think they would’ve annoyed me so much!!

Right i shall leave you just to remind you I am away from the computer from tomorrow till Monday possibly Tuesday.  I am not turning off my alerts but I shall probably delete most of them xx  Sorry peeps but no doubt I'll have a few to read ;-)

Hope you all have a great weekend xx

I made this as part of a tube challenge for the DSD group that I am a member of :o)  Yay me!!

Monday, 24 March 2008

Two and a half day week ~ woohoo

Hope you all had a good Easter :o)  Sorry this entry is later than normal.  Last night I couldn't be bothered to type an entry and tonight you can blame Top Gear Ground Force ~ did any of you watch it?  God it was soooooooooooo funny!!!!

Anyhoo.............I've not really done much during this lovely four day weekend but i shall try and pad this entry out somehow lol........  Thanks to those of you that reckoned I was tired......I think you were probably right.

Unfortunately I didn't get much chance of a lie-in on Friday morning either :(  But Thursday evening instead of doing my food shopping as planned I came home and rested...........Well I deserved it!!  We had received the accounts on Thursday and had to get the Direct Debit's out as soon as possible.   Plus I had to help J whose not had dealings with Direct Debit's yet!!!

Anyway Friday I made my way down to Trina's and was there by 9.40am.  Well it was either that or 11.30am!!!  Silly train service.  Anyway I made myself comfortable and she made me a sausage sandwich and we talked about the QPR tour :o)  We have decided we are gonna hopefully go to: 
Wednesday 24 September Paris Bercy FRANCE
Wednesday 1 October Munich Olympiahalle GERMANY
Thursday 2 October Mannheim SAP Arena GERMANY
Friday 10 October Nottingham Arena
Saturday 11 October Glasgow SE&CC
Monday 13 October London 02
Tuesday 14 October Cardiff Arena
Thursday 16 October Birmingham NIA
Saturday 18 October Liverpool Arena
Saturday 1 November Vienna Stadthalle AUSTRIA

So there you go ~ quite a list but of course this is all subject to change depending on Trina's IVF treatment and another band who may or may not do a gig that I shall be attending (that was a short note for Trina who knows what I mean ;-)  Wayne was a hunny for the weekend even though he's ill he made us cups of tea/coffee and offered to pay for all 3 of us to attend a small Foo gig if one appears :o)  Bless his cotton socks.

So after food and talking about QPR and watching stuff, Trina and I got their bikes out and attempted to cycle to her work place and back.  All for research purposes of course.  Going there wasn't too bad as the majority of it was downhill.  Coming back wasn't so much of a laugh...........first my jeans snagged on the thingy by the chain :(  Then it pelted down with rain (or as Trina and I told Wayne, we got caught in a tornado and there was a volcano and everything) ;-)  Needless to say we did break several times but Trina bless her, cycled there and back without getting off and walking!  Can't remember how long it took us, but I have told her with practice it would get better and easier.

We spent the rest of the day watching rubbish on TV and I pigged out on my one and only easter egg (Thanks trine xx) and she cooked us a roast, which was very nice!

The next day we got up fairly earlyish and after breakfast went into town.  With the Queen Convention this weekend we needed some extra bits and pieces towards our costumes for the Halloween theme and Drag Kings and Queens.  I can't believe I spent £12.99 on a hat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Trust me though, it is a hat to die for :o)  Well I like it and as I have to wear it, then that is a bonus.  I'm afraid there are no photos you shall have to wait until next week and you'll see me in full fancy dress gear ;-)

We managed to get a few bits and pieces but unfortunately the Halloween theme is gonna be a let down for me.  I could've done better if I had thought about it but unfortunately I haven't!!  Doh!!!!

We brought some cakes and then made our way back to Trina's.  After a cup of tea/coffee we did our food shopping and then back to mine.  Wayne played Guitar Hero and Trina and I played computer games, especially when Match of the Day was on!! 

They went home not long after that!

Sunday I didn't do much, cleaned the flat and changed the bedding.  I watched The Incredibles and some stuff on TV, but other than that I've been on the interweb playing computer games *tut tut*

Today was pretty much the same, although I did finish my book and i love it when that happens :o)  That means a change of book and a change of bookmark.  I collect bookmarks but I'm not enfatic (sp) about it's just if I visit somewhere that sells them I will buy one.

Got up, washed up after last nights cook from fresh garlic kievs.  Not great, probably too much filling and wasn't that hungry :(  Then watched Robots (first time), have to say it's very good and definitely worth a watch :o) 

Then I walked to Sainsbugs for chicken, curry sauce and rice (bet you can't guess what I had for tea tonight LOL and came home and watched the Princess Diaries *rolls eyes* I must've seen that movie about 3/4 times now and I still like it *blushes* it's a good chick flick and before you ask yes I have seen the sequel lol

Rest of the day was internet surfing and watching more stuff.  So there you go you are caught up.

Oh, I forgot on Thursday I saw that my overflow pipe was leaking again, yesterday when I changed my bedding and went into my water tank bit I noticed that's leaking again too :(  However, I have not rung the agent as it seems to have stopped but I am keeping my beady eye on it................

and my neighbours gone back to his door slamming antics ~ marvellous!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I hope you have a good week.........I'm only working 2 and half days WOOHOO!!

Should be a good 'un.........


Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Queen stuff and travel diary London

Hey everyone :o)  Unforunately I do not feel like I'm in a good mood right now although I am unsure as to why!!!!!!  The Queen tour dates were announced today so Trina and I are busy planning which ones we want to go too.  So far it will definitely be the whole of the UK ones and possibly one or two abroad.  I'm trying to convince her we need to do the second to last date in Vienna, plus that's on a Saturday so not too much time off work lol..........Not sure I wanna do the last date which is in Dubai!!!!!!

The main annoyance with the tour so far is how much Brian May orientated it is!!  We all know he's a PHd in physics or scientific stuff and guess what the tour is called ........'Rock The Cosmos'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  How flippin' cheesy is that??  Well to be fair I've never heard something worse................This does not bode well!!  For those of you that might be interested in the new material they are working on with Paul Rodgers and live in the UK should check out the Al Murray show on the 4th April coz apparently they are gonna play one of their new songs ~ or at least the song is gonna get an airing...........

I don't think I am excited about the album, I think curious is more the word I would describe it.  I mean we have been promised an album with the song they released in December last year which technically was a cover and one other cover (no idea what that is!!) so this only leaves new material...............I guess this is bringing back feelings of the gig we went to in Brixton 2005 when this whole Queen/Paul Rodgers thing was new and we had all brought tickets and weren't sure we were even gonna like it. 

Sorry I don't mean to go on about it here but it's stuff I'm thinking about lol.......Otherwise not much else is happening so I shall just post the next instalment of tour diary :o)  I left you at the end of the Foo Fighters show in Cardiff which was in November last we are still in that week and let's continue with the next one we went too.......enjoy xx


I met up with Trina and Wayne at the train station, they were in the cafe having breakfast, and it was really busy in there, bless Wayne he got me a chair. As there are train works on the line between Plymouth and Exeter our train started from Exeter so it was already there and waiting, we just had to wait till they opened the doors before we could get on. Luckily we didn't have to wait long, but we couldn't find any unreserved seats so we had to sit in the ones we had saved. This meant that the three of us couldn't sit together. Trina decided she wanted to sit next to me so she could listen to my mp3 player with me. I had been convinced it would be me on my own!! Still Wayne was sat in front of us and before the train started moving we attacked him with the safety cards and poked him............ he did retaliate, in case you were feeling sorry for him!! We are all just children really........... Trina and I had a good journey listening to new music and old stuff on the mp3 player and chatting about work, music and life in general.

The train pulled into Paddington on time and we met Sheila in the station. She had kindly agreed for us to stay at hers. Unfortunately we had not been able to get her a ticket (Since made up for this as the Foo's are playing Wembley in June 2008 woohoo) we explained that we had a plan to stalk the band so Sheila suggested we go to the venue first as it was quite a way to get to her place, (she lives just outside of London). So we caught the tube and after changing lines a couple of times arrived at the O2 dome. I had never been to the dome when it had first been built, wasn't into all the hype that surrounded it but now I was slightly intrigued by the big tent!! We made our way inside the venue after feeling slightly disheartened by the outside. There were fences everywhere........this did not bode well!! As I was dying for the loo we went to find some. The entrance is very weird, there is one of those security bag check thingys and members of security all over the place, but you are not made to go through this check. As we entered we weren't sure whether or not we had to go through it until we saw a couple of other people go through with bags. So we didn't go through the check, but Sheila did.

Just outside the venue is miles upon miles of food places, cafes, restaurants and bars. Also there is a cinema, an ice rink and what looked to be a place to play computer games. We found the loo's and then went to find the queue or at least a backstage area. Walking past some of the food places you had to feel sorry for the staff, there was one bloke dressed up like a sailor and looked very gay indeed, poor thing!! Past the ice rink and a bit further one we found people sitting down behind a barrier and more security people. We couldn't walk any further down this way as they had blocked it off!! Was this the queue? There wasn't many people sat there, mind you it did feel a bit cold in this part of the tent, even if you are technically inside!! I was giving up on the idea of finding the backstage area but thought we should have a look around outside, just as I voiced this thought, Trina (with suitcase in tow), went to ask a security man where the backstage area was!! I started to walk away, thinking that what she was doing looked very stalkerish and in front of those fans sat there peacefully!! Looking back on it though I suppose with the suitcase it could look like she was with the artist but knowing Trina she would've given the game away with her question!!


So we walked back the way we came with Trina informing us that the security guards said there was no way to access the backstage area!! Still the decision was taken that we would walk around the venue outside just to confirm this. It wasn't that we didn't believe them, it was just I didn't want to give up.......damn it!! On the way out Trina wandered over to look at the Merchandise stall. As the staff hadn't finished setting it up I watched a video about the dome and there was a clip of Bon Jovi arriving with fans waving at them from a bridge. Where was that bridge? Could we get to it? Would we be able to spot the Foo's from it? I mentioned this to Trina and we waited for the Bon Jovi clip to be shown again!! It was on a continual loop you see. Eventually it did come round but it wasn't giving away any clues, damn it. So we headed outside anyway, and turned left and followed the road round. There was a hospitality area behind the bushes, which inspired impersonations of (oh god the name escapes me!!) This led to the river and a boat was arriving at the bottom of the jetty. I joked that Dave and the band were on it, which we all knew wasn't true but it didn't stop us from standing there and watching the people on board get off. Trina and Sheila started walking on after a while. Wayne and I had no idea where they were going but we decided to follow them anyway!! But it was very cold, with a chilly wind!!

Halfway round a helicopter was flying over head so we joked about that being them but it just flow away!! We could see into the area behind the O2, separated by a fence and every now and then a car went past. I kept moaning that they weren’t the Foo’s. There was a group of people, who to me and Trina looked like concert goers and we figured they had, had the same idea as us. We stopped debating whether to carry on or not and Trina and I decided that we should let them go passed us. For a couple of minutes they stopped too, but eventually walked passed us. We carried on when they were out of sight, with the thinking that we’ve walked this far we may as well carry on.

We walked the whole way round and just as we were coming back round to the front though we could see a sign that read ‘backstage area’. We couldn’t get any closer to it then the road so Trina and I ambled along hoping to see something. We reached a main road at this point, but I didn’t wanna cross the road in the hope that if the band had to drive up to get backstage they would do so in this area. So Trina and I made a joke about how we couldn’t cross as there were cars coming (there was nothing coming in either direction). We did cross over eventually and made a decision to stand on the corner of this road next to the bus station; we could see the entrance to the back stage bit. Sheila and Wayne decided it was too cold for them, so they made their way back inside the arena to get a hot drink. Trina and I were freezing but we just couldn’t give up. To make us look better and not feel so sad that we were probably waiting in the wrong spot anyway we made up a story that we were waiting for a bloke called Dave to come and pick us up. We’d make comments about ‘that not being his car etc.. It was very funny!!

After about an hour or so we gave up. It was getting late and we needed to drop our bags off at Sheila’s and get back for the gig. We called Sheila and Wayne and agreed to meet them at the tube station which we were very close too. We sat there waiting for them and watched the crowds of people going to the arena or coming back from. We kept trying to work out who was possibly going to the gig or not. Eventually the other two arrived and we caught the tube to Liverpool St Station.

Once we got there we looked into buying another ticket. Whilst we were doing this Sheila had contacted our Queen friend Mark. He was due into Liverpool St Station on his way home so we agreed to wait for him to say hi. We went into a pub which was actually situated on the station and decided to order some food and have a drink. We needed warming up!! Trina and I both decided to have a burger, Sheila had the veggie option burger and Wayne had a chicken/bacon warm salad. Trina and Wayne went to order the food and were told that we would have to wait 40 minutes as the chef was not in. So we had a gossip and a laugh whilst we were waiting. There was some football match on………I think it was the qualifiers for the euro cup, when such and such had to beat such and such for us to qualify or something like that - so Wayne was happy.


I shall leave you there for now before you moan about it being another long entry LOL There was other stuff I was gonna mention like Dancing On Ice Final and how I've brought Trina a pressie but she doesn't know what LOL ;-)  But that's just to tease her lol  I'm off to see Trina at the weekend so I shall see you sometime during the weekend xx 

Have a good 'un people

Oh and good luck to Gaz who's getting hitched tomorrow...........hope it went well hun xx

Monday, 17 March 2008

Rambles, mobile pics and stuff

Heywooooo everyone :o)  So second time lucky *touches wood* I can't believe how flippin silly I was grrrrrrrrrr...god knows what I pressed to make me loose the entry but here I am a sucker for trying again LOL.........

So I was saying that I don't have any news and thought I would post the random pics I've been taking on my mobile and some have been sent to me from Trina ~ more about that later.

Firstly I wanted to tell you about Thursday!  I am usually moaning about my job but I thought for a change I would tell you about the fab day I had on Thursday.  It started off well with a bacon sarnie :o)  Mind you I had to pay £1.50 for the privilege and there's a temptation to have one again this week damn it!!  Anyway then at some point during the morning I received a phone call, answered it as my usual cheery self *yeah right lol* and the bloke on the other end asked to speak to me.  This is not uncommon seeing as how I'm the only one whose ever there and letters are going out in my name I prepared myself for the usual "your-wrong-and-I'm-right-and-we-don't-have-to-pay" conversation and instead he said 'I'm Mr blah blah and I wanted to thank you for sorting out Mrs blah blah's account and thank you for the cheque you have sent.'  To say I was stunned is an overstatement.............nobody EVER does that!!!!   I wanted to tell everyone in the office that he'd rung me up to compliment me, but I managed to save it and only tell a couple.

Later in the day I had to ring a funeral directors which I've never had to do before but they were very helpful :o)  We had cakes coz one lady was retiring that day, and I wrote a letter to someone who had rung me up saying I was wrong and he was right when in fact it was the other way round and I had proof :o)  So a good day was had by me and now shared with you all!!

I didn't spend the weekend running here there and everywhere as the weather was just too awful :(  I did spend Saturday shredding though and in amongst my shredding there wrapped in a receipt was a 5 pound note!!  Woohoo I'm rich ;-) 

SundayI watched more Cutting It thinking the 4th series isn't very good and I'm up to the 3/4 episode and I've never cried so much over a TV programme in all my life LOL  Then I did go for a walk as we had a break in the rain and went to Matalan in search of pin stripe trousers but had no luck!!  Need them for the gangsta outfit for the convention, should be good :o)  Trina and I are gonna hit the shops on Saturday (with no money) to see if we can come up with some final ideas for Halloween costumes which we also need for the convention!!  We have head gear and party packs but nothing to wear lol....I bet that created some lovely images for you all lol...........

Oh and I wanna moan about my bike coz last time I did that bicycle repair man turned up!!  My bike was REALLY bad on Friday night.  So bad I almost had to get off and push it round to Sainsbugs coz it's missing the link every peddle I made!!  I think some of the cars were getting annoyed with me, but probably coz there was a diversion in place and I was in their way *evil laughter*

Anyway enough of me rambling about nothing so let's ramble about the piccies :o)

1, 2 & 3 - obvious enough!!

4 - to hide the cables on my computer desk I thought I could use my flag to cover them!!  I just need to buy another one now to put over the TV when I'm not using it, hopefully I can find a Queen one at the convention :o)

5 & 6 - I've been taking pics of my fresh cook sunday meals to send to Trina.  So that's them.  This weeks was Lasagne and I have to say it was quite nice and didn't take very long at all :o)

7, 8 & 9 - These are from the Virgin Radio website!  I logged on there as a VIP at some point and coz I've been using it I am now showing up as one of the four top fans for T'Chiefs, Foos and Queen ~ yay me :o)

10 through to 17 - Ok bare with me there is a story behind this!!  Whose seen Ice Age?  Well I have a teddy of the mammoth from the film which I found in a bargin bin at WHSmith and thought he was alonebut he wasn't.  Still I brought him anyway coz I think he was a £1 or something like that.  Anyway he usually sits on top of my TV until Trina came round one weekend and took him home with her when I wasn't looking.  Number 10 is the first pic I got through asking me if I was missing anything.  Well since then I have been getting these picture messages and it's been winding me up so I got her back!!  During my lunch break on Thursday I made up a petition asking for the release of the 'mammoth one' and signed it by all these famous people..........t'chiefs signed it as did the Foos and Brian and Roger from Queen, plus some others.  It was hysterical and i wished I could've been there when she opened it lol.........

Anyway long story short and all that I have bargined a way for him to come home, only Wayne was supposed to bring him into work today and he didn't coz he's ill so I get numbers 16 & 17 today :( 

It's all funny really :o)

18 through to 23 are drawings by myself!  I like to have a creative outlet, I write stories and sometimes when the mood takes me I draw :o)  Number 18 is an idea I have for a song called Retirement, don't ask about number 19, 20 & 21 were drawn when I was on the phone to Trina one evening, 22 is from the coffee and TV video by blur, and 23 is ok but I'm not happy with the way the bloke turned out!

So there you go :o)

Oh just before I go another little moan about my neighbours.  I was drifting off to sleep last night and at some point something woke me up and all I could hear afterwards was them talking...this carried on till 2.15am :(  Needless to say I have not been a happy bunny today at work!!  I'm not sure if I prefer the kicking in of the door or the talking to god knows what time of the night!!  I know they are only talking but come thin are these walls for crying out loud!!!  I must be tired coz I was falling asleep watching TV earlier LOL

Well I think I have rambled on enough for one until Wednesday take care peeps and if you celebrated today ~ Happy St Patricks day to you all xx

Queen tour dates are supposed to be revealed this week yay cannot wait!!!

Sunday, 16 March 2008


I was just in the middle of adding an entry but due to my own stupidity appear to have lost my entry :( 

Come back tomorrow.....................



Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Answers and Foo Sweatiness

Hello everyone ~ ooooo two entries in a row??  I know I'm spoiling you ;-)  and please no comment references about how it's like buses thank you very much xx 

So it seems I stumped you with the mathematical question huh??  Well I think my dear friend from Germany, Coops was the closest with the here is the answer as provided by mathematical genius Trina ;-)  If it's wrong blame her lol

Yep 7 girls x 2 legs = 14

7 girls has 7 bags = 49 bags

49 bags with 7 cats = 343 big cats each with 4 legs = 1372 legs

343 big cats x 7 little cats = 2401 each with 4 legs = 9604 legs

Add up the legs 14 + 1372+ 9604 = 10990

(sorry for this font below blimin AOHell is messing me about!!)


So there you go...........mad huh?  I would NEVER have taken the bags into the equation!!!!!!!  No wonder I ain't a genius lol.........

Anywayenough of this maths journal is supposed to be fun not about studying subjects I can't stand lol........So how's your week going?  Jeez can it please stop raining!!  I'm sick to death of getting wet walking to and from work.  Guess what the weather forecast is for tomorrow...........yep rain *yawn*  I reckon it's just gonna do this for the rest of the year....oh how i long for summer and believe me I can't stand summer lol.......but anything would be better than what we're getting now....silly global warming!!

At work, it's going okay i guess!!  Getting a bacon sarnie tomorrow when I get to work.  Open window man is doing a bacon sarnie run from the kitchen so as long as you are there by 9am ish then you could order one.........I've wanted one since we knew they were doing them!!  Never got round to ordering them though lol and today it was S's birthday and S's mum always makes cakes for her to bring should've seen the chocolate cake, it had maltesers on top :o)  Well I couldn't resist lol.......

I don't think there is anything else of importance to tell you.....I've been downloading music this week and it finally finished yesterday so there was a happy jenny :o)  Also found some clips on youtube of the gig we went to on Friday so that made an even happier jenny...but now I'm pineing for gigs lol........

So let's cure this and carry on with the travel diary :o)  (which should be renamed gig diary - hey ho!)   Last week I had taken you to Cardiff in November to see the Foo Fighters and I think I had left you watching Serj Tankian the support let's continue.......enjoy xx


I think the Foo's came on about 9pm??!! Their first song was 'Let It Die' from the new album, a personal fave of Trina's, so that was it we were going insane, jumping, screaming and whatever else comes with a rock show. I tried head banging but after a while I had to give up because it was so hot in there I was sweating buckets. So everytime I headbanged my wet hair would go into my eyes and so I would end up with sweat in them which isn't nice. I tried also not to scream too much but when Let It Die was followed by Pretender it was hard to stop myself from not getting carried away. Problem is I get shattered during these two songs alone from jumping and singing, how was I going to cope through the rest of the set?

During the set, Dave did not disappoint and would often come down the catwalk. We could work out when he was gonna do it so that Trina could move across slightly and I could get closer!! It was amazing.....I love being that close to him!! Trina gave Wayne the camera everytime he came down the catwalk. Unfortunately mine refused to work when the Foo's came on stage. I was not amused!! My view for the stage wasn't so good, those tall people were getting further and further into the crowd. Everynow and then though I could see so I made the most of it and stood and watched. I kept thinking about how I had to work the next day so couldn't tire myself out too much!! Luckily for me, halfway through the set, Dave and co perform a little accoustic set. It was nice to have a break from jumping and going mad.

Dave did his usual hello to the crowd and said that we were a better crowd than what Sheffield had been.....................I've heard this before Dave!! He's full of crap but you gotta love him. He introduced the band and said something about how we were gonna get some kick arse solos from them all. Drew Hester (percussionist) was asked to do a solo on something, so he played a variety of his instruments that he had and ended up doing some kind of solo on his drum thingys, (technical term you understand!) Then it was Taylor's turn and Dave joked about how usually at gigs Taylor has his top off but tonight he hadn't. There were a few fangirls screaming for him to take it off. Trina was one of them, but I figured the only person who could hear her was me!! So I told her to shout it louder for him to hear her..........she wouldn't do it!! Especially when Dave asked who wanted to see Taylor's pecks!!

When they got to the part of the set where they played But Honestly (great song) Trina admitted she wasn't feeling all that great so she kept trying to get some water from the security guards. They did give out quite a bit which was good, considering the last time we were at that venue Sarah had been dying and they had refused!! Everlong was played as it should be played. I have since read that they had been starting off accousticly but getting heavier with it at the end and apparently they were going to do that, that night. Dave called everyone back to the stage though and admitted that he wanted to play it properly for a change so they did, it was AWESOME!!

One of the best parts of the set in my mind was All My Life. Just before the guitar solo kicks in Dave says 'Are you ready to dance?, Are you ready? Let's do it' and the place goes mental. Usually I would avoid moments like this but not that night it was brilliant...............I was jumping and headbanging and leaning on the girl in front of me and the bloke behind me was leaning on me, but I just laughed about this cause I just found it so stupid!! The whole crowd were okay to be honest with you, well apart from one girl near us who had the most out of tune voice EVER!! At one point I looked at Trina kinda accusingly which was a bit mean of me but she realised why I was looking and said it was the girl behind her.

When Dave introduced the band, he said that Chris wanted to say a few words. Chris gave out an annoucement that Joe Calzagie was in the audience and pointed him out in the top seats. Chris is a bit of a boxer so I think he was in awe that Joe was there watching. Dave apparently offered to fight him and Taylor told him to 'shut up'. Throughout the rest of the show we couldn't help but looking where he was sat as he was on our side, and we could see him head banging and really going for it. Looked like he was enjoying himself. The Foo's show wasn't that long after Joe had won some title or whatever right there in Cardiff, (see I do know some things!!)

For me the encore was the best!! Earlier in the car I had said to Trina that if they played 'Aurora' I would cry!! I thought I knew what the encore was having read someone's posting online but apparently I didn't!! First they played a song I hadn't ever heard live but knew from the first album called Wattershed. That's a heavy song, unfortunately I didn't really have the energy or the inclination to go mad but I tried my best!! I had a feeling Wayne would be going for it though, bless him. He was stood a couple of people behind us!! Then that song finished and Dave went straight into the next one. He played one chord on the guitar and I screamed - literally screamed!! It was Aurora!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really did choke up and figured I was gonna cry. I had been the only one to scream too...........Talk about obsessed! Trina kept looking at me too..........


Set List was: Let It Die • The Pretender • Times Like These • Breakout • Cheer Up, Boys (Your Make Up Is Running) • Generator • Learn To Fly • Long Road To Ruin • Stacked Actors • DOA • Skin And Bones • Marigold • My Hero • Cold Day In The Sun • But, Honestly • Everlong • Monkey Wrench • All My Life • Wattershed • Aurora • Best Of You

When the gig finished, we made our way out of the building but first stopping for t-shirts. I didn't think I wanted one but was soon convinced to get one, gigs have strange effects on me!! It was a bit of a struggle to get to the merchandise but Trina and I managed it in the end. Once we had our t-shirts we made our way outside to meet up with Wayne (who had gone to get drinks) and Gareth (who had gone to the loo). Dave during the gig had said that when we get outside, because we were sweating so much we were going to be freezing. I thought at the time that I wouldn't care coz it would be so nice, to an extent it was quite nice. Eventually found everyone and we made our way to the car. Unfortunately it would appear that everyone who had been at the gig and had driven was also parked in this car park.

Got back up to level 3 and into the car which was fine. As we were heading for the exit, I said quietly about how it was strange that we hadn't paid yet. As we reached Level 2 we saw a huge queue of people and it was then that it hit us. They were in the queue for the ticket machine.............goodness knows where the machine was. So Wayne parked up on this level and Trina got out to go and join the queue and pay. It was whilst we were waiting that the cold started to hit me!! I was freezingjust like Dave had said!! I had my fleece on and hood up, put my beanie hat on and fingerless gloves. I couldn't stop shivering!!

Trina was gone for about an hour, it was getting later and later which was worrying me slightly coz I had to get up the next day for work..........I needed my sleep!! Gareth had gone to find her. Every now and then she had been ringing me or texting me and she wasn't that far along even after an hour. It was looking very grim, when all of a sudden Gareth and Trina were clambering into the car telling Wayne to go. Some very nice NCP attendant had gone up to the queue telling them they could pay by debit card at the gates. So we were off which was good news!! A lot of people had the same idea and we got stuck in a relatively small queue but laughed at the people still in the queue for the car park machine. This was something we were going to have to keep in mind for the other Cardiff dates that we had!!

We only took a wrong turning once trying to find the way out of Cardiff. This was because Trina's notes were in the boot. We ended up having to turn round and used some person's drive way. The journey home didn't take too long and Wayne stopped once just outside of Taunton for some fresh air. He brought a pasty which I ended up finishing - it tasted so good!! Gareth kept talking to Wayne, keeping him alert etc. I wanted to join in but I was too cold!! Trina slept the whole way!!

We had to stop back at work so Gareth could pick up his van to drive home and Wayne dropped me off at home after that!! I was buzzing and didn't think I would be able to get any sleep. It was 2am. Just as I was drifting off I got a text from Trina to say they had got home safely. What an awesome night................couldn't wait for London, even if we did have seated tix!!

(the next day at work wasn't too bad, I ached but I still had my voice, just wasn't too alert!! I had got up early to have a shower though as after all that sweating it was vital!!)

Sorry another long entry xx

Next week still more capers from November....

Till then xx

(can't leave a sig...........blimin' AOHell has blanked out the camera/video buttons!!  What the hell is going on??)

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Woohoo and Brain Training

Hello everyone :o)  Just a quickie from me today *raises eyebrows* nudge nudge wink wink LOL.............Now now you people with the dirty minds I don't mean like that lol

I wanted to write an entry to celebrate and test your mathematical brain ;-)  and of course I can't do it tomorrow coz that's travel journal day!!!  See it's all routine stuff here at Boredom Eats Away...........

So let's start with the celebration :o)  Yesterday when I came home from work and logged on I found out I had won the DSD group's photo challenge YAY me

  That's my prize :o)  It's supposed to be animated but i think I've saved it wrong whoops   Anyway the subject was Pets so I figured there is only one piccie I could send as I didn't seem to have the one of my cat that I here's what I sent:

  That is Sweep, our beloved Yorkie!!  To find out more about him please click this link   I just remember for this pic it took ages to get him to wear those glasses ~ how mean am I lol...........Bless him!!

Right now the mathematical test.  At lunchtime I read this on a forwarded email and figured it would be fun to test you lot ;-)  There was a link with it and you could only open it when you had the right answer.  Now I'm not much of a mathematical person but I attempted it and got it wrong LOL..........However I have been informed and been provided with the workings out by mathematical genius named Trina :o)  So see how you get along.........leave your answer in the comments section and I'll give you the answer tomorrow xx  (NB:  Mum if Titch has a go let me know what she got for an answer I know she likes her maths :o) 

Only skilled people can do this so why not have a go....

Here's the question:

There is a bus with 7 girls .
Each girl has 7 bags .

In each bag, there are 7 big cats . .
Each big cat has 7 little cats. Each cat has 4 legs .
Question: How many legs are present in the bus?

So what is the number of legs?

So don't forget to let me know how you got on and I'll catch up with you all tomorrow

Till then xx

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Neighbours, should be there for one another (not in this case!!) grrrrr

Hello all ~ how are you?

Things are alright at this end, this will probably end up being a bit of a bland entry compared to last weekends lol........Main reason??  Well I've been a bit lazy :o) 

So the end of the week was fairly uneventful well at work anyway!!  The open window guy doesn't work on Friday's so I have to say that was my best day of the week lol......Not much else has been happening at work, although I would like to thank you for the comments regarding the last entry, I would ask him to shut it but you can't do it EVERYTIME can you ??  Nope my usual way of dealing with things is put up and shut up and moan on here :o)  Aren't you all lucky lol.........

Friday was also a brill day coz Trina, Wayne and myself went to see the Editors in Plymouth :o)  Not gonna say too much coz there is a write up coming ~ was doing it earlier actually.....You guys always ask me how i remember things, well I make sure to make some rough notes a day or two after the actual gig and then when I type up the notes it helps to jog my memory for the whole thing......see I'm not really clever or anything, just got a good system that works lol

The next day we watched the film 'This Is England' which I have to say is good but has a crap ending!!  I'm not going into my views regarding the subject matter of this film as I shall probably come off worse than what I want, but I am very vocal on the subject as Trina found out after the film finished!!  We were talking politics and everything...quite a deep conversation for us.

After that we went shopping in Scumerfield in Torquay.  Not my usual shop but I still managed to go £2 over budget ~ woops!!  Trina and Wayne then drove me home, helped me in with my bags of shopping and played Guitar Hero.

Once they left I had my tea and browsed the internet for a while.  I made sure to download the songs that i had heard Friday but didn't know!!  Eventually I made my way to bed about 1am.  Mainly because I had been watching Parenthood, good film.

What happened next can almost be described in an entry I wrote over a year ago!!  (link here) Yep the (excuse my language) BLOODY neighbours!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Only last night was 10 times worse.  It started off with me drifting nicely off to sleep all cuddled into the duvet, quite happy and warm.........when I suddenly heard someone trying to open a door.  I realised it was the main door to the flats.......So that was it, thinking back to the potential break in to the other flats across the way, my heart was pounding and I lied there listening to this!!

Then there was the great "trying-of-the-doorbells"!!  As explained on the link entry the door bell system can be heard throughout all the flats in the block, so of course when they tried their own I could hear it, then out of desperation they tried mine.  Freaking out even more by this point I came to the conclusion that unlike last time I was NOT going to help them out.  Why should I??

Somehow they managed to get in, got up the stairs to the flat below me and knocked on the door, then came the WORSE thing of all.....They started kicking it or possibly throwing their body weight against it, which made my whole flat vibrate!!  So of course my mind is working over time and I start thinking that it could be my door that they are knocking...........This makes my heart beat even faster.

Well he gives up with this and goes outside again and has an argument with someone, who I don't know but possibly someone on a this point he has walked away from the flats so I can't hear the conversation very well!!  He comes back to the flats shouting for someone to let him in again, which they do.

So he's back up to the door and again he's kicking/throwing his weight into it!!  It does go quiet eventually and I managed to get out of bed quietly and open my bedroom door to see if I could hear what was going on and to make sure it wasn't my front door!  By the time I was confident enough to go back to bed it was 2/2.30am GRRRRRRRR........

I am not amused!!   Must we go through this everytime!!  I have to admit I was very surprised no-one called the police the way he was kicking that door.........I wouldn't do, I don't wanna get involved.........Mind you I half a mind to go down there and ask them if I could keep a copy of their key so that if this happens again, I could just give it to them and that would be that!!

I have no idea if two people live down there or what??  They have been extremely quiet today.........needless to say I played some loud music today!!  Thanks to them I am knackered..I lied in bed at 11.30am this morning quite happy to go back to sleep (I had woken up at 9am and was having a lie-in).  Please don't start at me about half the day has gone etc...........where do you think I get my energy from?? LOL

I did hoover today but apart from that I have not done anything adventurous and today's cook from fresh was good old chilli con carne which I know I can cook already!!

So that's my weekend, a brilliant gig, followed by annoyance on a higher level than I could ever have imagined!!

Of course now I'm bracing myself for the storms, should make an interesting walk to work tomorrow better remember to take some 'emergency socks' with me!!  I used the ones that were at work last week, when I realised the pair I was wearing had holes in them :( 

Hey, ho!!!  I better go and read some journal entries.............will i ever be up to date?  Nah I don't reckon so either!!

Till next time xx

I forgot to add Trina has my mamoth teddy (if you've seen ice age, you'll know the one I mean) she kidnapped him from the top of my TV.  grrrrrrrrrrr @ her!!

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Rant, Travels, Rant, Music

Hey all :o)  and big welcome to any new readers that have popped by lately, nice to see ya xx  Hope you'll come back again!!

Anyway so how are you?  Personally I'm okay.......had a misunderstanding with Trina on Tuesday, she thought that I was upset because of something, but I was upset coz of something else, it was silly really but hey, we're okay now and if she's reading a little note for her...........I'm sorrier than you are :oP lol............

Work, I swear is going from bad to worse and much much worser!!  Firstly this bloke whose like two desks away from me keeps opening the window.  Now I know they are only doing it to let some fresh air in but come on.......I'm freezing!!  I was thinking yesterday I may as well go to work in a Queen t-shirt instead of standing there every morning for five minutes trying to decide which top to wear coz when I get to work I have to put my jumper on anyway and nobody sees it anyway!!  The worst was yesterday when said blokie had gone out for a lunchtime walk, came back in and said 'ooo it's cold out there'!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...........I just REALLY wanted to turn round and say yeah it b***** is in 'ere too mate......grrrrrrrrrr........I am really beginning to hate open plan offices!!  When they do our office reshuffle I want to be as FAR away from that end of the room as possible!!  I wouldn't be surprised if I didn't come down with something..............

Sorry I'm ranting..........once I get started though I can't out coz here comes another one............Yep more stuff about work.  The rumour I heard today is that although we have two teams at the moment A-J and K-Z, that is going to change and we'll all be one big happy family singing and dancing through the sunny days with our little buckets and spades (please note the sarcasm!!)  I can't work with them grrrrrrrr.....they are so slow and at the moment we are helping them out to make them work faster but it's crap......they don't seem to be doing anything differently like they should be doing!!  One of the blokes on that team writes notes like he's a school teacher and you have no idea what your doing!!  I've been there for what 3 patronising of him...grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...........

Sorry peeps I will calm down but I need to vent and i can't really do this in the office ~ a firm believer of keeping the peace regardless of how i feel most of the time!!  Anyway...onwards and upwards............

*spoken through a tannoy system* Ladies and usual it's Wednesday night and here's what you've all been waiting for...............Travel Diary :o)

Well last week I said I was gonna start telling you about our mad two weeks in October but of course I meant November (thanks Trine lol) so here we go ~ Enjoy xx


Unfortunately I had to work during the day but I was emailing a girl by the name of Claire pretty much most of the morning. She works for the same company as I do and she had posted a message on the intranet about her tickets not arriving. I had to email her about this mainly coz she was going to the same gig as us. Luckily her tickets were going to be on the door of the venue waiting for her, so she was told. So the excitement was building. I also kept receiving emails from Trina about who was taking the spare ticket. When this date was originally announced she brought four tickets, the usual three and someone Trina works with by the name of Simon. Unfortunately he had been messing Trina about with regards to whether he was going or not and the last minute plan was that another guy she works with by the name of Gareth was taking the ticket. Wayne and I were to meet them in the car park at 4pm.

So I left work at 4pm, as planned and pratically ran out of the door but remembered to say thanks to my colleagues. D asked why I had said thanks, I said it was because they were covering for me, the lady who was going to cover had rung in sick for two days, but the other team were happy to cover. Clearly they are not used to people being grateful!! Anyway got changed VERY QUICKLY and practically ran out of the building to the car park. Managed to find the car and everyone was in it waiting........So we were off, heading for Cardiff and shouting at every red light or person that got in our way. As we had standing tix and I was told it takes two hours to get there, I was paniced coz I was thinking of the queue and not being able to see etc.. We had a brief stop to get food, so we stopped at Burger King near Burnham. I couldn't believe how long the woman behind the counter was taking, it was beginning to seem like a conspiracy that we should never get there. I did voice my opinions quite loudly as did Wayne and Gareth but I think she was making a point of not going very fast after that!! Trina had gone to the loo whilst we were waiting and when she came back she said that she had leaned back on the seat and made it flush, as she had leaned against the flush. Very amusing!! Once we eventually got our food, we made our way back to the car to eat it and then on our way once more.

The traffic was fine until we got to Wales, trying to get into Cardiff was proving to be a bit of a nightmare. We entertained ourselves by taking the mick out of Gareth for his welsh roots and Trina who was trying to say something about it being a conspiracy that anyone who had a welsh flag in their car was going faster (there was one in front of us!!) We managed to find most of the right roads once we had got into Cardiff because of Trina's excellant directions and Gareth who was sitting in the front could find it all. Unfortunately we took a wrong turning at some point (there were traffic lights everywhere and needless to say they were dead set against us getting any further!!), and whilst we took this wrong turning the doors to the venue had been opened. I was panicing now coz I had actually wanted to at least try to get to the barrier. I had read online that the band were using a catwalk so there was plenty of barrier to use!! I was gonna miss out on it though, damn it!!

With the directions we went up one street and I started saying that the building to our right looked like the venue. I remembered it from the Queen Paul Rodgers gig two years ago. Trina couldn't even remember being there. I had to remind her about all the sleeping bags outside, how we had been the first to arrive and how Brian had mentioned on his website something about us camping out, which wasn't true at all we had just been cold that day!! So we had found the venue which was a good sign, we went to find a car park which didn't take too long and managed to find a space up on level 3!! Once out of the car we made our way down to the venue. Wayne, and I raced Gareth down to the bottom of the car park as he had decided to take the lift. Trina was trying to keep up with Wayne and myself, bless her!! We all got into the arena without any problems and went straight into the main hall. There was quite a crowd in there and I definitely couldn't get to the barrier so we got as close as we could. We were on the left hand side about half way up near to the catwalk!! At that moment there was quite a lot of room to manoeuvre but I kept trying to close the gap up. I was learning lessons from the 606 gig at V!!

As we were waiting for the support act to come on Trina and I discussed whether we should stay where we were or not, but I don't know why. When I looked around at the crowd that was building they were all taller than me!! It made me wonder if a tall gene was given out to everyone in Cardiff and surrounding areas. As it was I didn't have a great view but every now and then I could see a bit!!

Serj Tankian came on about 7.30pm (might be wrong with the times, so just ignore them). I had downloaded his album, knowing I was going to see him supporting the Foo's. I prefer knowing songs by the support acts rather than not coz if you don't it can get quite boring!! He played the two songs I know quite early on in the set and I think Wayne was quietly impressed I knew the words. Serj seemed to me to be a strange bloke, he's the lead singer for a band called System of A Down. He came on stage wearing a cream coloured suit complete with top hat. His band were all in black but also had top hats on which I thought was pretty cool. The hats didn't stay on for long!! Every now and then Serj would do this rather strange dancing and when he spoke he waffled on about really random stuff. Sounded like one of those evanglists you get on TV, very weird, I think that put me off him a bit!! So I found myself looking around at the crowd a lot and all the tall people in front of me. This one woman was with her boyfriend/husband and she didn't face the stage throughout Serj's set. How rude!! This annoyed me, coz she was in a better spot than me.........if she didn't wanna be there she could at least move so I could see better!! I did manage to take a couple of pictures of Serj with my camera, they didn't look too bad!!

His set came to an end and we had to wait a while for the Foo's to come on stage. It was getting hotter in the venue and we hadn't got any drinks with us so I kept chewing gum and putting lipsalve on my lips to help. More and more people were trying to get past us. Wayne did let two girls go past him to get nearer to the barrier but as he was behind us Trina and I didn't mind too much. A bloke by the side of me was trying to get in front of me and there was NO way that was gonna happen!! I blocked his way by moving closer to the person in front of me. No-one was going in front of me apart from the people who were already there!! God help them if they wanted to leave and get back again. In fact there was one bloke who was going past Trina and I saying his friend/sister was in front. We just laughed and said 'yeah right!' but apparently she was, he said she was the one waving but I didn't see her!! During the break we heard songs such as Queens of the Stone Age 'No-one Knows', Eagles of Death Metal 'I Want You So Hard' and Wayne thought he could hear a Nine Inch Nails track, but it was loud in there and we couldn't hear them that well!!

Ok so I shall leave you here for now xx

Sorry for the long entry

till next time............

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Ranting, Shopping, Recycling and Smiling

Hiya journal buddies ~ how are you all :o)  I'm quite happy for a change!!  Make the most of it, it won't last..........especially as tomorrow is Monday!!  Monday's tend to bring me down..............*groan*

Ooooo I forgot to say many, many thanks to Amy as she gave me a nicey award ~ that makes two :o)  Aren't i lucky tee hee hee.........Amy is lovely, if you get time check out the link and pay her a visit!! 

So thank you all for the comments towards the pictures and videos :o)  Glad you liked them all!!  I still laugh at that first video I posted, every never fails to make me chuckle lol

Have you all had a good week?  JE went okay apparently according to the fellas so that's the main thing!  She did reccommend it for a formal appeal and now we have to wait 6 months or more to hear the outcome *sarcastic yay*

Not much else has happened this week to notify you off so I shall just carry on and tell you about my weekend.  After I've had a good moan about car drivers GRRRRR.... On Friday I cycle round to Sainsbugs to do my weekly shop!!  This Friday it was raining which wasn't good, but as usual I cycle on the road, but that night EVERY car i was trying to go past would suddenly decide to move in closer to the pavement!!  A builders truck did that when I was alongside him........ooooo I was so angry!!  I could've been knocked off or anything!!  Damn you car drivers.....look out before you swerve!!  No offence to you lot unless you live near me ;-)  and drive that road on a Friday night!!

Saturday I got up early *shock* and went to the hairdressers.  I love walking up past the quay on a Saturday morning nice and early, coz there is hardly anybody about!!  As you can imagine at weekends it gets very busy!!  Anyway luckily the hairdressers weren't busy either!!  I sat down after telling them what i want and expected to sit there for at least half an hour which I sometimes have to do and the lady came over to me and started off.  Her name (according to the book she wrote in was Rach, just in case I want to ask for her again).  She was nice and chatty, in fact we chatted the whole time about cooking LOL.........Apparently she was going to cook a meal for her mum that night and was using all fresh ingredients, so I started telling her about 'cook from fresh sundays' :o) 

After the hairdressers (my hair looks so much better, it's still in the same style hence no piccies) I went to wait for a bus into town.  Unfortunately I just missed one and sat at the bus stop with an elderly gentleman who decided to inform me the new seats at the bus stop where much better coz homeless people can't sleep on them and how there is a homeless guy he sees every morning when he gets his paper.  Trust me not to put the MP3 player on!!

In town I brought a new bra (ooooo, which is actually hurting me so that's not good but I'm living with the pain lol) and two new pairs of trousers!!  One of the pair was marked in sale at £25 and when she put it through the scanner it came up £20 :o)  Yay to savings lol  I also went to Poundstretcher and brought myself a wok for £3, as I shall need it for the next 'cook from fresh'.  I was supposed to do that this weekend but without the wok I thought i would swap the weeks around ~ confusing LOL

Then I came home (walked all the way) and sat down, watched some more 'Cutting It' and then hoovered.  I spent the rest of the day trying to be creative and catching up on the journal alerts ~ it's down to 20 ish woohoo :o)

I dyed my hair later (same colour as before hence no pics), cooked tea, watched casualty, spoke to Trina on the phone, watched Gavin and Stacey as BBC 2 where showing the whole series, which was good :o)  Then at 12.40pm I watched the highlights of the NME big gig.

OH MY GOD.......................I am so glad I did and this is gonna sound so Pathetic to you lot!!  Basically when I like bands I try to find some link between them........For example The Foo Fighters Taylor Hawkins is a BIG Queen fan :o)  So I have been waiting patiently for a Queen reference to come from my new obession The Kaiser Chiefs :o)  I know they are big Beatles fans and you can hear that in the songs but there must be something..............anything????!!!!!!!  Up until last night i thought the only link was that they like the Foo Fighters :o)  Nothing wrong with that but...............Last night i was rewarded with my patience as there during the interview the singer Ricky was wearing a Queen t-shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One I have not seen before, how is this possible!!!!  lol  So today I have searched for it ~ yep I am THAT sad lol (damn it the link to the pic isn't showing grrrrrrrrrr) I rung Trina (yes at 1am!!), needless to say she didn't answer and i ended up sending her 4 texts, not just on this matter lol........I had to be patient again as i had to wait for her to a) get up and b) ring me about this lol.......she did eventually :o)

So I have spent mothers day with a little smile on my face (yep that sad) and didn't really do much!!   I walked round to the clothes recycling bank at Sainsbugs as i forgot to take some when I did my shopping on Friday night.  On the way back I was nearly home when I took out my MP3 player and realised the back had fallen off :(  This is not good news as without it sometimes the player won't recognise the battery is there........I thought to myself well I have time let's go back!!  So I walked all the way back to Sainsbugs, passed the place where I figured I could've dropped it but no sign!!!!  Dejectedly I walked back and guess what.................yep it was right where I thought it would be!!!  I had gone passed it LOL........................who said i need the exercise lol

Came home, had a nap :o)  then spent the rest of tonight on the computer.  Today's cook from fresh is Tuna Pasta Bake, which I have to say is the most delicious thing I have made so far!!!  Looking forward to tomorrow for the rest even though it includes the burnt bit *groan*  The only problem with cooking it was the continual stirring!!  I've just had melon for afters!!

Anyway enough from me.............Happy Mothers Day to all you mums  :o)  here's a link to whatI wrote in 2005, which I still stand by coz my mum is lovely xx  She received her earrings which she likes, so that's good :o)

Well till next time x  Have a good week peeps x  This week should be good, we are going to see The Editors on Friday :o)

How cute is that sig :o)