Friday, 28 July 2006

Middle of August

Hello everyone xx

I'm typing this on my lunchbreak coz I thought you'd all like to know (or maybe you don't who knows) I shall be back sometime in the middle of August.  AOL are currently turning my phone line into broadband (why it takes 20 working days is beyond me!!)

I can't believe I forgot to get that sorted when I was panicking about moving - oh well no-one but myself to blame.  I've been keeping of note of anything worthy to tell you - there's gonna be a lot to read when I get back lol!!

Well take care everyone I hope life is treating you well!!

Miss you xx

Jen xx

Thursday, 6 July 2006

2 days to go!!

Hi Everyone..................

Well I am back online at home WOOHOO, you may have seen me logged in!!  I'm sorry I'm not back to reading journals at the mo, but I've been very busy packing!!  On Saturday I'm moving into the flat which is five doors away :-)  I'm not excited, nervous is more what I'm feelin'!!  Mainly coz I'm worried about my sofa not fitting through the doors lol...............

Once I have moved in and settled I shall just be waiting for BT to activate the phone line and when they have I shall be back for good :-)

So what has been happening??  A lot of ups and downs regarding the move, we didn't go to Cornwall as planned which is a good thing coz I have enough to update you with already aka:  London at the beginning of June and the Foo's (BEST GIG EVER!!) I must warn you guys that not only am I a Queen fan, I have been turned into a Foo Freak too!!  LOL................................I shall explain all upon my return!!

Still missing you guys like crazy...........Take care xx


p.s pray for nice weather on Saturday lol