Sunday, 29 April 2007

Wow over a week with no entry LOL

Why hello people?  Have you forgotten about little ol' me?  Fear not I am still around, I've taken a break from writing entries because I am behind in alerts as usual *rolls eyes* tee hee hee.........

I have 35 emails in my inbox and it's a slow slog but I'm getting there slowly ~ so instead of my usual entries you can hear more about my adventures such as the convention.  So here's part two:

Saturday (continuation from Part one a few entries ago lol)

I can't actually remember what time we woke up, I think we were the last chalet to stir as I could hear voices coming from the next doors. It was so cold in the chalet we had to turn the heater on before we could even consider getting up. As we had to pay for electricity cards, we soon found this was used up pretty quickly damn it!! Trina kept on about how she wanted to go to the market place. She asked me to go with her but as I didn't have any money I said that I wasn't that bothered about going. Claire and Pam appeared and Fairy and Mr Kev did eventually. I think Mr Kev made breakfast but it might have been Claire!! (My memory is terrible) The tea towel was moved from the sink after Claire rung it out and hung it on the door handle outside to dry off. Sarah popped round to say hello and get some breakfast. She wasn't part of the group booking unfortunately but wasn't too far away from us. She too wanted to go to the market place so after some breakfast and people having showers, Trina, Pam, Claire and Sarah made their way to Lunars. I stayed behind with Fairy and Kev.

I had a shower and got ready for the day and was going to make my way to the market place when Trina walked back in the door. She showed me some pics she had brought *yum* they were of roger!! She dropped off what she had brought and we went over there together. She was still searching for convention t-shirts. We bumped into quite a few people and bid good morning and a few pleasentries to them, one of these people was Wendy who was giving out DSR leaflets. (DSR is the shortened name of the tribute band that played last year!) She too was looking for convention t-shirts, lots of people were wearing them. After Trina had chatted to a few people and taken pics of the stuff that was in the Auction, (I liked the little guitar with stand that was signed by Brian!) we started looking at a few stalls. We brought some stationary (I'm a sucker for the stuff and even more so if it's got something to do with Queen), and a little bear that carries a heart that says I love Queen!! Me and teddy bears!! Half way round I stop a lady who was wearing a convention t-shirt and asked her where she'd got it from, she very kindly told me. So after we'd looked at the market place we made our way to the main ballroom as the stall was in there. We got our t-shirts and some raffle tickets. At the time the eliminating rounds of the tug of war was taking place so we stayed to cheer on our mate Sheila. Unfortunately they lost but hey, at least they try!!

The auction took place that afternoon, after the Qfactor auditions which I think the people were very brave and the judges did well not to tell them they weren't very good but that it was interesting interpretations. Trina had to liaise with Jules like she did every year. If Jules sees something she likes she will bid as she has lots of money!! Charlie won quite a few of the brian items, Trina got Roger's baseball boots and Roger's tie went for £500 pounds or something like that!! Most expensive tie I've ever seen that's for sure. Sheila got the small cardboard cut out of brian and there was even some items gone up for auction from the fan club to make them some money which was a good idea. Every year any money that is raised from raffles, auctions etc it goes to charity. The Winged Fellowship and the MPT.

We made our way back to the chalet and stayed there for most of the afternoon. Whilst we were there the Tea Towel story came to light and much fun was to be had about this. Apparently Mr Kev and Fairy went back to the chalet early the night before as they had been drinking quite a bit on empty stomachs, and weren't very well. Mr Kev had used the tea towel to mop up his sick and tried to wash it out and therefore left it in the sink. Claire had come back and touched that, rung it out and everything. We all made fun of Mr Kev and Claire for this and when everyone found out it was actually Trina's towel and not just one that belonged to the chalet it caused more hilarity!! We turned Stone Cold Crazy into Tea Towel Crazy and Pam came up with a dance to go with it!! We had a group chalet photo taken as it was a good group that we were sharing with. I can't remember if we did this on the Saturday or the Sunday but we watched Trina's birthday DVD that Sam had made during the fake party. It was embarrassing watching myself dancing and Trina was moaning about her weight!!

That evening the fancy dress was an Easter theme so we had all ordered bunny ears. They came with bow ties and tails, mine fell off as I was making my way over to the ballroom. Fairy's bunny ears flashed they were really cool. Many pics were taken!! We got to the ballroom and found some seats. We stayed in that area for most of the evening. Many, many more group pics were taken as more people turned up in their outfits including Loretta and Parky. They were dressed up as a bunny girl and hunter it was very amusing, any excuse for Loretta (whose real name is Steve) to get in drag!! There was some fun had with changing their sign after they had won the fancy dress contest.


The tribute band was up next. They were called 'Queen for a day' and we were told a story that this band come from America and Jacky had booked them in good faith. Here's what she's posted on the fanclub website: "Queen For A Day are from Texas, and I had booked the whole band to come over. For many and varied reasons, all but one Gregory Finsley, lead singer, had pulled out. I had found him a bass player and guitarist from Exeter - my friends Alan Long and Stilly (note from ed:  Found out he has a local band ~ may go and see him :-), who had played in a tribute band called Mercury. And then a drummer, my soon to be relative Tom Tunney, from the tribute band Queen Rocks. Before the Friday of our event, the only ones who knew each other were Stilly and Alan - the others had never met each other! They had 'rehearsed' using MP3's and the internet! I was a little worried, but not unduly - ALL are excellent musicians, and Gregory a brilliant frontman.... and to say that they 'pulled it off' is ian understatement! they were FANTASTIC and had the entire ballroom and bar on their feet!" Alan actually play's for my fave local band Cover'd so it was good to see him there!! The band were really good but whilst sat in our group we were having quite a laugh. Such as Mr Kev being silly and air-drumming along and getting one of his pretend drumsticks stuck to the roof. Trust me it was funny but clearly a moment where you had to be.

The disco followed and we moved down closer to the dance floor. Well if they play roger then we need to be close enough to get there on time!! More fun was had with our friends and silly things like writing on arms with Parky's marker. Pam wrote I love roger taylor on my arm. Nat and Wendy came over and asked if we had seen the Roger doll!! We all went over to look and basically this girl had stuffed some sheets and stuff into clothes and printed out Roger's face and made a doll out of it with hair!! It was sooooooo odd, trust me when you see the photos you'll be agreeing. She kept stroking it and kissing it which was even freakier!! When they played Great Pretender she stood up with it and danced. Everyone was looking at her. I have to say it made me feel very disturbed, this was the oddest thing I had ever seen at a convention and there is usually quite a lot of odd stuff at the convention but this takes the biscuit!!

After the disco was over we all made our way back to the chalets. Mr Kev and Fairy had gone back earlier again, so Claire, Trina myself and Sheila made our way to our chalet and as we opened the sliding doors we were greeted by not being able to get in!! The sofa had been pushed up close to the door and the chairs were piled on top of it!! Claire and I walked in a moaned quite loudly about Kev and Fairy doing it, but when we all spotted Dan and Gav looking out of their chalet laughing it was fairly obvious who had done the crime!! Dan kept trying to get in and claim that it wasn't his fault. It was quite funny trying to keep him out and we were quite loud at this point and the party had started in Andy's chalet so I didn't think there was much chance of sleep that night!!

We joined the main party for a while, watched whilst the lead singer of the tribute band started crying as Danielle and Siobhan had given him a picture of a drawing of Freddie that they had done. We watched Kelly and Parky getting close *nudge nudge* and followed them when they disappeared just to wind them up. We freaked out when the smokers had gone outside the chalet and shut the door but nobody could open it again!! Whilst we were trying to fix the door Loretta got his arse out and it was not a pretty sight, but Wendy took pictures anyway!!

I think we went to bed around 4am ish??!! The party was still going on at this point, but I couldn't hack it anymore.

Part 3 coming and photos :-)

I think Emmi made the sig ~ thank you xx

Thursday, 19 April 2007

Let's Go.........But Where?

This is just a quick entry for you all to join me in a mini-celebration :-)

MY PASSPORT ARRIVED TODAY WOOHOO sorry for the big typing but it's important news!!  Doin' the happy dance!!

So I was thinking you and me should go on a trip somewhere (Yes I do mean you too ;-)...........How about we all go and find Roger Taylor's boat?  It should be big enough for us all and we could just lie there in the sun and drink cocktails all day.  I'm sure he won't mind considering he knows me anyway ;-) 

Well I'm packed whose coming with me??

*Dream away Jen* tee hee hee..........

thanks to Shelly for the sig :-)


Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Convention Pt 1

Hiya people ~ so I'm gonna start the convention entries but first i have to answer a few of the comments from the last entry!!

I am not writing my memoirs as Jan puts it ;-)  Liked that though ~ gave me a chuckle!!  I would've thought my blog was my memoirs lol..........I am attempting creative writing and an idea I've had for years  and I literally mean years!!  I don't know why I've not attempted to write more of it until now ~ just need my creative outlet I guess.  I would like to take it as far as I can but who knows.......................If I can't then it'll just be for me!!  I did tell you about my private journal which has some of my ideas on it and if you wanted to be added as a reader to let me know but none of you responded to that so I thought oh well.........................

@ Sara:   The breakthru' train is explained in the upcoming covention entries.........enjoy people xx

Queen Fan club convention Brean Sands Somerset 23rd to 26th March 2007

For the previous 10 years the convention had always been held in a Pontins holiday camp up north. This would mean an early rise and getting on a train journey for about 4/5 hours. This never really bothered me because you knew what was coming at the end, trying to get your luggage on board however was a whole different matter which I shan't go into!! Last year was our 10th and as you may remember Trina and I rode on the 'fun' bus with Sarah, Dan, Becky and Dave. This year we didn't need to do that either as they live in Bristol, there was really no point going up there just to come back on ourselves again lol...............So this is the story of the best weekend of the far!!

Thursday I worked and the plan was that I was gonna met up with Wayne after work and he'd drive me back to their's after I stop off to get my luggage, but this changed. Unfortunately his mum had been in hospital and he wanted to go and visit her, so he did that first and picked me up afterwards!! As I was already packed and ready to go I just played some games on the computer!! About 7.45pm he turned up and we went back to Torquay and picked up some fish and chips. We spent the rest of the evening just watching DVD's and stuff.

Friday, Trina had to get up fairly early to get Wayne to work but didn't wake me up till 9am. See this is where it started to feel weird!! We'd be on a train by then if we were going up north. We were getting a lift from fellow Torquay guy Gary and he wasn't picking us up till 1.30pm. So a leisurely morning was spent having a bit of a fry up for brekkie and watching TV. Trina was getting text messages from our friends travelling down from the north to say they were on the train etc. It just felt odd all day, kinda like we weren't going anywhere and the convention wasn't really happening. Gary turned up on time and we just about managed to get our suitcases in the back of his small car. He played Queen cd's and we had a chat about general stuff ~ mainly Queen stuff. He had seen the band live at the Milton Keynes Bowl back in 82 but didn't think it was a very good concert as he didn't have a very good view. We were still utterly jealous of him though........It started off as a beautiful day but the closer we got to Somerset the clouds were rolling in. We eventually left the motorway and came to a roundabout, Gary informed us that Brean sands was like 5/10 minutes down that road but we were going to stop off in the garden centre, to meet up with Steve. It was only about 3pm by this point and the park didn't open till 4pm, so that was fine by us.

As we pulled into the garden centre we saw a bus full of elderly people and Trina started joking that will be a bus load of Queen fans and won't it be funny when we get to that age and want to run to the dancefloor when they play Man On Fire (roger track)!! Anyway we found Steve and decided to go inside and grab a cuppa and something to eat. This day was just getting odder by the minute, but we had a lovely cup of tea and some cake. Gary and Steve shared a carrot cake, Trina had something similiar called Passion Cake and I had Apple Crumble ~ it was yum!! The blokes are very into their gardening so wandered off for a few minutes to look at stuff, which gave me plenty of time to find the loo's. We eventually left the garden centre and made our way to Brean. We took a wrong turn at some point, whoops, but managed to find the site in the end. It was very odd road trying to get there, it seemed like it was gonna be in the middle of nowhere but Gary had told us all about the shops and takeaways that were nearby. It sounded promising!!

Once we got to the Pontins site a bloke directed us where to park and told us to go to the Lunars bar as that was where you had to go to check in, so that's what we did. Trina and I were looking for Dan etc, as he was in charge of our group booking!! Once we entered Lunars we got our first impression of the site and there was a smell!! Don't ask me what it was but it was there and when we spoke to our friends they had noticed it too!! Trina bless her, was so excited and sounded like she wanted everyone to pray with her in the convention greatness!! We did manage to find everyone quite easily which was surprising. Sam, Pam, Charlie and Claire were at the side waiting for Dan and Gavin to check in. Once they had done that we had to follow them to our chalet, but Gary had our luggage in the back of his car. On the way back to the cars we bumped into the rest of our troupe!! Wendy, Andy, Marianne, etc it was great to see all these guys again. Back to the car park and we managed to follow Dan's car down to our chalets and said goodbye to Gary. Luckily the group booking had chalets in a line which was good. We were in the middle sharing with Pam, Claire, Fairy and Mr Kev. I was looking forward to it!! The chalets were a lot different to the ones at Prestatyn, there was none above which seemed strange but at least we didn't have to take our luggage up any steps. The beds looked really dodgy too, no more than fancy camp beds. There was a double bed, two singles and the fold out sofa. As the beds looked dodgy Trina and I agreed to sleep on the sofa!! Everyone agreed, so Pam and Claire had the two singles and Fairy and Mr Kev had some privacy in the double bed. Fairy and Kev arrived eventually with all our food and booze, so we helped them unpack. Everyone else had gone to the shops to get food and drinks, some had already started drinking. When those people returned they started helping themselves to our food and booze (that's just the way it is at a convention!!) Some of them had badges which said 'know your limits' on them, apparently they came with condoms which someone still had one. Hilarity followed with that whilst Gavin blew it up (that sounds worse than what I meant)

As the evening wore on more and more people turned up like Gordie and Jamie. Not a lot happened worth mentioning at this point, it was just all the usual silliness and eventually we made our way over to the ballroom to see the official greeting. The kareoke was in swing when we got there and more people had turned up to say hello too. It was so nice to see them coz we don't all meet up that much. Jamie got up to sing Don't Stop Me Now, Sheila got up to sing Spread Your Wings so we all cheered them on. I took this opportunity to talk to Claire. It was her first convention and we had never met before that day but I wanted to make sure she had a good time as she's Pam's mate. Pam is lovely and Claire was too!! During our chat someone got up to sing the Proclaimers '500 miles' song. So Wendy started doing the dance, I tried to join in but it was far too adventurous for my liking so I had to sit back down again.

The disco started straight after the kareoke and the official welcome from Keith Harris. It was mainly a time to keep saying hello to people as more turned up and one in particular we had not expected to see, especially as she is pregnant. There was an odd feeling about the weekend but it was a good kind off odd as it seemed the whole gang was there and no-one was missing out!! At some point during the evening Fairy and Mr Kev went back to the chalet. The rest of us carried on drinking and dancing. I remember Man on Fire being played ~ us girls always go mad at that one and the Breakthru song was played. I have a feeling it was played twice though. I remember watching the Breakthru train. People go insane for the Breakthru train. It's a bit like a conga but a tad faster!! The second time when I watched I remember a couple people fell down!! Claire was sensible and didn't take part. I kept losing Trina throughout the night so decided to stay put in one place until she came back again. At one point when I was having a conversation with Jamie, Pam told me that Trina had rung and she'd asked if I could go and find her out by the loo's with her stuff. Concerned I made my way out there and found her with Ste. She said she wasn't feeling all that great and could I help her back to the chalet. To say that she freaked me out would be an understatement.

Unfortunately she had really bad stomach cramps and we started to make our way back to the chalet. Due to me going the wrong way to begin with, when we eventually went past the main door, we bumped in Claire and Pam who were also making their way back. We told them what was wrong and they seemed concerned too. So we got Trina back to the chalet and decided to have a brew and chat to keep Trina's mind off her illness. Claire made the brew and half way through moaned about the tea towel being left in the sink and absolutely soaking wet and who would do such a thing. (I should point out that Fairy and Mr Kev had gone to bed!!) We chatted for a while about stuff and eventually went to bed fairly early for us at a convention. Trina and I went to sleep listening to her MP3 player.

Well that's it for today xx

I think Emmi gave me the sig ~ thank you xx

Sunday, 15 April 2007

Weekend stuff

Hey everyone ~ how are you all?

Before I start my main entry I have to tell you the freakiest thing that happened at work!!  You know twat features that I mentioned in the previous entry ~ well literally the day after it was like he had turned over a new leaf and asked if he could open the window and didn't spray any of his deodarant (well that didn't last all week but hey, a little give and take ;-)  so an improvement which is good but I still can't talk to him!!  He creeps me out...................Loved your responses to that entry ~ so thank you for making me smile!!

It was a tough week at work ~ going through one of those patches where we have no work so are forced to look busy even though there is nothing to do!!  And also feel like I don't fit in and don't belong and hate the job blah blah blah..............I've been down this road before so I won't worry too much ~ it just gets depressing when you sit there all day with no-one to talk to and then you come home and there's no-one to talk to!!  Mind you sometimes I like it that way but hey, I know where people are if I do want to chat.  Plus Jim's back to work this week ~ or at least I think he is lol..............

So I came home Friday afternoon feeling okay and relieved that it was finally the weekend but I get a letter that says On Her Majesty's Service on the front.  Freaking out thinking all sorts of stuff I open it to find the passport people claim I did not enclose my photos when I sent my passport application.  Excuse me whilst I scream!!  This damn passport is causing more headaches than I don't know what!!  Luckily I still have the other two which Wayne will just have to doctor and we'll see what happens!!  Trina swears blindly they were in the envelope when she posted them..............I just do not believe this passport business I really don't ~ I just hope it will be worth it when I do finally receive it ;-)

So yesterday the weather was gorgeous.  Had a bit of a lie-in and eventually got up to clean ;-)  I ain't big on housework, but still...................I have to be in the right mood to do more than hoover lol......Anyway after I'd finished I had some brekkie/lunch of cheese on toast.  Then I decided to go out and sit by the river and write.  During the week with no work to do I have been trying to establish how each of my chapters would look like and writing a different one each day.  I've been enjoying it so figured it's best to keep going.  So I found a spot near the train line and the river and far away from the people as possible.  Well people would still walk past but was nice and I got quite a bit done.  I think I was out for at least two hours.

I decided to come home after a while and stopped off at Somerfield on the way.  They are the only shop that sells creamy peppercorn escolopes :-)  They are yummy.........I also discovered they sell the chocolate straws that you have with milk ~ you've probably seen the ads!  I know they are for kids really but I couldn't resist and brought two packs LOL.......I was planning to have a cup of tea when I got home but had chocolate milk instead tee hee hee.....

I watched 'Orange County' on DVD which is quite funny and worth watching. Then I came on here in the idea that I'd catch up on my alerts!!  This is not happening LOL.......

There was nothing on TV last night so I just listened to music and had an alcoholic beverage, whilst scouring the internet and trying to catch up on alerts.  I had sweet and sour chicken with egg fried rice for tea :-)  Not from the chinese, more stuff from a tin and packets lol

Today I had another lie-in and finished my book Destinations by Sheila o'Flanagan.  If you like girly reads that's a good one.  It's full of short stories about people who take the train and their lifes.  I've now started Stephen Kings The Dead Zone.

After I had finished reading I got up and went out again to do some writing.  I've figured it's much better for me to get out of the flat where there are no distractions and I am able to concentrate better :-)  Today I went to the part where there is a waterfall.  Sat there listening to the water and concentrated on today's chapter.  After about an hour I decided to go home and have something to eat but I would walk back the long way.

As I was walking back though I recognised Jez and his missus coming the other way.  They were on the path and I was on the grass by the river, so far away not to speak but not far away that you wouldn't recognise them.  I kept my head down and I had my MP3 player on me anyway so even if he had said hello I wouldn't have heard him.  I just know he's gonna say something about it tomorrow.............can't think of excuse for not saying anything to him.....

So I came home and had something to eat and have been on here ever since.  I did have a bit of a nap though.  Was woken up by loud music (there's someone else rather than me playing it loud ??  shock!!) Only this was dance music so that wouldn't be me.........well some of it's okay but in small doses people!!  It happened to be the person who lives in my old flat cleaning their's a bloke who lives there now!!  I had wondered who had taken over!!

Anyway that's it ~ the trials and tribulations of my huh??  Well definitely more fun than sitting at work ;-)

Oh before I go...quick note for Gaz ~ you said you couldn't see that lovely Barcelona video clip that I posted a while ago, reason is youtube deleted my friends account.  So I've posted a link to it, go back to that entry and enjoy :-)

Until next time peeps

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Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Part two

Hey everyone!!  I just wanna moan about the jumped up little twat at work who is just getting more jumped up everytime I go to work which is unfortunately every day!!  Today he opens the window wide first thing in the morning ~ now don't get me wrong I have no problems with someone opening the window, it was just the fact that he did not ask P or myself if we mind it being open.  This afternoon he opens it wider and still doesn't ask!!  He sprays his deodarant in the middle of the office, don't most people go to the loos to do that sort of thing?  He's been answering calls all day and because he can't answer them he's been putting them through but he never bothers to find out whose calling or whatever!!  Oooooo he's just so annoying!!  I am not the only one in the office to think so which is a great relief I must say lol.............I had to get that off my chest!!  Onwards and up theirs as I often say ;-)

Next morning Trina popped in to say hello and mentioned that Dave, Emma and the other girl had left. I had actually heard them ~ they were so noisy!! I’d also heard Mr Kev snoring and he was downstairs!! She also wanted to let us know that someone wasn’t feeling too good but we weren’t sure who that was, until we ventured downstairs for breakfast.

Organisational Trina came back into play and went round asking everyone what they wanted for breakfast and wrote down the orders. People were getting angry for her as she was running round after everyone, they thought she should sit down and do nothing. That is not our Trina though!! If she has people in her house she will wait on them, except if it’s just me then she gets lazy ha ha ha……………….

After everyone had breakfast, Fairy and Kev left. Fairy had a cold and had been on tablets all week, so when she started drinking, this did not help the situation. She left wearing her pj bottoms and her boots ~ classy look!! (For those dirty minded ones out there ~ yes she was wearing a top).

We watched some stuff on TV/DVD ~ people got bored, so we played the DVD music quiz ~ people got bored and Sarah and Jamie won!! How did that happen I ask myself?? Well how was I supposed to know what Kurt Cobain had written in his suicide note!! *rolls eyes*

Anyhoo everyone was bored ~ or at least appeared to be so Sarah got her Ipod out and started singing Take That songs!! I couldn’t stand to listen to them so started listening to Trina’s mp3 player.

Trina made an executive decision that we should go 10 pin bowling and possibly for a meal afterwards. I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to go with them or not but still went. Sarah left for the train station whilst we went down town.

The bowling was okay but the fun part happened a lot later. Jamie had, had some food, burger and chips. A small tomato had been part of her salad and this was still on the floor. I picked it up and threw it at Trina. It went down her jumper and she couldn’t get it out. Talk about a flukey shot!! She did eventually manage to get it out and I can’t remember who but someone decided to chuck it down the lane. It got stuck half way down so we tried sending bowling balls down to move it and it rolled over the tomato and then got stuck at the bottom. So we had to send more balls down to get rid of that one. Eventually we managed it ~ but it was very funny!!

Jamie left half way through to catch her train. The rest of us (which was now Pam, Sam, myself, Bev, Trina and Wayne) went for a meal. We went back to the car and Trina insisted that we park the car in a car park across the way ?? So Wayne went to check that it was open all night and said it was fine. So we walked through town and ended up at Pizza Hut.

If your ever in this part of Devon ~ Don’t go there!! The service was appalling and when he took our orders I expected that he was gonna forget most of it which he did!! Wayne (bless his heart), kept getting up and chasing them for things that were missing. He did that about 6/7 times!! When it came to leaving we all agreed that he didn’t deserve a tip, but at this point when the money was out he was most a tentative!! We walked back to the car park only to find the barrier across!! Oh dear!! They needed the car to take pam and sam back early the next morning!! Trina panicked, so we had to get a taxi back, by this point it was raining again!!

Once back the girls gossiped whilst Wayne watched the football. After that was finished we watched some other stuff and Sam filmed the cats doing stupid things whilst chasing stuff that Pam was dangling in front of them. It was very funny!! We all went to bed eventually.

Next day Trina woke me up at 8am as I was gonna go home the same time they took Pam and Sam to the airport. First Trina and Wayne had to go down and collect the car. After about 15/20 minutes we were on our way. I felt awful!! I had woken up with a sore throat which I was not amused about. It didn’t take too long to get to the airport, in fact we were an hour early for their flight. I mentioned that I wanted to see the plane take off so Trina agreed we could stay. Sam and Pam made their way to the departure lounge, whilst Trina, Wayne and I went into the cafĂ© for some breakfast. I had a muffin and got a shortcake thingy for later, Wayne had a bacon bap, Trina had a round of toast and 2 muffins. (Please note these muffins are not in wrapping of any kind, well apart from the cake case thingy!!)

We sat there for a while and I made jokes about the security people coz we could watch people walk down to departures from where we were sat and at one stage there were lots of security people and no passengers. The next there was a queue of passengers and one security person it was funny. Clearly a small airport can’t cope!! I had finished and so had Wayne, Trina had finished but she asked what she should do about her muffins. Much hilarity followed such as her trying to put them in one of those drinks thingys. Anyway we made our way up to the viewing point and actually saw Sam and Pam get on board their plane. Morehilarity ensued as we made a joke about a bloke trying to steal her muffins and Wayne was falling asleep so he couldn’t look after them and she had to take them out with her and leave them on a chair as the ground was wet. At one stage I had wanted to hide them but she noticed that I had moved far too quickly. Whilst all this was going on Bev was still at Trina’s!! Their plane started up the engines and moved down the runway and went behind a building. The next time we saw it, it was in the air ~ I was not amused!!

We made our way back to the car and Trina was still carrying those muffins ~ it became a great source of laughter as she took a picture of them with her camera phone.

I came down with a cold and had to take days off work after that but it was good fun and great to see our mates!!

Well next time..................I shall leave you waiting for what is coming next ;-) 

Thanks to Shelly for the Daffs and Emmi for the tag xx

P.s if you haven't already done so please stop by and give Joyce some love as she lost her mum recently.  Thank you xx

Monday, 9 April 2007

Trina's fake birthday party

 Telling you all that I'm gonna post the convention details soon has got me thinking that I haven't told you about a lot of stuff that I've been too in the past six months or so, such as Paddy McGuinness in Plymouth, Paul Rodgers, etc for now I'm gonna start with Trina's Fake Birthday Party which happened back in February!!  Mainly because the rest of my write up's are on the computer at work and not here.  tee hee hee..........Anyway enjoy part 1 and photos will be coming soon ;-)  Hope you all had a good Easter by the way.

Trina’s fake birthday bash 9/2/07 ~ Torquay

All week Trina had been panicking about who was going to turn up and who wasn’t. By 3pm she figured that everyone was coming but as snow had fallen quite heavily up North she was still panicking about Pam and Sam. However Wayne and I still left work at 4.30pm to go and pick them up from the airport. Trundling along in traffic I get a text from Pam to say they’ve been delayed by an hour and do we mind waiting, sent one back saying no ~ so we continued to make our way to the airport. Shelia arrived in Torquay fairly early so was managing to calm Trina down quite a bit.

Wayne drove to the airport via the back lanes. As it had been raining all day we did come across a couple of HUGE puddles. The car managed to get through them fine and the last one a car was going the opposite way so it got soaked as we went through. This provided much hilarity!! When we finally reached the airport we parked up in the short stay car park and waited. After about 10/15 minutes, Trina rung. The girls were delayed a further hour or so and they weren’t even sure if the plane was going to take off. They had said the plane was being de-iced and the runway was covered in snow.

So we left the car park and started to make our way back to Torquay. We had to stop off in Newton Abbot to pick up Sarah and Jamie who were travelling down by train. Exiting the car park was proving to be a hassle for Wayne and I was on the phone to Trina at the time, but we figured it out in the end. What we couldn’t understand was there was nowhere to pay the money too but it let us out without having to pay anything. Very odd!!

We got down to the train station about 6.30pm (Party was supposed to start at 7pm), and Trina rung Sarah and Jamie to tell them to wander outside coz we would see them. After a few minutes I couldn’t see them so got out of the car and stupidly rung Trina to find out where they were!! I rung Sarah and after a few minutes trying to describe where we were to each other I found them!! We got back to Torquay not long after.

Trina was still panicking and we all had to get ready immediately. Wayne drove Sheila, myself and Trina down to the venue and went back for Sarah and Jamie. Fairy and Kev had arrived at Trina’s house by this point so they waited for them before coming down.

The venue was a pub called The Royal (well it was rather posh to be honest and certainly not a place that I would consider drinking in every week), the name made Trina laugh as she was having her Queen friends join her. Anyway there was a separate room at the back with a notice above the door saying ‘sorry no entry Private Party’. I meant to get a picture of that but totally forgot!! Damn it!! There was lots of room including a pool table but the dance floor was titchy!! The DJ was already set up, so Trina, Shelia and I made ourselves comfortable. Eventually more people turned up. Wayne was going back and forth for the majority of the night to pick people up and drop them off. Pam and Sam arrived eventually after a 4/5 hour delay!! They were not amused.

The DJ started off quite slowly considering Trina had provided him with a detailed list of what to play and the albums which they were on!! It didn’t seem to make a difference though as people went up to request things (which were already on the list) and he only played ONE Foo Fighters track ~ which was WRONG!! I found it funny that once the Queen music started playing all of us sung along and Trina’s work colleagues just looked at us as if we were mad!! Which we are but still………………….lol

Some of the guests that arrived were: Sarah, Jamie, Fairy, Kev, Bev, Sam, Pam, Dave (trina’s brother), Emma (Dave’s misses), Emma’s mate (can’t remember her name), Sheila, and most of Trina’s work colleagues, especially the one’s she didn’t want to invite.

Eventually a buffet was set up. It looked yummy!! There was cold pizza slices, sausage rolls (mini ones), sandwiches, roast spuds, quiche, chicken etc etc….

The whole party was a good laugh, people got up and started dancing after a while. The Breakthru’ train made an appearance which I think some of Trina’s work colleagues joined in. I just stood and watched. NEVER do the breakthru’ train ~ you could get injured!!

The time soon ran out at this venue and we were due to move onto Ejay’s, Trina was hoping for a lock-in!! Being the organised person that she is, she had arranged for several taxi’s to come and pick us up. We all bundled into them, including a few of Trina’s work colleagues and got dropped off at Ejay’s. By this point it was actually Mr Kev’s birthday so I made sure to buy him a drink. Unfortunately when we walked in they were playing dance music!! I don’t mind some dance music but being with rocker friends I don’t think they were enjoying themselves very much.

Trina’s brother was getting on well with some of the Queen friends. His girlfriend and her mate were very, very drunk and Trina was not amused as they were staying at hers. Rumour has it they also asked one of Trina’s work colleagues for drugs??!! Poor Wayne sat in the corner in pain. He couldn’t dance or move about very much. He said it hurts to sneeze, cough, hiccup, laugh etc.

Eventually some Queen was played, but not without the DJ mentioning that Trina thinks A Kind of Magic is rubbish. The manager decided to close early that night, so we ventured outside and waited for more taxi’s to take us back to Trina’s. Some people stopped in the kebab shop next door, but the rest of us were too cold to wait so carried on without them!!

Once we got back we had to figure out who was sleeping where but that didn’t take too long, so we just sat around talking and watched a couple of stuff on DVD’s too.

The majority of us went to bed around 4am I think!! In the spare room where I was, were Bev, Sam and Pam. Trina came into talk to us at some point and they ended up showing her how to play Uno (great game) and Pam and Sam were reliving the horror of their journey to us, it was very funny.

Trina went to bed when the girls mentioned something about the sun coming up in an hour’s time. Pam kept burping though and I asked her if she could burp the alaphabet and she attempted it ~ it was really funny. We couldn’t stop laughing!!

Part two coming up soon xx

yet again my memory fails me on who gave me the tag ~ but thank you people xx


Friday, 6 April 2007

Catch up

 everyone ~ how are you all?  Making the most of this gorgeous weather I hope??

Today I decided to go up to Bedford Street as it's opened up as part of the revamping of the town!!  So I went for a walk all along by the river and up the hill to town.  On the way I took a few photos in order to share them with you guys and thinking of my blog!!  As I was walking home though and came to the house that I've wanted to show you the batteries died :(  Damn camera!!  It may not be till next month that I can show you the pics as my camera batteries are so damn expensive!!  Don't think about leaving comments about rechargeable ones as mine takes a certain type which isn't rechargeable *rolls eyes*

I don't know what to think of this modernisation, I mean I guess on the surface it looks great bringing the city into the whatever century we are in *blushes for not knowing that lol* (Is it the 21st??) But I feel kinda sad as the old style buildings are either gone or being overlooked by this new shopping centre that will be open in Autumn.

We are getting paid the lowest wages in the country (or at least that's how it feels) and they are putting in shops that wouldn't look out of place on the streets of London but to me they just don't look right down here!!  It's probably coz I couldn't afford to shop in them so therefore won't be setting foot in them.  I guess these new shops will be handy at xmas when you can't think of what to get someone but even so...............

Sorry peeps I just had to moan about this!!  And whilst I'm in the moaning mood, even though the weather is too nice to be moaning, let's talk about Wednesday!!  I texted my brother during the day to find out if it was still going ahead as I had heard nothing about who was picking me up.  Now my dearest father (please note the sarcasm) stated catergorically at the last meet up that as he works in Exeter he could pick me up saving Greg the journey of having to go into the city.  Fair enough!!  But I heard nothing from anybody!!

Greg texted me back saying yes it was going ahead and Dad was picking me up.  Fine I think yet slightly annoyed he hadn't contacted me to say what time he was picking me up.  So I ring his office (ok garage) and he says, "Your brother said he was picking you up."  Annoyance sets in so firm by this point that I bite back with "he's texted to say that you were picking me up."  He states again that Greg was picking me up and I'm seething by this point so say I'll ring him and I hang up.

Ring Greg and it goes through to answer machine ~ leave message saying something along the lines of dad changing his mind and that he says your picking me up, ring me back please.

I sit at work for about another 45 minutes seething and angry that Dad could do this!!  The one thing he said he would do and he's gone and let me down AGAIN!!  Jeez............The phone rang and it was a rep telling me that one of the client's had passed away and was asking how much he would have to pay on the final bill.  I was just changing screens and still seething about the business of the lift when I heard myself sigh.  The rep apologised, clearly he had heard it too.  I cringed at the thought that he thought I was sighing coz of him.  I apologised very hastily.

I get home eventually and wait for Greg to pick me up.  He did so at about 6.10pm.  Dad had said when I rung him that he was running late too, but because of him Greg hadn't even had chance to go home and change.  Anyway we get to the restaurant and unfortunately Dad and M his wife is in the car park.

I was dreading it so much I felt very guarded and didn't want to be nice but I did find myself start to relax afer a while.  We had a drink and then went in the restaurant bit for our meal.  This woman wanted a starter but Greg and I were like main course straight away.  I think she was a bit put out about it (lol tough)  We all had carvery for our main meal.  I had the mixture of both beef and pork (can you believe they didn't do lamb?  What an outrage!!) The meal was fine but it was after that I was starting to get the whole picture of why the misses was here!!

You see as I said before my dad works in a garage and knows a lot about cars.  My brother loves cars too so guess what they talked about?  Yep and therefore the misses was here to keep me company as I can't talk about cars don't know anything about them!!  But I found that wrong and made me more determined not to talk to her and listen to what the blokes were saying.  Due to this stubborness of mine I got bored and wished more so that I wasn't there.

I came to the conclusion that he probably wouldn't miss me if I weren't there!!  Why doesn't he pay me the kind of attention like he does Greg?  He talks to him about his work, people he knows, holidays, etc.  Is it because I'm just a mere admin worker, who can't afford to go on holiday??!!  Therefore have nothing in common with him.  Why does he not enquire about my life and what I've been up to?  Does he not want to know?  Or does he just think that if he's nice to me buys a couple of drinks and a good meal that he's buying my relationship?  At the end of the day my brother can't carry on the family name, only I can!!  If he wants grandkids he better change his ways and fast!!  Sounds harsh huh?  I just want to hurt him and I know that's not very nice way of talking but I have to make him feel what I feel and perhaps then he might understand.

By the end of the night at least this woman had got him to understand that I don't make as much money as they do and therefore cannot just drop everything and go for a weekend away with them.  There is talk that the next meet up will be at their house with what sounds like Greg fixing their computer and me having to make small talk with this cow!!  I tell you she is such an empty headed ejit!!  Every conversation was "Oh i was very thristy and couldn't believe I had drunk that much" followed by annoying laughter!!  (I'm wondering if this is coming across like a moody teenager ~ well I don't mean it too!!) It's just they wind me up the wrong way and I have to moan or it festers!!

Well I have got to stop moaning in this journal lol.............will post the convention stuff soon that's not moaning!!  I miss my convention buddies :(

Tomorrow as you already know I'm off to see mum and depending on stuff I am off to see Trina on Sunday.

Have a good easter peeps xx

p.s throat is all better cleared up the day after the last entry ~ cool huh??

thanks to Missie for the easter graphic and I can't remember who did my sig (sorry xx)

Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Growing Up and stuff

Hi everyone :-) 

Thanks for all your well wishes to the last entry ~ unfortunately my throat is still playing me up :(  It doesn't like orange juice, tomato ketchup, grapes or chocolate.  Sometimes eating in general :(  I know I should make an appointment with the doctor but I'm nervous about it to be honest I havne't been to see them in ages!!  It feels alright for a while and then I have something to eat or whatever and it hates me again :(  It seems to be only one side too which is odd..................wish I had some medical knowledge then I wouldn't worry LOL........

Anyway enough of that...........I have written notes about the convention and the first day is all written up.  I want a bit more written before I share it with you lot ;-)  Don't worry it is coming.

So tomorrow I am due to meet up with Greg and my father again.  This time Dad will bring his misses *rolls eyes*  I find it hard having to sit there and make polite conversation with him but to bring her too.............he did ask us if it was ok last time and I should've said no but what kind of a person would that make me!!  Honest probably LOL  I've not heard how I'm getting there, just had a text from Greg last Tuesday to ask if I was still ok for it!!  Well if I don't hear anything I shan't bother turning up.  What do they expect me to do walk there??

Well I'm definitely going to see mum on Saturday so that should be fun.  Possibly meeting up with Trina on Sunday and Sheila :-)  Sheila's one of our Queenie friends whose parents live down this way.  She's coming down for Easter she told me last night.  Whatever happens it should be good.

Well I wanna post this questionnaire thingy I snagged from Lyn - Enjoy xx

The Childhood Meme

1. Are you a child of the 70s, 80s, or 90s?

I was born in 77 so it's the 80's I remember most :-)

2. Where were you born?

In a hospital, but very nearly the car apparently

3. What kind of home did you grow up in?

A semi-detached council house in a lovely village in Devon up until I was about 14/15. A rather big house with two large sized bedrooms and a smaller one. The next house was smaller and in a town in Devon, closer to school and mum's work. Nice house, my brother lives there now.

4. Did you enjoy your childhood?

Yes, I look back on it fondly. As we lived in a village everyone knew each other and so in the summer all the kids would play football and stuff up at the park. We would go exploring and make camps and generally do things we probably shouldn't have done lol..................... It was a good carefree time.

5. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Don't laugh but I wanted to be a postwoman!! (use the correct term there ;-)

6. What do you want to be now?

Anything but what I'm doing now ~ I'd like to be a writer but I'm beginning to think that is a pipe dream as is everything else I think about.

7. What was your first best friend's name?

Phillippa Noon

8. Is she still your friend?

No ~ she moved away and we lost touch

9. Can you name all the schools you ever attended?

Axmouth Nursery, Musbury Primary School and The Axe Valley Secondary School
10. Were you closer to your mom or dad as a kid?

Definitely mum ~ until I was a teenager and then we fought like..................well like mother and daugther I suppose lol

11. What was the first record, tape or CD you remember buying?

I got The Muppets album at a carboot sale from my uncle the day Live Aid was on, so that was July 13th 1985 ~ that's precise for you huh? Apart from that the first album I remember owning properly would've been either Five Star or Kylie Minogue lol

12. How old is a good age to have kids?

I have no idea but i guess anywhere between 20's and 30's. But saying that my mum was past her 30's when she had Megan so who knows??!!

13. Are you scared of anything?

I fear the dark sometimes, spiders, being on my own............

14. What was your favourite class in elementary school?

At Primary school (as we call it in England) I have no idea but at Secondary school it was definitely History

15. Did you buy school lunch or bring your own?

Brought my own............well mum made it

16. Broken any bones or had any freaky accidents as a kid?

I did damage my elbow once from banging it on the back of a chair when I was tiny (I was told that, don't remember it at all!) I do remember coming off my bike and landing in a bunch of stinging nettles and another time trying to mount the piece of wood a neighbour had at the kerb to help him get his car into the drive. My bike didn't make it and I came off. Another time I was riding along with some friends and there was something in front of me, like a crisp packet or something, one of my friends wanted to drive over it before i did so they swerved in front of me and I didn't have time to react and came off my bike yet again!! I ended up having a bit of gravel in my knee, that was during the school holidays too...............

17. Were you a mean kid?

Possibly to Alex next door and Jason. Alex was a lot younger than me and was constantly calling to see if I would come out. When I was annoyed at him I would suggest playfighting. Naturally I would win coz he was younger than me but I wouldn't intentionally hurt him..........I ain't that mean!! Jason, well it wasn't just me, he was a wimp and it was funny. If we played games like hit and we were the person who was hit, we would make sure Jason was the next one coz he always used to throw a paddy about it. It was funny!!

18. Favourite board game of all time?

Don't think I have one, but i do remember playing Sorry that was a good game.

19. Did you play house or pretend to be a super hero?

House, I had a wendy house, not a proper one just like a painted sheet that got put over a frame that we got from the catalogue and used to have my paddling pool next to it in the summer. Those where the days lol

20. Seriously, are you still just a kid at heart?

I've never grown up to be honest!!

Well I better go ~ till next time peeps xx

Jenny (damn photobucket undergoing maintanence!!)

Sunday, 1 April 2007

Feelin' Lousy

Hi people 

I am feeling lousy today my thoart hurts only it's not sore like a normal nasty throat it's kinda achy :(  Paracetomol didn't shift it and strepsils just made my tongue numb rather than sorting out my throat :(  Plus I feel really tired and have spent the majority of this weekend in bed ~ which probably hasn't helped but who cares LOL...........

I am afraid I have absolutely no motivation whatsoever to do my convention write up.  I'm trying to make some brief notes at the moment to keep in mind what happened but I'm struggling with that too!  Bear with me peeps ;-)

Thank goodness Easter is on it's way and that means a long weekend off work woohoo!!  I do so love these enforced bank holidays LOL.....I'm hoping to go up and see Mum on the Saturday ~ note to self email mum and ask her if it's still ok.

This week has been a bit depressing to be honest.  I hate coming back from the convention and being forced to live the 'normal' life again!!  We had such a blast at the convention and I met loadsa new people..........which I will tell you more about in the write up, it's just it all comes back down to earth with a big bump!!

Trina and Wayne are going through a bad patch at the moment.  The other day I was thinking of writing an entry which would tell you exactly what is going on in their world but I'm kinda glad I didn't, what with the way things stand at the moment I really don't think Trina would've been happy with me telling you about her private life.  Sometimes though I need to vent and I was gonna do that here but I stopped myself.  I guess that's a good thing really!!

Oh you'll never guess what's happened?  The passport application is wrong again!!  This time I had passed it to Trina to sort out so Wayne could fill out his bit etc.  Well apparently I had forgotten to date it so Trina dated it for me, around about a couple of weeks ago.  Wayne dated his before what Trina had written or something like that, so of course they would pick us up on that!!  It's so frustrating coz I have to fill it out again!!  Luckily everything else about the form was fine :-)  Third times lucky I guess!!

Last night I decided to download messenger again as I hadn't got it for quite a while!!  As soon as it opened up I was joined into a conversation.  It ended up being quite a laugh with some of my Queenie friends and then Sam wanted to talk to me too :-)  We were discussing Jacky (fanclub owner) 25th Anniversary that she's having a do for in June.  Trina and I are hoping to go ~ I hope we can it'll be like a mini convention with all our mates going!!  Yay!!

I have no idea what else to write and think I'm gonna leave it here for tonight.  Perhaps if I get any more ideas tomorrow I'll do another entry LOL..........

Sorry peeps xx

Oh hang on I have a recommendation tee hee hee

Jen Recommends

Today I watched Dreamcatcher a film based on the book by Stephen King.  I read the book ages ago and didn't think I would remember a thing but I did!!  I thought the film was great and definitely worth watching :-)  Damien Lewis was great playing not just his role but that of the alien too.  Go rent it out and watch it!!

Till next time xx

thanks to anna @ annas anomalies for the tag :-) xx