Friday, 30 March 2007

Get Your Earplugs In!!

Hi ~ I will do a proper entry soon but someone's posted this over at Queenonline and I thought I would share it with you.  It's myself, Dan, Sheila and Funster plus a load of random blokes singing BADLY to Barcelona :-)  Enjoy xx

Jen x

Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Quietly Dying!!

Hiya peeps.  Just wanted to leave a quick message to let you know I'm back :-)

Convention is a legend

Convention is a legend

la la laaaaaaaaa la

la la laaaaaaaaaaaa la

tee hee hee


Full write up coming when I can be bothered to write it LOL ;-)

Longer entry coming soon xx

Jen xx

Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Going Away

 Hello people ~ I’ve decided that as I’m bored and I promised you a proper journal entry tonight rather than those daft questionnaires I keep completing, I thought I’d write this entry whilst at work lol………………

So good news to start off with ~ at the time of starting to write this the convention is only 1 ½ working days away (or as our lovely Sara and Jelly would put it 2 sleeps away)  ~ I am going to Trina’s tomorrow evening so shall be turning journal alerts off until Tuesday!!  We are gonna have chippy tea Yay!!

Another piece of good news is the dehumidifier has gone woohoo ~ the agent came round last night to collect it.

To be honest I am not sure what else to write about, ummm………let’s see……….

The passport application has been sorted according to Trina who rung them yesterday.  As long as mum’s details is on there and I mention that she doesn’t have a passport they will be happy with that.  *phew*

Work is boring but I guess you had already gathered that considering I’m writing this when I should be working.  We’ve come to that part of the four-weekly period when there is no work to do and what little there is we try to save if that makes sense!!    On a different kind of note ~ it is so cold at work at the moment and tends to warm up a bit in the afternoon when the sun is shining in, damn it!!  I have been drinking hot chocolate at work to warm me up.  I have decided hot chocolate is the best ~ not only does it warm you up but it’s chocolate too ;-)  Ooooo got some work to do ~ later peeps xx

I’m back……………miss me??  Yep thought so………ermm……….oh yeah I was searching for news…….. I have to say that whilst I was away inspiration did not hit me ~ which is good coz it might’ve hurt ;-)

I finished my book the Dark Half by Stephen King which meant I got to start a new book last night, which I always get excited about!!  It was gonna be another Stephen King coz my books are in alphabetical order by book title but I skipped past that and the next coz that‘s a Stephen King too and chose Destinations by Shelia O’Flanagan.  I’m probably gonna read it quite quickly as it looks like the type of book that can be!!

I have been considering opening up my private journal for you guys to read ~ basically it’s a place to store any creative writing that I’ve done or stuff that I’ve learnt with regards to creative writing for me to keep and refer too…………..if you wanna read it please leave a note in the comments section.  Please note this might not happen for a while coz I’m still in the thinking process but it’s about time I let other people read what I’ve written!!

On a different note the jumped up little twat here in the office is annoying me even more and today I think he’s sprayed himself with some overpowering deodarant!!  Grrrr……………..  Don’t get me wrong I like nice smells but not when they are overpowering!!  I forgot to mention that apparently I wasn’t the only one who saw he was using the internet during working hours but my colleague didn’t know what to say either!!

I really don’t know what else to say so I’m going to leave this here and send it to my home email address ~ no doubt I’ll think of something to add to it later.

Well it's later and i have nothing new to tell you.  Sorry people.........I've been packing this evening and no doubt I am gonna forget something ~ cross your fingers for me xx

See you on Monday/Tuesday x

Thanks to Shelly for the tag xx

Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Film Questionnaire

I swear this is the last questionnaire I have at the moment lol...........this one snagged from Gaz :-)

1. Name a movie that you have seen more than 10 times.

I dunno ~ watched Gremlins about 8 times when I was in hospital

2. Name a movie that you've seen multiple times in the theater.

None ~ there is no way I would pay that much to go and see a movie more than once!!

3. Name an actor that would make you more inclined to see a movie.

Ooooo tough!! I used to like Tom Hanks but he went down in my estimations after Castaway. Like Russell Crowe but wouldn't intentionally go and see him. Oooo perhaps Jack Black coz he's funny

4. Name an actor that would make you less likely to see a movie.
Oooo another toughie ~ pretty much anyone not mentioned above would depend what the movie is about rather than whose staring in it

5. Name a movie that you can and do quote from.

I would say Gladiator but I know I'd get the quote wrong!! Let's see: My name is Maximus Meridius Decimus commander of the armies in the north, loyal (something or other) to Markus Urrelius, husband to a murdered wife, father to a murdered son and I shall have my vengenance whether in this life or the next.

6. Name a movie musical that you know all of thelyrics to all of the songs.

Probably Sound of music more than any of the others or Grease

7. Name a movie that you have been known to sing along with.

Any musicals will do lol.....if I happen to know the words (it does help)

8. Name a movie that you would recommend everyone see.

The Green Mile

10. Name an actor that launched his/her entertainment career in another medium but who has surprised you with his/her acting chops.


11. Have you ever seen a movie in a drive-in? If so, what?

No ~ we don't have them in England :-( I would like to experience it though

12. Ever made out in a movie?

In a movie?? No!!

13. Name a movie that you keep meaning to see but just haven’t yet gotten around to it.

Can't think of one at the moment

14. Ever walked out of a movie?

No but certainly wish I had

15. Name a movie that made you cry in the theater.

A Beautiful Mind ~ there weren't many of us in the cinema at the time but you could tell all the ladies were sniffling away lol

16. Popcorn?


17. How often do you go to the movies (as opposed to renting them or watching them at home)?

Only if I cannot wait for it to come out on DVD ~ I don't really do renting very much coz I'm too lazy to take them back to the shop lol

18. What’s the last movie you saw in the theater?

Tenacious D - Pick of Destiny (comes out on DVD next week yay)!!

19. What’s your favorite/preferred genre of movie?

Erm........I would probably have to go with Rom Com but I am partial to other stuff if it has a good plot line etc.............

20. What’s the first movie you remember seeing in the theater?


21. What movie do you wish you had never seen?

Traffic ~ what a waste of my time!! and Alexander (jeez what a bore)

22. What is the weirdest movie you enjoyed?

23. What is the scariest movie you've seen?

Dunno ~ I tend to think they will be scary but never work out like it!! I did see one on TV a while ago but can't remember the name!!

24. What is the funniest movie you've seen?

Wallace and Gromit ~ the curse of the were rabbit :-) or Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Proper entry tomorrow I promise xx LOL

Monday, 19 March 2007

Yet another Questionnaire

Snagged from Lyn xx

1. Where did your last kiss take place?

This is going to sound sad but about 2/3 years ago :(

2. Who knows a secret or two about you?

Trina and no, she won't tell you lol

3. Four words to explain why you last threw up?

Can't even remember myself!! There that's four words lol

4. Have you ever burned yourself?

Yeah, cooker is usually the culprit!!

5. What's crazy to you?

My Queen friends lol

6. Favorite cuss word:
Muppets LoL I use that far too much!! Or b******s

7. Who is probably talking a load of crap about you right now?
No idea but if they are talking crap about me don't think I wanna know lol

8. Who is your hero?

Freddie Mercury :-)

9. Would you ever want to be a model?

Only if I can stay relatively curvy

10. Who is the most experimental person you know?

Um...............I don't know

11. Do you tell white lies?

Only when necessary

12. When is your next party?

At the weekend (Convention is a legend)

13. Who do you want to be with right now?

That would be telling ;-)

15. How do you handle a break up?

Badly LOL... Ask me again in a few years

16. Your motivation for tomorrow?

Only 3 more working days till the convention

17. Last person to hurt you?
My father - Not pysically more mentally

18. Last person to make you laugh?

Trina or Jim

19. Last thing you ate?

a bit of cheese when I was preparing my tea

20. Do u ever go a few days without changing your underwear?

Sometimes *embarrassed now*

21. Have you ever accidentally eaten an insect?


22. Do daddy long legs freak you out?

Not as much as they do to other people

23. Have you ever cleaned up someone else's vomit?

24. Have you ever dropped food on the floor and eaten it?
LOL yes

25. Do you kiss your pets on the mouth?


27. What serial killer do you find most disturbing?
I think all serial killers disturb me ~ must I pick one?? 

28. Do you ever talk to the TV?
More often shout at it lol

29. Would you ever work in a retirement home?

Only if the money was absolutely right

30. Do you believe plants have feelings?

31. Do you laugh at people with "bowl" haircuts?

No way

32. Do you have nervous twitches?


33. Are you ever purposely irritating?
Apparently so ~ I've been told

34. If you could fly, where would you go first?

Roger's house lol

36. Love or lust?

37. One best friend or 10 aquaintances?
One best friend

38. Favorite food?

Crisps and chocolate lol

39. Do you believe that your first love never dies?
If I count roger than no lol.........but otherwise yes I do believe it dies

40. What upcoming event are you waiting and ready for?

CONVENTION ~ you'd think you'd know that by now lol

41. Current smell?

My tea cooking mmmmmm............

42. Do you get your nails done?


43. Most favorite person?

Trina, or Roger lol

44. What was the last thing you ordered at McDonald's?

God knows haven't been there in ages!!

45. Are you an emotional person?
Unfortunately yes

46. Do you like your name?


47. Do you have plans this weekend?

For crying out's the CONVENTION

48. Do you work?

Yes and I hate it!!

49. Do you dance naked in your room at night?

50. When did your last relationship end?

About 2/3 years ago ~ isn't that sad??

51. What are you listening to right now?

Random crap on my Windows Media Player

52. Biggest fear?

That I will spend the rest of my life alone

53. How long have you been a part of myspace?

God knows!!

54. Favorite place to be?


55. What are you wearing right now?

Fleece top, Roger t-shirt and my jogging bottoms :-) I do have underwear on too but I couldn't be bothered to include that lol

56. Do you hate anybody?

I don't hate anyone ~ dislike a few people though

57. Does anyone hate you?

If they do they haven't told me thank god!!

58. How many people do you trust fully?


59. Did you have fun doing this?

No it was too long

60. Are you thinking of someone special right now?

No I actually feel miserable :(

Sunday, 18 March 2007

Mother's Day

Good evening one and all!!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mum's out there in journal land.  I don't think our friends abroad are celebrating today but hey, join in anyway ~ you deserve it you mums :-)  Rather than writing about how wonderful my mum is I thought I would post a link of an entry I made back in 2005 ~ wow that seems like a long time ago LOL..............anyway if you wanna read about my mum click here :-)

My weekend has been a complete non-existent!!  Friday night Trina, Wayne and I went to Exmouth to see Cover'd.  First we went for a meal at the Farmhouse Inn ~ it was very nice I had chicken tikka masala!!  We decided to forgo the afters as we were planning to jump around and head bang etc...........

So we made our way to the pub, after getting lost and having to ask in a garage where it was we eventually found it :-)  The place was quite big and spacious and there were empty seats which is always a bonus lol However the spare seats we spied were taken by some randoms so we joined a couple who had some space next to them.  A DJ took over with the music and started playing some rock tunes to get us in the mood!!  I honestly thought the couple were going to walk out or something but when heavy tracks came on the woman was singing along.  I had to laugh coz when Wayne started head banging they just looked at him as if he was mad LOL............

The crowd were a mixed one but I have a feeling the majority were there coz it's a good pub, they weren't there for the band.  Eventually Cover'd took to the stage.  We remained seated but realised soon that this was a bad mistake, especially when they played a Bad Company song.  We soon stood up for that!!  The randoms left so we took their table which was closer to the band lol...........

The first set seemed a bit mellow so we hoped for something rockier in the 2nd half and we weren't disappointed.  We didn't remain seated either!!  We head banged, jumped up and down and made complete fools of ourselves but hey, it was in the name of Rock!!  It was such a good laugh and I'm sooooooooooo glad we went and shall look forward to the 30th when they play here in Exeter :-) 

Trina and Wayne stayed at mine for the night and after a fried breakfast and a few go's of guitar hero they departed.  I had to go up town with my passport application!!  It did not go well!!

I failed to fill in my parent's details, my counter signatory person failed to use my full name ~ so I had to go home and refill it which means more of a delay damn it!!  When I was looking at it earlier it needs information about my parents that i don't have so when I rung mum (let's face it I had to ring her anyway LOL) I managed to get some info from her!!  Trina's going to ring the passport office tomorrow and see if it is necessary for the rest coz it means I have to contact my father (blurgh!!)

I did manage to achieve my 2nd main objective for going up town though.  I wanted to get a mixing bowl.  In all the low fat recipe ideas they mention mixing so I thought I would get a proper bowl for the purpose ~ well I managed to get 3 :-)  Poundland is so good for things like that ~ a pack of 3 different sized ones in my fave colour blue for £1 ~ can't be bad lol

The rest of the day I did nothing but did watch Dancing On Ice the final and voted (Yes I know i'm sad do I look like I care?)  KYRAN WON ~ woohoo :-)  The bolero's were good ~ did you watch it??  I would love to see next weeks but I shall be busy at the convention, hopefully someone will post it on youtube lol

I have attempted the application form I received but I'm not entirely sure I shall bother withit ~ the closing date is Friday and as I'm going away I'm just not in the frame of mind to get it completed by then!!

Oh I haven't told you and I am quite ashamed by this ~ but I let a client on the phone get to me on Friday :(  An 86 year old lady pays monthly which means her hubby's account is usually in credit.  Someone went to see her and told her the bills are four weekly and she should pay four weekly instead, to which we were told she agreed with.  So on the latest account she's paid up to date, but she feels there should be a credit.  I explained to her several times why there wasn't and she broke down into tears.  I was on the phone for quite a while and thought I was doing okay until S turned to my team leader and asked if I was ok!!  That was it, I couldn't cope anymore and felt like such a failure!!  Team leader took the call at that point and the woman hung up!!

I felt like I had let myself down and should've dealt with the call much better.  S told me she would've taken the call from me sooner if she had been my team leader.  Jim drew a picture of the woman I had on the phone in a nasty pose ~ which did make me laugh (bless him) I've kept that!!  I just couldn't believe how crap I felt and that I couldn't do my job properly!!  I've made that woman cry once before and it ain't a nice feeling.  Anyway team leader has spoken to the person who went to visit her before and they are going to suggest she deals with the home directly as they do bill monthly ~ which would be a great relief to us lol.....

Just thought I'd share that great tale with you.............I'm really looking forward to tomorrow NOT!!  LOL.............

Anyway convention starts Friday ~ we've had a big group email go out with all the people and bands that are going and it looks like it's gonna be a great one :-)  CANNOT WAIT!!

Well I shall leave you here peeps ~ have a good week xx

Thanks for the graphics people (sorry I can't remember who made them!!)

Thursday, 15 March 2007

Today's Banned Word is Passport

Hiya ~ sorry about yesterdays entry!!  I wanted to play online games and knew I should update the journal I just couldn't be bothered.  It would appear that you enjoyed reading the questionnaire ~ don't see how you learnt new things about me but hey........we'll just let that go lol

*big sigh*  Today I feel stressed ~ I don't know why can't pin point the reason!!  One of the reasons is my damn passport application.  To stop Trina from nagging me to get it posted I have decided to use my convention money to pay for the damn thing and get it posted.  One of the reasons she was nagging me to get it done was because of cause it said in the news that after April 2007 you would have to have an interview if you were applying for your first passport.  I've just been reading the application to see if I have to send off my birth certificate (wonder where that is!!) and it says that interviews started happening from March ??!!  Oh dear lord!!

I was panicked enough about my photo.  See I went food shopping tonight (Trina's coming round to stay tomorrow night!!) and I knew there was a photo booth in Sainsbugs so I could get them done there.  Well I was worried all day at work thinking of how much it was gonna cost me (it's all about the money this month!!  Still have a xmas debt :-( )  Anyway so I think about going to the cash point at work during the morning but decide I'll go at lunchtime.

Casually playing an online game at lunchtime with about 8 minutes left of lunch and the damn fire alarm goes!!  Evacuate the building....Marvellous!!  It's not just a usual drill though coz usually after the fire searchers come out we are let back in...this time the alarms continue to ring for 1/2 an hour!!  I was just glad it was nice and sunny outside!!  As there is no benches though my legs weren't amused.......LOL  So I can't go to the cash point when we get back in as there are so many people coming back into the building!!

So I eventually leave early (problems with faxes grrrr...) and get round to Sainsbugs.  Buy my TV mag and get some change.  These photo machines tell you where to place your head's all very clever and technical ;-)  I come away thinking that's £3.50 down the drain coz I'd done it wrong.  However since I've come home and studied their examples and my photos I don't think it's that bad!!

Just gonna get someone to sign it all and post it off on Saturday ~ wish it luck people!!  This is causing me so many headaches!!

I've been feeling stressed at work today but that's only coz all my colleagues are jumped up twats!!  I'm sorry but they are and the biggest jumped up twat of them all is a temp for crying out loud!!  I don't know what it is about him but I don't like him, I put it down to the fact that once he laughed at me ~ and I just thought how dare you laugh at me you don't know me!!  Today when I was at the fax machine I could see his computer screen and he was on his myspace page during work hours for crying out loud!!  It wasn't just once either..........

Alright I admit I hardly do any work during two weeks of a four week period but that's coz we haven't got any to do :-P  This jumped up twat has a project to do I'm sure of it!!  Can you tell I feel strongely about this LOL ~ sorry peeps but if I don't get it off my chest it festers and that's not good!!

Anyway onto happier stuff Trina and Wayne are staying tomorrow!!  We are going to see local band Cover'd.  As they are playing in a different town I suggested they stay at mine for the night ~ we're going for a meal before hand :-)  Should be a good night!!  Trina's asked if I will go and see local band Morph on Saturday night but I have declined.  a) It's the convention a week tomorrow (WOOHOO!!) so I need to conserve energy and what little money is left lol.....and b) it's the final of the ice dancing (see how I saved the saddest reason till last??) I can't help it if I'm hooked and it just won't be the same to see the final on the Sunday!!  Where would the nervous tension come from??  Well probably me waiting for my damn passport to come back LOL.........

I'll be glad when Fame Academy finishes so programmes can get back to normal on TV.

Don't know what else to say except less than 100 pages to go in my book WOOHOO!!

Have a good one peeps xx

Opening graphic and sig by Shelly :-)  Thank you xx

Please keep Jeannette, Indigo, Lisa and Sugar in your thoughts xx  *hugs to them all*

Wednesday, 14 March 2007


Hey peeps ~ can't be bothered to do a normal entry so you can have this questionnaire that I've just completed lol.............Enjoy xx

Q. What is your salad dressing of choice?
A. I don't know!! I've never really thought about it!!

Q. What is your favorite fast food restaurant?
A. Erm probably Burger King!!

Q. What is your favorite sit-down restaurant?
A Ooooo anywhere that does a good carvery

Q. On average, what size tip do you leave at a restaurant?
A. Not very much I'm a stingy git lol

Q. What food could you eat every day for two weeks and not get sick off of?
A. Probably Crisps and chocolate lol

Q. What are your pizza toppings of choice?
A. Pepporoni, Ham, Pineapple, Peppers and others but not altogether you understand lol

Q. What do you like to put on your toast?
A. The preferred choice would be chocolate sauce :-) but as I'm a good girl either beans or raspberry jam

Q. What is your favorite type of gum?
A. Extra I'm always chewing it LOL


Q. Number of contacts in your cell phone?
A. 40 ~ but don't ask how many I actually call

Q. Number of contacts in your email address book?
A. I don't know ~ on AOL you type in the name and it appears so I don't keep an address book on there!!

Q. What is your wallpaper on your computer?
A. Roger Taylor Sexy Throughout the Years ~ made it myself *smug grin*

Q. How many televisions are in your house?
A 1


Q. Are you right-handed or left-handed?
A. Right handed

Q. Do you like your smile?
A. .Not really coz I have small teeth

Q. What's your best feature?
A. I used to think my eyes

Q. Have you ever had anything removed from your body?
A. Yeah my appendix

Q. When was the last time you had a cavity?
A. Erm..............dunno

Q. What is the heaviest item you lifted last?
A. My printer removing it from my computer desk

Q. Have you ever been knocked unconscious?
A. Don't think so


Q. If it were possible, would you want to know the day you were going to die?
A. Not really!!

Q. Is love for real?
A. I guess that depend on who you are with

Q. If you could change your first name, what would you change it to?
A. Ermm..............I thought of a jokey answer LOL but never mind.........I don't know!!

Q. What color do you think looks best on you?
A. Anything but white or pink!!

Q. Have you ever swallowed a non-food item by mistake?
A. Not to my recollection

Q. Have you ever saved someone's life?
A. No

Q. Has someone ever saved yours?
A. Yeah the doctors and nurses when I had my appendix burst


Q. Would you walk naked for a half mile down a public street for $100,000?
A. No way ~ nobody would want to see that doesn't matter how much you pay me lol

Q. Would you kiss a member of the same sex for $100?
A. Yeah why not

Q. Would you allow one of your little fingers to be cut off for $200,000?
A. No!!

Q. Would you never blog again for $50,000?
A. I reckon I could do that

Q. Would you pose naked in a magazine for $250,000?
A If I won't walk down a street I am hardly gonna do it in a mag too

Q. Would you drink an entire bottle of hot sauce for $1000?
A. No

Q. Would you, without fear of punishment, take a human life for 1,000,000?
A. No I reckon you would still get caught in the end

Q. Would you give up watching television for a year for $25,000?
A. Ummmmmmmmmm no i don't think so although it would be good for me lol

Q: What is in your left pocket?
A: of my sweatshirt ~ nothing

Q: Is Napoleon Dynamite actually a good movie?
A: Never seen it

Q: Do you have hardwood or carpet in your house?
A: Carpet

Q: Do you sit or stand in the shower?
A: Stand

Q: Could you live with roommates?
A: Only if they were Queen fans or called Trina ;-)

Q: How many pairs of flip-flops do you own?
A: None ~ oooo saying that I brought a pair for my costume last year so 1

Q: Where were you born?
A. In a hospital

Q: Last time you had a run-in with the cops?
A: Never but have been driven round in a cop car

Q: What do you want to be when you grow up?
A: Ha ha ha........are you insinuating I haven't grown up??

Q: Who is number 1 on your top 8
A: Well this isn't on myspace so I can't tell you


Q: Friend you talked to?
A: Trina or Lainey via emails

Q: Last person you called?
A: Ummm....I think it was the DLA office in Blackpool

Q: Last kiss?
A: God knows ~ can't have been very memorable

Q: Person you hugged
A: Trina


Q: Number?
A: 14

Q: Color?
A: Blue or Purple

Q: Season?
A: Spring


Q: Missing someone?
A: My jokey answer is The Foo Fighters (don't ask!!) My sensible is I don't know

Q: Mood?
A: Alright lol

Q: Listening to?
A: Random mix on Windows Media Player

Q: Watching?
A: My typing on the page lol

Q: Worrying about?
A: My passport photos


Q: First place you went this morning?
A: The Kitchen

Q: What can you not wait to do?
A: Have a holiday aka the Convention :-)

Q: What's the last movie you saw?
A: Cars on DVD

Q: Do you smile often?
A Depends how I feel

Q: Are you a friendly person?
A : I think so

Q: Now that the survey's done what are you going to do?
A. Post this on my journal and go to bed lol

Night peeps xx

Sunday, 11 March 2007

From Bad to Worse!!

First I have to thank you for your comments to the last entry ~ They were all very sweet and kind, so thank you very much xx

I'm afraid this entry won't be half as personal as that one ~ but I do wanna explain a bit more about my scars!!  They aren't scars like the ones you have (if you actually have any!!) they are dips and holes (but not proper ones)!!  It's hard to describe them and I was thinking today that if I wasn't overweight then they might very well be just scars but they aren't!!  It's like my stomach is divided in two and it's strange coz the left hand side of my body is actually the bigger side which I don't get, but we won't go there!!  LOL  Please forgive me coz it is hard to describe and I would have to take a photo and show you what I mean!!  HEY don't run away coz that ain't gonna happen don't worry LOL............I just wanted to clear that up anyway!!

I have to tell you it never rains but it pours ~ to mutter a phrase ~ it's not actually raining it's been a lovely weekend weather wise :-)  But Friday was such an odd day!!  I woke up about 3am thinking someone was in the flat and using my bathroom (bedroom is right next to the bathroom in case you were wondering lol) I thought nothing of it and went back to sleep and had a very bizarre dream about Trina and I going to see We Will Rock You here in Exeter and she talked during the first half and I went to get merchandise and brought albums and a programme.  When I opened the bag I found he'd also given me four copies of Take That's patience single (excuse me whilst I throw up here ~ can't stand take that!!)

So my alarm goes off at 7am and I get up very sleepily and open my bedroom door ~ it feels very warm out in the corridor ??!!  Hang on a minute the carpet by the airing cupboard looks wet and what's that noise?? I open the airing cupboard door and there is water everywhere.  All over my spare pillows, my suitcase, the xmas tree and decorations, pillow cases etc etc......The boiler is making such a funny noise ~ I panic and ring Trina!!  She's not answering which makes me panic more!!  I put the bowl down at the bottom of the airing cupboard and start to make my lunch.

Eventually Trina rings, by this point I'm panicked to high heaven!!  Usually I panic and then think ok let's handle this situation but having never dealt with a boiler before I felt it was beyond my control!!  Trina didn't know what to do either and suggested what I knew already to call the agent!!

I did and explain what's going on.  He asked if I had turned off the immersion switch, which I did and the boiler stopped making the noise and seemed to calm down.  He says it was probably the thermostat and I'd need a new one.  He was gonna get onto the plumber straight away!!  When I got home there was a dehumidifier here humming away!!

The agent rung back later that day to say he's given the plumber extra keys but he doesn't know when he's gonna turn up.  So there's me thinking bang goes my lie in on Saturday he's bound to turn up then!!

After a horrible sleep the alarm wakes me up at 8am ~ early enough for a plumber me thinks!!  He never turned up!!  :(  I can still use my shower coz it's electric but washing up is proving to be a game, and I can't use the washing machine!!  Excuse me whilst I scream.............


A week from this coming Friday I go to the convention ~ I need to wash clothes to make sure I have everything I need, plus there's my work clothes!!  Jeez just when you think everythings going along fine and then bam!!

Plus I've started thinking about the electric bill with the dehumidifier!!  Everything seems to have dried off nicely out there so I'm gonna leave it off tonight!!  It gave me a sore throat Friday and I've only just got rid of it ~ damn it!!  I kicked it yesterday lol.........tut tut at me.

Anyway pray it gets fixed soon peeps..........Please!!

Saturday was gorgeous weather wise ~ I had the windows open and cleaned and tidied up.  Actually had the duster and polish out ;-)  Doesn't smell clean anymore coz I cooked a curry last night (turned out horrible ~ whoops!!) Did go out for a walk though.  Decided to go to the range and Matalan, and came back with a new umbrella.  I bet I looked funny coz I didn't come straight home but walked back the long way.  There I was carrying a brolly in gorgeous sunshine was so nice I didn't wear a coat ;-)  It didn't look as nice today but I haven't done anything so who cares!!

I'm hoping Trina and Wayne did something though.  Whenever they spend time together they seem to spend it in front of the TV watching boxsets.  I mentioned to her the other day that as Wayne can drive they should get out and about.  Me and my ex used to do that a lot and it's the one thing I miss!!  I would've loved to go up to Dartmoor during the lovely weather or take a drive to the beach ~ find a nice pub whatever.............Let's hope they did it though!!

Did any of you watch Al Murray?  Couldn't see any of my mates that went to watch the recording but Roger looked gooooooooooooooooood *yum*  If I can find it on youtube I might add it here for you :-)  Never done that before might be fun to see if I can lol......

  ahhhhh never mind I've just copied that from Brians site :-)  Look at Rog with his teddy lol.............Mmmm......gettin' distracted now ~ found a site I can download it from (my video went funny grrrr......) and it's playing Under Pressure from the VH1 rock honors (Note to Trina regarding FFA ~ it's ok it's just Queen ;-) well and paul lol) I've not seen this and it's flippin' good ~ Roger's singing some parts and wow!! *sigh*

Right I think it's about time I left you here ~ think of me with no work to do during the week won't you xx

Oh and just before I completely go ~ Kyran to win the Ice Dancing :-) tee hee hee..........make sure you vote for HIM no-one else!!

Can't think of anything to recommend ~ so cheerio peeps xx

Thanks to Cherry, Anna @ Anna's anomalies and Donna for the graphics xx

Thursday, 8 March 2007

Seriously Me

Well it's Thursday which means it's Friday tomorrow nearly the weekend WOOHOO!!  Sorry just thought I'd start this entry on a happy note lol.............I've been losing my rag at work, slamming things about making it known that I am not happy.  In fact someone made a pointed dig at me this morning and I just rolled my eyes at them as if to say 'oh not again, get over it' LOL............Look at me getting this bitchy streak in lol.........

I was thinking about my journal today in an odd kinda way!!  I'm not usually the kind of person that will go around and tell people about my life and what has happened etc, yet here I am posting it on a public website ~ don't you think that's odd??  Maybe it's coz I find it easier to put things into words some times than to say them out loud, probably got something to do with the shadow that I am (my Dad's description of me LOL)

Well it's a week since that meeting and I guess it's about time to tell you the tale of what he said!!  I just wanna put a statement in here that this is how it was told to me and if my mum's reading this thinking that's crap ~ please don't be angry aka don't shoot the messenger ;-)

His only stories of me was when I was in hospital as you know..........coz I've told you that bit lol...........It started off when I was born, apparently they had just changed the metric system so the nurses were reading this chart with regards to my weight and they kept telling my parents that I couldn't go home coz basically I was losing like loads of weight in one night.  Dad's version of it is that he eventually said something to these 'student nurses' and looked at the chart.  He said they had been reading it wrong and there was actually nothing wrong with me and I was putting on weight not losing it LOL.....So that was hospital visit number 1

2nd time I was still an ickle baby.  Apparently one night they spotted these black marks around my elbow looking like something had bitten me.  They were concerned coz apparently these two girls on the housing block liked to take babies out in their prams for walks and in those days it was not thought of to say no to them, and they had taken me out that day.  Well my arm blew up to twice it's size so they took me to the doctor.  He was apparently Irish and dad says he had a lot of respect for him coz he turned to them and said I don't know what's wrong with her.  He wrote a note and they had to take me to the main hospital.  I didn't quite catch what dad said had been wrong with me ~ but to cut a long story short, for a long time although I was kept in hospital and you could've fried an egg on my forehead they weren't told.  Dad's version of events was that he had a go at the head doctor who treated dad like an idiot and wouldn't tell them.  All became right in the end though and Dad told this bloke where to go!!

How much of this do I believe so far??  I know I had problems with my arm, I've constantly been told this but don't you think in his version he is trying to come across as the big hero like we should all thank him or something??  Hold that thought it gets worse if your thinking that way!!

When I was 12 going on 13, I got what we thought was a stomach bug and I was off school for weeks with sickness, diarohea, etc etc.............The officials blamed my mum for food poisioning (b*******s!!) and the doctors were next to useless!!  Eventually my mum rung the doctor again and somebody else came out as mine was on holiday (that was not a surprise!!)  This doctor called for an ambulance and I was transferred to the main hospital in Exeter.  My appendix had burst and basically I was being poisoned!!  I can't remember too much from my early days in hospital.  I remember getting there and wanting my mum.  I remember being in intensive care and not being able to sleep coz some noisey people were next door.  My dad's version is that I was pretty much in a coma for several weeks.  Some doctor rang him and asked him to come in.  (They couldn't get hold of my mum, as we didn't have a phone in those days).  He asked dad if they could use some medication that had never been used before on humans.  Dad asked for the odd's on what would happen if they didn't ~ the doctor said it was a 60/40 chance that I wouldn't make it!!  I was told that the body tries to repair itself from this poison by creating more body fluids and basically I was drowning from my own body fluids or something like that??!!  The doctor said that if they could try out this medication I had a 50/50 chance.  So dad said yes go ahead.  By this point I had been transferred from Intensive care to the kids ward (Bovey I think it was called) and in a private room to the side.  Nurses had to go in and turn me over every hour or so coz I had sooooooooooooooooooo many drips etc attached to me :(  He said that one day he came to see me and all the nurses were outside looking a bit sombre and he plucked up the courage to enter the room and I was sitting up in bed and asked him for a hug!!  That morning I had been nothing..............

I was thinking about this all day last Friday and even now I'm welling up about it which probably seems very sad to you!!  Basically the way I see it is that signing that form and the doctor giving me that medication has given me another chance at life.  I know how close I came to not being here, my mum can tell you that!!  It just freaked me out so much!!  I have scars ~ bad ones ~ one stretching from just below my breasts to the bottom of my stomach, I don't have a belly button like most of you!!  He also told me that at one point because they had cut me up so often the last time to close me up they used fibreglass instead *shock* as there was nothing there to sew back up or something like that! (I actually still have my stitches LOL ~ Jeez this is the most personal entry I've ever done!!) I have always hated these scars they get sore and nasty but when you think about it I shouldn't hate them as much as I do coz without them I wouldn't be here!!  I wouldn't have Trina as my best friend, I wouldn't have met Roger, I wouldn't have known Meggy, it's all just so weird!!

I probably shouldn't tell you this but I'd much rather have the scars than the cholostomey bag that I had for about 6 months *ugh*

*shakes head* anyway now youknow ~ this is a part of me!!  I had 6/7 seven operations, the supposed magic cream (magic my arse ~ I still felt that needle) and I couldn't eat for at least 3 months (even over xmas which was horrible!!)  One day if I get the scanner working again I might scan one of my hosptial pics in and you can see how thin I got!!  I even have my diary that I wrote when I was there :)  Unfortunately you don't escape school when your in hosptial.  One day I'll share the fun side of it all with you ;)

I shall leave you here and I know Ains picked me out for filling in that thingy ~ I'll post it another day :-)

For now:

Jen Recommends

Yet again another gaming site I'm afraid but this one can help you learn etc.......Jez at work sent it to me:  The object of the game is in the title ~ you get to pick from hurricanes, flood, fire, earthquake etc.  You have to build your community and protect it from the elements.  At lunch time when I had a go I got a gold medal from saving my island from a tusanami :-)  Yay me!!  Mind you that was on the easy level ~ go try it out people but you need at least 20 mins to play!!

Well have fun peeps and thanks for reading xx

Thanks to anna's anomalies for this tag :-)

Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Mumbling about Rain

Hello people :-)  Hope your all having a good week so far!!  Isn't that graphic the cutest??  I love teddy bears ~ have far too many of them lol  Thanks Donna xx

It feels like it's been raining here for forty days and forty nights ~ it hasn't obviously but it has to stop surely!!  Last night was horrendous ~ it started  just before I left work heavy rain and gale force winds.  Tonight in this entry I'm gonna do my recommendation early ;-)

Jen Recommends

NEVER go out in gale force winds with an umbrella if you happen to like your brolly!!

LOL seriously people ~ my poor brolly broke :(  I'm not amused!!  The one month where I don't wanna spend any money and trying very hard not too I've already had to fork out for new work shoes and now I'll have to pay for a small bag size brolly!!  Unless I carry my golfing umbrella to work I'm gonna get wet if it rain's again (which no doubt it will ~ grrrrr....)  I bet your gettin' the impression I don't like the rain huh?  It's funny really coz I walk to work and it's lovely and dry and I walk home and it's pouring down with rain!!  Still I'd rather get soaked on the way home then on the way to work ~ nothing worse than sitting there in wet clothes!!

Because of all the damn rain ~ we have the main river, a canal and a 3rd river has formed.  The main river spills out into this dip which when dry is just a field type place ~ good for dog walkers!!  It's funny to see all the ducks and swans on this new part, don't ask me why it just is ;-)

Can you guess that I have nothing of interest or value to say??  I can't be bothered to do my 'heavy' entry today!!  My adventures in hospital I guess it will have to be called.  I bet your all riveted to find out what that's all about but you'll have to patient my friends!!

Do you remember me moaning about the old flat when it rained heavily?  It caused a problem with the loo??!!  Well that flat was on the ground floor so I wasn't surprised that it caused problems.  This one's on the 2nd floor and it apparently gets clogged up in the kitchen when it rains heavily.  The loo freaks me out but tends to lower it's water level eventually!!  The kitchen pipes were making a lot of gurgling noises last night.

Jeez this is a boring entry..............Work is getting back to it's ol' crappy self (what do I mean gettin' back too??)  I was actually considering starting my entry moaning about it but it's not worth it lol.........

I seem to have gone back to playing Guitar Hero 2 ~ all thanks to Trina!!  I'm trying to master the medium level but getting my little finger to correspond with the blue button is proving to be quite problamatic ~ don't know what I'm gonna do about that, can't will it to grow anymore!!

So the Queen convention is about 16 days away :-)  Trina has arranged our transport to and from the venue.  I don't think I've told you but this year it's being held at Brean Sands in Somerset.  The previous 10 years that we've been going it's been either Southport or Prestatyn ~ it's gonna seem odd not travelling up North ~ well I suppose it is north from here but you know what I mean!!  She was trying to organise our costumes today too..............Less said about that the better me thinks!!  LOL...............I know it was fun dressing up last year but I feel against it this year don't ask me why!!  Lookin' forward to it all though ~ so many good friends going!!  Plus time off work and you can't beat that lol

I'm not really sure what else to say and I probably could've used this entry in a more positive way but my brain isn't co-operating with the fingers right now!!  So I shall leave you here..

Keep smilin' peeps xx

I can't remember who did the tag for me!! Whoever it was thank you xx *embarrassed look*

Sunday, 4 March 2007

Weekend Delights and Thursday Moanings

Hey People ~ I have quite a bit to tell you so I better get on with it if I want to get to bed early (well early for me ;-)!!  Just one thing is it EVER gonna stop raining??

Let's start with Thursday and the infamous meal with my dad and my brother.  I won't go into it too much ~ perhaps save it for an entry during the week.  It wasn't too bad!!  I'm not gonna sit here and lie to you and say it was the best meal ever and I wish we'd done it sooner.   I personally think that my relationship with Dad is such a sparse thing that pidgeon steps is the best way to attack this.  However I found myself sat there with arms crossed not wanting to say anything to him.  Besides the fact that he didn't shut up for more than two seconds for Greg and I to get a word in edge ways, I didn't actually want to tell him anything.  I could've regaled him with amusing stories from my life of gigging and the crazy friends I have but he wouldn't have listened.  Instead he told us the family tree he's working on (which was quite interesting) and told us stories of when we were kids.

Greg was lucky he heard stories of about times when he was a baby and how he pulled the wallpaper off and found it highly amusing, and about this cockney woman who thought he was adorable and would babysit him at any given opportunity!!  Me??  I heard all about my life in hospital.  I will tell you about it but perhaps another day.  Let's just say it freaked me out what I heard and I felt very uncomfortable about it all day Friday.

Afterwards it was decided that we should do it again (could hardly say no could I??) and we are meeting for a carvery at a very posh place on the 4th April.  Well a good meal out of it can't be bad.

Apart from the stories of me in hospital the one thing that freaked me out again was when he asked me if I would like to stay at his some time  ??   Mmmmm... hello ??  I'm nearly 30 not 10!!!!  I think I've grown out of that!!  But I said I don't know.  Of course he caught the know part and latched onto it!!  If he is trying to build bridges he surely has to know that you can't just bury the past behind you.  It takes time and if one isn't as willing he has to be patient!!  I'm sorry to go on about this but he winds me up!!

Anyhoo ~ happy times!!  Greg came round afterwards and loaded his music to my machine and gave me the old stuff back.  I now have just over 4,000 mp3's on my computer ~ told you this thing was amazing LOL.................*happy Jenny*  Such a hard decision as to what goes on the mp3 player!!

Ooooo and Trina managed to secure the V tickets WOOHOOO The lady who came to see the Foo's with us 1st time is coming with us to V :-)  Sarah and I shall be festival virgins ;-) tee hee hee..........I'm looking forward to it though and on Saturday in town I pointed out some wellies to Trina (colourful ones) and said that we should get them coz you never know what the weather is gonna do in August!!  At least we are going to the one where the Foo's are the last band of the weekend ~ something to look forward too!!

Friday ~ Trina came round to stay!!  Things have been funny between us, not that you would notice but we needed to spend some quality time together.  So eventually she gets to mine and we have to go food shopping.  It's pouring down with rain and the wind doesn't help (got soaked on the way home from work) so Wayne gives us a lift to Sainsburys.  We decide to have food in their cafe *chips* and have a good ol' natter.  Then we do the shopping but not before we freak out coz there's a board that says closing at 7pm and it was 7pm when we finished in the cafe.  We work out that was the time for the cafe not the main shop *phew*

After shopping more good ol' nattering whilst waiting for the taxi and back to mine.  We have to take it in shifts to get the food shopping up to my flat lol.................Once all the shopping had been cleared away, the bin bag emptied etc.........we change into PJ's and watch some girlie films and munch on stuff :-)  Played some guitar hero 2 too!!  Eventually get to bed at 1.30am!!

The next day we get up and have a cuppa in bed reading trashy mags and eventually get up and venture into town.  The reason my foot was hurting was because of my work shoes :(  so with no money I have to get new one's!!  I end up getting an £8 pair of boots (me think's I'll need them in this weather!!)  they are really light and crappy but let's hope they do the job ;-)  I shan't be walking far in them I wear my trainers to work and change when I get there!!

We get home and have our fried breakfast for lunch LOL.........and then Trina tries to get all my mp3's onto her walkman.  I decided to stay out of her way and played more guitar hero.  I hate it when she does that coz the machine never works and so she gets stressed and coz she doesn't know much about computers she has to ask questions which gets me stressed coz she wants to know why something isn't working etc..........It does actually work this time with little interference from me :-)

About 6.45pm we decide we better get ready to go out and at 7.20pm our taxi arrives to take us to the centre spot in town.  We've been there before and found the people really nice and friendly so although we were nervous we still went!!  Once inside (it was packed) we got a drink and found a quiet place to stand.  Two drumkits??  Must mean there's a support act ~ cool!!

Eventually we stand on the other side of the room right next to the speaker ~ bit of a mistake!!  The first band come on and I've never seen or heard of them but they were really good...............I decide to go to the loo whilst they were playing and can you believe there was a queue??  I thought queue's in loos don't form until the breaks??!!  Clearly I don't get out enough LOL...............

During the break the announcer asked if we could move forwards coz there wasn't any room at the back!!  It was packed ~ I couldn't believe it!!  EvenGa Ga doesn't get a crowd like that!!  Queen Mainia (I'm not sure if that's how they spell it!!) were REALLY good :-)  They are an italian band who were playing their first UK gig and the freddie looked very much like Freddie ~ so much so that Trina couldn't stop oggling him ALL night!!  Everytime he had a costume change out came the mobile camera and this man changes costume nearly EVERY song.  They played such an electic mix (I don't remember them doing A Kind of Magic woohoo!!)  Here's a list of the one's I can remember:  Last Horizon, Mr Bad Guy, Love Kills, Living On My Own, Breakthru', The Miracle, Radio Ga Ga, Killer Queen, We Are The Champions, Bohemian Rhapsody, Dragon Attack, Another One Bites the Dust, etc etc............The drummer did some kind of weird solo to like a freaky version of It's a Beautiful Day.  It was soooo good :-)  The crowd seemed to enjoy it too.  There was a group of drunk teenagers who were jumping up and down and singing loudly to the ones they knew :-)

At the end of the show Trina and I moved spaces and the Brian wannabe chucked his plec out.  I put my hand up and caught it :-)  Yay me!!  Some kid of about 10/11 perhaps older was looking for it though and spent about 1/2 an hour searching the floor where I had been standing.  I felt guilty and probably should've given it to him but I couldn't be bothered to be fair!!

It was a great gig and a brill way to rehabilitate ourselves to Queen (who rule by the way!!)  It had been a fab weekend too and I can't wait till we can do it again but it did feel slightly odd without Wayne at the gig.  It's his first weekend smoke free everyone give him a round of applause ~ he's doing so well ;-)

Today I've had to catch up on my alerts there was 76 to start with lol............Think I've done pretty well !!

That's it from me for now ~ sorry if I've bored ya..........but at least I've saved the depressing stuff for a weekday entry ;-)

Have a good week xx

Ooooooooooooo I'm forgetting something!!

Jen Recommends

Today I'm recommending two things!!  The first is the support band, they are a local band and although they played some really good rock covers they also played some of their own stuff and it's really good :-)  Their website is  I've already been on Myspace to find them and added them and got a comment asking if I enjoyed the gig last night ~ how cool is that :-)

I also wanna recommend one of the films we watched on Friday called The Wedding Date.  It stars Debra Messing from Will and Grace and she's split up with her bloke and hires someone to be her date for her sister's wedding ~ set in England during glorious sunshine it's definitely a rom com worth seeing !!

Ok that really is it this time LOL

Thanks to Chris at Cabs creations for one of the graphics I've posted tonight xx