Thursday, 26 June 2008

Obsession, Nasty Virus and more Chiefs

Hey yo peeps x

How's you all?  I'm afraid to announce that my computer is poorly :(  Yep it's caught a nasty virus, but it's mummy was a bit silly coz she downloaded some music on Sunday that was infected *slap wrists*  Luckily AVG is kicking in big stylie and telling that nasty virus to hop it coz we don't stand for that kind of stuff round these parts!!!!  So cross your fingers people x

Basically on Sunday night I kept losing my task bar and all the icons from the desktop went missing.  Monday night is still no computer night (well for the majority of the night it is anyway lol) so I didn't turn it on to invesigate.  Tuesday night I weren't home and for the last two nights I've scanned the computer before using it throughouly (can't spell LOL)

Anyway so I'm here and that's the main thing.  The other main thing is my mum is back reading so everyone say hi :o)  She's got her internet connection back and rung last night for my journal address bless her x

So I guess your all wondering how we got on, on Tuesday night?  Well Foo at the Vue did not disappoint and I am smiling broadly because not only did I think I caught a glimpse of myself but our mate Sheila texted Trina (she had gone to see it in Romford) and said 'I saw Jen'  :o)  Yep ladies and gentlemen I am on it, if albeit briefly lol ;)

The first song Pretender shows a shot of the catwalk people and it starts from someone wearing a blue t-shirt (which I was on the Saturday night) and next to her is a person in a red t-shirt (which one of the young kids was wearing also on the Saturday night) yay me :o)  Wayne says he spotted Trina but 'God' Dave was on stage so I didn't see her!!  lol..............Can't wait for the DVD to come out properly so that we can pause these moments and study them properly.  When you think about it properly though 86,000 people and I was shown :o) :o) :o)  That is a huge achievement don't you think????

Otherwise the gig was fantastic reliving it, seeing bits you wouldn't necessairlysee in the audience.  Do you know what ??  I think I might listen to it whilst typing this!! *small pause whilst I find it* That's better :o)

I hate to say it but I think obsession has taken new levels with regards to the Foo Fighters lol...............I LOVE them!!!!  To rephrase I am not actually in love with any of them but as a band they are truely MAGNIFICENT!!!  I seriously do not think that Wembley can be topped by anyone this year and I just feel that every gig that is to come will just be an anti-climax :(    I'm sure they probably won't be but that's just how I feel right now lol...........

Plus here's randomness for at work I was doing something and I just started singing Stairway to Heaven (in my head ;) and then I started singing the Dave Grohl different really from the original but he does it accoustically and sings the guitar parts it's very funny.  So there was that and then I was thinking about the gigs which I've just mentioned and then I started thinking if I EVER win the lottery and you have to remember that chances of this happening are slim to none coz I never do it,  I would spend my money on following the Foo's here there and everywhere :o)  I would be so happy..................of course I would have to take Trina and Wayne with me!!!

See I call that obsessional!!!!!

Anyway I shall leave you here with a slight entry from gig diary x  Last time I left you outside in the rain waiting for non-existant Dave to turn up in Cardiff to hide the fact we were actually stalking LOL..................enjoy x

We heard them rehearse songs we knew, songs we didn't and at one stage we heard the strainings of Nirvana's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' ~ to say this excited Trina, Wayne and myself was a slight understatement!! It was very good though..........and we all had our fingers crossed they would play it during the show!!

After 2 hours (shakes head in disbelief that she does these kind of things), we gave up!! They weren't coming out and we were all freezing. So we went to the pubwhich is just around the corner from the arena. Because of the rugby the pub was quite full already!! We managed to find a small table and Trina ordered some drinks and Wayne wanted food. I felt miserable and cold and Trina kept asking me what was wrong, I couldn't help feeling like that!! It had failed, but most of my best laid plans tend to do that to me. Still some matters are against you from the beginning and you can't win everything. After Wayne had finished, we figured we had better get back to the car as we had to pick up the tickets. Unfortunately I had one of their songs 'Thank you very much' stuck in my head and I kept singing it out loud so I tended to annoy Trina and Wayne with it aswell. Wayne moved the car to another level and we sat there for a while and tried to decide what was the best way to hide the water bottles. Wayne and Trina hid theirs in the hoods of their tops, if i remember rightly I didn't have a hooded top on so I (and please don't think any less of me for this), put them down my trousers. For those of you that are unaware some venues don't let you take water in cos they are selling it there. However if you want to get to the front, there ain't no way you are going to leave your spot for water. If you are lucky the stewards come round half way through with some water but not all venues do this. This particular venue did last time at the Foos but they had a catwalk. There was no possibility that we were going to get to the front so we had to take provisions!! We had already experienced how hot this venue gets.

So armed with bottles of water and complete with tickets we made our way to the queue which had formed since we had been in the pub etc. Joining the back of it we waited patiently for the doors to open. It was cold waiting though!! Eventually the doors did open but we had to seperate as blokes and women had to go in seperately!! This system is so horrible if you wanna get to the front barrier. Especially if like Trina and myself you get stuck behind all these young ladies who insit on taking handbags into gigs. Mind you, I turned round to look at the queue and was extremely glad that we turned up when we did!! Because the girls side of things were not moving very quickly they said that any of us without bags could go a differnt way. So we did and luckily Trina and i got through okay with our water bottles aka they went undetected. Unfortunately Wayne had been spotted with us, which was unfortunate as he had, had to tip it into plastic cups. Bless him!! He thought he had got away with it but they had called him back!

So we made our way into the venue, without the chairs again this time and made our way to the front or as close as we could get. Trina and Wayne were heading left, so I shouted at them to follow me and we headed towards the middle. Unfortunately we had to wait for ages for the gig to actually start so we sat down for a while on the floor. All these little girls tried to push past us and we tried to be as awkward as possible so they wouldn't but eventually they went past. Still at least these girls were all smaller than me so even with them in front I still had a pretty good view.

The first support act came on eventually. They were called The Little Ones. In my opinion they were okay but certainly nothing special. The bass player made everyone in the audience chuckle as it didn't seem to matter what song was playing he would head bang to it!! It didn't stop when he swapped places with the keyboard player. He was a nutcase!!

After they finished their set there was a break. I hate these moments most in gigs as you have to think of something to talk about!! I think it was during this break that Trina left Wayne and I for a few minutes to go to the loo. I don't like my friends doing that coz it means I have to save their space and they have to fight their way back to us!! I'm not good at saving spaces. I know you have to make yourself big and stuff but I feel like I'm big but if someone wanted to argue the point I would probably loose! Luckily she made it back okay *phew* We couldn't really hear the music being played on the sound system and there was no room for us to sit down.

Second support act was We Are Scientists. I didn't know anything by them but the little girls in front of us seemed to be fans. I was impressed and found them to be quite good. Made a note to myself to download their album when I got home, or perhaps the next day as it was going to be a late night! It was during this band that people started pushing forwards. Some tall bloke and his misses pushed past the bloke who had been standing quietly next to me. He wasn't much taller than me so of course he was a bit miffed that these people had pushed past. He started arguing with them to move and I tried to get involved coz the bloke had a point, but I got some lovely language back. Figured it was a non winning battle. More and more people were coming down to the front by this point and it was getting a bit freaky. This did not bode well when the main band came out! By this point We Are Scientists had finished and the stage was being changed over. It was at this point that some bloke put his arms round me and quietly asked if he could go in front of me.

Ok I'm gonna leave it on this cliff hanger ~ but trust me the next part is fab ;)

Love y'all x

p.s I have many alerts to read ~ sorry peeps x

p.p.s I'm not adventurous I figured I had better start using more than just chillin' lol ;)

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Drama at the BT's

It's funny but I was just wondering and trying to remember why the hell I wanted to leave an entry????!!!  I have nothing to tell you.............then I remembered what happened lol... oooooooooooo drama ;)

Thursday night I was online about 6.30pm and was mucking about on facebook, I was just saving something or coming out of something when AOHell chucked me off the internet connection.  I was not amused and I noticed that the modem only had one light on it when it should have two!!!  It reminded me the other night when I couldn't log onto AOHell, I had tried for about half an hour and they were claiming I was not an authenticated user????  WTF??  I have been paying for like 4 years how can I not be authenticated.  It was late so I didn't ring to shout at them but I tried just before going to bed and it let me on!!!!

Anyhoo comin' back to the original story ;)  I restarted the computer thinking that would sort the problem but no still only one light ~ visions of having to remove the modem and reinstalling it and then AOHell stuff came to mind but I couldn't cope!!!  I fiddled with cables and stuff and still no use!!  So I picked up my landline receiver.............hang on..........shouldn't there be a dialling tone???  There was nothing it was dead!!!  So I texted Trina and she rung and we had a slight disagreement!!!  Bless her she tries to help telling me to do this and that but sometimes I just need her to listen to me rant!!!  Then when I'm a calmer person she could tell me what to do lol...........

So after hanging up on Trina :(  *I have apologised for it*  I found a number for BT and rung.  After pressing 1 or 2 for several minutes I got through to the fault bit and they checked the line.  Irratating machine woman told me it would take 30 seconds but after 2 minutes IMW as she will now be known as ;) finally came back and told me a fault has been reported and that an engineer would be sent to work on it the next day.  Good I thought!!!!  Then IMW went through some more options aka text messages to be kept informed of when the fault was getting repaired and when it was done.  She also told me (which I thought was hysterical) that I could keep up to date with the progress by logging onto the internet........................How am I supposed to do this when there's a fault on my line and I can't log on!!  I had entered my mobile number for the text messages and she gave me the option to enter a number to have my calls diverted too.  I thought to myself is it not just common sense to have them diverted to the one I had already entered??  Obviously not!!!!

So I had to spend the evening not coming online :(  I worked on a graphics in PSP, made some new wallpaper for my computer which doesn't look good :(  Well it does it's just too small for the screen even when stretched!!

Friday morning early I get a text and I'm thinking it's Trina telling me she's not going to work coz she tends to tell me quite early.  Nope, it's the BT people telling me the fault was gonna be worked on.  I couldn't imagine spending the whole weekend without my t'internet.

Lunchtime I get a message saying someone's working on it but they may need access to my flat.  I prayed they didn't but I got a call from the engineer saying they did.  Because I wasn't gonna get home till about 6ish they asked me to check it was working alright then ring 151.

Got home eventually and put the t'internet on and checked the phone and it was all working :)  Which is a bit obvious coz I'm online typing this lol

Anyway apart from that excitement not a lot else has been happening!!!

This weekend as it's been the first weekend in many where I've had time to do absolutely nothing and the weather hasn't been that great I have not done that much :)  I did clean and made a point of doing an excellant job on the bathroom ~ trust me it was gleaming, it looked awful before lol..........Then hoovered, then settled down to watch videos.  I watched one episode of Waterloo Road, and then decided to watch Outlaw one of the DVD's I brought on my birthday weekend.  Coz I was cold I brought the duvet into the living room :)  After Outlaw (which is good and stars Danny Dyer which is just an absolute bonus for me ;) I was in the mood for more drama, violence so I watched Romper Stomper.  Damn good film that is...............

Today I've spent more time under the duvet trying to finish my book, but this afternoon when I was in there I just started napping instead lol...........

So that's it, that's my thrilling life for this week lol........At least this week on Tuesday the 24th :o)  We are off to see Foo at the Vue lol..........It's gonna be awesome and I hope we can see ourselves but I'm not holding out much hope!!  What am I on about?  For those not in the know the Vue is a cinema and they are showing the Wembley gigs :o)  Wish us luck x

Currently listening to foo wembley as I'm typing this......still seems unreal that i was there lol........

Well I hope you all have a super week xx

Do you like the title?? It's supposed to be drama at the high seas lol...........

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Hugs, Beer, Birthday and Graphics

Hey Peoples xx

BIG BIG Huggles to the 16 people who left me lovely comments with birthday wishes xx  ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) I wish I could hug you all in person but alas this will have to do for now ;)  I really did appreciate that though :o)

So another year has gone and passed me by........And although I was still suffering from the previous weekend (BEST GIG EVER), I got a lift from Wayne Friday night to go down to Torquay.  He's not been very well and neither has Trina so we've all been suffering.  Wayne actually took time off from work though so he's the wimp ;) LOL  Anyhoo we listened to the gig highlights that someone had very kindly downloaded and reminisced.  Once we got to Trina's house, we had to leave soon after so that she could do her food shopping.  This is always fine by me coz it means I can get some bits and pieces and they'll help me back with it, especially as the bike is still out of action :(

We got back to theirs and had fish and chips for tea, or in my case a portion of chips.  Wayne watched the footie upstairs and Trina and I ended up watching a programme about best before dates and how this woman ended up chucking £50's worth of food each week ~ isn't that ludicrous???!!!!!  If only I could afford to chuck away £50 lol

The rest of the night we didn't really do much, think I might've surfed the interweb, but we stayed up to watch the Kaisers on the Isle of Wight highlights :o)  Went to bed afterwards.  I did open a couple of cards before I went to sleep.  One from the Assessments team at work and one from Sarah one of our Queenie buddies :)

Next morning I woke needing the loo and on my way back, Trina asked what I was doing up!!!  I went into her room and stayed in there for a bit.  She brought me up a cup of tea, and gave me some cards from friends who had asked her for my address so she had told them to send the cards to her house coz I would be there :o)  Some lovely cards.  Then we tried to decide what we were gonna do, obviously Wayne wouldn't be joining us as he has 'man flu'.  I mentioned I would like to go to Plymouth as I hadn't been there since I split from my ex.  I never mentioned it before coz Trina and Wayne don't like the place.  But she said she wanted a bus journey so I thought it would be perfect.  She rang up for times and apparently it was a 2hr journey.  We decided we better get up then. 

She made me a bacon sarnie :o)  and I got given my pressies which were:  Royal Family DVD (the comedy series not the actual royal family lol), Gavin and Stacey DVD, Waterloo Road DVD, and in her card was £40.  I had told her whilst we were food shopping that mum had given me £40 to fix the bike, so when I saw this in her card I felt bad.  I should've told her earlier so she wouldn't spend so much on me :(  Silly girl!!!  She then told me to follow her in the corridor, which I did.  She opened the door to their porch and there in a box waiting to be made up was my new desk :o)  I finally have a desk dedicated for writing YAY I love my bessie mate and her hubby!!!

After some more pottering about, she looked up train times on t'interweb and it only took an hour to get to Plymouth so we decided that was a better way and we got ready.  I think it was about 11am when we finally left the house.  Wayne needed more petrol though and this caused hassels!!!  Of course with the shortages at the moment there were queues everywhere so we missed our train :(  We did make it to catch the something past 12 though.  We were expecting the train tickets to cost somewhere in the region of £10 but it actually cost £5.50 for a return!!!!  How cool is that?!!

We managed to catch the connecting train at Newton Abbot fine and enjoyed the ride.  Once arrived at Plymouth a slight disagreement reigned as neither of us knew how far the train station was from the town centre so did we catch a taxi, take a bus or walk it??  My argument to walk won :)  and surprisingly enough it didn't take that long.  We were so happy about it, we started dancing in the street lol..............

We spent some money first in Wilkinsons, then we found a cafe and got a muffin each (best muffins EVER) and I had a cheese and onion panini which was gorgeous :o)  Then we brought some DVD's, I got Outlaw, Wild Hogs and Run Fat Boy Run ~ hadn't seen any of them but wanted to watch them :)  Then I got a bag from Claire's Accessories which I love and really suits me.  Trina brought me some badges to put on it.  Then we treated ourselves to pic n mix from Woolies.  Mine was the dearest :(  but I also got Watership Down and Day After Tomorrow on DVD's.  Trina brought me an Indiana Jones mag as it had a notebook and pen with it :o)  Bless no comments about obsession, we could've taken it a lot worse but we didn't ;) LOL

Then we had to make our way back to the train station.  We were trying to decide whether we were gonna eat out or not.  I said I would prefer to coz I don't very often and it's a nice treat, but with Wayne and his man flu this was probably not gonna happen.

He surprised me though as when he came to pick us up, he was all raring and ready to go out :o)  So we went to the Brewers Fayre down by the harbour.  I had a pint of lager and a chicken tikka massala and sat there thinking does it get any better than this?  Came to the conclusion probably not *grin*

When we got back we watched Run Fat Boy Run which was good, if a little predictable, but it was funny :)

Next day Trina and I had an Indy fest :o)  We watched Temple of Doom and Last Crusade before they brought me home.

Wayne set about putting the desk together and Trina started turning up my trousers ~ it was my own little sweat shop.  I did feed and provide drinks for the workers though :)  Bless them both they did grand jobs!!!

My desk looks fab and I've changed the room around so it looks much tidier somehow lol...........

Trina and Wayne are great and made the birthday weekend fab, bless them both :o)

I had a few more cards when I got home from family members, so that was nice.  I also received birthday emails from the Foo Fighters message board team and the Kaiser Chiefs with a video message wishing me happy birthday :o)  I love that ~ I know it's just a general thing to send out to their fans but it's the personal touch that gets me lol

Anyway apart from that I received quite a few emails from my fellow members of the DSD graphics group and one in particular came from one of the managers Debs, (some of you might read her journal or seen her graphics before :)  Well she made my sig that I'm gonna leave you with tonight and I CANNOT thank her enough.........

Debs is a legend xx

isn't that the best????!!!!!!

Saturday, 14 June 2008

A Quickie

Hello peeps, I'm actually in Torquay at Trina's house right now ;)
Just thought I'd leave a quick message to say.....................................

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well it was yesterday coz I'm typing this at 12.17am :(

Just wanted to thank those of you that sent emails and comments xxx  they were all lovely and so are you xxx


Jenny x

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Wembleeeeeeeey, Aching, Awards and Kaisers

Hey peoples :o)

How are you all ??  Well what a weekend!!  I came home aching and with a new sexy voice :o)  Here we are today on Tuesday and I still feel like crap :(  and now to top it all off I have a sore throat!!  Hope it gets better for the weekend lol.............

Yep Foo Wembley ROCKED with capital letters :o)  and the best bit of it all was.............the triangle solo......................LOL.................nah I'm only joking, the fact that we got close to Mr Grohl and Trina said he looked at me :o)  I did see him glance in my direction the first time but I missed that look..........but hey, he saw me, he knew I was there and as a hardened gigger that is the only thing that matters.

Listened to the gig on Radio 1 yesterday................Once My Hero came on I was shivering and crying, it was so flippin' awesome.  In Dave's words "86,000 back up singers"  and I was ONE of them :o)

Now we've heard the recording now we've gotta wait till the 24th of this month to see the DVD recording at the cinema.................*crossing those fingers* that I might be on it lol

Anyhoo I have no further news, except to thank Morty baby for my new award and I see Pammels has bestowed one upon me too ~ thanks buddies, loves ya xx

Sorry I was a crap journal reader last week, I'm making up for it this week, I promise x

So as we have a lack of news here's the next instalment of gig diary :o)  I'm taking you back to November last year and our last stint in Cardiff to round off two weeks of gigs nicely :o)  Coz first we had the foo's in Cardiff, then in London, then Bill Bailey in Cardiff and now I present to you.......................


As a Queen fan, I should've been spending this particular day at home with my DVD's/books/cd's reminiscing about how marvellous Queen were with Freddie!! 16 years ago we lost the greatest man and life just hasn't been the same since!!

Instead I was going to see a band live in Cardiff. I had wanted to see this band in concert since the beginning of the year and I can't even tell you why?? I think Trina and Wayne are wholly responsible for me liking them. I remember seeing videos of theirs on the music channels just as they were becoming famous but I flipped over as I wasn't interested ~ so at what point did that change I have no idea!! All I know was I had a new fixation. Around June/July time I woke up one morning to the radio on the alarm clock, it was the local station and they had played a Kaiser Chiefs song and afterwards said something about an brain went into overtime and I did consider listening at the time they said they were gonna make this announcement but I couldn't be bothered. Instead I found it out another way, but can't remember what that was. I tried to contact Trina but she was in Scotland at her brother-in-laws what was the news? Only that the band I had wanted to see from the beginning of the year was coming to my home town arrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh......... The Kaiser Chiefs were playing an arena tour November/December and the first date on their list was November 21st at Exeter Westpoint. I was dead excited and could hardly contain myself, I forwarded an email to Trina and a couple of days later she got back to me. Wayne and her were looking forward to it, so she would book the tix. Presale ticket day eventually came and she contacted me at work to let me know she had managed to accquire 3 tix for the 21st. Suddenly a terrible thought came to me, that date rang a bell?? Why?? Damn, we were due to see Bill Bailey in Cardiff that day!! I quickly told her what I had suddenly thought and she said she would ring again and get the tickets changed. Bournemouth was the next date or Cardiff on the Saturday. She rang me back and they had exchanged them for the Cardiff show WOOHOO we were still gonna see them!!

Knowing I was going to see them, made me look more into the band, who they were, their personalities, the songs etc etc.........Which I suppose is a bitobsessive but hey, I'venever been one to not be obsessed about something and it was exciting looking at new things!! Trina had to sit through it all bless her, the video's on youtube, me talking about them constantly, and whether she liked it or not she was soon starting to feel the same as me. For some reason as the gig drew closer I just had this awful feeling Trina and Wayne (my favouritest gigging buddies in the world), weren't gonna enjoy it and that made me wonder why we were going. Don't ask.........all I know is that I'm very odd!!

I think as punishment for not doing anything from the first paragraph I had a sore throat on the Friday before the gig and woke up on Saturday morning with it and feeling quite rough. I was determined to go to the gig though as I had been waiting for this since the beginning of the year. Had a bit of a lie in and then got up to have a cup of tea and get ready for Trina and Wayne to turn up. Listened to Yours Truly, Angry Mob whilst waiting and just as I was about to put Parva (that's the Kaisers before they became the Kaisers) into the cd player, I got a call from Trina to say they had arrived. I also got a text from her saying 'I was born to be a dancer' so I sent one back saying 'I want to retire'. Anyone who knows their songs will get that!! The plan was we would meet up early and go and get a fry up from somewhere so we made our way to the Imperial (a weatherspoons) as I had never been there before. Trina decided we should sit on the tallest chairs ever, so tall that I couldn't pull myself in!! She went to order our brekkie's and eventually they turned up. We were being served by a complete goit, and they must've been busy as there were no knives and forks left, he had to wash a mug for my tea and put the milk in an expresso cup!! He hadn't brought Wayne his chips and came over to check the receipt thinking that we were in the wrong!! A complete and utter goit!! After that farce was over we decided to make our way to Cardiff. I had convinced Trina that we must stalk!! AGAIN................

So we made our way to Cardiff whilst listening to Employment and Yours Truly, Angry Mob in the car on the way there. Pausing only for Trina to sing the whole of the littlest hobo lyrics at us and for us to join in. This was reminiscent of the journey home after Bill Bailey. She also tried singing Mysterious Cities of Gold, but couldn't remember the tune so 80 day's around the world was sung instead. They did put the music back on much to my relief!! The traffic wasn't too bad all the way until we entered Cardiff. The Kaiser Chiefs weren't the only ones starring in the city that day, so was International Rugby at the millenium stadium. So of course in true Cardiff style roads were shut and we got lost!! We are getting so good at getting lost in Cardiff. It wasn't too bad this time we just took a couple of wrong turnings and eventually found the backstage area for the venue which meant the car park was in sight. Of course this screwed plans for stalking but only slightly!! We had aimed to be there for 2ish and we were more there for 2.45pm, damn it!! Plus the sun had been shining most of the morning but now it was raining, marvellous!!

We made our way to the car park, but there was a queue (of course), so Trina agreed that we should leave Wayne to go and park the car and go stalking!! Even if it was raining!! So we got out of the car and cut across the outside car park to get to the back stage area. There were a few tour buses parked on the same side of the street that we were on but not a lot else was going on. Wayne joined us not long after and we stood there, looking like muppets getting wet and pretending to be waiting for a lift from some bloke called Dave with a fiat punto or was it an uno?? Well let's just say it kept us amused!! About 15 minutes later we could hear music (very loudly) coming from the arena ~ damn it they were already in there!! So the chances of them leaving the arena before the show?? Possibly slim but I had what I call the 'roger syndrome'!! I call it this coz whenever I'm waiting for Roger to emerge from a building I think 'oh just five more minutes' coz you know the minute you walk away, they are gonna come out. So we stood there, listening to the set and watching all these random people come and go from the backstage area. A van turned up at one point when Trina and I were on our own (Wayne had gone in search of a cashpoint!) and we debated as to who it belonged to, but were none the wiser when it parked up next to us!!

So we shall leave it there for now...........................hope your having a good week xx

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Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Excitement, judgement and private stuff

Yo, how's you?  Me??  I'm dead excited :o)  No more work for me this week WOOHOO coz Trina, Wayne and I are off to Londonium for Foo Wembley :o)  Go on join me in doing the happy dance ;)  You know you want to lol

So with a short week there isn't too much to report or so you would think???  Don't be fooled by this journal's exterior lol

I'm going to start off with a bit of a warning first.  This journal may have to go private!!!!  Why? I hear you cry.............Firstly calm down you know I would add you as a reader ;)  It's just the father unit is online but unfortunate for me he's on AOHell.........I've asked my brother who is guiding the parental unit through all that is good and holy about the internet not to show him my journal.  He's also just joined Facebook so I have removed my link from there.  At the end of the day as I keep telling people in the comments that I leave these journals are here for us to rant and rave as we see fit and we shouldn't have to care what others think or feel about it!!  What's written is personal to the writer and that's all.  Maybe he should read what I've written so he could finally understand what I'm thinking but I'm not sure this is how he should find out.  I'm not saying for one second he will find the journal but I'm just making you aware ;-)

Secondly I've had a bit of a strange one at work yesterday.  The two girls that have moved behind us were moaning about P again, which in all fairness is fine, but they were questioning how I put up with it considering I sit next to her.  So I joined in with their conversation.  Now I don't know why I did it but I may have inadvertently started a rumour about P :(   Trust me I don't feel happy about's no better than those little ejits that used to make rumours up about Trina and I when we were growing up.  I just mentioned it and it may have been a little misconstrued.  Luckily today though P has been nice to them and even chatting to them about life, so perhaps they may just forget about it!!!!  I feel utterly guilty.........................

Another thing I feel slightly guilty for, when I was talking to them, they said that they were annoyed that P had gone to the team leader about the fans and that if she had just said they would've turned it off :(   It wasn't P that had moaned about that to the team leader it was me :( :(   I knew when I was moaning about it to the TL that I should've confronted them and they probably would've been nice about it, but I was an emotional wreck and couldn't handle life at that moment.  I can't confess it was me though...............I want them on side LOL..........  Plus she was the one that had shut the window without asking them if it was okay so I figure that's where they have got the impression it was her................Oh well!!!!

Anyway now that I've got that off my chest I can breath a bit of a relief ;) 

So what else?  Oh yeah Jayneeeeeeee asked me if non-computer night had gone well.  I am happy to report that whilst the computer was off on Monday night I did start concentrating on my creative writing :o)  I am hoping beyond all hope that I can carry this on, but I have such a talent for starting something and not seeing it through till the end :(  But I guess we shall have to wait and see.

One thing that did put a smile on my face today was as I was looking through the local paper for jobs.  I came across the stars and as much as I don't believe them it was interesting to see what it said for Gemini.......................

Writing a book, screenplay or poem will be a welcome outlet, (blah blah blah randomness about something not important to me) If you've ever thought about submitting your creative work for review do so today.

That's pretty cool huh?  Unfortunately I don't have anything substanial to submit, so let's hope that comes up again ~ cross those fingers for me peeps xx 

I was gonna start the next gig diary but perhaps I'll do that next week ;)  Something for you all to look forward too............juicy stuff in the next one ;) lol

I'm still behind in alerts and as I'm heading to Londonium tomorrow night I shan't be here to hopefully catch up :(  I may just delete and start a fresh from Sunday ;)  We shall see...........

So for now hope you all have a fab weekend xx  and I beg you all, please don't judge me..............

Sunday, 1 June 2008

An Emotional Wreck

Hey everyone :o)

Good lord what a week.............Where do I begin this entry?  Well Tuesday was fairly uneventful which was nice and it all started on Wednesday.

Got home from work as usual, well a little bit later actually coz I was trying to build up some flex :)  and I rung mum to see if she was free at the weekend, she was so that was good.

Later in the evening I got a text from my brother to ask if I wanted to go out for this meal ~ i thought yeah cool.........and rung him back during a break in Britain's Got Talent.  He asked if I minded Dad coming along.............(regular readers will remember I don't get on with my father and there is really no love lost there ;)  Annoyed that I was being stitched up like this by my own brother I agreed that he could tag along.  Apparently he wanted to know why I wasn't contacting him and why I didn't like him. 

So I spent the rest of Wednesday night in tears thinking how awful this meal was going to be, but at least it might give me the opportunity to set the record straight after all these years.  The more I would think about it the more I would cry :(  I didn't want to loose my brother over this coz I'm sure he doesn't understand how I feel.  Anyway Thursday I spent at work panicing :(

Because of the way I was feeling I agreed with P that we needed chocolate and coz I needed money for the meal I went down to the kitchen to get it :o)

5 o'clock came and I had to leave to make sure I was there by half 5 to meet them.  I didn't really care whether I got there on time or not............tried to put it off for as long as possible.  Whilst i was walking there it was raining so I had to spend the rest of the evening with damp feet :(  Not the best thing in the world to have lol

Met Greg and we went in for a drink, apparently Dad wouldn't be there till 6pm.  I tried to look as nonchalant as possible, like I didn't care but goodness knows whether I pulled it off.  Greg and I chatted until he turned up.  As soon as he came in, I could feel the dread in my stomach :(  He got a drink and sat down on the poof thingy and he seemed to be sitting with his back to me as he talked all kinds of technical crap with Greg.  This was not starting off well (he had said hello to me, just in case you were wondering lol).

So after a while we went to get a table for dinner.............they were busy and told us we would have to wait 30 minutes.  It wasn't 30 minutes later when they called us so that was good :)  I had scampi for the first time ever, which was quite nice.  The conversations over dinner was mostly stuff that I had heard about before but I was told that he had sent me xmas presents for the last two years but knew I wasn't getting them as I hadn't cashed the cheques.  He seemed to be under the impression this was what had angered me.............oh, how little he knows me......................

Anyway to cut a long story short ;)  I have agreed that he can get my number and stuff from Greg and contact me.  Well if he makes the first move I can't argue with that for a change can I?  We shall see anyway...............

The whole time we had been in the pub it had been raining and when we left it was absolutely pouring down!!!!!  I was lucky coz Greg offered me a lift :o)  So I got home, put the TV on and unpacked my work bag...............Hang on a minute where is my wallet??????????

Freaked out I turned my work bag inside out and even checked my coat pockets twice...............This turned me to blind panic and made me tearful once again :(  I had just taken out £10 to pay for my meal but Dad had paid so I didn't need to look for my wallet at the pub!!  I couldn't believe it, I was broke anyway but to loose £13 was a nightmare................................Usually my wallet has nothing in it........................

Then if that wasn't bad enough...........coz it was raining so hard out there the plumbing started acting up :(  So I couldn't use the toilet and I always get freaked out when I can't use the loo coz that will be the one time that I want too...................More tears............

I went to work Friday with my heart in my mouth hoping beyond all hope that my wallet was still in my was *phew*

But just when I thought I was coping..............the office move happened to incorporate the section with the girl that I didn't like much (I don't mind her as much now ;) Well they are sitting behind us.  Well five minutes of them being there they had the window open and the fans blowing.............I could feel my back starting to play up.  It doesn't like a chill..............So I couldn't cope anymore...twice i went to the loo's :(  P has gone back to her moody ways with the world.............which is not good.  I know I work with her but I don't want to be part of any annoyance anymore.

So I went to see Mum yesterday and hoping for a good day I left earlier than usual and had to wait at mum's door for her to come home from shopping lol.............

Meggy's got Mario Kart for the DS so I was playing that pretty much the majority of the time :o)  I want a DS for that game alone lol

We went into town and I brought essentials but nothing spectacular.

I came home and walked back from the train station..........about 1 minute away from my front door and it hammered down with rain.  See pictures 7,8 and 9 for the devastation of the heavy rain.  I couldn't believe it when I saw the car park flooded..........of course it made me panic about the plumbing again........then there was more rain forecast for today :( 

Luckily it hasn't rained since and that water disappeared as quick as it appeared...........pray that we don't have anymore.  It's started me thinking perhaps I should pack an emergency bag in case I have to leave for flooding :(  Well it's just a thought.

Anyway lighter subjects..............Who watched Britain's Got Talent?  Yay George :o)  I'm so happy he won..........I was crying still when his name was announced but it was happy tears this time lol.................

Well I hope you all have a better week than I have x  I'm behind in alerts which won't help tomorrow coz I'm going to start having Monday's as a no computer night...................Wish me luck ;)

Take care all xx