Tuesday, 25 April 2006

Test Result

Hello - wow another entry!!  That's 3 in a row lol.........

It's so annoying coz I have started to write my journal entries in emails and then copy and paste them but last night I thought nah, it's only going to be short so let's type it straight in (like I'm doing tonight as well lol)  So that serves me right for losing it doesn't it!!

Well as you know I took my ECDL test today and I passed with one percent less than what i got in the diagnostic :-)  Yay me \o/  J whose also taking ECDL at the moment managed to get 100% but he was doing a different module to me!!  We're both gonna attempt the word module next.  Apparently J's been told it's one of the easiest - sounds good to me ;-)

I've felt really blah today.  I came home and did one of my exercise video's but I feel achy all over and not very with it :-(  I think I just need to take things easy so I decided after all the chores where done and I'd eaten tea to watch Kirsty and Phil's best places to invest.  *Phew* Devon wasn't mentioned lol.........Don't want my landlords to have been watching and get ideas  if you know what i mean!!  I'm annoyed that I can't afford to buy a property.  I heard on the radio the other day that you need a certain amount of money but I only earn half of what they say.  So what have I really got to look forward to in the future??  Certainly no property to invest and so on..............

Oh one other piece of news K at work - the lady who came back from maternity leave at the beginning of the year is pregnant :-)  Bless her!!

Is anyone watching this Michael Carroll programme??  I'm rather stunned to say the least - I bet it gets loads of complaints lol.............

Well I should go and get to bed early again!!  Don't laugh I mean it this time ;-)

Take care peeps and thanks for the good luck messages xx

Jen xx 

Monday, 24 April 2006

Second attempt!!

  I feel like doing that right at this minute!!  I was in the middle of a fab journal entry and I lost it coz my computer froze on me :-(

I don't have any news well not really just wanted to let you know that I did my Diagnostic ECDL test today.  For those of you that don't know the Diagnostic test is to prepare you for the real thing.  It has more questions than the real thing and just let's you get a feel for the test.  I scored 87% (you need 75% to pass :-)  So fingers crossed for the real thing tomorrow :-)

I've been in a very odd mood today.  Like I'm not really there just going through the motions as it were!!  I think I need to get to bed early, well I would if AOL didn't mess me around lol...........

Sorry I don't have much to say - wouldn't wanna bore you like last night's entry - jeez did that go on lol........Just tell me to shut up if I bore you ;-)

Did any of you watch Wife Swap??  I know there's too many reality TV shows on at the mo but I love that one, compulsive viewing me thinks!!  What was that blonde woman like eh??  She treated her hubby like a scivvy and he just took it - what a wimp!!  lol..........

Well I better be heading bedwards!!  Can't go up the wooden hills as I don't have any lol..............

Take care peeps - will let you know how I get on tomorrow xx

Best wishes

Jen xx 

Sunday, 23 April 2006

Sunday catch up

Hiya Everyone, Have you had a good weekend?
Today's been fairly quiet at my end :-)  That's the way I seem to like my sundays lol......Gearing up for the week ahead I suppose!!  Quite a bit happening this week too!!  I got up after having a bit of a read in bed, and did my washing up.  Quite a few day's had been piling up - not intentionally you understand ;-)  Just pure laziness again lol.......Watched Shipwrecked (after a 1/2 hour phone call with Trina discussing the damn programme lol, plus other things)!  Watched a film I've borrowed from mum called Closer, which is odd, one of those that wins tons of awards and nobody understands it.  Well that's how I saw it anyway!!  Then decided to watch Roger Cam on the Wembley DVD.  All the girlies go on about it on the board a lot, and I was thinkin' I haven't watched it in ages.  Naughty me!!  But before I watched that I watched some of the other extras and I don't remember watching them before - why not??  I couldn't think of the answer to that!!  Roger cam was good though :-)  *deep sigh*  I've also made a new wallpaper, and written a bit, but not much!!
Yesterday I got up early and went to have my hair cut.  Got home, had a cuppa and hoovered and then went food shopping.  Came home had food and watched War Bride something else I borrowed from mum, which wasn't bad!!  Also ended up watching Me or the Dog and Supernanny!!  After that I decided to clear out the cupboard-nobody-should-ever-go-in!!  As I have two large boxes I decided to clear away the dustbin bags that everything is in and transfer it to the boxes.  It took me about two hours!!  Spent the rest of the evening chilling out :-)
The end of last week came quite slowly.  We were due to get the bills on Friday and we did but it took a while!!  P and I spent Friday morning sitting there talking, moaning and bitching.  We didn't even bother trying to look busy either.  There was a lot of moaning and bitching going on last week.  The teams are split into two us with A-M and the other's with N-Z.  Although we're pretty much doing the same job we all do things differently.  Like we go direct to the route, but the other's try to find out the whole history before they solve anything.  Well all last week P and I have been sat there bored stiff, trying to look busy and stuff, when the other team are finishing off the last of their accounts and they received phone calls about our part of the alphabet.  Instead of passing them on, coz we were both there, they deal with them themselves, which is ridiculous as if we talk to these people we aren't gonna know the background.  What annoys us the most is you can't complain about this, coz if you did nothing would get done about it!!  P reckons that once team leader has finished her AAT course she will be outta there, and I can't blame her.  But this would probably mean D would go for her position who works on the other team and working for him would be crap!!  Eugh it's just office politics and it's just eugh!!  lol
This week I have my 2nd ECDL exam, which I'll have to do the diagnostic tomorrow, (shall let you know my score ;-), we have a team meeting (snooze) and training for some time keeping thing (boooooooo).  But a week on Thursday will be my holiday woohoo!!  Covention coming up!!  I haven't been to one for two years, shouldn't really go this year looking at the finances lol......
Anyway I don't wanna bore you too much in one entry so i shall leave you here!!  I was thinking I should try and think of some stories to share with you, I see a lot of people share their memories and I don't seem to do that very much.  I'll see what I can think off!!
Have a good week peeps xx

Tuesday, 18 April 2006

A bit more cheery

Hiya everyone :-)  Thank you so much for your lovely comments.  It's so lovely to know there's some fab people out there coz you are, you know?  Personal note to Sara though - thanks for the offer hun I may take you up on that xx (((((hugs))))))
Yesterday I decided to spend it calmly after the harrassement of Sunday lol........So I went out to Sainsbug's to buy something to cook in my new microwave and went to Comet and treated myself to some new headphones.  :-)
Well if I have to put up with my tape walkman I may as well make the best of it.  Trina rang me as I was walking home with a solution to my problems.  Bless her she does try!!  At least they've seen something they need if the player doesn't work again!!  Don't bother crossing those fingers peeps - I'm beyond caring lol........I'm dreaming of the things Trina can buy me at the Queen convention for my birthday pressie instead ;-)  Something I'd treasure and enjoy much more lol.......Should've thought of that in the first place!!  *rolls eyes*
In the evening I watched Peter Kay night - still love the biscuit joke - doesn't matter how many times I've seen it.  I must say that the Max and Paddy bits in between were a bit risque!!  Still a good laugh though :-)  Bless 'em!!
Watching that of course meant I went to bed very late!!  Today was back to work and I did think about going in early but as we couldn't order our bacon sarnies I couldn't be bothered with earlyness!!  Oh I forgot to mention our work place is now doing bacon sarnies.  You have to order them and you'll get it between 8.30 and 8.45am which isn't too early and I could've made it in that early for a bacon sarnie lol........But when K tried ordering them last week they said they weren't doing them until after easter boooo........
Work was soooooooooooooo boring and we've got two more days of that!!  Boooooooooooo............. I was typing something up when everyone in my team left and PB came over to talk to me - I closed down what I was doing and he said 'stop writing your novel jen and do some work' LOL if only he knew!!  I find work a great place to get some ideas down and start working on them - Well I would do proper work if there was any!!  I was actually writing this day of as being boring until I came home............
I did some of my exercise video :-)  Am up to date on my emails and journal alerts (well all bar one!!) up to date with the roger board and live journal.  My yahoo email box has over 150 emails in it but most of them are forwards or newsletters that I've signed up to (I check it for important stuff).  I tided my computer desk and untangled all the leads, put my washing away, cleaned up in the kitchen, etc.....Then I logged on and found a comment from Mum (aka my brother lol......that sounds odd - go read it you'll see what I mean!!) and that is sooooooooooo cool.  So come on everyone wave hello to my family :-)  Bless 'em!!
I missed a call earlier from my Nan - I hope she's ok!!  I must ring her back - perhaps tomorrow and find out.........
Well I don't know what else to drivel on about ;-)  so I shall leave you here!!  Instead of a sig today I'm gonna leave you with an eye candy pic - which I've set as my wallpaper coz I think it's gorgeous!!  Plus I'm in a fairly good mood.....................
Take care peeps
Best wishes
Jen xx

Sunday, 16 April 2006

Foul Mood

Hiya everyone - hope your still having a good easter!!  Even though I'm off work (any reason for that to be mentioned ;-) lol, I'm still behind in journal reading.  I've not been switching the computer on much, apart from today but more about that later.......
Yesterday Trina came round and we popped into town.  I don't remember if I mentioned it before but I needed new work shoes and my trainers had given me a blister a week ago so I was gonna look for new ones too.  I hate looking for work shoes, they have to be smart, comfortable to wear and not too old fashioned - if you know what I mean!!  Looked in Shoe Zone, can't stand that shop but it's cheap but there's no room to swing a cat (not that you would in a shoe shop lol), let alone browse..........  Next we went to Shoe Express.  Slightly more expensive and nothing but summer shoes, but as I got my last pair in there I thought I would be ok, obviously not!!  Becoming downhearted, not just for work shoes but trainers as well as I wasn't having any luck there too, we left these shops and ventured further up town.  We wanted to go to poundland (probably shouldn't admit to that lol), to have a look for inspiration for our costume at the Queen convention in a few weeks time.  On the way there though we stopped in a couple more shoe shops (expensive ones like Clarkes), and I managed to find a pair that were also in the sale!!  Woohoo!!  Still a bit more than I wanted to pay but we can't have everything can we?  Didn't find any trainers though!!  Trina managed to come up with an idea for her fancy dress, I know what I want to do, I just have to get my butt in gear and actually do something about it!!
We had coffee and cake and then argued about whether I should get an MP3 player or not!!  We browsed Argos to see if I should or not.  Eventually I was talked into having one as part of my birthday pressie (it's not till June so don't start leaving me best wishes lol), so I went home with new shoes and an MP3 player.
On a unhappier note I found out I can never have an Ipod unless I upgrade my computer :-(  I can't afford to upgrade my computer.  To do that will cost just as much as an Ipod itself!!
So we came home and I loaded the MP3 player in but of course, it didn't work!!  Wayne turned up to pick Trina up and he had a go at making it work!!  He had also brought me a microwave, which his mum had got me, and some daffodils, also from his mum - isn't that lovely :-)  Their in my kitchen with my microwave :-)
So here comes the bad news!!  I have spent the best part of today and last night trying to get this **@@"#~ MP3 player to work and it hasn't.  I am absolutely fuming!!  As you may have gathered.......but I'm also really upset!!  It just seems that no matter what I want, whenever I finally get it, it goes wrong!!  I just don't know what to do anymore, I've tried everything and anything, reloaded the computer about fifty times today and I'm not exaggerating!!  Such a waste of a day - this whole holiday has been a complete blowout and waste of time.  I would've got more achieved if I'd actually been at work!!  I'm not saying I wanna go back to work but why can't things just be straight forward and work properly.  I always assumed that once you had installed the driver for an MP3 player you could just put music onto it, but clearly it doesn't work that way :-(  I can't even burn cd's onto this heap of @*%$!!  I can't afford a new computer so where does that leave me??  Up %&*$ creek without a paddle.  I tell you the situation is getting bad coz I was actually contemplating putting a notice up and asking people if they would burn my music onto a cd for me and I'd pay them!!  Now that is desperate isn't it??  But when you spend hours downloading stuff and your so excited and want to listen to it on your walkman and you can't coz it's stuck on the computer with no option to get it off, it is frustrating and depressing :-(
Anyway I'm not gonna think about it anymore and when I'm in the right frame of mind I shall try it once more!!  If it doesn't work I shall ring the customer services number who will probably tell me what I know already - that it's my %^&$ting computer!!  Pardon my language!!  If that doesn't work it'll go back to the store and if they won't take it I'll try and sell it or something *big sigh*
Tomorrow I'm doing cool stuff I don't know what that might be yet lol - I might even venture out and try and find something to be cooked in my microwave ;-)  Gotta cheer myself up somehow!!
Bill Bailey was on Telly Heaven, TV Hell and he was just taking the mickey out of Brian on the roof top of Buck Palace.  It's a good job he didn't go to any of the gigs and seen Brian re-enact it lol..................Also whilst on the subject of TV, Peter Kay night on Channel 4 tomorrow.  I wasn't gonna watch, (I have it all on DVD), but apparently there's new Max & Paddy stuff in between :-)  yay!!
Well I've gone on for long enough and need to put the rest of my chilli in the fridge!!  Till next time.............Hope your having a better easter than me ;-)
Best wishes
another creation from Dianna @ sazzycreations :-)

Friday, 14 April 2006

Good Friday catch up!!

Hiya Everyone - Happy Easter to you all - woohoo four days off work   :-)  What could be better??  I know there's probably tons of things lol...............
Firstly thanks for your co-operation regarding my alerts!!  Apparently my theory isn't correct so I don't know if I should tell you what it was lol.......it's funny though isn't it that when you don't want it to work it does *rolls eyes*  Bet it doesn't with this entry!!  Ok well basically my theory was I thought maybe the wireless alerts were only happening in the evening as there are usually a lot more people on line at that time!!  Obviously not!!
Well what's been happening to update you guys with........well there's a few things actually but none of it is very interesting!!  On Wednesday I got to work and L asked what was going on in Commercial Road.  Apparently it had been closed!!  I had no idea where Commerical Road was but still didn't have an idea.  At lunch time team leader read the local news and there was a body found...........arrrggghhh that's near here!!  Well not too near but even so..........it's still a nasty thing!!  I read the update later that night and apparently there was no obvious cause of death.  Not heard anything more about it, when I do I'll let you know!!
The ducks have started to have their babies on the river :-)  I saw one on Thursday when I was walking home and I'm not joking but I swear she had at least 13 babies.  They were so cute.  I shall have to keep my camera with me in case I see them again!!  I remember trying to do that last year but to no avail!!  No doubt she'll disappear this year too!!
So 4 days off work - woohoo!!  But I have no money!!  But I need new work shoes and possibly new trainers arrrrrgggggghhhhhhhh!!  Gonna look up town tomorrow andsee what I can find - cheaply - wish me luck lol.
Today I've done literally nothing and feel quite tired!!  It's funny that when you do nothing it makes you tired isn't it??  I've watched the following so far:  24 hour party people - 2 episodes of the Muppets - The Guru and Flash Gordon (althought the TV mag said batteries not included, so I missed the beginning).  Flash Gordon makes me laugh - the acting in that is worse than Footballers Wives.  Anybody who watches that didn't you laugh at Webbsy's acting as he fell down the lift shaft?  Shame it's finished though, Thursday's TV night and I resisted the urge to turn the computer on last night ;-)
I did go for a walk today and didn't see the duck.  The thingy boat went past so I guess that's probably scared her off :-(  Hope she will come back so I can get a pic for you guys!!
AOHell is doing my head in something good and proper!!  It's logged me off so many times during the past few days that I just get fed up with it and don't bother logging back on!!
Work's been alright and Team Leader gave us a tub of mini-eggs each!!  Wasn't that nice of her?
Yesterday I thought I'd do my food shopping as I have no idea what the opening times are during the weekend.  The traffic was a nightmare though.  I was glad I was on my bike so I can weave in and out of the traffic lol...........They even apologised for it over the tannoy and said they'd been onto the local council to get the traffic lights to change a lot quicker.  Madness!!
Well I hope you have a super weekend.  Trina's coming round tomorrow so that'll be cool!!
Take care................
Best wishes
graphic c/o Dianna @ sazzycreations :-)

Wednesday, 12 April 2006

Test number 2

I know I did this earlier but I have a theory and I need you guys to help me test this theory!!  It's probably all crap what I'm thinking but still.........if you could just humour me for now and let me know if you get a proper/wireless alert for this entry it'd be good.


Thanks peeps


jen xx


Please let me know if you get an alert for this entry!!


Thank you very much xx

Sunday, 9 April 2006

Catch up!!

Hiya how are you?
I'm ok!!  It's funny the other day I was actually considering giving up on this journal.  There's no need to panic though peeps - I changed my mind again LOL..........Thanks to those of you who leave comments.  Just thought I'd thank you - hadn't done that for a while :-)  You are appreciated see......lol
So let's play catch up huh?  The rest of the week drifted past in a void!!  I, for some unknown reason, on Thursday and Friday woke up both days thinking it was Saturday.  This annoyed me completely and I was beginning to feel the weekend would never come.  lol.......Work was okay.  Team leader went up town one lunchtime and came back with about four freezer bags from M&S  - they were selling them for 19p.  Well for that price you can't miss a bargin can you?  P had a couple - she's a rainbow's leader and is taking them away for a night soon.  I had one, will come in handy for when I defrost that freezer again lol........I also thought about Trina's August bank holiday barbque.  :-)  Well I'm sure it'll come in handy for some things.
P is off this week coming and team leader the week after.  Thank god it's only a four day week.  We have no work to do so I'm not really looking forward to this week.  More ECDL stuff to do I guess!!  I also found out that neither of them is in for my birthday :-(  K won't be in coz she doesn't work on Wednesdays.  It's bad enough I've gotta work the day but knowing I'll be sat there on my own doesn't really thrill me!!  They were talking about going to the Coaver club (the club on site at work), to get a drink - whether that comes off remains to be seen!!  We should though the other team always go over when it's someone's birthday!!  Anyway that's a way into the future and I've got other things to think about before that lot lol
Why is it I think about stuff I can do at the weekend all through the week and never get any of it achieved by the time the weekend arrives and then goes!!  This weekend I just wanted to concentrate on stuff - instead yesterday I rearranged things in the flat (again!!) and changed the sheets on the bed, cleaned the flat and moaned at the stupid horses in the Grand National.  We did a sweepstake at work and I ended up with Cornish Rebel and Shotgun Willy.  Now if they had fallen that would've been okay and I wouldn't be so peeved about it!!  They couldn't do that though, they pulled up at the fences.  Whimps!!  Don't think I won anything in the lottery either!!
Today I didn't really do much - surprise surprise!!  Apart from watch TV, try to catch up on the journals which I'm failing miserably..........and made up a new mix tape.   :-)  Shall look forward to listening to that on the way to work tomorrow! 
I went for a walk yesterday morning, as soon as I got up, I went for a walk before having breakfast!!  It was nice and I wished I'd taken my camera.  There was a squirrel just sat there looking at me, that was until I moved and then he scarpered!!  Also saw a herron who also stared at me lol........Today I went for another walk, didn't really see anything of interest.  Mind you there's a duck on the river who has something wrong with his wing, or so I thought coz he has about two feathers sticking up, which looks odd.  Everyday I look out for him but for the past week I haven't spotted him much.  Today he was there and he had a friend, which is good and reassuring to see :-)
I've just missed the ending to Invasion grrrrrrrr.........
Well I don't know what else to type about..........so have a good week people and I'll update sometime during it!!
Bye xx

Wednesday, 5 April 2006

Back to normal

hello everyone...............how are you doing?  So back to normal entries from me.......I'm trying to think of ways to spruce up the ol' thing but ideas are very slack at the moment!!  It's always the same with me, I'm either full of ideas but don't know how to put the wheels in motion with them or don't have any ideas whatsoever!!  lol  I did think about maybe some ghosty stories of Devon at weekends.  Perhaps I might even bring the quiz back - I'd be grateful if you could let me know if you would be interested in doing the quiz - then perhaps if I do, do it I could email you when I've done an entry, just in case your still getting those silly wireless alert thingys!!
So anyway.........Trina's in Blackpool for a few days.  I've told her all the places and all the things she should do/visit.  For example I said she has to have a go on the horses game at the pleasure beach, the one where you throw the balls and the horse moves along the corresponding moves.........never mind!!  I just remember going on them when my ex and I went to Blackpool and the blokes running the stall they do commentary type stuff during the game and make fun of you if your losing - it's a good laugh and your pretty much guaranteed to win something if you have a go!  Also told her to visit the tower - gotta be done in Blackpool and to visit the Tower Circus......loved that!!  Also to visit the zoo......it was the first time my fascination with elephants started.  They were being cleaned and the keeper made them lift their feet and it was just so sad to watch, especially as they looked unhappy.  Then when they were being led out, one grabbed the other's tail with his trunk.  Plus I told her there's a bus that takes you to the zoo.......
I get a text yesterday to say the Pleasure Beach is closed until the weekend, so unless they can find the horses game in one of the amusment arcades they won't be able to have a go!!  Todays text informs me the circus doesn't start until Saturday *rolls eyes* out of season I suppose!!  It's just typical isn't it?  Still she managed to do the walk of fear at the top of the tower.  That's better than I ever achieved lol......................Tonight they are at their gig!!
Sarah has gone to America - but we won't talk about that lol........I'm not bitter.........well I'm not...........I'm just very jealous LOL..........Sent her a text when I left work, I have no idea what the time is over there........I had to remind her to get my Beanie hat!!  God knows when the gigs are - I try to avoid the list so I don't feel too upset lol.........
Work was crap today!  Thought I was fine until I sat down and a wave of anger washed over me for no apparent reason.  So I've been in a bit of a mood for most of the day.  Relaxed a little bit towards the end.  It's just sooooooooooooo boring.............always the same names that come up who haven't paid and always the same letters being sent to them.  I think I did two things quite badly today but only because I just couldn't give a damn.  I picked up the phone with that attitude and it was probably the worst call ever lol............well I can laugh about it now!!  What else is crap is team leader and P were moaning about the other team all morning.  This made me feel bad, coz although the other team were being loud which is unnecessary - their team leader gave me a pressie!!  I'd brought a jar of her mum's raspberry jam a while ago and she'd brought in another pot for me!!  Yummy...........and when team leader had left for the afternoon and P still wasn't back from lunch she showed me the pics of her daughter's hen night (it looked like they had, had a really good night!) It annoys me that everyone is so two faced in that office!!  I know i've spouted on about this before but there is just such a high level of it in that office it's unbelieveable!!  Anyway I shall stop moaning about that.   Their team leader had also brought in cake as it's her 26th wedding anniversary, but I didn't have any...........I'm well chuffed with myself lol
I'm concerned as one of my ebay purchases hasn't turned up and I paid for it last Thursday!!  Grrrrrr..........If it hasn't turned up by Saturday I shall email them to complain.........I don't like doing that butit's gotta be done if I've paid and not received the goods...........I only hope it's not lost - it's not something that they can clearly send out another one to replace it!!  Fingers crossed everyone........
Well I reckon I've droned on enough for one night.........until next time peeps xx
Take care.....

Monday, 3 April 2006

London Town c'mon down!!

Evenin' all :-) Hope your all ok?
Well just the last entry of the 7 years saga to go!!  Then it's back to normal entries although I shall try and find some things to boast them up a bit!
The day has been ok.  Typing accounts pretty much all day and answering the phone.  Felt very tired this afternoon so started flagging a bit!!  I did spot one mistake this morning so yay me :-)  Rest of the week is gonna be fairly quiet.  Trina is off to Blackpool for a few days and Sarah is off to America!!  So jealous of them both, but it's probably coz they are getting time off work - which I would love!!  P asked if I had any days booked off in April - I said that I'm hoping to build up my flex so I can have a monday or friday off.  So far I have about 1/2 a day built up :-( 
Anyway no more mutterings........Just to say there is photos for this gig I've just been too lazy to scan them in.  I will in a couple of days and will let you know!!  Onwards.......
Well here it was, the big one and the end of the tour.  God we had, had a good time.  Anyway we got there for 10am after leaving the B&B in a hurry and leaving most of the breakfast to go and catch our train to London.  Can you believe some people had got there for 7am, and you thought we were mad!!
Our friends all went to this one and the queue wasn't that big when we got there.  When Sandie turned up, (we'd returned the favour and saved her a space), we went and checked into our B&B.  When we got back she told us she'd thought about giving Treana some flowers and thought everyone might like to chip in.  It was a great idea, so I suggested we should do the same for the band.  (Well not flowers, but we'd think of something!)  So we asked all the girls who stood in the front row to give something and off Sandie and I went to buy gifts for Treana and the band.
For the band there was only one thing we could get them and that was a crate of lager, flippin' heavy it was too!!  We also picked a nice bunch of flowers for Treana.  When we managed to struggle back everyone thought it was great what we had got.  There was also a million and one cards to sign.  One for the band.......I won't tell you what I wrote LOL.........One for Roger, I think I wrote something along the lines of 'we're saving for the next tour already' ;-)
Eventually the band's van turned up and everyone who had given something towards the lager all went down to give it to them.  We got our chance when for some unknown reason the door opened.  Sandie who had the lager, gave it to Matt and said it was for them all and to say thanks for a great tour.  He was so sweet, he kept saying, 'is it really for us?' They all said thanks, I could see Jason, who was sitting at the back and he put his thumb up :-)  We all watched the band go in, then resumed our place in the queue as we had heard Roger wasn't going to turn up for a sound check.  I had lost Trina and Sandie but they said they were going to save me a place.  When I finally got into the building I followed Matt up the stairs and claimed my usual spot in front of Jason.
The gig was FANTASTIC!!  Unfortunately for me I was surrounded by Jason fans!!  Sandie was next to three foreign girls who went mad and kept talking to him and all sorts of other stuff.  They even chucked confetti and strands of stuff all over him.  I think he started to get annoyed by it!!  Anyway here's the best bits...............
- During London Town when Roger introduces the band, he had done Mike, Keith and got to Steve.  Everybody in the crowd on his side of the stage namely people we knew, started chanting 'Steve, Steve' Roger stood there listening to them and went over to the crowd and pointed the microphone at them.  When they finished he announced Steve, then Matt and finally it was Jason's turn.
- Believe this or not but I started the chant for Jason :-)  (you can hear it on the bootleg of the gig ;-)  Jason looked bewildered and Roger just looked at us!!  He pointed his microphone in our direction.  Trina told me later Jason mouthed thank you to everyone in front of him, but she noted he said it to me personally and accentuated the word!!  You probably think she just said that to shut me up, but it's true and you can see that on the video of the gig ;-)  Bless him!!
- Jason then did his solo spot and he played the guitar with his teeth and then behind his back.  It was totally amazing to watch.............
- During a quiet bit we asked if he was enjoying the lager, he said thanks but they hadn't started it yet.
- When he was playing, can't remember which song, Roger walked over to Jason as it was his guitar bit.  We started yelling for Rog, but he thought we were screaming for Jason so he stood behind him and played with his ears and blinded him for a second.  Then I think he ruffled his hair.......bless!!  Just made me yell even more ;-)
- When the gig was over I started yelling at Jason for his plectrum.  When he looked in my direction, Trina mouthed plectrum and pointed to me.  There were at least 5 people shouting for it, but he bent down and flicked it inmy direction!!
- Just before Roger did London Town he mentioned the familiar people being in the audience like he did in portsmouth and he pointed in our direction.  :-)
So that was it!!  We were going round to the back entrance when we noticed around the front, Spike Edney, (had my piccie taken with him :-) (Editors note for those who don't know Spike has played keyboards for Queen for a long time!) , Tony Hadley and Bob Geldof emerge.  When we did get round the back Jason emerged.  Not long after Mike, Keith and some woman left in the Star Line Van.  Poor Jason was carrying two big suitcases, but I stopped him to have a picture taken.  Trina said he stuck his tongue out before he gave a massive grin lol
Trina was then asked by someone else to take their picture with Jason.  So Trina said 'oh don't mind me I'm just the photographer.'  A bloke who had been standing on the side lines watching said something about how nobody ever wanted his picture.  Trina told him to join in and he went and stood in front of Jason and this woman, with his arms spread wide blocking their view.........lol.............we later found out that was Jason's dad, Papa Falloon!!
Someone else asked Jason if he was with his mum, pointing to the fairly young looking woman.  He gave a cute embarrassed look and said it was his mum.  I asked him again about the lager and very sincerely he thanked us for it!  As he was leaving I said goodbye and he told me to take care :-)
Roger left not long afterwards with his kids but there was far too many people so I couldn't see him :(  But OH MY GOD!!  What an absolute blast we had.........ROLL ON THE NEXT ONE!!
And thus endeth the tour diary!!  Not long after and this is taking obsession to the extreme, Trina and I joined the Falloons fan club and went to see them a few times at gigs in Surrey!  If you like Irish folky music then go look em up coz they are really good and Papa Falloon is a right character :-)  One time we went up to see them they played a gig in the evening and the next day was playing one at a pub.  When we told Jason we were going, he offered us a lift.  You can imagine how freaked out I was lol.......So I sat in the front passenger seat with Trina in the back with verbal diarohea!!  lol.........Unfortunately this was the point he was to tell me he was emigrating to live abroad with his woman!!  Last time we saw him was December 30th 1999.  Bless him..............
Anyway that's all for now!!
speak to you all soon xx

Sunday, 2 April 2006


So let's continue with the 7 years ago today saga - just this one and one more to go peeps!!  No photos to go with this entry and you'll find out why!!
We got there at 1pm and found out that the concert hall was next door to a indoor swimming pool :-)  The images of Roger in the pool kept me going lol......Trina and I were about 10th in the queue which was not so bad.  At one point I went for a wander round the back of the hall and found my Belgian penpal and as I was talking to her, the White Star Line van turned up, followed by of course, practically everyone I knew from the queue!!  Of course we waited for the band to get out.
I managed to get Mike to sign my EF cover and whilst he was I stopped Matt to get him to sign it too.  When Mike was signing I watched Jason walk past.  Bless him, he looked so desperate for someone to ask him to sign something.  Nobody did though!!  I noticed Steve (bass player) signing stuff for other people and I went over and he also signed my cover.  It was a great feeling, the only other person needed to complete the signatures was Keith.  Trina promised to ask him to do that when they were leaving.
When Roger turned up I didn't get to see much of him as there were crowds of people.  We saw the van leave again a little while later, as we were stood in the queue.  We also saw Roger's children Rufus and Rory.  During the show we saw his partner Debbie holding Lily who was sound asleep ~ bless!!
The gig was good even the security before hand!!  So a big cheer to them!  Unfortunately during this gig I found myself comparing it to Wolverhampton and that just wasn't fair.  I managed to share a few looks with Roger and Jason, I think!!  I say that coz the light's were terrible again and I could only see Jason's face when he stood in front of the light.  I tried for the plec but as usual he ignored me ;-)  Also we weren't allowed to take pics so unfortunately you can't see any from this gig!!
I decided to talk to Jason after the gig, when Roger left the place emptied.  There was about 7/10 of us left.  The band came out and I got Jason to sign Trina's EF cover.  He said he would if I could hold his can of lager.  I replied that I suppose I could, oh dear lord what is wrong with me, I should have taken a sip ;-)
I did ask him when were we going to hear his own material and his answer was he didn't know!  Nice and helpful.  A girl who was standing nearby, asked her to have pic taken with him and gave me her camera.  There was her and Jason and eventually Mike posing for this picture to be taken.  I just stood there holding this camera asking which button I had to press.  This girl kept saying the grey button.  There was like 10 buttons on this thing but none of them were grey.  So I had to keep asking and Jason and Mike were telling me which one to press it was highly embarrassing!!
Trina managed to get Keiths autograph for me.  She said he thought he'd already signed it.  My whole album was now signed by everyone on there apart from Jonathan Perkins and Keith Airey.  Cool huh?
But what would we do - it's the last gig tomorrow................

Where'd all the Good People go?

Hi people ~ are you there?  Are you getting my alerts??  Have I said something to offend you all ??  Well I hope your ok anyway ;-)
So April is here, where time is going is anyones guess!!  But the start of a month means a new pic of me in the about me section and a different colour for the journal ;-)  I've also updated the description bit - found some song lyrics that fitted me perfectly lol..........
Anyway the weekend has flown by yet again.  Trina came round to stay on Friday night so I did my shopping and they drove it home for me!!  It's so nice to have Wayne do that, it just means I don't have to struggle with the heavy stuff which I do frequently!!  Hopefully not so much anymore as I fixed that puncture lol.......She cooked chilli con carne, the low fat way :-)  I would've done it but don't really know how!!  I'm just on hand to pass her pots and cutlery and stuff lol......Then we settled down and watched some of the Night At The Opera dvd.  It's very good, and Roger teaching us how to play the drums is clearly worth it alone lol...You'd think I was biased wouldn't you lol
Saturday.  We got up, had brekkie and watched Queen dvd's!!  Then we went up to Matalan and The Range to do some shopping before meeting Wayne at the Malthouse for lunch :-)  That was nice and for afters we had a chocolate fondoue (can't spell lol) thingy to share between us!!  It comes with marshmallows, strawberries, doughnut pieces, banana, brownie pieces, I can't remember if there was anymore!!  It was really funny, but it soon filled you up!  We went back to the range afterwards as I had seen a shelf thingy that would hold 64 videos and I really needed somewhere to put mine.  So I brought it and Wayne offered to construct it.  Once we got it out of the box though Trina wanted to do it lol......She did a pretty good job and we won't mention the tear in the wood huh Trina ;-)  It was a pretty good spending day yesterday.  I brought the shelf thingy (which is actually holding 56 videos not 64!!), a shredder, some jogging trousers and a new top :-)  Plus over this weekend I've won a few items on Ebay!!  It's a flippin' good job I've just been paid isn't it lol.........
Today I've done nothing, well I've hoovered and taken my rubbish to the bins but apart from that I seem to have started stuff but not finsihed them off!!  Isn't it annoying when that happens.........I did do quite a bit of scanning of pics and interviews of Queen that I had to send to someone which I've been meaning to do for ages.  I assumed the weather was gonna be crappy today but it appears to have sunshined all day, but with a very choppy wind from what I heard.  I did manage to watch the whole of my shaun of the dead dvd.  That does mean the extras too!!  Trina was told one of the people we knew at school was a zombie in the programme but I've not seen her!!
Couple of things to mention before I go!  The jogging trousers I brought, well on the hanger they said the size I wanted.  Tried them on last night and thought I would look at the label.  It's actually 2 sizes smaller than what I thought and they fit :-)  Jenny's a happy bunny indeed lol............
The other thing is just to tell you about the book I'm reading now!!  it's by Billy Hopkins (an author I've never heard of and have borrowed the book from mum) and it's called Anything Goes.  Not bad so far!!
Well that's all for now!  I think I'll do a seperate entry for the seven years ago saga :-)  So until next time............
Take care peeps xx