Tuesday, 29 March 2005

A Rollicking Good Show (long entry approaching....)

We got to London just after middayish, after a couple of hours on the train.  Not a bad journey and no delays, which was good news.  (Obviously crossing those fingers helped!! Thanks peeps :-)  We’d heard of delays and services not working on the tubes before hand so with a route mapped out we made our way to Vauxhall to find our hotel.  This didn’t take too long, thanks to the instructions and the trusty A-Z!!  We stayed at a place called the Comfort Inn and from the outside you wouldn’t have thought it was gonna be very comforting.  It was actually quite nice inside even though our room had orange walls lol…….After a quick sort out of bags we left to find the academy.  Someone we’d met in London at WWRY in january called Cat, had been texting Trina during most of our journey and was already at the venue with Sarah and their gang and said that we could join them in the queue.  I also got to meet Brigitte from the website I go on :-)  which was nice!!


As we got off the tube at Brixton we noticed two people wearing Queen t-shirts.  We both thought ‘must walk quicker and get there before them’.  This soon left our minds when Trina couldn’t find her tube ticket to get through the barrier and we didn’t actually know where the academy is and I didn’t take the A-Z with me!!  Good ol’ Brixton had it signposted though.  So we managed to get to the venue by 2pm.  Doors were due to open at 7pm.  There must’ve been about 20/30 people in front of us, (maybe even not that many!!)  If we weren’t gonna get to the front row, we were certainly gonna be 2nd row and that wasn’t bad!!  I won’t go into too much detail about the queueing time, (yeah right Jen).  I mean that would just be boring for you to read, 5 hours of waiting!!  Trina and Sarah went round to the back at around 3 (or was it 4??) and saw Brian arrive.  Apparently Roger had his car drive up to the doorway so that he could just go into the venue without being seen.  Made me feel glad I didn’t go around.  By 5.30pm the queue was growing stretching almost the entire length of the academy.  By about 6.30pm it was ¾ of the way around.  The security bloke said that if it grows any bigger they’d let us in.  We all silently wished it would!!  The excitement was growing for me!!  Although I have been to big gigs before such as, Royal Albert Hall and Cardiff Millenium Stadium, I had been sitting at those gigs.  This one had a sense of difference about it and I wondered what I was in for!!  In the meantime we were being entertained by some Japanese bloke dressed as Freddie and singing, (not very good but not as bad as the blokes a few people behind us!!)   Also whilst standing with Sarah and her friends (Gavin, Cat, Rosie and Becky,) there was an awful lot of distasteful jokes about Roger and his age!!  I’m even ashamed to admit I made some of them………………..


Anyway I don’t remember what time they actually let us in but there was chaos after this.  All the people (apart from Gavin) I had been standing with in the queue had bags so they had to go to the left.  As I didn’t I went in a different door, when I got through I couldn’t see Trina but spotted Gavin so went and stood next to him by yet another set of doors!!!!  There was one bloke on this door checking tickets and he wasn’t going very fast.  I managed to stand behind Trina (who was in the 2nd row) but unfortunately I also had Gavin in front and he’s a tall bloke!!  Mind you there was some kid behind me who was moaning, ‘why don’t they make tall people stand at the back?’  If only it worked that way........


They weren’t due on till 8.45pm, so that meant another hour and 45 minute wait.  By 8pm I was ready to pack it in and go home LOL……By around 10 past 8 the lights dimmed and music started so the crowd started to build the excitement.  Little did we know it was Track 13 from the Made In Heaven album which goes on for ½ an hour.  Nearer the end of it I was learning not to cheer as the music got louder.  At 8.45pm the music changed to Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’.  Wasn’t sure what I thought about this choice of song but decided when you listen to the lyrics it’s not that bad a choice.  Eventually Paul emerged on his own and sung ‘Reachin’ Out.’  I don’t know it but it was good!!  The crowd warmed to him immediately, then when everyone was ready they belted out Tie Your Mother Down.  The crowd went mental, jumping and singing along, the atmosphere was electric for this and I knew the rest of the evening was gonna be a buzz.  The band was up for this and so were we!!  Paul was good but he is not Freddie and neither did he try to be in my opinion.  He did go for audience participation which I was glad about.  The crowd sung most of I want to Break Free.  Then Brian took to the front of the stage and was playing around on his guitar.  He did a few chords of ’39 and much to his annoyance the crowd started singing it…..so we did the whole song, even though he says it wasn’t on the set list.  If that was true it surely will be next time LOL……………….He then did Love of My Life (Sandra I sung it really loudly for you!:-)  Paul did a song called Seagull and Roger came to the front to play his bongos.  It was a lovely song and Roger apparently liked it coz he was mouthing all the words.  According to Trina anyway!!  I was impressed, I stood up during a guitar solo but wasn’t so amused when Brian went into his solo song Last Horizon.  I just kept thinking ‘I hope Roger does a solo song or at least I think I’m watching the Brian May Band with Roger on drums’…………..


He didn’t do a solo song but sung These Are The days, he didn’t finish it with the line ‘I still love you’ which I thought was cool coz that’s Freddie’s line.  Rog also sung Radio Ga Ga (part of it anyway) and I’m In Love With My Car.  Bless him……he was really pounding those drums, putting to shame all those people who had bad mouthed him before.  Towards the end his son sat by his drum kit.


Paul did All Right Now, Feel Like Making Love, and Can’t Get Enough, (and another one which Trina and I didn’t recognise!)  They all rocked!!  They also did Bo Rhap with a video clip of Freddie on piano doing the first section with Roger and Brian playing their bits live!  Wasn’t sure what to think of that, it seems a lot of people thought it was a touching moment but I just don’t know!!  After one song nearer the end Roger got off his drumkit and walked off stage, Paul and Brian were like 'where's he gone?' Trina and Sarah looked at each other wondering if he was all right.  It made me laugh coz I just assumed he wasn't supposed to leave at that point.  But apart for some hitches it was a fabulous show!


Afterwards Trina and I went to get a drink and stood near the merchandise stall.  I was trying to look at the hooded tops and noticed that they do hats when this foreign bloke in a hat came up to us and looked at me and said, ‘I found this, as I work here my manager wouldn’t be happy if I went so you take it but if you won’t use it pass it on to someone who will.’  So what did he give me…………………ONLY A PASS TO THE AFTERSHOW PARTY!!!!!  I couldn’t breathe but also knew there was NO way I was gonna use it!!  I mean it felt like a dream come true but I knew that if I tried to use it I was either gonna be refused entry or my illusion of the band would be shattered, coz they would probably tell me to get lost or something.  Call me selfish but I wasn’t prepared to pass it on either!!  Another reason I wasn’t going anywhere without Trina and I had a Queen t-shirt on and it would look a bit suspicious wearing a fleece top in there lol…………….


So instead we wandered round to the back!!  Confusion reigned and we walked away from the gates.  When we wandered back Trina’s mobile went.  It was Cat telling her Roger had just left,  we were at this point by a different door, and his car had probably gone past us, but we had our backs to the road.  So we walked back up to the gates.  We were trying to decided who was gonna come out and through which door, so we walked back to where we were before, only to find out we’d just missed Paul!!  We figured there was no point in waiting for Brian so we decided to look for food.  We did a full circle and ended up back at the gates.  Our mate Gary informed us that we’d just missed Brian.  Apparently he stopped to take pics and sign stuff as well.  Trina was not amused with me as it was me who wanted food.  So that was it they were all gone and we’d missed ‘em all!!  You’ve got to laugh really………….


Trina rung for a taxi and they said about ½ an hour.  So we walked down to Kentucky and wandered back up to the academy sat on the steps and ate food.  Picture the scene we’re two girls, one with a bag, sitting on the steps, in Brixton!!  Admittedly for 1am there was quite a few people about but Trina was not feeling very safe.  I wasn’t too bad but I didn’t have a bag, plus I was trying to send psychic messages to Roger to come and pick us up but it wasn’t working LOL……………….Trina rung the firm again and they swore blind that they’d stopped by the academy, rung her and the number was wrong.  They’d parked up in the bus stop (across the road from where we were) and couldn’t see us!!  Trina had a go at them and they said they’d be about 10 mins.  We crossed over the road and waited!  I was determined that I would flag down a cab if this one didn’t turn up.  It was now 2am!!  Eventually these two blokes walk past, one of them asks if we had a fag, we said no, but he started asking Trina about her fleece.  When he realised it said Queen, he started saying that he’d worked for them on their last tour in 1986.  I kept thinking ‘yeah right whatever!’ Until he mentioned that he’d stayed at Roger’s house with his mate Mike Crossley.  Mike had played keyboards on Roger’s last two solo albums and it didn’t sound anything like a blagger would mention.  He then said that Mike is a sound engineer at the Borderline and if we go and see him to mention Liverpool John.  Strange end to a fab night!!  Decided we are not selling the other tickets on ebay after all and wishing May will hurry up!!


Photos will be posted soon :-)


Sunday, 27 March 2005

Done it!!

I managed to figure it out and I've had a response - so I've obviously done it right - yay me!!  Thanks for the messages though peeps :-)

A Plea

This is a desperate plea!!  If any of you lovely people knows what the + sign means for the code to Germany then please let me know!!

My friend has given me her mobile number as + 49 but the '+' key on my mobile doesn't want to know grrrr..........Please help!!

Thank you :-)

The Great T-Shirt debate!!

 J-Land people!!  How are you all?  Happy Easter and thanks to those who sent e-cards.  Apologies for not returning the kind gesture!!

So just a few more hours to go well probably a bit more than that but you know what I mean :-)  And the great t-shirt debate is under way.  When choosing what to wear to a gig it is essential to get the right mix of feeling comfortable and looking good but and this is the big NO-NO your t-shirt cannot clash with your mates coz that's just sad LOL........We've both decided it's a band t-shirt gig rather than a brian or roger t-shirt and it would just be bad taste to wear a freddie one.  Well, ok, not bad taste but slightly unfair to Paul.  Oh you know what I mean!!!!  I think I have an idea what I'm wearing and I've already mentioned it to Trina so we're cool.  I'm a bit annoyed really.....I went to see mum yesterday and we did a bit of shopping :-)  and in one shop there was a t-shirt (2 sizes to small for me!!) and it said LOL how cool would that've been.  It was only 3 quid, I should've got it - if only to motivate me into eating less so I could fit into it :-) 

Wasn't the weather lovely yesterday, felt like a summers day!!  Like I wrote before I went to see Mum and my sister.  We went shopping, which I probably shouldn't have spent any money but never mind ha ha ha......Then we went back to mum's and played some games.  Piggy in the middle is a good one and Megs seems to enjoy playing the memory game.  She was quite good at it to begin with....then it all went downhill!!  It was a good laugh anyway. 

The train ride on the way home was a nightmare!!  First they tell us the one due after the one we're actually waiting for is going to come in first, to platform 3, so some of us make the trek to 3.  When we get there the train is pulling in to platform 2 which is where we were originally.  So finally get on the train and get a seat which is a slight improvement to the journey up, only for the train to get even more delayed between stations.  The ride up was great (sarcasm intended!!) they had a six carriage train and the last 3 carriages weren't in service coz the doors weren't working.  You'd think someone would have the sense to take them off or something.  Things like this don't fill me with great confidence about tomorrow!!  I think I'll check out Virgins website......hang on.........Well the good news is our train line isn't affected according to their website - fingers and toes crossed!!

It's making me laugh this is!!  I've just been on another Queen site called Queenzone and they're arranging a meet up in a pub called the Canterbury.  What's so funny about that I hear you cry.....Well somewhere in Brixton the Queen fan club is meeting up and another pub in Brixton will have Queenonline people.  Just makes me laugh when you think about it coz essentially they all like the same band so why not all meet in the same pub??  'Which one are you gonna be at Jen?' I hear you ask!!  Outside the venue is where I'll be  :-)  Queueing  (can't spell!!)  It ain't a gig unless Trina and I have queued for most of the day lol.....Sad I know but we may make some new friends in amongst that queue!!  Here's hoping anyway!!

I'm still not excited can you believe that??  I can't!!  I'm sure Trina will change that on the journey up.  It's best for me to be this way though can't get depressed whatever happens coz I won't be expecting anything!!  I know I've said that before just need reiterating.  Mind you every now and then I get a little flutter, like yesterday when I read this on brianmay.com (quote) rehearsals are INTENSE !!! We had a great day today ....all the lights, all the toys, and a complete set ready. It's BIG !!! Monday Night is coming !!

yo BRIXTON !!!

For those about to Salute ......

We Will Rock You !!


or something like that ! (unquote)

Right tickets, hotel confirmation (must print that out), go and pack in a min!!  Must remember a pen and some paper so I can write it down on Tuesday's journey home!!

Will update you then - aren't you looking forward to that LOL.........

Love y'all

Jen xx   (patiently waiting to be rocked ;-)

p.s found the fc card - good job I turned the flat upside down with my ultra super powers ;-)  otherwise I'd never have found it LOL.........

Thursday, 24 March 2005

5 DAY WEEKEND!! the way it should be!!

evenin' all!!  About time I gave you a proper entry this week me thinks!!

WOOHOO 5 DAY WEEKEND IS HERE!! I apologise to those of you who still have to work but I seriously can't help my enthusiasm!!  When the teamleader or Richard mentioned me having Tuesday off I replied with a woohoo.  Made 'em laugh anyway!!  Richard asked what I was doing - couldn't face telling him....I don't want all that "oh and did you know......." crap again!!  Of course I flippin' well know I'm a hardcore fan!!

Well the mood is not as black as Mondays although it has threatened to return!!  Luckily I'm managing to keep it at bay right now :-)

Don't know why I said I'd give you a proper entry coz I can't think of anything to write ha ha ha......isn't that just typical...............

Anybody got any exciting plans over Easter?  nah me neither.......lol ;-)  I'm going to see Mum on Saturday and of course there's the gig on Monday (yes you will be getting a report on Tuesday ;-)!!  Please all cross your fingers on Monday that the trains are running fine coz knowing our luck they'll be delayed.

The thunder didn't last very long last night but it certainly was noisy!!  I couldn't believe it coz I was sitting at my computer and the TV was on and I'd turned to watch it and out of the corner of my eye I can see the kitchen.  My kitchen doesn't have a blind or curtains coz the view outside is bushes so there's not really any need for them!!  Anyway so as I look over at the TV I see the flashes of lightning in the kitchen.  I start to panic I can't stand it!!  When I was little I remember staying up late coz it was thundering and I'd been upset, my brother hugged me and talked to me......arrrhhh the good ol' days!!  When I lived with Trina and her family, it thundered once or twice.  On one occassion, Trina was cleaning out the hamster cage and had him in her hand.  There was a clap of thunder and lightning and the electric went out.  I started to have a panic attack, Trina had dropped Spike (the hamster) and was trying to calm me down.........looking back on it now we can laugh coz the electric came back pretty quickly and Spike -bless him - hadn't run away or anything!!

I am gonna turn the flat upside down tomorrow (wow aren't I strong or is that wishful thinking ;-)  coz I wanna find my fan club card.  It's disappeared and I have no idea where - don't you just hate it when that happens!!

No other plans at this moment.  If it's nice I'll probably go for a walk or bike ride.

Have a good one peeps!

Jen xx 

Wednesday, 23 March 2005


Ooooooooooo it's thundering I hate thunder!


Tuesday, 22 March 2005

Friends Will Be Friends

Hello - thanks for your comments!!  I'm still not feeling great mood wise!!   

It doesn't help when you get to work and everyone in your team is giving off the impression that if you talk to them your head is gonna get bitten off.

Anyway not that I want to take the words from a song but I sent an email to Trina yesterday explaining what was wrong.  I kept thinking it was weird coz she was acting like I was ill but I wasn't and had told her so.  Didn't think much more about that until this morning when she emails me saying that she received the message (which told her what was wrong) this morning.  Errr....bit late!!  At least she understood and made me chuckle a bit.  I tell you we were meant to be best mates coz she thought exactly the same things as me LOL.....

Thought I'd give a small entry for three reasons......

Firstly to thank Iris (I think your real names Claudia - forgive me if I'm wrong!) for my cuppa!!  <----- look evidence of me drinking it :-)

Secondly to let you know I've finished Apt Pupil - wasn't the ending I expected and certainly wasn't as good as Shawshank!!  Now onto the body which if you've seen Stand By Me is the short story off :-)

Thirdly big thanks to Gary for his journal entry - still making me smile!

Jen xx 

Monday, 21 March 2005

Not Really an Entry

Not really in the mood to give you all a proper entry.  Read something at lunchtime and felt down ever since.

  That's my mood!!


I did have one thought - going back to my journal title.......I expect it's already being used but my fave album gave me the idea.......how about 'Some Day, One Day'??  You will note I used some of the lyrics in the description bit :-)  (oooo a smile LOL)

Someone in my comments section said they were gonna look for Queen + Paul Rodgers stuff........well I thought I'd save you the hassel!!


I just hope it works!!  Knowing my luck today it probably won't.  Before you say anything I know it's only a week away but all my enthusiasm has hit rock bottom.........

I don't wanna talk about it............

Sunday, 20 March 2005

Total Update!!

Hiya everyone!!  So a lot to update you on........... (Queen playing Tie Your Mother Down LOL) Music's playin', now all I need to do is remember what I was gonna tell you lol.......

Good place to start would be Friday!!  Work was ok.  I had decided that it was gonna be the day I was gonna ask for two weeks off in May for the tour.  I had about 4 days leave to carry over which would be alright for the first week as that includes the bank holiday but I wasn't sure what I was gonna do about the second week.  The words 'unpaid leave' had entered my head!!  So I was doing this complicated stuff and called our team leader to check I'd done it right.....and mentioned about leave.  She said 'have you got your new leave card yet?'  I was like no, she said 'go and get it from Janice and then we'll sort it out.' I was like ok!!  So I trundle off to see Janice with my old leave card and she sorts me out with my new one.  I look at it and it says 24 days.  *shock*  I mention this to her and she explains that as we have no idea when this girl is coming back from maternity leave she thought it was best to give me a years worth of leave.  To say I was ecstatic was an understatement.  It meant I could have time off without hearing the words 'unpaid leave' again woohoo!!  So then I asked team leader if two weeks in May was fine and she said as long as no one else is off - which there isn't it was fine!!  So it's on the board, and it's official tour here I come

What followed next is just embarrasing!!  Team Leader asked what I was up to and I said I didn't wanna tell them.  Richard persisted so I told them that I'm a Queen fan and their touring so I'm going to their gigs.  Richard said aren't all the gigs the same......and I said yes I suppose they are.  This is not the point and it's hard to explain to someone whose 'thing' in life isn't going to gigs.  There's a thrill to it and I guess unless you've done it - it's hard to imagine!!  Anyway then he went and told Pete what I was up too and then to make it even worse is he started telling me all about the bicycle race video shoot.  It annoys me when people tell me things like that I'm a huge fan with every book every video every album and every fan club magazine and they try and tell me things like that........I know he's just trying to be nice but......oh I don't know!!

Saturday - I wake up to find a letter from the property company I rent the flat from telling me to cancel my standing order with them as the landlord is back in the country and they want to manage the property themselves.  I started worrying about this - I don't know why, I guess I'm just scared that they may want the flat back.  I shall have to wait and see and worry about it then!!  I'll keep you updated.

Last night was the first outing for Queen + Paul Rodgers at 46664 in S.Africa.  They were showing it on the web but guess what........my computer wouldn't play the video or the audio.  *rolls eyes*  I went onto queenonline to see if other people where having this problem.  There were a few but they had got it working.  So I watched what they had to say but by the time Queen and Paul came on I logged off and went to watch the TV instead and have a I felt sooo much better after that LOL  I logged back on line a while later and they were all moaning about it - that does not bode well I hear you say but when their main argument is that Paul forgot the words to we will rock you I shall reserve judgement till next week!!  I mean even Roger's done that once in his live career.  Then there's this whole thread about Roger!!  Most of it is about how old and ill he looks - made me very angry!!  I had to post something there I mean at the end of the day it's wether he can play or not that's the important thing isn't it??  Stupid people!!

Sunday - Today is a quiet day!!  I've listened to a Roger special over at rock radio.com and shall probably do nothing for the rest of the day.  Isn't this weather superb??  Well I hope your all enjoying it!!

That's the end of my rant for today ;-)

Take care xx


Wednesday, 16 March 2005

All the way to the weekend......

Hi everyone Look it's me crawling towards the weekend LOL........

Well what can I say??  I was impressed at having 9 comments to my last entry I didn't feel anything I could write would ever top that so I didn't post anything yesterday.  Thank you all so much for your kind comments - I'm glad you liked the pics!! 

It's been a good day today!!  Team leader has spent most of the day with Richard, so I've been going through the post tray and I feel like I've dealt with the queries quite well.  Gonna give myself a pat on the back :-)

We've also had a bit of a laugh for example at lunch time Pauline was looking at the budget stuff and told everyone that beer had gone up a pound a bottle LOL I think she gave everyone a heart attack before she realised her mistake.  Then later Sandra and Dave were discussing a case in the name of Ramsey and Pauline said 'I'll have a brandy.'  It was so funny.....................I'm still laughing about it now!!

Went to the gym after work, kinda glad I did, coz I got in there and turned on the radio.  Thought to myself 'that doesn't sound like gemini (local radio station), well can't turn it over now I've started my go on the bike.  Sounds a bit like Radio 1.  Oh well!!  I should change it to Radio 2 for the Queen interview.'  Not long after that some bloke comes into the gym and around that time I notice there's something wrong with the radio.  Kept cutting in and out, was really annoying!!  Anyway finish on the bike, (the guy is on the weights and making a fair amount of noise!!) stand near the radio, drinking my water when the radio guy mentions queen.  Arrrggggghhhh so I did get to kind off hear it after all.   I didn't hear what they said, but who cares...........I've probably heard it before anyway LOL......

It's been a bit of a Queen day coz they were on BBC breakfast.  No offence to the bosses at the beeb but their breakfast show is sooooooo boring compared to friends on channel 4.  I know I've seen all those friends episodes but at least it's light hearted entertainment first thing in the morning and that's what I need :-)  Still I've waited yesterday and today to see this interview and what a disappointment!!  Only on there for like 5 mins and Roger didn't say a thing grrr..........Still I saw him and that's good enough for me and kept me smiling throughout the day!!  Natasha Kaplinski afterwards said what a nice bloke Brian is LOL

Have ordered Amarillo yesterday on Amazon :-)  Heard that on the radio too when I was at the gym - that makes me smile too!!

So less than two weeks to go *big grin*  Apparently this show hasn't sold out yet.  Be interesting to see if it does or not!!

Apparently some painters are gonna be painting the flat soon (outside) and they've posted something through the door with regards to us opening and closing our windows whilst this is being done.  Why can't they do these things at the weekends when we could comply to their demands??  I'm gonna have to ring them up now and find out when they are gonna do it coz there ain't no way I'm leaving my windows open grrr................

Still reading Apt Pupil!!  Good ol' Stephen King!!

Well I don't know what else to say so until next time xx

Take care peeps

Jen xx 

Monday, 14 March 2005

More Hair Talk

Hiya everyone out there in 'J' land

So you wanted pics of the hair fiasco!!  I ended up taking 3 and one of them I'm highly considering deleting.  I hate my haircut.  I go to a hairdressers that has one of those non-appointment thingys.  So of course when I go in and they ask do you mind who does it I usually say no.  From now on I really must remember the names!!  I have it cut in a bob and some hairdressers do it in the shape and others put their kind off style into it so it doesn't look like a proper bob if you know what I mean.  Well this last girl didn't and lookin' at the pics somethings not right coz it don't suit me!!  Well see what you think coz the nasty one isn't included in this batch of photos and you guys ain't never seein' that LOL

Photo 1 is me from last year I think!!  I've posted this so you can see the colour that it was when I had my low lights put in.  They were cool and definitely worth the money I spent on them :-)  So you can see it was kinda a lightish brown colour!!  (if you can't tell that then there is no need to look through the rest of the pics ha ha ha ha......)

Photo 2 an attempt to show you the colour and please note I don't really like this photo either.  The box calls it spiced conker lol........You can see it's darker.

Photo 3 a view from above.  I never realised there's a line like that in my hair I'm not amused about that either LOL........

Photo 4  this pic was taken at a convention years ago.  It's me in a John Deacon wig.  Don't you think this hair would suit me better?  Or maybe I should just wear a hat for the rest of my life LOL

Photo 5 is just for laughs.  Me with my comic relief nose on!!  Hope that made you giggle..................

So there you go!!  The story of the hair!!

Today was ok at work, the TL wasn't in but the other woman sat at our desk instead!!  I don't understand why coz we can get along fine without a team leader.  Richard is still having problems with his probation thing.  He had a meeting with the boss today and he told him that at the end of the day a lot of time and resources have gone into training him and so he should be doing better.  It's gonna be taken on a week by week basis.  I really do count my blessings that I'm not a permanent member I reckon I would've been out on my ear ages ago!!

Had lots of calls today and not one query was simple - well alright that's a bit of a lie but even so..........Had a stinker of a query and I'm gonna have to discuss it with the TL tomorrow I just hope I can remember what it was about.  I actually have that sinking feeling I shouldn't have dealt with it and that it was really a query for assessments. *rolls eyes* I guess I shall see tomorrow!!

I went to the gym after work - when I got home I felt quite lost coz usually it's get home do exercises and eat tea.  Tonight it was get home - kill half an hour and then eat tea.  You could say I should eat my tea earlier but it's no good coz I still have to wait for the oven to warm up ;-)  It was strange being back at the gym, the only thing they've changed is the door to the actually room lol..............

Well don't know what else to say...........oh!!  TWO WEEKS TO GO!!

Take care everyone

Jen xx 

Sunday, 13 March 2005

Hair Today.......Gone Tomorrow


Well I've done it!!  I dyed my hair!!  I'm actually all right about it.  It's darker than it used to be so that's ok!!  There are two things that I didn't want to happen such as going blond (which wouldn't happen coz I didn't buy that colour!!) and what was the 2nd thing??  I can't remember  - Doh!!  I won't be sure that it's covered my greyish white bits until tomorrow when I'm at work, but I haven't found any yet so fingers crossed.  I think it was Sandra that asked about the Botanics.  Well so far so good and I recommend it at the moment :-)  Watch this space...........

Trina came round yesterday and it wasn't a great afternoon.  We were gonna play some ps2 games but my controllers didn't wanna work......grrr.....I wasn't in the mood to watch a film coz that's what we usually do!  When I spoke to her earlier on the phone she reckons we won't do that so much anymore - again watch this space LOL..........

She gave me my wedding invitation yesterday which made me chuckle coz I had already assumed I was invited LOL.....There was a little note inside explaining what was going to happen on the day and not to take flash photos.  At the end she'd said 'Please no gifts as you have done more than enough already'  Exactly what is it I'm supposed to have done??  Yes I was there when she choose her dress but apart from that I haven't done anything!!  I did go out earlier to a shop called 'The Range' and they had some nice picture frames in there that people could put their wedding photos in I think I might get one of them :-)

Managed to finish my letter and I've written a short note to my Nan so I've achieved quite a bit today really!!  I also managed to speak to mum.  She liked my card that I'd sent her.  Apparently this bloke that fanices her, still does!!  My sister didn't wanna talk to me (surprise, surprise!) and mum asked if I knew about the gig on the 8th July :-)  Good ol' mum!!

There isn't much else I want to say so until next time....

Havea good week peeps!!

I shall leave you with one of my fave pics of Freddie!

Jen xx 

Saturday, 12 March 2005

Friday....Much Better !!

Mornin' all !! (yes I know it's the afternoon - that just sounded better :-)  And before you say anything I know it's Saturday but I want to write to you about yesterday so that's why I've entitled it Friday.

Work - was ok!!  As you know it was Comic Relief and we were allowed to wear what we wanted.  I went in wearing me jeans and I found a couple of t-shirts with red in them.  One was Mickey Mouse (of course he has red shorts on....) and the one I actually wore, The Great Gonzo......He has red shorts on, his name was in red and his cape is red.

The other team had deely-boppers (some of you may remember them!) and the boys had their red noses.  One bloke Pete, had forgotten he could wear what he wanted and had his hair sprayed red in the office.  It looked quite good, but by the end of the day he had red all over his hands.

It wasn't such a bad day work wise.  Team leaders not in on Monday and was telling Richard all the work he could do.  I sat there and listened and thought what the hell am I supposed to do then?  Sit here and look pretty?!!  I did actually say something about it coz I don't want to think that I'm gonna go in and there's nothing to do grrr......

Took part in the quiz last night - got a couple of questions right but we lost!!  I can't remember if I told you or not but I was on the winning team last week :-)

Then I kind off gave up chatting to everyone coz I was watching the TV more.  I was quite addicted to Comic Relief and the stories they showed actually made me cry......especially the little boy who had been kidnapped and then reunited with his family.  How great is that!!

The best bit about last night though was Peter Kaye's Amarilio........LOL  I like Peter Kaye anyway I think he's hysterical so I sat down in front of the TV to enjoy that......but I wasn't expecting what was to come.........trying to recognise all the people I was thinkin' ah...their all northerners......lol  All of a sudden Brian May's standing next to him, so I started smiling and I thought ooooo, I wonder whose on the other side of Peter Kaye.    Not for one second did I expect it to be Roger!!  I assumed it was some other guitarist lol..........My brain registered who it was and I did start screaming........then I found my mobile and tried ringing Trina but we cut each other off and she had had the same idea.  LOL............I was on high after seeing that and sat glued to the TV hoping they would show it again.  Chris Evans answered my prayer.........and I managed to find a video in time :-)  I was so shocked that I didn't even realise it was Rog the first time round, until he'd gone off my screen.  You have my permission to slap me people!!  Anyway apparently it's out on Monday so everyone go and buy it coz it's really funny and for a good cause!!

Some lovely person has put the capital radio interviews from yesterday on the net so I shall listen to them later when Trina comes round.

I stayed up till 3.15am watching comic relief and I just knew the postman was gonna knock the door this morning.  Call it a premonition!!  He did though he knocked the door and I wasn't sure whether I had heard it in my sleepy state, luckily he did it again though.  It was my Brixton tix they needed signing for :-)  Two weeks Monday woohoo!!  According to the fan club site the rehearsals are sounding good.

Well that's all my news for another entry - Oh yes and all I want to say about Fame Academy is - what an outrage!!

Take care peeps - have a good weekend!!

Jen xx 

Thursday, 10 March 2005

Thursday........Feelin' Blue

Hi Everyone!!

I'm feelin' blue this evening and I can't figure out why!!  I'm feelin' frumpy too and it's ridiculous that at the beginning of the week I think I'm losing weight and at the end of the week I feel frumpy......what's going on??

Work was okay.  Pauline's back from her cruise - she didn't do the camel ride which is the one thing I was looking forward to hearing about.  You may remember that I took the week off work so she wouldn't catch my illness before she went.  She's only come back unable to talk, she's ill!!  Typical huh?

Still enough talk about work!!  Trina managed to get the tix.  She called in sick which is a half truth coz she isn't feelin' a hundred percent at the mo!!  And we got the golden circle - she rang dead on 10am!!   As I'm feelin' blue the smilies can show my enthusiasm instead lol......  One of you asked how many gigs we are going to now (sorry can't remember who asked!!)  8 at the last count!!  All uk dates!!  Possibly mad you may say - ah who cares!

Capital radio are having a Queen day tomorrow if any of you fancy listening.  I can't coz like most 'normal' people I have to work........Why can't they have days like that at weekends grrr......I mean their having competitions and stuff, I wanna be in with a chance of winning but can't coz I won't be able to listen.   That's what I think of that!!

So will Adrian go through?   I doubt it!!  It does my head in those flippin' judges on that show, I mean coz it's for comic relief you'd think entertainment would be what it's about - you know havin' a laugh!!  Talking of comic relief I went to town after work to find something red to wear.  I've brought a comic relief clothes nose lol (a badge to you and me :-P) and a big red lollipop (which has broken grrr......more reason to feel down!!)

I've done my hair test tonight, even cut off a strand to see how long it would take for the colour to blend....my patience wore thin and to be honest with you I have no idea.  I think the sensitivity test has gone ok.  I did it on the inside of my elbow so I'm not sure if I should've done it behind my ear.  I'm having second thoughts about this dying hair business............

Jeez I need a real pick me up.............

off to find one

take care xx

Jen   (will just have to have a cuppa tea me thinks!!)

Wednesday, 9 March 2005

Wednesday.....A Lot Better

Evenin' all - how's your week going so far then?

Today's been a lot better than yesterday!!  It started off being a pretty good day coz I heard about 3/4 Queen tracks on my walkman.  At the moment I'm going through my mix tapes just for variety.  So that was a nice surprise - so of course I kept thinking about the gigs and well a big grin was on my face for most of the walk :-)  I was determined to keep it that way.  My team leader went through my queries with me for the first hour and the rest of the day I've been really busy which I love!!  Less time to think you see ;-)  Left just after 5pm with more stuff piled on my desk for tomorrow.  That should be an interesting day as Pauline is back.  Those two weeks have gone very quickly and I'm not looking forward to having her back.  She's gonna be in a foul mood - wish me luck!!  Her postcard arrived today LOL Can't wait to hear about her trip though, she supposedly had a camel ride at some point (lookin' forward to seeing the pics for that LOL)

When I came home I noticed I had post (and it wasn't a pizza menu which I usually get once a week, I've only ordered from them once grrr.....) and it was my self addressed envelope.  So I rung Trina immediately and opened it and read it out to her.  Queen are doing an open air date and 2 have been announced in Ireland.  The one we are interested in though is the 8th July 2005 at Hyde Park.  When I mentioned it to Trina there was no questioning as to whether we can afford it or not LOL........she took the phone number for tix and I had to book the hotel.  Tix go on sale tomorrow at 10am so wish us luck that we get the golden circle coz that way we are guaranteed to be close to the stage ;-)  I'm sure we'll have fun whatever we get though!!  Feelin' nervous and I'm not the one ringing.......eeek!!

Booked the hotel.  We're going to the Linden House Hotel which is just down the road from Paddington station.  We know full well it's just round the corner from Hyde Park coz when we were students we often went to London for weekends away and stayed there every time.  Once we went there and went for a walk to see how far away Hyde Park really was.  We were there in 5 mins.  :-)  It's a family run hotel and everytime we went down to breakfast the guy there used to make us laugh by commenting on our t-shirts, (often Queen ones :-)  They send us xmas cards every year.  That's a really nice touch and yes their marketing ploy does work coz we go back.......LOL

Not much else to mention........hope Adrian stays in the Fame Academy - he probably won't coz he can't really sing but he's a darn good entertainer.  Is it me or when it comes to the student votes, you can tell who they are gonna vote for!!  So much for the suspense LOL

Well take care everyone

Jen xx 

Tuesday, 8 March 2005


Well today has been the kind of day when I can finally use this graphic and mean it :-)  I snapped at Richard at work today.  I couldn't help it, he's just getting on my nerves again.  It's so typical coz I knew when I was having my good week last week that this week things would go down hill and I'm trying my best not to let them but it's hard!!  I did feel guilty afterwards but there is no ending with that bloke.  Why can't I make a joke with him? Jeez I know what I want to moan about him but I can't even put it into words.  Grrrrr.........

Been slightly busier than yesterday with the team leader being back.  Just gotta keep smiling I guess and muddle along the best I can!

Gary asked the other day in my comments how the writing was coming along?  It's not is the short answer!!  (There is no long answer!! LOL) The exercising is still coming along and you'd all be really proud of me, Dave brought cakes in today coz his birthday was yesterday and I didn't have one!!

Onto my fave subject :-) - Queen are adding more and more dates to their tour.  I wish they wouldn't I can't afford to go to anymore.  There's some big news supposedly coming on Friday, maybe sooner!!  I've sent a self addressed envelope to the fan club so hopefully I'll find out what that news is soon!!  We have a feeling it may be an open air gig in England during the summer but who knows?!!  I just hope and pray whatever it is I won't miss out!!

I'm coming to a decision about these gigs though, doesn't matter where I stand I think I'm going scream and shout as loud as possible so they'll hear me :-)  Wouldn't want to go unnoticed would I?

Brixton is in less than 3 weeks now!  One of the girls from the message board I go on won tix so I'll be able to meet her in person for the first time :-)  She actually runs the website and I've been posting on that board for over a year now - yes this is the one I've knocked up over 2000 posts!!

Oh there was something else I was gonna mention.  For one of the tasks I was doing today I had to look up a postcode in the book they have.  Whilst I was doing that I thought I'd see if I could find some other addresses too and went to see if I could find 'higher doatshayne lane' which is where I lived when I was little - Oh my goodness it's not there anymore!!  I must ask mum about this coz her mate still lives there so they'll be able to shed some light on the subject.  I just can't believe it!!

Well that's all my news for today.  If you haven't already done so please go and visit Jeannette (link in faves) coz she needs some love and support!  Thank you :-)

Take care everyone

Jen xx


Monday, 7 March 2005


Hello :-) *waving*

Last night I woke up but didn't actually wake up.  You know that your awake but don't actually want to open your eyes.  Well I was like that and I kept thinking 'go on then alarm go off.....'  Whatever I was not opening my eyes.  About 5/10 minutes later I caved in and looked at my clock.  12.08am   That meant I hadn't actually been asleep that long and the alarm was ages away.  Grrr.....So of course I try to go back to sleep (can't remember whether I actually managed it!) all I do remember was waking up every hour.  So I knew I was in for a great day at work being tired!!

I couldn't stop yawning all day grrr........(yay woohoo adrian is safe in the academy :-)  It was hard to concentrate and I had a lot to concentrate on from the stuff that we had saved from Friday (our team leader isn't in on Mondays), anyway I don't know how I managed to get through and I haven't finished my pile of stuff but I'll get there tomorrow I hope!!

I've had such a laugh this evening but I won't share it with you coz I would be mean to my best mate and that's not fair on her.  Trust me though it was really funny

I had lots to tell you but I really can't remember any of it now so I think I should just give in and go to bed!!

Till tomorrow then xx

Take care


Sunday, 6 March 2005


Hi Everyone

Well as I said yesterday this entry is dedicated to my mum!!

When I was 3 she divorced my dad and brought me and my older brother up by herself.  It's not until now when I look back I realise what she had to go through!! 

In my younger years I used to say she was my best-friend.  I loved spending time with her because it made me feel close to her, like a proper family.  She can't drive so we used to go out for days when the sun was shining and we could all cycle there.  I remember one day we cycled from Musbury to Colyford, caught the tram to Seaton, came back to Colyford and cycled home.  I also remember cycling up to a car boot sale in Rousdon.  That was a night mare coz the hill to Rousdon is as steep as anything, but it was a good laugh coming home.

I'm not sure we were a very close family unit but we got through and that's the main thing.  When my brother moved out and it was just mum and me, we argued a lot more.  Eventually she got me a job at the supermarket and that put more tension between us.

Mum became pregnant when I was about 19 and this brought us closer.  She asked me to go to the scan with her.  Before Megan was born though mum moved away and I moved into Trina's parents house.  Since we don't live together things are certainly a lot better between us and I would say we are slightly closer.  It's the little things that she does or says that makes me smile most I think.  Such as when I split with my boyfriend I'd rung her a couple of times and on that second occasion she said that she felt guilty because she couldn't offer me a place to live with her.  I felt touched by that!

The other thing was recently she sent me a text asking if I had managed to buy some tickets for the Queen concerts.  I know that's a strange thing to get touched by, but it goes to show she thought of me when she heard it.

She's a lovely person and she's my mum.  Everyone who knows her likes her and she's a very joyful person.  Plus she's being a mum all over again to Megan and I'm sure that can't be easy - I think Megs is more of a handful then me and greg ever where LOL

God bless you mum - and every mum around the world coz you just don't realise how appreciated you really are!!

I forgot to mention the swans yesterday.  Every day when I walk to and from work I see these three swans, (I think it's mum, dad and baby), and they look at me when I walk past.  Every day I swear to myself I'm gonna feed them.  So yesterday with some old bread I went out expecting to have to walk half the river to find them and there they were right near the flats.  When I russeled my bread bag they came swimming right up to me.  They are lovely and I think I shall make that a regular thing at the weekends.

Today I've been for a bike ride up to St David's and back with a little detour in between.  There's a track that I've always wondered where it went so I followed it.  It goes to this little grassy area with seats looking out over a waterfall.  Me thinks I might visit there again LOL.

Well I've tried calling mum and she's not answering grrrr.........

Hope you all have had a good day :-)

Jen xx  

Saturday, 5 March 2005


Hello everyone!!

You'd think as I didn't write anything yesterday I'd have lots to talk about today but I really don't think I have.

Yesterday was ok at work, quite a laugh actually especially in the afternoon.  Apparently my team leader had that Friday feeling.......you know the one which makes you feel immensley happy and you don't know why!!  Also there was news that they had put some kind of bars in the gents loos....(they are trying to become disabled friendly so we wonder if that's the reason)........and that became the joke of the day!!  Goes to show what kind of people I work with huh?  lol...........The people I used to work with are 10 times worse than that.  Anything you would say they would take to mean something else.

Today I haven't done much.....Had my haircut at long last woohoo.....Usually get it cut once every six weeks and my sixth week was the weekend of Roy's 50th, so you can imagine how long it had got.  I've also been thinking of colouring it.  I would love to get it done at the hairdressers but as I'm on a budget can't really afford that!!  So I've brought one from Boots.  Ever since I was 18 I've been getting grey/white hair and everyday at work when I look in the mirror in the ladies I see more grey/white than brown, and I also saw it when my hair was getting cut.  It depresses me - I mean jeez, I'm only 27!!  So I'm gonna take the plunge next weekend.....I'm gonna do it then coz I gotta take the test to see if I'm allergic to it 48 hours before hand.  So I'll do that Thursday........I'll keep you updated :-)

Walked home the long way, all the way round the river.  I just felt like it, I didn't feel a great need to get home and do stuff :-P  I think I may have lost some weight or at least what I was doing during the week has done some good.  I put my jeans on and my stomach looked flat.  It's not but at least it looked like it lol...............

Watched Monsters Inc earlier I like that movie!!  Can't say I've achieved anything today.........Well I did reach 2000 posts on a message board I go on (not all in one day :-P) but that just shows I have no life so it's not really achieving anything!!

So tonight I've been watching TV.  Are you watching Fame Academy Comic Relief thing?  I want Adrian Edmondson to win!!  He's soooo funny and a good entertainer.  Mind you that girl from Eastenders is a blomin' good singer isn't she?  I can't stand Edith Bowman as a person I don't know why, but there you go!!

And tomorrows mother's day!!  I wonder how many of you will dedicate your journal entry to your mum...........I'm only saying that coz I probably will.  I remembered to post the card thank goodness........

So three weeks Monday and Trina and I shall be at Brixton Academy in London.  I'm really getting excited which is ridiculous and i should calm down.  I mean look at what happened at the We Will Rock You thingy in January!!  Perhaps if I try and go with the 'I don't care attitude' I may be lucky.......or maybe the 'who cares attitude' should be the one I adopt.  I've been watching Live at Wembley '86 and I have so much respect for Freddie - bless him :-)

Nothing else to say.........so I shall leave you here for today!!

Jen xx  

Wednesday, 2 March 2005

27/26 Days to Go!! (Depending how you look at it)


So did you miss not having an entry yesterday?  Yep, thought you might!!  Decided not to do one coz I didn't really have any news and if I break it up a bit hopefully it won't sound all samey :-P

I am actually having a good week so far (touch wood!!) Yesterday I was sat next to the team leader most of the day so I had to actually do some work for a change, boy did I feel it when I left LOL, I was soooooo tired!!  Today I've done quite a bit of work, but I'm happy with the way it's progressing......plus knowing there's stuff waiting for me when I get in is a good feeling :-)  Just gotta remember what I'm doing with it now...............coz that always happens to me!

Snow!!  Don't talk to me about the darned stuff.  The weather here today has been so weird you can tell that global warming is shot to hell.  One minute it's snowing quite hard, the next it's glorious sunny day.....I know what your thinking 'if it was snowing what's her problem?' Didn't flippin' settle did it?  Grrr.......

My exercising is going well - haven't been to the gym but been doing some exercises when I get home.  I'm not sure if it's doing any good but at least I know I'm doing it :-)  As far as the eating is going I heard some good advice on celebrity fit club last night.  That woman called Tina, I forget her surname, was told by the hypno woman to think of her stomach as the size of a fist when it comes to portions.  I shall try and remember that when I cook!!

Writing is plodding along slowly, not creative writing but my letter writing.  Tonights the first night I've not any *slap wrist*  LOL

As you know comic relief is coming up, the office is trying to get us all involved.  There's this scratch and match game and what you have to do is guess which all time british comedy is behind the scratch panel.  I'm not sure which one to choose as most of the ones I would've picked have gone, so what would you guys choose if you were doing it?  Are you planning to dress up or anything?  We're allowed to go in casual stuff as long as something reds in it.  I don't have anything red, too bright a colour for me LOL......

I was woken up this morning by the alarm clock radio and the news came on and I heard this and laughed a lot.............

When the Queen asked “what do you do?", Queen guitarist May said that he had performed on the roof of Buckingham Palace at the Golden Jubilee concert.

“Oh! That was you, was it?” the monarch replied, before Clapton how long he had been playing the guitar.

Don't know what else to mention............so I shall sign off here........

Take care peeps xx

JEN (think of me as  LOL)