Saturday, 12 March 2005

Friday....Much Better !!

Mornin' all !! (yes I know it's the afternoon - that just sounded better :-)  And before you say anything I know it's Saturday but I want to write to you about yesterday so that's why I've entitled it Friday.

Work - was ok!!  As you know it was Comic Relief and we were allowed to wear what we wanted.  I went in wearing me jeans and I found a couple of t-shirts with red in them.  One was Mickey Mouse (of course he has red shorts on....) and the one I actually wore, The Great Gonzo......He has red shorts on, his name was in red and his cape is red.

The other team had deely-boppers (some of you may remember them!) and the boys had their red noses.  One bloke Pete, had forgotten he could wear what he wanted and had his hair sprayed red in the office.  It looked quite good, but by the end of the day he had red all over his hands.

It wasn't such a bad day work wise.  Team leaders not in on Monday and was telling Richard all the work he could do.  I sat there and listened and thought what the hell am I supposed to do then?  Sit here and look pretty?!!  I did actually say something about it coz I don't want to think that I'm gonna go in and there's nothing to do grrr......

Took part in the quiz last night - got a couple of questions right but we lost!!  I can't remember if I told you or not but I was on the winning team last week :-)

Then I kind off gave up chatting to everyone coz I was watching the TV more.  I was quite addicted to Comic Relief and the stories they showed actually made me cry......especially the little boy who had been kidnapped and then reunited with his family.  How great is that!!

The best bit about last night though was Peter Kaye's Amarilio........LOL  I like Peter Kaye anyway I think he's hysterical so I sat down in front of the TV to enjoy that......but I wasn't expecting what was to come.........trying to recognise all the people I was thinkin' ah...their all  All of a sudden Brian May's standing next to him, so I started smiling and I thought ooooo, I wonder whose on the other side of Peter Kaye.    Not for one second did I expect it to be Roger!!  I assumed it was some other guitarist lol..........My brain registered who it was and I did start screaming........then I found my mobile and tried ringing Trina but we cut each other off and she had had the same idea.  LOL............I was on high after seeing that and sat glued to the TV hoping they would show it again.  Chris Evans answered my prayer.........and I managed to find a video in time :-)  I was so shocked that I didn't even realise it was Rog the first time round, until he'd gone off my screen.  You have my permission to slap me people!!  Anyway apparently it's out on Monday so everyone go and buy it coz it's really funny and for a good cause!!

Some lovely person has put the capital radio interviews from yesterday on the net so I shall listen to them later when Trina comes round.

I stayed up till 3.15am watching comic relief and I just knew the postman was gonna knock the door this morning.  Call it a premonition!!  He did though he knocked the door and I wasn't sure whether I had heard it in my sleepy state, luckily he did it again though.  It was my Brixton tix they needed signing for :-)  Two weeks Monday woohoo!!  According to the fan club site the rehearsals are sounding good.

Well that's all my news for another entry - Oh yes and all I want to say about Fame Academy is - what an outrage!!

Take care peeps - have a good weekend!!

Jen xx 


sarajanesmiles said...

Glad you had a better day yesterday :o)
I was watching Comic Relief last night, loved that Peter Kaye Amarillo thing, and I thought of you when I saw Brian May!!  
You know, I might just go out and buy it!  I like Tony Christie anyway :o)
Oh, and I couldn't understand how Kim didn't win last night, she was fantastic!
Sara   x

labdancer51 said...

I didn`t watch Comic Relief this year. I always find it very upsetting.  from what I hear you`re not the only one to be annoyed about the result of Fame Academy which I also didn`t watch!  HeHeHe!  Glad you saw Brian and Roger!   Sandra  xxx

jules19642001 said...

I think comic relief was very good this year, there are always stories that have me in tears though........Jules xxx

rachealcarol said...

Lolol the great Gonzo.......he's great.  Glad your feeling not so blue. Wondering if Pete has managed to get the red out of his hair.  You've got your tickets, just need the day to come round fast, and it will.  Have a good weekend. xxR

shadp said...

Sounds as though it was a good night - and a long one too!


irisclyde said...

I only made it till about midnight on the Comic Relief! I preferred Kim to Edith too, but they both did well and the true winner should have been Ade!