Sunday, 30 December 2007

Reminicsing (if only I could spell it!!)

Hello everyone :o)  How are you all?  I've got my alerts down to 67..............aren't you proud of me??  Well I am lol.............

To be honest I have nothing to say as I haven't really done anything since yesterday.  Well I have downloaded some stuff but you won't be interested in that!!  I did have an idea for an entry which came from my MP3 player the other day.  (No it didn't talk to me you silly people ;-)  When I was choosing songs for it I thought about putting a selection on there that would sum up 2007 for me :o)  I was going to share this with you.  As it took 25 songs I may have to do this in seperate entries..............

But then I thought, why?  Who would really be interested apart from me?  So I shall just list them for now, if you wanna know more tell me in the comments and I shall expand (not personally I'm a big enough lady as it is thanks lol)

These are in no particular order...........just the random list my MP3 player came up with lol

A Million Ways - OK Go, Leave Me Alone - Pink, Very Young - Charlotte Hatherley, Flowers In The Rain - Kaiser Chiefs, Band on the Run - Foo Fighters, But Honestly - Foo Fighters, Learnt My Lesson Well - Kaiser Chiefs, Retirement - Kaiser Chiefs, Keep The Car Running - Arcade Fire, Wattershed - Foo Fighters, You Want History - Kaiser Chiefs, Never Missed A Beat - Kaiser Chiefs, Say It's Not True - Queen/Paul Rodgers, Heavy - Parva, Hessles - Parva, Scu22 - Parva, The Pretender - Foo Fighters, Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt - We are Scientists, Let It Die - Foo Fighters, An End Has a Start - Editors, Mens Needs - The Cribs, Here It Goes Again - OK Go, Loves Not A Competition - Kaiser Chiefs, Stranger Things Have Happened - Foo Fighters, Reptillia - Lost Prophets.

So there you go :o)  Pretty good even if I do say so myself.  I have just this minute changed it though lol............I'm very picky when it comes to choosing songs for the MP3 and I'm gonna use it tomorrow on the train to Trina's.

Yep I'm off to Trina's for New Year.  I expect we shall have fun whatever we end up doing.  Hang on, I'm sure I said I was gonna have a reminiscent entry before the new year...............let's see..............

*  Got my first passport and went on a plane for the first time

*  Went abroad for the first time EVER

*  Went to a music festival for the first time EVER and had to sleep in a tent for the whole weekend *yuk*

*  Turned 30 eeeeekkkkkkkkkkkk

*  Saw the Foo Fighters a fantastic 5 times!!!!   V festival counts as two ;-)  You'll see why in the write up.  So that was V fest, Dublin, Cardiff and London.  Woohoo

*  Saw Bill Bailey live for the first time and a lot of bands at V that I wouldn't necessairly go and see.

*  Flirted with a very nice drunk bloke at the foo gig, and then snogged someone at a completely different gig a week later :o)  *BIG CHEESY GRIN*  I know for some that is not a big deal but for me it was.  I had done something the old Jen wouldn't do!!  It happened whilst waiting for a band to come on stage, so we had a bit of an audience lol...............

*  Finally after waiting all year to see them we saw the Kaiser Chiefs live (that's my new obsession people!!)  They lived up to expectations and soooooooooooooooo much more!  What a day LOL ;-)

*  Coped at work under very stressful situations etc. etc................

So what does 2008 have in store for Jen?  Well we have a Linkin Park gig at the end of January and two Foo Fighter shows at Wembley in June :o)  So excited about those two!!  But other than that I have no idea but I really do think it's high time Jen found some romance.................Keep reading to see how that pans out lol...........

Just leaves me time to wish you all a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR ~ I hope whatever you are doing and whoever you are with you have fun xx


Love and Best Wishes to you all xx


Saturday, 29 December 2007

Xmas catch up

hi everyone :o)  Hope you all had a good xmas xx  I am behind in alerts there are currently 115 emails in my inbox.  I'll catch up soon...............I'm reading but only commenting on some (apologies for that!!)

Thought I would do an entry to let you know how my xmas went :o)  I know it's late but hey, what do you expect from me lol.........

Well I left you on Sunday (nearly a week ago that's quite bad!!) to go to Mum's.  Guess what??  She had done me roast lamb :P  Jen was very happy about that :o)  Mint sauce and roast spuds...woohoo  The rest of the evening we watched some TV.

Monday was Xmas Eve and we went to town for a few bits and pieces.  We went into Bon Marche (not a shop I'm fond of but mum likes it) and there was a jacket on sale in there (in their sale) and I really liked it :o)  Mum brought it for me as part of my xmas pressie.  It's lovely and very smart ~ thank you mum xx We walked round a few more shops and headed back to Mum's.  We watched more tv and I went to bed around 11/12 ish!!

Xmas day - got woken up by Sheila with a xmassey text message!!  Mum came in around 9am and so we got up.  Whilst waiting for mum's other half to get up Meggy and I watched the Simpsons :o)  We eventually opened pressies.  I got a skull and crossbones canvas bag, socks, a dolphin calendar, a tube of orange smarties (love them), and some slipper thingys.  I also got some money from mum :o) (which came in very handy thanks mum xx)  The rest of the morning I watched TV and waited for others to turn up.

My brother arrived eventually and we exchanged pressies.  I got Queen Rock Montreal with the Live Aid dvd (which I've still not watched yet woops)!!  When he opened his card from mum, I noticed something inside it and asked mum what it was.  Apparently it's the latest school photo of Meggy.  I moaned coz I didn't get one and even went to check my xmas card.  I came back down and told mum I didn't have one, unless it was in the envelope which she had put in the bin!!  I told her to beg for forgiveness (jokingly of course), andshe got down on her knees lol........Had to get a picture of that!!

It was getting close to lunchtime and we were waiting for Mum's other half's family to turn up.  Luckily I got to see my 3rd obsession on TOTP :o) (This will be explained soon!!) They were the first band on ~ timing!!  Unfortunately though mum came into the room, watched a bit and said 'doesn't the singer look nice?'  LOL.......that's the one I like lol....

Lunch was good, but I swear if that woman said about the turkey being tender once more I would've said something!!  Afters was a banoffee cake ~ which I wasn't sure I was gonna like but it was good :o)

The rest of the afternoon I watched finding Nemo and then Shrek 2......Greg took me home after the 2nd episode of Eastenders. 

I went to Trina's on Thursday, which was good.  She's come down with a cold, bless her!  First of all we exchanged gifts.  I got tons of DVD's and cd's, new computer speakers (less bassey for my downstairs neighbours) and a new keyboard :o)  It's compact and is taking some getting used too lol

Trina got loadsa Queen stuff and you can see her in the pics wearing or showing everything that she got.  She was really chuffed!!  I think that's my favourite part of the whole xmas period giving Trina her pressies, coz it's fun!  Mind you the turkey dinner is pretty good too!!

Trina went to cook and Wayne and I watched Shrek the third (one of my pressies :-), which is very funny!!  Then during our food we watched The simpsons movie.  After food and a bit of a sit down we went to the model village to see the lights and snow.  We did this last year, but this year we were asked if we wanted to see the 4d animation.  We said yes and we were all glad that we did.

It was so much fun, you sit in these kind of car seats which move and you have to wear specs, which are awful but you get a feeling the snow was coming down on you :o)  Whenever the seats moved we all jumped lol........Definitelyworth a visit.

Walking round the village we were chucking the fake snow at each other and Wayne and I were filling Trina's hood with it.  She didn't realise until we were leaving lol........It was so should've seen her house the next day with all this fake snow everywhere!!

We watched some TV, played Mario/Sonic olympic games on the Wii, (which is fun but my arm still hurts :( ), and then watched a DVD and went to bed.

Next day Trina and I hit the sales but didn't really make much of a dent.  I got a book (wasn't in the sales but hey, it made Trina and I happy :), a new top and a new sweatshirt.  We tried on loads of stuff though :(   We went back to her's for a short time and then they drove me home.  Wayne has come down with Trina's cold now :(  poor thing...........

Well that's it you've caught up.....I did go back to the sales today.  I had to go up town and collect a package (thanks Coops) but I managed to get two tops for going out purposes, new work trousers (not in a sale) and some jeans (also not in a sale).  Spent the rest of the day doing

Going back to Trina's for new years, but I'll do another entry before then ;-)  Possibly later today lol........

Love y'all

thanks Donna for the graphic ~ link over there somewhere people ;-)

p.s forgot to tell you what pressies I got from work...........P gave me a tube of galaxy minstrels, E gave me some mints, Team leader gave me an eric the penguin calendar and some xmas jelly sweets, both team leaders gave me a tub of celebrations and the present I got with my award was a cocktail mixer and small bottles of alcohol and a recipe book for cocktails :-)  How cool is that...................

p.p.s apologies to mum, I've given Trina the dolphin calendar as she doesn't have a calendar and I ended up with two in the end.  She does appreciate it though ;-) xx

Sunday, 23 December 2007

Xmas Greetings One and All

 Hi Everyone in J-land ~ how are you all??

I was gonna leave a proper entry but I really don't know what to say.  I have to confess that I have been lazy over the past couple of days regarding reading alerts.  I promise I shall catch up during the xmas period.  I finished work on Friday and don't go back till the 2nd ~ or at least I think that's when we go back lol ;-)

For a couple of days now I'm off to Mum's :o)  I'm actually leaving in about an hour and when I spoke to mum yesterday she said she is cooking a roast today so that's means I can have some *yum yum*  look out roast spuds here I come LOL Don't ask me what meat it is but the fingers are crossed for lamb.  I love roast lamb most!!  Mint sauce and roast spuds what more could you ask for lol..............I never bother cooking a roast for myself..............might try it in the new year who knows..........wanna be a bit more adventurous in my cooking during the new year.  I wanna get some kitchen stuff in the sales this year :o) 

I shall come back home Christmas Day ~ my brother will drive me back ~ apparently his fares have gone up as it's christmas day *rolls eyes* such a joker my brother lol.........

I'm sure I shall post another entry before New Years gotta let you know what I got for presents, cos that's very important isn't it??  (dear lord couldn't spell isn't then!!!  Mental block lol)

erm.............................*trying to think of something else to babble about*....................

Did you watch Oliver Twist??  Good wasn't it!!


Oh my neighbours!!!  I was going to have a BIG rant about them!!!  Hearing them move about has just reminded me about that!!  A few nights ago I was woken at 1.30am by someone shouting rather nastily and was the bloke who lives below my flat!!  I couldn't work out what he was saying but I could work out the swear words unfortunately!  Well it happened again last night.  I went to bed late after a long phone call with Trina and doing some stuff on here.  I was lying there nicely about to drift off when he kicks off again!!  I am an extremely paranoid person, mainly because he had been slamming doors all day so I figured he wasn't happy about my music (I don't listen to it too quietly to be honest!!)  So I gave up in the end and did something listening to my mp3 player aka through headphones (That was earlier not at that time of night lol just in case that didn't come across).  So I lied there listening and well I still couldn't work out what he was saying but I have come to the conclusion he was having a domestic.  Mainly because after he swore and moaned etc there was a break and you couldn't hear the other person's voice so it made me wonder if he was on a mobile!!  (god I'm such a gossip lol)  I'm very angry at him though.  His shouting must've gone on for about an hour.  It was gone 2am when I finally went to sleep grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....................

Anyhoo............onto better things ;-)

I keep reminicsing about this year, I think compared to last year I have come on leaps and bounds as a person but I shall talk about that more in another entry ;-)  I mean I have achieved so much which is pretty cool!!

So I reckon I shall leave you here.  Just left for me to say to everyone in J-land whatever situation you are finding yourself in this year I want to wish you all a very happy xmas xx


Love and hugs to you all xx

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Wake Up!!

I have to share this with you guys!!  I found it on one of my friend's myspace page last night and I haven't stopped laughing at it since!!  Bless cats everywhere LOL ;-)

Jen xx

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Surviving Music Festivals and Turning 30

Hey everyone ~ how's you?  Not long to go to Xmas now huh??  I woke up feelin' slightly more xmassey this morning!!  Why?  Cos I had the works xmas lunch to look forward to!!  I won't waffle on about it too much but it leads me nicely into the next adventure I am going to share with you all ;o)

You see the boss decided this year was gonna be fun and slightly different.  Before the lunch we had to pick names from a hat.  Whomever got picked had to answer a question about the department and if they got it right they won a prize.  One of the blokes working there who doesn't know me at all got a question about me tee hee hee........I'm gonna try it out on you lot and see who's been paying attention lol.........The question was:  Who would Jenny most likely go to see in concert?  a) Take That,  b) Chris de Burgh or c) Queen?  So peeps who would it be ;-)

Then at the actual lunch the boss decided 6 people were going to be awarded the first CFS awards.  To cut a long story short I was one of them :o)  He started it off by saying someone in the department turned 30 this year who remembers who that  I had told my boss about going to the Virgin music festival as he had asked what I was doing on my time off in my award was for 'surviving summer music festivals whilst turning 30'  I got a certificate and a xmas pressie ~ which I am saving for xmas day :o)

and that leads me very nicely to the next adventure.........which is:  *drum roll*


For Wayne and Trina this year hadn't been the best and when Wayne had broken his back we had all been worried that he wouldn't have been able to make the most fab week of the year but luckily for us and for him, he was there to experience it all!! Trina and I had decided to do V Festival because the Foo's were playing and I had never been to a festival before. Telling everyone at work what I had the week off for was interesting, especially the stories from Jim and Jez about festivals. Even the big boss had told me to look after myself, bless him!! There was no escaping it now, camping and festival toilets I was about to experience them all!!


I had, had a lie in and felt ready for anything, even though it did not feel like I was going anywhere!! It certainly wasn't sinking in that I was going to a festival even though I had spent all week telling everyone!! I met up with Trina and Wayne at the train station, after lugging my bag through town to catch the bus to the station. That had been fun NOT!! On the bus though were the typical kind of people you would see at a festival (hmmmmm......I think I'm stereotyping here!!) and I was convinced they were going, but it turned out they were camping in Newquay, what did I know!!

We got some food and drink, the train arrived but it was extremely busy. Luckily as with all our trips Trina had booked us seats, so we managed to find them ok after securing our luggage with everyone elses. Unfortunately as there was 3 of us I ended up sitting next to some bloke with a lap top!! I couldn't help looking at it occassionally and kept thinking that Wayne should've sat there so they could discuss the games he was playing. I just put my mp3 player on and listened to it for the journey. The train announcer was getting quite stressed by the sounds of things and this is just to give you an example of how busy it was, he said that if he caught anyone with their bag on a seat he was going to charge them for it!! Some bloke and his little kid were sat opposite me and I couldn't help watching them for most of the journey too!! Mind you I hate it when people do that to me!!

We were on that train until Birmingham New Street and it had been fairly uneventful apart from the saga with the bags which I've already written about. Once at Birmingham we had to find the train to Stafford. We moved out of the way of everyone to check the board and what platform we needed. As we waited there were lots of people all around us and I said as a joke to Wayne, 'Here's a woman for ya'. It was a bloke dressed as a woman, surrounded by blokes dressed as priests/monks. The bloke must've heard what I said coz we all looked ateach other and just laughed. It had to be the funniest moment of the whole weekend!! We found out which platform we were on and then had to work out the lifts, which were very odd. To get to another platform you had to go down and then up!! When we got into the lift we were joined by a lady who appeared to be heading in the same direction as us as she had asked a guard where the Stafford train was. We found out she was actually working that weekend at the ground, I can't remember what she was working on. So we followed her/she followed us to the train and she helped Trina put her bag on the overhead carriage. This journey wasn't so long but I begged Trina for her mp3 player. Her's can hold more songs than mine and I already heard all of mine twice. That's the problem with a player that only holds 22 songs!! It still didn't feel like we were going anywhere, apart from the lady who was going to work we hadn't bumped into any other festival goers.

Eventually we get to Stafford train station. Although there was buses put on to take the festival goers to the site, we had agreed to meet up with Sarah who was driving and had been stuck in traffic for ages. She wanted some company, so we waited for her to come and pick us up. When leaving the station there were girls in not very much clothing giving out goodie bags for something or another. These included food, other stuff and condoms!! Outside the station were two girls trying to give away badges for some film or another that we had never heard off!! We all took two just to get rid of them!! We sat down outside the station and watched all the festival goers arrive in their wellies and carrying this that and everything, from tents to beer. There were ticket inspectors after a while at the exit and policemen turned up and started taking cans of booze off people. Every now and then they would come outside the station and pour them into a bucket. Wayne wanted to get more badges as he was coming up with wacky ideas of how to freak people out with their tents. Trina kept getting text messages and phone calls either from Sarah in traffic or Corina who had taken their tent in her car (she's also from Torquay and works with Trina) and set it up. She was moaning about how long it had taken to walk from the the car park to the campsite. She had taken Trina's tent as apparently her friends who were going with her said they weren't going now and she wanted to hangaround with someone she knew aka Trina!! So we watched as bus after bus and more and more people came and went. The lady from the train had got on the bus, just in case you were wondering!!

Sarah turned up eventually, she was a bit hassled as she had left home at about 10am/11am and had been stuck in traffic ever since. She was relieved she was going to have some company in the car. We got our bags in and Trina and I sat in the back. First Sarah seemed to drive down a road which was technically closed but she had followed another car which had done the same thing. We were driving for ages but didn't seem to be getting anywhere. Still we were listening to the Foo's so it was okay. It didn't take long till we hit traffic again and got stuck in a massive traffic jam!! Every now and then when we looked behind us at the traffic we could see a bus behind us, but at some point this disappeared. The people behind us must of thought we liked them or something as Trina and I were often turning round to look but not necessairly at them. Some blokes had decided to walk, so they would go past us. A little bit later we would drive past them, then they would walk past again etc etc..........this carried on for a while. One of them was wearing a Peter Kay 'Garlic Bread?' t-shirt. So to have a little fun we started shouting 'garlic bread' at him when we went passed but I don't think he heard us. If he did, he didn't make any gestures or whatever!! It was about 3pm when we got to Stafford, and we were in the queue and it was something like 5pm. Corina was panicking because we hadn't arrived and she told Trina about the directions the traffic were going in, which freaked us out abit. The entrance to the site was on the right hand side and instead of cutting across the road the traffic was being made to go up to the roundabout and turn round to come back down the right side. We went round a roundabout and down another road, going past a lot of cars on the other side of the road. Wayne, Sarah and myself kept making references to them that they had to go up and turn round and we didn't ha ha. It was very funny but inside I wasn't convinced we were on the right side for the entrance until we saw the guys with their flurescent jackets. Cheers erupted in the car!!

Although there were stewards in this area they didn't tell us where to park but we managed to find somewhere. After getting all our luggage together we set off to find the campsite etc. I had no idea where I was going so just followed all the other happy campers. The amount of stuff some people had was insane, but I reckon they were used to camping and knew what they needed unlike me. We had to go through a field, which had lots of cars in it, along a footpath which was full of stones and made dragging my suitcase quite difficult, across a narrow road, up another footpath also full of stones mud etc, then past one of the stages. It appeared to be the channel 4 stage so this was starting to get me excited. Most of this walk was uphill as well so Trina and Sarah weren't happy and made their feelings known. Wayne and I would walk on but he kept telling me to stop to wait for them. I thought that if I stopped that would be it and I wouldn't keep going. We went through a security checkpoint, they didn't check us though. I'm guessing it was for booze coz there was a bottle bin just before it. Some lad before us had a bottle of vodka or something and he was being told he couldn't take it in. He didn't seemed amused at this!! Then up the hill a bit further and another checkpoint only this time it was to be given our passes!! It was a wristband which read 'V festival Camping' on it!! So we were in and the next task was to find the campsite. It hadn't taken us that long to walk all that way!! I think with the suitcase and my arms starting to hurt, it did feel a bit longer!

Once inside we decide to get the goodie bag for £10 each!! This included a drawstring V Festival bag, a programme and the neck programme thingy which tells you what bands are on and when. I was looking at it and getting excited about the Foo's and trying to tell Trina but she got annoyed with me as she had rung Corina to find out where the campsite was. Apparently we were in the yellow campsite, so we carried on walking straight. Corina agreed to meet us at the entrance of the campsite so that she could show us the way to the tents. On the back of the neck thingy there was a camp map but the yellow campsite was in the very far corner of the right hand side of the page and didn't give us any clue whatsoever. We walked past lots of stalls and there were tons and tons of people either walking in the same direction as us or in the opposite. We came to a cross roads and decided to follow the signs up the hill. Halfway up this hill we realise that technically we were walking back on ourselves ~ whoops!! Eventually we found the yellow campsite though. More stewards here checking how many tents you have etc. I guessed that was the way they figure out if there is enough room for it.

This campsite was pretty much full up already and Corina true to her word met us inside the gate. She helped us work our way through the maze of tents and guide wires that were already up to where she had placed Trina's tent. There was apparently enough room for Sarah's tent. I got quite stressed trying to get my suitcase passed all these tents, plus I was tired from the walk. When we got to the spot for the tent, it appeared that Coreena and some woman called Maz had set these tents up so that they were in a little group which included a tall tent which was known as their pee tent!! Although there was enough room for Sarah's tent it felt like we were being pushed out. This put me in a worser mood!! Anyway they got Sarah's tent up and I put my case inside it and Sarah blew up her inflatable mattress. Unfortunately it was only a single ~ but if I was gonna be forced into camping, may as well do it properly. The suitcase took up my foot space but I said that I would sleep with my feet on the suitcase and it would be fine!! So I got my sleeping bag out and sorted that into position. Trina sorted out their tent and once we were all sorted it was decided we needed some food and we would go for a wander, see what the festival has to offer us that evening. The bands didn't start until 12.30pm the next day but we could see a fair ground so figured we could spend some time there.


This is gonna be a long one so please bear with me ;-)  Also thanks to Jan, Joan, Sandra and Amy for my xmas cards :o)

Till next time xx

thanks to emmi for the sig :o)  link in the sidebar xx

Sunday, 16 December 2007

Money for presents ~ not me!!!

Hewooooooooooooooooooo :-) 

So I better write a proper entry as I promised one lol..........It was really late when I added those pics, plus you have to wait for them to load and then add a caption, etc......*yawn* ;)

Have you all had a good weekend?  Here's a rundown of what I've been up too!!

Saturday - I got up early (8.30am, that's early for me ;-), and left the flat at 9am.  I went to the hairdressers, jeez it was chilly outside!!  Got into the hairdressers and they were very busy!!  I had to stand up for a few minutes until a bloke moved from the waiting area.  One of the hairdressers asked what I wanted but she didn't give me a time of how long I had to wait.  Hey-ho, I had all day ;-)  Well technically I did but officially I didn't!!  Eventually just as I was giving up and succumbing to deleting my text messages so I wouldn't look.....well I don't know, one of the 'cutters' (can't be bothered to keep typing hairdressers) came up and asked what I wanted done etc and that I had to go to the basin for the wash.  As I was being dealt with though, this woman and her daughter came into the shop and asked specifically for the lady who I had been given.  She didn't want to cut my hair and let's face it I didn't want her to cut my hair lol..........She was the nasty woman I had, had before.  I think I spoke about her on here somewhere!!  Anyway I got another woman, who was very nice and didn't stop talking :o)  Well if she's babbling then I don't have too lol....................

So once I was done in there I walked into town (yep up that hill again, what am I a glutton for punishment??  Nope just don't trust those buses!!)  and made my way to the parcel collection place.  This is the one thing wrong with ordering all your presents online.  I had only been there on Thursday and here I was again!!  Shall go there again before the weeks out I bet ya ;-)

I spent the morning going round town and trying to find something extra for Megs and mum.  Everyone else had been relatively easy but not these two *groan*  I popped into New Look in the new development in town.  It's a larger store than it had been before and they do clothes in my size and I want a new top for New Years :o)  Found a couple I like but not having any money decided I would wait.  Also need to get a second opinion lol

Went into Evans (big mistake!!)  Found a top I like, not to go out in, well I could but not dressy evening stuff.  It's a hooded top which is pinky in colour with white markings of flowers and (this is the best bit) skulls and crossbones :o)  Had to get it, even with no money!!  I tell you I think I've brought more things for me than anyone else this december lol...........

Managed to get something else for mum, but I give up on Megs!!  Mum has asked for a no-toy ban this year and that limits what I can get, but I do have an idea.  I am not posting that idea cos as you know mum and megs read my journal ;-)  They will find out soon enough.

Got home about 1pm, sat down had something to eat then cleaned the flat (very quickly, couldn't be bothered).  Then dyed my hair, same colour as before just needed doing can't stand seeing those grey hairs grrrrrr.........  Spent the rest of the afternoon reading journals, sorting out photobucket, typing up memories etc.

Today as usual I had a lie-in :-)  Got up lazily, had a shower, then went for a walk.  Stopped off at the Range to see if they have inspiration for Megs pressie but nope, so idea to be put into place.  Went to Scumerfield for food items and walked home, very cold out there.  Prefer it to be cold then raining to be honest with you!

When home I chopped my onion for the cottage pie I was gonna cook and then wrapped my pressies.  Luckily there was just enough wrapping paper.  The award for most annoying pressie to wrap goes to Trina and Greg this year ~ grrrrrrrrrrrrr at the pair of them!!

I've written some more xmas cards and watched the last Cranford (I cried, everyone was so happy :-)  I love those period dramas.  I'm now gonna go and watch some of my beloved Roger on youtube.  I have a craving for him lol

Hope you have a good week xx

p.s glad you liked the piccies :-)  Barry ~ yes they really did have a bike in their living room.  Joan ~ I can't remember what type of car it was..........I shall find out for Stuart ;)

Saturday, 15 December 2007

Photos :o)

Hi Everyone

I was gonna write a proper entry but as it's getting quite late I think I shall leave it till tomorrow or rather later today ;) LOL

So for now enjoy my photo delights of the Germany travels and my xmas dex done my style tee hee hee..........

Enjoy xx

Thursday, 13 December 2007

Back on Plane arrrggghhh..........

Hey everyone :o)  Well it's nearly the weekend *does happy dance*!!  I am gonna post the last entry from my Germany travels but first here's the latest of what's happening at work.  Everyone apart from E is back and we've been told today that we've gotta move offices!!  No more will we be able to look out of the windows and see the serene scene that we do now..........We are either gonna get moved to the 2nd floor of the annexe or the ground floor on the other side of the building!!  Hey-ho it could be worse I suppose!!  *note to self look harder for new job in the new year* lol

Anyway here's the rest of the Germany travels ~ I shall hopefully post the pics at the weekend :o)

SUNDAY 22nd JULY 2007

Next morning we got up fairly earlyish and had our last breakfast together. It was getting quite sad, we had, had such a good time the night before that I really didn't want to leave the girls. Or Davie who was giving puppy dog eyes to everyone!! Often he would lie underneath the table when we were eating, and he would lie on my feet, bless him!! All of us wanted to take home bits of Sandra's home and once Brigitte had finished there wasn't much left to have.

After breakfast we sat outside as the sun was out once again, but soon Tina had to leave, and Brigitte not long after her. Jurgen drove them to the station (or it might have been Sandra). It was getting quite tearful to say goodbye but I am sure we shall all meet again!! Well there's always next years meet up even if Queen don't tour. Pam, Trina and I remained sitting outside and chatting away. At some point I asked Sandra if I could have a cup of tea. She realised that she hadn't made me one that morning and was very apologetic. Trina and I said that we were going to put it in our notes about how shabby the place was to stay in (all in jest of course), we were going to mention how we had slept on hard floors and how they would starve us etc. We even took some photos to prove it.........we are nasty but Sandra knew we were joking!! They had been fabulous hosts!! As Trina and I didn't have to be at the airport till 3ish, we spent most of the time throwing Davie's ball for him. I was going to miss him, he keeps you amused for a long time!

Whilst Sandra drove Pam to the station, Jurgen tried to log us into the flight online. Unfortunately our reference number was not recognised, so he couldn't do it. Instead we chatted about the differences in our countries. It's insane some of the things Germans have to do and pay for etc, but they probably think that with our country. The conversation was based around numberplates and cars etc. I don't remember the entire in's and out's of the conversation but I do remember it was a lot of madness as to what goes on, I think it may have stemed from asking what Jurgen did for a living but don't quote me on that.

Eventually Jurgen and Sandra drove us to the airport and we said goodbye to Tobi. He had signed the poster which had been on the door when we arrived. I was going to keep it so that when he becomes a famous drummer I can say I knew him!! (It's currently framed and sitting on my table!) Whilst on the way to the airport, we were discussing which company we had flown with, Trina and I could not prounounce it correctly, but it explained why Jurgen could not log us in. He had been trying to do so on the British Airways site. We carried on discussing the difference between the countries and it was very interesting. I was taking the sights in as I wasn't sure when I would see buildings and architecture like that again!! We got out at the airport and I had to alter the tag on my bag. Once that was done and their car was parked, Trina and I went to queue at check-in. Jurgen lifted our bags onto the security conveyor belt bless him!! As we hadn't been able to use the online check-in we had to wait a while. It didn't take too long and unfortunately we weren't able to sit next to each other. We ended up with aisle seats next to each other instead. As there was still some time before our plane was due to board, we said our goodbyes to Sandra and Jurgen who had been the loveliest hosts and Sandra was close to tears again.

I didn't want to go but we made our way through to departures lounge and brought some food and got a drink. We sat at the gate waiting for our flight to be called. I wasn't feeling too bad but it didn't help matters when the check in ladies came to the desk but started to call out customers names but not ours.To this day I couldn't figure out why, now I wonder if they were priorty check-ins!! Eventually we got told we could now board, so we joined the queue with the rest of the passengers and got onto a bus. The bus took us to the plane and Trina got on before I did, I got stuck behind some people with kids. As Trina was therefore in charge of finding our seats she had made a mistake and even asked a very nice lady if she wouldn't mind swapping so we could sit together. This did not happen and I was sat next to some bloke who played his games thingy all flight. He also didn't close the blind so everytime we turned (which we did a lot on the approach to Heathrow) I freaked out coz I could see land or sky depending which window I looked through. At one point Trina asked if I could see Wembley (coz apparently you can see it from so many miles away), I turned round and said yes, there it is....which was quite amusing as she had said that for a joke!! I wasn't bad on the take off, remembered to get my book out straight away this time and sucking my Werthers I was fine!! The landing was that bad either and we were sat above the landing gear, so everytime that made a creaking sound it did freak me out a bit. It was the part after landing which freaked me out the most. Everytime the plane speeds up you can feel it and the pilot did this before we landed and had to perform an emergency stop after we had hit the ground. Trina admitted to me after we got off that she had actually been freaked out by that too!!

Trina was panicked about this end of the journey to a certain extent. We had to collect our baggage, which did arrive *phew* and make our way to the train. Trying to remember the way we had gone on Wednesday when we had arrived. To do this I got to go on those stupid floor escalator type things. They are stupid coz you can walk faster than they are moving. We arrived with plenty of time to catch the next train. Trina was relieved because we had gone through from baggage collection to the trains with no hassles at all. As everything is signposted pretty well it was hard not to find the right way to go. She said that Wayne and her argued constantly when they had flown back from Kenya. I couldn't understand it but I guess tiredness was involved. We had our hour back from the journey which did feel quite strange.

The train from Heathrow to Paddington was non-eventful and not very busy. Our train home was about 9pm and it was about 6pm. As we had a long time to wait we decided to go into the cafe and wait. I tried to read more of my book but with Trina around that was not so easy. We got slightly worried about our train as the one on the board we were looking at was delayed. We did debate about getting on it but figured they would probably get us to pay more as we had booked tix for the later train, so we didn't risk it. A bit later we had to go and find the loos (20p is a con!!) and I laughed when Trina walked past me!! I had a feeling she was going to do it too which was quite strange. We then got some food from Burger King and waited for our train. Eventually it was announced on the board, by this time I was bored..........and we found our seats no problem. The train wasn't very busy which was a relief!!

We got back to Exeter at about 10.30pm. Trina had to stay at mine as Wayne and his broken back could not drive to pick her up. She had to get up early the next morning to catch the 8am train!! That was the killer!! I decided I better get up too to show her the way otherwise she would get lost knowing my luck!! Luckily I didn't have to go to work as well, I would never have been able to concentrate!!

I got home and went somewhere and did something (I can't remember which sorry!!) But I was sad to be home, but happy because I know that I have met some of the best people in the world and I wouldn't have done that had it not been for Queen.

FRIENDS WILL BE FRIENDS, RIGHT TILL THE END..............................

Take care peeps xx

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

No 'I' in Team - Yeah Right!!

Hey you, how are you doin'?  A good week so far?  I have decided that even though I have nothing to say I'm gonna post an entry tonight and the rest of the Germany travels on Thursday :o)

So how's my week going?  Well whoever said 'There's no 'i' in team' clearly has never been to Room 248 Client Finance Services!!  They really should be introduced to this magical world of crapness..........I wasn't in the best of moods walking to work on Monday morning and ambled along which seemed to take forever.  Mind you it usually does walking up hill.................coming home and downhill doesn't take so long, how strange ;-)  So I get into the building and that strange room and on the four bank of desks where mine is no other screens are on!!  Slight panic sets in as P is usually there WAY before me!!  E must still be off as she was sick from the previous week and team leader sometimes arrives after me.

Turn on the computer and low and behold the phone rings.  It's some rather old gentleman who has received an account and won't let me get a word in edgeways.  Whilst trying to listen to him I overhear my team leaders line manager saying to the other team that P and team leader have rung in sick!!  Marvellous I'm thinking whilst trying desperately to get a word in edgeways with this bloke.  Not getting anywhere I agreed to look into his situation.  L passes on the news that I'm there on my own and I feel like screaming and running out of the door.  It's not even 9am!!!!!!!!!

When the other team leader comes in she offers M's desk to me as he has some time off to go to the Led Zepplin gig!!  So I move and I've been there for two days now!!  I just can't believe it.............This is exactly how it was like all summer with P off and team leader on hols!!  I can cope, I know I can and the line manager said that they don't know what they would do without me.......but come on................someone, somewhere please give me a break!!  Surely I deserve one??!!  I wasn't feeling 100% today myself.........feel a bit peaky!!  A bad omen probably..........mind you I must go to bed fairly early as I have a sty grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr............Went to the ladies loo's this afternoon witha pound coin to rub on it *rolls eyes* LOL

To top it off, Trina narked me today!!  Please don't ask's stupid and pathetic and it's a free country she is allowed to do what she wants and when she wants but it narked me!!  I walked all the way home thinking about it and all I could think of was that I was jealous that I hadn't thought of doing it first......or that I was quite happy doing what I was doing but now that's changed cos she's there.............oh............seriously this is stupid and I don't understand why I'm narked.............sorry Trine xx (she'll read this ;)

Ummmmmmmmmm...........what else is there to tell you about?  Apparently the Led Zepplin gig was good from what I've seen briefly on the internet!!  Must remember to ask M when he's back to work on Thursday.  Must really annoy some people when they pay ridiculous amounts of money to get tix and then the band go and announce that they are gonna do a world tour next year!!  Well that's the rumour I've heard..........................L said that Paul Rodgers was interviewed on the news.  She told me cos she remembered me going to see Queen & Paul Rodgers :o)  I love it when people do that tee hee hee..........

Loving being a member of the new group by Debs and Steph.  The group games are fab!!  Kept me entertained for a few minutes this lunchtime......I reccommend more of you should join :o)  Plus dear Jan is member of the week (well done Jan xx)  I think you all know her journal ;-)

Broadband is playing up for me and being really slow which is a pain when I'm doing some file maintenance (can't spell) and uploading pics to photobucket and it's not working grrrrrrrrrrrr..................

Well I reckon I've moaned enough.  Hope your week is better than mine so far xx

Sorry no xmas pics this time..........perhaps at the weekend :)


Sunday, 9 December 2007

My Weekend

Evenin' all :o)  how are you?

I'm undecided at the moment how I am feeling, I know that doesn't make sense but do you ever have one of those days where you start off quite happy and contended but yet when you have a moment on your own you turn to feeling meh!  I'm having one of those days lol.......

It's been a fairly good weekend though.  Will it ever stop raining though??   There is currently 3 rivers in Exeter, when there should only be two!!  There were 3 on Friday morning too, but by Saturday morning when I looked out the window this third one had disappeared!!  Basically there is two.......the canal and the main one.  When the main one is really full it spills out into this field and that's what it's done.  If you look out my window you can see it shimmering in the lights and flowing like mad!!

Anyway Saturday I decided against going to get my hair cut as it was raining so stayed in bed longer lol :o)  *jen likes her lie-ins!!*  I got up and cleaned the flat but it was only a quick clean as I didn't seem to have the energy for anything else!!  Then I got my xmas dex out and put some up.  However this year I have gone with the theme of being different   I cannot be bothered to put my tree up!!  So what I've done (and at some point I shall upload my photos to show you better ;)  is put tinsel around a few things and the baubles too!!  The fairy lights have gone around my big sounds quite pants me explaining it like that, but the pics will give you a better idea!

So after that was done and I was happy with the finished effect, I sat around doing not a lot until about 3pm.  Then I left home to catch a train to Torquay.  It was very windy but at least not raining too much!!  The train did turn up *phew* but it was full of teenagers.......ugh!!  No offense if you are a teenager but I just wasn't in the mood to put up with them.  The worst came after Newton Abbot, I was quietly listening to my mp3 player as usual and this large group of kids got on and some sat at the table seat in front of me and started playing music on their mobile phones.    I was not amused but kept my irratation to myself!!  Was glad to get off to be honest with you!!

So I spent the rest of the weekend with Trina and Wayne at their house and Bev came to join us as a couple of weeks ago it was her birthday.  Trina had brought lots of food so we had a good nibble and some drinks  and watched some TV (including a DVD made whilst we were in school........How embarrassing!!).  Instead of going out which was the original plan (or at least what I had been told) we stayed in and played some games.  The music quiz (which I won, I thank you!! LOL) and truth or dare when Wayne had gone upstairs to watch the footie...........we shall keep that between ourselves me thinks ;-)  Then to top off the evening (although I wasn't sure Bev was amused) our 3rd favourite band was on one of the music channels for 1/2 an hour :o)  Trina and I were very happy fangirling (unfortunately *shakes head in disbelief) over this tee hee hee................

Anyhoo.......this morning when I woke up Trina came in to find out what we wanted for brekkie and disappeared downstairs to make it (she's a good host).  When I was getting dressed though I put my Queen wristband on and realised my Dave Grohl wristband was missing.....I knew where it was but looked in my bag and around the area where it had been anyway!!  I made my way downstairs and asked Trina where it was.  She denied all knowledge so I checked her pockets........of course she had it LOL......silly moo!!

The rest of the day we spent here in Exeter, shopping!!  I managed to get a few bits and pieces.  Bev went home via bus, Trina Wayne and myself went to Pizza Hut :o)   It was very funny......Wayne was giving the waiter the order (which had taken a long time to give anyway!!)  and we said to him that he hadn't told the waiter about his garlic bread and he was adamant he had so he asked the waiter how many garlic bread's did he have?  The waiter said he didn't know but it was a lot.  He had thought Wayne meant in the whole shop ROFL..........................

So that was my weekend............Hope you all had a good time too xx

Thanks to Sazzy for the sig :o) - link over there peeps xx

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Travels.......part whatever I can't remember LOL

It's Wednesday and that means travels  part............(I can't remember what part I'm up too.....doh!!)  ah it is :o)  Still in Germany..........


Late rising again!! But we had another fabulous breakfast from Sandra and Jurgen. The plan was to visit Stuttgart town centre for shopping purposes. Trina and I both needed to get pressies for people, so once everyone was showered, ready and had, had enough to eat we headed out. Yet again decisions were made in German, and Trina and I were getting a lift to the train station which wasn't that far away from the house. Everyone else walked!! Then came the buying of tickets. I stayed out of it, figuring this was the best thing I could do and sliently wished I had taken my MP3 player. Tobi was playing tunes from his mobile, mostly Wake Me Up by Green Day. (Everytime I hear that now I think of Tobi!)

Eventually the train turned up and we got on. This was the German equivalent of the tube, only it didn't go underground, until we got to Stuttgart (I think!!) Sandra had arranged to meet up with her friend Heike and her children. We had met Heike last year in London at We Will Rock You, chasing Roger's car around London!! So we made our way to their meeting place. As we walked through the town it occured to us how many shops are similiar as the ones in England. Although for example their mobile phone shops are not called the same you can pretty much tell what they are from logos etc.

We stopped in a square, with lovely old buildings and statues to one side and a market place in front of us. There was some kind of demonstration going on as well as there were blokes talking into microphones, but I'm not sure what about!! Heike arrived with her children a boy and a girl (can't remember their names, but I do remember they were teenagers). The kids went off by themselves and the adults (if that's what youwanna call me) went off to look in a few shops.

First stop was this shop that Trina and I had never seen before which sells crystals made into all sorts of ornaments and jewellrey etc. Unfortunately everything in there was far too expensive so we just browsed and left after we had browsed enough. Next stop was Claires accessories. I can't remember why we stopped there but we ended up looking round this shop for ages (well it felt like it!!) Brigitte was browsing through the ties and eventually decided to buy one for Sandra as a pressie as we all knew she would wear it. So she disappeared into the shop and the rest of us waited outside. Trina had gone in after her and so had Tina. After a while Tina came outside and asked for my opinion on something for Trina. Trina, meanwhile looked to be in deep discussions with Brigitte, I had an idea of what was going on but didn't give the game away coz knowing me I would be completely wrong. Tina asked me which wallet they should get Trina for a present. I helped her pick one out and then went back outside. Eventually everyone reappeared and we moved on again.

Walked through town and down a side street. More of those mobile shops that looked very familiar. Tina brought some melon pieces which were gorgeous. It was still quite warm, but there was a bit of a breeze. We bumped into the kids, but they soon went their seperate way. We ended up at a very large department store that Sandra and Brigitte love. A bit like Debenhams, it sells designer gear etc. They wanted to wander through and gaze at all the things they can't afford. This wasn't for everyone's taste, so it was agreed that we would split up and meet each other later outside the store. Trina, Tina and myself decided to go elsewhere. Tina wanted to buy presents for her kids so we decided to follow her. We ended up in the german equivalent of Hamley's toy store, it was great!! The ground floor had cuddly toys, I can't remember what all the floors had but we ended up spending the whole time in there. Trina brought Wayne a model kit of an aeroplane, which she thought could amuse him whilst he was off work with his brokenback. Tina did manage to get some presents for her children, which was good. I hadn't brought anything but that didn't depress me!! We went to wait for the others in the area suggested earlier.

The sun was disappearing by now and it was a bit chilly waiting for them. Pam was the next to arrive, then Jurgen and Tobi and eventually Brigitte and Sandra. We made our way away from that area and it had been decided that we were going to eat in a restaurant called Ochs n Willi, where Trina and I could experience some fantastic food and also because it was our last night in Germany. Luckily the place was still open but it looked quite busy, because we hadn't booked Sandra was concerned that we might not be able to get a table. We did however and it was outside but I knew I would soon warm up once we got some food inside us. So we made ourselves comfortable and ordered drinks. Trina and I had some kind of lager shandy, which was very nice and tasty. The waitress brought the menu's over and I was looking at it but it made no sense to me whatsoever so I asked Brigitte who I was sitting next to, to explain the dishes to me. Pam was doing the same thing for Trina, until Jurgen, Sandra and Tina pointed out that it was written in English at the back. Oh did we laugh about that!! The food that was being served to other customers looked absolutely gorgeous. They are famous for doing steaks if I remember rightly and one bloke had a huge ox type thing. Unfortunately I can't actually remember what I had to eat except that it was gorgeous and very tasty. Trina had the same as Brigitte and Sandra and that looked absolutely lovely too. I did wish that I had copied her but mine was nice.

After we finished our meals we sat there and enjoyed our drinks and being sociable. Also to let our food go down before walking back to the train station. When it came to pay, our friends were working out how to split the bill and money was exchanged. Trina and I suddenly realised that they hadn't asked us for our contribution and mentioned this. They said they had wanted to treat us and had paid for our meals. Trina and I were gobsmaked and felt rather blessed for having such lovely friends. We soon left the restaurant after that. As we were making our way back to the station, we passed an ice cream place, some of them went to get one, Trina included and the ice cream seller came onto her, which was quite amusing. It had also started raining!!

We got back to the train station and Jurgen drove Trina and I back to the house but stopped off to get Sandra some more cigarettes. He didn't go to a shop or a petrol station like we would, in Germany there are machines on street corners that pay out cigarettes. I couldn't get over how strange that was. Back at Sandra's and the rain was coming down quite a lot now so we had to spend the evening indoors for a change. We made ourselves comfortable in the living room and presents were given. Mine was a blue skull and crossbones wallet, which Trina had helped pick out. I love it coz it goes so well with my bag which has red skull and crossbones on it, which Trina and Wayne got for me at the Download festival for looking after their cats. We decided to spend the evening watching some Queen videos and drinking more. Heike arrived not long after and joined in with the merriment.

I would spend some time of this evening outside with the girls and we had a good laugh about Brian most of the time. I can't remember what was said but it was certainly one of those conversations where you had to be there at that particular time. Watching the Queen videos had been such a good idea and it was amazing how quickly the evening passed.

Soon Heike left and we decided it was time for bed. Trina, Sandra, and Brigitte stayed chatting for ages. Tina, myself and Pam made our way down to the bedroom and I was going to go to bed but needed the loo. So I went back upstairs and when I came out Pam was there with the other girls talking. So I decided to go downstairs and sleep. I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer. The rest of them came down eventually.


One last part of this trip to tell you about...............Normal service with the next entry lol

Take Care

Jenny xx

Sunday, 2 December 2007

Rant's, News and Stuff

Hello everyone :o)  How are you all?

Here's what is coming up in today's entry LOL................

* Ranting and raving

* Queen news WOOHOO

* and other random stuff

Hope you enjoy it ;o)


So isn't the weather dreadful today?  It better not be like this tomorrow otherwise I shall get blown away on the way to work!!  And soaked coz there is no way you can put an umbrella up in this.........  Your probably wondering why don't I get the public transport??  Well this brings me nicely to my ranting and raving!!

Saturday I got up fairly early (for me anyway LOL) and I decided to venture into town before cleaning the flat for a change.  So I walk up the road to wait for the Park and Ride bus which goes past this way!!  I had just missed one as I saw it go passed when I was making my way up there!!  Sat there for about 5/10 minutes when one is coming towards me, I fiddle with my headphones and get some money out, stick my hand out to signal it to stop and it drives by I think okay, perhaps he just didn't see me or something and although slightly peeved I decide to wait for the next one.  10/15 minutes later and joined by a couple with pushchairs another one is coming towards us.  Stick my hand out and YET again it goes passed.  Now I can understand it this time, it looked full, but what was the excuse of the first one with hardly anybody on it??  I was seething now.  The couple walked off so I followed them, probably with the same idea in mind to catch a bus from up the road.  Only I don't ~ I walked all the way into town.  Usually i avoid this coz it's all up hill but nope I did it anyway!!

After looking round the german market and buying some food stuffs from scumerfield I walked all the way home too!!  There was NO way I was buying a tickethome via the bus.  They don't deserve it!!  I've never been truely angry with public transport but that first bus takes the sodding biscuit!!  DAMN the EXETER public transport grrrrrrrrr......

Whilst I'm on a roll to moan and rant......I wanna ask you guys about this journal.  I'm finding myself question why when I write about my events I only get a few comments and yet sometimes I get a lot more!!  I don't get it ~ are you reading but not commenting?  I know I've been down this route before moaning about these things and that comments don't really matter, but it is nice that if people are reading they let you know.  I try to comment on every entry I read, but sometimes I ask myself why I bother when people can't be bothered with my entries!!  If you are reading but not leaving a comment please try to comment at least once or twice to let me know you care???  Thank you!!

QUEEN news - they have reworked Roger's song Say It's Not True for the 46664 campaign, which is Nelson Mandela's fight against aids!!  I should've told you all about it yesterday as it was available for a free download.  Roger's voice is gorgeous and his drums are second to nothing!!  It does sound good being rocked up but I'm still unsure about Brian's vocals and Pauls.  Before this song was just sung by Roger and to me that was just fine   Never we just have to wait patiently for the new album and the god damned tour!!  I missed my beloved Roger on the BBC news on Friday ~ did any of you see it?  Apparently he looked good :o) tee hee hee.............

Other random stuff.........mmmmmmmmmmm............what was that I wonder?  Oh yeah, it's my ickle sisters birthday today!!    She is 10 years old, please wish her a happy birthday ~ she reads my journal as does my mum :o)  Apparently according to my Kerrang calendar she shares her birthday with Foo Fighter's bass player Nate Mendal - Nice one sis lol

Oh there was something I wanna ask you guys.........I'm thinking about xmas cards and the following people I have addresses for..........unless I hear differently I shall assume you haven't moved and don't mind me sending you a xmas card.  Those people are:

Jan, Lainey, Jeannette (Travels), Jayneee, Joan, Sandra, and Sara.

If you would like me to send you a card.........get your request in quick coz they shall be written this week ;o) 

Well I reckon I've spouted on enough.........

So until next time..........hope to hear from you  J-land group hug!!

Thanks Shelly for the sig :o) ----------------- link over there somewhere!!

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Apologies and Germany cont

Hiya Everyone :-)

I'm sorry about the secrecy in the last entry I really should stop doing things like that it must bug the hell out of you as a reader...........Thing is I wanna save it for the write up which will be coming eventually LOL..........

I don't have any gossip, or news worthy of a whole entry to itself....was gonna moan about the song lyrics I was just listening to but the song has changed so I shan't do that!!  Let's just crack on with Germany Part 3 (after all it is Wednesday :) 

Brief catch up.......we had made ourselves at home at Sandra's

FRIDAY 20th JULY 2007

The next morning Brigitte's mobile alarm clock went off and it is the most annoying noise in the world!! She didn't hear it so it went off about 3 times before Tina got up to turn it off!! We got up quite leisurely, as we had to wait for the bathroom. Davie barked when we made our way upstairs, mainly because he had forgotten we were still in the house bless him!!

After we were washed and changed we joined the others outside. It was another hot day, but the sun wasn't shining so great!! Once we were all ready, breakfast was served. Sandra and Jurgen serve the best breakfasts ever!! Basically there was a basket of pretzels and crossiants, and the rest of the table was covered in jams, spreads, ham's, cheeses, anything and everything. It was amazing the selection and choices!! I had a couple of crossiants with nutella chocolate spread. Well I wouldn't usually have that at home, that's my excuse anyway!! After breakfast we sat outside for a bit. The plan today was to visit the Wilhelma Zoo, (click the link to see it :) but we had to wait until Tobi finished school so he could come with us. Jurgen had taken the day off and was fetching drinks again, bless him. Whilst we were sat outside the wind picked up and it started raining. Plus thunder was expected but not much happened. I made the mistake of telling everyone I don't like thunder but I was actually okay.

The rain subsided eventually and Tobi had arrived home from school, so we all agreed it was time to get going. It made me laugh but whenever organisation needed to be done they would do so in German, so Trina and I were there thinking what?? What's happening?? Trina didn't like this, she's a very organised person and suddenly this job was taken away from her. Plan was that we were going to the zoo and at some point a bit later Pam was going to arrive and we'd have to pick her up from the train station. Brigitte, Trina and myself climbed into Jurgen's car and the rest went with Sandra in her mini-cooper. I was hoping for a ride in that, but unfortunately there was not enough room.

It was very odd being driven on the wrong side of the road, Trina really didn't like it. I just found it odd whenever we went to pull out of anywhere we pulled out all wrongly!! Trina and I discussed this though, it doesn't matter where you go abroad, us English are the only ones who drive the other way around so surely we are the ones that are driving on the wrong side of the road??!! Something to think about!! Eventually we pulled into the car park and Jurgen did very well to get his car into one of the spots. We made our way to the zoo along the main road, not too far to walk, which was good as the sun had appeared again!! The next bit I dreaded, and I was starting to feel uncomfortable about being in a different country but not being able to speak the language. For one moment Sandra confused me as I thought she was buying everyone's tickets but that didn't happen. As Trina was in charge of our euro's she went up to the lady in the window. Brigitte translated and things were fine, but that didn't help my uncomfortableness!! Once inside I tried to explain to people how I felt and they immediately told me I was being stupid!!

The first animals we saw were the penguins, it appeared that they were being fed as there was quite a crowd surrounding them. Jurgen kept trying to find better spots for us to be able to see, bless him. As we walked around he was educating Trina and I on most of the things we saw. After the penguins, we walked through a bit with all different species of birds. Some of them were very pretty!! Tina wanted to go through the plant house and the butterflies. It was very hot in the plant house. Apparently some of the buildings we were going through were very old. When we came out of the housesit was a nice relief but itwas definitely hot!! We saw the insects and spiders, which Tobi enjoyed, then through to the butterflies which was nice, they weren't flying around as much as I had thought they would be. We also saw an alligator/crocodile (I'm sure Trina will set me straight here!!)

At this point it was decided that we should get some food. We went into the cafe and got some chips, which were very nice. Again we had to ask one of our friends to translate. I was still trying to get Trina to say thanks in German. It just seemed rude to me that you would pay for something and then walk away, I don't do that over here even though some cashiers flippin' well deserve it!! Anyway we sat in the sunshine eating our chips. I finished off Sandra's chips too, I'm such a pig. Trina and I found it strange that several of them would mix the tomato ketchup with mayonnaise. Apparently you can actually buy bottles of stuff like that in Germany!! I just stuck to the mayonnaise.........

After food and a bit of a sit down we continued through the zoo. More gardens, very pretty, fish, and very strange things in tanks, toilet stops and ice cream. Whilst everyone was sat down eating their ice cream I was stood watching everyone around us. This family were coming towards me, mum, dad and a little girl who was helping push the pushchair. Her family stopped walking but because she was too busy looking at me she walked straight into the pushchair. That was very funny!! Onwards we went and saw more plants, a headbanging bird, monkey's, goats, polar bears and lots of other things and eventually up to see the big cats etc. It felt like we were walking miles. The funny thing I have to mention is the polar bear. There were two of them and they were both slumped as if the heat was getting to them. One stood up whilst we were watching and had a piss and then flumped back down it was so funny to watch. Trina and I were actually trying to take pictures of him whilst he was going to the loo. I should point out he didn't flump back down where he had just been to the loo.

Up by the big cats was more monkey's or whatever they were and one of the little ones had a red cap. He kept washing it and then looking around to check that people were still looking at him, it was funny but kinda cute. The cats were all being kept in tiny cages and weren't moving around very much. Trina was happy seeing them though. It was getting late and we were due to pick someone up from the station soon, but we had to walk up to the elephant house for my sake and Sandra's. Unfortunately they were not outside but fortunately we could still go inside to see them. There were four of them if I remember rightly and they were eating. They were lovely, as I call them gentle giants. Some of them had pink skin which looked really weird!! Further up in this building was a rhino with a baby rhino. I sat watching the elephants though as they are truely lovely.

We decided it was time to leave at this point and made our way back to the main entrance. Again decisions had been made in German, so Trina and I got into the car with Jurgen and Tina to go and pick up Pam from the train station. I was quite nervous meeting Pam for the first time. Tina had met her before which was why she came with us. We looked around the station and sat on the steps before she eventually walked towards us. Back into the car and back to Sandra's. We sat outside for the rest of the evening and much later ordered pizzas. We were supposed to be eating out at a Greek restaurant which Trina and I were quite nervous about as we weren't aware of whether we like Greek food or not. It was decided that as we had got back quite late it was probably not practical to eat out and we were all pretty tired from walking around the zoo.

We went to bed not long after the pizza's were eaten. We had spent most of the night chatting and laughing away. Pam kept translating for Trina and I.


So there you go, perhaps a proper entry next time LOL..........

Love y'all

Sunday, 25 November 2007

No Regrets!!!!! (and quietly dying)

Hi Everyone :)

Now if you have read my 'All about me' section you would see that I have a new obsession..........I'm not going to reveal too much at the moment but Trina, Wayne and myself went to see them in concert last night and it was flippin' awesome.............We are SO going to go and see them again :)

Have you ever had one of those moments though that you wished you could've done more?  But you don't really think about it until the moment has passed?  Or do you think that we do things at the moment coz that's how it was meant to be??  I'm currently going through a phase like this (as well as quietly dying ~ I have a sore throat/cough :( )  and I just wish I could stop thinking about it!!  More will become clear to you guys at a later date I promise :)  Let's just say I did something completely out of character for me last night!!  Lookin' back on it I don't regret it.............I just wish I had done things a little differently!!

Anyway back to the Germany write up :)  As I was not in on Wednesday I missed posting the entry so here it is:  Part two.................(if you remember we had just taken off :)

Not long after take off the flight attendant came up to us and asked if we spoke German, we said no, so she asked us in English if we mind moving seats as the ceiling is a little loose where we were seated. This didn't really help my nerves but it was fine, so Trina and I moved to the back of the plane. Once we had sat down and belted ourselves in, we could actually see the loose ceiling, and couldn't believe it!! I started reading my book to take my mind off of the flight which wasn't too hard, but I was instantly reminded of where i was when the pilot would speed up or turn!! I hate turning!! The stewardesses came round offering refreshments and a sandwhich of either ham or cheese. I just had a cup of tea and some water, the tea was disgusting!! We soon were flying over Germany and Trina couldn't stop looking out the window and was mentioning how the fields looked so much different to England. There were no bushes and it was all in strips or something like that!! The flight only took about an hour or so and as we were coming into land, Trina mentioned for the first time how she didn't like landings. Great something else for me to panic about. I was feeling freaked but didn't really notice it, it was a good landing, even Trina said so!! So we had made it, we were in Germany and more important we were in Stuttgart.

We got off the plane and onto a bus which took us to the airport terminal. Once inside we had to go through security which didn't take too long, although the guy checking the passports took a while studying Trina's. Then we had to go and wait for our bags. This part I was a bit nervous about as I wasn't sure if my bag would arrive or not!! Through the glass we could see someone who looked liked Sandra but we were both feeling too shy to go and find out!! Once our bags had been off loaded we went through 'nothing to declare' and realised it had been Sandra after all. After the hello's and hugs, we made our way out of the airport to Sandra's car. I couldn't get over how hot it was, it was very stifleing!! When she parked up, Trina and I argued who was gonna sit in the front and I was given the duty. So I went to get in, only to realise how stupid I was, I am in a foreign country trying to get in, on the english side - doh!! Much amusement for Sandra and Trina!! I got in on the right side and buckled myself in. Sandra said that Tobi, her son, had wanted to come and meet us, but because she had told his teacher the english were coming, she couldn't keep him off school unfortunately!! As she drove us to her house she pointed out places of interest, which was cool. It was amazing how different it actually seemed, like the houses all have character and look really pretty, unlike here where you get streets all looking the same etc. Although I talk to Sandra everyday via the internet in some form or another, I felt like I couldn't think of what to say, but then the radio station was playing some pretty good tunes, so I was quite happy to sit and listen to it. It was quite a long drive to her house, which is outside of Stuttgart!!

When we got there she pointed out the poster thingy on the door and how it hadn't been there when she left. She also warned us about the dog Davie. He was prone to bark very loudly at you and you had to ignore him until he became used to you and then he was fine!! The thingy on the door was like a flyer welcoming Trina and I to Germany ~ apparently Tobi had made it. Him and Jurgen came out to meet us along with Tobi's friend, (I can't remember his name!!) We took our bags inside and were given the grand tour of the house by Tobi. Davie did bark quite a bit, but he appeared to be a lovely dog. The ground floor was their main living space, with an open plan kitchen/living room, although there was a wall seperating them it was still kind of open plan!! A small bathroom and the main bathroom, Tobi's bedroom, Sandra and Jurgen's bedroom and Sandra's office. Then we were shown the basement. More rooms that were fairly big in size, they just aren't sure what they are doing with them yet. The whole place was nicely decorated and felt very homely. Our room was down in the basement and there was some beds, some mattresses on the floor and a camp bed. We also saw Tobi's drumkit and were told that he would play it for us when the rest of the girls arrived. For now though we decided to sit outside. Their garden is also a good size and the decking area where we sat had some garden seats and a garden swing. I have never had the opportunity to actually sit on a garden swing before so Trina and I made ourselves VERY comfortable there. We vowed not to move EVER!! It was really stuffy and we didn't really feel like doing much anyway!! We both felt quite tired, it had been a long morning and now we were an hour ahead ~ very odd!!

The next to arrive was Tina, she had taken the train. It was so good to see her again!! To say hello, meant having to leave the garden swing but it was a small price to pay. After the initial hellos we went back to sit outside. We talked and talked and probably threw Davies ball a couple of times. He was a great dog, he would drop his blue thingy at your feet and move away a little bit just watching it and waiting patiently for you to throw it. So you would and he'd bring it back and drop it again only this time it was covered in his slobber, so it would be quite disgusting to pick it up but you would anyway coz you just can't resist him. He would be happy to do this all day. Brigitte turned up next and she was the last one for the day, she had also taken the train, but it had been delayed. Once we were all together we just sat in the back garden chatting away and not really doing anything else. Jurgen was a sweatheart and kept fetching us drinks and things. Sandra made some tea for me and the boys coz I'm the only one who drinks tea. Apparently Jurgen had been on a bike trip recently and had come back withall these Twinings teas in boxes, just for me ~ bless him!! They also put out some pretzels and marg which was very nice. Trina fell in love with Pretzels at this point!! Eventually Tobi reminded us that he wanted to show off his drumming with his friend on guitar in their little musical room. The room is great and they have even sound proofed it with egg boxes like Roger Taylor did when he was little. Tobi is an excellant drummer and his friend was great too, they certainly have what it takes to become big. At least I'll be able to say I knew them, if albeit briefly before they were famous.

The rest of the afternoon soon metamorphasized into the evening and it got dark. Jurgen and Tobi started up the barbeque and we all sat outside and had some lovely meat from the barbe. They did so much, beef, chicken, pork etc. I started off with some beef and it was gorgeous. It wasn't just normal meaty taste it tasted kinda spicy. There was also salad and lots of sauces etc. Trina and I were also introduced to 'girly beer' which is Becks ~ Green Lemon (You can get it over here I've seen it in Sainsbugs and it's now on offer woohoo!!) which was really nice and far too easy to drink!! I had pork next which was quite nice, but not as nice as the beef. I wasn't hungry enough to try one of their sausages!! Most of the meal the guys talked in German which was quite strange for Trina and I but after a while we could pick up the general gist of what was being said ~ in a strange way!! Bless them though they would translate for us!! Sandra was becoming quite surprised at how much English Tobi actually knows. He has just started learning it at school.

After the meal we made our way back to the decking area (or did we go inside??) as we were starting to be quite loud and it was a work day for the people around us. We kept forgetting that!! As Trina and I were getting quite tired we eventually made our way to bed. We slept on the mattresses on the floor.


That's all for now folks........................

I have tomorrow off work WOOHOO............

Laters xx

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Joke for you

The future for Nursery Rhymes!!


Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall 
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall 
The structure of the wall was incorrect 
So he won a grand with Claims Direct. 
It's Raining, It's Pouring. 
Oh sh*t, it's Global Warming. 
Mary had a little lamb 
her father shot it dead. 
Now it goes to school with her 
between two chunks of bread. 
Simple Simon met a pie man going to the fair. 
Said Simple Simon to the pie man 
"What have u got there?" 
Said the pie man unto Simon 
"Pies you dickhead". 
Mary had a little lamb 
it ran into a pylon. 
10,000 volts went up its arse 
and turned its wool to nylon. 
Georgie Porgie Pudding and Pie 
kissed the girls and made them cry. 
When the boys came out to play 
he kissed them too cause he was gay. 
Jack and Jill 
Went up the hill 
And planned to do some kissing. 
Jack made a pass 
and grabbed her ass 
Now two of his teeth are missing. 
Mary had a little lamb 
Its fleece was white and wispy. 
Then it caught Foot and Mouth Disease 
And now it's black and crispy. 
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Monday, 19 November 2007

London Weekend

So you are all asking yourself whether I had a good time or not?  I am going to anwer with a video from youtube!!


So don't you think that answers your questions LOL.........

Full write up will appear at some point!!

Jen xx