Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Apologies and Germany cont

Hiya Everyone :-)

I'm sorry about the secrecy in the last entry I really should stop doing things like that it must bug the hell out of you as a reader...........Thing is I wanna save it for the write up which will be coming eventually LOL..........

I don't have any gossip, or news worthy of a whole entry to itself....was gonna moan about the song lyrics I was just listening to but the song has changed so I shan't do that!!  Let's just crack on with Germany Part 3 (after all it is Wednesday :) 

Brief catch up.......we had made ourselves at home at Sandra's

FRIDAY 20th JULY 2007

The next morning Brigitte's mobile alarm clock went off and it is the most annoying noise in the world!! She didn't hear it so it went off about 3 times before Tina got up to turn it off!! We got up quite leisurely, as we had to wait for the bathroom. Davie barked when we made our way upstairs, mainly because he had forgotten we were still in the house bless him!!

After we were washed and changed we joined the others outside. It was another hot day, but the sun wasn't shining so great!! Once we were all ready, breakfast was served. Sandra and Jurgen serve the best breakfasts ever!! Basically there was a basket of pretzels and crossiants, and the rest of the table was covered in jams, spreads, ham's, cheeses, anything and everything. It was amazing the selection and choices!! I had a couple of crossiants with nutella chocolate spread. Well I wouldn't usually have that at home, that's my excuse anyway!! After breakfast we sat outside for a bit. The plan today was to visit the Wilhelma Zoo, (click the link to see it :) but we had to wait until Tobi finished school so he could come with us. Jurgen had taken the day off and was fetching drinks again, bless him. Whilst we were sat outside the wind picked up and it started raining. Plus thunder was expected but not much happened. I made the mistake of telling everyone I don't like thunder but I was actually okay.

The rain subsided eventually and Tobi had arrived home from school, so we all agreed it was time to get going. It made me laugh but whenever organisation needed to be done they would do so in German, so Trina and I were there thinking what?? What's happening?? Trina didn't like this, she's a very organised person and suddenly this job was taken away from her. Plan was that we were going to the zoo and at some point a bit later Pam was going to arrive and we'd have to pick her up from the train station. Brigitte, Trina and myself climbed into Jurgen's car and the rest went with Sandra in her mini-cooper. I was hoping for a ride in that, but unfortunately there was not enough room.

It was very odd being driven on the wrong side of the road, Trina really didn't like it. I just found it odd whenever we went to pull out of anywhere we pulled out all wrongly!! Trina and I discussed this though, it doesn't matter where you go abroad, us English are the only ones who drive the other way around so surely we are the ones that are driving on the wrong side of the road??!! Something to think about!! Eventually we pulled into the car park and Jurgen did very well to get his car into one of the spots. We made our way to the zoo along the main road, not too far to walk, which was good as the sun had appeared again!! The next bit I dreaded, and I was starting to feel uncomfortable about being in a different country but not being able to speak the language. For one moment Sandra confused me as I thought she was buying everyone's tickets but that didn't happen. As Trina was in charge of our euro's she went up to the lady in the window. Brigitte translated and things were fine, but that didn't help my uncomfortableness!! Once inside I tried to explain to people how I felt and they immediately told me I was being stupid!!

The first animals we saw were the penguins, it appeared that they were being fed as there was quite a crowd surrounding them. Jurgen kept trying to find better spots for us to be able to see, bless him. As we walked around he was educating Trina and I on most of the things we saw. After the penguins, we walked through a bit with all different species of birds. Some of them were very pretty!! Tina wanted to go through the plant house and the butterflies. It was very hot in the plant house. Apparently some of the buildings we were going through were very old. When we came out of the housesit was a nice relief but itwas definitely hot!! We saw the insects and spiders, which Tobi enjoyed, then through to the butterflies which was nice, they weren't flying around as much as I had thought they would be. We also saw an alligator/crocodile (I'm sure Trina will set me straight here!!)

At this point it was decided that we should get some food. We went into the cafe and got some chips, which were very nice. Again we had to ask one of our friends to translate. I was still trying to get Trina to say thanks in German. It just seemed rude to me that you would pay for something and then walk away, I don't do that over here even though some cashiers flippin' well deserve it!! Anyway we sat in the sunshine eating our chips. I finished off Sandra's chips too, I'm such a pig. Trina and I found it strange that several of them would mix the tomato ketchup with mayonnaise. Apparently you can actually buy bottles of stuff like that in Germany!! I just stuck to the mayonnaise.........

After food and a bit of a sit down we continued through the zoo. More gardens, very pretty, fish, and very strange things in tanks, toilet stops and ice cream. Whilst everyone was sat down eating their ice cream I was stood watching everyone around us. This family were coming towards me, mum, dad and a little girl who was helping push the pushchair. Her family stopped walking but because she was too busy looking at me she walked straight into the pushchair. That was very funny!! Onwards we went and saw more plants, a headbanging bird, monkey's, goats, polar bears and lots of other things and eventually up to see the big cats etc. It felt like we were walking miles. The funny thing I have to mention is the polar bear. There were two of them and they were both slumped as if the heat was getting to them. One stood up whilst we were watching and had a piss and then flumped back down it was so funny to watch. Trina and I were actually trying to take pictures of him whilst he was going to the loo. I should point out he didn't flump back down where he had just been to the loo.

Up by the big cats was more monkey's or whatever they were and one of the little ones had a red cap. He kept washing it and then looking around to check that people were still looking at him, it was funny but kinda cute. The cats were all being kept in tiny cages and weren't moving around very much. Trina was happy seeing them though. It was getting late and we were due to pick someone up from the station soon, but we had to walk up to the elephant house for my sake and Sandra's. Unfortunately they were not outside but fortunately we could still go inside to see them. There were four of them if I remember rightly and they were eating. They were lovely, as I call them gentle giants. Some of them had pink skin which looked really weird!! Further up in this building was a rhino with a baby rhino. I sat watching the elephants though as they are truely lovely.

We decided it was time to leave at this point and made our way back to the main entrance. Again decisions had been made in German, so Trina and I got into the car with Jurgen and Tina to go and pick up Pam from the train station. I was quite nervous meeting Pam for the first time. Tina had met her before which was why she came with us. We looked around the station and sat on the steps before she eventually walked towards us. Back into the car and back to Sandra's. We sat outside for the rest of the evening and much later ordered pizzas. We were supposed to be eating out at a Greek restaurant which Trina and I were quite nervous about as we weren't aware of whether we like Greek food or not. It was decided that as we had got back quite late it was probably not practical to eat out and we were all pretty tired from walking around the zoo.

We went to bed not long after the pizza's were eaten. We had spent most of the night chatting and laughing away. Pam kept translating for Trina and I.


So there you go, perhaps a proper entry next time LOL..........

Love y'all

Sunday, 25 November 2007

No Regrets!!!!! (and quietly dying)

Hi Everyone :)

Now if you have read my 'All about me' section you would see that I have a new obsession..........I'm not going to reveal too much at the moment but Trina, Wayne and myself went to see them in concert last night and it was flippin' awesome.............We are SO going to go and see them again :)

Have you ever had one of those moments though that you wished you could've done more?  But you don't really think about it until the moment has passed?  Or do you think that we do things at the moment coz that's how it was meant to be??  I'm currently going through a phase like this (as well as quietly dying ~ I have a sore throat/cough :( )  and I just wish I could stop thinking about it!!  More will become clear to you guys at a later date I promise :)  Let's just say I did something completely out of character for me last night!!  Lookin' back on it I don't regret it.............I just wish I had done things a little differently!!

Anyway back to the Germany write up :)  As I was not in on Wednesday I missed posting the entry so here it is:  Part two.................(if you remember we had just taken off :)

Not long after take off the flight attendant came up to us and asked if we spoke German, we said no, so she asked us in English if we mind moving seats as the ceiling is a little loose where we were seated. This didn't really help my nerves but it was fine, so Trina and I moved to the back of the plane. Once we had sat down and belted ourselves in, we could actually see the loose ceiling, and couldn't believe it!! I started reading my book to take my mind off of the flight which wasn't too hard, but I was instantly reminded of where i was when the pilot would speed up or turn!! I hate turning!! The stewardesses came round offering refreshments and a sandwhich of either ham or cheese. I just had a cup of tea and some water, the tea was disgusting!! We soon were flying over Germany and Trina couldn't stop looking out the window and was mentioning how the fields looked so much different to England. There were no bushes and it was all in strips or something like that!! The flight only took about an hour or so and as we were coming into land, Trina mentioned for the first time how she didn't like landings. Great something else for me to panic about. I was feeling freaked but didn't really notice it, it was a good landing, even Trina said so!! So we had made it, we were in Germany and more important we were in Stuttgart.

We got off the plane and onto a bus which took us to the airport terminal. Once inside we had to go through security which didn't take too long, although the guy checking the passports took a while studying Trina's. Then we had to go and wait for our bags. This part I was a bit nervous about as I wasn't sure if my bag would arrive or not!! Through the glass we could see someone who looked liked Sandra but we were both feeling too shy to go and find out!! Once our bags had been off loaded we went through 'nothing to declare' and realised it had been Sandra after all. After the hello's and hugs, we made our way out of the airport to Sandra's car. I couldn't get over how hot it was, it was very stifleing!! When she parked up, Trina and I argued who was gonna sit in the front and I was given the duty. So I went to get in, only to realise how stupid I was, I am in a foreign country trying to get in, on the english side - doh!! Much amusement for Sandra and Trina!! I got in on the right side and buckled myself in. Sandra said that Tobi, her son, had wanted to come and meet us, but because she had told his teacher the english were coming, she couldn't keep him off school unfortunately!! As she drove us to her house she pointed out places of interest, which was cool. It was amazing how different it actually seemed, like the houses all have character and look really pretty, unlike here where you get streets all looking the same etc. Although I talk to Sandra everyday via the internet in some form or another, I felt like I couldn't think of what to say, but then the radio station was playing some pretty good tunes, so I was quite happy to sit and listen to it. It was quite a long drive to her house, which is outside of Stuttgart!!

When we got there she pointed out the poster thingy on the door and how it hadn't been there when she left. She also warned us about the dog Davie. He was prone to bark very loudly at you and you had to ignore him until he became used to you and then he was fine!! The thingy on the door was like a flyer welcoming Trina and I to Germany ~ apparently Tobi had made it. Him and Jurgen came out to meet us along with Tobi's friend, (I can't remember his name!!) We took our bags inside and were given the grand tour of the house by Tobi. Davie did bark quite a bit, but he appeared to be a lovely dog. The ground floor was their main living space, with an open plan kitchen/living room, although there was a wall seperating them it was still kind of open plan!! A small bathroom and the main bathroom, Tobi's bedroom, Sandra and Jurgen's bedroom and Sandra's office. Then we were shown the basement. More rooms that were fairly big in size, they just aren't sure what they are doing with them yet. The whole place was nicely decorated and felt very homely. Our room was down in the basement and there was some beds, some mattresses on the floor and a camp bed. We also saw Tobi's drumkit and were told that he would play it for us when the rest of the girls arrived. For now though we decided to sit outside. Their garden is also a good size and the decking area where we sat had some garden seats and a garden swing. I have never had the opportunity to actually sit on a garden swing before so Trina and I made ourselves VERY comfortable there. We vowed not to move EVER!! It was really stuffy and we didn't really feel like doing much anyway!! We both felt quite tired, it had been a long morning and now we were an hour ahead ~ very odd!!

The next to arrive was Tina, she had taken the train. It was so good to see her again!! To say hello, meant having to leave the garden swing but it was a small price to pay. After the initial hellos we went back to sit outside. We talked and talked and probably threw Davies ball a couple of times. He was a great dog, he would drop his blue thingy at your feet and move away a little bit just watching it and waiting patiently for you to throw it. So you would and he'd bring it back and drop it again only this time it was covered in his slobber, so it would be quite disgusting to pick it up but you would anyway coz you just can't resist him. He would be happy to do this all day. Brigitte turned up next and she was the last one for the day, she had also taken the train, but it had been delayed. Once we were all together we just sat in the back garden chatting away and not really doing anything else. Jurgen was a sweatheart and kept fetching us drinks and things. Sandra made some tea for me and the boys coz I'm the only one who drinks tea. Apparently Jurgen had been on a bike trip recently and had come back withall these Twinings teas in boxes, just for me ~ bless him!! They also put out some pretzels and marg which was very nice. Trina fell in love with Pretzels at this point!! Eventually Tobi reminded us that he wanted to show off his drumming with his friend on guitar in their little musical room. The room is great and they have even sound proofed it with egg boxes like Roger Taylor did when he was little. Tobi is an excellant drummer and his friend was great too, they certainly have what it takes to become big. At least I'll be able to say I knew them, if albeit briefly before they were famous.

The rest of the afternoon soon metamorphasized into the evening and it got dark. Jurgen and Tobi started up the barbeque and we all sat outside and had some lovely meat from the barbe. They did so much, beef, chicken, pork etc. I started off with some beef and it was gorgeous. It wasn't just normal meaty taste it tasted kinda spicy. There was also salad and lots of sauces etc. Trina and I were also introduced to 'girly beer' which is Becks ~ Green Lemon (You can get it over here I've seen it in Sainsbugs and it's now on offer woohoo!!) which was really nice and far too easy to drink!! I had pork next which was quite nice, but not as nice as the beef. I wasn't hungry enough to try one of their sausages!! Most of the meal the guys talked in German which was quite strange for Trina and I but after a while we could pick up the general gist of what was being said ~ in a strange way!! Bless them though they would translate for us!! Sandra was becoming quite surprised at how much English Tobi actually knows. He has just started learning it at school.

After the meal we made our way back to the decking area (or did we go inside??) as we were starting to be quite loud and it was a work day for the people around us. We kept forgetting that!! As Trina and I were getting quite tired we eventually made our way to bed. We slept on the mattresses on the floor.


That's all for now folks........................

I have tomorrow off work WOOHOO............

Laters xx

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Joke for you

The future for Nursery Rhymes!!


Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall 
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall 
The structure of the wall was incorrect 
So he won a grand with Claims Direct. 
It's Raining, It's Pouring. 
Oh sh*t, it's Global Warming. 
Mary had a little lamb 
her father shot it dead. 
Now it goes to school with her 
between two chunks of bread. 
Simple Simon met a pie man going to the fair. 
Said Simple Simon to the pie man 
"What have u got there?" 
Said the pie man unto Simon 
"Pies you dickhead". 
Mary had a little lamb 
it ran into a pylon. 
10,000 volts went up its arse 
and turned its wool to nylon. 
Georgie Porgie Pudding and Pie 
kissed the girls and made them cry. 
When the boys came out to play 
he kissed them too cause he was gay. 
Jack and Jill 
Went up the hill 
And planned to do some kissing. 
Jack made a pass 
and grabbed her ass 
Now two of his teeth are missing. 
Mary had a little lamb 
Its fleece was white and wispy. 
Then it caught Foot and Mouth Disease 
And now it's black and crispy. 
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Monday, 19 November 2007

London Weekend

So you are all asking yourself whether I had a good time or not?  I am going to anwer with a video from youtube!!


So don't you think that answers your questions LOL.........

Full write up will appear at some point!!

Jen xx

Friday, 16 November 2007


I can't really be bothered to do an entry...............

I'm sitting here though updating my mp3 player for the train trip tomorrow and awaiting the Radio 1 v's Radio 2 Never Mind The Buzzcocks on Children in Need so figured I would stop by and just say a quick hello. 

Nothing exciting or even worth mentioning has happened since Wednesday!!  You may be glad to know that my arm feels 100% better :-)  It's ready for more punishment  Yep we are off to London to see the Foo Fighters at the O2 arena (aka the old dome place)!!  Never been there before and we have seating tickets (boooo) but of course seating means no queueing so perfect stalking opportunities!!  Please, please please cross your fingers for me............what I wouldn't give for a picture!!  Trina and I have been discussing this over the emails today and we have a plan, which I am not going to reveal here never know who might be reading!! 

It was funny at work yesterday E said that I should hopefully be able to catch up on sleep this weekend, so I said no I am off to London and she said oh yeah.  I said that I would actually get a chance to catch up on sleep on Saturday 1st December 2007 LOL.....Seems like such a long time away!!  I may fall asleep at the computer......if I do wake me up would ya?  Thanks peeps xx

Ha ha ha.....look at that I didn't have anything to say yet I'm waffling...........

Thanks for the comments to my previous entry, glad you enjoyed reading it and I appreciate the comments about the writing  ---- Just for you!!

I shall leave you here and go and wait patiently for my mp3 player to finish downloading ....... Have a good weekend peeps xx

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Tiredness and Plane Journeys

Evenin' all............................ (oh no I'm using the ..........'s again!!) That is not actually how I wanted to start this entry.  It was supposed to more like:


That's how I've felt pretty much all day!!  I won't say too much about it coz obviously with me and gigs there will be a write up to come ;-)  but I shall just say it was flippin' AWESOME.  I didn't get home till 2am and then had to work today, that's hardcore for ya lol.........or blikin' stupidity!!  But I did manage to last until 5pm at work so that was impressive, considering I felt really tired and achey!!  However the bigger down side is that my right arm is killing me, it doesn't like gripping and pulling and I can't figure out what I've done to it!!  It's aching typing this so this won't be a long entry lol  Trina seems to think it was coz I was pointing and clapping a lot, but I don't know to be honest!!  :(  *sympathy please*  I'm only asking for some coz I didn't get any at work.

Mind you work was quite funny.  Although I only told team leader and one of my colleagues where I was going they all seemed to know that I was gonna be tired, so of course I got quite a few jokes about that.  For example I went up to the store room to find something and team leader joked that I was going up there for a nap!!  *rolls eyes*

Anyway it was a darn good gig and it was a good rehersal for going to Cardiff and the same arena to see Bill and the Kaiser Chiefs!!  That's not a band by the way LOL........sounds funny bill and the kaiser chiefs..............LOL..............oh dear, see I am tired!!  (so what am I still doing up writing this entry then I hear you say?)

I've decided coz I don't have any decent news and I have to make a note of what happened last night before i forget I would post the first entry to my travels......Wednesday postings will be for travels :-)

So here it is........................

Trip to Germany July 2007

Wednesday 18th July

Day off ~ stayed at home and listened to music via Windows Media Player most of the day. I also packed and cleaned the flat. I left home at about 3.30pm to catch the 4.15pm train to St David's and meet up with Trina. Whilst i was waiting at the station her train went passed. She said she waved but at the time I was texting her so I didn't see her!! Eventually met up with her at St David's and we went to the platform to wait for the train to London. It was delayed by about 10 minutes. We got on and found our seats but they were in the quiet zone!! I was not amused but listened to my MP3 player anyway ~ sod 'em!! Got to London Paddington about 7 or 8ish, so we decided to get some food before going onto Heathrow. Sat and ate a Burger King. Trina tried to get tickets for Heathrow Express who wanted to charge about £60. She tried a different train and we got tickets in the end for £12 return. These were for Heathrow connect which would take longer to get there and stop at every station between Paddington and Heathrow but a much better deal. So we waited for that train! We eventually get to Heathrow and managed to find our way out to the taxi rank fairly easily!! Signs are quite helpful really............We got into the next taxi waiting and told him where we wanted to go.......he'd never heard of it!! Nightmare!! It took him about 10 minutes to consult with Trina's hotel directions and his a to z to find the road we actually wanted and then we were off!! It took about 10 minutes to reach our destination. The reception lady booked us in and kindly agreed to book us a taxi for very stupid o'clock the next morning. 5.45am!! Luckily our room was right next to reception so we wouldn't be waking too many people up. We got into the room and made ourselves comfortable. Trina decided to use the loo and flushed it, but it didn't stop flushing!! She had to go to reception and get someone to come and look at it!! Some bloke came into the room and hit the button and it stopped. We watched a bit of TV and then went to sleep but it was VERY hot in that room!! Plus we had a very early start!!!



(Brian May's birthday)!! The alarm went off shockingly early!! We managed to get up though and have a quick wash, repacked and went out to the taxi. The only thing I remember so well about that taxi ride was a) the driver had really bad B.O!! and b) there were a lot of people about considering it wasn't even 6am!! But we got to Terminal 2 at Heathrow and joined the queue to check in. I was starting to feel nervous by this point coz it was showing me that it was really happening and there was no turning back now!! We eventually got checked in (the bags were fine ~ did wonder whether it would be overweight which would've panicked me LOL) and we made our way to departures. The signs were coming in handy again!! Yet another queue to get through security!! As it was only 6am and our flight wasn't boarding till 7.50am we had a bit of time to kill. Trina and I browsed through one of the shops. We were informed that some items we couldn't buy as we were travelling within Europe ~ what a swizz!! We decided to get Sandra (aka Cooper) a pressie as she was letting us stay at her house. We brought a bottle of Moet and Chandon in a pink case!! Note the Queen reference.......We decided the next thing to do would be get some food. We managed to find a Weatherspoons which was open and ordered some food. It was at the top of all the shops and there's a great viewing platform. I was getting excited by watching the planes coming into land. I tried to take a picture of one on my mobile but it didn't work very well. I had a breakfast bun and a cup of tea and I think Trina had something on toast and coffee. The more I thought about the flight the more panicky I was getting. Trina tried her best to calm me bless her!! After we finished brekkie we went and sat downstairs and waited for our gate to be announced. That was a nerve racking time waiting and watching and waiting, and waiting............ According to the signs some of the gates were miles away from where we were seated so we were silently praying it wouldn't be one of them. Our prayers were answered when it was announced. It was just a short walk and not 1/2 an hour away!! The lady at the gate checked us in again and at this point we could see the plane outside.........argh!! Panic was setting in good and strong now. There were not many people waiting, mainly blokes in suits. We took one of the free newspapers and Trina kept it as it had lions and tigers in it. We were waiting quite a while and when time came when we were supposed to be boarding nothing happened. This was not helping the nerves. The announcer told us that they were sorry for the delay and told us we could start boarding the plane. There was definitely no turning back now, but as Trina and I walked down the gangway to the plane I made references to me jumping out one of the windows that we were passing. I watch programmes like Airport and whatever that one was called on BBC1 and I assumed our plane would have 3 seats either side etc, but this one was titchy!! There were only 2 seats either side and it wasn't very long. Trina and I found our seats and settled in. The panic was really starting to mount now!! Trina suggested I read the magazine, only I couldn't understand it as it was in German!! The noise from the engine kept reminding me where I was and what was about to happen!! Usually whenever I travel somewhere I tend to remain on the ground travelling horizontally and here I was about to go vertical and it wasn't a good feeling!! As soon as the plane started moving, the stewardesses went through the safety instructions but the movements were making me feel horrible. The two businessmen sitting opposite Trina and I were probably thinking I was very weird. I was freaking out at even the slightest movement, it felt so odd, especially when the pilot speeded up to take off. You are kinda thrown back into your seat. By this point I was holding the magazine up to my face and covering my eyes. Trina was trying her damned hardest to calm me down, but I couldn't help it!! By the time the plane actually took off I was crying!! I'm not proud of it but the moment was just so freaky!! I couldn't believe it was actually happening and I should point out I am not good with heights, why do you think I've never been on the Eye!! Eventually I braved a look and at this point the plane started turning so you can only see land outside one window and sky out the other........I didn't like that and Trina very kindly shut the blind for me!! Bless her she really does have a heart of gold considering she puts up with me!!

Well that's the first section for you..........more next week or when I can't be bothered to write a proper entry lol

Love y'all

Monday, 12 November 2007

Too many "......" in one entry!!

 everyone out there in J-land!!  Yep I'm still here LOL.........Can I just take this moment to thank you all for the comments that you left they are very appreciated. A big hello to the faircoleen  who is a new reader (sorry if I spelt your name wrong!!), hope you will feel welcome here!!  But one thing I wanna just point out, not ONE of you noticed that I hadn't included September in my month run down LOL..........Personally I didn't even notice until lunchtime today when I was looking at my blog at lunchtime to see who had commented!!!  So to make up for missing out on September here's what happened.

September - P still off work.  Me?  I worked and worked and may have taken a day off to spend with mum but that was about all.  A very pants month to be honest!!

See don't you feel better knowing what I did that month?  Yep, I thought so.........

So how are you all today?  It seems very quiet in J-land, don't tell me alerts are down!!  *rolls eyes* Some things never change LOL

Me? I'm alright, felt very quiet today.  It's not good when you get into work and all you are given is bad news.  One's off sick, another one had a family member pass away, Jeez for the love of some good news on a Monday!!  If you have any please leave them in the comments

I had a good weekend.  Saturday cleaned as usual, then decided to shred some more stuff, filled several bags with shredding.  I also seem to have moved stuff around, which is good but also not good coz one half of my living room looks great and the other half looks messy lol........I went out for a walk, then spent the rest of the day here at the internet, sad huh? 

Sunday I got up late, (always do on a Sunday) and fiddled about on the computer again, then prepared my food for tea that night coz I had not cooked it before so needed preparation time!!  Then it was raining so couldn't go anywhere my friend and I who seemed to be online at the same times all weekend, were playing scrabulous and pirates on facebook.  She kept bombing me, so I did the same back, it's fun!!  Eventually it stopped raining so went for a bit of a long walk, round a way I'm not familiar with but found my way home fine!!  Some ejit was feeding the seagulls though so I had to try and dodge them as they were flying here, there and everywhere.  I really do HATE seagulls with a passion!!  I suppose to be fair I'm petrified of them............

When I got home, fiddled around on the computer some more, watched the Simpsons and then put tea in.  It was a lamb casserole and I have to say it was GORGEOUS!!  I finished it off was lovely and I will definitely be cooking that again!!

God how boring is this entry lol............

On Wednesday I shall post the first of my various trip entries......As a treat for you all I uploaded some of the videos we took at V festival last night so if I'm feeling brave enough I may post them here.  Ewwwww you'll be able to hear what I talk like LOL...mmmm.......probably need some persuasion for this!!

So tomorrow is Foo High in Cardiff...............Trina was telling me it takes 3 hours to get there and we are leaving work at 4pm and doors open at 6.30pm Arrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhh.........we'll never make the catwalk!!  By the bar sounds the best that we could hope for!!!!  Depressed!!  Mind you like I was texting Trina earlier it could be worse, some lady who works for the same company as me has posted on the noticeboard that she hasn't even received her tickets yet!!  What a nightmare!!  Thinking about this we have been VERY lucky regarding gigs.  There was only one nightmare situation, god knows how many years ago when Roger Taylor was supposed to play a tribute to Paul Young (Mike and the Mechanics guy, not the other one!) and we had all booked tickets but they changed it from standing to seating.  So annoyed with that we all gave our tickets back and got refunds, but it was decided we would still go anyway and stalk Roger, like you do!!

It was in Manchester in December so we were freezing by the time Roger had turned up to go in.  The decision was made that we may as well go into the gig, so we all brought tickets again friends all ran to the front anyway by the time Roger was on!!  Me??  I was tired and cold and just glad to be sitting down LOL

But that was the worse........we've never had a cancellation, or whatever, yet you read about them all the time.  Actually what am I talking about of course we could I have forgotten that one!!!  We were supposed to go to Queen + Paul Rodgers on July 7th in Hyde Park.............needless to say that got postponed!!  How could I forget that one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ignore me!!

It's easier that me!!

oooooooooo gigs aren't they great??  I don't wanna ever get too old to go to a gig!! thinks I'm rambling now just to fill space LOL

Great Trina's just depressed me, why can't I have sky tv!!  (This is just for Trina........well you don't have youtube LOL.......I'm up here *shock*!)

Right think I should leave you here and go and find some pretty decent songs to listen to before I head off bedwards.........

Take care peeps.  Sorry for the randomness!!

Saturday, 10 November 2007

A short catch up entry

Ok well I promised you all a proper entry and I'm back..............for good?  Well who knows!!  I looked earlier to see when the last entry was posted before I took my leave and it was June.  That doesn't seem that long ago but when I think about stuff that has happened well I suppose it is!!  Barry seems to think this entry is gonna be a long one, but I'm gonna try and keep it small.........don't wanna bombard you with loadsa worthless information.  Here's what's happened during the last 5 months in a nutshell :-)

June - P was off sick from work so it was just me and team leader going through all the accounts etc.  At some point (I can't remember if I told you this or not) but my passport turned up.  I celebrated my 30th birthday which on the day was a quiet affair (I had the week off from work :-)  Trina, Wayne and myself went for a meal, but Trina put on a bit of a sketch for me and Wayne to find out what our presents were (he celebrates his birthday in June too.  She had paid for a trip to Germany to see our Roger board mates for me and a trip to Dublin for both of us to see the Foo Fighters/Nine Inch Nails live and booked all our leave from work!!  Bless her :-)

July - P still off work..............Went to Germany (first trip on a plane - write up of event to follow including pics) What else happened in July??  I can't remember!!  Oh, just been reminded went to Surrey to celebrate 25 years of Jacky running the Queen fanclub.  Also visited stonehenge!!

August - P still off sick.............Went to my first music festival in Stafford (rained all weekend - write up and photos to follow) then onto Dublin (another trip on a planewoohoo)  and Trina's bank holiday weekend bar-b-que.

October - P still off sick but trying to make a come back to work.  In the meantime we got given a temporary solution in the form of a colleague transferred from another team.  No gigs in October, just another We Will Rock You meet up, this month felt a bit pants actually.........became addicted to facebook (not a good thing LOL)

And that brings me to November.............the next two weeks are gonna be manic and I CANNOT wait here's why:  13th Foo Fighters, Cardiff, 17th Foo Fighters, London, 21st Bill Bailey, Cardiff, and the 24th Kaiser Chiefs, Cardiff.  I'm dead excited about all of those, I can barely contain it..........Mind you going to Cardiff 3 times in two weeks is a bit much!! lol ;)

So as you can see during my break I have not changed one little bit although I have lost a little bit of weight :-)  It's not just my imagination coz someone at work commented on it and at We Will Rock You meet up it was the first thing one of my mates commented on!!  I haven't really been doing anything differently just eating a bit better I guess and drinking a heck of a lot of water lol...........Here's a pic of me that was taken in August, just in case you've forgotten what I looked like ;)

Well I shall leave you here and give more in the future is good to be back and I hope I haven't missed too much about you guys.  Why not give me a brief rundown in the comments...........

Love ya all 

p.s thanks for all the comments when I posted those silly little entries I really do appreciate it guys xx

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Notice to all readers



Just thought you'd like to know...........I haven't forgotten about you all honestly


*big cheesy grin*