Thursday, 31 August 2006

Questionaire Thingy


Hey peeps - 2 entries in one night aren't you being spoiled ;-)  Was sent this questionnaire thingy on email by Sandra and Jeannette so thought I'd answer it via the journal instead :-)

1. What time is it?  It is 11.02pm Thursday 31st August

2. Do you wear clip-on or post earrings? No          
3. What are you most afraid of?  I am most afraid of being completely alone - not being able to see my friends etc.....
 4. What is the most recent movie that you've seen in a cinema? Cars the Disney Pixar one - it was very good :-)
5. Have you ever seen a ghost? No
6. Where were you born? .Exeter, Devon
7. Favourite food?  Either chocolate or crisps - usually anything that's bad for me :(

8. Ever been to
? No
9. Ever been toilet papered?  I don't even know what that is!!
10. Have you loved someone so much it made you cry? Yeh who hasn't.....
11. Been in a car accident?  Not an accident but was bumped into when I was on a driving lesson - that shook me up a bit
12. Croutons or bacon bits? Bacon bits 
13. Favourite day of the week? Either Saturday or Sunday so I can have a lie-in
14. Favourite Restaurant? Ummm....don't know
15. Favourite Flower?  Don't have a favourite
16. Favorite sport to watch? Football - but only England games
17. Favourite Drink? Vodka or tea but not mixed together lol
Disney or Warner Brothers
Either I'm not fussy although I do love Mickey :-)
20. Favourite fast food restaurant?  Any fish and chip shop will do me!!
  21. What colour is your bedroom carpet?  Blue
23. Before this one, from whom did you get your last email? AOL journal alerts I expect
24. What do you most often do when you are bored? Browse the internet for something
25. What time is Bedtime? Whenever I feel like it
26. Who will respond to this e-mail the quickest. Nobody this is an entry on my journal lol 
27. Who is the person you sent this to that is least likely to respond?. See answer above
28. Who is the person that you are most curious to see their responses? Don't know
29. What is your favourite TV show? All my fave programme's have finished :(
30. Ford or Chevy? I'll say ford but I don't really care
31. What are you listening to right now?  David Bowie I think it must be his greatest hits
32 What are your favourite colours?  Purple and blue
33. How many tattoos do you have? None
 34. How many pets do you have? None
35. If you could go anywhere, where would you go? Disneyland
36. What would you like to accomplish before you die?  To be happy
37. How many people are you sending this e-mail to?   None
38. Whatcharacteristics do your friends have to have?  A sense of humour helps
39. Month and date of your birth? 14th June

Last and Final Part plus what the hell is up with my journal!!??

Hey everyone - what the hell is going on with the comments section??  Big thanks and hugs to Joan for letting me know there was a problem!!  I did wonder what was going on but it seems to be working ok for me now - are you guys still experiencing a problem??  I thought maybe it was coz of the entry but I don't know - I'm not that technically minded to know what's going on lol...............Just a bunch of random guesses from me unfortunately!!  Anyhoo I shall post the last part to my meeting in London tonight but first I wanted to share this with you............

Bless click the link peeps :-)  When I read that at lunchtime it just got me to thinkin' why aren't there more nice stars like that, that realise they've made a promise and actually keep it!!  Alright so it's probably just coz the fact they'll be in Australia anyway but made me smile that's all so I thought I'd share it with you!!

Right onto the last and final part of the rogerboard meet up in June:

We all got up fairly early for breakfast – again Sam came down with us, but she had to leave early to catch her train. L  When we went back to our room and I was fiddling with my camera Trina suddenly realised that Jamie still had hers.  Jamie was due to go for a singing lesson that morning but Trina managed to get hold of her and promised to bring it back.  She had actually cancelled her lesson – bless her!!
As we had to vacate the room around 11ish we went downstairs into the lounge and spent most of the morning in there.  Unfortunately everything that was going on in my life suddenly came crashing down around me and I got a little bit upset.  It was only because I had, had such a good weekend and I didn’t want to go home to be miserable and stressed again!  When I had calmed down again, the girls (Brigitte, Eliza and Sandra) told me that because I had got them the pink elephants they wanted to give something to me in return and presented me with a hard rock café bottle opener which is also a fridge magnet J  Bless ‘em (I treasure that bottle opener a reminder of the fab time I had and the best friends in the world, it’s still in it’s wrapping lol)
Around 12ish we went to a café for a drink and something to eat before Sarah, Trina and I had to catch our train.  It was a nice little place not far from the train station.  I think I had a chicken tikka sandwich but don’t quote me on that lol………and a cup of tea!!  We walked round to the station about 2ish as our train was at 2.30pm (this is all guess work you understand lol) Pictures were taken once more and eventually our platform number was announced.  We made our way over to it and said our goodbye’s to the girls (their flight wasn’t until 8pm).  As we got past the ticket barrier I kept looking back to say goodbye and noticed Coops was welling up L
The journey home was fairly non-eventful until we reached Bristol Parkway and had to change.  We were stood up in the corridor as it was so busy – but luckily a lot of people got off at Temple Meads so Trina and I managed to find our booked seats.  It was a shame to be home – it really was the best weekend ever!!  I love the roger board and the girls on it are fantastic but even more so in person J  Roll on the next PEB meet-up!!
  Final goodbye photos at the train station :(
So that's it from that write up - Next adventure to tell you about is a gig but not a Queen one - there I bet your intrigued now huh?  lol
Take care until then peeps

Wednesday, 30 August 2006

Part 3 - Rock On

Hi everyone - hope you had a good weekend :-)  I went away for the weekend but there'll be more about that at a later date xx Firstly here's Part 3
Went for breakfast and took Sam with us this time as nobody checks regarding the rooms and we’d been pretty lucky getting her in so far ;)  We then decided what to do for the rest of the day.  As we are Queen fans and we were in London it seemed pretty sensible to go stalking then to Freddie’s house.  I won’t go into details about this as it doesn’t seem right but it was a nice morning with beautiful weather again.
We caught the bus to Freddie’s house and stood outside for a while taking some pics and having a break from walking etc.  We also tried to decide what to do next as it was too nice yet again to do something indoors.  By this point Alison had turned up so it was nice to meet her again, after briefly meeting her at the convention.  The decision was made that we would spend the afternoon lazing around in Hyde Park and would pop into Somerfield on the way to get some snacky foods for a picnic.  So that’s what we did!!
Hyde Park was busy but we managed to find a spot on the grass and made ourselves comfortable.  Alison and Brigitte were discussing the fan club, Sarah and Jamie were playing some game, Sam and Trina were in deep discussion as they had been most of the weekend, and Coops, Eliza and I were enjoying the sunshine.  I couldn’t stop looking at these two blokes that were fighting with their arms it looked so odd!!  At one point somebody moaned that it was too hot in the sunshine so we moved over to the shady area.  There was a family with some young children in the same area and one of the little boys kept chucking sticks at Sam.  Alison had to leave during the afternoon so she took a group piccie and said her goodbyes.  We wandered back to the hotel around 5ish (I think!) to freshen up for the evenings entertainment.
Once everyone was happy we caught another bus to the Hard Rock Café.  I had never been, so felt it would be a good ending to the weekend and Coops was a member so would be able to get us in quicker (she was my new best friend lol).  We all knew there was Queen Memorabilia in there as Sarah and some of her friends had been a few weeks before.  It looked like it was busy and they managed to find a table for 9 of us but we had to wait for them to get it cleared.  Once they had, we went and sat down, but Brigitte and I decided to go and look in the merchandise shop.  She wanted one of their hats, I didn’t technically want anything just thought I would go and have a bit of a nose!!  I decided the bottle openers were really cool but I didn’t buy anything (didn’t think I could afford their prices.)  Once we’d had a good enough snoop around we joined the others and decided to order our food.  Trina had taken the liberty of getting me a drink.  If I remember rightly it was ‘sex on the beach’ as it contained Freddie’s favourite vodka lol………bless her!!  Our waiter (bless him) kept coming round with drinks etc and singing along to whatever was on the TV screens at the time.  I laughed that he was serenading us, so he placed his hands on my shoulders and kept singing – I’m pretty sure I went rather red at that point lol…………  We asked him if Queen were going to be played on the screens but he said it was all set programmes so he didn’t have a clue.  Eventually we ordered our food – Coops had ordered nachos and as it was a starter on the menu, I said, ‘you do realise you’ve only ordered a starter?’  She replied that she was aware of that but when it turns up I would see it’s plenty big enough for a main meal.  The conversation and drinks continued to flow whilst we waited for our food, Trina and I kept ourselves amused by taking the mick out of the music that was playing.  Have you ever seen/heard Bill Bailey’s How Can I Feel Pain song??  It was just like that!!
Eventually our food turned up and Coops was right!!  Her plate was absolutely huge and completely covered in nachos, cheese and god knows what else.  I had gone for a bacon cheeseburger with chips.  Trina had chicken I think with macaroni cheese on top.  It was all very nice but I couldn’t finish mine – there was too much!!  I had some of Coops though as I was intrigued and never had nachos before.  They were quite nice!!  We ordered our desserts – well some people did and the rest shared with them.  Before the desserts turned up We Are the Champions was played.  Mass party at our table, singing as loud as possible, again the whole place was watching us.  Jamie said that people clapped us at the end lol…………..It was fab!!  But back to the desserts Trina had gone for some ice cream treat that had cream, maltesers, chocolate brownie at the bottom, ice cream and lots of other stuff.  It was heavenly but the dish was very big and between the two of us it worked out to be too much!!  After desserts everyone seemed to go off on their own.  Jamie and Gabriel went to the museum bit in the merchandise shop.  Coops, Brigitte and Eliza all disappeared and Sarah was getting rather merry!!  When the girls did come back from the merchandise shop, I was trying to be nosey as to what Brigitte had brought but Eliza told me it was naughty things.  I was like but they don’t sell naughty things and tried to look in the bag but she stopped me!!  I gave up after that!!   When everyone had returned we had a group pic taken by the guitar which is signed by Queen J  there is also gold discs and a coat worn by Brian during his time in a band called 1984.  It was a really good night, such a laugh and made me even more depressed as I did not want to go home the next day.
We made our way back to the hotel and the plan was we were going to stay up and have some drinks but unfortunately this did not happen as most of us were pretty tired.  Lightweights I know lol Eliza, Brigitte and Coops stayed up though!!
Hope you enjoyed that :-)  Part 4 - the final part coming soon

Thursday, 24 August 2006

Part two

So are you ready for Part two??  Good coz here it comes ;-)

Woke up fairly early – before the alarm went off if I remember correctly, we met the girls downstairs for brekkie (apart from Sam as she shouldn’t really be there ;-)  Unfortunately there wasn’t a table big enough for us all so Sarah, Trina and I sat in the corner.  It was help-yourself breakfast, consisting of toast, cereal etc.
After breakfast we met up in the lounge area to decide what we were going to do for the day.  Jamie turned up around 10.30am ish.  It was another beautiful day and we wanted to do some touristy things for the girls.  Eliza hadn’t been to London for a long time so we were going to make the most of this.  Sarah and Jamie turned into tour guides for the weekend.  (Jamie lives there and Sarah used too!)  So they took us to Camden Market by bus, although they weren’t sure which stop we had to get off at.  It was so hot!!  Brigitte/Eliza/Coops were popping into every shop they went past, so the rest of us made our way up the road.  Jamie and Sarahwanted to look in the record shop across the road so we let them go.  Trina, Sam and I wandered round the market and as Sam had been there already she showed us the really cool shops.  Like the one that plays banging music but it has all ultraviolet lights and freaky shop assistants.  Past all the food stalls, and the doughnut stall (promising ourselves we’d go back there).  At one point I heard Sam’s name being called and Trina’s so I looked around but there were tons of people and I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from.  Eventually I found that Sarah and Jamie were the culprits and they were sitting in the pub.  As Sam and Trina had walked on I followed them and told them I’d seen the girls in the pub garden.  Neither of us was very hungry so we carried on sight-seeing.  Sam was a great tour guide, advising us not to talk to the punks on the bridge etc…………..Not long after she stopped for some noodles as she hadn’t had any breakfast.  They were nice (I hadn’t had any before), Sam didn’t want to finish them so I took the tray from her.  I stabbed a piece of chicken and they went everywhere!!  Unfortunately I was wearing my green crop trousers so there was a lovely noodle stain on them.  Apart from those, I had a pair of jeans and a pair of my work trousers so I was either going to be hot for the rest of the weekend or completely messy!!??!!
After a bit more of a walk around, we made our way to the doughnut stall – getting very hot by this point.  I had a chocolate one with raspberry sauce mmmmmmmmmm…………………  Walking and eating we stopped in a few more shops for a nose but I felt very hot and quite faint at one point so I waited for Trina and Sam outside!!  When they reappeared we went to join Sarah and Jamie in the pub garden.  I sat on one of the benches in the shade but then a bunch of randoms took over.  Grrrr………………….  Around 2ish we went to meet up with the others no-one turned up on time except Trina and me.  When everyone was back together the girls decided that instead of doing more touristy things such as Madame Tussard’s we should find a pub near the river and enjoy the sunshine.  So off we went to find a bus.  Jamie and Sarah took us to one bus stop that every other bus stopped at but not the one we wanted.  So off we walked again to find another bus that would take us in the same direction.  Much better luck this time and off we went through most of London.  From the bus I saw Buckingham Palace, the horse guards, Trafalgar Square, and more.  When we got off the bus you could see the Eye really clearly, and we were heading in that direction but first we were shown Scotland Yard.  Everyone took piccies and there is a group one where we are doing the ‘International Roger Fans’ sign and we could imagine the policemen watching us on their CCTV wondering what the hell we were doing.  LOL…….  We made our way towards the river after that and tried to find somewhere that would sell a drink.  On our way we passed Westminster Abbey and as there was a policeman outside I made the girls have their pic taken with him, he was very nice lol…………We also went past Big Ben which was pretty cool – I was seeing lots of things I had never seen before.  We heard it bong on the quarter past and quarter too but not the o’clock bit.  L  Never mind!!  We stopped on the bridge and watched the boats go past for a few minutes and decided to try and find somewhere to get drinks.  By this point we were growing ever thirstier!!  Plus it was really hot!!  We found an amusement arcade that said there was a bar inside but once we got in, something stopped us from getting a drink and we went back to the McDonald’s.  Everyone got a drink and a bite to eat if they wanted it and sat outside in the sunshine.  Conversation turned to what we were going to do in the evening and Sarah and Jamie started singing Queen song’s again!!  After a while we decided to make our way to the Dominion and get our standing tix for WWRY.  (Apparently you can buy them on the day!!)
Once we got there some of the girls queued up to buy the tix and I went to nosey at the merchandise.  I hadn’t spent any money in Camden so I figured I would buy something at WWRY.  We managed to get our tickets and so made our way back to the hotel for a change and to freshen up.  Around 6.30ish we went back to the dominion and met Jamie outside.  Sam and Jamie were not coming in (they were getting fed up with WWRY by this point.)  The rest of us went in and found our standing places; got drinks and merchandise J  the standing room is right at the top of the circle so as far away from the stage as possible!!  Sarah managed to take some photos though which was pretty cool.  It was good fun and as we were standing we got to dance around a bit lol……….  During the slow song No-one but you Coops got out a load of lighters for us, which we started waving but we got told off for it lol………….  It was a good night and afterwards we went with Sam, Jamie and Gabriel to the bar they had been in for most of the night.  At one stage some bloke came into the bar with some chips.  Brigitte, Eliza and Coops all said that they wanted to experience proper fish and chips so we were on a mission to find them some.  So when this bloke walked in with some we all argued between us who should go and ask him where he got them from.  Eventually Jamie went over to ask him and he even offered her some lol…………………..  Armed with the knowledge that a fish and chip shop wasn’t that far Brigitte, Eliza, Coops and I went to find it.  Straight across the road from the Dominion was a shop on the corner with a bright neon sign saying Fish and Chips.  *rolls eyes* couldn’t believe we’d missed that one!!  Once there I have to give the girls a quick lesson in fish and chips and they order 3 cod and chips.  The fish was huge and it all came in a cone for us to be able to eat them straight away.  I had sausage and chips J  we stood outside to eat them whilst being entertained by some bongo player and all the drunken people on the streets of London on a very warm Saturday night.  The girls were very happy they had finally had a taste of proper fish and chips.  Once we were full we made our way back to the pub.  After photos were taken and bitching about the bar staff we went back to the hotel.
Slept better that night J  we put the fan on in our room and although I couldn’t feel it all that well it still made a difference.  Also Brigitte had brought her copy of Gluttons for Punishment over for me to have a look so I borrowed that for the night and found it very interesting!!
Hope you enjoyed that - part 3 Sunday coming soon xx

Wednesday, 23 August 2006

Time to catch up

When I've mentioned about my gossip well I have been misleading you - it's not really gossip - more adventures :-)  So here we go - let me take you back to the beginning of June, the flat was apparently on the market, I was in  a mixed up place but a meeting with my fellow friends over at was planned for the first weekend in June - so this is that story!!  I shall try and update you a day at a time - don't wanna bore you with too much detail lol ;-)  Enjoy xx

FRIDAY 2nd JUNE 2006
Trina arrived at mine around 8.30am and we made our way into town to have a bacon sandwich.  Our train wasn’t until 10ish, so we had a leisurely breakfast and a cup of tea.  Afterwards we made our way to the newsagents across the road to stock up on snacks for the train ~ didn’t want to pay the train prices lol………Luckily we managed to catch the bus which had turned up.  Our train was on time but there were a lot of people waiting to get on.  Trina had pre-booked our seats so we went to get on Coach C.  There were quite a few people getting off and so we waited for them to leave first.  Unfortunately there was a slight gap in between the people getting off and this lady and her family pushed past everyone who had been waiting patiently to climb aboard and started to make her way on the train.  The last of the people wanting to get off came out and one lady huffed ‘It would be nice if we could actually get off the train.’  I couldn’t help thinking how rude those people had been to get on like that, if it had been Trina or I there would have been repercussions you could bet on that.  Anyway I huffed about it and we went to find our seats.  When we managed to find them, someone had left the seat but his jacket was still there.  The lady sitting opposite (it was a table seat) said ‘someone’s sitting there’.  This annoyed me further and I huffed about that quite loudly ~ not thinking for one second it was the person’s family that had told us he was sitting there.  We found a couple of empty seats behind and once we had sat down I started moaning about the woman who had pushed on.  Of course she was standing next to me at this point and had a go back at me.  This day was not shaping out to be very good at all!!  The next thing to happen the seats we were in were booked from Taunton onwards ~ so Trina and I spent the rest of the journey (only until Bristol) in the corridor L  We did keep ourselves amused by moaning on about that woman until one of her kids walked past and then that amused us even more as it was obvious that I’d told Trina to shut up lol…  Little things………….
We got off that train in Bristol and made our way to the connecting one.  Trina was panicking as we had about 12 minutes to make it.  I was hoping that the woman who I’d argued with wasn’t following us.  Luckily she didn’t and the train we got on was quiet J  we also managed to find our booked seats and they were empty ~ yay!!  We had a nice relaxing rest of the journey, listening to my walkman.  Trina kept getting texts from Sam who was coming down from up north, and Sarah who was stuck at work in London, supposed to be training someone who had gone elsewhere.  She had said that she had bumped into the German ladies earlier that day and they had got to London okay ~ we had all been panicking as Brigitte wanted to be woken up early in case she missed the flight!!
  Trina and I on the train :-)
Eventually the train pulled into London and I asked Trina to send the girls a text to say we had arrived.  Luckily the hotel we had all booked into wasn’t far from Paddington train station so we made our way there.  The girl’s texted back saying they were enjoying a drink in the sunshine but would make their way back soon.  It was a beautiful day, beginning to get quite warm.  Once we got to the hotel Trina booked us in ~ even though Sarah had made the booking and we went upstairs to check out our room.  It was a triple room apparently, but it turned out to be tiny, hot, with a double bed and a camp bed, and no room to swing a cat (not that you would do that coz that’s just cruel – where did that saying come from?? _ Note to self look that up!!) 
 Our ridiculously small room!!
We were concerned coz we had planned to smuggle Sam into our room and there wasn’t really enough room for her.  We managed to get the window open for some air and found a fan J  After refreshing ourselves up a bit we went downstairs to wait in the lounge area.  Trina thought the girls (aka Brigitte, Eliza or otherwise known as Tina and Coops or otherwise known as Sandra) were at reception but it wasn’t so!!  A few minutes later and they turned up so it was hugs and hello’s all round.  I couldn’t believe I was finally meeting them ~ it was so cool!! 
  The german ladies - left to right - Eliza, Coops and Brigitte
 We all sat in the lounge area chatting for a while and I gave them the little pink elephant key rings which I had purchased specially (don’t ask it’s a long story ;-).   The girl’s decided to go and check in to find out what their room was like after hearing our story, so they left us alone for a while.  When they came back downstairs they took us up to show what their room looked like.  Trina and I nick-named it the ballroom as it was much larger than ours.  They did have the camp bed and double bed like we did but there was so much more room to move.  Eventually we went back downstairs to wait for the rest of the gang to turn up.  Sarah turned up about 4.30pm I think, Sam had gone to Jamie’s to drop off the bass guitar she’d brought down for Jamie so we were just waiting for them to get back and stayed in the lounge waiting…………..Once they did turn up they took Sam’s luggage upstairs and they tried to rearrange the room so they could fit her in better.  They moved the little cupboard which was between the double bed and the camp bed to the other side of the camp bed.  It did look a bit more spacious…………
 Around 6ish we all decided to go and find somewhere to eat.  We ended up in an Italian Restaurant not far from the hotel. 
  That's us in the restaurant.  Sam & Jamie at the back, Cooper and Sarah next along the table, then Trina and Eliza and me :-)
 I had a chicken kiev thing (not very Italian lol), but it was very nice.  Got some comments from my mates as I didn’t eat my broccoli – don’t like it what can I say??  Our waiter was a bit of a character and made us laugh.  Especially towards the end when he brought this cup of coffee over to Trina.  She said she hadn’t ordered one and he tipped it over her.  She freaked out and of course it wasn’t real……….LOL.  Her face was a picture!!  Apparently he did the same thing to Coops. 
  - Trina and Sam on the tube.
After some nosh and a few beers we moved on to a pub in the Kings Road where we met Gabriel (Jamie’s boyfriend).  The DJ there was playing rock music so that was a good sign.  We managed to find a table and stayed there until the pub was closing. 
At one point the DJ played ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ so that got Sarah and Jamie up dancing and the rest of us singing very loudly.  The whole pub were looking at us ~ but it certainly got the place alive!!
 Brigitte and Sandra would often go for a fag to a different part of the pub so I would go with them ~ trying to be sociable lol……Anyway as the pub was fairly busy we would sit at a table which was currently occupied by two others, who were very nice.  A bloke and a woman, who went to the loo or something, whilst she was gone my friends were talking in German and mentioned the words beef tea.  Obviously it’s not spelt like that but that’s what it sounded like coz the bloke we were sitting with assumed they were talking about oxo drinks, which he likes.  It was quite amusing!!  The next time we went up there, there was a different bloke and woman sat there.  They introduced themselves and then enquired why the girls had pink elephants on their t-shirts.  We tried to explain it was a long story (which it is) and we couldn’t tell him.   (Hint hint I won’t tell you guys now lol)  The reason they were asking is because they were both from Africa.  The DJ played some Foo’s J  and Placebo, so Trina was happy.  The DJ said if you get a chance go and see Placebo live, which Trina had so she readily agreed. 
        That's Jamie and Gabriel (I'm not sure that's how you spell his name oops!!)  Pics from the pub :-) 
 The pub was closing so we all left and made our way to the tube.  Jamie and Gabriel were going in a different direction to the rest of us so pictures were taken across the platforms. Eventually we arrived back at thehotel, sat around chatting for a bit andthen went to bed.  The temperature was hot and stifling so we slept with the window open.  Trina and I were in the double bed, Sarah on the camp bed and Sam on the floor by the door.   As it was a Friday night and the window were open, it seemed very noisy outside, plus the heat didn’t help ~ I don’t recall sleeping much that night.
  - Sarah on the collapsed camp bed!!
Sorry about the different fonts - I couldn't help it :(  Part two aka Saturday coming soon xx

Monday, 21 August 2006

J-Land's Anniversary

  Well what can I say??!!  The day I return to the magical world of J-land and it appears we are in the midst of celebration and so many beautiful journal entries to read today - really makes me feel so happy and glad that I've returned :-)  God bless you all xx  So instead of the entry I had planned (aka the start of telling you my gossip!!) I've decided to join in with the entry for the day..............................


Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that nearly 2 years down the line would I still be writing this blog.  It all started when I split from my ex and moved in on my own.  I had to have the internet, I couldn't live without it (sad huh??), so I found AOL and waited patiently for my pack to arrive.  When it did I installed it with much eagerness and logged on.  Whilst browsing the home page I saw the sign for the blogs.  Had a quick look at what it was all about and decided to go for it!!  I wanted my own webpage but never knew where to start and what would I really put on it if I did manage to get myself sorted long enough to make one.  Here I have one already made, all I had to do was make it look good and it gave me a place to write my thoughts, what I got up to and later on it would give me a place to log the concerts I had been too!!

So I made my first entry!!  To be honest the first person's blog I found was Gary's :-)  At the time I had done a search for Queen and his blog came up.  I couldn't believe it, he mentioned my favourite album and possibly one of my favourite songs.  Bless him he read my journal and when I was concerned that no-one was reading it, he told me how to get out there and advertise it!!  I think Stuart was one of the first readers too, along with the lovely rachael and Claudia, Jeannette, Sara...........but so many more beautiful people came along later....Sandra, Jan, Debbie, Ainsley, Jeannette (travels), etc etc...sorry if I've missed your name my mind has gone blank lol.........

A big thank you should go to those people who make and share the graphics with us too!!  Dianna, Donna, etc etc.............xx

Since then I have gone out there and read some fantastic entries - things that will make you laugh, things that will make you cry and things that will make you go awwwww.....the people who I've met through this cyberspace world are lovely and are there when we need them.  I only hope that they can say the same about me ??!!  LOL.....

It's amazing that we're here celebrating the 3rd anniversary - but all I can say is here's to the next 3 years *cheers everyone*

Love to you all


p.s all links mentioned to the above fellow journallers can be found in the favourite journals section ;-)

Back to the land of journals

Hiya everyone!!  Just a quick message to let you all know that I shall be back to the land of journalling as of today :-)  My alerts have come back on so I shall be commenting lol...............

I actually got the internet access back way ahead of schedule, but I didn't know how to turn the alerts back on and thought I'd wait until they came on automatically!!  The break has done me the world of good :-)  Loadsa news to update you with but I'll do it in small stages - don't wanna overload you too much lol............

Talk to you all soon xx