Monday, 31 January 2005

Bored Beyond Belief

Hiya peeps - hope your all ok :-)  Thanks for all your comments about my photos!!

Well my journal title actually came into play at work today.  The accounts have screwed up coz they are being printed in this new style and because it's new of course everything's gone wrong.  *rolls eyes* So whilst we are waiting for them to print we've done absolutely sod all today.  It's annoying because the whole time your sitting there your thinking 'I could be doing this at home'.  Hopefully it will be a bit more busier tomorrow!!

Whilst I'm on the subject of that dreaded 'W' word, they asked me if I was gonna join them at the Weatherspoons on Wednesday.  I said yes - arrrrrrggggghhhhh........  That means every week in February except the last one I am out at least once arrrrgggghhhh!!  I know that sounds sad and it probably is but for me that's quite sociable.  I shouldn't be admitting that on here should I?  LOL........

Good news!!  (At last I hear you all cry!!) Yep it's fixed!!  Wayne came round and mended me tyre for me.  He's somehow managed to screw up the gears but it's rideable again.  I went for a cycle after the Simpsons, wow it was fun!!  I was going really fast too!!  It's good exercise so I shall keep doing that I think, but it's so nice to know I'm not restricted to just walking anymore :-)  Watch out world I have freedom again LOL !!  Cycling is so much more fun than fun.  ;-) there anything else to tell you??  I was thinking about my flat earlier and was worried about how I'm gonna feel if I have to give this place up.  Since I moved in, back in August, this really does feel right for me.  I don't wanna jinx it but I am really happy here, I just get a nigling feeling that one day I won't be able to afford the rent and have to move out.  Don't worry about me, I don't feel right unless I'm worrying about something LOL......

Oh I forgot to tell you guys about this rower that I met yesterday.  I was ambling along minding my own business, listening to my walkman and carrying my new cd rack, when this bloke mouths excuse me.  It turned out he wanted help doing up his wet suit and that he'd been there for about 10/15 minutes trying to do it up himself. face must've been a picture.  Never had to do that before for a stranger!!  Just thought I'd share that with you :-)

Don't think there is anything else to tell you, so I shall leave you here!!

Take care everyone xx

Sunday, 30 January 2005

More Photos

Hi peeps - so another weekend has come and nearly gone!!  Has anyone done anything fab?  Nah me neither!!  I attempted to fix my puncture yesterday (you may recall the puncture to my back tyre), well I couldn't even get the flippin' nuts off the tyre!!  So in the end I sent a text to Trina shouting help and (bless him) her fella Wayne is coming round to sort it out after work - woohoo :-)  Can't wait to get cycling again!  I'm not gonna start cycling to work (well not yet anyway)!  Just in my own time!!

I did manage to get my printer working again.  I showed it the screwdriver and it allowed me to change the ink cartridges :-)  You just gotta know how to talk their language ha ha ha.......

So the mob has spoken!  The title of the journal stays the same (for now anyway :-P) Thanks for your kind comments about that!!

The photos!!  Well I read Jeannettes entry about posting our fave photos.  I thought I have to take part in this coz I love photos.  I figured when I took up the challenge it would be quite difficult so challenged myself to find 5 and I've ended up with 8!!  So bear with me while I explain them:

1) Camal - This was taken in January last year when I went to the zoo with my ex.  I had taken his pic and he was about to take mine when I looked over the fence and saw this.  I was glad we'd captured it on camera it was so funny.  One minute he wasn't there and the next he was.  Bless him!!

2) Tintern Abbey - (technically this is a postcard but still...)  My most favourite place in the whole of britian.  Set in the beautiful Wye valley it really is picturesque!!  When I visited Nan and Grandad who lived in New Radnor we drove past this.  I always asked Grandad to tell me how it'd lost it's roof.

3) Nan & Grandad's house - This is New Radnor from the top of the castle mound.  The white arrow shows nan and grandads house.  I loved visting them and going on walks with Grandad.  Unfortunately when grandad passed away Nan left this house.  I only think that whoever lives there now is very lucky!!

4) Grandad & Uncle - That's me in the middle.  On the left is gramps and the right is my great uncle.  Both have passed away so this photo will hold many memories now!!  Another of our trips walking through the Welsh valleys :-)

5) Megs - More family this time my sister and a rather happy mum in the corner.  I love the smile on my mums face in this pic.  I am 20 years older than Megan, but I love her to bits.  I remember my brother ringing me at work to tell me mum had, had her!!  Mum thought she was going through the change when she found out she was pregnant.  I remember going to the scan with her.  Fab times :-)  Trina and I went up to see mum the next day and this is when the pic was taken!!

6) Trina - So there she is my best mate!!  This was taken at the Queen convention!  She is such a fab person and I don't know sometimes where I would be without her.  We've been friends for over 10 years.  I think our shared passion for Queen keeps us going but we have so much fun when we are together.  I hope we will continue to be friends forever!

7) Trina again!! - I don't think she'd appreciate me putting this pic up but every time I see this I burst out laughing.  What a fab pic and a fab face LOL ...........

8) Roger Taylor (1999)- I can't talk about fave pics and not mention this one!  I have a smaller version of this which is laminated and carried around in my wallet.  If ever i feel miserable I look at it and remember the feelings I had when it was taken.  I had taken a pic for some bloke and asked him to do the same for me.  Roger bent down slightly and the pic was taken.  I was gonna run back in and tell Trina but I managed to take one more pic.  It was a tough decision to make to go and get Trina or have my pic taken.  She has forgiven me but it was her own fault for not answering the mobile.....long story ;-)

So there you have it my fave pics.  All the rest are in one of those multiple picture frames!  Hope you've enjoyed this!

Before I go I wanted to share this smiley with you (I love this)  LOL

Take care everyone xx

Thursday, 27 January 2005


Hi peeps :-)  How y'all doin'?

I feel the time has come to rename my journal!!  i found one last night that is called 'Soup in the Laundry Bag' which I thought was really cool!  You probably won't agree with me but that just proves we are different :-) LOL  So I'm throwing it over to you guys to see what you come up with, also I know irisclyde did this a while back, so I hope she doesn't I'm copying her!! (I'm not honestly I just can't think of a snappy title by myself :-( )

So news!!  That ain't any LOL, been to work boring as ever, came home done nothing......that's life at the mo!!  Seriously though work's been alright.  Mistakes pointed out today but I now know why I'm doing it wrong.  If they'd said something in the beginning I wouldn't have done it wrong grr........LOL!!  Next Wednesday a few of them are going to the new Weatherspoons that's opened up.  I haven't said yes or no yet, but I'm thinking that I might pop along for one drink!  I can't stay any longer as taxis cost a fortune from town to home!!  It was quite nice yesterday I had R and D nearly begging me to go - it's nice to feel wanted!!

Emailed an ex colleague earlier!!  She was having lunch with one of the other ex colleagues, I silently wished I could join them, it would've been a laugh but I can't drive and they were on the other side of town.  She's trying to organise a night out on the 18th.  Looking forward to that, the last one was a blast!  Apparently not many people have said yes - yet though!!  So I texted one of my other ex colleagues earlier and she's got a job.  Yay I'm happy for her, she has two small children, not that, that really has anything to do with it!! LOL

No news on the lottery - but I've just read online that we fan club members won't here till next week.  Come on people this really is turning into quite a farce!!

So I shall leave you here I think - oh maybe I'll leave you with something to ponder on - aren't I kind?  Well it's the least I could do now I've bored you to death :-)

Questions that really need answers...   1. Who was the first person to look at a cow and say, "I think I'll squeeze these dangly things here, and drink whatever comes out?"

2 Who was the first person to say, "See that chicken there? I'm gonna eat the next thing that comes outta it's butt."

3. Why is there a light in the fridge and not in the freezer?

4. If Jimmy cracks corn and no one cares, why is there a song about him?

5. Can a hearse carrying a corpse drive in the carpool lane?

6. Why do people point to their wrist when asking for the time, but don't point to their crotch when they ask where the bathroom is?

7. Why does your OB-GYN leave the room when you get undressed if they are going to look up there anyway?

 8. Why does Goofy stand erect while Pluto remains on all fours? They're both dogs!

9. If Wile E. Coyote had enough money to buy all that Acme crap, why didn't he just buy dinner?

10. If quizzes are quizzical, what are tests?

11. If corn oil is made from corn, and vegetable oil is made from vegetables, then what is baby oil made from?

12. If electricity comes from electrons, does morality come from morons?

13 Why do the Alphabet song and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star have the same tune?

14. Stop singing and read on..

15. Do illiterate people get the full effect of Alphabet Soup?

16. Did you ever notice that when you blow in a dog's face, he gets mad at you, but when you take him on a car ride, he sticks his head out the window?

17. Does pushing the elevator button more than once make it arrive faster?

18. Why doesn't glue stick to the inside of the bottle?

Take care guys :-)

Tuesday, 25 January 2005


Hiya everyone :-)

As Jeanette requested baby photos I thought mmm.....I could take part in that.  I don't have any baby photos (my mum does though ;-) So attached is the next best thing.  Young me!!  (You have been warned LOL)!!  The first one was taken at a primary school sports day.  The second one was taken at my nan and grandad's house.  Although the fashion isn't up to much and you can tell Nan has brushed my hair. But the cheeky grin is the best so I thought I'd share it with you all - aren't I nice :-) LOL

So an update.  Dear lord I have a feeling things are taking a turn!!  Yesterday wasn't so bad (at work I mean) but as it was just R and me with sarcastic woman of course you knew she was gonna point out a mistake.  But she was in one of her moods and I know it's not just my imagination coz after she left one of the girls asked 'what's up with her?' Anyway today our team leader was called into our boss's office.  I had a feeling it was something about me and I wasn't just being paranoid.  At lunchtime when sarcastic woman went for a walk, the TL came round to see me and explained that the boss wanted to know what was wrong coz apparently I looked upset yesterday.  I denied everything but I have wondered all afternoon whether she mentioned it to sarcastic woman.  She wasn't as bad today, when she did point things out she did it in a jokey manner which is what I remember from when I started and that's not so bad coz you can laugh it off and put it down to other things.  Apparently she has the afternoon off tomorrow perhaps I might ask if anythings been mentioned to her!!

No news on the lottery front - but then again no news is good news!!  Not necessarily so in our case.  Trina and I are divided over this - if we win I think we should go but Trina doesn't!  Thing is though we can't afford to go to that as well as the whole tour so decisions to be made if we hear anything.  I had a missed call on my phone yesterday and suddenly started thinking maybe it was them, I soon told myself not to be silly but no-ones called back!!  Whilst I'm talking about the tour it's sold out.  How good is that, bless 'em!  I managed to buy a Bad Company cd on Saturday (well I need to familiarise myself with these Paul Rodger songs)!!  I surprised myself by knowing an extra one woohoo :-)

Once again can I just tell you that Stuart is a genius!!  I was concerned about my friends DVD's that I got for xmas but he's sorted it for me - thanks mate!! :-)

Don't know what else to tell ya!!  So I shall leave it here for now until inspiration hits me again.

Take care everyone

Friday, 21 January 2005

Really impressed with myself!!

Hiya everyone!!  Hope your ok?

First of all I would just like to say a BIG thank you to Sara for her comment to my last entry.  I read it whilst on my lunch break at work and it made me chuckle. So thank you!!  Also hi to Cal - hope your feeling better - it was nice chatting to you last night :-)

Well I can breath a sigh of relief because it's the weekend - nah I'm only joking - I'm feeling relieved because my job for this tour thing is over.  I was in charge of booking hotels.  Whilst I'm thinking about it I would also like to thank who made my job a darn site easier.  Plus I managed to do most of it (apart from Newcastle) in budget :-)  Talking about my bookings I was looking at my emails this lunch time and I received this: Hi Jenny Thanks for your interest in Hotels Of Manchester.Great news - the Stay Inn have a twin room available on the 4th May for the Queen gig priced £49.50 per room, per night.  I got my tickets yesterday morning after clicking on 'refresh' many times and am really excited about seeing the boys back in town.  It's a pity John doesn't come out of retirement!!! Speak to you later Neil

I was shocked I actually said out loud 'how did he know?' the booking form was a simple one that you filled in and I didn't mention anything about Queen.  I thought for all he knew I could have family up there!!  That baffled me all afternoon until I was coming home when it suddenly dawned on me that in the booking form it asked for specifications and one of mine was near the MEN arena. DUH!!!!  Near there and on that date - stupid girl!!  Still thought it was quite a sweet email though :-)

Work - well I redid my cancelled thing and not one person has said anything about this!!  I'm still not feeling comfortable about it probably coz until Tuesday it won't be cleared on the system.  It's not a big thing, usually refunds are dated a couple of days but I posted this one for a weeks time and then because they'd been onto me for my mistakes I felt guilty about this one and tried to change it.  I should just leave things alone!!  Hey ho!!  We'll have to wait and see what happens.  I know that woman will look through that folder coz we've not got much to do until we get the accounts on Friday!

I forgot to tell you my team leader had to go through a health and safety thing yesterday as part of the course she's on.  The lady who came to see her, I recognised.  The building is where I started my admin life!  She recognised me and we had a chat when she'd finished with my TL.  She said that I was highly thought of, isn't that nice!!  Then we spoke about my ex-place of work and how much I miss those guys I worked with.  I did have a text the other day about arranging a meet up!  Shall look forward to that!! :-)  I've heard today one of those swines at that company has been sacked due to poor performance figures..........god it's taken them that long to notice we could've told them that :-P

What else is there to tell you??  I'm sure there was something else I just can't remember!!  Oooooo the Brixton Academy lottery to see Queen.  They decided in their infinite wisdom that they would hold a lottery for fan club members to see if you win the chance to buy tix to see them at Brixton on 28th April!!  Well the lottery date closed and in the next few days we should hopefully hear if we've won!  Please keep your fingers crossed for me and my mate (she's an FC member too)!!  I personally think it's a stupid idea but I still wanna go!!

Anyway I shall keep you posted (I can feel you all saying 'oh yes please do - sarcastically LOL)

Take care everyone :-)  Thanks for reading (oh and Bill Bailey is really funny and his argos joke (the laminated book of dreams LOL)


Wednesday, 19 January 2005

Oh woe is me!!

Hi everyone hope your ok?

Thanks for your kind comments once again :-)  It really does make it worth writing when you know people out there are reading!!  Also thanks for the chat last night Jeannette it was nice to talk to you!!

Right I didn't update yesterday as Trina managed to get the tix.  Newcastle, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff, and Sheffield are all standing tix.  Wembley are seating and we've got block C but I don't know which one.  As long as it's not C3 coz that's behind the mixing desk!  Last night I was looking for hotels, B&B's.  Not had any luck yet but never mind......

So what's happened today?  Work was terrible.  I can't seem to do right for doing wrong.  The woman who sits next to me either just hates her job and wishes to take out the fact she's there on me, or she just doesn't like me!!  I know your probably getting really tired of reading about all this insecurity at work from me but unfortunately it's who I am!  Deep down inside I am a very insecure person and if I write my feelings down this will come out.  I mean it is getting to me and I did feel like crying, which is ridiculous.  What is worse is the fact that if I was making really HUGE mistakes I could understand it but simply forgetting to take an address or putting a copy of an account instead of a letter in the folder, is not really a good reason to give me the cold shoulder for the morning.  She only started talking again when she was talking about her cruise.  Grrr......

Just as you thought life couldn't get any worse it did!! I've cancelled something at work and I don't know how I did it and wished I hadn't.  Once I'd got into the screen though I had to continue coz I couldn't come out of it.  I'm quite worried about it, but I have to sort it out tomorrow.  I haven't told anyone what I've done, so this will probably give everyone a good excuse to give me the cold shoulder treatment for real!!

So then it goes from bad to worse although they did play extremely well.  Exeter lost 2-0 to that scum!!  Trina and Wayne watched it here and we all went mad when the ball went over the line for Exeter.  Little didwe know that it was offside.  Watching Wayne during the match was hysterical, he was literally jumping up and down in front of the TV.  LOL......He was such a fidget.  Bless him........

I got my photos back yesterday and now Brian and myself have gone in the frame.  I just need to have my picture taken with another famous person and that will be the frame complete.  It's one of those that takes several photos.  When I showed it to the guys at work, my teamleader said I should frame it have it on my desk so everything one thinks Brian's my boyfriend LOL I like her thinking ;-)

Queen are letting fans have a say in the setlist so I've sent off my choices.  Had to ring Trina though coz if I didn't she would have said 'oh you could've told me.......' LOL

Well I'm gonna leave you here :-)  I'm using different pics that I've saved to sign off each time and I think today's is quite fitting :-P

 JEN xx


Monday, 17 January 2005

Just another day

Hi everyone - hope your ok?

Just a quick entry really coz I don't really have much to say!!  All fun at work some demonstration going on, local MP had something chucked at him LOL and it was part of the headlines in the local news.  *rolls eyes*

At work someone said something that has kinda bugged me coz I wasn't sure if he meant me or someone else.  He was talking to someone else about his girlfriend going on this night out.  The other guy says 'Yeah she could keep Jenny company.'  'Yeah coz she doesn't talk much to anyone anyway.' Or something like that was said.  At first I thought he meant me and could feel myself getting quite defensive so I made a point of telling him what happened this morning.  I shall make a point of talking to people now coz it's an obvious thing that they can't be bothered to make an effort. Grrr.........  I was pleased that I didn't let it get to me as much as stuff like that usually would!!

I'm not sure if I wanna go on their night out.  I've got a couple of weeks to think about it anyway!!  I suppose going for one drink can't hurt!!  Oh I hate being in these situations!

Tomorrow is ticket day!!  Please all wish Trina luck - that's her job, mines to find cheap available hotels/B&B's.  There's a selection of my pics online now but they've used the same ones as me by the looks of things!!  Kinda cool though!

Just before I forget could you please go read and comment on Brett's journal - poor thing left me a message so I thought I would try and help.

As I can't really think of anything else to say, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you guys for reading these mad ramblings of mine!!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart :-)

I haven't told you what happened this morning!!  I get up turn on the hall light - fine!!  Open the living room door go to turn on the lights on in there and blackness followed.  I walked back to look at my alarm clock.  Nope my electric hadn't gone phew!!  All my lights weren't working so I had to make breakfast by table lamp!  I checked the fuse box and the switch was down.  I flicked it back up and everythings been alright since.  One of the lightbulbs had gone though, which annoyed me coz I had only changed it recently!!

Ok time to get off the computer!  Take care everyone

 Jen xx

Sunday, 16 January 2005

Where'd the weekend go??

Hi everyone how are you??  So the weekend has come and gone!!  Is it me or did that go past quite quickly??

I don't really have much to say so I thought I'd put some of my photos up from the performance.  Hope you like 'em!!

Does anybody know how to fix Epson printers?  it won't print and comes up with the message of a connection problem which is ridiculous!!  I've pulled all the wires out, restarted the computer, uninstalled the software, reinstalled it, restarted the computer, took out most of the programmes on my start up menu, restarted computer.  I just give up!!  If anyone has some ideas please help??  If not I'm afraid I'll have to ask the ex coz it used to happen when I lived with him and he might know *shudders*

Friday was quite a good day at work.  The wicked witch asked if I'd had a good time on my days off.  P mentioned that I went to London to see a show.  So I was asked which one?  I said WWRY and she asked if it was on a night when Brian turned up.  When I said yes she said how lucky I was.  When she went and sat back down I over heard her telling everyone in her team that I'd had my piccie taken with him LOL.......Apparently one of the team had been to see it during the xmas hols but Brian didn't turn up then.  She asked if I had the pic on me, when I said no, she wanted me to take it in on Monday.  :-)  I couldn't help thinking that if I'd had the pic with Roger, nobody would've cared, Brian is quite famous though!!  Bless him........

The UK tour dates have been announced in a way.......don't ask!!  This tour is becoming a farce, but I blame the internet and all the gossiping that is going on.  Still Trina's worked out that we can afford it quite comfortably between us which is wicked.  That redundancy was good for something ;-)

Well I'm looking forward to Wednesday this week when the Grecians take on Man U again.  I doubt they'll win but it should be good viewing :-)

Hope your all ok!!

JEN xx

Friday, 14 January 2005

6 hours and for what?? Read on!!

Hi everyone hope your all ok?  Was a bit surprised to only find two journal entries today where are you all??


Wednesday was great I've written up my thoughts feelings etc........What follows is the whittled down version :-P  To read the full version (if you want!!)  Go to message board in the backstage area and under news there's two threads.  You'll only need to read the one titled The Long Awaited Report coz this is the second one mainly :-)  Hope you enjoy reading my tale!!


Trina (that's me best mate) and me were sitting in row M of the circle.  Not a bad view and made sure we had the binoculars handy just in case.  We hadn’t seen the show since last year in January when we went with our other halfs for Trina’s b-day.  This time it was for Trina’s b-day.  The script had changed again, the dance routines were more energetic and there had been cast changes.  The guy who has taken over from Tony is really good.  I didn’t cry during No-one but you, but when I started thinking of Roger’s non-appearance earlier I did feel like it.  I was still chilly as there was a draft coming from somewhere in there!!  During the interval Trina and I tried to plan our escape route, to make sure we got a good spot at the backstage door again.  Whilst sitting there I spotted G4 (guys from the X-factor) walking along the gangway.  I went for a walk as I couldn’t stand sitting there for much longer.  I was still cold and my bum had gone numb!!  When I got back to my chair the woman behind us said she’d seen roger walking along the gangway.  I was gobsmacked coz surely he would’ve had to walk past me or maybe he appeared from the toilets.  Trina swore blind he didn’t as she was watching the gangway.  I trust her judgement.


Second half the cast were on fire.  You could tell they were building up to something!!  During one vision I wondered if Brian was playing the guitar and mentioned it to Trina.  She agreed that it was!!  Unfortunately although we could see the band we couldn’t see the guitarist as he must have been on the other side.  Much laughter ensued during the 2nd half.  It was just electric, the band were on form, the cast were hysterical and up for it and so were the audience.  Just the anticipation was mad!!  Eventually they finished the show with Bo Rhap.  The trap had opened.  I mentioned it to Trina and she said ‘watch out for the puff of smoke’.  Low and behold there was a puff of smoke and Brian came up…….The place went mad….I was screaming my head off……..I had to keep reminding myself to calm down to be able to have enough energy to scream for Roger.  Eventually the Tottenham Court Road tube station set came forward with our lordship on it……OH MY GOD!!  There are no words to describe it.  When Bo Rhap finished they came to the front of the stage and bowed.  (Roger’s hair looked really funny when he bowed. All floppy LOL)  They then went off stage and came back after a while.  Roger said something (but I really can’t remember what it was…….) and then Brian said something whilst Rog went and sat behind his drumkit.  He thanked us lot for coming and mentioned about the proceeds going to the asia tsunami.  What else he said I can’t remember!!  They then played Tie Your Mother Down and Show Must Go On with the cast singing.  I have never screamed and clapped so hard in all my life.  I managed to get some good photos and a couple of video clips.  When they went off stage and the house lights came up, Trina and I bolted it to the back exit……………….


When we got round to the backstage exit tons of people were already there.  I was not gonna get downhearted.  I lost Trina in amongst the crowd, so I stood on the pavement opposite the cars.  Then people stood behind the cars so they blocked my view.  I’m not having that I thought.  So I climbed under the barrier next to the cars on the other side of the fence and found a position as close to the fence as possible, right in front of the stage door.  So as soon as they came out I would be able to get a great piccie!!


Minutes turned into probably hours.  Still separated from Trina, I was listening to 3 blokes behind me who obviously hadn’t played the waiting game before.  They were really funny, they kept talking about trying to get through the stage door, and how were they going to get home and one was an iron maiden fan and thought the band were crap.  They also had a discussion about wanting to pee but not wanting to move in case they missed something.  Eventually Trina’s gang got moved.  I managed to make eye contact and felt good about the position I was in and knew that when Dean (Roger's driver) made an appearance to get the camera ready.  The bloke beside me was from the press and I wondered which paper!!  So nosey aren't I??


After lots of the cast came out in fancy dress (we had seen, robin hood, Austin powers, members from pulp fiction, Kill bill and pretty woman, a fairy, catwoman, and many more), Dean came out and got into the car and drove off.  I managed to get Trinas attention and told her to follow it, but she stayed where she was.  A few minutes later he came back and parked up.  We looked at each other and breathed a heavy sigh of relief.  (Little did we know that they'd decided to walk and went out the front entrance grrr.....!!)  Minutes again turned into hours.  Getting cold again, feet hurting from being stood in one position.  Soon a bloke came to the door and said, ‘There are only 4 people left in this building and none of them are Roger or Brian so you may as well all go.’  I didn’t personally believe him, how could they not be there, the cars were!!  Lots of people went.  I had a conversation with the funny guys about how I didn’t believe that guy and yes I am a hardcore fan!!  Eventually I went and stood with Trina.  Sarah had heard a rumour that they had walked to the club and lead us away from the dominion and to this club.  Rogers car had appeared outside with Dean in it.  Sarah and her mate (Sarah runs the girlonfire web site we met during the EF tour) started talking to Dean who was really sweet.  The decision was to stay there until Roger came out.  It was alright for me and Trina we didn’t have far to get back to the hotel but Sarah and her mate had to drive home to be at work the next day.  There wasn’t many people there!!  That mad woman who I talked about earlier was there unfortunately.  I told Trina that when Neil Murray had come out of the dominion she said is that Roger Taylor?   What a muppet!!


Cold, setting in………soon Trina said Roger, and I looked round and there he was signing autographs.  I still can’t get over that he appeared and nobody screamed, nobody shouted, I started to build my hopes up of getting the photo.  The four of us stayed near the car and waited for him to get to us (which the other three said he really appreciated coz you could tell that he wanted to stay and talk to us!)  Sarah handed him her photo.  It was taken back in 98 I think, at an SAS gig and his words after looking at it was “I hate this photo”.  Basically in it he has normal glasses on and was looking over the top of them and his hairline seemed to be receeding.  We all laughed when Sarah got this photo back as he’d coloured in the missing hair………LOL…..bless him.  Sarah’s mate got an autograph.  All the time I’m saying Roger, like a little loss puppy.  However, just as my chance came some absolute bastard in a khaki shirt pushed roger into the car and that was it, he was gone.  Tears filled my eyes……5 hours, cold and for what??  Nothing  I had put all my hopes into getting a photo and nothing!!  Or so I thought…….his car was stopped at the traffic lights.  Sarah’s mate shouted something and I woohooed really loudly so he would’ve heard it.  I watched the car go round the corner and as it did I thought ‘did he just wave?’  I asked the others and only Sarah’s mate saw it.  So we called out to the car, and waved even more……….bless him!!


The next decision do we wait for Brian.  It was an overall yes, we had waited this long and we were about as cold as we were gonna get, so why not??  We talked about Roger.  How sweet he was and how he had been forced into the car.  I would’ve got something if they hadn’t have done that.  Trina said she heard him say something when that happened.  She said it sounded a bit like they had winded him.  She also said he had put his hand out.  God if I’d known that I would’ve grabbed hold of it!!  And for those of you wanting to know apart from this khaki shirted guy and Jim Beach the only other person in the car was a woman who I took to be his PA.  She was also crowding round him to make sure he got in the car.


An hour later Brian emerged.  The cheek of the man when we asked for a photo he said yeah if it’s quick I’m cold.  We almost said you should stand out here for 6 hours.  I know that’s our choice but really not the point!!  I did get my photo taken with him, but I didn’t think it was gonna come out that well as I still had the roger incident on my mind and I wasn’t really smiling but it’s not that bad!!  All four of us agreed he actually looked really thin and really ill.  Where as Roger still has the thing (to normal people that's a beard with some strange thing just below his bottom lip) and still podgy!!  Bless ‘em!!


Not really how I had dreamed that day would turn out and I only wished I had stood in front of Rogers car and demanded that after 5 hours in the cold he gets out of the car and I have a picture with his arm round me grrrrrrr………..LOL…….


Thus endeth the jottings of the day of a mad woman who now has a personal vendetta against the bloke in the khaki shirt…….HE HAS BEEN WARNED!!


Oh I forgot to mention there was a write up in the Evening Standard.  A horrible report by some snotty nosed critic and the picture has Hannah Jane Fox’s (she plays scaramouche) hand in front of Roger’s face LOL!!!

Monday, 10 January 2005

2 days to go :-)

Hi everyone - how are you?  So here I am crawling towards Wednesday


Todays not been too bad at work.  The accounts are keeping us busy which I like :-)  Shocking news today the wicked witch has handed in her notice!!  But to be honest I don't think I should worry about her!!  After she saw me in Sainsbugs she's not been too bad.  Instead there are two other girls in that room I don't know what to make off.  Also I'm getting the impression if you ain't in a steady relationship this isn't the office for you ha ha......that's all they talk about!!.......well that and football.......

Didn't the grecians do well on Saturday?  Earnt themselves a replay at St James Park and it's gonna be televised.  That'll be weird watching that when it's being played the other side of the city ha ha...........Their goalkeeper did well and the boys played well and it was a shame they didn't score.  I doubt if they'll make it through to the next round but that would be good if they did coz apparently then it would be Middlesborough at home!!  Anyway we shall see and I shall be watching :-)  Next Wednesday I think!!

2 days to go till T and I go to London :-)  (Technically it's nearly only 1 day)!!  We've found out that Wednesday and Thursday the sun is supposed to shine.  When I mentioned it to T she said 'good weather for star stalking' LOL couldn't have said that better.  She rang me when I left work.  Apparently her other half had found out about a gig that is being held at the Cardiff millenium stadium for the tsunami victims.  It's being billed as the next 'Live Aid'!  Well she wanted to know if I wanted to go as there are tickets left.  I said yeah why not thinking she meant sometime in July but it's in 2 weekends time :-)  Tix only cost 15 quid and Feeder and Jools Holland are definites.  People who might go are Stereophonics, Lost Prophets, U2, Manic Street Preachers and Robbie Williams.  I'm just glad I'll be able to get to see Feeder and I'm crossing my fingers for the Lost Prophets.  But I don't reallymind it should be a good laugh anyway.  We won't have to stay over as W will be able to drive us home the same night bless him........

So I think that's all my news :-)  It's good to see Del back lets up she updates pretty soon.

Take care everyone

Friday, 7 January 2005


Well I'm not a big fan of football but I would just like to say good luck to the grecians tomorrow I hope (but I very much doubt it will happen) that they kick some manchester butt :-)  That would be soooooo funny!!

The Show

Wow what a week - I better explain!!  Wednesday night I went to bed feeling quite miserable for reasons I can't quite explain.  I just felt VERY lonely and in turn that made me miserable.  So I prayed that something good would happen on Thursday.  Just something that would get me out of misery, you know something to boost my confidence perhaps that would make me feel a lot better about myself.

By 6.30pm Thursday nothing happened.  Then I logged onto and read their news.  (Still looking for those tour dates :-P) Instead I read how Wednesday 12th January marks the 1000th performance of WWRY at the dominion and to mark this special occasion all proceeds shall go to the tsuanmi appeal.  That sounds pretty cool I thought, until I read on and found out that Roger and Brian are going to perform.  I didn't feel excited, I just felt very downhearted.  I can't afford to go that and no doubt all the tickets had sold out.  According to the website they hadn't so I debated about ringing T and telling her.  I decided against it!!

So instead I went onto the message board and someone had posted some info about the tour, they'd found out from the Fan club.  So I rung T and told her this info.  I also found myself telling her about next Wednesday.  That way it was up to her!!  She decided we should ring.  It brought back memories of when Roger was on TFI Friday just before his tour and we didn't go to that and we were gutted.  So she said she'd ring for tickets.  About 10/15 mins later she rung back doing that 'oh we didn't any, won't it be so terrible to see Brian and Roger perform.' LOL So that was it we had tickets (really crappy ones apparently but I don't care :-)

The next question was time off work.  It means having to take off Wed/Thur next week and that's short notice plus the accounts were due today which means we would be busy.  My team leader was off sick so I asked P.  She acted like it was a big deal and gave me a disappointing sign that it probably wouldn't happen.  She went and asked the boss.  She okayed it WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Tix are booked, so is the train and now I have to find a cheap B&B near the dominion which is not proving very easy.  There is a lovely place in Paddington (they send us xmas cards EVERY year!!) but it's too far really.  I sooooooooooo can't wait!!  I feel like I'm on a high!  I probably won't see a thing or even get to see them outside but at least I can say I was there.  Plus it combines two great things seeing Rog and Bri perform and seeing WWRY which we haven't seen since January last year.

Yippee!!  :-)  Hope your all okay by the way :-)

Tuesday, 4 January 2005

Not too bad

Hiya everyone - back to work for most of us then :-(  I wasn't looking forward to it for two reasons.  I still don't know what to think of this job and remembering how quiet we were before xmas, I didn't wanna be sat there doing nothing. I can do that at home, just wouldn't be paid for it! LOL

But as it goes it wasn't that bad!!  Was kept going pretty much nearly all day so that was good.  In a couple of days we shall get the accounts and that will keep us busy, hopefully until the next bill run!  I actually have work waiting for me when I go in tomorrow but it's really mundane!!

It's my best mates birthday tomorrow!!  I wish I could spend the day with her, but at least I've managed to post her card off so hopefully it will get there in time :-)  I have got her a little pressie but she'll have to wait for it!

I hope I manage to get my walkman fixed soon!  The other day I was walking along listening to some tunes and it stopped.  So I think maybe it's the batteries and change them when I get home but it still wouldn't work and even if I changed the tape.  It's weird coz I was only thinking over xmas how long it's lasted LOL......obviously the kiss of death.  My mates gonna see if she can get it fixed somewhere.  In the meantime I've brought a 5.99 one that is just crap!!  Still there is no way I can leave the house without my walkman so it will have to do :-(

Don't know what else to tell you except you could go and vote at for We Are The Champions to win a Brit :-)  Thank you!  Speak to you soon xx

Monday, 3 January 2005

New Years

Well I'm still trying to catch up!!  So here's an update for New Years :-)  Oh before I do that I have a big thank you for Stuart coz he sorted the problem out for me!!  Stuart I don't know where'd I be without ya THANK YOU!!

Right onwards.......I came home from mums on the Tuesday and the phone rang.  It was T saying I was going to her's for New Years Eve.  I did ask if I had a choice and guess what............No I didn't!!  I had thought if I'm gonna spend the rest of this year on my own why not spend New Years on my own.  T wouldn't hear of it and then my batteries went so I guess that was that!  Plus no other offers came in :-(  Story of my life lol...........(god I'm starting to feel sorry for myself)...........

So T & W picked me up at about 3pm on Friday and we got back to theirs and they had to take Dibley to the vets coz apparently he's been sick.  (He's a cat for you enquiring minds out there ;-)!!  Everytime I go to T's Dibley or Soloman have to go to the vets.  Anyway whilst they were gone it gave me a chance to read some more of my book.  Nearly finished it was getting exciting!  When they eventually came back we had to go shopping but before we did there was presents to exchange.  T said she wasn't gonna spend that much on me but I have a feeling that was a lie and it made me feel guilty about the state of her presents.  Anyway I got Shrek 2 DVD, Friends series 10 DVD, Ben Elton's Post Mortem, a book to write in with an elephant on the front, deodarant.  From T's mum I got a teddy from her trip to France, a crystal and money :-)  Not bad!!

We went shopping and I spent the money on booze :-)  that is something very unlike me!  But I was in the mood to get merry, and I wanted to make sure I had enough to do that on!  We got loadsa picky foods and a couple of pizzas.  We were all set :-)

We decided not to go out in the end, well with all the money we had spent on food and stuff we couldn't let it go to waste.  Plus with all the people that do go out I wasn't totally convinced I would enjoy doing that.  I'm not one for clubs and it takes me a while to start enjoying myself.

Saying that though I think we had a good time staying in.  Instead of watching tv we played games instead......what a laugh that was!!  We played that game where you write down a persons name and stick it to someone elses forehead and then you gotta try and guess who you are.  We had santas little helper, merlin, fred west, derek acorah, eeyore, bob geldof, del boy, inspector gadget, and many more.  The best one of the night came from W and he stuck it to T's head.  It was socratees.  Probably not spelt right but it was soooooo funny, knowing she wasn't gonna get it LOL.........(she did eventually).

Soon it was midnight, I kept asking T if people let off fireworks around where she lives but she said she didn't think they would.  LOL was she proved wrong.  We went outside and someone down at the end of the road was having a party and there was fireworks going off all round us.  There was some fantastic ones, that went boom right above where we were standing.  I liked them the best :-)  At midnight we hugged and tried to sing Auld Lang Syne but none of us know the words........W went back in not long afterwards and T and myself stayed outside and started dancing in the middle of the street to the tunes that the house with the party was playing.  Not long after midnight I heard Radio Ga Ga coming from one house, must have been a sign ;-)  LOL

In the end I had about 4 smirnoff ice's, 2 reefs and a black smirnoff and I didn't feel a thing.  I was happy but I put that down to the company I was keeping.  Next year I think I shall drink wine instead LOL!

Well here's to 2005 and the Queen tour!!  Awaiting those dates so patiently!!  :-)

Sunday, 2 January 2005

Update since xmas

Hello everyone :-)  Hope you had a good xmas and new year!!  Since I've come back from mum's I've been trying to catch up with reading about you guys before I updated mine.  I'm now fully updated with your journals so here's my update.

Actually before I continue does anyone know what's happened to my journal and how I can correct it?  I thought maybe the bridal picture was too big but I've resized it and it's not made a difference - please help!!  Thank you in advance!

Right xmas - getting up to mum's was no probs.  I decided to go later and caught a train around 12/1ish.  They'd put extra carriages on the train and when it stopped at our station there was hardly anyone on it.  :-)  Got to mums and we went up to the shop, and had chips for tea whilst we watched Shrek - probably the best thing on TV all xmas!!  Stayed up till about 12ish and was sharing a room with my ickle sis......

XMAS DAY - Everybody had to get up before Megs could open any pressies which was good.  The last time I stayed there I missed her opening her pressies and she'd opened one of mine :-(  But this year was different.  She handed them out and we opened them when we were given one.  I will not even attempt to list what she got it would go on for ever!!  I got perfume, a jumper, money, unofficial Queen calendar, Live at MK bowl on cd, little bag of choccies, and I think that was all!!  The rest of the day was alright.  My brother, my mum's boyfriends brother and mother turned up and we had dinner.  After dinner the blokes went into the living room to watch 'Gangs of New York' (I've still not see that yet) and the women went into the other room to keep Megs entertained.  We tried playing operation.  That has to be the worst present I've ever brought her.  It's soooooooo tricky!!  Once that had been attempted we did some colouring.  Megs played up for most of the afternoon which did my head in a bit.  Eventually the visitors left.  It was nice to see my bro, managed to get an up to date piccie of him :-)

BOXING DAY - Got up quite late, couldn't really be bothered to get up at all, was managing toread some of my Minette Walters book and was hoping I might finish it.  Anyway we spent the morning watching TV.  In the afternoon we went to Nan and Grandads.  It was the first time I had been there and to be honest I wish I hadn't!!  You see the last time I'd seen my nan & grandad was back when I was a teenager and they lived in this house that they'd lived in for years and I always remember Grandad tending to the garden that was a steep slope and Nan tending to the rayburn in the kitchen or going for walks with me :-)  But seeing them I could've cried.  They live in a bungalow and Nan has a walking frame, neither of them can remember anything and nan apparently keeps falling down :-(  What makes me even more angry is that my uncle who doesn't live that far from them doesn't see them that often and when he does he's probably only there for like 5 minutes.  Grrrrrrrr.........Mum said she was gonna ring the social worker anyway and try and get them some proper help.  Apparently they won't move up to live near mum!!  It's the independant thing we had it with my nan on my dad's side.  Also their phone is in the hallway and they can't hear it ringing when the TV's on.  Such bad mum and I take megs into the park outside nan and grandads but it's too cold and wet and she doesn't wanna go on anything.  I felt like giving up!!  Got some pics of both my grandparents.  At least I can say I've seen them now :-)

From there we went to R & B's house, friends of my mums.  When I was little we lived in a village and they lived at num 5 and we lived at num 2.  Mum and R were good friends and still are :-)  I thought it was gonna be alright.  First off it was weird being back in the village, even more so to park in front of our old house.  Secondly B was drunk and p***ed me off!!  I didn't mean for it to happen and I only hope I didn't ruin my mums fun, it's just when you get asked the same question about twenty times it kinda does your head in!!  I couldn't stand it.  He commented to mum about how I would say once we were in the car about how I never want to go back there.  Once we were in the car I kept quiet as Megs wanted to go to sleep and kept telling us all to be quiet.

MONDAY - I was planning to go home but Megs begged me to stay and said to mum about how she wanted me to stay for 100 days.  LOL bless her!!  To be honest with you it wasn't as bad as I thought.  I've never really got on with my mum's boyfriend but I think we were quite civil to each other during xmas and stuff.  On the monday we went to the sales!!  Oh dear what a mistake!  Quite funny though as mum went home with about 7 dvd's and 2 toys for megs and I went home with a reduced official Queen calendar and a calculator that was only 2 quid :-)  I'm getting pretty good at this saving money lark!!  That night we watched Arthur which is quite good and I recommend it to anyone!!

That's all the update from xmas all in all it wasn't so bad, and my flat was fine when I got home Yay!!