Friday, 21 January 2005

Really impressed with myself!!

Hiya everyone!!  Hope your ok?

First of all I would just like to say a BIG thank you to Sara for her comment to my last entry.  I read it whilst on my lunch break at work and it made me chuckle. So thank you!!  Also hi to Cal - hope your feeling better - it was nice chatting to you last night :-)

Well I can breath a sigh of relief because it's the weekend - nah I'm only joking - I'm feeling relieved because my job for this tour thing is over.  I was in charge of booking hotels.  Whilst I'm thinking about it I would also like to thank who made my job a darn site easier.  Plus I managed to do most of it (apart from Newcastle) in budget :-)  Talking about my bookings I was looking at my emails this lunch time and I received this: Hi Jenny Thanks for your interest in Hotels Of Manchester.Great news - the Stay Inn have a twin room available on the 4th May for the Queen gig priced £49.50 per room, per night.  I got my tickets yesterday morning after clicking on 'refresh' many times and am really excited about seeing the boys back in town.  It's a pity John doesn't come out of retirement!!! Speak to you later Neil

I was shocked I actually said out loud 'how did he know?' the booking form was a simple one that you filled in and I didn't mention anything about Queen.  I thought for all he knew I could have family up there!!  That baffled me all afternoon until I was coming home when it suddenly dawned on me that in the booking form it asked for specifications and one of mine was near the MEN arena. DUH!!!!  Near there and on that date - stupid girl!!  Still thought it was quite a sweet email though :-)

Work - well I redid my cancelled thing and not one person has said anything about this!!  I'm still not feeling comfortable about it probably coz until Tuesday it won't be cleared on the system.  It's not a big thing, usually refunds are dated a couple of days but I posted this one for a weeks time and then because they'd been onto me for my mistakes I felt guilty about this one and tried to change it.  I should just leave things alone!!  Hey ho!!  We'll have to wait and see what happens.  I know that woman will look through that folder coz we've not got much to do until we get the accounts on Friday!

I forgot to tell you my team leader had to go through a health and safety thing yesterday as part of the course she's on.  The lady who came to see her, I recognised.  The building is where I started my admin life!  She recognised me and we had a chat when she'd finished with my TL.  She said that I was highly thought of, isn't that nice!!  Then we spoke about my ex-place of work and how much I miss those guys I worked with.  I did have a text the other day about arranging a meet up!  Shall look forward to that!! :-)  I've heard today one of those swines at that company has been sacked due to poor performance figures..........god it's taken them that long to notice we could've told them that :-P

What else is there to tell you??  I'm sure there was something else I just can't remember!!  Oooooo the Brixton Academy lottery to see Queen.  They decided in their infinite wisdom that they would hold a lottery for fan club members to see if you win the chance to buy tix to see them at Brixton on 28th April!!  Well the lottery date closed and in the next few days we should hopefully hear if we've won!  Please keep your fingers crossed for me and my mate (she's an FC member too)!!  I personally think it's a stupid idea but I still wanna go!!

Anyway I shall keep you posted (I can feel you all saying 'oh yes please do - sarcastically LOL)

Take care everyone :-)  Thanks for reading (oh and Bill Bailey is really funny and his argos joke (the laminated book of dreams LOL)



sarajanesmiles said...

Glad I made you chuckle :o)
Still have my uses!!
Don't worry too much about that mistake, you put it right, that's the main thing.  Just remember, in the grand scheme of things a couple of mistakes at work are not important, unless you're a surgeon...or a pilot or something!!  Things are steaming ahead with your tour plans aren't they - yaaay!  Looking forward to hearing all about it, not sarcastically at all!
Sara   x

irisclyde said...

Good to see that you are in better spirits today and I hope you enjoy the rest of the w/e!

ghwt9996 said...

Try not to get too stressed out by it all Jen.  If anything happens, act the idiot and smile a lot.  Take care