Tuesday, 4 January 2005

Not too bad

Hiya everyone - back to work for most of us then :-(  I wasn't looking forward to it for two reasons.  I still don't know what to think of this job and remembering how quiet we were before xmas, I didn't wanna be sat there doing nothing. I can do that at home, just wouldn't be paid for it! LOL

But as it goes it wasn't that bad!!  Was kept going pretty much nearly all day so that was good.  In a couple of days we shall get the accounts and that will keep us busy, hopefully until the next bill run!  I actually have work waiting for me when I go in tomorrow but it's really mundane!!

It's my best mates birthday tomorrow!!  I wish I could spend the day with her, but at least I've managed to post her card off so hopefully it will get there in time :-)  I have got her a little pressie but she'll have to wait for it!

I hope I manage to get my walkman fixed soon!  The other day I was walking along listening to some tunes and it stopped.  So I think maybe it's the batteries and change them when I get home but it still wouldn't work and even if I changed the tape.  It's weird coz I was only thinking over xmas how long it's lasted LOL......obviously the kiss of death.  My mates gonna see if she can get it fixed somewhere.  In the meantime I've brought a 5.99 one that is just crap!!  Still there is no way I can leave the house without my walkman so it will have to do :-(

Don't know what else to tell you except you could go and vote at bbc.co.uk/radio2 for We Are The Champions to win a Brit :-)  Thank you!  Speak to you soon xx


sdrogerson said...

I've always thought Walkmans, I-pods etc were pretty cool - the problem i have is i hate things in my ears!

jeanno43 said...

Hope you get your Walkman fixed.  Like Stuart, I do not like things in my ears but I just love my music.  Going right now to vote. xxxxxx

irisclyde said...

Ah back to work. Soon the holiday will be but a distant memory! Hope you get your Walkman fixed! Radio 2? Might pop along there!


jules19642001 said...

good luck with getting the walkman fixed, I love listening to music, anywhere......Jules xxxxxx

sarajanesmiles said...

I used to take my walkman with me everywhere, on the bus to town in the evening even - they used to look after it behind the bar for me :o)  Happy days!!
Sara   x

juliebreezej said...

hope you get your walkman fixed, can't say i've been really bothered about one myself, but love music.xx Julie xx

ghwt9996 said...

I'm not a lover of those walkman things.  Rather be anti-social and blast out Stone cold crazy full blast.  Off to look at the voting thingy.


quartrlyfecrysis said...

LOL, I wish it was back to work!  Sent Peyton back to school this week, now Mommy's vacation starts!  I'm still trying to catch up on everything I got behind on that I do for me, I guess we both have work piling up on our desks...although catching up on journals is probably more fun than paperwork!
I do hope your walkman gets fixed, and SOON!  Can't do without music ;)
Take care doll!