Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Bye for now!!

This is a quick entry to let you know that I'm not feelin' the love with my journal at the moment so I'm taking a break from J-land!!  At least for a week if not longer!!

At the moment I'm getting fed up with the whole thing and even had a discussion with Trina today about deleting it.  I've deleted my private journal as I just didn't see the point in having that anymore!!  You have no idea how close I came to deleting this one!!

For now though I'm not going to ~ I'm just gonna take a break and hopefully when I come back I shall feel the vibe for my journal and j-land again!!

Please don't leave messages of sympathy etc I don't want them............

Thanks for reading and your support


Sunday, 3 June 2007

Weekend Outings

I don't know whether to tell you about my weekend today or tomorrow!!  Reason is I'm feeling miserable and appear to be shedding tears at anything.  Earlier it was during the programme The Chase on BBC1 and just now it was during the Foo's Best of You.  I have a feeling and I don't really wanna mention this here, but I will so you don't think I'm mad or something, but I reckon it's hormones!!  It's not coz of the weekend coz Trina and I had a fab time :-)

I guess I shall have to type it tonight as I'm going on a course tomorrow afternoon to learn about Cardinus (blurgh) and I may forget items if I have to concentrate ~ which knowing me I won't LOL

Ok so let's start from the beginning........nope first things first the kettles just boiled LOL ;-)

Right that's the essentials ;-)  Plan was I was going to Trina's Saturday and we'd see the Free and Bad Company tribute band.  Wayne was going to stay at mine on the Saturday night as he was going to his brother's stag night!!  So thinking I'm going down to Torquay for about 1.30pm we could do some shopping it would be a good laugh.  Instead on Friday night I get a call from Mrs B informing me that she's working on Saturday now and that I would have to arrive later grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..................

So in the end I doss around the flat for the morning ~ can't be bothered to tidy, had told Wayne I wouldn't bother so he wouldn't have been expecting it lol.........Change the playlist on my MP3 player to Free/Bad Company songs and I head off to catch the 2.48pm.  Not long out of the flat and walking to the station some bird poops on me EWWWWWW.........................It landed on my arm and splatted my trousers and shoes.  Luckily I had a tissue with me so got rid of the worse of it!!  Just couldn't believe it!!  Couldn't risk going home to change so laughed it off and carried on towards the station.  Supposed to be lucky anyway isn't  it ;-)

The train was on time :-)  I sat by the side opposite of the one that looks out over the sea.  I always sit the sea side so I felt like a change.  Feeling happy, I wanted to sing out loud with the Free/Bad Company stuff, I did restrain myself though lol  Got in earlier than Trina would finish work so said I would walk to the harbour from the station.  It was a nice walk, a bit chilly but I was happy :-)  Mind you I usually am when I listen to my MP3 player.

Met Trina outside Debenhams and we make our way into town.  We pop into a couple of the shops but can't find anything to spend my money on.  Well I tell a lie, we went into Gilesports as they were having a closing down sale.  Found THE most gorgeous pair of trainers.  I live in trainers and adore my Vans and agree with the money my ex spent on them ;-)  They've lasted me a long time but unfortunately squeak when I walk in them now.  I still wear them, but need a new pair!!  Not a cheap pair either, you spend the money and you get the quality I have learnt this!!  They were a pair of Airwalks and they were black with purple bits on them, they were simply gorgeous.  Unfortunately they only had them in a size 8 :(  Misery set in!! (I'm size 6)

The shops were shutting by this point so Trina and I caught the bus back to hers.  First we stopped at the chinese though :-)  I had sweet and sour pork with egg fried rice.  Hadn't had chinese for ages so it was very nice, whilst we ate we watched Bad Company in concert DVD.  At about 10 to eight we had to leave.  After a discussion of whether to wear our trainers or boots.  Eventually we opted for boots, not sure if that was the right decision or not but I do feel more ladylike in my boots which is why I only wear them when we are going out at night.

(ooooo a song Cover'd starts with that made me smile briefly:-)  Anyhoo we caught the bus into town and then one to Paignton.  The gig was at the Lime Tree where we had seen Morph the weekend before.  We were both a bit apprehensive about what the night was going to entail.  The pub was packed, more so then when Morph played, so there was no seats left, which was fine by me as I had envisaged us standing at the bar.  Trina was not amused as her feet were killing her.

There were people mingling around on stage and I mentioned to Trina that I thought one of them looked 'alright', she agreed but figured they were probably roadies and the band were actually the older, hairier lot that were sat down behind us LOL..........We were a bit bored so started to watch Joseph on the TV screen behind the bar.  The 'alright' guys came and stood near us when they were getting a drink :-)  One bloke entered the bar and Trina mentioned that it looked like the Morph's sound man.  I couldn't be sure as I had spent the majority of the gig looking at his back.  Not long after the singer from Morph came in.  Trina figured this band scene of the South West was a bit incestuous!!

Eventually the band Free&Co went on stage and the 'alright' guy was one of them, in fact he was the guitarist!!  The singer was awesome, he didn't look like he was gonna be but most give credit where it is due and he is really good!!  The crowd started off very quiet and only really seemed to get into it when the well known stuff like Alright Now, Wishing Well, Feel Like Making Love and Can't Get Enough was played.  Trina and I were certainly making up for the rest of them though ;-)  Whenever we didn't know the lyrics we just made some up like for example "Brian's coming to Exeter"  (Yep that is right people according to my fanclub mag BRIAN MAY is coming to MY hometown WOOHOOO, anyway major tangent lol), Trina and I had both worn our Paul Rodgers tour t-shirts.  Trina was lucky as her hair covered the name etc........I kept my coat on thinking how sad I was to have worn it but eventually I got too sweaty so had to take it off LOL.............Trina was getting chatted up by some drunk bloke, whose misses was with him!!  and I got asked who Paul Rodgers was!!  So I told them and Trina mentionedhow sad I was for wearing the t-shirt, that made me feel better..........order another round of drinks LOL

The band took a break and we stayed by the bar.  None of them came over to us which is what I thought they would considering the damn t-shirt LOL..........instead it was just the two of us bitching about the Morph guy and stuff...............

Second half started off with ones people knew so there was a lot of people up dancing.  Eventually I convinced Trina that's where we should be and we headed to the front :-)  Also managed to find an empty seat so I sat there as Trina didn't want to and the band played Movin' On.  I had heard that song earlier on my MP3 player and I sung along to all the words.  The singer had noticed this, pointed at me, smiled and gave me the thumbs up sign tee hee hee...............That was more like it!!

The rest of the gig was great but we were very wary of the fact we had to catch the last bus.  Eventually they finished at about 11.20pm, we had to go at 11.30, but not before we had said something to the band.  The singer was making his way past but I stopped him and said it was awesome.  He mentioned that I had been singing all the way through and knew all the words :-)  So we made a point of pointing out the t-shirts.  He asked me where I got it from like some website or another, I was like no, we saw him live last year.  He couldn't believe it and said that we should talk to the drummer as he would be totally jealous.  Apparently he had not seen him live.  At some point the 'alright' guy was approaching and the singer said something to him and he stopped and chatted to us.  Not only that but he hugged me :-)  *BIG MASSIVE GRIN*  To this moment I still don't know why he hugged me but I was on cloud nine thinking YES lol.............Apparently Trina's jaw had dropped lol

He was a really nice guy too :-) A fantastic guitarist and we told him so, but he played that down!! He hadn't seen Paul live either and was dead jealous that we had lol................When he went to leave coz we had to catch our bus (really didn't want to!!) he touched me on the arm!!

We made our way out of the pub and the singer said 'bye girls thanks for coming' and that was that.  An amazing night and I'm sooooooooooooooooo glad I went LOL

Didn't really sleep that night, mind you I am not used to cats and they were making a lot of noises so that freaked me out!!  Useless me.............

Perhaps I'm miserable coz I'm sleep deprived who knows.......................

Well that was our weekend ~ today we crashed out in front of the TV watching Power Ballards on the music channels.  Next weekend I'm off to Torquay again to baby sit the devil spawn and his brother, that should be fun but probably won't come close to the weekend I've just had tee hee hee

Speak to you during the week xx

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