Wednesday, 29 June 2005

Moaning Again!!

Hi Everyone :-)

I feel pretty stupid right now coz although we did have a storm it didn't last 5 hours!!  I'm gonna think in future before I type an entry.........

As the heading says I'm moaning again!!  It sometimes feels like that's all I do in my journal but I know you'll say I'm being stupid saying that!!  Anyway I'm not really moaning but it's that time of month again when I feel sorry for myself.  I just feel like if I had more money I wouldn't be missing out on so much and feel so lonesome.  That sounds stupid as well doesn't it??!!  It's funny coz you think of these things in your head and when you come to write them down it just doesn't sound the same.    Ok to put it simply I wish I had a bit more money to be able to text my Queen mates more, and go to more events but I can't, it doesn't matter how much I want to I have to think about 'real life' as it were!!  I just wish I could be one of those people that think 'sod it' and when they wanna do something they just go and do it.................but I'm not and I can't!!  This all sounds very pessimistic doesn't it?

I don't know what else to say I'm just rambling here, (is Craig in BB crying?? What a wimp!! sorry but............), and I don't think this is taking any direct route.  I hope you'll bear with me!!  It doesn't help that my best mate is in Cardiff but that's not her fault I think I'm just missing her :-(  She'd cheer me up!!  No doubt when she reads this she'll have a go at me for not ringing her but I just don't sometimes.  I'm not painting myself in a good light here.............oh well!!

Work is ok!!  I have to tell Sara that Dave had a kit kat today and he read out 'Remember you are not a salmon'.  I chuckled at that and thought of Sara and her whole journal entry :-)

I'm gonna go and find something to cheer myself up.

Take care

Jen xx

Monday, 27 June 2005


LOL @ BB!!  well done Makosi!!  :-)

Anyway this isn't a proper entry but I've heard there is more thunder storms on their way........according to AOL it's gonna be another 5 hour one tomorrow!!  I have not been able to relax since seeing/reading that........What is wrong with me??  I mean whatever happens, happens right?? I can't change it!!  I don't like this...........

Sorry had to get that off my chest!!

Jen xx

Sunday, 26 June 2005

Weekend Catch-up!!

Hiya everyone :-)  Thanks for the comments on the one word thingy!!  It was interesting to see what you think of me, even if I did have to look up some of the words *embarrassed look*

So since I last wrote of course we had that god awful storm.  It woke me up at 4.15am!!  I didn't think it was gonna thunder coz AOL's weather didn't give it and neither did the BBC website.......Anyway my heart started racing and wouldn't calm down.  I felt in desperate need of someone to hug.  :-(  I eventually fell back to sleep, only to wake again at 6.30am (1/2 an hour till the alarm) and the thunder was still going.  I couldn't believe it so I started panicking about how to get to work!!  Got up after the alarm went off, did the usual making breakfast etc, and stood there watching some of the lightning - the bit I saw was white and had a purple outside edge to it - really weird!!  I decided I was gonna have to bus it, but that meant walking to the bus stop in the rain and thunder etc........I didn't wanna put my umbrella up (just in case you understand LOL.......) I was being silly coz it doesn't have one of those metal pointy bits on it so I probably would've been fine.  Everytime the lightening went I freaked out inside....I willed for the bus to turn up.  I eventually got to work by 9.15am, (when I walk I'm there by 8.45am), and I told everyone that I wouldn't be much use coz I was awake at 4.15.  The replies were no we won't be much use either coz we've been awake since 4am etc........

I watched the local news when I got home, and they showed a house which had been struck.  It made me wonder why did it strike that house.  The one next to it was exactly the same so why that one?? Nature works in strange ways indeed!!  Anyway then they showed this clip of lightening striking in a village and they slowed the clip down and the exact moment when the lightening struck it looked like it was the middle of the day!!  It was quite amazing.........Honestly I've never known a storm to last that long.  An hour maybe but 4/5 hours??!!  No more please.........

My flat was ok, no flooding!!  But it did affect the toilet again (I think I may have mentioned this in a very early entry to my journal) so I couldn't use it!!  Thank goodness it was a work day ;-)

Anyway yesterday I went to see Mum and Meggie.  We went up town to do some shopping.  I managed to get 3 videos and 2 books for under a tenner *shock look* bargins :-)  When we went back to mum's I showed her the pics of me and Trina from our dressing fitting so she could see the dresses.  She thought I looked different and Trina's looked lovely.  I showed her the pics of all me new mates from the tour, and then I decided to show her the entry I did on Mothers Day which I dedicated to her.......As she read it I swear tears welled up in her eyes.  I was touched and I have a feeling she was too........bless!!

In that entry I mentioned it was the little things that she does which makes me smile more than anything and she surprised me with another yesterday.  On a previous visit I had mentioned wanting to watch Van Helsing, well she asked me if I had got it, when I said no, she said good, coz she'd seen it going cheap and brought it for me :-)  How cool is that!!  I've told her that i wanna watch White Noise now LOL........Mind you as usual I've come home from mum's with loadsa DVDs and books borrowed from her, don't think I can say I'm bored for a while ;-)

Megan was cool, gave me a piccie she'd done at school, bless her!! She then told me and showed me what she's doing in the school play.  Apparently she's dumped her boyfriend LOL.......When I left Mum's I glanced at the mobile and I had a missed call and a text.  Greg had called.  I sent him a text to find out why, but I knew it!!  The one time I'm not home, he's made his way into town and was ringing to see if I wanted to meet up typical is that?  The text was from my old work colleague Jackie, apparently she's trying to arrange a meet up for wednesday.  To be honest I'm not entirely sure I wanna go!!  If I knew who else was going I could make an informed decision but she couldn't tell me...........I shall ponder on it for the next couple of days.

Today I cleaned the flat and tidyied up!!  It looks a lot better lets hope it stays this way..........which it won't coz when your working you dump things down and use the weekends to clean up the dumped stuff!!  Well I do anyway..............Then I watched some TV (I can't believe the OC creator is my age! Mind you so's half of Coldplay!!)  and then I went for a walk.  It was a lovely afternoon so I sat and watched the people go past.  I missed one bloke falling off his bike.  By the time I realised what he'd done he was already off and on the ground LOL......I had my walkman on!!  Saw Claire from work and her bloke!!  And that's about it..................

I'm videoing the film on Channel four 'From Hell' I can't possibly watch it, coz it'll give me nightmares probably........I watched Coldplay at Glastonbury last night - they were very good and I'm lovin' the next single!  (Damn that stupid frog for having another ringtone!!  WELL DONE TUPAC FOR KNOCKING IT OFF THE NUMBER 1 SPOT :-)

OH MY GOD!!  It was two weeks from Friday to the Hyde Park gig!!  I haven't made my banner, got the t-shirts printed or anything!!  Grrr......I am THE most unorganised person!!

Well I'm gonna go now - think I've gone on enough (arrrrggghhh razorlight's on the stereo, this song is growing on me!!)

Take care everyone - have a good week :-)

Jen xx

Thursday, 23 June 2005

One Word

As everyone seems to be doing this at the'll be interesting to see what you say



One word...

Please leave a one word comment that you think best describes me.

It can only be one word.  No more.

Then copy and paste this into your journal so that I may leave a word about you...

Ugh Hot!!

Hiya all!!  Just like to thank Stuart for his email on snakes - it made for interesting reading but I couldn't tell you which one it was *shrugs shoulders*

So what've I been up to??  Working mainly!!  I have a feeling the next few weeks are gonna be really boring though coz we've finished doing the bulk of the accounts.  Arrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh................

I had to laugh today, Pauline's been following the tennis and as our team leader was on a course and not in the office, she followed Tim Henman's score for most of the match.  By the time 5pm came he'd dropped out of the 2nd round by an unseeded player.  Why am I not surprised??  At least Murray has done better - or at least I think he has!!  Tennis is a game I would love to play and probably would if I had a friend that lived close enough to do so, but I can't watch it for too long.  Sport on TV bores me!!  Apart from some football matches, but then that can be boring sometime...........

Is Science on BB6 doing anybody else's head in??!!

This weather is just unbearable, but apparently we are in for some thundery showers.  I'm starting to panic about the flash floods - being silly I know..........but that's what you get when you live near a river!!  I can't stand thunder as you all know!

So did any of you listen to Queen on Radio 2 yesterday?  I was quite depressed coz I'd left work early to listen to it, they weren't on till 6.30pm and then only for about 15 mins.  Plus they announced Justin and whatshisface from the Darkness are gonna be at Hyde Park (oooooo nooooooooooooooo the frog has a new tune!!)  anyway this news also produced a nooooooooooooooooooo from me I can't stand the Darkness and Justin's voice irratates me.  Whoever told him he could sing needs to be taught something about proper singing!!  On the otherhand if you were listening you would have heard Fat Bottomed Girls - that was from Sheffield I was there!!  Plus Roger thanked me for attending the UK gigs (ok he thanked all the UK audiences but he meant me ;-)

Razorlight are also supporting them and I had to laugh at work on Monday coz Dave and his team were discussing some festival that had been on TV and Razorlight were one of the bands they'd shown.  Dave was like 'who are they??'  Sums that up perfectly :-)

What else??  I don't know to be honest..................Sorry this is a bit boring...........

Take care everyone


Jen xx

Tuesday, 21 June 2005


Evenin' all - hope your all ok!!

I was gonna do an entry yesterday but by the time I read all my alerts and caught up on various sites I didn't have time!!  Still trying to stick to my getting into bed early regime (can't spell lol......) and I'm doing pretty well!!  At least on Monday at work I didn't start yawning till 4.00pm :-)

Was busy yesterday at work and today!!  Working through the accounts, answering the phone, getting annoyed with my typing (and that's not just at work lol.......)  Today I decided to wear my open toed shoes, not a big fan of them and I feel even worse about them now!!  They caused my little toe to have a sort off blister and rubbed the tops of my feet so they have marks all over them!!  To try and stop the rubbing I stuck some tissue in the shoes.  That must've made people laugh to see white tissue sticking out from beneath my trousers LOL..............Well what's a girl to do when she's in pain!!

I haven't decided what to do about the gym.  For convenience sake it would be good to join the one I used to go to but as it's not really a gym it makes me wonder.  Also because of this self confidence thing I wondered if I should join a proper one and meet new people.  That's not really gonna help the confidence or maybe it will.........I don't know!!  I think what I need to do is go to them and find out how much they are before I make a decision.  There is one close to home but I think all my work colleagues go there and I don't really wanna bump into them!!  There is one a bit further along so if I try both I can make an informed decision can't I??

Yesterday when I got home from work I decided to go for a bike ride to make the most of the sun and the fact I didn't go out on Sunday.  Went all the way towards St David's (not quite as far but still......) and all the way back again taking a detour towards Double Locks and beyond.  I get past Double Locks and round a corner and I think 'that's a piece of grass'  then I think 'that's not grass that's moving'  - it was only a snake...................*shock* A snake??  I started shivering after that I didn't know they lived round here!!  I'm shivering now just thinking about it LOL..............I just thought at the time I have to tell my journal buddies :-)  See how I think of you guys!!

Tonight for exercise I've tried to follow a video I got from mum.......I reckon you would've laughed if you'd seen me trying to follow it :-)  Still if I try and keep at it I should have it mastered by xmas LOL.......

I know a lot of you are Dr Who fans but what's with the countdown to xmas!!  I mean it's nearly as bad as shops who put xmas cards out now or something............Do we really have to put up with that advert until then??

BB6 - so what's your opinions?  I think Maxwell will kill Vanessa when he realises that she should've done that task.  Silly girl didn't even go in the room..........what a wimp!!  I should be watching it now but I watch the first half in the morning when I'm eating my breakfast......oh such a fulfilling life I lead LOL.............

Queen are on Radio 2 tomorrow around 5ish.  Unfortunately I won't be home to hear it coz I shall be coming home from work around that time............Just thought I'd let you know in case you feel like listening to it.  ;-)

Well don't know what else to blabber on about................

Till next time - take care peeps xx

P.s still have my cough - damn thing!!

Sunday, 19 June 2005

Ahhhh the weekend!!

Hi Everyone

Hope your ok!!  That's me today that graphic is lol..........So have you all had a good weekend?  Thought I'd give you an update to let you know what I've been up to.  Before I start though, I would like to thank you all (even the new people who are visiting ) for the comments on the last entry!!  It was very kind of you all to say such nice things!!  Anyway onwards and upwards.......................

Friday I had a few nice comments from people at work as the team leader sent the email round saying I'd got the job.  (I have a feeling I've told you this already lol.........)  I still didn't feel too great on Friday but was hoping if I got some relaxation over the weekend I would be ok!

Yesterday I set the alarm for 9am and got up around 10ish ( I like my lie-ins :-) Managed to do a bit of hoovering but found it too hot and my throat was playing up far too much for me to be bothered!!  My brother rung at 11.30am ish!!  This was nice to hear from him, hadn't actually spoken to him since Roy's 50th b-day party.  Naturally he was ringing coz he'd forgotten my birthday.  :-)  I actually thought he was paying me back coz I never remember his :-P  Anyway we had a nice ol' chat and tried to sort out whether we were gonna go and see Nan.  He said we'd have to do it one weekend as he's very busy with work and anytime off he gets he sleeps.........I said that was fine by me - so watch this space for the trip to Bedford to visit Nan.  If it doesn't come off nearer the end of this year I shall attempt to visit her on my own.  I'm determined I shall visit her, every year I say I will and I know that one year she'll be gone and it'll be too late.  Besides I still have a xmas present that I brought for her, that I have to give her.  I thought I'd save it and give it to her in person rather than by post!!  He also told me he had a website  I've just visited it and unless you like computer games I doubt you'd like the site very much!!  I didn't tell him about my journal..............

Trina eventually turns up, Cat is staying with her at the moment, so all three of us went to the bridal shop.  It was the day of the fitting!! decided she was gonna take pictures and send them to Sarah!!  We were not amused!!  It was so funny though coz my lack of confidence showed through and I couldn't get over how I didn't like myself in a dress (usually I'm a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal!) but I had Trina, Cat and the fitter telling me how great I looked.  Plus Trina and Cat kept saying 'Your Beautiful' LOL.............the fitter must've thought they were bonkers.   I have debated about showing the pics to you lot, but then I thought 'yeah why not...........' coz then if your lucky you can see these the 'before' shots and if I do post any pics of the actual wedding you can see the 'after' shots :-)  Unfortunately the other bridesmaid wasn't there which was a shame, but there had been a mix up of dates were she was concerned.  Never mind, at least me and Trina will have something to look forward to seeing!!  (Oh and don't worry folks the groom doesn't know about my journal :-)

After that humiliation was over we went to M&S and brought some of their cake squares.  We're addicted to the flapjacks at work mmmmmm..........definitely recommend!!  Then we all got an icecream from Thorntons and sat on the cathedral green eating them.  There was a craft fair going on and the announcer said there was a punch and judy show.  We didn't go and watch it but in a way I wish we had that would've been funny.  We made our way back to mine and after Cat got the grand tour of the flat and I showed Trina my banners, that's the first one I made - hiding the dress pics :-) We went up to the Malthouse for something to eat.

There was hardly anyone in there, and with a bottle of wine to share, and the music turned up, we all had a good ol' Queen natter and eat some food.  I would say good food but I didn't go much on my breakfast brunch, but it was a bit too hot to have anything.  Cat and Trina had afters, and I was falling asleep on the leather sofa as we were on our 2nd bottle of wine.  :-)  I'm such a lightweight when it comes to drinking but that's another story............We made our way back to mine as they wanted to watch Dr Who.  I'm not a fan and would much rather have sat next to the river, discussing more Queen topics :-)  We had managed to cover, the tour, Freddie's ex's, the convention, best album, etc............

After Dr Who finished, I put Milton Keynes Bowl DVD on and we watched some of that until Wayne turned up to pick them up.  When they left, I watched Casualty, BB6, and then turned off the TV to listen to some music and catch up on the internet.  Not long afterwards Trina rung.  She asked if I was watching the Live Aid documentary on BBC2, to which I repsonded 'damn I knew there was something I was gonna watch', apparently I had missed an interview with Roger.  :-(  Luckily though the 2nd part of the docu was much better Queen wise.  It was fabulous the build up to them being on etc.  And Roger looked good in his interview, lovely eyes,

Today I decided I didn't wanna do anything.  Usually on a sunday I would go for a walk, but I decided it was far too hot for that so I just sat in front of the TV or the computer all day.  I did ring mum and thanked her for the birthday card and Meggie for hers.  Apparently Megs was in her paddling pool and kept asking mum to ask me if I'm still her friend........bless...............Hopefully I'm gonna go and see them next weekend!!  I must show her my journal and the pics :-)

Well I'm gonna try and get to bed earlyish tonight........busy week ahead!!  Accounts arrived on Friday...........well hope you all had a good weekend and a good week ahead...........

Take care

Friday, 17 June 2005

The dreaded interview

Well I promised a proper update so I better deliever!!  Firstly can I say a big THANK YOU to you all for your comments again yesterday.  It's funny to read them, knowing what I did and yet it's hard to believe I was still given the opportunity with the permanent post!!

Anyway all morning yesterday I was sitting there panicking (it seems to be what I do best :-) about the interview, the test etc.......I was trying to run through interview questions in my head and trying to concentrate on the job I was doing.  About 11.30 Mike put me out of my misery and started me off for my test.  Basic questions only about 5 of them and all dealing with what I've been doing for the past six months.  A blast I think to myself.........................Although the calculator that was provided didn't work properly for me, every time I pressed the + button, I don't know what it was doing but it certainly wasn't adding anything!!  Soon my 15 mins were up and I went and sat back down at my desk.  Big boss Julian was late leaving his room so that just prolonged my agony.........

Eventually he leaves and Janice comes and gets me.  Still panicking I enter the room, and sit down.  Janice decides to start the process of by telling me how I did on my test.  I got EVERY question bar one wrong!!  Apparently I'd done better the first time I'd gone for the job, when I hadn't even done it before!!  This upset me because I'd felt like I'd let myself down.....after going through that they proceeded with the interview.  It went from bad to worse!!  I wasn't explaining how I had done that in a similiar situation, I was telling them how I could handle it.  Not proving I'd done it but telling them what I would do..................I hope your understanding this!!  I couldn't understand what I was doing I knew I was ballsing it up but I couldn't bring it back to make myself sound good.  It was like I'd known I'd failed the test so the destruction button was pressed and I decided to fail the interview too.  I came out of the room depressed, I can't even explain why, because I was unsure whether I wanted the job or not.  Pauline asked how it went and I said I'd f***ed it up!!  (please excuse my language!!)  I then went for a breather and locked myself in the loo, and yes, I admit tears did fall from my eyes, which is a bit of a shameful thing to admit but I'd let myself down big time and I didn't know what to do next!!

There was only one other candidate, a young boy who had apparently just sat a Maths degree at Uni and was awaiting his results.  All the time he was being interviewed I just kept thinking they should give it to him, they are gonna give it to him.  At least I would have a job till December (which is when the girl on maternity leave is supposedly due back).  I just didn't fancy the prospect of being unemployed at xmas.  He left and after a while Janice came to fetch me.  I thought this is it!!

She explained about my crappy test and even worse interview and that they both know I can do better than that and would like to offer my the job.  Stunned I just sat there thinking this is mad!!  She asked what I thought and I responded, well I'm shocked.  She said I knew you were gonna say that, because you lack confidence.  We know you can do the job and you've got what it takes, but you don't seem to think you can!  It went on like that for a while, but they also mentioned the fact that it's not easy to be interviewed by people you knew!!

This is true and I've been interviewed once before for a post which I was doing and was supposed to get but I ruined that too but nobody was appointed to the post in the end.  My manager at the time was annoyed with me because not only did I answer a question wrong I did not sell myself enough in her opinion!!

Back to the job I've been offered, I should've been happy but I didn't!!  Even though it was offered to me I still couldn't get over how I had let myself down and if it wasn't for their belief in me I wouldn't have got it.  It made me think how long would it have been, if I hadn't got it, till I got offered another job.  Especially around xmas!!  Anyway I was depressed and didn't feel like celebrating and still don't..................Plus feeling ill didn't help!!  Pauline just said I told you so and Celeste said it was nice to have me on the team........bless!!

Well that's my sorry tale, call me stupid if you like but I hate this lack of confidence........what can I do about it?? What bothers me more is where did it come from??  But that's another entry for another day.....................

Hope you all have a good weekend, Trina and I have a dress fitting tomorrow........arrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhh..........LOL

Take care

Jen xx 

Thursday, 16 June 2005

Just a dull entry

Hi Everyone

I've let myself down today.  I ruined the test and ballsed up the interview yet I still got the job!!  I'm not feeling all that well right now so I shall explain all perhaps tomorrow.  Right now I wanna log off and watch some TV curled up on the sofa.  Thanks for crossing of things I appreciate it :-)

Hopefully shall elaborate more tomorrow!

Jen xx

Wednesday, 15 June 2005

Panic panic panic

Hi everyone :-)  Firstly thanks very much for the birthday wishes - very sweet of you all - group hugs

This isn't really a proper entry I just wanted to say that I'm am freaked about my interview.............I really don't think I'm gonna do very well so here's my thoughts about it   LOL..........and this will be me afterwards   Ok probably a slight exageration but still....................after reading the list of questions that David left on my comments it freaked me out coz there were things there I hadn't thought about!!  Oh dear..................

I think I should go and think about it properly before I let myself down big style ;-)  Just promise me you'll cross your fingers and I'll give you an update tomorrow.

Take care

Jen xx

Tuesday, 14 June 2005

Catch up

Hi Everyone - Firstly I'd like you all to join me in a sing-song (it's alright you all know this one ;-)




Yep tis my birthday today!!  Another year closer to 30!!  LOL..........Oh well never mind!!  So what have I been up to I hear you asking.............

Saturday I went and had my hair cut and made my way down to Paignton by train.   I love going to Torquay and Paignton by train, that part of the line is so pretty all along by the coast.  I definitely reccommend it to you guys!  Got there about 12.30pm, went into the loos (part of the trip definitely not reccommend yuk @ public loos), and changed my 'peace' top to a Roger Taylor electric fire top, has his face on it :-)  Met up with Wayne and Trina as I was gonna stay with them for the weekend.  We went into a few shops and started buying a t-shirt each.  Wayne and I got printed ones, but Trina wanted one of the ones which had Freddie on, which was in a different shop.  Wayne got an Iron Maiden one and I finally got my skull and cross bones t-shirt.  (Don't ask me why, but I've always wanted one!)

We went back into the previous shop to get Trina the Freddie top and some strange girl looked at me and asked where I'd got my t-shirt from.  I was like 'the one I'm wearing' she said, 'yeah'.  I couldn't exactly remember but Trina filled in the blank and we told her we'd got it from the electric fire tour, several years ago.  She explained that she is apparently a fan and followed us into the shop coz she was sure I was wearing a Roger Taylor t-shirt.  Weird!!  Also kinda freaky, not long before this Trina and I had a conversation about how she was proud of me wearing a Queen t-shirt in public.  Don't ask me why, it's just something I don't do!  I had said to Trina 'I don't mind wearing Roger t-shirts nobody ever recognises him.' LOL.............

We made our way to the beach to get some chips :-) As we walked past quite a few people this little kid shouted out Roger's name - dear lord LOL..........Then when we were queued up getting chips I swear this bloke was saying something to his wife about my shirt!!  Ah well........

We sat on the beach and ate our chips surrounded by seagulls, (I do not like those birds!) and Wayne started building mini sandcastles (see pic 6!!)  After food we decided to go to the arcade on the pier, probably a bad idea coz we ended us spending quite a bit of money.  Then we went to play crazy golf.  It wasn't fair coz Trina and Wayne had played this course tons of times, I'd played it once a year ago!!  Roughly around the same time of year ;-)  Halfway round the course I quit and tried to keep score for them two!  We headed back to the beach afterwards and brought a frisbee, which I was also not very good at!!  :-(  So we went back to the arcade and spent more money!!

Later we had a bar-b-q at their house and that was quite nice although it had gone cold.  The cats were a laugh though coz they kept trying to get the food.  We stayed up till quite late watching casualty, BB6 and a video of 'whose line is it anyway?'

Next day we had to get up early as we had to be in Exeter before 10am.  After a brief stop at my place so Trina can use my washing machine :-) we made our way to 'Race world'.  My idea for my birthday was to go go-karting.  So Trina went ahead and booked it, but they had rung up during the week and said sorry you can't do it Saturday would you like to come on Sunday at 10am instead.  Initially my thought was noooooooooooooooooooooooooo not my sunday lie-in!!  But going to the beach, staying at Trina's won me over and we were there by 10am.  I don't know why but I've always wanted to have a go at go-karting so that's why we were there!!

The bloke made us sign a form basically for insurance.  It was saying things like oh you could get badly injured but never we had to put the overalls on.  Lovely and not at all flattering (hope you can hint my sarcasm in this!)  We waited for ages as more people were turning up.  Trina and I were not amused as group after group of blokes turned up.  Luckily there was one other freaked me out at one point as a group of blokes turned up all in their own black overalls and carrying their own helmets.  Something told me they'd done this before, surely first timers should be grouped together.  No such luck!

Sometime after 10am the bloke gave us all a talk about the karts and the flags and what they meant, then we all walked round the track.  From that moment on we were known by numbers and everytime they called our number it meant it was our turn to get kitted up and get out on the track.  There was 20 heats, a semi-final and a final.  Arrrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!  First we got the warm up laps.  My number along with Trina and Waynes was called, yet there was a mix-up and some bloke thought he was number 2.  He checked the chart and he wasn't, but by this point someone else had gone out as my number.  Marvellous I thought!!  So I went and had a word with the bloke at the desk, 'someone's gone out on my number and I have no idea what number they were so I don't know when to go.'  He was very nice about it and sorted it out for me.

I did enjoy it to a point!!  In the end I came last on every race I went on and it just felt a big disappointment to me.  Plus my arm started hurting just from the steering wheel.  Naturally I didn't make the finals, neither did Trina or the other girl.  Trina did manage to come 3rd in one of her races, but only coz one of the blokes made a mistake and couldn't get past her.  The other girl won one of her races, which I felt proud of her, but it just piled the stress on!!  Wayne won one of his races too.........bless him, he was well chuffed!  I'm glad I did it coz at least I can strike it off my list of things to do.........I kinda wanna go back though coz the guy who sorted out my number problem, had THE most gorgeous blue eyes I have EVER seen, and a nice smile, but rough guess at his age must be between 18 - 20.  A bit young unfortunately and I shall probably never see him again!!

On the way home we came across a car boot sale and stopped to take a look around.  It was HUGE!!  Trina brought me a stuffed elephant coz I mentioned that he was cute :-)  Bless her!!  I hadn't taken my wallet with me so I didn't buy anything.  After a drink, burger and a walk round we left and they dropped me off at home, collected their washing and went home.

I actually felt depressed when they left coz I was on my own and it felt lonely - or is that too obvious!  As much as I like this independance thing I do miss companianship (not spelt right lol)!!

Yesterday I didn't do anything except housework and making banners on my birthday pressie Paint shop pro 7 :-) Yes I did get it early and it wasn't wrapped LOL...........I'm getting addicted to making banners but I should learn what else it does!!

Today I went to Exmouth, but it was quite cloudy so I didn't go paddling but I did manage to fulfill my day of what I wanted to do which was go to the beach and have fish and chips :-)  Doesn't take much to fulfill my day lol................I came home and did some shopping and found a new Queen t-shirt (yay) and a new St Etienne album (yay)!!  Back to work tomorrow which I'm not looking forward to, especially as I have an interview on Thursday.

I'd be grateful if you could think of some interview type questions so I can practice :-)  Leave me some in your comments...........thanks peeps!!

Well that's all up to date and all before BB!!

Anyway take care everyone

  JEN xx

Monday, 13 June 2005

Joke and Poem

Two blondes were in a parking lot trying to unlock the door of their Mercedes with a coat hanger.

They tried and tried to get the door open, but they just couldn't! The blonde with the coat hanger stopped for a moment to catch her breath.

The other blonde said anxiously, "Hurry up! It's starting to rain and the top is down."


Long Distance Friend

I've a warm and friendly feeling
As I think of you today,
And I wish that we could visit,
But you're many miles away.

Separated by such distance,
Yet your emails bring you near,
Through the miles we share a friendship
That's become to me most dear.

Friends through correspondence only,
Still your face I need not see,
For your soul shines through the pages
Every time you write to me!

Your special way of writing,
Warming as the sunshine rays,
Brings joy and inspiration,
And brightens up my days.

You've enriched my life, my dear friend,
And I hope God wills we meet,
Friendship's Road is so much nicer
Traveling with one so sweet!

Friday, 10 June 2005

My new found friends

Wow two entries in one night!!  Well ladies and gentlemen I would like to dedicate this entry to the friends I made on tour!  They were great and made queueing even the more worth while!!  Each one I shall remember in my own different ways.

Sarah - for panicking, being lovely and generally being a good laugh       :-)  Aaaaaaahhhhhh roger..........My favourite moment of Sarah was a video clip I took at Birmingham supposed to be Roger's drum solo and all you hear is 'Roger your a sex god' LOL.........bless her..........

Cat - for being sweet and being a good laugh :-)

Gavin - for being a laugh and for saying 'Your Beautiful' and mentioning Roger and his comode!!  LOL........don't ask..........

Vern - for always being first in the queue lol........

Jules - for being really nice and having an interesting conversation with her about the Queen with Freddie.

Michelle - just for being mad and driving everyone insane lol........

Jamie - for being mad, funny and sweet.......My best Jamie moment comes from a video we took in the pub in Wembley where she was singing along to Don't Stop Me Now.......I shall never hear the song in the same way again.

Andy - for his blond hair and THOSE

Becky - for being a laugh and bringing something for everyone to sit on :-)

Fairy - for finally meeting her, for being nice and doing such a great impression of a certain someone ;-)

Funster - for being nice and finding out we had more in common than you think.

Alessia - for being the first person I spoke to in Newcastle and for being really nice.

Brigitte - for running the best website in the world and for being such a sweet person :-)

James for being so sweet bless him!!

Matt - for finally meeting him again :-)

I've probably forgotten someone and if I have I apologise!!  You were all a blast and I can't wait until we are all back together again.  :-)

As you can gather I found them all lovely and very friendly - that describes most Queen fans to a T!  (To the people that I have stolen the photos from I do apologise please don't hate me!!)

Well that's it my tour diary is officially finished!!  I sincerely hope you've all enjoyed reading it as much as I have writing it..............

Next week I'll be back to normal..........well the entries will be anyway LOL..................

Take care all and have a good weekend

Part 10 - Wembley the end!!

Hi Everyone!!  As my favourite site is having an upgrade at the moment and not accessible I thought I would finish off my story.  Plus I'm off out tomorrow - going to Trina's to stay and then I have Monday and Tuesday off work and determined to enjoy myself.  Just checked out the weather forecast and it's showing sun for tomorrow go yay everyone I shall explain more probably on Monday!!  Also I need to relax as I have an interview on Thursday aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh............. panic!!  LOL.................Everyone at work is being optimistic I'm gonna get it but I don't share their enthusiasm especially after the day I've had today!!  Still we'll see.......................Onwards and onto part 10!!


Trina and I had a night at home away from each other (at long last - nah just kidding ;-) after Sheffield.  On the 11th we met up vaguely around 9ish and made our way to the train station.  We weren't panicking about this gig as it was an all seated venue.  No queueing - it felt well weird!!  Got onto our booked train later than expected coz it's been delayed.  Just outside Taunton the train manager tells us that the brakes are causing a safety mechanism to be activated every time and therefore the train could not continue so we had to get off in Taunton and wait for the next one.  I can't tell you how relieved we were that it happened that day and not for any of the other gigs.  To be honest I think that's probably the first time we've ever had that kind off thing happen to us.  On the platform we decided to get the next train, even though it was stopping EVERYWHERE!!  I also tried to ring mum but she wasn't

Finally get to London around 3ish, and make our way to Wembley by tube.  Neither of us had been there before and I had forgotten to bring my A-Z with me so I had a feeling it wasn't gonna be easy to find the hotel.  I had assumed it was like 5 seconds away from the stadium.  Anyway on the way to Wembley wemeet up with Alessia who happened to be catching the same tube.  It was great to see her again, as we hadn't since Newcastle!!  Once we got to Wembley we departed company from Alessia who was going straight to the pub to meet up with the guys.  Trina and I had to check into our hotel.  Problem was we'd gone to Wembley central or something like that and the hotel was quite a walk away from there.  After walking one way and then the other and finally asking a policeman (i think) we try to catch a bus.  LOL.........What a nightmare!!  Being from a town were busdrivers actually issue you with tickets we assumed bus drivers in London do this.  The first bus we tried to board wasn't very helpful and told us he didn't go where we wanted, even though the sign said he did.  We get a ticket from one of those help yourself machines and manage to board the next bus, missing the closest stop to our hotel completely!

Eventually we find the hotel and we're quite impressed!!  Dump our bags and get straight back out to find the pub.  The forum at Queenonline were all meeting up there.  So we get back onto a bus going back towards the way we'd just come.  We get further than we think and finally realise we've gone the wrong way!!  Get off this bus, cross the road and catch another (luckily we'd brought a day ticket!!) Finally make it to the pub - god knows what time!!  Everyone is there, Vern, Julie, Sarah, Gavin, (Cat didn't go she wasn't well), Jamie, Alessia, Andy, Pierre and his mum, Brigitte, Loretta, Michelle and loads more!!  It was certainly a Queen filled pub.  Jamie and Alessia put some music on the jukebox and suddenly there's a Queen singalong :-)  Sarah had been drinking vodka (i think) and was rather tipsy   It was a great opportunity for photos - which I'll show you in a different entry!!

At around 6 or was it half past (i really can't remember) the group made it's way down to the pavillion (or tent as it has been renamed!!) It was a shame at this gig because it was seating we weren't sitting together.  But it was such a laugh walking down to the venue, we were all being rather loud singing 'amarillo' shouting 'blond bloke' at the guy from Birmingham (i forgot to tell you about him - his real name was Paul but they didn't wanna call him that so he was known as blond bloke :-)  Seeing the Freddie type mosiac thing on the wall and cheering at it lol..........Got to the venue and we all split up and went our seperate ways.  Trina and I found our seats but weren't amused about them........we were to the left of the mixing desk and the stage was sooooooooo far away!!  But we made a promise to enjoy ourselves no matter what.......and we did!!

As soon as Eminems Lose Yourself came on we both stood up and remained that way for the rest of the gig, dancing, screaming as loud as possible so they will at least have heard us :-)  At one point I think it was during Brian's Love of My Life or just after I shouted 'Brian' really loudly and I got this look from some people who were sitting opposite us.  I just looked at them back and said 'What?? that's his name!!' Trina laughed at that one!!  Brian and Roger both moaned about the venue - well it was a pile of s***!!  To be honest with you.  We couldn't even have made a mad dash to the front coz the security people kept coming round to tell us to get out of the aisles.  grrrrrrrrrrrr.............Eventually these two kids who were in the row in front of us left their seats and when they came back they didn't return to their seats they stood in front of us, one of them must've been about 6ft, I mean for crying out loud........I couldn't see a thing and it was making me more peed off by the second.  It wasn't the fact that they were kids or that they were taller than me, but when someone blocks my view I would expect them to be getting into it and having a great time.  They didn't even move!!  There was a row of blokes behind us and they didn't clap, sing, dance or anything - just stood there with their arms folded!!  There was a couple opposite us who stood there kissing throughout the gig.  People were even still being shown to their seats long after the gig started - what's up with these people??   The only person to impress us was this elderly lady (must've been around 60ish) who was getting into the gig.  Bless her!!  Unfortunately I cannot provide you with highlights coz although the gig was good I don't have any!!  Apart from what I've already told you!!  Anyway here's a pic of what we saw.  I think Trina zoomed on this pic so it does look better than it actually was..............

When the gig was finished we all decided to meet by the mixing desk.  Whilst we were standing there waiting for Sarah, I turned round and there next to me was Roger's ex Debbie with one of their kids in her arms, looking very tired.  Some woman with reddish curly hair walked up to her and said 'is she out?'  Debbie responded, but I was so shocked to be standing next to her I didn't hear what she said, not that that's important anyway!!  We went to the other side of the mixing desk and saw James bless him :-)  Eventually Sarah, Gavin and Matt joined the rest of us who were going to find an open pub.  Sarah was being VERY noisy and kept screaming.   It eventually translated that not only had Roger finally looked at her but he had also touched her hand :-)  She was extremely happy about this!!

The gang walked back to the pub where we had started from but unfortunately they were closing.  They told us about some pub down the road that would still be opened, so off we set looking for it.  We came across a sports pub, but they were closing too.  Found the pub this guy had been talking about but they too were closing (well it was Wednesday afterall..........)  The gang decided to get the tube back to the center of London and find a pub!  Trina and I didn't wanna risk the tube back to Wembley at that time of night and decided to bid everyone a fond was horrible!!  To think that I was not gonna see some of these people again till Hyde Park in July and some of them not until I can afford to go to another convention.  *sob sob* 

Trina and I made our way back to the hotel and ordered room service.  A nice pizza arrived within half an hour and it went down very nicely!!  Next morning we went downstairs for some breakfast.  We had to have continental coz they didn't do a full english we left the hotel and decided to go and see Freddie's house.  We hadn't been there for years and I really wanted to see it again.  Whilst we were standing outside the occupant had their food shopping delievered, M&S it was lol!!  After a while we made our way back to Paddington and sat in a rather nice cafe and had some drinks and cake :-)  Got home around 5ish, Wayne gave me a lift home and that was it!!  No more tour till July............... 

Wednesday, 8 June 2005

Part 9 Sheffield

Hi j-land people :-)  Goodness me so many alerts I'm getting now coz everyone's pimping journals to read and they are all so good!!  Anyway just a quick question before part 9 - has any of you AOL people recently received an email with regards to billing information?  I'm not sure whether to open it or just delete grateful if you could let me know - thanks peeps!!


Trina and I got up around 7ish (i think) and decided to stop downstairs for breakfast before we go to the venue.  Just when we were thinking we weren't gonna get charged for breakfast, we tell them what we want the waitress then mentions how much we have to pay.  This does not help my mood LOL........So we decide to stay, Trina ends up having toast and I had the full english only it was just stuff kept in metal trays that had probably been there all morning *eugh* and I ended up paying £9 for it!!  Still at least it set me up for the day even if I didn't want it.  We had asked the receptionist if they had a number of a 24hr cab company the night before so we called them and they turned up and took us to the venue.  The cab company was called 'mercury' LOL........the driver was nice he was telling us about the venue.  We got there about 9ish and there was already about 20 or so people there already.  The usual gang plus other people I did not know!  We joined them and there was a usual discussion with security staff about which door is closer to the stage.  Apparently they were gonna open every door at the same time (there were quite a few of them)  but somebody said the door on the other side of the venue was closest to the stage so the usual gang went round to wait there.  At least we wouldn't have people in front of us. 

The sun was out when we got there but it soon disappeared and started raining.  There was no shelter for us so we had to grin and bear it if we wanted to remain in the queue.  Sarah was still ill by this point and decided to go and sit in her car, Cat joined her.  Julie had her 'moon' chair and Vern had a chair too.  Jamie had pinched another blanket from her hotel room and was huddled underneath it.  I only had a jeans, t-shirt and my fleece on and the wind was howolling (not spelt right??!!) round with the rain coming down.  I went and stood under one of the trees that was nearby.  Trina went and joined Cat and Sarah in the car.  She kept urging me to do the same but I couldn't be bothered and was (although cold) quite happy were I was!  At one point to shelter from the rain I picked up Gavin's chair and put it on me head lol........What was also funny during this queue is we started talking about how cheesy Paul is!!

Everytime a new person joined the queue, they came round to our side of the building.  Monty (who had not been happy at Manchester) turned up, hoping he would get in ok this time.  Trina came round with food from Burger King a bit later, then much later the hotdog van opened and we all had hotdogs :-)  I ventured off for a walk at one point to use Burger King loos.  The venue was open for the blokes to use their loos but the ladies was inside and we weren't allowed in there.  Some of us managed to sneak in and see the stage being built, until some security person told us to get out.  LOL.......The Burger King loos were nasty and no toilet paper!!  But at least it got me in the warm for a couple of mins   Andy turned up later and had told Gavin not to laugh when he saw him.  All intrigued why, it was relieve to finally see what he meant.  He dyed his hair blond!-bless him!!

It was soon time for them to let us in.  Security told us where we had to go etc.......the queue was growing big style by this point and all the usual gang, well apart from Vern and Gavin were all starting to panic.  They gave the nod for us to go, so we ran up the steps and had to go through a turnstile type thing.  I was dead chuffed with myself coz I finally pushed my way through :-)  Then we had to go along to another door and the bloke let us in, down the walkway and some people were checking tix before they let us down the steps for us to get to the barrier.  Confusion reigned and they called Sarah and Jamie back.  It was a flippin' nightmare coz we could all see the barrier filling up.  Trina and I eventually got to the right hand side of the barrier by the platform.  All the gang were finally stood in a line altogether!!  It went Trina, me, cat, sarah, andy, gavin, jamie, vern, julie (I think!!)  Oh and Sarah's mates from Sheffield must've been there but I can't remember where *embarrassed look*

Not long before the band came on we were told that the gig was being filmed for video and TV.  We all knew it was being filmed but I had no idea it was for TV too.  Anyway I had a good gig, but I know a lot of the fans were disappointed, not just because the lights were on a lot of time over the audience but also because the audience didn't seem to be getting into it.  Sarah, Cat, Trina and myself certainly did and I only hope that people don't see that on the forthcoming DVD (possible release date of the 13th September) don't think we were just doing it for the cameras.  We weren't we had been to all the UK gigs and done the same.  Sorry I don't know why I'm trying to justify myself, I just wanted to voice that and here is where I do that a lot of the time :-)  Also before the band came on their head security came over to Gavin and Sarah and asked them not to throw the condoms.  They responded with 'have you told Roger?'  Basically if they hadn't he was bound to still ask if anyone had a condom.  Naturally he hadn't said a word to Roger so bargaining ensued.  Sarah said, 'give me roger and I won't throw them.'  I only asked for a drumstick I was obviously setting my sights far too low LOL.........In the end he gave up, coz he knew we'd throw them anyway ;-)

Ok so here's the highlights:  They were starting to play some good rockin' tunes before the gig such as Red Hot Chilli's etc....It was back to the full set list again.  Roger cut his drum solo short saying he didn't want to bore us.....I was not amused with this LOL.........There was a new running theme with him where he'd have a dig at Ginger Baker (Cream drummer), don't ask me what it was about.  Unless Roger tells us we can only speculate.  He messed up during the lyrics to These Are The Days, bless him.  Someone chucked a Tigger on stage and firstly Paul looked like he was gonna trip over it, then he saw it and picked it up and started singing whilst holding it to his mic.  It looked really funny like he needed his ickle teddy kept it by the way ;-) 

Whenever we are at these gigs Trina and I often have a conversation along the lines of: T-Oh my god did you see him look at you then? J-No darn it!!  (about Roger!!)  This time the conversation went:  T-Oh my god he looked at you then, J (grinning from ear to ear)-Yes I saw that!!  LOL........He finally looked at me during a gig, it only took him,...what, 5 gigs!!  LOL.........ah well he gets there in the end LOL........They played Under Pressure but said it was just for us there at Sheffield and wasn't gonna be on the DVD.  Condoms were thrown during Say It's Not True, then Brian came on to do his spot and sung Love of My Life and told us that Freddie's mum was there (sniff, sniff), :-(  Afterwards he mentioned about how there were a lot of condoms on the stage, picked one up and chucked it.................

  Guess who caught it LOL........I have Brian May's condom!!  I just put my hand up and caught it no problem.  I was really chuffed I'd caught it - don't ask me why, I guess I wanted to go home with a momento!!  I love telling people it's Brian's lol..............Anyway during We are the Champions Sarah, Cat, Trina and myself were filmed coz we'd all linked arms :-)  When the band came down to the platform at the very end all four of us did the 'we're not worthy' thing again.  Spike noticed and eventually Paul did and blew us a kiss :-)  Not a bad gig and can't wait to see the DVD ;-)


As we didn't take many pics at Sheffield - thought I'd share one of the lighting rig with you :-)

Not a great photo of it but I have chopped it a bit,it really was quite impressive!!

After the gig the gang dispearsed.  Trina and I decided to hang around and see if we could see anybody.  We did see Freddie's family leaving bless them!!  Eventually Michelle and the people she was with started running and a couple of them got into a car and drove off.  I said to Trina that it probably meant the band were leaving by the other exit.  I was right, so we'd missed them!!  We headed back to our hotel and got some sleep.........only Wembley left!!

I shall leave you there for now............Hope you all doin' ok!

Take care

Jen xx

Sunday, 5 June 2005

Part 8 - Cardiff and the aftermath!!

Hi J-people!!  How are you all?  Today I'm not doing so good.  I don't know why I'm just on a downer and feeling quite lonely - yet when Trina rung I bit her head off.  (not literally LOL.......) *big sigh*  I don't know what's wrong!!  Coming down big time after the gigs I suppose.........So I thought I would write part 8 and cheer myself up reminiscing.  Before I do though I found this photo on the internet last night from Birmingham and you can see me in it

  On the left hand side you can see someone with an arm crossed and one hanging down - that's moi!!  Now you can see how close I was!! - Let me know if you can't see it very well and I shall attempt to mark myself out LOL...........Anyway........


So the band came on stage here's the highlights.  Feel Like Makin' Love and Show Must Go On were back in the setlist which was fantastic - I love that Feel Like Makin' Love song (but it does remind me of South Park - if anyone's heard the South Park album you'll know what I mean!!)  As you are all aware by now Roger comes to the front to sing 'Say it's not true' (that night we were standing right hand side of the platform).  Every night just before the band came on stage I would always say to Trina, 'Roger is gonna stand right there *points to platform* and sing facing this direction *points to myself*.  At Cardiff it felt as if this had finally come true!!  Seriously he stood in front of us and sang most of the song towards us, I know he wasn't really looking but it felt good at the time :-) When he turned round his hair looked quite funny coz it was sticking up on both sides LOL.........He did finally catch his drumstick *round of applause* and Brian looked at him afterwards.  At the end of the show when the band came down the platform, Funster, Fairy and I did the 'we're not worthy' thing.  Spike looked at us and smiled, not sure about the others.  The lovely steward bloke was tapping his foot and mouthing along during pretty much the whole show - bless him.  For the last two songs (we will rock you and we are the champions) he took his ear plugs out!  I really can't remember what else happened during this show of interest - for some reason I've written down 'funny dancing' but can't remember why - it may have been Jamie Moses but I don't know!!


Afterwards I asked the steward to pass me some of the condoms that had been thrown (where ever possible we reused them :-) He said 'I think I might keep these for myself, at least 10 minutes of fun there.'   I laughed and replied, '10 minutes is that all.' He did give them back!!  As we were chatting to all our mates he climbed over the barrier and Fairy took a photo of the group with him in it :-)  Nice man!!  A bloke called Pierre who had been standing near Trina and myself caught Roger's drumstick.  All us Roger fans wanted to touch it, he was very nice about that, if I had caught it there would've been no way I would've let anyone else touch it ha ha ha..........

(the rest of this tour diary will be written as new coz I hadn't got this bit done when the computer went wrong and I had to reload everything!!)

The gang made it's way outside and there followed a discussion about whether to 'hotel stalk'.  There was a rumour about which one they may be staying at.  In the end we just went round to the back to watch them leave.  Becky and (i think) Matt (who I forgot to mention earlier had turned up late to queue :-) had gone to get chips.  So we couldn't go anywhere without them, but Sarah and Funster went to get there cars, just in case!!  Unfortunately there was a lot of people leaving from the same car park so it took them quite a while to get round to the back of the venue.  I can't remember if Brian or Paul came out first.  I have a feeling it was Brian who probably waved again!!  When Paul came out he stopped the car and beckoned Gavin, Sarah etc over to his car :-)  Sarah told him that she loved his trousers and Cat fell in love with him coz he held her hand.  lol........I didn't go over, don't know why!!  I think partly coz I wanted to go hotel stalking and with Brian and Paul leaving the building I knew it wasn't gonna happen and that made me, not angry, but not happy either!!  I should've just got into a taxi and gone but Fairy and Funster were staying in the same hotel as us and they needed to know where it was - not that we knew but still!!  Roger's car eventually made it's way out of the gates.  I looked for Sarah but she'd disappeared.  Gavin and I shouted for her and as she was trying to cross the road she just missed his car and shouted at him and he waved at her.  Not long after Roger left I asked everyone if we could go so Trina, Fairy, Funster, Michelle and myself said goodbye to everyone and got into Funsters car.  What happened next was not a laugh.  (The rumour of the hotel was that it was down near St David's Bay, Brian confirmed this with a comment about how he had a lovely view of the bay from the hotel on his website grrrrrrr...........)

Saturday night in Cardiff it appears they shut off all the roads, especially the one we needed to drive down to get to the hotel.  Michelle was trying to read the instructions from multimap and Funster got angry.  Trina rung the hotel, the night blokie was foreign and didn't seem to understand that we didn't know Cardiff and the instructions he was giving were usless coz we couldn't go that particular way.  After about an hour or so the night blokie went to get someone who could talk english and he gave Trina some proper directions but the next problem was there was no parking near the hotel.  About a 10/15 mins later we parked up in some random car park and started to make our way round the hotel.  By this point we were all losing our tempers and Michelle walked away and got into some taxi.  We decided to carry on without her and if we lost her we didn't care!!  As it turned out she was in the bar at the hotel, so much for us sneaking her in!!  Fairy and Funster had another walk as they weren't in the same building - which annoyed them further.  Things for Trina and I didn't get any better either.  We get up to the room, only two beds, unlike the travel lodge in Birmingham which had three so that meant Michelle could have one!  This time though as we were paying for the room we didn't feel so nice and both took a bed each.  Unfortunately there was no spare blankets in the room, but we both gave her one of our pillows, and she curled up in the chair.  When I woke up a bit later she was perched on the end of my bed.  In fact she had woken me up, she'd got cramp in both of her legs.  Ouch!!

Next morning Trina and I were catching a bus home, and trying to work out what to do the next day for Sheffield.  We got to the bus station (still with Michelle in tow) and looked for a cafe to have breakfast in.  We found somewhere and had a lovely meal and a fab cup of tea.  Trina and I really enjoyed that relaxing.  Michelle left and went to a friends.  We went back to the bus station to wait for our bus.  We were both quite ill, but had decided that if we could get an extra night at the hotel in Sheffield we would travel up that night.  Whilst we were at the bus station we both started reading things, I glanced up once and this girl who had caught my glance called me a bitch.  I couldn't believe it I wasn't even really looking at her!!  This did not help my mood.  Eventually we got onto a bus that took us to Bristol, (there was a rather cute bloke on this bus who was wearing one of the let me live wristbands :-).  This was the first time we had travelled by bus, and I have to say I prefer the train.  It's so quiet on the bus!!  Once we got to Bristol we had to wait for the next bus to take us all the way home.  There was a queue, so we joined it in the end.  I noticed some people hadn't joined it and I was not going to let them get on before me so I literally pushed past them when the driver let us on.  I was quite impressed with myself!!

By 5pm we were home.  A quick trip to my flat, for Trina to meet up with Wayne and iron his shirts for work.  By 6pm we were off again and because of the trains back onto a bus, going back on ourselves to Taunton where the train was waiting to take us to Sheffield.  We got there at 11pm and checked into the hotel.  We both wished that the band were staying in the Hilton as we had a view of it from our hotel :-)

Tomorrow Part Nine - Sheffield.

Hope your all having a good weekend

Take care

Friday, 3 June 2005

Friday - something nice!!

Hi peeps - was sent this on an email and thought it was lovely so I thought I'd share it with you guys :-)  In case your wondering why I'm worried, it's because work received the applications for the post that's been advertised and mine should be there!!  I'm not feeling over confident about it - even when I posted the application but I guess we'll Trina said if I don't get it, it wasn't meant to be - wise words huh?  Hope you all have a good weekend xx

Just a line to say I'm living,
That I'm not among the dead.
Though I'm getting more forgetful
And more mixed up in the head.

For sometimes I can't remember,
When I stand at foot of stairs,
If I must go up for something,
Or if I've just come down from there.

And before the fridge so often
My poor mind is filled with doubt
Have I just put food away?...or
Have I come to take some out?

And there's times when it is dark out,
With my night cap on my head
I don't know if I'm retiring
Or just getting out of bed.

So...if it's my turn to write you
There's no need of getting sore,
I may think that I have written
And don't want to be a bore!!

So, remember..I do love you
And I wish that you were here,
But now it's nearly mail time,
So I must say good-bye my dear.

There I stood beside the mail box
With a face so very red
Instead of mailing you my letter,
I had opened it instead!!

My bifocals fit - my dentures are fine
My hearing aid works...but ..I do miss my mind!!!

Thursday, 2 June 2005

Part 7 - I want to go to bed!!

 Hi everyone!!  I shan't waffle on today - although Pete has now decided to turn the film into a musical LOL........and Jim got the job he applied for!  Anyway.............


Outside the venue there was literally 4 of us, Trina, Michelle, myself and some random bloke.  Jamie, Spike and Danny left the building and got on the bus.  Roger came out not long after them and I was so shocked and stunned that he that he was walking in front of me that I didn't say anything or ask him for anything.  By the time I realised it was actually him, he was already on the bus.  I was quite annoyed with myself by this point!!   Michelle had a word with Paul and his missus, then we decided to go and find a taxi.  Of course by this time most of the crowds had left and so had the taxi's.  I stupidly suggested which way we should go and we ended up walking for about 1/2 an hour round the whole of the NEC!!  Eventually we found a security point and asked the bloke there where we could find a taxi or if he had a number for a company.  (We didn't even have that at this point!!)  He said if we walk down a little bit that way we'd come across one coz he'd just let one or two in!!  Fair enough!!  Tempers were beginning to fray between myself and Trina but we followed his instructions.  That was until Michelle thought she knew better and decided we should go to the Hilton and call one from there, so we felt obligied to follow her, which we did and eventually manage to convince her that's a stupid idea and we should do what the bloke suggested.

We finally get to where that bloke said to go and there was NO taxis waiting.  Stressed, tired and utterly peed off, I get Trina to call enquiries for a 24 hour cab company.  This is fine, until they tell her they can only pick us up from security point 2!!  WTF is security point 2 is what we wondered next.  So off we go again, wandering round the NEC............Michelle disappears AGAIN, but this time towards another hotel.  I agree to go with her this time and tell Trina to get the cab to pick us up from there.  It just so happened to be the hotel where all our mates were staying.  We didn't wake them up though.........Our cab finally turns up and we get to the Travel Lodge.  We were only there for a few hours before the alarm went off again............arrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!


I think the alarm went off at 4.30am.  Our train was due to leave at around 6am, and we had a taxi booked which took us to Birmingham International station.  Walk into the station, look at the board, there is NO train leaving from that station at that time going to Cardiff!!  Trina didn't consider there is actually TWO train stations at Birmingham when she enquired about it!!  So we had to quickly call the cab company back and try and make it across Birmingham in time for the train.  Trina and I were both starting to suffer with colds by this point, our throats were sore and our noses were getting blocked.  But you have to feel sorry for the taxi driver who had to listen to Michelle and me singing Queen songs at 5am............LOL.........can life get any better!!    All through these gigs we weren't having breakfast or a cup of tea before we left and that is very unlike me!!  Have to have a cup of tea before I leave the house :-)

Anyway we make it to Birmingham New Street in time and there is hardly anyone on the train, which means we have enough space to sleep lol........The ticket bloke on the train made us laugh though, plus he was really sweet.  We asked him if there was a refreshment trolley on board, he said there wasn't but told us there was a stop which lasted about 15/20 minutes and that we would have enough time to get something, which we did!!  Later he spoke to us about what we were up to, once we told him we were Queen fans he wouldn't stop trying (badly) to sing Bohemian Rhapsody to us - bless him!!  He also let Michelle get out and have a fag at one stop.  We got to Cardiff about 2 hours later around 8ish.  Got into a taxi which took us toour hotel and checked in.  The lady who checked us in was nice, we found out she was going to the gig too.....When she found out we were queueing all day she asked 'what do you do when you want the toilet?' - what a stupid question LOL.........

We clambered back into the waiting taxi and he took us to the venue.  We had quite a shock when we got there as we were first!!  WOOHOO........  So far at every gig Jules and Vern had been first and everyone were always trying to beat them, but we had finally managed it.  I was very impressed, made getting up at 4 more worth it lol............Michelle abandoned us and stayed round the back to talk to the crew.  Trina and I settled in for a long day of queueing!!  Next to arrive was Vern and Julie with Jamie, eventually Jules would be sitting in her 'moon' chair and Jamie would be snuggled up under a blanket which she took from her hotel room.  Cat, Sarah, Gavin, Andy (who had fab trousers on that day), and Becky turned up next.  Becky had brought things to sit on, Cat got her sleeping bag out and was in that most of the day.  Sarah did not feel very well at all and couldn't stop shaking!!  Fairy and Funster turned up eventually.  Funster had twisted her ankle in Newcastle and apparently it was playing her up.  The whole gang ws together in their rightful place by the door

Madness really did strike during this wait!!  Everytime one of the trucks went past we all shouted and waved to the driver LOL.........don't ask me why - seemed like fun at the time!!  We were all coming down with colds but it didn't help that where we were waiting the sun was not shining, plus the wind was cold!!  The queue kept growing during the day.......

Security people came out and pushed the queue back down the steps.  Another venue with two sets of doors which they were gonna let people in.  I think we managed to get most people queuing behind us!!  I was having fun telling people to get to the back.  I had more reason to do this as I was one of the first to arrive :-)  At least at the bottom of the steps meant we were queued in the sunshine.  But just when we think we're sorted and settled the security bloke comes down the steps and tells us women have to go one way and blokes the other.  Chaos ensued!!  Trina and I were pushed back, but it was only our mates in front of us so I wasn't too bothered.  Well that's a bit of a lie, it was about that time I start to panic, will I make it to the barrier?  Will someone push me over?? etc....... Gigging does nothing for the nerves believe me LOL.......

Whilst we were waiting Jim Beach (manager) walked through the entrance bit so we all shouted to him and Gavin said something about his jumper lol....It was quite funny coz he rolled his eyes at us and smiled.  Eventually the bloke at the top of the stairs told us we could go in, mad rush!!  I suddenly was aware that Fairy was getting pushed back, so I grabbed hold of her hand and made a mad dash up the stairs and into the hall.  It's quite funny when you think about it, coz Trina wasn't feeling very well and Funster had a bad foot and they both managed to get in before Fairy and me!!  I held onto her until we got to the barrier just to make sure she got in ok. 

Between the stage and the barrier, the stewards (or security as I like to call them ;-) come and stand.  We had a woman opposite the four of us ie: funster, fairy me and trina.  Fairy asked her if she could put her bag on the ledge behind the barrier and the woman said 'No I don't wanna break my leg on your bag.'   At some point after this some comment was made about the woman coz not long afterwards I looked again and there was a bloke standing in front of us.  He was nice and we got to talking to him.  Apparently he had seen Queen at Knebworth in '86.  I asked him if he'd had a good view, he said that apart from the other 125,000 people there he would've done.  He also said something about how he was stood near the inflatable Brian.  Trina made a joke about how it wouldn't be much different that night then.  I also asked him if he was gonna enjoy the show.  Apparently when they are working they are not allowed to show that they are enjoying themselves.  Also during the wait I felt ill and felt like I was going to be sick, but as soon as the band came on I forgot all about that.

Find out whether I enjoyed the gig next episode :-)  I probably won't update again until Saturday now that's why I've given you a longer entry today!!

Take care peeps xx


Wednesday, 1 June 2005

Part 6 Birmingham and Late Nights

Hi *waves* Well I've survived the last couple of days at work!!  Team leaders due back tomorrow *phew* lol........Jim and Pete have been keeping me amused!!  They were talking about making a film of the volleyball team they've got together.  If I hear the word montage once more LOL.........Never mind!!  Onwards with part 6

Birmingham cont........

We all had the usual conversation as to where we were all going to stand.  Sarah decided she wanted to try the front barrier right by the main stage.  I wanted to join her so we could have a good view of Roger :-) behind his drum kit all evening!!  Trina was fine with this (which did surprise me) and decided to join Cat in front of the platform.

Eventually the doors were opened.  There was the first set of doors, then another set, and then another set.  So the first set was opened, we all scrambled in and ran to the next set.  Yet again I'd lost 'em all!!  I could hear them but couldn't see them!!  I'd also seen Becky (Sarah's mate) fall down.  She was near Trina on my left hand side so I did manage to find out that she was ok!!  The venue people started to play the UK Hall of Fame thingy on screens behind us.  As I was surrounded by 6ft tall people I couldn't see a thing and I wanted to see Julie and Vern in the audience.  Instead I had this random woman talking to me about how she'd been to some F1 drivers house and Brian turned up with his son Cliff?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!    Any Queen fan knows his sons called Jimmy!  As soon as she said that I knew I had to get away from her but as I was squashed in there was nowhere to hide, someone must of heard my thoughts though coz they opened the this set of doors.  This time as we ran through there were two sets of doors to choose.  I went to the right as I saw everyone else head that way :-)

Vern, Gavin etc, tried bargaining with the security people to let those that were there early in first.  They always say that if you don't ask you don't get........guess what.........they got!!  They decided to allow one person in to say who had been there early and let them into the next holding part before everyone else.  So they pulled Julie through and she pointed out the ones who had been there early.  I pushed Fairy and funster forwards as they were there before me, but somehow Trina and I managed to get through too :-)  Nice one Jules is all I can say ;-)  Vern said afterwards that there was someone behind him saying 'tell them we were here earlier get us through as well.' Of course Vern didn't recognise them from the queue so didn't grant them their request.

So there was 10/15 of us in another holding area.  The security people said when they give the signal we had to go round to the right.  We just couldn't believe how nice these security people had been, definitely 10/10, even better than Newcastle, but believe it or not the amount of niceness didn't stop there!!  Whilst in this new holding area though all of us started assuming what nastiness was gonna be said about us on the forums later that day.  We all decided we were the new 'royal' family!!  Or even better the 'royal sheep' lol......(The royal family were nicknamed by Freddie coz they did so many shows and made the front row every night!!)  Roger's PA, Justine walked past, which gave me a great opportunity to give her a letter for Roger.  I walked up to her and said 'Justine can you pass this onto Roger please?' handed her the letter and she said 'sure' and put it in the pocket of her jeans.  I had managed to do it but I couldn't get over the fact she didn't ask me what was in it!!  I have no idea whether she did actually give it to him or not, (I have backed this up by sending a copy in the post ;-) but I shall keep you posted if I ever receive a reply. 

The signal was given for us to go round but, shock horror, there was another queue round there and they were letting them in first!!  Guess what they did??  They held back that queue, told them they had to wait and let us through :-)  Isn't that cool??  So everyone made the barrier and Sarah and I made it to wherewe wanted to be, between the main stage and the catwalk.  Trina and Cat were at the front of the platform and I could see Trina from where I was :-)  As the rest of the crowd was let in some girls I know stood behind Sarah and me!!  To be honest Trina and I were friends with them at one point but since then Trina and I feel let down by them and I didn't like the idea of standing in front of them!!  Trina spoke to me through Sarah's mobile and asked if I was alright, I said 'kinda' not wanting to give too much away!!  It's quite petty I know but I would've felt a lot happier if they had not been there!

SETLIST: Reaching Out, Tie Your Mother Down, I Want To Break Free, Fat Bottomed Girls, Another One Bites The Dust, Wishing Well, Crazy Little Thing, Say It's Not True, Year of '39, Love of My Life, Drum solo, I'm In Love With My Car, Guitar solo, Last Horizon, Hammer To Fall, These Are The Days, Radio Ga Ga, Can't Get Enough, A Kind of Magic, I Want It All, Bohemian Rhapsody, (encore) Under Pressure, All Right Now, We Will Rock You, We Are The Champions.

It was quite amusing coz where we were standing it really did look like Roger was looking at you, but halfway through the gig (yes it did take me that long LOL) I realised he's reading the autocue which was in front of us damn it!!  Anyway here's the highlights...........During Tie Your Mother Down (i think) Paul started walking down the catwalk, scanning the crowds faces, when he spotted Sarah.  He backed up, and started singing to her -  Pictorial evidence :-) See how he's pointing LOL......Bless him!!  Unfortunately from where Sarah and I were we couldn't partake in the condom throwing but Roger was expecting it so when everyone threw them he laughed, bless him!!  When Brian went down to the platform for his solo spots, Love of my Life etc, apparently he kept looking in Trina's direction, (one night she wore a brian t-shirt, can't remember which one LOL).  They played Another One Bites The Dust for the first time, apparently they had been rehearsing it in Newcastle (I didn't hear it!!), Paul had to read the autocue all the way through it but it was really good and had some audience participation which I like :-)  Roger's girlfriend came out and danced near to where Sarah and I were, which surprised me coz she's usually on the other side!!  Halfway through drumming in one song, one of Roger's drumsticks left his hand and flew across the stage.  Whether that was meant to happen or not I have absolutely no idea!!  He soon had another one in his hand though, what a professional!!  During the gigs Paul has this thing about chucking his mic stand in the air and catching it usually to signal the end of a song, Roger had been trying to copy him chucking his drumstick in the air and pretending to try and catch but usually failing.  (He tried four times in one gig abroad!!) Well in Birmingham, he went one better and chucked 4 sticks in the air at the same time and then realised they were coming down on his head so he had to duck, it was quite comical!!  He also spat - now I know what your thinking 'that's disgusting why is she telling us.'  My web mates at will be interested to know lol.  Unfortuately though guys this is second hand information from Trina and there is no pictorial evidence.  At the end Roger usually chucks his drumsticks into the audience, if memory serves me correctly that night Paul grabbed one and chucked it towards Sarah and myself, intending for one of us to catch it, but we both missed it and one of those girls behind us caught it!!  I was not amused!!  Still a great gig


(you can all take part in the great roger photo debate between myself and Trina - that one above, I took it (yes finally I get a great pic, they are usually taken by Trina!!) anyway she swears he's looking at the camera and I say he's not!!  What do you guys think?? I'd love to know!!)

Anyway afterwards Gavin had a bit of an argument with one of the unofficial merchandise people outside.  It was so funny they told him that they could tell what type of person he was by what he was wearing.......LOL.......We all wandered round to the back and soon Sarah, Cat, Becky, Gavin and I think Andy went with them!!decided to leave.  Sarah had to drive home and Cardiff was the next day.  Trina and I stayed round the back and started talking to Michelle and asked if she wanted to stay with us.  She agreed and we all decided we would wait to see the band before we left.

Leaving it there for the evening.......tomorrow read all about how long it took us to get out of the NEC and get to bed!! 

Take care peeps