Tuesday, 31 January 2006

I can hear music!!

Ello all  how are you all??

Jeez is it cold or is it still just me?  This morning when I walked to work the river was frozen, just like it was yesterday but today there was a swan stuck in the middle of it.  I did worry about it but I didn't know what I could've done even if I did wanna help.  By the time I was on the other side of the river it had managed to break free a little bit.  Poor thing!!  It's odd cos a bit further up it wasn't frozen and there were a couple of swans there and they seemed fine............

Work has been okay - just in case you were wondering.  K seems like a nice person, but she started calling me Jennifer!!  I know what your thinking 'well that is your name' but it's like the name you associate with when your mum used to tell you off, or if your meeting someone mega important for the first time, not a work colleague.  I wanted to correct her during the day but I didn't find the right opportunity.  There is definitely a clicky team atmosphere there, but I tried my best to ignore it and get on with my work.  P got extremely annoyed towards the end of the day.  When we first found out B was joining the team she was told that B wouldn't be handling the accounts and would just concentrate on the banking.  So when we got given our letters back plus a few more so we now deal with cases A - M, P and I were thinking woohoo that'll keep us busier for longer, but realisation dawned today that it wouldn't because B was looking at accounts.  I don't know it's just ridiculous!!  She was very annoyed because she was lied too and I can kinda see her point.  I got really excited about gaining those extra letters but it's clear they aren't gonna keep us any busier!!  Roll on when the council can start advertising again!!

I haven't done anything towards my ECDL!!  I keep thinking 'oh I should have a go at home' but I just don't seem to have the time.  It's like I'm home I don't wanna start studying!!  I can do it during work time so I think I'm just trying to save it for that LOL..........I should've booked for the first test by now but what I have managed to do so far doesn't leave me with much confidence LOL.........

Sorry I seem to be moaning quite a bit today!!  Just having one of those days I suppose.  I was having probs with my TV earlier and rung Trina to see if she was having the same problem but she had to go and talk about it to Wayne and I wish she wouldn't!!  A simple yes or no would suffice sometimes!!  Plus this is the third time (hopefully lucky) that I've had to log back onto AOL.  Everytime I went away from the comp to watch the TV and came back it had frozen!  No not like the river lol.........

I did manage to do some of my exercise video tonight so that's a good thing   Did you know that when you take one step your working around 200 muscles and that's just in the one leg??  (Don't quote me on that LOL)

It's funny how j-land grabs hold of you and doesn't let go isn't it!!  Never did I think I would be doing this journal - yet alone keep it up.  I have now started a private one for my creative outlet.  One day when I'm extremely happy about it I might let you have read it but at the mo it's just nice to have somewhere where you can type things up and stuff.................that doesn't really make sense but I know what I mean!!

By the way is it easy to put music on your journal?  I've been thinking a lot about it lately and thought about either I Can Hear Music or Goin' Back - both fab songs or even the middle part of Innuendo - the bit that goes 'Be free with yourself, be free be free, surrender your ego be free be free to your seeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllfffffffffffffffffffff'..............LOL sorry about my bad singing there ;-)  I shall have to have a look into it!

Well hope your all having a good week so far.

Take care

Best wishes


Sunday, 29 January 2006

Wicked and I'm Lazy

Hi everyone - how are you all??  Is it cold enough for ya?? LOL  Before I begin my entry I just wanna send big hugs to Sara   I think she needs j-lands support at the mo :-)  Bless her!!

Anyway have you all had a good weekend?  As the title suggests I have been fairly lazy this weekend.  Well I have rearranged the kitchen - well as much as you can rearrange a kitchen anyway LOL!!  Tidied up the living room and sorted out my recycle stuff and had a general tidy up :-)  Feels good when you do that doesn't it?  I was thinking about rearranging my bedroom but I don't know if it'll work.  I can't move the cupboard cos whoever constructed that must've got it from the cheapest MFI they could find!!  I swear just one touch and it'll break whether it's got stuff in it or not LOL........still I shall contemplate it!!

Yesterday and today I've been out for a walk.  It's flippin chilly out there isn't it??  We've not seen any snow down here but I wouldn't be surprised if we did!  Isn't it strange what you see when you go for a walk?  Yesterday there were some army blokes down by the river doing some kinda training.  They would walk along for a bit and then duck down and hide (I suppose!!) It was quite amusing to see that!!  I'm sure there was something today but I can't remember it perhaps it will come to me at the end of the entry...........

Did you see 'Rabbit Proof Fence' last night?  I did, I remember when it was in the cinema and some work colleagues went to see it.  It was either that last night or Rat Race and I wasn't sure I fancied watching that!!  I definitely made the right choice what a film.  Very good and if you haven't seen it I reccommend it!!

I'm trying to avoid the subject of work but I suppose I have to mention it a bit.  K comes back to work (the lady who was on maternity leave) tomorrow and I'm nervous about it!!  I've told you all before as to why I'm nervous so I shan't moan on about it again!  I've been thinking about stuff this weekend and I really wanna job in the Devon Record Office, I reckon it would be really good and interesting and right up my street.  I've been wondering how I would go about getting a job there........Everyday when I walk into work there's pictures of all these people who different jobs on the walls and one of them is a woman called Eliza and she's an archivist.  I wanna do that!!  Instead I'm stuck sending out residential bills how crap is that!!  Don't go there jen...........I don't want my career there and if I don't do something soon I won't be able to move.  Problem is because of budget problems the council is not advertising for anyone, hence us having B do a part-time job share thingy within the office.  So I have to wait anyway but if I could see them advertising at least I know what I would need, qualifications and stuff!!  If I can't fulfill my dream, which I probably won't as I'm not sure I have the dedication, at least I wanna be working in something that I enjoy or is that asking too much??

Sorry I'm going on a bit aren't I??!!  Just I have these thoughts in my head and if I don't go on about it here, it shall probably fester all the time.  Anyway I shall have to go soon as Invasion will be on.........have you been watching that??  I swear that policeman blokie knows too much ;-) and how fit is Russell??  Sorry......................lol!!

Before I go though I thought I'd post these pics.  These are from the Return of the Champions DVD and you can see me!!

 That's me, Cat and Sarah!!

 You can just about make me out as it's fading into Brian :-)

 This one is the Hyde Park bonus thingy at the end and you can see me as there's an arrow above my head :-)  (Thanks to Sarah for the screencaps)!

Well I hope you have a good week.

Take care

Tuesday, 24 January 2006

Tuesday Drivel!!

hi everyone :-)  how are you all??  Cold enough for ya??  Nah I didn't think so LOL!!

So what to tell you about?  King Kong was good, as you know (well I mentioned it in the last entry if you got an alert for it LOL), I went to see it Saturday night.  This meant I had to miss Casualty - hope it wasn't a good one!!  Trina reckons I've got a heart of stone cos I didn't cry over the gorilla dying!!  I kinda knew it was coming though and didn't really feel like crying.  My bottom did go numb though for sitting there so long!!

Trina made me have a go at the M&P fitness DVD.  We managed to do the warm up, stretching and part of the routine before we had to give up for Trina to concentrate on tea, (jacket spuds with cheese and bacon bits mmmmmmm........) The next day my legs were killing me but it didn't stop me for going for a walk.  I finally went all the way up to the train station to see how long it would take me.  Considering I was walking my usual amble it took about an hour.  So I could save money when I go to see mum.  Instead of catching a bus to town and then down to the train station, I walk!!  It was nice on Sunday with the sun shining!!  I was kinda hoping I'd get some inspiration on this walk but to no avail!!  Didn't really do anything else on Sunday - well nothing worth mentioning!

Works been ok, Team Leader is back from sick leave and it would appear that P is now coming down with it.  I feel so left out!!  P reckons I'm super fit or something cos I've only had a few days off sick and that was last year.  I said to her that i don't often get ill but when I do I know it!!  Which I suppose is true for anybody.  I don't know why I've not come down with any colds, could be cos of the walking, exercise who knows??!!  More to the point who cares LOL ;-)

I'm in a very queen mood at the moment!!  I know what regular readers are thinking - what's new!!  It's strange cos I go through times when I listen to nothing but and then go through times when I listen to anything but LOL But whatever mood I'm in if I hear them on the radio I yell and turn it up :-)  and sometimes start dancing around lol..........probably shouldn't admit to that!!

I've finished my book, it was very good!!  Have started 'The book, the film, the t-shirt' by Matt Beaumont.  A comedy writer.  I read his other book simply entitled 'E' which was based on a marketing companies emails for a week, short but simple - my kind of book LOL ;-)  No seriously it was good fun!

Anyway..........don't know what else to drivel on about - I was thinking about bringing back the quiz but if your not getting the alerts there's probably no point!

Well until next time peeps.

Take care & Best wishes

Saturday, 21 January 2006

Arrrrrrrggggggghhhhhh two entries

Just wanted to leave the answers to Jeannettes quiz thingy :-) 

1.   If a film was being made of your life, what actor or actress would you like to see in the lead?

I don't know enough actresses so I picked Sandra Bullock - pretty and funny :-)

2.   If you could choose to live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

erm................I'm not sure but it would have to have a warmer climate than ours - but i would probably keep a house down here in Devon!

3.   If you could meet someone famous (alive or dead) who would you choose and why?

This is an obvious answer from me but it would have to be Freddie Mercury :-)  Just cos he was the greatest showman and I would've loved the chance just to spend a few minutes in his company.

4.   What is your all time favourite film or book?

All time film would have to be The Green Mile - Book would have to by Stephen King too either Rose Madder (first one I read) or Needful Things!  Fantastic author he is..........

5.  If you could change one thing about your appearance what would it be?

Just one thing...........I guess I would be slimmer!!  If I couldn't have that I would want to lose the scars on my body so I could walk around in those short tops that girls do :-)

6.   If you could appear on a T.V. programme, which one would you choose?

Mmmmmmm..........tough one............I think I would like to on Parkinson, being interviewed when I'm famous LOL ;-)

7.   If you were going out to dinner, what type of restaurant would you pick?

It would have to somewhere nice and classy that did roast lamb with loadsa roast spuds!!

8.   If you could invent a totally new gadget that would make your lifeeasier, what would you like it to be?

I think a robot that would go to work and do my job for me whilst i enjoy the feeling of being paid to do nothing LOL

9.   If you could own a racehorse, what would you call it?

Jmochampion - it's my sign in name for most internet sites.  Jmo for my name and champion for Queen :-)  Bound to win with that name ha ha ha ha.........

10. What is the most memorable event in your life so far?

Too many to choose from!!  Having my pic taken with Roger :-) ranks up there, as does the whole QPR tour last year, erm.......tons of stuff really.

11. If you could live your life over again is there anything that you would change?

I think I would try to be more outgoing in my 'real' life than just in my 'queen' life - if you know what I mean!  But otherwise it's been ok!

12.  What one thing annoys you the most?

I really can't stand backstabbing and bitchiness - even though I probably have done it myself!! 

13.  If you could change your first name, what would you like to be called?

Jenny's alright but Jennifer is a big no-no!!  So it would have to be either perhaps Chole or Louise, but to be honest I can't see myself as anything other than a Jen!

14.  If you were a keeper in a zoo, which animals would you most like to be in charge of?

The elephants or the penguins - they are both such lovely animals!!  The elephants are just gentle giants in my eyes!!

15.  Is there any actor/actress that you really dislike?

Probably!!  Went off Meg Ryan...........I don't really memorize actors/actresses that well LOL

Well there you go there's an insight to Jenny's world for you LOL ;-)

I bet your scared now!!

Best wishes to you all xx

A Relatively Good Day

Aaaaaaahhhhh second cup of tea for the day :-) So how are you all? Looks like my alerts are getting back to vaguely normal and my comments are sorted - thank you all for leaving them :-) *big huge sloppy kiss* to you all!! Since when did we have to sign up to receive alerts for comments - I always assumed that we just received them - obviously I was wrong LOL.............Shouldn’t really admit that here should I?

Thought I’d leave a quick entry (yeah right)!! as Trina’s coming round today and we’re going to see King Kong tonight so I won’t be home till quite late LOL..........and as I had a good day yesterday I thought I’d share it with ya!!

Went for the introduction to the ECDL course that I’m gonna be doing. (European Computer Driving Licence for those who don’t know what ECDL stands for ;-). I didn’t have to leave home till about 9ish, which meant I managed to listen to Paddy on the Chris Moyles breakfast show - YAY!! The sun was shining and I felt relatively ok with the world!!

I realised later it had taken me nearly an hour to get from one side of town to the other, how stupid is that? It didn’t help that every time I walked towards a bus stop, one bus went past grrrrrrrr.............Anyhoo I got to the destination on time and had a cup of tea in the temporary dining room. Don’t ask me why it was temporary!! Eventually we moved to a room for the trainer to tell us about what we were embarking on. I felt kind off left out coz everyone on the course seemed to have arrived with a mate. I stood there and smiled and nodded during the break even though I couldn’t hear a word the people were saying coz they spoke so quietly!! Anyway I was done there at 11.55am and I remember P telling me not to rush back to work, so I ambled to the bus stop. There was a bus already there but he had the engine off so I know I was gonna make it LOL...........Didn’t really want to but didn’t want to be stuck in an industrial estate for god knows how long. It was such a beautiful day I almost didn’t bother going back to work LOL ;-)

Got into work just after 12.30pm. Had my lunch before starting anything coz brain wasn’t switched on to do work. At some point during the afternoon E went and started whispering to P and of course my paranoia kicked in!! Especially when P mentioned she was gonna talk to team leader about it on Monday at lunchtime. I tried to pull myself together and not to worry and who cares what they think blah blah blah............but it turned out they were talking about R as she’s gonna do a job share on our department and assessments. Like that’s gonna work!! They don’t seem to realise that P and I are sat there stretching work out for a week or so coz there’s nothing that needs doing so why do we need another team member. K starts back, not this week but the week after and she’s only two days a week - it’s just not gonna work. Anyway relieve washed over me coz I realised they weren’t talking about me :-) so I went back to happy mode!

In the evening I visited the roger board - I wasn’t gonna but decided to do a quick visit to see what’s going on!! It turns out that it won’t just be the usual crowd going to see WWRY in October (rumoured to be the last date at the dominion!) and all my german friends are gonna be there :-) *does silly little dance* That means I’m gonna see them at least two times this year that is sooooooooooooooo cool!!

It was just a good ol’ day yesterday :-) Can’t say today will be just as good but who knows?? The fact that Trina wants me to do the Power of Two DVD doesn’t bode well LOL..............

Anyway hope you have a good weekend peeps.

Take care xx

Best wishes

Wednesday, 18 January 2006

Alerts and more!!

I'm shocked and a little surprised!!  I thought I only had like 2 comments and I was gonna write an entry to rant and moan about it even though I said in the last entry I'm not really writing this for the comments.  I log into my journal and I have 6 comments - the message board thing worked :-)  I didn't get the comment alerts for them though :-(

I haven't a clue what is up with these alerts - I've deleted all my alerts and re-entered them all to see if that makes a difference.  I don't think it has but never mind!!

So are you all having a good week??  Mine's not so bad - work has been slightly insane!!  So many people are off sick, one of them being our team leader - bless her!!  Of course everyone's been receiving their accounts and ringing up about them.  It's like just when you start one job another one comes in and you've gotta remember where you were LOL........It was James's last day today!!  Goodness knows what he is going to do next.........I don't think even he knows!!  Line manager was trying to sort out his life for him though LOL....... Talking about her, just before xmas she broke her foot or toe or something in that region, and was on crutches at the xmas meal.  Well she's not using her crutches anymore and has returned to work.  I can't believe she's walking on it, I mean it's not healed yet surely??  Seems a bit strange to me coz surely she'd be doing herself more damage!!

Anyway enough of work!!  I've received an email from the bloke about the MP3 player.  First he said that it should work unless I have Windows 98 (which I have coz I live in the dark ages LOL), this angered me coz I'd told him I had that system and the disc was clearly not working!! He's finally agreed to send me a new disc.   I actually have a back up plan anyway - I'm gonna sell it to Trina if it works on their computer :-)

I'm finally getting somewhere sorting out my photobucket accounts - Yay me!!  Just hope the computer doesn't suddenly go wrong with all these pics saved on it at the mo!

Logged into MSN tonight to see who of my buddies was online.  Got talking to a girl I know through a Most Haunted group.  I've kinda drifted away from that side of things and gone more into my Queen stuff so felt kinda - I don't know - awkward (can't spell) talking to her!!  But lo and behold she's drifted away from them as well due to some bitchiness that went on, so we had a nice chat and hopefully we'll stay in touch!!

Not a lot has been going on this week - oh that reminds me I wanted to ask if any of you have ever read any books by Alice Hoffman?  I'm currently reading one of hers called Blue Diary.  It started off all lovey dovey and has turned rather nasty, which is good and I must say I like her style of writing.  I looked at some of her other books in Waterstones on Saturday and they look quite intriguing!!

Well don't know what else to blabber on about, so before I go THANKS for the comments :-)

Best wishes to you all xx

Sunday, 15 January 2006

Grrrrrrrr..........MP3 Players!!

 how are you all?? I hope you manage to get this alert!!  It was a shame when I finally did a pretty big entry and you don't get an alert for it :-(  But I don't wanna think that I'm just writing this coz you'll read it!!  I'd like to think I'm writing this for me and me alone, if you know what I mean....................

Enough babbling!!  So have you had a good weekend?  Don't ask me about mine!!  I planned to have a good productive weekend, but guess what??  That didn't happen!!  The plan started well, when I got home from work on Friday I'd found out that the postman had tried to post my MP3 player package, so I was excited about that !!  I should've known something would go wrong though!!

Got woken up a few times Saturday morning the funniest was about 2.45am.  It was my neighbour (above), they were making a lot of noise on the stair railing and then they were there for about 10/15 mins trying to get their key in the door.  It was really amusing even though it was really early!!  Anyway got up earlyish, and made my way up town.  I'm really broke at the mo (aren't we all I hear you cry ;-) and had to extend my overdraft which is a flippin' good job I did!!  Anyway decided whilst I was up town to look in the pound shop for a non-stick pan, coz I could do with another!!  Anyway picked up my package first and opened it there and then, I'm so impatient!!  It worried me coz they'd sent a mini-disc to load in the driver etc.........I saw problems ahead!!  Then I went into a few shops for a browse and found myself walking out of them all with nothing, apart from Sainsbugs and some food LOL............Even had a look in the new Oxfam bookshop but didn't find anything.  (Really shouldn't buy any more books - must resist!!)

Finally get home, load up the computer and put the disc in!!  Amazed that it fits and there is a space for mini disc's but guess what??  My computer doesn't read it!!  I can load the utilities in manually but not the driver and so I've got a problem coz I don't know how to get the music from my computer to the player.  Grrrrrrrrrr..............  Eventually gave up but was so frustrated, cold, annoyed and wanted to punch someone.

I went for a walk with my normal (boo) walkman and was so angry, on the way back after calming down a little I rung Trina and asked her to cheer me up.  She spent the majority of the call trying to sort out the problem with Wayne and he only suggested everything I'd tried already grrrrrrrrrr...............We did have a good chat about other stuff though!!

Rest of the day was just spent doing stuff that's not worth writing about!!  I made Chilli Con Carne for tea and finished it off this evening....yum.......

I have not done much towards my project but one thing I will mention about that is, at work the other day P was reading out what the chinese year thingy's mean.  I'm a snake and apparently I'm a funny person, but stingy with money (so true!!) and my ideal job is exactly what I'm trying to work towards.  It's great I've got Trina doing research for me.  I think she wanted to be involved bless her............Hopefully she'll come up with some good stuff for me to work with :-)

Last night I did manage to cheer myself up a little by visiting Paddy's site :-)  He's finally got the online shop working and there's a pic of the calendar he's done.  One sides for the blokes and the other is for the girlies and I must say that is GORGEOUS!!  But I would say that LOL.............Also he's talking about doing an online chat arrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.........................I don't have anything to say but how cool is that :-)  must rack my brain to think of something LOL..........

Otherwise I've been cleaning, loading music onto the comp and trying to sort out my photobucket accounts.  I have 5 in total and trying to organise them so all sigs and stuff like that are in the one place and I don't have to search for them!!  So if your lookingat previous entries and the graphics are missing that's why ;-)  Also once it's done I can update the all about me bit.................

Well I reckon I've bored you enough..........Have a great week peeps!!

Take care xx

Thursday, 12 January 2006


Hello friends

Just out of curiosity can you email me and let me know if you get an alert for this message?


Thank you xx

Tuesday, 10 January 2006


Hey everyone  how are you all?

I've had a busy weekend and appear to be suffering for it so far this week LOL............

It was Trina's birthday last thursday so she decided (and this was organised ages ago!), to have a little party on the 7th.  So I went down there on Friday and came home yesterday!  It was a good laugh!!  Out of all the Queen mates invited Sarah and Cat turned up along with Dan (sarah's other half.............oh hang on..................fave bit.............QUEEN WILL ROCK YOU!!   Sorry about that I like that bit!!) and Rich, who we met at Cat's birthday in October/November!!  She had invited work mates but they didn't even know her address but said they'd pop along.  How stupid did they think she is??!!

Anyway the drama started Friday night when Wayne came to pick me up.  He had, had a bad day, although he hadn't been working, he stayed home to help Trina get ready.  He had to meet her in town but didn't have the house keys, had to take the tree to be recycled but it ended up in their back garden coz he couldn't go anywhere with no house keys etc...........you get the point!!  Just after he's picked me up and we've managed to push our way through all the traffic Trina rings up and asks to borrow my hoover as her's had just broken and there were tree bits EVERYWHERE!!  At least I now know why I never have a real tree LOL.............We went back to get my hoover and tried again!!

It was a good night Friday we sat and watched DVD's.  Trina had been given a Bad Company gig and Max & Paddy's Power of Two fitness DVD for her birthday.  How we laughed at Max and Paddy!!  It's actually a pretty good workout, although we weren't brave enough to join in.  I think our laughing muscles had a good workout though ;-) Cat turned up sometime during that and we watched the Bad Company DVD.  Very good, not as good musically without Brian and Roger, but we still wanna go and see Paul if he ever does a solo tour!!  Eventually went to bed...................

Saturday - got up about 11ish.  Don't really remember what we did during the day, oh I think we played the Now music quiz I told you about before!  I think Trina won, she amazes me sometimes she does know more than I think she does LOL............About 6ish Sarah, Dan and Rich turned up.  Trina had done a huge amount of food, so we all tucked in :-)  Booze started flowing and we played a game of the music quiz.  They were in teams and I was on my own coz I know too much *big head* and I think I won  They played Cranium which was quite amusing but I don't think I understood it half the time.  One of Trina's workmates turned up, who did know where she lived, which was nice of him!  Later they played consequences, but a different way to what we do.  First you write down a sentance, the next person reads the sentance and draws a pic of it.  The next person looks at the pic and has to decide what the sentance said.  The next person sees what the last person had written and draws a pic of it, and so on and so on................It's interesting that some stay the same and others just went on a complete tangent!!  Eventually we went to bed at about 4.30am LOL..............This was of course after we set the world to rights, trying to convince Trina what a bad idea it is that she still uses cash instead of cards, and how safe everyone's house/flats were!!  It's amazing what you discuss after amounts of alcohol and stuff.

Sunday - Didn't raise too early, Sarah, Dan, Rich and Cat left around 3ish.  I helped Trina to tidy up, it looked a right mess and ended up doing the washing up.  My poor hands had never been so shrivelled as they were after that!!  We received a text to say there was a problem with the car and Sarah and Cat were on their way back.  Dan and Rich joined them not long after and we all watched a bit of Bill Bailey's DVD (very amusing especially the BBC news theme :-)  Their car started going again about 4/5ish and so they left again!!  This time for good LOL.............that sounds bad doesn't it??!!  Trina and I played the music quiz with Wayne and I won again LOL..........  Wayne went onto his computer and I think we kept playing.  We watched some more Bill Bailey and then settled in to watch TV for the evening.  Celeb BB (which is rubbish but I am still watching!!)   and that new programme Invasion (how good is that?  Did you see it?)

Monday - Wayne was supposed to give me a lift to work, but he didn't sleep well the night before so I was stuck in Torquay.  The next train was at 8.24am and didn't get to Exeter till 9.14 and then I'd have to catch a bus.  Or there was one at 7.54am but as it was 7.45am and I was no where near the station couldn't see that as a possibility!!  The next bus wasn't until 9ish.  So Trina rung K whose Waynes car share blokie and luckily he hadn't left for work and kindly agreed to give me a lift *phew*  He didn't turn up till about 8.30am so I didn't get to work till 9.30am which is the cut off for flex in our office.  When P asked if I was ok, I was like 'yeah suppose so' I'd done so much panicking that I just wasn't in the mood to concentrate on the accounts, but I did and managed to stay till 5.15pm to make up some time for arriving late LOL............Glutton for punishment me thinks!!

Today I've been a little bit tired and missed things that are pretty obvious but at least I'm being kept busy...........I'm not sticking too religiously to my resolutions at the mo, hopefully at the weekend when I get some time to myself I'll be able to think about it :-) 

Best thing to happen today a picture has turned up on the internet of Roger Taylor *yum* in a dressing gown and his underwear!!  *big happy grin* *big happy sigh*  it's now my wallpaper on my comp, but that's probably a bad idea coz I shan't get much achieved if I'm staring at it all the time :-)

Well I'm gonna leave you here and drink my hot chocolate...........

Lookin' forward this week to the arrival of my MP3 player :-)

Have a good week peeps

Best wishes

Wednesday, 4 January 2006

Don't Faint tis only me!!

 how are you all?

I've been thinking about this entry whilst at work, and to be honest I have no idea where to start.  I haven't done a proper entry since the beginning of December and there's so much to update you on that I'll be here forever!!

Instead lets just talk about xmas and new year for now and I'll update you on the rest some other time.  (The Queenonline meet up for a start and seeing WWRY!!  I have written out the details for that just need to copy and paste them in ;-)

So how was your xmas?  I turned my alerts off but have been doing some power reading over most of the journals to find out if you had a good time :-)  I finished work on the 23rd at 12 noon.  What a waste of a morning that was LOL...........We had no work to do, was eating mince pies, listening to xmas music on P's cd player and trying to do a quiz I was sent by email - which I surprised myself over LOL..............Went home, packed and made my way to mums.  Meggy opened her birthday pressie straight away (well it was on the 2nd December!!) Not sure if she liked it or not, it can be hard to tell sometimes but I suppose that's children for you...........

We went for a browse around the shops and to get some last minute groceries on xmas eve, and went for a meal at the pub.  It was really busy and noisy - there were kids everywhere.  At one point Santa made an appearance and the kids went noisier LOL.............One of Megs best mates was there and she moaned that it wasn't the real santa coz he got into a car LOL............. bless 'em!!  Next thing she's telling Megs that one little girl had said that Santa was gay!!  The youth of today I don't know...............*rolls eyes*

Xmas day was alright!!  My bro turned up, along with mum's partner's family and it was pretty quiet.  Meggy got excited with all her pressies, it was amazing to see how much she actually got!!  In the evening after a game of the Simpsons thingy that she got, Bro and myself started teasing her.  It was a good moment to remember, I know that sounds stupid but it was a moment of family and I just wanted to remember it!!  Don't worry it wasn't horrible teasing or anything like that ;-)  We wouldn't be that mean!!  In the evening Bro drove me home, along with my new Hi-Fi.  I didn't get it for xmas, mum just doesn't use it and said I could have it :-)  I curled up under my duvet and watched some rubbish on TV.

Wednesday - I went to Trina's to swap pressies.  You may remember that I had been working on Trina's which is why I couldn't post an entry!!  Well I had ordered all our photos from the past year of all the events we'd been to and done.  Our trip to Living Coasts, the gigs, meet-ups, the hen night, convention weekend, etc etc...........and what I did was to print out my journal entries of the memories I had written for those specific events and stuck them into a book with selections of photos from those events.  Trust me it sounds rubbish being described like that but it's not honest!!  It took me nearly the whole of December to get it done and by then I was up till midnight trying to get it finished and wrapped.  The rest of the photos went into a photo album.

We exchanged gifts and had a lovely roast meal :-)  We then went bowling which was fun, up to a certain point.  (I shan't go into it coz it's just not worth it - but let's just say some kids need to grow up!!)  In the evening we watched TV and it got too late for them to take me home and be back in time for Wayne to watch the footie so I stayed over :-) Even though I was not prepared!!

The next day they went shopping for a DVD recorder in the sales.  Trust me if you ever get invited with a married couple to do something like that - decline gracefully!!  It's THE most stressful time I've EVER witnessed!!  Then I got dragged into it (only joking Trine), but I did manage to get a bagless hoover in the bargin!!  (Damn I'm so broke LOL, but the hoover is sooooooooooooooo worth it ;-)

New Years Eve I went back to Trina's.  Met them at the train station with Cat.  We spent the afternoon eating, drinking and playing either 'Now that's what I call music' quiz or 'Bullseye'.  I love the music quiz coz I can win on that ;-)  LOL............At midnight we went outside and watched the fireworks and general silliness ensued!!  I'll upload the photos at some point.

New Years Day - I was irritated coz I was tired (didn't go to bed till about 3.30am coz I was watching a programme about Live8!)  and I was feeling depressed.  Anyway it was a lovely time spent with my mates :-)

New Years Resolutions (and you can hold me to them ;-)

- Be more creative - look what I managed to achieve for Trina with some hard work and dedication, imagine what I could do for myself!

- Get a passport - if I wanna go to eurodisney I have to seriously get one this year and who knows perhaps I could go to germany and meet my internet mates :-)

- Get fit and lose weight - who doesn't put that down??  I've really gotta try my best though - well not until the xmas food has gone ;-)

- Try to find a new job - where I am now is ok but it's no career!!  I just wanna find a more administrative post rather than finance related.

Well I hope you all had a good time and I'm sorry this is such a long entry!

That's pretty much brought you up to date - I shall post the photos another day.

Take care & best wishes


Sunday, 1 January 2006

Happy New Year

Hi Everyone!!

Just a quick message to wish you all a


Hope you all had a good xmas and I promise normal service will be resumed shortly :-)

Best wishes to you all...............


Jen xx