Tuesday, 10 January 2006


Hey everyone  how are you all?

I've had a busy weekend and appear to be suffering for it so far this week LOL............

It was Trina's birthday last thursday so she decided (and this was organised ages ago!), to have a little party on the 7th.  So I went down there on Friday and came home yesterday!  It was a good laugh!!  Out of all the Queen mates invited Sarah and Cat turned up along with Dan (sarah's other half.............oh hang on..................fave bit.............QUEEN WILL ROCK YOU!!   Sorry about that I like that bit!!) and Rich, who we met at Cat's birthday in October/November!!  She had invited work mates but they didn't even know her address but said they'd pop along.  How stupid did they think she is??!!

Anyway the drama started Friday night when Wayne came to pick me up.  He had, had a bad day, although he hadn't been working, he stayed home to help Trina get ready.  He had to meet her in town but didn't have the house keys, had to take the tree to be recycled but it ended up in their back garden coz he couldn't go anywhere with no house keys etc...........you get the point!!  Just after he's picked me up and we've managed to push our way through all the traffic Trina rings up and asks to borrow my hoover as her's had just broken and there were tree bits EVERYWHERE!!  At least I now know why I never have a real tree LOL.............We went back to get my hoover and tried again!!

It was a good night Friday we sat and watched DVD's.  Trina had been given a Bad Company gig and Max & Paddy's Power of Two fitness DVD for her birthday.  How we laughed at Max and Paddy!!  It's actually a pretty good workout, although we weren't brave enough to join in.  I think our laughing muscles had a good workout though ;-) Cat turned up sometime during that and we watched the Bad Company DVD.  Very good, not as good musically without Brian and Roger, but we still wanna go and see Paul if he ever does a solo tour!!  Eventually went to bed...................

Saturday - got up about 11ish.  Don't really remember what we did during the day, oh I think we played the Now music quiz I told you about before!  I think Trina won, she amazes me sometimes she does know more than I think she does LOL............About 6ish Sarah, Dan and Rich turned up.  Trina had done a huge amount of food, so we all tucked in :-)  Booze started flowing and we played a game of the music quiz.  They were in teams and I was on my own coz I know too much *big head* and I think I won  They played Cranium which was quite amusing but I don't think I understood it half the time.  One of Trina's workmates turned up, who did know where she lived, which was nice of him!  Later they played consequences, but a different way to what we do.  First you write down a sentance, the next person reads the sentance and draws a pic of it.  The next person looks at the pic and has to decide what the sentance said.  The next person sees what the last person had written and draws a pic of it, and so on and so on................It's interesting that some stay the same and others just went on a complete tangent!!  Eventually we went to bed at about 4.30am LOL..............This was of course after we set the world to rights, trying to convince Trina what a bad idea it is that she still uses cash instead of cards, and how safe everyone's house/flats were!!  It's amazing what you discuss after amounts of alcohol and stuff.

Sunday - Didn't raise too early, Sarah, Dan, Rich and Cat left around 3ish.  I helped Trina to tidy up, it looked a right mess and ended up doing the washing up.  My poor hands had never been so shrivelled as they were after that!!  We received a text to say there was a problem with the car and Sarah and Cat were on their way back.  Dan and Rich joined them not long after and we all watched a bit of Bill Bailey's DVD (very amusing especially the BBC news theme :-)  Their car started going again about 4/5ish and so they left again!!  This time for good LOL.............that sounds bad doesn't it??!!  Trina and I played the music quiz with Wayne and I won again LOL..........  Wayne went onto his computer and I think we kept playing.  We watched some more Bill Bailey and then settled in to watch TV for the evening.  Celeb BB (which is rubbish but I am still watching!!)   and that new programme Invasion (how good is that?  Did you see it?)

Monday - Wayne was supposed to give me a lift to work, but he didn't sleep well the night before so I was stuck in Torquay.  The next train was at 8.24am and didn't get to Exeter till 9.14 and then I'd have to catch a bus.  Or there was one at 7.54am but as it was 7.45am and I was no where near the station couldn't see that as a possibility!!  The next bus wasn't until 9ish.  So Trina rung K whose Waynes car share blokie and luckily he hadn't left for work and kindly agreed to give me a lift *phew*  He didn't turn up till about 8.30am so I didn't get to work till 9.30am which is the cut off for flex in our office.  When P asked if I was ok, I was like 'yeah suppose so' I'd done so much panicking that I just wasn't in the mood to concentrate on the accounts, but I did and managed to stay till 5.15pm to make up some time for arriving late LOL............Glutton for punishment me thinks!!

Today I've been a little bit tired and missed things that are pretty obvious but at least I'm being kept busy...........I'm not sticking too religiously to my resolutions at the mo, hopefully at the weekend when I get some time to myself I'll be able to think about it :-) 

Best thing to happen today a picture has turned up on the internet of Roger Taylor *yum* in a dressing gown and his underwear!!  *big happy grin* *big happy sigh*  it's now my wallpaper on my comp, but that's probably a bad idea coz I shan't get much achieved if I'm staring at it all the time :-)

Well I'm gonna leave you here and drink my hot chocolate...........

Lookin' forward this week to the arrival of my MP3 player :-)

Have a good week peeps

Best wishes


jlocorriere05 said...

I hope Trina enjoyed her birthday, sounds like you did!! I know the panic sets in when you have to get to work with no visible means of transport!! Glad you got ther. Jeannette. http://journals.aol.co.uk/jlocorriere05/Welcometomytravels

ghwt9996 said...

Hi Jen

Well, certainly sounds like you've been busy and damn Aol for not letting me be aware of your entries!  Good luck with all the resolutions and let's hope that this year some old classic Queen material that had long been lost miraculously turns up...oh well, here's hoping :)

PS Got that Queen + Paul Rodgers for a xmas present and he aint done too bad, he'll never beat the Mercurial one but I doff my hat (if I had one) towards him!


icklemisssexpot said...

Sounds like you had a brill time :o)  Hmmm dressing gown and no undies might have been better <gggg>   Caff xxx

elainey2465 said...

Wow you have been busy.  Yeah! i watched Invasion - really good wasnt it - going to remember to watch that on Sunday - We have been really into Lost - Thats finished now - Im in to that soapstar superstar thing too - oh and BB celeb but your right its a bit tedious until they all start arguing. Cranium game sounds good - we had a good game at Christmas the Cluedo DVD one - really enjoyed that - much more fun than the old version - expensive though at £40!!!
love Lainex