Saturday, 21 January 2006

A Relatively Good Day

Aaaaaaahhhhh second cup of tea for the day :-) So how are you all? Looks like my alerts are getting back to vaguely normal and my comments are sorted - thank you all for leaving them :-) *big huge sloppy kiss* to you all!! Since when did we have to sign up to receive alerts for comments - I always assumed that we just received them - obviously I was wrong LOL.............Shouldn’t really admit that here should I?

Thought I’d leave a quick entry (yeah right)!! as Trina’s coming round today and we’re going to see King Kong tonight so I won’t be home till quite late LOL..........and as I had a good day yesterday I thought I’d share it with ya!!

Went for the introduction to the ECDL course that I’m gonna be doing. (European Computer Driving Licence for those who don’t know what ECDL stands for ;-). I didn’t have to leave home till about 9ish, which meant I managed to listen to Paddy on the Chris Moyles breakfast show - YAY!! The sun was shining and I felt relatively ok with the world!!

I realised later it had taken me nearly an hour to get from one side of town to the other, how stupid is that? It didn’t help that every time I walked towards a bus stop, one bus went past grrrrrrrr.............Anyhoo I got to the destination on time and had a cup of tea in the temporary dining room. Don’t ask me why it was temporary!! Eventually we moved to a room for the trainer to tell us about what we were embarking on. I felt kind off left out coz everyone on the course seemed to have arrived with a mate. I stood there and smiled and nodded during the break even though I couldn’t hear a word the people were saying coz they spoke so quietly!! Anyway I was done there at 11.55am and I remember P telling me not to rush back to work, so I ambled to the bus stop. There was a bus already there but he had the engine off so I know I was gonna make it LOL...........Didn’t really want to but didn’t want to be stuck in an industrial estate for god knows how long. It was such a beautiful day I almost didn’t bother going back to work LOL ;-)

Got into work just after 12.30pm. Had my lunch before starting anything coz brain wasn’t switched on to do work. At some point during the afternoon E went and started whispering to P and of course my paranoia kicked in!! Especially when P mentioned she was gonna talk to team leader about it on Monday at lunchtime. I tried to pull myself together and not to worry and who cares what they think blah blah blah............but it turned out they were talking about R as she’s gonna do a job share on our department and assessments. Like that’s gonna work!! They don’t seem to realise that P and I are sat there stretching work out for a week or so coz there’s nothing that needs doing so why do we need another team member. K starts back, not this week but the week after and she’s only two days a week - it’s just not gonna work. Anyway relieve washed over me coz I realised they weren’t talking about me :-) so I went back to happy mode!

In the evening I visited the roger board - I wasn’t gonna but decided to do a quick visit to see what’s going on!! It turns out that it won’t just be the usual crowd going to see WWRY in October (rumoured to be the last date at the dominion!) and all my german friends are gonna be there :-) *does silly little dance* That means I’m gonna see them at least two times this year that is sooooooooooooooo cool!!

It was just a good ol’ day yesterday :-) Can’t say today will be just as good but who knows?? The fact that Trina wants me to do the Power of Two DVD doesn’t bode well LOL..............

Anyway hope you have a good weekend peeps.

Take care xx

Best wishes


icklemisssexpot said...

good luck getting your ECDL :o) Didn't get an alert for this hmmm   Caff xxx

jlocorriere05 said...

Didn't get an alert for this one. Good luck on the course you'll be doing. It'll be nice to see your German friends again. Jeannette.  

scribbler1959 said...

Hi Jen

I didn't get an alert either.  Good luck with ECDL.  I did it at work last year and have the ECDL Log Book to prove it... look - (I'm waving it at the screen)  Impresive isn't it?! ;-)
Happy commuting!