Saturday, 30 April 2005

TWO WEEKS OFF and T-shirt Debate Strikes Again!!

We're all going on a summer holiday, no more working for a week or twooooooooooooo.............(did you join in??) Oops sorry for the bad singing peeps -  Hello by the way - it's late in the evening for this entry but I figured I may as well write it now :-)  well let's start as I mean to go on...........WOOHOO TWO WEEKS OFF!! slightly crazed happiness ensues :-)  see how happy I am lol........I can't believe I've got two weeks off!!  When I go back we'll be waiting for the accounts again and there'll be no more Richard.  It was well weird yesterday, Pauline was off on leave and team leader rang in sick so technically I was the most authorised one there.  Freaky!!  I think I coped quite well though especially as every phone call was a flippin' problem!!  Still wouldn't tell Dave where I was going.  Lied to Frances - don't ask me why!!  Told her I was staying at home for two weeks.  She's bound to find out I lied coz Sandra, team leader and pauline know where I'm going!!  Silly girl I am!!

Anyway the pics :-)  Decided to have a test run with the camera today.  Sun wasn't shining but it was quite warm so pics 1 - 16 is around my area :-)  Thought you might like to see it!!

As the gigs are drawing ever closer the great t-shirt debate has started.  I'm definitely taking the tour one but I need at least another.  Last time I mentioned this one of you said put up some pics so 17 - 30 is pics of all possible t-shirts :-)  If you can help I'd be really grateful!!

I know I've told you before about how happy I am about living here, well I slightly changed my mind the other day.  I turned off the tv, checked I'd turned everything off in the kitchen and came back into the living room and there was tons of ants crawling around.  I couldn't believe it!!  What else is going to happen??  Nope don't answer that *touches wood*  I've brought some powder today that they will apparently carry home with them and it is rather nasty for them.  I know they are harmless but it feels grim that they are crawling in my flat :-(  Why don't they tell you these things when you move in........grrrrrrrr.........

Well I've managed to find directions from hotels to venues - all I have to do now is pack.  Not all that excited yet, but there's still time lol.........

Just warn you all that I'm turning my alerts off as I'm not gonna be home much!!  Hopefully, not next friday but the friday after that I shall be able to catch up!!

Take care everyone and have a really good time :-)

Love ya loads


Just in case you ever wonder where I am here's a list for you ;-)




  Is this an overuse of smilies do you think?  lol.......

Funny stuff

Hi Everyone!!  There will be a proper update when i'm not feeling so lazy!!  For now here's a joke :-)

I hate my job!

When you have an "I Hate My Job" day, try this. On your way home from work, stop at your pharmacy and go to the thermometer section and Purchase a rectal thermometer made by Johnson and Johnson. Be very sure you get this brand.

When you get home, lock your doors, draw the curtains and disconnect the phone so you will not be disturbed.  Change into very comfortable Clothing and sit in your favorite chair, open the package and remove the thermometer.

Now, carefully place it on a table or a surface so that it will not become chipped or broken. Now the fun part begins - Take out The literature and read it carefully.

You will notice that in small print there is a statement,

"Every rectal thermometer made by Johnson & Johnson is personally tested".

Now, close your eyes and repeat out loud five times, "I am so glad I do not work for quality control at Johnson and Johnson.


Tuesday, 26 April 2005

Less than a week

Hi peeps - I thought I'd treat you to another entry :-)  Mainly because so many things seem to have gone wrong and it's only Tuesday LOL...........Still I'm smiling so that's gotta be a good sign!! 

Firstly lets start with yesterday.  Wasn't a bad day work wise, went to the gym afterwards.  Managed 1/2 an hour on the bike again decided to listen to my walkman whilst I was in there coz the local radio station gets on my wick with all the adverts!!!  Anyway finished there, walked home, got the bike out and cycled round to Sainsbury's to get something for me to be able to complete Trina's surprise.  Spent 8 quid I really could've done without spending and decided to cycle home a different way coz the first way was really muddy and as my bike lives indoors didn't wanna get the tyres dirty again.  So I cycle up one of these kind of back lanes.  Buses and emergency vehicles go through it but cars aren't supposed to!!  Anyway so I'm cycling along the pavement which has a barrier on the side of it and I'm coming up to an obstruction.  A piece of metal on one side sticking out and the barrier on my other side.  I've gone through it before on the bike so knew it would fit through.  Misjudged the distance though didn't I??!!  Handlebar hit the jutting out bit, bike stops moving, I'm flung forward and hit myself on the middle part of the handlebars.   All I can say is now I know what a bloke feels like when he gets hit in the privates.  Ooo the obscenities that where coming out of my mouth lol.......Glad I had my helmet on I could've done further damage if I hadn't stopped myself!!  Luckily no-one was around!!  You should see the bruise - it's nasty!!

So I get home and try and do Trina's surprise.  Guess what?? Didn't work did it!!  So I ring her and tell her what it is coz frustration has got the better of me!!  I downloaded the gig we went too and I was gonna copy it of and give it to her to listen to next week!  Well the thought was there.  I haven't given up though I'm still trying to work out what's gone wrong!!  I would love to get it off the computer.  Talking of my computer - I was reading the journals last night and aol breaks down and wouldn't let me log back on.  That freaked me out coz I love the internet and without it I would be lost!!

Today work wise has been ok!!  For me anyway - some of my colleagues couldn't log into the system and it's been a bit of a pain for them.  Keep mentioning the fact I'm on hols for two weeks from Monday :-)  Team Leader asked where the gigs were so I told her, and Pauline said 'is it the same gig every time' and I was like 'yeah pretty much.' She said that if any of them feel ill I could stand in for funny as this was I like her thinking - get me backstage wouldn't it ;-)  lol..................

So I get home, check aol - everythings fine *phew* Decided to copy of some other tracks for myself and it's done exactly the same to them which is really weird.  Mind baffling I tell ya!!

I go to sit down and eat my tea and turn the lights on for the frontroom and the fuse goes.  I couldn't believe it - with the luck I've been having the past day I broke down and cried - I'm not ashamed to admit it because I pulled myself back together and went and fixed that damn fuse.  :-)

Just makes you wonder what's gonna happen tomorrow!!  Or maybe I shouldn't say that *touches wood*

Just think though this time next week I would either be leaving the newcastle arena place or still be inside listening to that glorious sound :-)  Cannot wait!!

Hope your all having a better week than me!

Take care

Jen xx

Sunday, 24 April 2005

Loadsa news


So how are you all?  I'm good quite a bit to update you on so here goes!!

Friday - Oh my gosh!!  Richard had a meeting with a high up kinda person and it turns out he's being moved to another department!  I actually think that was quite nice of them coz I was so sure he was gonna be sacked or something!  Of course this does mean that on the 3rd May there will only be 3 of us in the team and there will be a lot more pressure on me!  Up until now I've felt kinda relaxed coz I'm not the permanent member of the team so most of the phone calls were put through to Rich or Pauline, but without him, (and especially now the accounts have arrived), it's technically just me and Pauline working through them and phone calls.  Team Leader is still there but she has more complicated stuff to do!!  I've not been told whether they are gonna find someone else or what - the thought has crossed my mind whether they would offer it to me but so far they haven't!  If they are advertising I don't think I'll go for it - Yes the money is good but I can't stand the job not really!!

The thing I'm most shocked at during this whole escapade though is how much Pauline has changed.  Her and team leader were acting like they had taken something on Friday.  It was quite nice and very relaxed.  Pauline has never liked Rich and it's certainly showing!!  They haven't planned any of this very well though coz I'm off for two weeks a week tomorrow - woohoo

It was raining pretty much all day Friday so I took the bus home.  Stopped off in Sainsbugs to get some shopping and then went into Woolworths to get some chocolate.  As I was standing there choosing what I wanted this bloke started banging things around.  It made me nervous standing next to him so I wandered off.  When he moved I went back, I was just choosing something when he came back.  He slammed something else down so I sneaked a look at him.  Just as I did I saw him stick 3 bars of kitkats into his carrier bag.    I couldn't believe it!!  I felt guilty justfor witnessing it - it's the first time I've ever witnessed someone stealing!!  I didn't tell anyone - do you think I should've?  I figured there was no point coz he looked like a homeless person or something like that and by the time I had he would've been long gone anyway!!

Saturday - Got my haircut, some shopping, cleaned the flat.  Trina and Wayne came round and we went up to mum's to get my table - finally!!  It was a good laugh at mum's - megan throw a wobbly not speaking to anyone and guess what?  she's only gone and disowned me!!  I have a feeling it's greg's fault.  Apparently when he went up to see them he took some Simpsons dvds, (megs likes the simpsons), when she wouldn't say goodbye to him, he took them home with him.  She was not amused!!  She's also got a t-shirt that says sister for sale on it lol................such a shame they couldn't get one in a larger size ;-)

Table managed to fit in their car, so we came back to mine.  Wayne played on the ps2 whilst I showed Trina all the stuff I've downloaded.  Then we watched my DVD of Monty Python and the holy grail.  I've had it for yonks - I remember buying it from this cash shop kinda place and it wasn't that expensive.  Well I knew that it had all these extras on it so we watched that and laughed so much it hurt to breathe!!  Seriously if you have it or know someone that does watch the lego bit.  They have recreated the knights at the round table song in lego - it is flippin' hysterical!!  Rest of the evening I spent downloading!!  When I went to bed though I heard some really weird noises and I got really scared and froze in bed and couldn't move.  Sounded like someone ran down underneath the archway next to my bedroom.  Then I heard lots of strange banging noises and it really did sound like they were coming from my flat!!  I think my neighbour is away and I don't like it when she's away - I mean yeah, I can play my music a bit louder but it's the comfort thing you know...........

Today - I've done nothing today.  Well I've downloaded some more - can't tell you what coz it's a surprise for Trina if I can make it work grrr.......and she often reads my journal!!  I've also written a letter, not typed, written!!  Can you believe it!!  I can't lol!!  I love my table, it's next to the computer desk for something extra to lean on and put things :-)  I remembered earlier that on Friday at work I said something about getting in earlier this week coming lol......why did I do that?  To show willing I guess!!  Don't think I can start it on a Monday - certainly not on gym day!!  Bad enough I have to stay till 5 anyway, but at least we'll be busy with the accounts :-)  Only a week to go YAY!!

Well I hope you all have a good week!!  Oh, I've just remembered two more things I was gonna say.  1) One swan couple have laid six eggs.  I sure hope they live.  Last year I remember reading about all the atrocities that happened to the swans not long after they gave birth.  Apparently there is some group looking out for them - I hope it works.  I kinda do that when I walk past in the day.  They are lovely creatures.  2)  I've noticed there is a ghostie theme running through some journals.  I remembered that I have a Ghastly and ghostly tales from Devon so if any of you are interested in reading some of that I shall put some of it on here!! Make a change wouldn't it :-)

Well take care peeps

Jen xx 

P.s if anyone knows if that wamyward (i think that's their name) has a journal can someone give me a link?  They left a really strange comment to my last entry!!  Thanks xx

Wednesday, 20 April 2005

Wednesday - I thought it was Thursday!!

Hi everyone - yep it's me again :-)

So halfway through the week and I'm still here to be able to tell the tale.  In other words I haven't died of boredom - at least not yet lol....... ;-)

Monday and Tuesday till about 3pm was sooooooooo boring spent chasing things that had already been chased and all the while Pauline was getting huffy coz she's bored.  I'm so glad I'm more chilled than that or I'd send myself round the bend!!  After 3 on Tuesday my team leader gave me something to do - something I could get my teeth into and really taxed my brain.  Good thing was I left some of it to do on my desk for this morning, but by 9.18am (hows that for precision?) it was done and I was struggling to think of what to do next.  Eventually I asked team leader and she gave us something to do that we've been doing all day and will certainly last for tomorrow :-)  In the meantime the post tray is getting full which should keep us a little bit busier!!  Guess what though??  There's been a problem with the accounts.  *rolls eyes* Apparently this woman ran the report and has somehow missed 6 of the direct debit accounts off which means we'll have to type up manual ones!!  Why 6 is beyond me!!  And because of her cock-ups we probably won't receive the darn things till Monday *big sigh*

So that's life at work!!  Apart from that not a lot of other stuff is going on.  I went to the gym Monday and tonight.  This evening when I went the lady gave me a type of watch thing which has a panic button on it.  If I get in trouble to press the button, the alarm is sounded downstairs and someone should come to my rescue.  I was so panicky about pressing it accidentally the end I was curious and wanted to press it anyway just to see if it's true ;-)  lol.........Chuffed with myself though, managed to 1/2 an hour on the bike both days :-)  Gotta build up my strength for the tour.

Can't wait for the weekend!!  Trina and her fella are taking me up mum's so I can finally bring my table home :-)  Not long after I moved in mum's fella said he had a table that I could have if I wanted it, so of course I said yes!!  Why he couldn't drop it round is beyond me, but that's not really a topic I wanna discuss with you guys!!  I kinda hoped at xmas, greg, my brother, would offer me a lift home and I could've brought it home then.  But greg, being greg, did no such thing of course LOL..........So nice Trina and Wayne are gonna drive me :-)

Recently I've been typing up all my writing, just so that it will look a lot neater I guess, I don't know why really!  It's great and really getting me thinking about it all again.  It's amazed me really coz one story I've taken quite a way with working out the characters and different sorts of beginnings and yet I stopped working on it.  Why??  I think I truely am a muppet!!

Only a couple more chapters to read in my book!!  The one I'm reading i borrowed off mum and she said she gave up halfway through coz it's crap lol.......I must admit I think I probably would've done in other circumstances but as I'd read Stephen King before hand something light hearted is just the ticket :-)

Seriously considering selling my Sims games.  Sara's been getting me interested in Sims 2.  It's alright peeps I don't wanna green baby lol......I just wanna be able to play Sims again........I'm not sure my computer would agree with me though!!  As I don't play the first series very much and I could do with the money - actually I might sell some of my PS2 games's not like I play them!!

Anyway I think I shall go now!!  More noticeboards to go and update myself with - the board is really busy at the mo and is taking up nearly all my evenings........I enjoy it though and that's the main thing :-)

Well take care peeps

Jen xx 

Sunday, 17 April 2005

Work is coming.....argh!!

An update is well overdue me thinks, I was gonna do one yesterday but in the end couldn't be bothered ha ha.....there's honesty for you ;-)

How's your weekend going?  Mine hasn't been too bad.  The mission for the weekend was to buy some bags for my vaccum cleaner.  So off I trundled up town in the lovely sunshine yesterday.  Visited adams housewares shop (or at least I think it's called that lol) found the bags and started sifting through them, only to be interupted by this member of staff.  To cut a long story short she asked if I wanted help, I said I was looking for new bags for make AFK and she'd never heard of it, and that was that.  I came out of the shop thinking how unhelpful, she didn't even offer an alternative.  I mean I could remember vaugely the type of bag I was looking for but oh no she didn't wanna know.

I brought some new boots for work as last week I found out my old ones were broken grrr....more expense!  Found a market stall that sells vaccum bags, no luck there either!!  I was about to ring Trina in frustrated tears moaning about how I'd spent my money on a crappy hoover that nobody does the bags for and I'd have to borrow hers every two weeks.  I didn't though and decided to wait until I got home when I would look for the instructions.  So I went to Iceland and then home!

Decided to unload the 'cupboard that people should just not look in' and get to the hoover box.  Guess what............2 not 1!!  but 2!!  spare bags and the instructions.  Relief doesn't even come close to what I was thinking and feeling I've got a spare one now to venture back to those unhelpful people and see if they've got some like it :-)  see I'm not just a pretty face (yeah as if!!)

Today the weathers been awful here, so I hoovered (yay) and watched TV, read and spent some time on the computer.  I've also been watching some of the films I've borrowed from mum.  Wimbledon - pretty crap actually, there wasn't really a story and Kirsten Dunst should just give up!!  Garfield - really enjoyed this much to my surprise.  Loved Garfield when I was growing up and Bill Murray's voice suits him!!  Definitely reccommend!!  Lazy day :-)  The best around!!  Although I did do some tidying up.  Always looks better when I get round to it!!

I'm not looking forward to this coming week at work, it's at least another 4 days before we get the next bunch of accounts and we've chased everything at least twice already and we're not getting much post - so I can just see us sitting there bored!!  When we do get the accounts I'll have another week before two full weeks off!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy!!  Can you tell I'm looking forward to it??!!  Nah, didn't think so!!

The other day I stayed on a little later at work and Dave and Rich started talking about their next night out.  Their planning to go to the imperial (i've never been there!) well they are going sometime after payday on a friday.  Eventually they asked if I would like to go and I said that I couldn't if they go within the first two weeks of may.  When they asked why I said I was off on hols.  Dave asked where I was going, and I said, nowhere, probably going red faced which is typical of me.  I have nothing to hide but me being a queen fan is like my alter ego and I never put that across in real life situations.  I know this journal and you people who read it are real life but it's different.  Writing what you are and saying it are two different things.  Maybe it's because you don't gain people's true reactions to something that you've typed.......oh who knows!!  The look on his face though when he wondered what I was up to was classic lol...........I assumed that they all knew!!  Besides I over heard Dave and Lisa talk about Queen once and they both said they didn't like 'em so that was another thing that put me off saying anything!!

I think I've said everything I've wanted to - oh, not that your interested but I managed to download the original version of seagull yesterday and I really do like that song, I think it's gonna go up there with my other faves :-)

Have a good week everyone and think of me being bored won't ya? lol.......

Take care

Jen xx 

Wednesday, 13 April 2005

A Happy Bunny


How are you all?  Don't panic I'm not in a black mood anymore :-)  My bessie mate cheers me up - she calls me up and talks to me for about 1/2 an hour every night (apart from this one) and manages to make me laugh!!  Bless her!!  Really don't know where I'd be without her!! update....(sorry Gary but it's gonna be written in Jenny english ;-)  So let's see Monday - everything went wrong.  I wrote a list when I was at work (not much to do Monday and yesterday)!!  This is my list, my right ear started hurting (until about lunchtime when I gave in and took some nurofen :-), when I tried to clean the flat on Sunday I kept finding marks everywhere.  For example in the hallway where my bike has been dragged outside.  The carpet looks dreadful, also because of my bike, which is now standing on magazines.  (not easy to, the carpet also has two marks made by that lovely bessie mate I was talking about seconds ago!!  (Yes I do keep telling her that they are still here - aren't I evil!!)  The hot tap in the bathroom sink isn't running very well, thought it might be clogged but tried unclogging it and still not running great.  Channel 4 was extremely quiet which didn't bode well as I watch that in the morning.  Wasn't the whole tv though *phew* just had to remember to turn the volume down when I changed the channels.  So there you go that was my list!

Luckily (apart from the stains, and the tap) everything else seems to be ok!!  Plus Monday night when I was the internet and on my fave site, me and my mates had a bit of a chat which was a good laugh.  Quite a few people in the chatroom which made a nice change!!

Tuesday - a tad quiet really!!  Apart from the phone call with Trina not a lot happened.  Team Leader was back at work, although you wouldn't have thought so coz she spent nearly the whole day in the top managers office going through what Richards done. 

Today I'm a happy bunny!!  I downloaded an up to date version of real player the other day and it's been making me happy ever since.  *big grin* People have been directing me towards downloads of the gigs and I found one today via the F.C site which allowed me to see Roger singing 'Say It's Not True' and Paul doing 'Seagul' which I'm extremely happy about coz I love that song (and have been looking for it ever since Brixton) and with Paul suffering with his throat it appears they have taken that off the set list :-(  It's been replaced by the aforementioned Roger song so you'd think I'd be happy................well......................nothing to say there lol..........Brian also did a little snippet of Long Away - I love that song!!  One of my faves from Day At The Races :-) I've also downloaded Bo Rhap from Brixton - I'm sure if you listened carefully you could hear me singing along lol..........If you listened really hard you might hear me shout 'Rooooooggggggggerrrrrrrr' LOL ;-) *not at all obsessed*  Still two and a bit weeks to go!!  Patiently waiting lol.................

Work was alright today, but again team leaders been spending a lot of time with Richard, then they both left not long after 4pm and Pauline had been to the docs and then had the afternoon off so I was on me ownsome for an hour.  Still at least we had a bit of work to do - that's the main thing :-)

Went to the gym this evening and on Monday, out for a bike ride yesterday and hopefully tomorrow - weather permitting!!

Ooo that's what I was gonna tell you!!  Last night I sewed my work trousers up as they were breaking by the thigh area.  I'm really chuffed with my handiwork and thought it was all gonna come apart today but nope still together :-)  yay me!!  I'm now looking for other things to fix lol..............Another new thing I've started doing recently is going to bed slightly earlier and read!  I'm thinking that if I aim to read a chapter every day I shall finish it soon :-)  I love starting new books with their crispy shop brought look..........

Well I have a feeling that's all my news!!

Take care peeps xx



Sunday, 10 April 2005

An entry in two parts!!

Happy Part of Entry!!

Hey all fellow journalers :-)  How are you?  Yesterday I went to Torquay to see Trina.  A few weeks ago I'd heard an advert for Living Coasts on the radio and they mentioned that they now let the penguins walk free round the attraction.  Oooo I thought I wanna see that, so I mentioned it to Trina on the phone one day and that's where we went yesterday.  The sun was shining but it was slightly cold.  It was a good laugh and I managed to take some pics which I thought I could put on here - aren't I kind thinking of you guys like that??  :-)

1 - Torquay coast - there is a net over living coasts hence the lines on this photo.  But I had to take a pic of the view!!

4 - 5 - proof of the penguins walking around.  Apparently those two do it the most (the bigger one was known as an emporer penguin!) It was so funny coz the little one started pecking at some of the people and I managed to get video footage of him pecking at this womans skirt.  LOL.............

6 - the guillemot/or auk.  I liked them - their plumage is rather lovely.  We saw a bit of their feeding time and as the girl was going to leave one of them stood in her way and looked up at her it was so sweet.  The good thing about the attraction is the pools of water for the birds are quite deep and they've even made it sound like the sea and put things in to make the water move up and down just like the sea.  With the guillemot's/auk's they had a bit of a waterfall every 5 mins, which provided me and Trina with high amusement.  All the birds were happily swimming near this bit and then the water would come down and they'd all scarper pretty sharpish!!

9 - 11 The seals were very noisy!!  But we did manage to see them being fed which was when I managed to snap picture 10.

12 - Myself and Trina with our purchases from the gift shop of two keyring penguins (who were later named John and Bob :-)  I did get some video footage of us too which also provided some amusement of the day.

So all in all it's very good - if you ever downthis way and like animals pay it a visit :-)

We then had some lunch in the Weatherspoons and went home to watch the Grand National.  I have absolutely no idea where Jakari went, but Spot The Difference was definitely mentioned at the end.  I couldn't believe the favourite won, that has to be a first.

Came home round about 8ish and watched Casualty and Queen Mania.  Can't believe I wasted an hour watching that!!  I was sliently impressed with Lesley Garret and G4 doing Barcelona but as the programme went on I thought it should've been called Freddie Mania.  I can understand why people do talk about him all the time but not once did Brian, Roger or John get a mention and Freddie himself said the band was made up of four equal parts.  Well not according to ITV1!!!  I really wanted to watch the show on ITV2 afterwards but I only have 4 channels so I couldn't - did anyone get to see it?  Was it good?  Oh and I did find the corrie boys hysterical - which I was quite surprised about!!

Unhappy section

The rest of last night and today I've been on a downer.  I knew it was gonna come I just wasn't quite sure when!!  After the Brixton gig I had been quite happy with life, but all of a sudden it's hit me that maybe I'm not!!  I'm sure you all get days like this!!  This ones gone from bad to worse - which I'm not gonna bore you about, I just wish I hadn't bothered getting up, even though it is a glorious day out there!!  I did go for a walk so I have enjoyed some of the sunshine!

Feeling unsure of the week ahead, but I shall grin and bare it as that is all I can do I suppose!!

Hope you all have a good week

Jen xx 

Friday, 8 April 2005

Grand National

Just a quick note to say if your watching the GN tomorrow look out for Jakari, Spot The Difference and reserve horse by the name of Longshanks!!  Thank you :-)


Have a good weekend - speak to you at some point during it ;-)

Thursday, 7 April 2005

Random Ramblings

It's only me

What is up with this weather?  Yesterday I was convinced I had to get the bus to work, so I trundle up to the bus stop.  To get to work by bus I have to catch two buses.  So I thought I'd heard that it was gonna rain all day I better get returns on the bus.  So I'm standing there waiting for the bus, one comes along and goes past...grrrrr.....

Eventually one turns up (round about the time I'm debating walking), and I get the return and it costs me 1 pound 55 p.  So get to town and wait for the next bus.  This one costs me 1 pound 30p *shock* I worked it out when I got to work that by walking to work everyday I save myself 14 pounds and 25p can you believe that??  Even if I was to get a weekly ticket that costs around 9/10 pounds - what a rip off!!  It's a good job I enjoy walking isn't it


Was talking to Richard today apparently his probation month is up soon.  He doesn't feel very optimistic about it.  I don't think I would be staying very long if I was in his shoes (I know I keep saying it, but it's true) he was telling me things we should check today that even I didn't know about!!  Pauline's been alright this week but I bet she changes next week when the team leaders back.  Tomorrow it's just me and her lol......

Saturday is grand national day - are you gonna have a flutter?  We've got a sweepstake going at work.  Only coz me and Pauline badgered Jez into doing it LOL......poor bloke he organised red nose day in the office too.  I've got two horses so far (I may pick another one tomorrow!!) I've picked Jakari and Spot the Difference.  According to the BBC website they are both up in the odds, not very good ones of course.....  Can't wait to watch it though.  I shall be going round Trina's on Saturday so I expect we'll watch it.  We did last year it was quite a good laugh, but of course my horse fell 3 fences from the end I was not amused but also slightly worried for the horse and jockey (they don't half fall badly during that race!)

The new book I'm reading is by Caro Fraser called A Little Learning.  It's a very easy book if you know what I mean......Oh and by the way when I said that I read the book when cycling the bike was not moving - after all I was in the gym peeps ;-)

Last night Trina's bloke's brother came round and picked up the single bed that I'd borrowed when I moved in.  It's amazing there seems to be a lot of space in this room now! It kinda feels empty to be honest.  I think I need to get the table from mum's house as soon as possible :-)

The swans have made a nest by the river and someones put a rather flimsy net round it.  The nest is huge!!  Shall keep an eye out for the eggs though.  Just coz I'm nosey not coz I'm into stealin' or anything in case any of you think that......

Well I don't know what else to mention.......

Speak to you all again soon.

Take care

Jen xx  

Tuesday, 5 April 2005

Back Again

Hello fellow j people

Figured it was about time to give you a proper entry.  I was hoping something else exciting might happen to me but nothing has so don't expect to be riveted by this entry will you ;-)

I think I'm coming down from the highs of Brixton (I tell you there is nothing to beat the buzz of going to a gig,) since then on various websites there's tons of pics and things to download such as videos.  My darn computer doesn't like these videos though and every time I try to play one it throws a wobbly and crashes.  About 7 times on Sunday I had to restart this darn thing!!  I was not amused!!

Work is going ok - surprisingly as the team leader is off on hols this week.  Pauline seems to be alright (touch wood) so far :-)  Rich is still having a tough time - had to correct him a couple of times today coz he seems to be saving his stuff in the shared drive which is silly.  (Shared drive is just for templates - any personal saved work should be on your own hard drive, or something like that!!)  I swear every day Janice (big boss) is having a go at someone about something - today it was about the post.  I reckon she'll have a heart attack if she doesn't calm down soon..........

Been very annoyed this evening.  Have written a letter to an old school friend.  Tried to print it out on fancy paper, fancy paper didn't wanna take.  Decided to print it out and cut it out and glue it to fancy paper, glue is more like a piece of chalk (i want my money back WHSmith), so I have to send it as I've printed it coz I deleted it not long after printing grrrr.....

Never mind at least it's written!!  Went to the gym yesterday and read my book whilst on the bike.  Finished my Stephen King book at long last.  I enjoyed 'The Breathing Method' at the end coz that was very King like, had me guessing right to the end :-)  Don't know what's next......I've lined my books up alpahbetically by title.......yes I know I need a life LOL.......

Well I think that's enough of an update for today.....gotta envelope my letter :-)

Take care peeps

Jen xx

Saturday, 2 April 2005


Hello peeps

Aren't I kind I've given you nearly a week to read that long entry - hope you enjoyed it!!  So here's some pics.  A bit later I might show you the ones with the orbs :o)  Freddie was there LOL...........

Is it not May yet? mania on ITV next week.......oh help us!!  I shall probably watch it coz it's Queen but I shall no doubt be cringing lol.........

Hope your all well......a proper update will come later.......

Best wishes

Jen xx