Wednesday, 29 September 2004

Died and Gone to Heaven

I thought I'd write a quick entry about the gorgeous bloke at our office today........mmmmmmmm...........He's been there for the past two days having some kind of training, (they let out the rooms upstairs for meetings etc).  I saw him yesterday as he cycled past our window and even then I thought mmmm...he ain't bad!!  When my colleague answered the door to him, she came back in mouthing 'phwoar'............

Today yet again I saw him cycle past the window and still thought....mmmmm......A different colleague answered the door to him.  A lady whose older than myself, happily married with two kids and she came back into the room mouthing 'phwoar'.  All day both of us have tried to catch more glimpse's of him.  Has any of you ever watched Ally McBeal?  Whenever she thought of something they would play those little scenario things, (I hope your following me here!), well everytime I saw him I imagined you could the little wings attached to him and a halo on top and heavenly music playing in the background.  (I have an active imagination ha ha.......)  When he left I had to laugh as there where 4 of us watching him unlock his bike and ride off into the distance, possibly never to be oggled by us ever again.  :-(  Such a shame now that I'm single!!  Couldn't help thinking a) he wouldn't look at me anyway and b) he's probably married or gay!!  ha ha ha...........

In my defence to any blokes reading this I've been listening and watching to the way the blokes in our office act everytime they see a pretty girl, they act just as bad if not worse, so don't play the innocent with me ;-)

Tuesday, 28 September 2004

How to cheer up a mate :-)

Today i found out my mate didn't get her job.  Basically she had to apply for the job she is already doing for more money.  She went for it but kept telling me she wasn't gonna get it coz her face doesn't fit.  Up until Monday I believed her but then I started thinking 'maybe she's being stupid, maybe they would keep her on coz she already knows the job and she enjoys it there!'  So I thought as a nice gesture i would try and arrange and take her out for a meal if she gets it.  I managed to convince her when she rung last night that I wanted to speak to her boyfriend.  I used my bike as an excuse, (yes people it is fixed!!  AT LAST!!) and he thought the meal thing was a good idea. 

I rung her this afternoon and asked her if she got it and she said no but sounded really happy about it which I thought was strange coz if it was me I would've been devestated.  Still bless her she was fine!!  I actually told her about the meal idea and she thought it was sweet but not to worry, we would do something at a later date.  I decided to text her bloke and told him to give her a hug from me and that I'd told her about the meal idea.  He texted back saying why don't we take her out for a meal anyway as a way to cheer her up (even if she doesn't need it!)  I thought it was a great idea.  He gave me 10/15 mins to get home arrrrgggghhhh......(if I didn't have my bike this would not have been achieveable).  (I know I can't spell ha ha ha......)

I managed to get home, get changed and ended up waiting for them for about 5 mins.  When they pulled up outside Trina (my mate) said how she had no idea what was going on until they pulled into the road where my flat is.............She is soooooooooo gullible ha ha ha.........She didn't say anything when Wayne (her blokie) took the wrong turn from picking her up.  Apparently his excuse was he wanted her to get work stuff of her chest and not to talk about it at home so he would drive round town until she had.  Not a bad excuse huh? 

We had a right laugh!!  We went to the Malthouse which is a brewers fayre pub and it was nice and quiet (until we walked in anyway ha ha....) I think we succeed in helping her to forget if not then to put things into perspective.  She now wants to leave her job which is fair enough.  I think I feel angry for her though.  She's been doing the job for the last 4 years and she doesn't get it - really that stinks!!  Apparently they got her on the role play.  They told her it doesn't count towards the end result but when they were telling her whether she got it or not they told her that she hadn't because she didn't do the role play.  Soooo infuriating or what???  I made her night anyway coz I said as soon as any work comes up from my office I'll let her know asap.  We sooooooooo need help!!  I wish people could see that!!  I'm not gonna go on about that again coz I need my sleep :-)

Tuesday, 21 September 2004

Thanks to You Guys

Well hello again peeps!

What can I say thanks very much for the comments, I thought it was about time to say thank you.  It's nice to know you are out there and what you've been saying is great, nice and constructive :-)

So what can I say?  I've only been walking to work for two days and I hate it.  I am gonna have to get a new inner tube for my bike.  After reading some of your comments I went to my nearest shop on Saturday to see if they sell them and they do but to my shock and horror in different sizes and no flippin' price tags.  To my relief though I noted my tyre actually has the measurements on it yippee!!  (Small things please little minds ha ha ha....)  On Monday I had an incident with a cyclist where I knocked him off his bike.  It's a long story but basically I was listening to my walkman (at nearly full volume) and he was trying to get past me in a small space.  Not a good idea!!  As I turned round thinking someone was shouting I caught him and off he fell!!  I was quite traumatised by the incident coz I couldn't understand what had happened and when I apologised to him explaining how I couldn't hear him, he swore at me and rode off.

Work is still crap at the moment.  I really wish I could go into details more but I don't think it's such a good idea.  At least my boss is back but we are still sinking fast.  Actually it's probably worse than that.  It would be much better if we could see a way out of it but I can't and with us not getting our pay raise it's pretty crap working there at the moment.  None of us want to leave coz over the past two years we're the team that's built it up to what it is now, if you see what I mean??!!  Maybe you think I care too much and maybe I do but I do learn to turn off when I get home.  I'm quite good at that!!  :-)

What else is there to say?  My food diary is coming along quite well and I'm enjoying the new me ha ha ha.......One of the blokes at work actually came up to me on Friday and asked if I had lost some weight.  I didn't know what to say it's so nice when someone notices and especially a bloke.

Also my mum called and said that soon she'll be coming to see me one weekend.  I'm looking forward to that!!  Silly woman has somehow managed to send an email to my old email address and it's gone to my brother.  Strange technology!!

Saturday, 18 September 2004

My Bike

Alright maybe that entry was a bit hasty I know I just need to get my journal out there.  Thanks to that person for commenting ( you know who you are!)

The reason I'm posting this entry today is because when I left work on Thursday it appears my bike has a flat tyre on the front.  This is the first time I have ever had to repair a puncture so I wondered if anyone has any hints and tips on this.... Comments gratefully received.

Thursday, 9 September 2004

Why is no one reading my journal??  That is very sad :-(

Tuesday, 7 September 2004

Pondering Myself

Right where do I start today?? Work is probably a good idea.  Our so-called boss was down in our office today so one of my colleagues gave it to him straight, in otherwords what's been happening in our office since this god for saken merger.  It probably hit a raw nerve coz he left at lunch time ha ha ha.........

I'm still trying to get some exercise!!  Today I've done about 20 mins of a step exercise - I was certainly sweating a lot afterwards (you didn't need to know that huh??)  Makes me feel good anyway!

My Ex has just been round coz his bank stuff is getting posted to this address.  He asked me a question and instead of giving him a straight answer I said I would have to think about it.  I have a feeling it's upset him, (what a shame!) coz he left in quite a hurry.  So why do I feel bad about it?  It's not like I owe him anything.  If it wasn't for him needing his space and getting annoyed with every little thing I did then I wouldn't be living on my own.  (I glad I am but still!)  The simple truth is he does my head in, it's like he can't let go which annoys me coz I wanna move on and experience what life has to offer.  Obviously it wasn't meant to be, why can't he see that??

When we were going through the split a Queen song helped me a lot the words meant so much and it was the first time a song had truely sounded like my life.  It's called 'Let Me Live' from the Made In Heaven album.  Some of the words are:

Baby why don't you give me, a brand new start

All you do is take, all I do is give, all that I'm askin' Is a chance to live

Why can't we just be friends stop living a lie.

There sorry about that peeps just felt I wanted to share that with you.  I think the last line is probably still relevant.  Oh god knows!!

Monday, 6 September 2004


Hey everyone, god I'm bored!!  Been to the gym today and managed to have an argument with my best mate.  At least I feel better after being to the gym ha ha ha.......

Does any of you have any great dieting tips?  Because of this programme on Channel 4 this morning my mate is worried about me (rolls eyes), so what she's suggested is that we each come up with like an exercise/diet programme that we must stick to.  If we feel like we are gonna fall off the rails then we have each other to comfort if you know what I mean?  I would love to hear from others who have been in a similar situation.  :-)

Work is still hectic but you don't wanna know about that, so I think I shall leave you here.

Sunday, 5 September 2004

Bringing You up to Speed

Well hasn't today been beautiful - I've been to the beach with a friend it was good!!  Anyway I need to bring you up to date with my life!!  I started off life living with my mum and brother and then moved in with my mate and her family.  From there I moved in with my then boyfriend.  He was alright but it didn't work out after 3 years of living together and now for the first time in my life I'm living on my own.  I have to say it is very different to what you may imagine it to be.  Don't get me wrong it's certainly done me the world of good being on my own, I feel calmer!!

The other thing is I love the fact I have so much space in this place.  I never realised how small the last flat was ha ha ha......It's great that I can put pictures up and nobody will say anything about them, it's great I can go on the internet when I want and listen and watch anything I want.  It's definitely the single life for me at the moment!!

Other than starting up on my own, the company I work for has gone through a merger with another one and I've never known anything so chaotic in my life.  It's ridiculous but I shouldn't really go on about it on here I guess!!  I have applied elsewhere for a job though, it's certainly time I seriously started looking now that I've sorted out my home life, time to sort out my employment. 

Anyway I think I've outlined what's going on I just hope I can keep you guys interested in reading this.

Saturday, 4 September 2004

The First Day

Hello everyone  Well my first journal entry - won't be much of one coz I'll have to think about what I'm gonna write now I've started, if that makes sense (stop babbling-editor)!! 

Anyhoo I have finally managed to get on line woohoo that's why I'm feeling ecstatic!!  I've had to wait about a month!!  I shall go into that another day :-)