Thursday, 9 September 2004

Why is no one reading my journal??  That is very sad :-(


ghwt9996 said...

I'm reading your journal :-)  You need to spread the word as it were, I'll put a link in my journal and here are a couple of links that might help you out.
This is where UK bloggers put their journals : aol://5863:126/mB:542064
I read that you like writing, have a look on here if you do :
Hope this helps

jeanno43 said...

Readers will come as they get to know that you are here. Nobody read mine much at first.  I have a friend who has not many readers either.  If you would care to visit please call at

Sandra's Scribbles, you will find a link on my page.  Also join Faces of J-Land.

shermeen0621 said...

Think this is definitely a good start to your journal, used Gary's link to get here. Think the best thing to do is to remember to comment on other people's journals, it'll encourage them to take an interest in yours. Oh, and I hope we get to hear more about this annoying X who won't let you live. Drama always makes for good journals.

g1itterkat said...

<<<<<<<<<<< i am reading now lol x
Jay x