Monday, 28 April 2008

More Gigs, no leave, and Bike, and Cardiff again!!!

How are you??  I'm alright :o) 

Weekend was okay didn't really do anything but I shall expand more on that later on during the week.

But important news:

1)  Bike is gonna cost me minimum £30 maximum £50!!!!!!!  I'm panicking about this slightly as I don't think I can afford that with next month's pay packet!!  I wanna get my hair cut and go and see mum.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr to expenses!!  Plus it's the first month of the higher rent!!  All these expenses go up but the wages never reflect it :(  I hate Devon for that very reason.....................

2)  Queen & Paul Rodgers have released more UK dates.  Yep you've guessed it Trina and I have added more to our list so it now looks like this and trust me this is the definitive list.  I CANNOT do anymore!!!  No more leave left :(

Paris, Munich, Mannheim, Nottingham, Glasgow, London, Cardiff, Birmingham, Liverpool (Sheffield) Vienna and (London)

New ones in brackets!!!!  This year is gonna be mad!!!

Talking of madness it is of course Gig Diary day :o)  Back in November Trina, Wayne and myself went to four gigs in two weeks.  I've already told you about two of them, (Foo's in Cardiff and London), well this next one takes us into the second of those weeks.  Enjoy xx



Wayne and I agreed to meet in the car park at work as usual, so I left work at 4pm. I changed my top and made my way down to the usual spot which is where I met him. We then joined the rest of the Exeter traffic and made our way to the train station to wait for Trina. Whilst waiting we discussed how brilliantly awesome the Foo Fighters were on the Saturday and how nothing we ever go and see will come close to the brilliance of that gig!! So we listened to the Foo's whilst waiting. This was after we had been into the station to look for a cash point but to no avail.

Trina's train actually arrived on time, after saying hello and making ourselves comfortable in the car, we were on our way, back to Cardiff again!! We decided on a brief stop to get food and after moaning about the staff in the other services we figured it was best to stop elsewhere. So we stopped at Tiverton and got ourselves a Mcdonald's. We arrived at the right time because as we were leaving a big group of teenage boys were joining the queue for food. I couldn't even begin to imagine how annoyed I would've been getting stuck behind them!! After purchasing our food we went to sit in the car to eat and soon we were on our way again. It didn't take too long to get to the Seven bridge but as soon as we were on it I felt the need for the loo, yet there was none in sight!! *panic* On the other side of the bridge and near the tunnel you go through to get to Cardiff the traffic was very busy. It soon became apparent as to why this was as there was an accident on the other side of the road. It looked quite bad from what I can remember. Plus every now and then after passing that incident we saw police cars. It was like they were everywhere!!

We managed to enter Cardiff but it appeared we had entered via a different route. We were starting to miss Gareth and his sense of directions!! None of us could find the streets that we drove down last time, it all looked different. Eventually we were going down the road which we had gone down the previous week when we were trying to find our way out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wayne was going to use the same persons driveway to turn round in, but figured he might spot us this time and come out and have a go at us. It was quite stressful trying to find our way to the car park, let alone the building!! Trina was stressed so this made Wayne stressed and I was desperate for the toilet still.

Eventually we found the building and made our way to the car park. Unfortunately there was a queue of cars waiting to get in so we watched the people stood outside the pub near the venue and listened to their conversations about Bill, music and stuff. Once we were in the car park we managed to find a space but it was on the 4th floor. This was not going to help in making a quick getaway. As I was still desperate for the loo, I walked round to the building VERY quickly. Unfortunately there was a bit of a crowd going in so I had to wait for a bit longer!!

We get inside and make our way into the main part of the arena, looking for the toilets. If I remember rightly we had to ask someone!! They directed us over to the bar area which you can imagine was packed. The arena looked very different with seats inside it, it made it look a bit bigger, which was odd!! Anyway we found the loo's to my delight, and afterwards went to find our seats. Row 14 I think it was..........which wasn't that far from the front, but we had to walk round the front row to get to the otherside which was closer to our seat numbers. As we made our way round the front, we had to walk past Dan and Rosie. Wayne and I said a quick hello and went to find our seats. Trina stayed for a while and came to find her seat too. We had a good view which I was pleased about, not too many tall people sitting in front of me!! The screensaver on the backdrop on stage was off a light bulb and the background kept changing colour. There was some leaflets on our seats as we sat down and these were advertising the cd of the gig which we could order from the merchandise stall or one of the stewards and we would have to pick it up after the show. Trina and I debated about doing this then or wait until the intermission. Eventually it was decided that we would wait until the intermission and then we would look for t-shirts too.


So I shall leave you there for now...............

back later in the week for a more gossipy entry and possibly some old piccy's ~ have uploaded one into the all about me section.  Me and Trina, check it out and have a laugh on us lol

Laters xx


Thursday, 24 April 2008

Aches, Pains, Reminisce and learn how to spell reminisce lol

Hey everyone :o)  How ya doing ??  I sure hope that where ever you are and whatever you are doing you do not have a constant ache like myself :(  I promise this entry shall be more cheerier than the last entry but just bear with me a minute lol...........

Monday morning I woke up with back pain :(  I've never had back pain before.  I had a feeling it might be something, but it turned out that it was just back pain :(  This lasted all day Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday.  I felt down, energy was making walking to and from work quite hard work!!  Luckily today it has felt better but my arms are aching today.  They have been most of the week too but today it's quite bad :(  To be honest with you I have no idea what I've done, but the only thing I can think of is on Friday when I did my shopping.  I didn't cycle round and ended up buying some heavy items.  So I carried them home, I had my backpack, and about 3 carrier bags.  Then on Saturday I cleaned out my kitchen cupboards and actually moved a couple of them around ~ just for a change lol (well not the cupboards just the stuff inside of them ;)  It's just a combination of things that I've done so I'm a bit of a muppet :(

*Just had to pause for a phone call from Trina.  Some bad news about Wayne's mum :(  Jeez I hate this week

Wayne is such a sweetheart.  As my back was still hurting yesterday I asked Trina if I could borrow Wayne on Friday to do my food shopping.  She said that he was fine with it.  So he's going to pick me up from Sainsbugs tomorrow after work and drive me home, before he heads home himself. :o)  He emailed me today and asked if that was all I wanted help with coz he offered to help me actually do my shopping ~ bless him :o) 

This week at work has just been one huge moan fest.........unfortunately it doesn't get any better lol

I have had some good news this week though.  When Trina and I went to our first EVER Queen fanclub convention back in 1994 it must've been!!  We met quite a few people and one of them was a penpal of Trina's called Claire Morgan.  Well the other day I logged into facebook and she's requested to be my mate :o)  We had fun with Claire and her friends at that first convention.  Because of this friend request it has been making me reminicise about times we have had.  I think this weekend I might dig out some old photos and upload them to show you some fun that we had.

At the weekend I am also going into town and asking in a couple of bike shops about my bike.  I really need to get moving on this.  I feel lost without my bike, but if it's gonna cost a fortune goodness knows how long I'll be without it.  Thanks to Barry for his suggestion about Freecycle.  I am a member of the group on yahoo but there were no bikes on there the other day.  Unfortunately I am probably gonna be quite picky though when it comes to trying to get a new one.  All the bikes they make these days don't have the bit on the back where you can put bags too!! 

Thinking of stoopid new technology ~ is anybody else having a problem with AOHell where for example right now my inbox is telling me I have 49 emails ~ yet if I read one instead of the number going down it just stays the same..............I have been reading my mail via logging in on Internet explorer coz at least if there is new mail it will show up and I can keep count of how many are's just so annoying!!!!!

Ooooo more good news, or maybe it isn't??  Who knows Trina has internet at home :o)  She rang me last Friday, asking if I was online and if I had a personal message on the website I was on.  I was thinking 'how does she know that'  but went to read it anyway and it said 'Guess whose got internet at home.'  She had told me earlier in the day she had gone to the bank for work but really she had gone home to fix the internet in :o)  WOOHOO.......... but then they went and got lots of viruses ~ silly people............but they got the computer back today so hopefully tomorrow night I can chat away to her on MSN.  I have told her she'll have to start her own journal now.  She's not with AOHell but if she does start one I shall leave a link here so that you can all go and say hi :o)

The only other thing to tell you is a bit of a secret ;)  I've ordered myself a pressie :o)  I'm excited coz it's something I really want.  When I get paid again if I have enough money I am gonna buy Trina one I can't tell you what it is on here.  Not yet anyway LOL

Well I hope you all have a good weekend xx

Monday, 21 April 2008

Moan Moan AOHell Moan Moan Photos

Hiya peeps.

So is AOHell playing up for everyone or is it just me?  Today I'm getting annoyed at everyone and everything and almost had an argument with Trina earlier :(

I think I shall just list the things I'm annoyed with and hopefully I can get them out of my head in time for new ones :o)

1) My parking space

2) AOHell

3) Sales calls (two in the last couple of days)

4) Other people when I'm walking to and from work

5) Work in general

6) My leg aching all day

7)  the stupid itchy bit of my leg that itches every now and then and won't stop itching

8) Life in general............

I think I must be feeling down or something :(  Hey, ho..............

As I finished telling you guys about Foo London last week in Gig Diary I thought I would add some Foo photos from both Cardiff and London.  Enjoy and I apologise for the darkness, blurriness of some of them ;) 

Hope your all having a better week than me xx

Proper entry sometime this week

Jenny xx


Thursday, 17 April 2008

Catch up with me peeps

Hey peoples :o)  Yep you lot's me people's..............LOL I can't pull that off can I?  I hear it in the movies and nope it doesn't suit me!!

Anyway how's your week going?  Woohoo one more day to go till the weekend........I think it's time I did a proper entry to give you a small catch up of my weekend....seems such a long time ago ;)

Well as you know I met up with my mum and Meggy in town.  They were late arriving and I was sat there at the bus station thinking they weren't ever gonna turn up.  They did though :o)  and we walked round town and did some shopping.  I managed to get a new top for work purposes and new trousers that are slightly too long but for £4 you can't go wrong can you ?  I've been wearing them this week and after a couple of hours of wear the button that does them up flew off :(  I'm good at sewing on button's though so I did not panic lol

What else did i get?  I don't remember to be fair..............Trina turned up at about 5pm ish and we met her in town.  We went to the bus station cafe for a drink and a natter with mum and meggy as we waited for their bus to arrive.  I have a great pic of Meggy with my head gear from my fancy dress at the convention, but I've forgotten to upload it time ;)

Trina and I came home after saying goodbye to mum and megs, and had snacks whilst watching Britain's Got Talent.  Then Trine updated her MP3 player and we played Guitar Hero :o)

We went to bed quite late and unfortunately I couldn't sleep :(  It wasn't until gone 4am that I got to sleep eventually.

Next morning we had sausage sarnies, made by Trina, (she's good to me) and listened to the radio.  Wayne turned up at 12pm ish to pick her up and when they were leaving he almost nicked my sleeping bag.......after Trina telling me that she wanted one like it I was not amused LOL

I spent the rest of the morning tidying up and then I watched 'Scum' which I had purchased from Poundland on DVD :o)  I like that movie, it is horrendous some of the things that go on but I do like it, don't know why though lol!!  I like Ray Winstone as an actor to be honest.............

This week at work has been boring as we are awaiting the accounts which should come tomorrow.  Luckily though *touch wood* I have not had too many complainy people like last week.  I think one of my colleagues had them all today as she was talking to me about how she had probably come across as harsh on the phone calls she had taken, bless her. 

Unfortunately this week I have not been very well either :(  On Tuesday at work in the afternoon I got a sore throat :(  This lasted Wednesday too and I felt like crap (for want of a better word).  It was probably the first time in ages I actually debated about ringing in sick :(  I was running on about 60% energy and that's not like me at all.

All I could think was since the convention a few weeks ago I have not had a good night's sleep, then with this weekend as well I am probably quite run down :(  Still a weekend to do nothing this weekend lol.........

I do have to walk round to sainsbugs to get my shopping though as the bike is knackered and there has been no sign of bicycle repair man and I can't afford to get it fixed properly yet.  Might make enquiries about that this weekend like how much is it gonna cost........wish me luck xx

Well I shall leave you here..........oh before I do is something wrong with the alerts?? I don't seem to be getting that many!!!  Perhaps you are just not writing and I shouldn't be so paranoid huh? 

till next time xx

for those of you that are interested in these things I've updated my sidebar again...........didn't like those blinkies lol

Monday, 14 April 2008

Rockin' Out in London

Hey you :o)  How's you?  Did you have a good weekend?  Mine was alright, but I thought I would save that for another entry.............

Last time I promised you a travel diary entry and I've failed to deliver....well tonight I put that right...I don't like to think your missing out or something ;-)  So here it is.

Now to put you in the picture...your still in London watching the Foo Fighters at the O2 in London.  Dave and co are rocking out on the main stage...So let's carry on..........enjoy xx

After several rock out sessions, Dave began playing ‘Skin and Bones’ and made his way slowly down the catwalk. Trina started cheering and I couldn’t work out why. She pointed to the ceiling, coz there coming down from it was an acoustic stage all set up with instruments. Couldn’t get over how cool that was and the rest of the band followed Dave down the catwalk. Got excited now coz they were closer to us so the view was even better. The drunken guys in front of us didn’t like the slow songs and told us to be quiet and not to cheer during them but we weren’t going to stop coz it’s the Foo’s. Slow or fast neither of us was bothered!!

They performed several songs on this acoustic stage and during one Dave went to different microphones to sing it. First he was in the middle of the stage, then he was to the right and then to the left which I thought was pretty cool as everyone would get a chance to see him. At some point he introduced the band which was funny especially when he got to Drew the percussionist. He asked him to do a solo spot and picked the triangle for him to do this solo spot with. So Drew came to the middle of the stage and the crowd waited with anticipation. It was the best solo spot to come from any of the band members. One of the blokes in front of us turned round to us and said ‘he’s good.’ Then a couple of minutes later he said ‘he’s really good.’ That made us chuckle as he said it with so much honesty.

Whilst they were on the acoustic stage Dave said they wanted to do something different, something they have never done before,so they were gonna bring out some friends of theirs. Up until he had said they wanted to do something different Trina and I both thought it might be Roger and Brian, but considering they turn up at pretty much every Foo London show it wouldn’t be very different would it? I think we were both standing there holding our breath wondering what was in store, what treat was coming up. Neither of us could quite believe it when Dave screamed Brian May and Roger Taylor into his microphone. Trina and I literally started screaming, but then the whole place erupted into loud cheers, I had always dreamt of this moment and here it was happening right in front of me!! Everyone was turning round to look at us, but we didn’t care!! Roger and Brian made their way to the small acoustic stage and Roger sat behind Taylor’s small drumkit and Brian took an acoustic guitar and stood near the front.

Dave asked Taylor to introduce this part so Taylor went to one of the spare microphones on the right hand side and said that it was a song from A Night At The Opera and it was ’39. More screams from Trina and me. I ended up videoing it, Brian sang one verse, then Taylor did and you could hear Roger doing backing vocals for the chorus. I kept telling Trina to text Sarah our mad Queenie friend, which she did. I don’t remember anyone else around us singing along. Everyone seemed to enjoy it though and we went mad when they finished playing too. I really didn’t think I had any energy left in me to carry on, but luckily Dave hadn’t finished with the acoustics yet.

He played My Hero next and that was amazing. It seemed like the whole crowd were singing along and at one point it sounded like we were going to drown him out. After that they went back to playing the rock songs. If I remember rightly they played Monkey Wrench and All My Life, so Trina and I continued to rock out and our drunk little friends kept high-fiving us and they were now hugging us too!!

The band left the stage after those songs and we waited for the encore. During this time the bloke sitting next to me had lit a fag (so much for the non-smoking rule!!) It didn't take too long for the band to come back on stage. Dave said something and he promised us 5 songs. He asked what we would like to hear. One of the audience members asked for My Poor Brain (which is a brilliant song) and he said something about how he would have to practice it first coz he hadn't played it in such a long time, he promised he would play it the next night. (Gutted I missed that!!)

For the encore they played Wattershed, For All The Cows (which I knew Wayne would be happy about coz he loves that song), Weenie Beenie, But Honestly, and Best of You. It was such an awesome encore I was thinking this was the best gig I had EVER been too!!

During the encores my cute drunk bloke tried to put his body warmer back on and was failing miserably!! At one point he had put it on backwards, so I asked his friend what he was doing and he said he was a bit strange!! Trina was fed up with watching him struggle so helped him put it on the right way round. I am not quite sure why, but after about a minute he took it off again!! This time I couldn't watch him struggling, trying to get his arm through the arm hole, so I helped.........when he had it on, he insisted on giving me a hug (or was it a high-five!!)

The gig finished and we were on such a high!! I wanted to wait to let the crowds die down a bit, but a) we had to make our way back to Sheilas and we were dependant on the trains running and b) we had to meet up with Wayne. So we decided to leave, but first we had to say goodbye to our new friends. So we did, my little drunk bloke, had managed to find his seat by this point and leaned back in his chair with his lips puckered up for a kiss, so I obliged of course!! Just a quick peck, mind you, nothing else.....................

We made our way out of the seating area and back up the steps to make our way out to find Wayne, but when we got to the main corridor bit there were stewards blocking off the part between our door and Waynes so we couldn't get to him. We made our way back downstairs to the entrance of the dome and waited under some balloon thingys that were hanging from the ceiling. Unfortunately Wayne was making his way out of the door we had gone in originally, so Trina was trying to direct him to where we were and it was quite heated. As we waited (I was trying to stay out of this heated stuff) my ickledrunk bloke walked past but unfortunately either he didn't see me or he was ignoring me coz they walked passed!! Hey-ho there's always next time..............

About 15/20 minutes later, Wayne eventually found us, so we made our way to the tube station. There was tons and tons of people everywhere and they all seemed to be wanting to get the tube. There were stewards around though only letting a few in at a time!! We discussed the gig as we were waiting. Eventually we got into the station, brought ourselves some drinks and got the tube. I can't remember where we got the tube to but we had to change. Once we got to the right station (it was the last stop) so we all got off and went to find the tube to Liverpool Street Station. This confused us as the tube wasn't running to Liverpool St Station and we had to catch a main line train or something similiar. When we got to the right platform there was one waiting but decisions needed to be made and we didn't make it in time to get on it!! So we had to wait in the cold for another one and worry about our connection to Sheila's!! Again whilst waiting we discussed the show and browsed through our pics and vids!! Trina and I were still on a high about seeing Brian and Roger but the whole gig had been awesome!! At one point whilst waiting Trina and I spotted a bloke wearing a Queen t-shirt on the platform opposite. We tried to catch his attention but failed miserably, it was funny though.

Another train arrived about 20 minutes later and it was a good job we caught this one as there were only two more trains leaving Liverpool St Station that we needed. So it was either this one or one about an hour later. We figured we may as well rush and catch the one that was waiting and get food later. To rub in this decision there was a bloke on the train who was eating fast food. Trina and Wayne said they had seen him eat about 3/4 burgers, fries, onion rings and a whole lot more, what a pig!! This train seemed to take a while and Trina kept falling asleep, bless her!! Wayne and I sat there laughing at her as her head bopped up and down, how evil are we?

We finally pull into the stop we need and get off and meet Sheila in the car park - she's come to pick us up bless her!! We mention about food and Brian and Roger (which she is not amused about!) and agrees to look for a fast food place. Eventually she managed to find somewhere and Wayne gets out to get some chips. They were nice!! When he came back Sheila drove us back to her place. She is house sharing with some of Marc's friends and we met one (I think the other one had gone to bed!) We watched Spaced and Sheila made us some teas and coffees, we also got to see her bedroom and her pet rat!! Trina and Wayne slept in the bedroom, I had a sleeping bag or was it a duvet on one of the sofas. Before that though as we were watching Spaced, Trina feel asleep again, so we laughed about not being able to wake her up and Sheila wrote on her face............It was very funny, but aren't we evil?? Nah, probably best not to answer that!!

Next day we wake up (can't remember what time) and Sheila, who is hostess with the mostess, cooks us a fry up!! With our belly's full, she drives us to the station and we buy our tix and get on the train. She is spending the day looking round the shops and Wayne asks if he could tag along. He had a meeting in London the next day and I had suggested that as he was in London on the Sunday why did he not stay there instead of coming home. His boss had agreed that was a good idea and they had arranged for a hotel for him. Jammy beggar!! Anyway they came to Paddington with Trina and me.

We were catching a later train than the one we had booked on and Trina was freaking out about the ticket blokie asking for more money!! The whole train ride home was quite noisy as there was a group of people at the end of the carriage who had clearly been to see the Foo's too. One of the them didn't stop singing 'There goes my hero'!! At first it was quite funny, but after a while it got quite annoying as he didn't seem to know any of the other words!! As we were listening to my MP3 player I wanted to shout them at him or finish off the sentence. Trina thought the whole thing was funny!!

We pull into Exeter about 2/3 hours later. The ticket blokie had caught us but didn't charge anymore and told us that if we miss the booked train again we should go to the ticket office and explain the situation. Apparently that gets you off from paying the extra!! Good to know, especially when Queen tour, mind you I don't think we'll be taking the train as much as we did during the last tour.........anyway I'm straying off subject!! Trina wasn't sure how to get home, which would be the cheapest way. If she took a train back to Torquay she would have to get a taxi, but that would cost. So I suggested a bus and went with her to the bus station. She had to wait a while and I waited for a little bit with her (she brought me a pasty which was yummy) but I soon had to leave cos it was getting dark and I wanted to walk home. Luckily she didn't wait for much longer after I left her and we all got home safe and sound after another and dare I say it.............THE BEST gig any of us had ever encountered..................................

Foo Fighters ROCK!!

Sorry about the long entry again ;)

Well that's it for Foo diary entry will be Bill Bailey the comedian :o)  But I'll do a proper entry before that I promise.

Have a good week people xx

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Been Tagged

Lori and Connie both tagged me for this meme thingy that's doing the rounds at the moment ~ thanks ladies :o)  As I was bored at work today I thought I'd fill it in *shush* ;-)


1. Each player answers questions about themselves.

2. At the end of the post the player then tags 5 people, and posts their names, goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment letting them know they've been tagged.

1) What was I doing 10 yrs ago?
In 1998 I was a checkout operator at a supermarket (or I may have been unemployed at this point).  Anyway sometime between then and 1999 I was unemployed because the manager of the supermarket accused me of doing something that I didn’t remember doing and I was on a final written warning, which meant that if I did something else I would be sacked, or whatever.  To stop them from having that satisfaction the next day I handed my notice in.  Not that I thought I was doing anything wrong to give them cause to sack me, but I also wanted to get out before the ship sunk so to speak.  We were battling with a Tesco store that had opened up in the town.  The town wasn’t that big so doesn’t really need two supermarkets and we were very, very quiet!!  Also my thinking was that it wasn’t what I wanted to do with my life and certainly not why I went to college.  So I concentrated on finding an office job and did some “voluntary” work at a Primary school.

2) What are 5 things on my to-do list for today (not in any particular order):
To be honest with you I only make mental to do lists at the weekend.  At work I do whatever I’m told (that’s why I’m such a good worker…….well either that or a bit of a sucker lol)

3) Snacks I enjoy:
 Crisps, chocolate, biscuits, cakes anything and everything that is just not good for me lol
4) Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
If I was a billionaire I would be free to concentrate on doing something where I could be creative.  I would make sure that Trina and Wayne and me mum were all financially happy.  I would probably pay for Queen/Foo Fighters and the Kaiser Chiefs to play my back garden, coz by then I would have a beautiful house, probably in the countryside and they could all stay for the night too so we could have one BIG party.  Besides my country mansion I would have a lush apartment in the city for when I need to contact my agent lol…… Mind you if I couldn’t do something creative I think I would like to be a radio presenter.

5) Five of my bad habits:
Bite my finger nails, Burp (a lot), I’m too embarrassed to tell you anymore than that lol

6) 5 places I have lived:
Exeter, Axmouth, Musbury, Axminster and back to Exeter again all in Devon mainly in East Devon (how boring huh??)

7) 5 jobs I have had:
Runner at a Holiday Camp, Checkout Operator, Clerical Assistant (doing all the jobs no-body else wanted to do and then coz I was good at them got lumbered with it!!), Supply Administrator (dealing with processing Supply Teacher applications) this then transferred to a Call Centre.  First I was a call centre operator doing shifts which I found difficult so transferred back to being an administrator. Now I’m a Finance Assistant which sucks big time L

5 people I'll tag:
I’m being lazy coz I can’t think of 5 people who haven’t been tagged already so if you wanna go ~ go on do it…… know you wanna ;)

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

So many emotions......happy and grrrrrrrrr

AAaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh............. woooooohoooooo......*doing a silly little dance all around the room*..........yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy you get the hint that I might be slightly happy about something?  Well more about that in a min ;-)

Sorry I didn't leave an entry on Sunday I figured that as I had about 52 alerts I needed to get that down before I could justify leaving an entry.  Saying that though I have 19 emails in my inbox as I type this but there is a valid and justified reason for that ~ part of the reason of why I'm so happy lol............

Firstly though I am having the week from hell where work is concerned!!!!!  Monday night about five to five the MOST obnixous bloke rings and wants to know why on earth there is a balance remaining on his account when he paid weekly!!  He picked me up on everything I said and then said stuff like, "why can't you do it now?"  "What do you mean you think?  Either you know or you don't"  "I want it done by 5pm today"  I put the phone down at 5 past 5 and went home feeling deflated :(  I hate calls like that coz I just can't deal with them.  I know in my heart of hearts I should've passed it over to the team leader but what's the point.  She knows as much as I do about the case.  Anyway next day P and I spent ALL morning doing a full statement for them and it's now in the hands of our divisional manager as he's had dealings with this bloke before.

Tuesday ~ yet another person moaning about the bill and how can it be that much when a Standing Order was in place to pay for it.  I didn't mind this one too much, but again I couldn't answer this straight away.  Unfortunately it was an elderly lady who hadn't been dealing with the accounts in the first place so she was completely in the dark about it all.

Today - some random bloke moaning coz he's already written to us about probate and can we stop sending the "bloody bills"  he will pay it when he can. there a full moon or something?  Evil moany people

Unfortunately I think I'm suffering with post convention blues :(  Nothing is ever the same after the convention...............

But.............................. and this is a BIG but...................Trina, myself and sometimes Wayne have the BEST year for gigs coming's the list

June - Wembley Foo Fighters x 2

July - Eden Project - Kaiser Chiefs ..............had to buy the tix for that tonight that's why I'm so estatic, I managed to do it online and it took an hour and a quarter.  Why do we do this to ourselves I wonder????????

August - Reading Festival - yep I'm doing another festival ~ dear god help me!!  but the line up is Metallica, Rage Against the Machine, Queens of the Stone Age, Tenacious D, The Editors, Manic Street Preachers...........awesome line up :o)

September through to October - Queen/Paul Rogers gigs :o) 

So this year we are going to see all 3 of my top 3 bands YAY

I was gonna add an entry from the tour diary but I think I've droned on enough and I shall probably post that on Friday.

Great weekend coming up :o)  Mum and Meggy are coming to town and Trina's staying over on Saturday night yay

So grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr @ this week lol but yay too :o)  So many emotions.

Till next time xx

oh for any that are interested I changed my sidebar but I'm not happy with it :(  So may have to change it back lol

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Just In Case

Hiya Peeps

Yep I am still around!!!  Had a fabulous time at the Queen Fan Club Convention last weekend......................I'm just now absolutely knackered ;)  Still it was worth it lol

Anyway I shall post a more newsy entry tomorrow..........for now I wanted to share the Queen + Paul Rodgers song from The Al Murrary Show last night.  I wouldn't want any of you to miss out :o)  It is after all a new tune, it's called C-Lebrity.........check it out :o)

I have to say that I am liking it, but I've heard it a lot since last night and I have a feeling it's gonna get on my nerves before the album is released LOL...........which is not till September.............anyway must curve my listening to it to maybe just once a day lol

Also wanted to draw your attention to a lovely entry from a very nice lady by the name of Connie :o)  Bless her............

Enjoy people xx

Jenny xx