Wednesday, 9 April 2008

So many emotions......happy and grrrrrrrrr

AAaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh............. woooooohoooooo......*doing a silly little dance all around the room*..........yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy you get the hint that I might be slightly happy about something?  Well more about that in a min ;-)

Sorry I didn't leave an entry on Sunday I figured that as I had about 52 alerts I needed to get that down before I could justify leaving an entry.  Saying that though I have 19 emails in my inbox as I type this but there is a valid and justified reason for that ~ part of the reason of why I'm so happy lol............

Firstly though I am having the week from hell where work is concerned!!!!!  Monday night about five to five the MOST obnixous bloke rings and wants to know why on earth there is a balance remaining on his account when he paid weekly!!  He picked me up on everything I said and then said stuff like, "why can't you do it now?"  "What do you mean you think?  Either you know or you don't"  "I want it done by 5pm today"  I put the phone down at 5 past 5 and went home feeling deflated :(  I hate calls like that coz I just can't deal with them.  I know in my heart of hearts I should've passed it over to the team leader but what's the point.  She knows as much as I do about the case.  Anyway next day P and I spent ALL morning doing a full statement for them and it's now in the hands of our divisional manager as he's had dealings with this bloke before.

Tuesday ~ yet another person moaning about the bill and how can it be that much when a Standing Order was in place to pay for it.  I didn't mind this one too much, but again I couldn't answer this straight away.  Unfortunately it was an elderly lady who hadn't been dealing with the accounts in the first place so she was completely in the dark about it all.

Today - some random bloke moaning coz he's already written to us about probate and can we stop sending the "bloody bills"  he will pay it when he can. there a full moon or something?  Evil moany people

Unfortunately I think I'm suffering with post convention blues :(  Nothing is ever the same after the convention...............

But.............................. and this is a BIG but...................Trina, myself and sometimes Wayne have the BEST year for gigs coming's the list

June - Wembley Foo Fighters x 2

July - Eden Project - Kaiser Chiefs ..............had to buy the tix for that tonight that's why I'm so estatic, I managed to do it online and it took an hour and a quarter.  Why do we do this to ourselves I wonder????????

August - Reading Festival - yep I'm doing another festival ~ dear god help me!!  but the line up is Metallica, Rage Against the Machine, Queens of the Stone Age, Tenacious D, The Editors, Manic Street Preachers...........awesome line up :o)

September through to October - Queen/Paul Rogers gigs :o) 

So this year we are going to see all 3 of my top 3 bands YAY

I was gonna add an entry from the tour diary but I think I've droned on enough and I shall probably post that on Friday.

Great weekend coming up :o)  Mum and Meggy are coming to town and Trina's staying over on Saturday night yay

So grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr @ this week lol but yay too :o)  So many emotions.

Till next time xx

oh for any that are interested I changed my sidebar but I'm not happy with it :(  So may have to change it back lol


cayasm said...

Your going to have a busy summer ahead with all the concerts, don't worry to much about the phone calls at work, just people blowing off steam although there's no need to be rude. You have a good weekend to look forward to.

Take care


oddb0dkins said...

Since I've been working indoors at work I've remembered just how infuriating it can be working with the public. Some of them are sooo rude and obnoxious. You have to rise above it all and not let them get to you.
Failing that, just keep dreaming of the gigs to come. That'll help you through it all.

B. x

breakaway1968 said...

Wow busy summer you have ahead of you!  And you would think People would be happy...IT"S SPRING!! lol  What is wrong with them!?

jjdolfin9 said...

You sound a bit like you are on a rollercoaster Jenny.  The concerts sound great.  Some people just don't have any class on the phone.  I always say you can get more flies with honey than with vinegar.  The nicer they are the more they get out of
Hugs, Joyce

helmswondermom said...

Well, I'm glad you are so excited about your gig schedule! lol  
Sorry work is bumming you out, though.  At least you have something to look forward to.

You've been tagged!


cherry2sweet2eat said...

well i have to deal with lazy ass people "do yall have this do you still have this" all the time i thinking bring your ass in the store and see for yourself.

specialadyfink said...

Don't know where in the world you get all that energy.
Shhhesh -hope work gets better....


specialadyfink said...

I am letting you know that you've been tagged...just visit to see the rules...LOL

pamal3 said...

Hey ladyyyy. I sympathise completely with work!!!. I only love It completely when I get to deal with an elderly lady or gentleman who Is needing assistance and, I take my time In helping them as much as I can. The one's you were talking about have me rolling my eyes! lol. Hope you have a fabby weekend. :-) Love Pammels. xx

elainey2465 said...

LOL you nut you dont have to make comments to justify doing an entry you just do it!!! So pleased for you that you got all them gigs lined up - no wonder you is happy! Lainexxxx

rdautumnsage said...

Live it up! Wicked cool that you managed to score the tickets tonight, no wonder your doing the happy dance. Sorry people have been so moody lately, seems to be the attitude all around. I'm chalking it up to cabin fever and the desperate need for sun.

Have a grand weekend visiting with your Mom and sister. Enjoy Trini Saturday night! Give her a hug and say thanks for being there for you, from me. As for the meme...I've been tagged twice now, I imagine I'll have to get around to it sometime this weekend. (Hugs) Indigo

jaymact1 said...

Hope your weekend is better than your week at work sounds like you had a terrible time.  You have got a busy summer ahead hope the weather is good for the outdoor events. Love Joan

labdancer51 said...

Hi Jenny,  I can`t understand why people have to be so vile, it doesn`t help their situation and it certainly doesn`t get anything done. I have customers like that who talk to me as if I`m stupid, sometimes I can easily shrug it off and other times, well you know exactly what I mean.  It looks like an exciting time for you this Summer, I hope the weather is kind to you at the festival. :o)

Love Sandra xxxx

funnyface0s0 said...

Yay Jen .........Jaynee dancing round the room to keep up with Jen !!!!   :o)
Sounds like your gonna have a fab year .. woooo hoooo !!!! XXXX

jeadie05 said...

Oh Jen after a shit week ,you have a lovely summer to look forwartd too Jan xx