Tuesday, 30 August 2005

The Big Day 15/08/05

Hi Everyone - hope your ok!!  Thanks for the sweet messages from yesterdays entry!!  It seems I've missed quite a bit - still I'm sure I'll catch up :-)  *positive thinking* Anyhoo I'm gonna try and remember Trina's big day and start writing about it for you guys!!  All pics that shall be used are courtesy of Cat Horwood you can check her blog out (it's under my faves ----------> over there somewhere LOL)


Trina and Cat came round to mine on the Friday.  We ordered a Dominoes and watched the BB final.  Did anyone else feel sorry for Makosi?  I suppose she did bring it on herself but even Davina was being nasty!!  Trina and I enjoyed watching it but I'm not so sure about Cat, she hadn't been watching it religiously like us and did not like it!!  About 11ish we all retired to bed.  Trina was sharing with me which was quite a laugh but not when she was snoring LOL............(sorry Trine......I've told everyone else LOL..........)

Next morning we all woke up around quarter to nine. 

  (Trina getting ready at mine, yep that's my flat you can see my computer in the background :-)

 Had some brekkie and got our stuff ready to go to Shirley's (wayne's mum).  Debbie (wayne's brother's partner) came and picked us up.  We got to Shirley's about 10:30am, the weather was lovely so we remained hopeful it would stay that way.  Cat and I sat outside whilst Shirley and Trina sorted stuff out.  Debbie had to go back to her house to get Jason's (Wayne's brother) jacket.  Jess (Wayne's neice and other bridesmaid) was playing around and Terry, (Shirley's other half) was keeping well out of the way.  Eventually Trina's dad, brother David, Emma (Dave's other half) and Joseph (Dave and Emma's little boy, whose 2yrs old and was page boy), turned up.  It was really weird seeing all these people again, well her dad and brother at least, (at one stage in my life I lived with Trina and her family and since moving to where I am now, I hadn't seen them for ages!!) Shirley got the ol' bubbly out so we all had a drink before the madness of the day set in.  Jess had a few toys to keep Joey entertained.  Suddenly it got too cold to sit outside so we all moved into Shirley's sitting room.  I couldn't get over how smart Trina's dad looked and how grown up her brother Dave was.  I could still remember the day Trina told me she had a nephew and here he was 2 years old!!  How time flies..........................

Just before 12ish discussions started taking place about my head piece.  I had found out the day before I was no longer going to have flowers in my hair which I was quite looking forward too.  Shirley had accquired two tiara type things and everyone decided which would look better.  Not long after 12, it was decided that Emma should make a start, so I went upstairs with Trina to get into the top of my two piece.  As we were pulling it on a button flew off .................  I couldn't believe it!!  Luckily I was informed you couldn't see where it should be so we should be able to get away with it!!  So I got the top on, pulled a dressing gown over it and Emma applied my make up!!  I don't wear make up - mainly coz I don't know how to apply it but also I used to make this big song and dance about how if someone didn't like me as I am then they didn't like me at all - don't ask!!  Jess kept coming up to see what was going on..........

 Me getting make up applied, Emma standing up and Jess is behind me!!

Eventually I was finished with make up so I went downstairs as Shirley had put on a small buffet.  Unfortunately I couldn't eat anything for fear of ruining the lippy.  I was hungry and thirsty.......Roll on when we get to the do!!  LOL  Not long afterwards Cat went with Dave and Terry to the church (it was only like 5 seconds down the road.)  Debbie eventually came back, so Trina was pestering her for information on Wayne!!  Trina's dad was trying his best to keep Joseph entertained.  All of a sudden it was panic stations upstairs, Jess was getting ready in one room, Shirley was getting changed, Emma had started on Trina's hair, and Debbie was gonna get ready once Jess was.  I decided it was time to change into the skirt which I did but then I had to get the shoes on LOL.........When I tried and bent over to do it I swear I heard a ripping sound!!  Eventually after asking everyone for help but being told they would when they weren't so busy, I managed somehow to do it by myself   I was chuffed so I went up to tell Trina that I'd managed to do it!!

 Trina having her hair done (you can see mine and Jess's basket of flowers on the cupboard behind :-)  It was then that she gave me my first set of instructions as a bridesmaid.  To get all stuff that's not going to the church into Debbie's car!!  I should point out it had started chucking it down outside by this point!!  Jess helped me and we got a little wet going out to the car.  Whilst we were out there the car had arrived to take us to the church.  Nerves were starting to set in now!!   It was quite funny really coz the church was only down the road!!   By this time as well Wayne was riding around in a ferrari which had been booked to take him to the church!!

Trina managed to get her dress on and we were upstairs alone.  She turned round and asked if she looked alright.  My eyes welled up immediately, she looked absolutely blimin' perfect :-)  I had to go and get some tissue and managed to stuff it into my basket ;-)  After a best friend hug and best wishes etc......I left her with her dad and made my way out to the car.  Emma and I sat at the back, Jess and Debbie were in next and Shirley was in front.  It wasn't half comfortable :-) 

 The car :-)  We got out at the church and Kathy (photographer) wanted pics.  It was still raining but was easing off a bit by then.  Jess and I waited for Trina with Emma and Joey!!  He looked really smart in his outfit :-)  When the car made it back, it had Trina and her dad inside and more pics were taken.  My big moment was coming up and I was very nervous but Jess was there to calm me down (she'd done this before you see ;-)  We got to the archway before going into the church and what I wasn't informed about was I'd only have about a second to sort Trina's dress out before we had to walk down the aisle.  Grrrrrr.........I think I managed it though and we made our way down the church.  It wasn't a very long walk and after the first hymn I sat down in the 2nd row next to Trina's gran.  :-)  (Someone else I hadn't seen for ages).

I shall continue with this tomorrow or maybe later in the week!!  I shall leave you with a lovely pic of Trina though :-)

  Altogether now awwwwwwwwwww...................


Take Care everyone

Jen xx 

Monday, 29 August 2005



Hi everyone - how are you all??  I'm not gonna ask if you missed me coz that goes without saying LOL..... I missed all you guys!!  I just thought I'd give a quick update coz I saw Rach's message in the comments asking if I was ok ;-)  (thanks Rach )  I have so much to tell you all so expect some long entries soon!!  There's Trina's wedding, my hols, and this weekend Trina had a bar-b-q and some of our Queen friends came down!!  Anyway I'm gonna turn my alerts back on (once I figure out how to LOL.........) so it's good to be back!!

Take care everyone

Jen xx

Thursday, 11 August 2005

This is it from me!!

Hiya Everyone - how ya all doin?? So this is my final entry for a week and two days!!  Are you gonna miss me??  nah didn't think so LOL.........I know most of you will be on hols too so those who will be have a super time and I hope you won't forget anything coz I know I'm bound too LOL.......... Look there we all go waving goodbye to those of you who we leave behind!!  :-)

Anyhoo.........there isn't much to say!!  Firstly let's start off with the watches.

Brian watch - still nothing grrrrrr...........

Nail watch - painted them last night with clear nail varnish so hopefully all's good at the moment!!  (oh my god mental block on how to spell moment LOL)  I didn't have to peel any spuds tonight and I won't have to do any tomorrow night either so pray that they last the day at work :-)  Thank you!!

Weather watch - haven't checked, shall do that now!!  It still says showers, yet Sunday looks lovely damn it

Gosh Saturday's getting closer and the more I think about it the more panicked I am!!  I dread to think how Trina's feeling LOL.........I think I'm more freaked about looking after her cats but I have a feeling I've told you all this already - why do I keep repeating myself?

Tonight I've packed as much as I can, made a list of stuff that needs to be packed that hasn't been already, showered, washed hair, quick hoover - I'm knackered LOL...........

Work was ok today!!  Managed to get to the shop at lunchtime to buy something that I needed desperately!! Also I brought a tv mag for next week and guess what.................and for this I feel a singsong comin' on.........

'Don't know where we're going, got no way of knowin', Drivin' on the road to nowhere, spongin' for a livin', checkin' out the women, driving on the road to nowhere'

Yep the repeats of the show that I've tried to get on DVD start next Friday  YAY!!  Never have I been more happier about repeats on the TV LOL...........

Sorry 'bout that - just went slightly happy LOL..........

So I don't know what else to say, next time you see me Trina will be a married lady and I'll have been single for over a year (ooer scary!!) LOL........

Take good care of yourselves coz I'm gonna miss you all!!  I shall take pics and try and keep a written journal if I do anything worth writing about.

(grrrrrrrrr............photobucket's not working you can't have a nice graphic at the end! Okay one more go............oooo I may have fixed it! LOL maybe not, oh how frustrating..........)


Wednesday, 10 August 2005

More nonsense

How are you all?  Not many sleeps left - Sara's doing the whole countdown thing if you wanna know how many are left exactly LOL........

So what is there to tell you all??  Firstly are you watching Lost?  What do you think?  It's not too bad!!  I can't believe Craig's gone from BB6 - I don't want any of the others to win.  It's slowly dawning on me that I won't be watching it next week.

Anyway onto more pressing matters:

First we have Nail Watch:  My nails have grown to a nice length so I would like to keep them that way for the wedding, they'd look better in the photos then short stumpy things which I had for the hen night!!  Not a good idea!!  So far so good.........it's very nerve racking peeling spuds coz I usually catch my fingers with the peeler....Keep those fingers crossed I don't please..........

Next:  Brian Watch - still no email from him.  It's getting quite frustrating coz many of my friends have gone on about seeing an email in your inbox that's from Brian May!!  Maybe we won't get one I don't know but it would be nice if he said thanks or something like that!!

And last but not least we have Weather Watch - this is for Saturday of course and last time I checked it was forecasting  yep showers!!  Again cross your fingers peeps :-)

Work has been pretty crap at the moment so boring! To top it all off Pauline's been in one of her moods, I don't think it's helped that her car went to the garage yesterday and she still hasn't got it back.  I asked her about it this morning BIG MISTAKE!!  I'm feeling a little relieved coz tomorrow she'll be on a course (that customer care one that I've done,) and then on Friday we should hopefully be getting the accounts so it'll be busy :-)

News on the DVD front - can't remember if I've already told you but the bloke who did it is sending me another one!!  Hoping and praying that it works.  You probably won't believe this but I've been watching the one that doesn't work!!  Well listening to it anyway and it is actually highly entertaining - just a bit depressing I can't see what's going on when it goes all quiet!!  Oh well, just gotta wait until October when it'll be released officially :-)

I was quite proud of myself again last night, I had gone to close the bedroom curtains and shut the windows.  I put the little lamp on and turned round there was a bug on the wall.  Couldn't kill it coz it would leave a mess, so I decided I had to get rid of it.  Well it couldn't stay there coz I can't sleep with it there!!  I grabbed a glass and a piece of paper and managed to get it in the glass and got it out the front door!!    Yay me!!

There isn't much else to tell you!!  Plus I better leave something to tomorrow's update the last one in a while :-)

So until then

Jen xx

Today's thought: 

Sunday, 7 August 2005

Tears and Laughter

Hi Everyone!!  Have you had a good weekend?  Well the title of this entry pretty much sums up my weekend, let me tell you about it ;-)

Friday - Pauline took the day off again so with only myself there to keep busy I managed to spread the work out quite nicely!  Team Leader said I could go early if I wanted to so I thought 4pm would be nice time to leave.  Went to file something away about 2 minutes to 4 (ooer come over all hot!!  flippin' hell like being in a sauna!!) and managed to cut myself on the folder :-(  Flippin' papercuts why are they the worse cuts in the world??  Still thought I'd live so I left early.  Was thinking about the nice relaxing weekend I had coming up so was walking home in a pretty good mood.  Got to my front door, unlocked it and I could hear rushing water.  'Oh my god' I'm thinking, 'the bathroom's flooded'.  I walk to the bathroom, put the light on, scared of what I was gonna see, only to find no water but I could still hear it.  It was the flippin' toilet and the godforsaken overflow thing.  This time though I couldn't fix it!!  I rung the landlord who was on their way to a weekend in Padstow so were nowhere near to fix it!!  They ring back with a telephone number of a plumber that the agency had used.   I rung Trina, (I always ring her in a crisis!!) I eventually get off the phone and ring the plumber who says he can't do it this evening (reason the traffic) and will come round Saturday morning at 9am.  Trina's sent Wayne round to turn the stop cock off!!  Bless him!!  So he turned it off after I'd filled up every available thing to fill water in LOL.......  It's a strange feeling not having water avaiable, we really do take it forgranted don't we?

Saturday - Got up at 8am, (so much for my lie in!!) and the plumber turned up at 9am, did his bit and left - he's sending me the bill!!  Post arrived it was my Max & Paddy DVD from Ebay.  Been waiting for this all week (ooo er another hot flush!!), stuck in the player, got all excited, started singing the theme tune, pressed play, got commentary but no visual I couldn't believe it!!  So I thought I'd try it on the computer, only to find out I haven't instaled the DVD thingy and couldn't find the disk!!  I turned all the cupboard out coz I wanted to find it, but no such joy!!  I really was at the end of my tether by this point!!  :-( I hoovered the flat, but not very thoroughly coz I just couldn't be bothered, but knew i had to do it coz Trina was coming round.  Then I flopped on the sofa for the rest of the morning to watch stuff.  Just as I had decided I should do the washing up before she turns up, she rings the doorbell!

We have a laugh really as this is the last weekend we'll spend together as single girls!!  Next time she'll be a married lady!!  God that's scary!!  Decided we both needed a laugh, so went to get DVD's and wine!!  We got out Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights series 2 (already got series 1) and Peter Kay Live at the Bolton Hall.  The Live stuff was hysterical!!  I will never look at a rich tea in the same way LOL.......It's funny coz you can see yourself doing it.....genius!!  Just before she left we watched some of Live at Brixton :-)  Spent the rest of the night on the computer and watched 3 episodes of series 2 ;-)

Sunday - Watched the rest of series 2, watched the out-takes and all the extra stuff, they even do commentary over the episodes.  Didn't watch that all, I will when I've bought it!!  The bit I did hear though Freddie Mercury was mentioned :-)  How cool is that!!  I took the DVD's back, I don't want them for two nights!!  Went for a walk in the sunshine and didn't do much else!!  Was gonna colour my hair but couldn't coz it has to be clean and my hair wasn't (it is now LOL)!!  Roger was on Top Gear, looking rather scrummy even if I do say so myself!!  On his boat bless him - wish I was there ;-)

I think that's about it for now, not looking forward to the week ahead but my hols is coming up!!  Probably the same amount of sleeps as Sara   One last thing before I go coz I think this is cool and feel like mentioning it :-)  Last night I did a search on AOL for Patrick McGuiness and on page 4 of the search was my journal LOL........Part 5 comedians and condoms - that is so cool!!!  Doesn't do it on Yahoo though :-(  but still I'm rather proud of that ;-)

On that note I shall leave you here - have a good week everyone!!

Love ya

 - something to think about LOL

Jen xxx

Thursday, 4 August 2005

Far too much to say!!

Hi everyone - how are you?   Well here we are another week nearly over and finally a proper update from jolly ol' me!!  :-)

Let's see what's happened since last time!!  Work pretty much LOL.....It's in one of it's low's before the accounts are due again, bascially scraping the bottom of the barrel for work.  Still trying to keep busy so the days will go quickly but sometimes that's quite difficult.  Pauline gets in her moods when there's not much work to do!!  It makes me wonder why she stays in this job if she prefers to keep busy.  When we are busy she tends to get stressed.........Anyway she was off today so I managed to make things last quite a while.   She tends to do things quite quickly and moans when there's nothing to do!!  I'm sorry it sounds like I'm moaning about her doesn't it?  I suppose I am in a way.  She's alright sometimes and when we're helping each other out there's a good team spirit but when she's not very chatty you just wanna stay away if you know what I mean!!  Still it's Friday tomorrow - only another week to go till the accounts arrive and then I'm off for a week and two days :-)  YAY!!

So the wedding is in a week and a day!!  That's quite scary when you think about it!!  I remember posting the picture of Trina's dress up here the first time round.  It's gonna be over so quickly!!  I can't say I'll be disappointed though coz hopefully my best mate will be more like her ol' self again!!  Don't get me wrong she's a little trooper, but at the moment I think she's very stressed, which is to be expected no doubt!!  (jeez I'm moaning too much here tonight LOL)

Then I'm looking after her cats!!  I found out today that they aren't back from honeymoon until the Tuesday so that meant having to take another day off.  I don't mind but I have that guilt feelin' coz I know the accounts are there.  Why do I feel guilty??  I bet no-one else does where work is concerned!!

I am feeling a tad unhappy about my week off though (although I'm not trying to think about this too much otherwise I will be depressed), Roger, Brian andBen Elton are gonna be at WWRY on the 17th.  I would love to go, but it's weird I can't imagining going without Trina even though some other mates are going, it would just be too weird!!  Plus I can't really afford it so I'm not going!!  I've done well in not thinking about it so far!!  It's strange coz when I do I don't think about the fact Roger and Brian are gonna be there, I just feel slightly jealous about the fact all our mates are meeting up.........isn't that strange!  Good thing is I won't have any internet access that week (or maybe that's a bad thing) so I won't be able to find out what happened until much later LOL..........

I'm gonna do some thinking when I'm at Trina's!!  I've had a few thoughts about life recently so hopefully by the end of the hol I'll either be desperate for company LOL.......or I'll have figured something out, if you know what I mean??!!

An update regarding my swan couple.  It looks like their eggs have been smashed.  I did wonder why they weren't hatching.  It was weird though coz they went from having about six, to four then to three.  I feel really sorry for them but I don't know any more than the fact there is smashed eggs in the nest!!  Let's hope they try again and get more luck!!

I sent an email to Brian the other day!!  First time ever and sometimes he replies to them so I'm gonna call this Brian Watch and I'll let you know if he responds.  Although technically he won't be responding to me, he'll address it to Trina LOL..........

I'm really proud of myself!!  My landlord came round on Saturday, before I'd managed to do any cleaning I hasten to add!!  First time of meeting them too.........anyway he came to fix the overflow in the toilet.  Well the other day it did it again and I had to fix it myself.  I remembered I had to turn the screw but couldn't remember which way I had to turn it arrrrrrhhhhhhhh............I got in a right tiz about it but I've done it managed to fix it and so far no overflow - keep your fingers crossed :-)

(This is turning into a big entry I do apologise!!)  Ebay - I too, like Stuart have become addicted.  I've won quite a bit on there now.  I've got Brixton, Newcastle, Manchester, Cardiff, and Wembley from the gigs we went to on cd.  I've also won a bag, and a Max and Paddy DVD :-)  I'm so chuffed with my purchases, I'll have to have a go at selling something!!

Well I think I shall leave you here before I think of something else to tell you LOL  (doing another hair colouring test, waiting for it to dry but no irratation yet.  Mind you it's the same brand I used last time!!) 

Till next time!!

Take care xx

Monday, 1 August 2005

Trina's Hen Do!!

Hi everyone - well here's the update on Trina's hen do!!  LOL that sounds funny if you say it quickly hen do LOL........ Sorry..........

First of the pics is the two little boys I'm looking after, soloman and dibley, bless them.........thought you'd like to see them :-)  I can rarely tell them apart so that should be fun LOL........Anyway onwards.........

Cat and I stayed at Trina's on the Friday night, Saturday morning we went shopping.  I don't do going out so needed something to wear.  Her workmates had decided that the theme should be cowgirls, but Trina and I decided to retaliate coz we couldn't think of a better theme, so we would go dressy!!  Well we'd still wear boots and jeans LOL........ So costumes were sorted, Cat had a nap, Trina had a shower and Wayne was picking his mum and cousin up so we just waited for people to arrive.  The cowboy hats that her workmates had brought were taken out of the bag they'd come in and Soloman had gone straight into the bag (pic 1) bless him LOL........

Becky, Trina's workmate turned up first.  She seemed nice and started pouring everyone a vodka and lemonade.  I didn't want one so passed the offer.  We all got changed and waited for the designated driver to arrive.  When he did get back he'd brought Maria (waynes cousin) and Shirley (waynes mum) with him, and they were dressed in full cow girl outfits.  They weren't amused when they saw us wearing nice tops.  But we were rebelling.................

First for the evening was a meal in Hooks.  So Wayne dropped Becky, Trina, Cat and myself down first and went back to get Maria and Shirley.  Photo opportunity taken (pics 3 and 4) and we decided to wait for Maria and Shirley outside.  Whilst we were waiting all Trina's workmates turned up.  (I would list their names but I can't remember them all), and they decided to go in and get drinks.  Lots of blokes walked in whilst we were waiting.  Eventually Wayne came back with Maria and Shirley so we all piled into Hooks.  We were shown to our table.  Beside us were two tables full of blokes!!  There was also another hen party in there.  Behind us there was a poster wishing various people happy birthdays and it even said 'Happy Hen Night Katrina' LOL.........you can see that in pic5!!

We all ordered food and some wine, which was going down far too easily!!  Trina and I were worried for ourselves we were getting extremely light headed and our meals hadn't arrived yet LOL.........There was a really cute bloke in there too, I just thought that should be mentioned.  At one point when Trina, Cat and I went to the bar, Right Said Fred's I'm too Sexy was playing and he walked past us singing it LOL........We were all like 'yes you are'..............

Once the food had gone past (which was very nice, I had cajun chicken :-)  Shirley commented that it didn't feel much like a hen night.  She's had much experience in hen night's so a small group of us decided that Trina should start doing dares.   First was to find the bloke whose birthday it was on the tables opposite and get him to kiss her.  Luckily she managed to catch him on his way to the loo LOL......Next she had to get someone's sock!!  Again from the blokes tables.  Apparently they thought she was asking for a snog LOL........She managed to complete it see pic 6 and the bloke told her she could keep it, which she did LOL.........Cat had still gone to the bar and brought Trina a chocolate flavoured Vodka, which she drunk.  The cute bloke then came up with the same drink and wished her a happy night.  Just for personal reasons I told her she had to get a pic with him.  So Cat took one (see pic 7)!!  Everyone decided it was time to move on - Weatherspoons here we come!!

We'd managed to pinch two balloons from Hooks and tied them to Trina's bunches :-)  We got into Weatherspoons but it was a tight squeeze as there were tons of people in there.  We got chatting to one bloke on the way in and he came and joined our group a bit later.  Apparently he was staying on one of the boats in the harbour - so he became known as boat bloke.  Cat found out he liked Queen LOL..........Thing was though he disappeared and we saw him with the other hen party group, then when we made more noise he came back LOL...........

Anyway more dares for Trina.  Shirley or Maria decided that Trina should ask to see some blokes tattoo.  She walked round the pub asking blokes if they had a tattoo and if they did could she see it.  First bunch said no.  Second bunch were hysterical............I can't even remember what started it but we all started chanting 'off' to them and they scarpered LOL...........it was soooooooo funny!!  Eventually some bloke showed her the tattoo on his arm!!  Weatherspoons was a bit boring so her workmates suggested we move onto Bar Med.

Outside Weatherspoons Trina had to complete another dare, ask the policeman for a kiss but she settled on a photo.  see pic 9.  Then someone said she had to get a kiss from the bus driver.  As we were walking up that way, some TWAT came along and purposefully popped one of Trina's balloons.  I couldn't believe it!!  Some nice bloke was gonna chase him and said that he was bang out of order for doing that - bless!!  Trina wasn't happy she'd lost one of her balloons!!  But she carried on like a trooper and climbed aboard the bus.  The bus driver told her to stand where she was and he took a pic of her on his mobile LOL.............She did get her kiss!!  When she came off the bus I said to her 'That'll keep him warm on long lonely cold nights' LOL...........She was freaked by that!!

We reached Bar Med and got in no probs!!  There were tons of blokes all dressed as women at the bar.  They were on a stag do, so a pic was taken of Trina and the stag LOL.........He had bigger breasts than me LOL..........We caught up with boat bloke again!!  He wished us a good night if he didn't see us again........and guess who else we bumped into.......only the blokes that had scarpered from Weatherspoons it was quite amusing.  Got some drinks and found her workmates and then everyone disappeared on the dancefloor.  I tried it but felt too self conscious.  Maria requested some music and told the DJ it was Trina's hen night.  He read it out and we made so much noise LOL.......she also got a free bottle of bubbly.........there were so many hen nights out that night it was unbelieveable.  The music wasn't so bad, a mixture of todays and mainly 80's stuff.   Shirley had a go at me for not dancing on the dancefloor so I went down there.  Just as I was getting into it, everyone decided it was time to move on!!  Her workmates said they were going to Route 66 but none of us knew where that was but we managed to catch up with them in town.  As Trina was saying goodbye to some of them, Cat and I started asking people if they were Roger Taylor (don't ask!!)  First bloke she asked he said yes!!  When we started going mad, he ran away LOL...........We'd followed a Brian lookalike across the street.  Found a bald bloke and called him John Deacon.  Another hen night went walking past and their dummy looked like Freddie, so Cat told them and they started singing I want to Break Free.  LOL.............All we needed now was a Paul Rodgers lookalike.  As we made our way to Route 66 Cat started shouting Paul.  I was expecting some random bloke to say what LOL............

Found Route 66 no problem, and started queueing.  There were some blokes in front of us and they asked if we would mingle with them.  Mainly coz they didn't think they would get in 9 blokes.  So we mingled.  Trina got chatting to the Aussie bloke and decided he was gonna be her stag and introduced him to Shirley his 'mum' LOL......it was funny coz he said 'hi mum'.............I got speaking to Dan and gave him my veil to wear, which he did for most of the night.  Aussie bloke (called antony) paid for Trina to get in!  Bless him :-)

It was such a good laugh in there but flippin' hot!!  First we queued for drinks and then Grease megamix came on and all the bar staff got up onto the bar and started dancing which was cool!!  (pic 11) Cat and I were dancing too (pic 12)  There were two podiums either side of the bar where anyone could go up!!  Usually it would be some woman with her knickers showing but pic 13 says not always!!  LOL.......  Every few songs the bar staff would be up again, it made me wanna work there.  Also every now and then the dj would ask if you wanted free tequila, and then would play terrovision's Tequila song.  If you wanted some you had to stand by the bar whilst the bar staff would spray you with it.  Shirley dragged Trina to get some LOL........Maria's feet were killing her by the time we got there so she sat down for most of the time (pic 14).  Shirley certainly enjoyed herself, I think she was more pissed than Trina or I LOL..........(pic 15)

Becky kept pouring Vodka into her smirnoff and as we were all drinking smirnoff it was hard to tell whose was whose by the end of it.  I must've had at least 4 sips of Becky's drink during the night grrrr........LOL...........Dan and Antony came past every now and then and one time Dan asked Cat for a dance, so I took a picture of it LOL (pic 20) Then they got up on the podium (Dan and Antony)  it was fantastic watching them up there, best part of the evening!!  LOL........As we were watching Trina, myself and Cat all felt an urge to go and join them but only Cat took up this idea!  She got told to come down though as it was a risk of some sort!!  (pic 24)

They gave an announcement about Trina's hen do but we kinda missed it and didn't make much noise!!  They played We Will Rock You, but didn't play Brian's guitar bit at the end.  They also played Bo Rhap!!  Cat and I suffered from neck ache for about 3 days afterwards.  We requested amarillo, they played a snippet and asked for the crowd to do a congo, which Trina and Cat started but eventually came back!  Unfortunately our enjoyment was coming to an end because Becky got herself in a state where she couldn't even stand up on her own.  Trina started to worry about getting her home but I tried to tell her, that it wasn't her problem!!  She was not responsible!!

Oh I forgot to mention the bloke who was very smartly dressed and kept walking past our table and clapping in our direction.  He then took each of our hands in turn and kissed them LOL........  I thought that was pretty cool........

End of the night and I went to get my veil back from Dan.  He'd gone and given it to the bar staff!!  We decided to say goodbye to them anyway and Antony gave Cat his address to email him the pictures we'd taken of them on the podium.  They were a really nice bunch of lads!!

We made our way back up to Debenhams were we were to wait for Wayne to pick us up.  By this time it was raining quite heavily!!  Trina found Becky with the remaining workmates and tried to get her sorted out.  By this time Wayne turned up, so Cat and I got into the car.  Trina was on the other side of the road so Wayne went to help!!   Whilst we were waiting Cat was like 'oh my god' I was like 'what' and turned round to see this bloke throwing punches to this car driver.  Apparently the car had run into him.  The police turned up then, it was quite interesting to watch!!

Wayne got back to the car and we were asked to move on, by this time Trina and the gang were crossing the road to the car, so we had to do a full circle.  It had been decided that Becky was staying at Jenny's.  So we had to give them both a lift home.  Nightmare!!  I wasn't sitting down properly and at one point I thought Wayne was gonna crash!!  Scary!!

We got back to Trina's and went to bed.  I was getting a headache but I didn't have a hangover.  :-)  What a great night!!