Thursday, 4 August 2005

Far too much to say!!

Hi everyone - how are you?   Well here we are another week nearly over and finally a proper update from jolly ol' me!!  :-)

Let's see what's happened since last time!!  Work pretty much LOL.....It's in one of it's low's before the accounts are due again, bascially scraping the bottom of the barrel for work.  Still trying to keep busy so the days will go quickly but sometimes that's quite difficult.  Pauline gets in her moods when there's not much work to do!!  It makes me wonder why she stays in this job if she prefers to keep busy.  When we are busy she tends to get stressed.........Anyway she was off today so I managed to make things last quite a while.   She tends to do things quite quickly and moans when there's nothing to do!!  I'm sorry it sounds like I'm moaning about her doesn't it?  I suppose I am in a way.  She's alright sometimes and when we're helping each other out there's a good team spirit but when she's not very chatty you just wanna stay away if you know what I mean!!  Still it's Friday tomorrow - only another week to go till the accounts arrive and then I'm off for a week and two days :-)  YAY!!

So the wedding is in a week and a day!!  That's quite scary when you think about it!!  I remember posting the picture of Trina's dress up here the first time round.  It's gonna be over so quickly!!  I can't say I'll be disappointed though coz hopefully my best mate will be more like her ol' self again!!  Don't get me wrong she's a little trooper, but at the moment I think she's very stressed, which is to be expected no doubt!!  (jeez I'm moaning too much here tonight LOL)

Then I'm looking after her cats!!  I found out today that they aren't back from honeymoon until the Tuesday so that meant having to take another day off.  I don't mind but I have that guilt feelin' coz I know the accounts are there.  Why do I feel guilty??  I bet no-one else does where work is concerned!!

I am feeling a tad unhappy about my week off though (although I'm not trying to think about this too much otherwise I will be depressed), Roger, Brian andBen Elton are gonna be at WWRY on the 17th.  I would love to go, but it's weird I can't imagining going without Trina even though some other mates are going, it would just be too weird!!  Plus I can't really afford it so I'm not going!!  I've done well in not thinking about it so far!!  It's strange coz when I do I don't think about the fact Roger and Brian are gonna be there, I just feel slightly jealous about the fact all our mates are meeting up.........isn't that strange!  Good thing is I won't have any internet access that week (or maybe that's a bad thing) so I won't be able to find out what happened until much later LOL..........

I'm gonna do some thinking when I'm at Trina's!!  I've had a few thoughts about life recently so hopefully by the end of the hol I'll either be desperate for company LOL.......or I'll have figured something out, if you know what I mean??!!

An update regarding my swan couple.  It looks like their eggs have been smashed.  I did wonder why they weren't hatching.  It was weird though coz they went from having about six, to four then to three.  I feel really sorry for them but I don't know any more than the fact there is smashed eggs in the nest!!  Let's hope they try again and get more luck!!

I sent an email to Brian the other day!!  First time ever and sometimes he replies to them so I'm gonna call this Brian Watch and I'll let you know if he responds.  Although technically he won't be responding to me, he'll address it to Trina LOL..........

I'm really proud of myself!!  My landlord came round on Saturday, before I'd managed to do any cleaning I hasten to add!!  First time of meeting them too.........anyway he came to fix the overflow in the toilet.  Well the other day it did it again and I had to fix it myself.  I remembered I had to turn the screw but couldn't remember which way I had to turn it arrrrrrhhhhhhhh............I got in a right tiz about it but I've done it managed to fix it and so far no overflow - keep your fingers crossed :-)

(This is turning into a big entry I do apologise!!)  Ebay - I too, like Stuart have become addicted.  I've won quite a bit on there now.  I've got Brixton, Newcastle, Manchester, Cardiff, and Wembley from the gigs we went to on cd.  I've also won a bag, and a Max and Paddy DVD :-)  I'm so chuffed with my purchases, I'll have to have a go at selling something!!

Well I think I shall leave you here before I think of something else to tell you LOL  (doing another hair colouring test, waiting for it to dry but no irratation yet.  Mind you it's the same brand I used last time!!) 

Till next time!!

Take care xx


labdancer51 said...

HeHeHe...I love your funny little name graphic, I should have one like that because I`m always!  What a shame about the swan eggs.  On a lake near here, the swans lost their eggs to a fox and they have now moved on somewhere else.  I can`t remember when the lake didn`t have a paie of swans on it.  I just hope some new ones take up residence soon.  Have a lovely weekend :-)

Sandra xxxx

irisclyde said...

Nice new look to your journal and with a lovely picture! Have a good week, hope the wedding goes well and happy thinking!

sarajanesmiles said...

How excited Trina must be getting now!  I was a wreck a week before my wedding, not with nerves, just pure excitement!!  I hope she has the wedding day of her dreams :o)
I hope you get time to think about the things you want to think about while you're cat sitting, and that you figure out whatever it is you want to figure out!  
That's sad about the swan eggs.  I hope they have more luck next time.
Sara   x

tillysweetchops said...

Nothing worse than a persistant toilet overflow pipe is there? I do sympathise.  And might I say what a lovely shade of orange you've picked for your site - cheerful and warming all at the same time! Tilly.

shadp said...

Sounds as though you're a natural plumber on the quiet - fixing the overflow valve! You sure the swan eggs didn't hatch - just leaving egg shells behind, making them look like smashed eggs? Probably not - I expect I'm just being thick! Thanks for your reply to the message I posted on the Journal Message Board, by the way. Much appreciated. And no - I'm not leaving the journal scene altogether. I'll still be around - just won't be writing a journal of my own any more, not a public one anyway. But thanks again!