Sunday, 7 August 2005

Tears and Laughter

Hi Everyone!!  Have you had a good weekend?  Well the title of this entry pretty much sums up my weekend, let me tell you about it ;-)

Friday - Pauline took the day off again so with only myself there to keep busy I managed to spread the work out quite nicely!  Team Leader said I could go early if I wanted to so I thought 4pm would be nice time to leave.  Went to file something away about 2 minutes to 4 (ooer come over all hot!!  flippin' hell like being in a sauna!!) and managed to cut myself on the folder :-(  Flippin' papercuts why are they the worse cuts in the world??  Still thought I'd live so I left early.  Was thinking about the nice relaxing weekend I had coming up so was walking home in a pretty good mood.  Got to my front door, unlocked it and I could hear rushing water.  'Oh my god' I'm thinking, 'the bathroom's flooded'.  I walk to the bathroom, put the light on, scared of what I was gonna see, only to find no water but I could still hear it.  It was the flippin' toilet and the godforsaken overflow thing.  This time though I couldn't fix it!!  I rung the landlord who was on their way to a weekend in Padstow so were nowhere near to fix it!!  They ring back with a telephone number of a plumber that the agency had used.   I rung Trina, (I always ring her in a crisis!!) I eventually get off the phone and ring the plumber who says he can't do it this evening (reason the traffic) and will come round Saturday morning at 9am.  Trina's sent Wayne round to turn the stop cock off!!  Bless him!!  So he turned it off after I'd filled up every available thing to fill water in LOL.......  It's a strange feeling not having water avaiable, we really do take it forgranted don't we?

Saturday - Got up at 8am, (so much for my lie in!!) and the plumber turned up at 9am, did his bit and left - he's sending me the bill!!  Post arrived it was my Max & Paddy DVD from Ebay.  Been waiting for this all week (ooo er another hot flush!!), stuck in the player, got all excited, started singing the theme tune, pressed play, got commentary but no visual I couldn't believe it!!  So I thought I'd try it on the computer, only to find out I haven't instaled the DVD thingy and couldn't find the disk!!  I turned all the cupboard out coz I wanted to find it, but no such joy!!  I really was at the end of my tether by this point!!  :-( I hoovered the flat, but not very thoroughly coz I just couldn't be bothered, but knew i had to do it coz Trina was coming round.  Then I flopped on the sofa for the rest of the morning to watch stuff.  Just as I had decided I should do the washing up before she turns up, she rings the doorbell!

We have a laugh really as this is the last weekend we'll spend together as single girls!!  Next time she'll be a married lady!!  God that's scary!!  Decided we both needed a laugh, so went to get DVD's and wine!!  We got out Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights series 2 (already got series 1) and Peter Kay Live at the Bolton Hall.  The Live stuff was hysterical!!  I will never look at a rich tea in the same way LOL.......It's funny coz you can see yourself doing it.....genius!!  Just before she left we watched some of Live at Brixton :-)  Spent the rest of the night on the computer and watched 3 episodes of series 2 ;-)

Sunday - Watched the rest of series 2, watched the out-takes and all the extra stuff, they even do commentary over the episodes.  Didn't watch that all, I will when I've bought it!!  The bit I did hear though Freddie Mercury was mentioned :-)  How cool is that!!  I took the DVD's back, I don't want them for two nights!!  Went for a walk in the sunshine and didn't do much else!!  Was gonna colour my hair but couldn't coz it has to be clean and my hair wasn't (it is now LOL)!!  Roger was on Top Gear, looking rather scrummy even if I do say so myself!!  On his boat bless him - wish I was there ;-)

I think that's about it for now, not looking forward to the week ahead but my hols is coming up!!  Probably the same amount of sleeps as Sara   One last thing before I go coz I think this is cool and feel like mentioning it :-)  Last night I did a search on AOL for Patrick McGuiness and on page 4 of the search was my journal LOL........Part 5 comedians and condoms - that is so cool!!!  Doesn't do it on Yahoo though :-(  but still I'm rather proud of that ;-)

On that note I shall leave you here - have a good week everyone!!

Love ya

 - something to think about LOL

Jen xxx


sarajanesmiles said...

I'm liking the new look of your journal :o)
Glad you had a good evening with Trina, the last as single girlies!
Love Peter Kay, I've ordered a Peter Kay live at something or other, maybe it's the same one you saw.
Glad you got the water situation sorted out, did you colour your hair yet?
Six sleeps to go!!!!
Sara   x

tillysweetchops said...

I had an inkling you hadn't heard the last of that toilet overflow! If you decide to get a loan out and call a plumber, be careful what he does in your water storage tank - you know what they're like (see recent House of Horrors footage and subsequent court case!) Tillyx

jules19642001 said...

love the humpty dumpty was pushed lol. Glad you got the overflow thing sorted. its good you had a laugh with Trina on the last weekend and single girls....Jules xxxxx

suzyh73 said...

I knew it! Humpty Dumpty is a major conspiricy im my opinion!


rachealcarol said...

Nice Picture Jen, you've a contagious smile.........and I mean that in a nice way.  I'm thinking the bill goes to the landlord not u Jen it's his pipework, check that out with CAB or someone. xxRache

mtrib2 said...

Enjoyed reading your journal.  You left a comment in mine back in June and I never got back to you.   Take care,   mark  

shadp said...

LOL - fabulous entry! Well, at least you know how to turn off the water, next time there's a flood I guess! Loos and stop-cocks? They're always a pain in the proverbial backside - in more ways than one sometimes, lol! That's amazing though - your blog coming up on a search like that. Fame at last, eh!