Wednesday, 10 August 2005

More nonsense

How are you all?  Not many sleeps left - Sara's doing the whole countdown thing if you wanna know how many are left exactly LOL........

So what is there to tell you all??  Firstly are you watching Lost?  What do you think?  It's not too bad!!  I can't believe Craig's gone from BB6 - I don't want any of the others to win.  It's slowly dawning on me that I won't be watching it next week.

Anyway onto more pressing matters:

First we have Nail Watch:  My nails have grown to a nice length so I would like to keep them that way for the wedding, they'd look better in the photos then short stumpy things which I had for the hen night!!  Not a good idea!!  So far so's very nerve racking peeling spuds coz I usually catch my fingers with the peeler....Keep those fingers crossed I don't please..........

Next:  Brian Watch - still no email from him.  It's getting quite frustrating coz many of my friends have gone on about seeing an email in your inbox that's from Brian May!!  Maybe we won't get one I don't know but it would be nice if he said thanks or something like that!!

And last but not least we have Weather Watch - this is for Saturday of course and last time I checked it was forecasting  yep showers!!  Again cross your fingers peeps :-)

Work has been pretty crap at the moment so boring! To top it all off Pauline's been in one of her moods, I don't think it's helped that her car went to the garage yesterday and she still hasn't got it back.  I asked her about it this morning BIG MISTAKE!!  I'm feeling a little relieved coz tomorrow she'll be on a course (that customer care one that I've done,) and then on Friday we should hopefully be getting the accounts so it'll be busy :-)

News on the DVD front - can't remember if I've already told you but the bloke who did it is sending me another one!!  Hoping and praying that it works.  You probably won't believe this but I've been watching the one that doesn't work!!  Well listening to it anyway and it is actually highly entertaining - just a bit depressing I can't see what's going on when it goes all quiet!!  Oh well, just gotta wait until October when it'll be released officially :-)

I was quite proud of myself again last night, I had gone to close the bedroom curtains and shut the windows.  I put the little lamp on and turned round there was a bug on the wall.  Couldn't kill it coz it would leave a mess, so I decided I had to get rid of it.  Well it couldn't stay there coz I can't sleep with it there!!  I grabbed a glass and a piece of paper and managed to get it in the glass and got it out the front door!!    Yay me!!

There isn't much else to tell you!!  Plus I better leave something to tomorrow's update the last one in a while :-)

So until then

Jen xx

Today's thought: 


irisclyde said...

Keeping all my fingers crossed, which is making it pretty difficult to type!

jules19642001 said...

I want Anthony to win BB6, especially after putting up with Craig for so long.....Jules xxxx

quartrlyfecrysis said...

take care with your finger and the peeler!  I used to get my fingers when I was little...especially my thumb!  be careful :)
I hope the DVD works :)


sarajanesmiles said...

Craig has gone, and it's only now I realise that I kind of liked him!  Yeah, he was whiney and clingy and not always nice, but I think he meant well.  Out of the others, I would want Eugene to win.  At the start I wondered what BB was thinking putting him in there, and why would he even want to be in there, but he's does seem a nice guy.  Why shouldn't the nice guy win for a change :o)
Have all my fingers crossed.  One hand for your nails, the other for the weather!  
Three more sleeps, three three three!
Sara   x

rachealcarol said...

Haven't seen lost Jen but was told it would be interesting.  Good luck on the nails and well done on the 'bug', I flick mine in a bucket with a wooden're braver than me holding a glass.  xxRache

suzyh73 said...

try having acryllic gel put on the top of your nails, it makes them like concrete. trust me, I've changed a tyre with mine and they never break!


mtrib2 said...

Hi Jen,  we have a different TV program name "Lost", here in the US on free TV.  It is about a dozen people that survived and airplane crash and are stranded on a island thousands of miles away from the flight path and no one can find and rescue them.  It is extremely science fiction at times, but the interaction between the people is what carries the moral tone of the series.  I watch it if there is nothing better on, and it is in re-runs now.  Have a good week and take care,   mark

labdancer51 said...

I taped Lost and started watching it this afternoon, I think it`s going to be a good series to watch...!