Tuesday, 30 August 2005

The Big Day 15/08/05

Hi Everyone - hope your ok!!  Thanks for the sweet messages from yesterdays entry!!  It seems I've missed quite a bit - still I'm sure I'll catch up :-)  *positive thinking* Anyhoo I'm gonna try and remember Trina's big day and start writing about it for you guys!!  All pics that shall be used are courtesy of Cat Horwood you can check her blog out (it's under my faves ----------> over there somewhere LOL)


Trina and Cat came round to mine on the Friday.  We ordered a Dominoes and watched the BB final.  Did anyone else feel sorry for Makosi?  I suppose she did bring it on herself but even Davina was being nasty!!  Trina and I enjoyed watching it but I'm not so sure about Cat, she hadn't been watching it religiously like us and did not like it!!  About 11ish we all retired to bed.  Trina was sharing with me which was quite a laugh but not when she was snoring LOL............(sorry Trine......I've told everyone else LOL..........)

Next morning we all woke up around quarter to nine. 

  (Trina getting ready at mine, yep that's my flat you can see my computer in the background :-)

 Had some brekkie and got our stuff ready to go to Shirley's (wayne's mum).  Debbie (wayne's brother's partner) came and picked us up.  We got to Shirley's about 10:30am, the weather was lovely so we remained hopeful it would stay that way.  Cat and I sat outside whilst Shirley and Trina sorted stuff out.  Debbie had to go back to her house to get Jason's (Wayne's brother) jacket.  Jess (Wayne's neice and other bridesmaid) was playing around and Terry, (Shirley's other half) was keeping well out of the way.  Eventually Trina's dad, brother David, Emma (Dave's other half) and Joseph (Dave and Emma's little boy, whose 2yrs old and was page boy), turned up.  It was really weird seeing all these people again, well her dad and brother at least, (at one stage in my life I lived with Trina and her family and since moving to where I am now, I hadn't seen them for ages!!) Shirley got the ol' bubbly out so we all had a drink before the madness of the day set in.  Jess had a few toys to keep Joey entertained.  Suddenly it got too cold to sit outside so we all moved into Shirley's sitting room.  I couldn't get over how smart Trina's dad looked and how grown up her brother Dave was.  I could still remember the day Trina told me she had a nephew and here he was 2 years old!!  How time flies..........................

Just before 12ish discussions started taking place about my head piece.  I had found out the day before I was no longer going to have flowers in my hair which I was quite looking forward too.  Shirley had accquired two tiara type things and everyone decided which would look better.  Not long after 12, it was decided that Emma should make a start, so I went upstairs with Trina to get into the top of my two piece.  As we were pulling it on a button flew off .................  I couldn't believe it!!  Luckily I was informed you couldn't see where it should be so we should be able to get away with it!!  So I got the top on, pulled a dressing gown over it and Emma applied my make up!!  I don't wear make up - mainly coz I don't know how to apply it but also I used to make this big song and dance about how if someone didn't like me as I am then they didn't like me at all - don't ask!!  Jess kept coming up to see what was going on..........

 Me getting make up applied, Emma standing up and Jess is behind me!!

Eventually I was finished with make up so I went downstairs as Shirley had put on a small buffet.  Unfortunately I couldn't eat anything for fear of ruining the lippy.  I was hungry and thirsty.......Roll on when we get to the do!!  LOL  Not long afterwards Cat went with Dave and Terry to the church (it was only like 5 seconds down the road.)  Debbie eventually came back, so Trina was pestering her for information on Wayne!!  Trina's dad was trying his best to keep Joseph entertained.  All of a sudden it was panic stations upstairs, Jess was getting ready in one room, Shirley was getting changed, Emma had started on Trina's hair, and Debbie was gonna get ready once Jess was.  I decided it was time to change into the skirt which I did but then I had to get the shoes on LOL.........When I tried and bent over to do it I swear I heard a ripping sound!!  Eventually after asking everyone for help but being told they would when they weren't so busy, I managed somehow to do it by myself   I was chuffed so I went up to tell Trina that I'd managed to do it!!

 Trina having her hair done (you can see mine and Jess's basket of flowers on the cupboard behind :-)  It was then that she gave me my first set of instructions as a bridesmaid.  To get all stuff that's not going to the church into Debbie's car!!  I should point out it had started chucking it down outside by this point!!  Jess helped me and we got a little wet going out to the car.  Whilst we were out there the car had arrived to take us to the church.  Nerves were starting to set in now!!   It was quite funny really coz the church was only down the road!!   By this time as well Wayne was riding around in a ferrari which had been booked to take him to the church!!

Trina managed to get her dress on and we were upstairs alone.  She turned round and asked if she looked alright.  My eyes welled up immediately, she looked absolutely blimin' perfect :-)  I had to go and get some tissue and managed to stuff it into my basket ;-)  After a best friend hug and best wishes etc......I left her with her dad and made my way out to the car.  Emma and I sat at the back, Jess and Debbie were in next and Shirley was in front.  It wasn't half comfortable :-) 

 The car :-)  We got out at the church and Kathy (photographer) wanted pics.  It was still raining but was easing off a bit by then.  Jess and I waited for Trina with Emma and Joey!!  He looked really smart in his outfit :-)  When the car made it back, it had Trina and her dad inside and more pics were taken.  My big moment was coming up and I was very nervous but Jess was there to calm me down (she'd done this before you see ;-)  We got to the archway before going into the church and what I wasn't informed about was I'd only have about a second to sort Trina's dress out before we had to walk down the aisle.  Grrrrrr.........I think I managed it though and we made our way down the church.  It wasn't a very long walk and after the first hymn I sat down in the 2nd row next to Trina's gran.  :-)  (Someone else I hadn't seen for ages).

I shall continue with this tomorrow or maybe later in the week!!  I shall leave you with a lovely pic of Trina though :-)

  Altogether now awwwwwwwwwww...................


Take Care everyone

Jen xx 


rachealcarol said...

A big big awwwwww Jen she looks so happy.  I'm in love with the car.  Enjoying reading about it, it's great when you catch up with folks you've not seen for a while.  Grr for the rain but it didn't spoil it. xxRache

tillysweetchops said...

Takes more than a bit of rain to spoil a lovely day. What a car!

suzyh73 said...

Fantastic! I love a good wedding *sniff sniff* I tend to go all Cilla and get my hats out! Good to have you back!


sarajanesmiles said...

Trina looks beautiful, and so happy in this pic :o)
Had tears in my eyes reading this, over emotional woman!
I'm so glad it all went without a hitch, he he he ;o)
Looking forward to reading more, and seeing a pic of you in your outfit.
Sara   x

labdancer51 said...

I can`t wait to see you in your dress, I bet you look lovely in all your finery.  Great photo of Trina. :-)

Sandra xxxx

irisclyde said...

Awwww......indeed, she looks lovely!

mtrib2 said...

Enjoyed reading such an exciting account of your preparations for the wedding.  Your writings just exudes emotional feelings of your life involving your family and friends.  You must be a very fun and positive person to be around.  I am a sedate and boring 53 year old.  This is a wake up call for me about how people live their normal lives.   Take care, and God bless,   mark

gemmast25 said...

Wow what an entry. Sounds like you all had a good time. And congratulations to the blushing bride.

Thanks for stopping by my journal.

Gem xx

jules19642001 said...

she looks gorgeous and I love the car................Jules xxxxxx