Sunday, 27 November 2005

Makin' the Rockin' World Go Round

Hey Everyone!! Thought it was time to post a little entry...........(ooooo freaky I watched Peter Kay live at top of the tower and there's a song that plays at the end of the show, and I swear it's playing now on AOL radio!!) on one of my many tangents there!!

Firstly I apologise about not updating and for stoping the quiz!! I just really can't be bothered at the moment. Trying to gain some more enthusiasm for my journal at the moment so once I've done that you guys will be the first to be aware LOL..........Also I would like to say thank you to all those who commented on my last entry. I have to say I'm quietly surprised as I really did not think many would!! Thank you xx

Anyhoo I thought I'd post something to bring you up to speed of my going's on!! I went to see Tribute band no. 2 for this month with my mum on the 18th. Rather good band by the name of Killer Queen - I shall post some photos for you guys to see. I think because Trina wasn't there I wasn't so analytical about them but I was happy when they did obscure song Machines from the Works album. The more obscure the tribute band the better!! It was great going to a gig with mum and I think she enjoyed herself and even let me ramble on about the tour all the way home

It was good to see Meggy and I managed to join mum in picking her up from school. She is really lovely when she wants to be but I suppose that's true of all kids. It's her birthday at the end of this week and she will be 8 - had to think about that LOL.........I have no idea what to get her but I have got a card, I've just gotta remember to post it on time!! Mum has managed to inform me what to get Meggy for xmas though and what she wants herself so that's two marked off the list.

Trina and I went to see tribute band no 3 for this month on the 24th which is why I couldn't post my Freddie dedication on the day. Gary Mullen and his band The Works. Not bad, Trina doesn't like him so why we go is beyond me!! Just as I was regretting to take her the drummer did a solo. He looked nothing like Rog for example he's bald, but he was a flippin' good drummer!! That made the show a lot better .......... We also went back to Hooks for a meal (we went there for her hen night) and Mr Lovely was there and took our coats for us *deep sigh* When the show finished we went back to hers and it started snowing - how cool is that!! There's some pics that I took of that and one of me in the snow. Doesn't it look great - there were some lovely scenes on the journey to work but unfortunately I couldn't take any pics of them. Luckily I got to work alright but Wayne on his way back managed to get someone slide into him. They drove off but luckily there is no damage or at least there wasn't the last time I spoke to Trina!!

Did you hear about the utter chaos in Cornwall? How stupid can they be!! Surely if you saw the snow you wouldn't dare to venture out and yet they managed to get some how many miles tailback!! Utter madness!! I wonder if that could've been avoided somehow, I mean it's not like we didn't know snow wasn't on the way they had forecasted it all week. I just don't understand this nation at all. It's like we just have to go and make matters a lot worse than they already are!!

The weekend has been quiet, not done anything special. I watched the avaitor - I'm sorry but I thought it was rubbish!!

Queen/Paul Rodgers are apparently going to announce some dates for next year in the USA. Trina's panicking and saying we should go!! I would if I could afford it. It's like I know my limitations when it comes to the band and as much as I would love to go and experience it there is no way I could afford it. If I hadn't been made redundant last year I wouldn't have managed to go to so many on the UK leg this year, so at least something good came out of that LOL.......but seriously unless I win the lottery I can't see it happen :o(

But enough about that I have two days off work this week for the big queenonline meet up at WWRY. Going to see the show and many friends who I haven't seen since the tour. Can't wait :o)

Well I hope you have a good week. I can imagine tomorrow is gonna be a bad day - I hate mondays!!

Take care

Best wishes

Jen xx 

Wednesday, 23 November 2005

A Dedicated Entry

Hey all!!  Well I can't really be bothered to update my journal at the moment.  I have 43 emails to read and the board to keep updated and so I don't wanna bother with the journal as well coz I end up rushing around and I hate that!!  I'm doing an entry today though coz tomorrow is a special day and as I won't be home to do an entry I shall do it today instead..........................

You all know I'm a major Queen fan!!  (If you don't I'm very surprised!!) Thursday 24th November 2005 sees the 14th anniversary of the day Freddie Mercury left us all!! 

   This entry is dedicated to him - my shooting star!! 

I would like to just write what I wrote a few years ago on this same particular day!!

Freddie    Queen fans will always feel the pain and sadness on this day   The day that the world lost one of the greatest showman!!    I miss you like crazy and I wish I could have had the chance to meet you and tell you how fantastic you were.  Most of all I would've loved just to give you a hug   Missing you now and always!!          I don't think I shall ever forget the day after he passed away.  The alarm had woken me for school as usual, mum had just brought up a cup of tea and the radio was on.  The news came on and they told me Freddie had passed away during the hours of Sunday evening.  It shocked me!!  I hadn't seen the papers the day before (or maybe I had I don't honestly remember!)  They played Bohemian Rhapsody (or these are the days).  What I can remember vividly was standing at the bus stop waiting for the bus to turn up, and all the time thinking of how he was gone and we were never gonna see him again!!  It got hold of me all day.  I remember being in a class with Trina and two mates and we started talking about it and how great the band was in general.  Thus began the fascination with the band.
Yes I was too late to see them live but like I said before I live with that and although I regret it, I am proud to be a fan!!  I am proud of all that I have achieved during the last 14 years of being a fan and I am glad I found them when I did!!  I have been to many places, met many people I probably wouldn't have done so if I'd just stuck to listening to music but not going to gigs etc........   I am also deeply grateful to the band and their music.  They have helped me through tough times and make me smile and dance and sing ;-)   Thank you Freddie   I hope where ever you are, you are having a ball darling xx  (I also hope my grandad, my cat and my hamster are keeping you company)!!   Your dedicated fan   Jenny xx 

Thursday, 17 November 2005

Almost here!!

Hey everyone.

Just a quick note to let you know that due to the confusion and kafuffle of the journals this week I've decided to disabandon the quiz for this week.  I didn't really feel like doing it if people weren't getting their alerts.  It does appear to be getting back to normal (she says with 10 alerts still to read ;-) so if I remember I might do it at the weekend instead.

My alerts are gonna build up as I'm going to mum's tomorrow.  I have that Friday feelin' right now and I know it's gonna go away when the alarm goes off in the mornin'.  But I only have to work 1/2 a day so who cares!!  I shall just amble like I have been doin' all week.  LOL.............  I'm going to see a Queen tribute band with mum.  It's going to be fairly strange coz with most queen events Trina's there but not this one.  I shall probably end up at the back of the room with a drink in me hand like those people did last week at Ga Ga's gig LOL............

I'm still not sure what to think of this journal thing.  I can understand that people don't want ads on their journals, but to leave AOL for it seems a bit harsh to me!!  The more I've thought about it, it does seem silly.  I mean at the end of the day whether we like it or not there are ads everywhere.  Whether I would continue my journal if it had an ad at the top is another matter.  I guess I shall cross that bridge when i come to it ;-) 

It sure is getting colder isn't it?  And this is the time of year the electric company make their money off me!!  I have economy 7 heating but it doesn't seem very economic to me...........Still at least I budget for such things.

Today is (i think) my brother's birthday!!  For once (if I have the right day), I've remembered on time.  I sent him a text and a birthday card :-)  No need to give me best sis of the award just yet coz I haven't had a response.  I will check with mum that i got the right day, knowing my luck I expect my bro has fainted with shock and banged his head or something and he's lying somewhere unconsious.  Oh dear, the way my mind works is worrying!!

Well I'm not gonna babble anymore................Have a good weekend peeps and I'll catch up with you all at some point ;-)

Take care, best wishes

Jen xx 

Tuesday, 15 November 2005


 Hi Everyone :-) Hope you're all ok?

Work is crap at the moment, gettin' less busy and my colleague whom I shall forever refer to as her or it, is getting on my nerves even more so!! It hasn't helped that we've managed to find at least 3 mistakes I made over the last 2 days. I don't like those odds to be honest with you. I dread to think what's gonna happen tomorrow!! It's not doing my confidence any good at all!! I must've had a really bad month last month. Either that or I'm just letting it get to me too much. That wouldn't surprise me. I am really considering getting the paper tomorrow with the job section in it. I expect this all to pass but I just don't know at the moment!! Plus I'm worried about this woman coming back from maternity leave. Apparently she may not be back until January and when she does return she will only be in for 2 days but I know they were a team before I worked there. Does all this sound like jealousy to you?? How pathetic is that? I just hate feelin' left out and I get like that a lot. I'm beginning to think the more I go on the more pathetic I am!

Let's change the subject coz I'm getting myself worked up and it's not worth it. There's a Queen documentary on channel 4 tonight at 11.05pm. Here's the chance for another rant. Every morning until today Channel 4 have been advertising their UK Music Hall of Fame programmes especially that one about John Peel. Not once have I seen an ad about the programme tonight!! Sorry I know it's not worth gettin' worked up about that, it's just annoying!! The one time I wanna watch an advert their not showing it!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr......................

I've been writing my xmas wish list for Trina which she'll be happy about!! Apart from that I haven't been doing much else apart from losing my patience with everyone and everything.

I think it's time I went to my happy place coz this journal entry is turning into rant, rant and more rant!! I promise tomorrow's will be a happier entry and if it won't it'll just be a quiz entry LOL...........

Off to stare at some Roger pics

Best wishes to you all

Jen xx   

Sunday, 13 November 2005

Weekend catchup!!

Hiya everyone :-) Hope your all well!!

Have you all had a good weekend? Weather’s been rather kind to us hasn’t it? Oh talking about the weather, that reminds me you know I mentioned those people doing something to the river. Well the plot thickens even seems there is a big tube like thing spurting water out at both ends into the river??!! I really wanna ask what they’re doing but I probably won’t LOL................

Here’s what I’ve been up to: Friday was alright at work, but Friday night was really cool :-) Trina and I met up in town and went to Pizza Express. The pizza wasn’t as nice as I remembered it from Bristol but the chocolate fudge cake was just as good but no strawberry lol.........After an hour or so we went round to st georges hall where there was a flippin’ queue!! Now I know Trina and I are not adverse to queueing but come on.........not for a tribute band LOL!! Anyhow.........we did and Trina started talking to the blokes next to us!! Once the doors opened she helped them up the steps, (i think they were visually impaired!) and we made our way into the hall. There were sets of chairs on each side, but not many and the majority of the audience went to sit in them. Trina wanted to grab her place in the front but there was NO way I was gonna stand there and look like a dork!! So with a little gentle persuasion we sat at the side. It was so funny watching the people coz they all congregated either at the side or by the door. A couple of times we saw band members walking through. We had a good ol’ laugh whilst waiting for the band.

A few minutes before hand people started moving forwards so that was it Trina was gone!! She wanted to get closer and closer to the stage but I still didn’t want too.......We settled for a spot in the middle not too far back!! The band were tribute act GAGA, a 3-piece from Liverpool. If you EVER get the chance to go and see them GO!! We first saw them at a convention quite a while ago and we loved every minute of their set. Mainly because we weren’t as adverse to tribute bands as we are now but also because there is only 3 of them. It makes you wonder how they do it!! The big plus for me is they play songs that a non-fan wouldn’t necessairly know!! This set comprised mainly of songs you’d find on the Greatest Hits albums such as.....Another One Bites The Dust, Radio Ga Ga, Crazy Little Thing, Bo Rhap, Fat bottomed girls, etc.... They were going down well and people all around us were dancing and singing along. The funniest were these two girls right at the front of the stage. They couldn’t have been more than 11/12 years old and they knew every word!!

After the interval, during which people were gettin’ very drunk, the band did Breakthru’ which I adore!! If just for the video alone :-) Trina wanted to do the breakthru’ train but I was adamant I wasn’t doing it. They kept starting songs off in ways that I didn’t know so it was fun to guess what they were gonna do next. I kept saying to Trina I know this!! I would though, wouldn’t I? LOL.......There’s just no help!! Bo Rhap was great, lots of headbanging (I’m actually suffering from a sore neck now!!) There was this one bloke going up and down the front row, thinking he was the best and clapping every five minutes wanting everyone to join in with him. He started to annoy us big time!! I felt like saying to him that I’ve paid to see the band not him, but I tried desperately to ignore him!!

At the end the band said they were gonna see everyone in the bar. Trina and I decided we weren’t gonna go straight away and made our way to the bar. The merchandise bloke had packed up but we made him unpack LOL.....bless him!! We did make it worth his while and we brought some t-shirts, a programme and a cd :-) I got two new t-shirts, one says under pressure on it and the other one says don’t stop me now I’m having such a good time LOL.....

We got to the bar, got a drink and some drunk bloke started talking to Trina so I looked through the programme. Eventually the band walked towards us so Trina offered to buy them a drink. We started chatting to them and ended up staying there till gone midnight chatting to them :-) Graham the drummer in particular!! It amused me and Trina coz none of the other audience members realised it was them, nor did the bar staff. Can’t wait for them to come back next year!! It was such a laugh and a really good time :-)

Trina and I had to go out via a fire escape door and when we opened the doors this woman was stood there pulling up her trousers. There was another person there but neither Trina nor myself can confirm whether that person was male or female!! I have afeelin’ it was male!! Couldn’t stop laughing at that!!! We got back to mine and watched some of ‘return of the champions’ dvd and every time we spotted ourselves we had to rewind it and watch it several times was funny!!

Here is a pic of us on the DVD note the arrows ;-)

Saturday we had to watch the rest of the dvd, and some downloads. Wayne joined us for a burger at lunchtime and Trina did a bit of shopping. As Wayne wanted to get back to watch the footie I said goodbye to them in Argos. I had intended to buy myself something but I came home with a birthday card for my brother and some food shopping LOL........last of the big spenders me LOL.........

Today I’ve hoovered and am using the last of the bags so I better get myself one in the sales in January ;-)

I’m getting addicted to AOL radio, love changing the channels when I get fed up of the song. Oh, that reminds me I have taken part in Tommy’s idea but I’ll post that entry sometime during the week when I’m happy with my definitive list LOL..........

Only working 4 1/2 days this week :-) Then I gotta do the tribute band thingy again on Friday with mum. Not sure if I’ve seen them before and it’ll be strange to go with mum. Don’t think Queen Jen will be there but still................

Right here’s the quiz results for this week - thanks to all those who took part :-)

Caff 20, Joan aka jaymact1 19, Claudia 18, Jeanette aka JLocorrie05 20, Sara 16, Tommytickla 20, Trina 18, Mark bless him 7.

That means the leader board looks like this: Caff 110, Claudia 102, Trina 93 1/2, Sara 90 1/2, Denise 71, Sandra 64, Phil 44, Jeannette 20, Tommytickla 20, Joan 19, Jan 19, Suzy 17, Jeannette 16, Jayne 14 and Mark 7.

Well done Caff :-) Claudia’s chasing you for that prize (still no ideas towards that by the way LOL)!! Glad to see the quiz is getting quite popular - thanks guys!!

Well that’s it for me!!

Have a good week

God bless ya!!

Jen xx 

P.s Thanks Sara looks like I might be able to do that link thingy :-)

Wednesday, 9 November 2005

It's Wednesday!!

Hiya - you alright??  I'm okay!!  First in answer to Sandra's comment I didn't get to see Queen live with Freddie, unfortuantely I was too young :-(  I regret that everyday.  I know that's a silly thing to say coz I can't help being the age I am but I wish I had become a fan earlier and maybe I could've gone with my brother or something!!  In answer to Suzy I haven't a clue what the unicorn was called and that is bugging me now - thanks ;-)!!

I was planning to do my entry as it's Wednesday and that means quiz night but I was planning to tell you that I was still feelin' down etc.  Work has not been helping - usual reasons, although this afternoon was slightly better and Jez and Pete keep making me laugh!!  Got Jez good this afternoon, he finally remembered the entity number for this particular client so we could find out some info, but when I typed it in I was like that's not our part of the alphabet.  LOL.......I'd been bugging him all day to get the entity numbers like Pete does and the one time he does..............well it's obviously a case of you had to be there ;-)  Trust me it was funny!!  I walked up to him later and got up to his desk with a straight face, when I reached him I started laughing LOL.......I'm so mean!!  ;-) more talk of flooding!!  Yes you can guess that yet again I was over-reacting!!  They seem to be doing something to the river.......when I say they I don't mean the little people ;-) LOL......well I don't know who it is but someone's doing something they were there this morning with a digger of some kind etc...........Todays been gorgeous so no doubt tomorrow won't be!!  That's the way it's going isn't it??

I've been going through all my writing stuff in the view that when I have some spare time I'd like to work on it a bit more........I found the one that I had been working on when I was unemployed.  I had written loads.  Imagine if I was not working now I could have written a novel by now LOL...........Damn my stupid useless job!!  ;-)

Anyway enough of my ramblings, yes ladies and gents it's Wednesday so that can only mean one thing it's QUIZ NIGHT!!  Same rules apply, don't forget to EMAIL your answers................Good luck!!

1) Messrs Docherty, Atkinson and Ferguson have all managed which team?

2) Vienna is the capital of which European country?

3) The art of self defence aikido originated in which country?

4) If you mix blue and yellow paint what colour is made?

5) Which Spice Girl advertised Milky Bars as a child?

6) St Swithin's Day is in which summer month?

7) Which early Spielberg blockbuster was about a shark?

8) Which country produces Gruyere cheese?

9) On which channel is Countdown broadcast?

10) What does T stand for in the initials VAT?

11) Which detective did Dr Watson assist?

12) In which month is Thanksgiving celebrated in Amercia?

13) Mark Spitz won seven Olympic golds at record speeds doing what?

14) In which Dicken's novel is the character Bill Sykes?

15) Is 0171 the dialling code for central Manchester or central London?

16) Choux, puff and short are all types of what?

17) Which country did Abba come from?

18) Which Disney film is I wanna be like you from?

19) What is the profession of Geraldine Grainger of Dibley?

20) Red Admirals, Fritillaries and Tortoiseshells are all what?

mmmmmmm...........seem a bit easy to me this week, may have to go into the medium section of the book next week ;-)

Good luck everyone.................EMAIL your answers, results at the weekend!

Take care

Best wishes

Jen xx  LOL


Monday, 7 November 2005

In answer to Claudia's comment

That reminds me - Claudia said about the prize for the quiz 'is it a night with Paul Rodgers'  I just wanted to say - do you really think I'd let you have him if it was LOL ;-)

Let us cling together


I don't know why I'm doin' an entry I don't think I've got much to say but yet I continue to type.  Thing is if I don't I shall cry!!  This song is Freddie through and through and Brian shouldn't be singing it!!  They did it live at one of their gigs over in Japan recently along with I Was Born To Love you.  How gutted am I that I wasn't there?  Best not to go into it LOL.........  I had to download this knowing Trina's coming round on Friday coz she loves this song, I think I do too now!!  RIP Freddie.............

Work was rubbish!! But...............Tessa has borrowed a DVD from Pete of the Fraggles, guess who maybe borrowing it after she's finished with it   YAY *starts singing 'Down at Fraggle Rock'* LOL.......Apparently you can also get Thundercats on DVD - I think these things are gonna have to go on my xmas wish list   Big kid at heart me!!  Does anyone remember Dungeons and Dragons, always used to cry at that, just wanting those kids to get home!!  Oh talking of crying over programmes what about Littlest Hobo??  Don't get me started on that dog!!

Ooooooo I forgot to tell you about the new book I'm reading!!  Seeing Trial and Retribution this evening reminded me!!  It's by Linda La Plante (see the connection LOL) and I borrowed it from mum.  It's quite good so far!! 

Back to work!!  This morning I was really cold and I thought I was coming down with something.  Put my jumper on and just shivered for most of the morning, plus I couldn't stop yawning!!  Anyway half way through the morning Tess asks if she can shut the window??!!  I was like when was that opened.  It certainly explained a lot LOL..........Stupid girl I am!!

You may wonder why my mood is worried!!  Flooding - yet again!!  I know it'll probably be alright but theres a niggling little doubt in my mind that it won't be.  Luckily it's been dry here pretty much all day and yesterday kind off so you'd think the river had gone down a bit.  It was so strange walking to work this morning.  Let me explain there's a canal side which is near the flat and on the other side is the river.  When the river gets really full it spills out into the field.  We must've had a lot of rain over the weekend coz when I was walking to work we basically had the canal, the main river and another one in the field.  When I walked home we were back to having the main river and the canal - can't believe it all disappeared that quickly!!  Still if the river is high enough for it to spill like that, and heavy rains are forecasted for tomorrow then there's no telling when it'll spill on my side if you can see what I mean??  I just freak out at the thought of what's gonna be ruined etc............You see I'm just making a mountain out of a molehill............I need to calm down but when you live on your own your mind wonders and just keeps going......thinking all kinds of possibilities!!

I've been trying to come up with a plan to move the computer, raise it up.  The screen and scanner will be ok but I'm not sure about the box and printer!!

Anyway apart from that I'm feelin' down but it's nothing that a good laugh with me mate won't sort on Friday.  Oh and if Trina's reading this I am moving and you can't stop me!!  LOL she'll know what that's about LOL......... 

Well I better go and get an earlish night!

Take care all xx


Sunday, 6 November 2005

Quiz Results

Hey everyone  hope your all ok!!  Before I tell you the results can we just say a big to all new readers to my journal!!  Haven't done that for a while so figured it was about time!!  Also to those of you who read but don't comment - thanks just for stopping by :-)  It is appreciated.

Anyway.........Today I've done nothing.  Watched 'Saved the Last Dance' very good and Peter Kay Live at Bolton Hall.  Me thinks I've watched the Peter Kay one FAR too much.  I didn't laugh very much which is very odd for me!!  Hey ho............(blimin' ell Ronan Keatings my age!! , I bet Queen aren't gonna be mentioned!!  It's based on album sales for this decade thingy!!  I think they should be coz they do keep selling but what do I know.............)  I have managed to be creative though coz I've made my first animation.........wanna see??  ok hang on........

  That's pics from the Hyde Park bit on the DVD isn't it good??  Bit small but I'm only learning LOL............I've also made some wallpaper dedicated to my fave Queen video Breakthru'  click on the link if you wanna see it :-)   But apart from that creation I haven't done anything else.  Well I did walk round to the BP garage to get some milk and they didn't have any grrrrrrr...........don't you just hate it when that happens!!

Anyway without further ado here's the quiz results.  (oops chucked the piece of paper away with them on *embarrassed look*)  Firstly can we give a big round of applause to DENISE!!  She's the first person since my quiz idea to started to score full points - well done girl :-)

Here's the rest of the results..(in no particular order) Caff 18, Sandra 19, Trina 18 1/2, Sara 15, Claudia 17, and Jayne aka funnyface0s0 14.

This makes the leader board look like this...........

Caff 90, Claudia 84, Trina 75 1/2, Sara 74 1/2, Denise 71, Sandra 64, Phil 44, Jan 19, Suzy 17, Jeannette 16, Jayne 14.

So Caff's still leading  Big well done to you too!!  New quiz on Wednesday look out for it peeps :-)

*note to self* start thinking about the prize ;-)

I'm gonna go now - got a few journal alerts to read before going to bed.

Take care peeps xx

Best wishes


Saturday, 5 November 2005

Fireworks - click here if you wanna see some of the Queen DVD.  Depending on what type of AOL you have you will either see one song or five songs.  Unfortunately Love of My Life is not one of them so you can't see me close up!!  But you will see Sarah, Cat, Andy, Michelle, Sam, Jamie, Gavin and Monty to name but a few!!  :-)  Thanks Gary for passing on the link - enjoyed that considering I'm not getting it till xmas!!

So how's your week been??  Mine's not been too bad.  Got the accounts on Friday so had a few things to do!!  Don't talk to me about today though I swear I've felt all emotions today apart from happiness.

I decided to go all the way to the big Tesco's to get a gromit mug, I thought I couldn't lose going there being a big store an' all.  So left home fairly early, got into town and headed for the market stall that sells the vacum bags.  Naturally they didn't have mine and sold me some others that will soon be going obselete and don't really fit mine so I shall have to do some kind off tweaking.    So that settles it I have to buy a new vacum cleaner in the January sales - great !!

Then I went to wait for the bus to take me to Tescos.  Having waited about 1/2 and hour I suddenly thought going to Tescos on a Saturday morning is probably not such a good idea, but continued waiting and hoping that it would turn up soon coz they might sell out.  Anyway eventually one turned up, got on, paid £2.80 for a return and after going all around the houses we got there!!  WHAT A WASTE OF TIME!!  They didn't have any!!    That is it I officially give up!! No gromit mug for me   In future anything I want desperately I shall just not bother and hopefully one day I might find one.  I shall have to resort to Jo's response and look on ebay LOL........

The buses took ages to turn up to take me back to town.  When I got back to town I felt really annoyed that I'd wasted most of the day.  This bloke bumped into me and I gave him a dirty look and his mates started laughing.  He did apologise but still................

Came home, cleaned the flat as much as I could and had a shower.  Went outside to watch some fireworks.  I started feelin' down coz I don't have anyone to go to a display with.  I suppose I could've gone on my own but that's depressing.  I've been thinking about being alone pretty much all day.  See what I mean about feeling all sorts of emotions.

I tell you though where I was standing I could see loadsa fireworks.  My favourites are the ones that look really pretty in the sky but end up with the biggest bang, which is a bit of a downpoint!!  It's so odd that if Guy Fawkes hadn't tried to explode the houses of parliment I wonder if we would have fireworks night.  Or rather bonfire night!!  LOL..........What is also kinda odd is the way it lights up the sky - kinda like the blitz or something..............

Anyway that's been my day - hope yours has been better!!  I'm planning to just chill tomorrow :-)

Have a good one...........

Best wishes

Jen xx

Wednesday, 2 November 2005

Brian May has curly hair and brushes his teeth

LOL I was gonna call the last entry that and I forgot!!  Cat, Trina and I kept saying it and you probably won't get it unless you've seen Peter Kay live.  (We're not obsessed honest!!)  He doesn't say Brian May though, which we think he should LOL............

Anyway here's the quiz, 20 questions EMAIL me your answers and good luck :-)

1 Which series dealt with International Rescue and their super aircraft?  Thunderbirds

2 Which Bette won an Oscar for Best Actress in Dangerous?  Davis

3 Who described 1992 as an 'annus horribilis'?  The Queen

4 The capital of Western Australia shares its name with which Scottish city?  Perth

5 In the 70s who had a no. 1 with Bright Eyes?  :-(  Art Garfunkel

6 In which film did Hannibal Lecter feature?  The Silence of the Lambs

7 Janet Sixsmith is associated with which sport?  Hockey

8 How many court cards are there in a standard pack?  12

9 The airline Finnair is from which country?  Finland

10  What does e stand for in e-mail?  electronic

11  Which boxer Henry was BBC Sports Personality of the Year in 1970?  Cooper

12  Who was the first permanent female presenter of Points of View?  Anne Robinson

13  Kelvedon Wonder and Little Marvel are types of what?  Peas

14  Which Nick won the US Masters in 1989?  Faldo

15  In which film did Uma Thurman play Emma Peel?  The Avengers

16  Which land mammal has the largest ears?  Elephant (african)

17  What is the surname of cop Maisie played by Pauline Quirke?  Raine

18  What is usually sold at a reduced prices during a happy hour?  alcohol

19  How is Jeremy John Durham Ashdown better known?  Paddy Ashdown

20  What kind of animal is Eeyore in the children's classic?  Donkey

Well there you go that's your twenty questions - good luck everyone *fingers crossed*  EMAIL your answers - I shall post them up on Sunday :-) 

Take care xx


p.s damn this weather and all the gromit mugs :-)

Weekend Away ya all doin?  if possible there will be 2 entries from me this evening!!  This all depends on my computer being reasonable and not crashing on me.  First this one to bring you up to date with the weekend and then the next one with the quiz questions.

As you know Trina and I were going to Bristol to celebrate Cat's birthday.  (she's one of our Queen mates!!) I took Friday off from work and met up with Mum and Meggy during the day.  We walked round the shops, unfortunately I couldn't buy anything coz I was saving what little money I did have for the weekend coz we were going for a meal.  I did almost get tempted with a snoopy top.  Decided against it which was good really!!  Everytime we meet up we have lunch out somewhere, when they come down here we go to the coffee pot, they do nice bacon sarnies and chips for a fraction of the cost at most fast food joints.  Anyway we went in there as usual and once we got our meals, mum started talking to me, picked up the vinegar, unscrewed the cap and poured........literally..........LOL.......I saw what she was doing but it happened in a split second moment in my head and I didn't have time to tell her what she was doing.  Boy did I laugh for the next five minutes or so LOL..........It clearly said 'Flip lid' on it.  Even Meggy pointed that out.  At least mum likes vinegar!!

Luckily Trina and I were going by coach so I didn't have to say goodbye to mum and go somewhere else.  Her bus was before ours so we said goodbye then waited for our coach.  20 minutes late it finally turns up.  Get on and wait for 2 hours.  Not that far up the motorway it pulls off and I said to Trina how odd that was.  We go round this corner and I start thinking how comfortable it was compared to the little bus in front of us.   Suddenly I look for my mobile, turn it on and ring mum.  Luckily she answered, and I asked if were she was.  She said she was still on the bus, so I said well we're on the national express behind you.  LOL.........How funny is that!!  We pulled into Taunton before mum.  When she got there she was looking for us but unfortunately we were on the other side to where she was waving.  I did manage to see her as we pulled off though.  That was so cool and funny.

Trina and I had a laugh on the coach, which eventually got to Bristol ok.  We met Cat at the bus stop (well she was in the pub really) and went into Tesco's to get some munchies (no Gromit mugs!!), then we caught another bus to her house.  Cat cooked some pork chops and new spuds, which were lovely.  We drank two bottles of wine and listened to Bad Company then some of Queen Return of the Champions :-)  Eventually we went to bed, although Trina had fallen asleep pretty much as soon as we got there LOL............

Saturday - we didn't wake up that early and then sent Trina out to get some milk :-)  Cat cooked bacon sarnies and we watched Queen Live at Brixton to see Pauls ickle smile but ended up watching the whole thing.   Whilst Cat had a shower I put on Queen Live at Birmingham.  Not long after that Sarah and Dan turned up with the DVD of Return of the Champions and DVD player and TV.  :-)  Sarah's a sweetheart, she'd brought it over in America and had to bring the dvd player and tv so we could watch it.  UK version was released on Monday.  She had been watching it pretty much for a whole week solid just so she could point out where we all were.  For me and Cat it was pretty easy but for Trina slightly more difficult!!  If you do get the DVD you will see Sarah, and the late Michelle a lot!!  If you wanna find me watch love of my life.  At some point after the solo you will see a close up of Sarah, Cat's next to her and I'm on the end closest to the camera.  I look in awe which is pretty cool.  :-)  You can also see me on the Hyde Park 'Imagine' bit ;-)  but I won't go into that LOL.........

Ste and Rich turned up at some point, and more alcohol was consumed.  We had to make our way down to the restaurant and by this point it had started raining.  Trina managed to get us two taxi's and off we went.  At Pizza Express we got our table and ordered :-)  There was a lot of flirting between Cat and Rich.  After much more alcohol and food we left Pizza Express and moved onto the Shakespeare, (cats local).

It was quite funny in there, especially as more alcohol was consumed and a rugby team turned up.  We had been listening to lots of Queen and this one bloke on the team said he was a fan.  When more Queen music came on he looked really confused.  We figured he was lying!!  Cat, Trina and Sarah at one stage did the Breakthru' train through the pub.  The rest of us were egging on the owners to lock the doors and not let them back in, it was quite amusing.  At some point Becky and Dave turned up and it was nice to see them again :-) 

The rugby players wanted a sing song and so the jukebox was turned off.  They started off with Heartbreak hotel and we decided to do Bo Rhap.  The small video clip we have of that is very loud LOL.........At one point we'd all forgotten the words and the rugby people told us we were getting it wrong - yeah as if!!  Clearly didn't have a clue who they were talking too.

It was a really good night and by stroke of luck Sarah managed to get us another taxi to get back to Cats.  Of course we had to watch our clips on the DVD again :-)   Cat was absolutely plastered so she crashed out on the sofa and Trina and Ste had a conversation about the government at about 1am.

Sunday - Cat was not well - all self inflicted of course ;-)  Trina and Ste started talking about the government again once we'd all woken up properly and I felt very tired, but not hung over!!

It was a really good weekend and I did suffer for it on Monday but I'm glad I went!!

Sorry this is a bit brief but I cannot be bothered to go into too much detail and I don't think they would be as funny written down.

Just one more thing to say - Jeez is it ever gonna stop raining!!

Take care all

Jen xx