Sunday, 27 November 2005

Makin' the Rockin' World Go Round

Hey Everyone!! Thought it was time to post a little entry...........(ooooo freaky I watched Peter Kay live at top of the tower and there's a song that plays at the end of the show, and I swear it's playing now on AOL radio!!) on one of my many tangents there!!

Firstly I apologise about not updating and for stoping the quiz!! I just really can't be bothered at the moment. Trying to gain some more enthusiasm for my journal at the moment so once I've done that you guys will be the first to be aware LOL..........Also I would like to say thank you to all those who commented on my last entry. I have to say I'm quietly surprised as I really did not think many would!! Thank you xx

Anyhoo I thought I'd post something to bring you up to speed of my going's on!! I went to see Tribute band no. 2 for this month with my mum on the 18th. Rather good band by the name of Killer Queen - I shall post some photos for you guys to see. I think because Trina wasn't there I wasn't so analytical about them but I was happy when they did obscure song Machines from the Works album. The more obscure the tribute band the better!! It was great going to a gig with mum and I think she enjoyed herself and even let me ramble on about the tour all the way home

It was good to see Meggy and I managed to join mum in picking her up from school. She is really lovely when she wants to be but I suppose that's true of all kids. It's her birthday at the end of this week and she will be 8 - had to think about that LOL.........I have no idea what to get her but I have got a card, I've just gotta remember to post it on time!! Mum has managed to inform me what to get Meggy for xmas though and what she wants herself so that's two marked off the list.

Trina and I went to see tribute band no 3 for this month on the 24th which is why I couldn't post my Freddie dedication on the day. Gary Mullen and his band The Works. Not bad, Trina doesn't like him so why we go is beyond me!! Just as I was regretting to take her the drummer did a solo. He looked nothing like Rog for example he's bald, but he was a flippin' good drummer!! That made the show a lot better .......... We also went back to Hooks for a meal (we went there for her hen night) and Mr Lovely was there and took our coats for us *deep sigh* When the show finished we went back to hers and it started snowing - how cool is that!! There's some pics that I took of that and one of me in the snow. Doesn't it look great - there were some lovely scenes on the journey to work but unfortunately I couldn't take any pics of them. Luckily I got to work alright but Wayne on his way back managed to get someone slide into him. They drove off but luckily there is no damage or at least there wasn't the last time I spoke to Trina!!

Did you hear about the utter chaos in Cornwall? How stupid can they be!! Surely if you saw the snow you wouldn't dare to venture out and yet they managed to get some how many miles tailback!! Utter madness!! I wonder if that could've been avoided somehow, I mean it's not like we didn't know snow wasn't on the way they had forecasted it all week. I just don't understand this nation at all. It's like we just have to go and make matters a lot worse than they already are!!

The weekend has been quiet, not done anything special. I watched the avaitor - I'm sorry but I thought it was rubbish!!

Queen/Paul Rodgers are apparently going to announce some dates for next year in the USA. Trina's panicking and saying we should go!! I would if I could afford it. It's like I know my limitations when it comes to the band and as much as I would love to go and experience it there is no way I could afford it. If I hadn't been made redundant last year I wouldn't have managed to go to so many on the UK leg this year, so at least something good came out of that LOL.......but seriously unless I win the lottery I can't see it happen :o(

But enough about that I have two days off work this week for the big queenonline meet up at WWRY. Going to see the show and many friends who I haven't seen since the tour. Can't wait :o)

Well I hope you have a good week. I can imagine tomorrow is gonna be a bad day - I hate mondays!!

Take care

Best wishes

Jen xx 


icklemisssexpot said...

ohhh bad AOL i never got an alert for your entry :o(  Just as well i peek at all the ones in my faves every day LOL...Glad for the break from the quiz for a while give my poor braincells a rest :o) The UK is utter rubbish when it comes to snow mind you they got caught out on the continent this time too and in countries that should know better    Caff xxx

icklemisssexpot said...

PS: just added you to the other journals bit on mine hope you don't mind :o)  Caff xxx

tillysweetchops said...

Have to start saving the pennies for the US trip or You could always consider a sponsored bungee jump or something equally perilous! Just an idea.

Tilly x

irisclyde said...

That's not very considerate of 'the boys' to play so far away, what's wrong with a gig in Devon??? or even Cornwall?? Do you think you should suggest it to them??

shadp said...

Those are brilliant pics of the snow flakes! I haven't seen snow for many years - not proper snow. Glad you had some nice gigs, especially the one with your mum. It's nice that you could take her to one. Hope you have a great time at the QueenOnline meet up. Oh and - keep doing the lottery! Why don't you ask Queen to take you with them next year? Never know, they might be looking for someone to help offstage - liaising with venues, accommodation, transport, etc, etc!


stewielad1 said...

Go to see them in America..treat yourself, you only live once!! I won lottery tickets for Brixton but could'nt go because of work, and I could'nt go to Hyde Park because I was on holiday.
I prefere tribute acts that dont look like the original. it tends to be more about the music rather than the looks. I'd love to see a band have a go at Sweet Lady or Teo Torriate. My band do a good Sheer Heart Attack!!

jlocorriere05 said...

Didn't know you lived in Torquay Jen. My best friend moved there when we were 12yrs old back in the sixties. She lives in Heathfield between Bovey Tracey and Newton Abbot now. I spent many a holiday in Torquay at her house. Pity you can't go to the States, it's a great place. Jeannette

jaymact1 said...

Sorry I'm behind with this comment but my alert is not working  and I just thought i would work my way through the journals I read and low and behold you have been busy Lovely hearing about all the gigs you have been to. Get saving and go to the States. Love Joan.

rachealcarol said...

Hope the meet was everything you wanted it to be Jen.  I think they should call Monday's something else, give it a bit of a boost, hope yours went ok. Rache xx

ghwt9996 said...

Good to see I'm not alone in keeping quiet of late.  Hope my favourite Queen fan gets things sorted out at work, seems everyone I know is having some sort of grief or other at their place of toil lately.

Take care

Gary x