Wednesday, 2 November 2005

Weekend Away ya all doin?  if possible there will be 2 entries from me this evening!!  This all depends on my computer being reasonable and not crashing on me.  First this one to bring you up to date with the weekend and then the next one with the quiz questions.

As you know Trina and I were going to Bristol to celebrate Cat's birthday.  (she's one of our Queen mates!!) I took Friday off from work and met up with Mum and Meggy during the day.  We walked round the shops, unfortunately I couldn't buy anything coz I was saving what little money I did have for the weekend coz we were going for a meal.  I did almost get tempted with a snoopy top.  Decided against it which was good really!!  Everytime we meet up we have lunch out somewhere, when they come down here we go to the coffee pot, they do nice bacon sarnies and chips for a fraction of the cost at most fast food joints.  Anyway we went in there as usual and once we got our meals, mum started talking to me, picked up the vinegar, unscrewed the cap and poured........literally..........LOL.......I saw what she was doing but it happened in a split second moment in my head and I didn't have time to tell her what she was doing.  Boy did I laugh for the next five minutes or so LOL..........It clearly said 'Flip lid' on it.  Even Meggy pointed that out.  At least mum likes vinegar!!

Luckily Trina and I were going by coach so I didn't have to say goodbye to mum and go somewhere else.  Her bus was before ours so we said goodbye then waited for our coach.  20 minutes late it finally turns up.  Get on and wait for 2 hours.  Not that far up the motorway it pulls off and I said to Trina how odd that was.  We go round this corner and I start thinking how comfortable it was compared to the little bus in front of us.   Suddenly I look for my mobile, turn it on and ring mum.  Luckily she answered, and I asked if were she was.  She said she was still on the bus, so I said well we're on the national express behind you.  LOL.........How funny is that!!  We pulled into Taunton before mum.  When she got there she was looking for us but unfortunately we were on the other side to where she was waving.  I did manage to see her as we pulled off though.  That was so cool and funny.

Trina and I had a laugh on the coach, which eventually got to Bristol ok.  We met Cat at the bus stop (well she was in the pub really) and went into Tesco's to get some munchies (no Gromit mugs!!), then we caught another bus to her house.  Cat cooked some pork chops and new spuds, which were lovely.  We drank two bottles of wine and listened to Bad Company then some of Queen Return of the Champions :-)  Eventually we went to bed, although Trina had fallen asleep pretty much as soon as we got there LOL............

Saturday - we didn't wake up that early and then sent Trina out to get some milk :-)  Cat cooked bacon sarnies and we watched Queen Live at Brixton to see Pauls ickle smile but ended up watching the whole thing.   Whilst Cat had a shower I put on Queen Live at Birmingham.  Not long after that Sarah and Dan turned up with the DVD of Return of the Champions and DVD player and TV.  :-)  Sarah's a sweetheart, she'd brought it over in America and had to bring the dvd player and tv so we could watch it.  UK version was released on Monday.  She had been watching it pretty much for a whole week solid just so she could point out where we all were.  For me and Cat it was pretty easy but for Trina slightly more difficult!!  If you do get the DVD you will see Sarah, and the late Michelle a lot!!  If you wanna find me watch love of my life.  At some point after the solo you will see a close up of Sarah, Cat's next to her and I'm on the end closest to the camera.  I look in awe which is pretty cool.  :-)  You can also see me on the Hyde Park 'Imagine' bit ;-)  but I won't go into that LOL.........

Ste and Rich turned up at some point, and more alcohol was consumed.  We had to make our way down to the restaurant and by this point it had started raining.  Trina managed to get us two taxi's and off we went.  At Pizza Express we got our table and ordered :-)  There was a lot of flirting between Cat and Rich.  After much more alcohol and food we left Pizza Express and moved onto the Shakespeare, (cats local).

It was quite funny in there, especially as more alcohol was consumed and a rugby team turned up.  We had been listening to lots of Queen and this one bloke on the team said he was a fan.  When more Queen music came on he looked really confused.  We figured he was lying!!  Cat, Trina and Sarah at one stage did the Breakthru' train through the pub.  The rest of us were egging on the owners to lock the doors and not let them back in, it was quite amusing.  At some point Becky and Dave turned up and it was nice to see them again :-) 

The rugby players wanted a sing song and so the jukebox was turned off.  They started off with Heartbreak hotel and we decided to do Bo Rhap.  The small video clip we have of that is very loud LOL.........At one point we'd all forgotten the words and the rugby people told us we were getting it wrong - yeah as if!!  Clearly didn't have a clue who they were talking too.

It was a really good night and by stroke of luck Sarah managed to get us another taxi to get back to Cats.  Of course we had to watch our clips on the DVD again :-)   Cat was absolutely plastered so she crashed out on the sofa and Trina and Ste had a conversation about the government at about 1am.

Sunday - Cat was not well - all self inflicted of course ;-)  Trina and Ste started talking about the government again once we'd all woken up properly and I felt very tired, but not hung over!!

It was a really good weekend and I did suffer for it on Monday but I'm glad I went!!

Sorry this is a bit brief but I cannot be bothered to go into too much detail and I don't think they would be as funny written down.

Just one more thing to say - Jeez is it ever gonna stop raining!!

Take care all

Jen xx


jeadie05 said...

Well ,you had a good time thats the main thing ,that was so weird your Mum on the other bus ,..................Jan xx

shadp said...

Sounds like you had a great time in Bristol - quite an alcoholic weekend altogether! The pics really add atmosphere to it all too - I presume they were taken in Bristol?? I love the rain, lol!


sarajanesmiles said...

Sounds like good fun was had by all :o)
Glad you had a good weekend, how cool that you can see yourselves on the DVD's!  Keep noticing the words 'bacon sarnie' in this entry, you're making my tum rumble Jen, mmm!
Great pics by the way :o)
Sara   x

labdancer51 said...

nice pics Jen, sounds like you all had a heavy weekend....those were the!  Computer probs...I`m having them too....grrrrr!

Sandra xxxx

jlocorriere05 said...

Sounds like you all had a good weekend!! Jeannette,