Monday, 7 November 2005

Let us cling together


I don't know why I'm doin' an entry I don't think I've got much to say but yet I continue to type.  Thing is if I don't I shall cry!!  This song is Freddie through and through and Brian shouldn't be singing it!!  They did it live at one of their gigs over in Japan recently along with I Was Born To Love you.  How gutted am I that I wasn't there?  Best not to go into it LOL.........  I had to download this knowing Trina's coming round on Friday coz she loves this song, I think I do too now!!  RIP Freddie.............

Work was rubbish!! But...............Tessa has borrowed a DVD from Pete of the Fraggles, guess who maybe borrowing it after she's finished with it   YAY *starts singing 'Down at Fraggle Rock'* LOL.......Apparently you can also get Thundercats on DVD - I think these things are gonna have to go on my xmas wish list   Big kid at heart me!!  Does anyone remember Dungeons and Dragons, always used to cry at that, just wanting those kids to get home!!  Oh talking of crying over programmes what about Littlest Hobo??  Don't get me started on that dog!!

Ooooooo I forgot to tell you about the new book I'm reading!!  Seeing Trial and Retribution this evening reminded me!!  It's by Linda La Plante (see the connection LOL) and I borrowed it from mum.  It's quite good so far!! 

Back to work!!  This morning I was really cold and I thought I was coming down with something.  Put my jumper on and just shivered for most of the morning, plus I couldn't stop yawning!!  Anyway half way through the morning Tess asks if she can shut the window??!!  I was like when was that opened.  It certainly explained a lot LOL..........Stupid girl I am!!

You may wonder why my mood is worried!!  Flooding - yet again!!  I know it'll probably be alright but theres a niggling little doubt in my mind that it won't be.  Luckily it's been dry here pretty much all day and yesterday kind off so you'd think the river had gone down a bit.  It was so strange walking to work this morning.  Let me explain there's a canal side which is near the flat and on the other side is the river.  When the river gets really full it spills out into the field.  We must've had a lot of rain over the weekend coz when I was walking to work we basically had the canal, the main river and another one in the field.  When I walked home we were back to having the main river and the canal - can't believe it all disappeared that quickly!!  Still if the river is high enough for it to spill like that, and heavy rains are forecasted for tomorrow then there's no telling when it'll spill on my side if you can see what I mean??  I just freak out at the thought of what's gonna be ruined etc............You see I'm just making a mountain out of a molehill............I need to calm down but when you live on your own your mind wonders and just keeps going......thinking all kinds of possibilities!!

I've been trying to come up with a plan to move the computer, raise it up.  The screen and scanner will be ok but I'm not sure about the box and printer!!

Anyway apart from that I'm feelin' down but it's nothing that a good laugh with me mate won't sort on Friday.  Oh and if Trina's reading this I am moving and you can't stop me!!  LOL she'll know what that's about LOL......... 

Well I better go and get an earlish night!

Take care all xx



jeadie05 said...

Hi Jen,,dont want you to be sad, dont cry ,youll make me sad too ,Im sure you wont flood if the water went that quickly this morning maybe its being controlled by a lock or some thing .Iused to love Freedy Mercurys singing .....Ive got Queen dvd s............................Jan xx

stewielad1 said...

But didn't Brian write Teo Torriate? Its a great song though. I never like I Was Born To Love You, even Freddies solo version. I've arranged for A Winters Tale to be played at my funeral

shadp said...

I watched Trial and Retribution this evening - all good stuff. Part Two tomorrow I think. Floods come and go, but it's amazing how up and down the weather is these days. A couple of weeks ago we were still in a drought situation, with reservoirs dropping to record low levels. Now, it's all floods everywhere! But, it sounds like you're, "Moving and you can't stop me!" To somewhere on higher ground perhaps?


suzyh73 said...

Now what was the name of the Unicorn in Dungeons and Dragons??? Answers on a postcard too.....


jaymact1 said...

Have read a few boks by Linda and have enjoyed the the new programs good too.  Move the computer at all cost too hard to live without them.  Hope you keep dry Love Joan.

labdancer51 said...

That was Jim`s fav Queen`s not one that got much air play, and you are right Jen, it was Frediie`s song....nuff said!  Did you ever get to see him on stage, or were you too young?  :-)

Sandra xxxx

sarajanesmiles said...

Don't be sad Jen :o(
Sends big huge ((((()))))'s your way.
I used to LOVE The Fraggles.. singing the song to myself, inside my head, lol!  And, Thundercats.. Thundercats.. Thundercats whoa - or whatever it was!!  Dungeons and Dragons, yep yep, used to play the game too, and Littlest Hobo, I'm welling up just thinking about it ;o)  I watched Trial and Retribution last night too while hubby was out at work.  He's not working tonight, so will have to watch part two with me, even if he doesn't know what's going on.  I'm mean like that :o)
Fingers crossed that you don't get flooded, and apologies for such a long comment, lol!
Sara   x

icklemisssexpot said...

I still have dungeons & dragons on video taped off the telly LOL...You can buy them on dvd too and have done for a while...the dragon was called Uni :o)