Thursday, 17 November 2005

Almost here!!

Hey everyone.

Just a quick note to let you know that due to the confusion and kafuffle of the journals this week I've decided to disabandon the quiz for this week.  I didn't really feel like doing it if people weren't getting their alerts.  It does appear to be getting back to normal (she says with 10 alerts still to read ;-) so if I remember I might do it at the weekend instead.

My alerts are gonna build up as I'm going to mum's tomorrow.  I have that Friday feelin' right now and I know it's gonna go away when the alarm goes off in the mornin'.  But I only have to work 1/2 a day so who cares!!  I shall just amble like I have been doin' all week.  LOL.............  I'm going to see a Queen tribute band with mum.  It's going to be fairly strange coz with most queen events Trina's there but not this one.  I shall probably end up at the back of the room with a drink in me hand like those people did last week at Ga Ga's gig LOL............

I'm still not sure what to think of this journal thing.  I can understand that people don't want ads on their journals, but to leave AOL for it seems a bit harsh to me!!  The more I've thought about it, it does seem silly.  I mean at the end of the day whether we like it or not there are ads everywhere.  Whether I would continue my journal if it had an ad at the top is another matter.  I guess I shall cross that bridge when i come to it ;-) 

It sure is getting colder isn't it?  And this is the time of year the electric company make their money off me!!  I have economy 7 heating but it doesn't seem very economic to me...........Still at least I budget for such things.

Today is (i think) my brother's birthday!!  For once (if I have the right day), I've remembered on time.  I sent him a text and a birthday card :-)  No need to give me best sis of the award just yet coz I haven't had a response.  I will check with mum that i got the right day, knowing my luck I expect my bro has fainted with shock and banged his head or something and he's lying somewhere unconsious.  Oh dear, the way my mind works is worrying!!

Well I'm not gonna babble anymore................Have a good weekend peeps and I'll catch up with you all at some point ;-)

Take care, best wishes

Jen xx 


sdrogerson said...

I agree there is a lot of fuss about nothing.
Glad you are able to update!

icklemisssexpot said...

enjoy your weekend too hun...If you are doing the quiz at weekend i won't be able to do it till sun nite cos am away sat/sun   Caff xxx

jaymact1 said...

Hope you have a great weekend. Thank for all the support this week it was good of you. Journal wise if I have been reading a journal with a banner I find it usually goes away when you start to scroll. Love Joan.

sarajanesmiles said...

I don't like the look of the banners, but I wouldn't get my knickers in a twist over it if we had them too.  The journal is still the same journal whether it has an add at the top or not.  I just don't see the big deal!!
Have fun with your Mum, and a fab weekend m'dear :o)
Sara   x

ghwt9996 said...

Well, looks like the ads have vamooshed Jan.  I didn't see the big deal personally, but you'd think they would have made sure that it worked first...
Hope the tribute band went well and indeed, brunettes do rule :)  hey, my hair colour is more blonde than brown and keep babbling!


irisclyde said...

Has all the confusion died down? Oh good, I'll try posting then! I gave up when I wasn't able to and I've been a bit busy anyway. It's absolutely neccessary to babble in a journal :o)

abatwingedangel said...

Hey Jen,
Just popping in to say hellooooo!
Hope you're ok and having a good weekend.
Hope you got yourself a Gromit mug in the end, I've got one but my Dad had to go to about 8 supermarkets before he found one. It's very cool and well worth hunting for.
Take care,
Sarah. :)

rachealcarol said...

Hi Jen, I hope the weekend went ok with the tribute band.  It is getting cold, time for gromit socks :) I'm one of the odd ones that supports the journallers that don't want banners.......but don't u dare think of going anywhere if we do get them here. Rache xx

funnyface0s0 said...

Hi Jen
Sorry i missed last weeks quiz - lots of stuff been going on here :o(   But now i am ready for the next one cos have u seen my position in your quiz leauge?   well course u have
Don't get fed up at work, you're lovely - chin up :o)

funnyface0s0 said...

It's me again Jen! no i'm not Jen you are .... i'm Jayne

see you're sillyness is rubbing off on me (someone jus shouted i've always been silly he hee!)   I wanted to say something about tribute bands in my last posting and forgot doh!!    there great, my brother and i see about 4 or 5 a year. Last one we saw was the Legal Eagles, they were good.

jlocorriere05 said...

Hope you and your mum enjoy the tribute band. Happy birthday to your brother, if it is his birthday!! Jeannette.

tillysweetchops said...

Hello Jen,

Hearing that your going to take your mother out put me in mind of that Scissor Sister's song - I hope you don't get her "jacked up on some cheap champagne and show her what it's all about"!!! But have fun anyway LOL.

Just a tip about the alerts - I recently discovered, a free alert system which is reliable (!) and lets you keep track of blogs all over the internet. You might want to check it out.

Enjoy the band!

Tilly x