Thursday, 30 November 2006

Why Am I Doing This Entry??

  1st December - World Aids Day!!

And also the 1st day where we are allowed to eat chocolate for every day for the next 25 days at least ;-)  Ahhh traditional  customs...aren't they great lol..............

I don't honestly know why I'm writing an entry today life has been fairly boring during the last few days ~ at least AOL is playing ball now!!  Can't believe the problems were due to Pamela Anderson getting have to worry about the team working on our behalf don't you!!  *Or maybe you have a life and can't be bothered lol*

So as I have nothing to talk about I'm gonna ramble....probably means a long entry is coming *you have been warned lol* which will make no sense at all but at least it's what you've come to expect from me lol

I could tell you all about my dream last night :-)  Woke up feelin' good after it tee hee hee...........My Queenie friends and I were going to a gig in this big hall, I mean HUGE!!  It was so huge to get round the car park alone you had to take a bus!!  So we are on this bus, me, Trina and my German girlies and we get to the next stop.  For some unknown reason there is an empty seat next to me, Eliza is pearched on the arm of the seat??!!  Anyway guess who we can see gettin' on........only ROGER :-)  So I'm sitting there praying and hoping no-one sits next to me in the meantime.  Which they don't and I try to persuade him to sit next to me.  Although by this point it is the only seat available.  He looks at me and my bag and asks if there's enough room, *cheeky sod lol* I happen to have my new bag that Trina and Wayne brought back, but Roger doesn't have a clue what that's about!!  So he does sit next to me and we actually chat the whole bus ride to this venue.  Couldn't tell you what about but it was nice and pleasant :-)

Mmmmmmmmmmm..........that wasted a bit of space!!  Work is boring and there's nothing to tell you about from there!!  Oooooo so David Guest has been sent packing from the jungle ~ I seriously thought he was gonna win??!!  Not that I've voted.  I think if I was in a jungle with him I would've slapped him one for annoying the hell out of me.  I have a low threshold for silly people like him!!  It wouldn't be like you could just turn your back on him...............ugh couldn't have done it!!  I think I want Mylene to win (probably spelt that wrong) but I don't know why??!!  So I won't go there!!

I have decided that when I'm really bored and stuck for something to write about I shall tell you about my Great Drummer Debate............yes unfortunately this is still rolling on *not a drum roll I hasten to add* the problem is more songs get thrown into the pot and it's not helping!!  On my way home this evening just randomly thinking..I was trying to come up with a title for it, but I shall have to ponder that a bit more me thinks..............

*Shrek 2 I must watch that again soon* This weekend Trina and I are going xmas shopping - Her hubby and I were emailing today discussing ideas.  I can't say anymore than that, and I've probably said too much there!!  Ooops ~ anyway I worked out how much I wanna spend on people and calculated my finances and it ain't lookin' good so I've arranged for my overdraft to be uped (is that spelt right??)  I hate this month, coz I always go overdrawn and then when January comes and the sales (there's quite a bit I would like in the sales) I have no money to get anything ~ damn it!!

Oooooo there is one piece of news from work that I forgot!!  We've just been through a job evaluation process, well it's actually been going on for about a year or so, but we got the results yesterday and relief all round for the majority of our office ~ we all stayed the same grade!!  YAY but.........we're a point shy of the next grade level, so apparently we are appealing!!  Thing isif one does it you all have to otherwise it will still affect you anyway ~ not quite sure how it all works but I'll keep you posted ;-)

Ok so I think I've rambled quite enough.........hope you have a good weekend and if your xmas shopping like me good luck ;-)  ooooo that reminds me I shall start posting the xmas cards soon peeps but I've been told there is a postal strike planned for Monday so I apologise if they take a while to get there.

Speak to y'all soon lol

Thanks Roxy for the tag xx

Tuesday, 28 November 2006

AOL should be destroyed!!

AOL should die a quick and painful death grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.............I'm sorry I know that's a tad harsh but I'm gettin' so stressed trying to leave comments on people's journals tonight that I just flippin' well give up!!  I think I preferred it when we were getting those wireless alerts, than not being able to access the flippin' journals in the first place!!  I don't know why I'm bothering to type this coz no doubt it won't save!!  If I have left you a comment tonight your one of the lucky ones.  I've just read Sara's last entry and I've tried five times to leave a comment ~ so I flippin' well give up!!  You may have won this time AOL but the battle ain't over!!  *angry face*

Before I go any further though I would like to make a retraction to my previous entry!!  I feel I was a bit harsh towards the rock side of the DVD and I think I was a bit quick of the mark!!  Now that I've seen it on a widescreen TV, with surround sound I appreciate it more and the singing isn't that bad!!  If you should happen to catch it though ~ watch the accoustic side, that is AWESOME ;-)

Anyway I've had a pretty good weekend ~ didn't do anything worth writing about.  I've watched several DVD's and the TV, laughed at Soly for chasing his tail for about 1/2 an hour, listened to the rain and did a bit of shopping.  Trina and Wayne came home yesterday and brought me some Krispy Kreme doughnuts and a Paddington Bear!!  :-)  Bless 'em ~ they kept thanking me so much for what I had done, but I hadn't done anything, eaten their food, using their electric, sleeping in their bed, using their water etc .........LOL.........they're both muppets but I luv em!!  I just want to say to Trina and Wayne coz I don't think I thanked them enough for my bear!!  *tut tut at me*  oooooo I almost forgot the bag they brought me back ~ they got free stuff from the flight like a bag and stuff.  Coz there was spares they picked up an extra one ~ they are really cool!!  I can't remember exactly what it says but it's something about flight 666 :-)  teehee.........

Back to work today ~ P is off sick all week due to a bad back, poor thing!!  At least with the little work we had I managed to stay fairly busy all day, whilst J wound me up....the git lol............

I'm not sure what else to say but here's the game I posted on the Kafka community blog - why don't you take part and post the results on your blog ;-)


1. Open your library (itunes, winamp, media player, ipod etc)

2. Put it on shuffle

3. Press play

4. For every question, type the song that's playing

5. When you go to a new question, press the next button

6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool......................

The first songs were picked from my MP3 Player and the second ones from my WINDOWS MEDIA

Opening Credits: Voodoo Child - Rogue Traders Tiny Dancer - Dave Grohl

First Song Waking Up: Freak On - Stonebridge Last Train Home - Lostprophets

First Day At School: Tribute - Tenacious D Already Died - Eagles of Death Metal

Falling In Love: Wonderboy - Tenacious D ~ Lay Your Hands - Simon Webbe

Fight Song: Radioactive - The Firm ~ Rock n Roll - Roger Taylor live

Breaking Up: When You Were Young - The Killers ~ Alive - Pearl Jam

Prom: 9 - 5 - The Ordinary Boys ~ Lets Get Crazy - Roger Taylor

Life: Elevation - U2 ~ Cold Day In The Sun - Foo's

Mental Breakdown: Maps - Yeah Yeah Yeah's ~ Beep - Pussycat Dolls

Driving: Love Token - Brian May ~ Cheated Hearts - Yeah Yeah Yeah's

Flashback: Lets Get Crazy - Roger Taylor ~ The Last Song - Foo's

Getting back together: Beelzeboss - Tenacious D ~ Side - Travis

Losing Your Virginity: Now I'm Here - Queen/Foo Fighters ~ Hell - Foo's

Wedding: Faster Kill Pussycat - Paul Oakenfold ~ Everythings Not Lost - Coldplay

Birth of a Child: Heart Shaped Box - Evanescence ~ Tie Your Mother Down - Queen

Final Battle: Tie Your MotherDown - Queen/Foo's ~ Everlong - Foo's

Death Scene: For All The Cows - Foo's ~ Queer - Garbage

Funeral Song: Best of You - Foo's ~ 9 - 5 - The Ordinary Boys

End Credits: Last Summer - Lost Prophets ~ Rock Your Socks - Tenacious D

So there you have it!!  Isn't all that funny when I do it but you should've heard Trinas ;-)

I'm going to leave you now and stew in my own annoyance to see if I can actually post this damn entry lol

Bye for now xx


Thursday, 23 November 2006

Quick One

Hey Everyone :-)

Just thought I'd add a quick entry to say that as I'm away for the weekend I have turned my alerts off.  I am trying to read the ones that are left in my inbox but any that I don't get around to I shall be deleting and starting afresh when I get back!!

You'll all be glad to know (well I doubt it but I'll tell ya anyway) I finally got my DVD today :-)  Just when I have no time to watch it only make time don't you in some cases ;-)  Some of you asked what DVD I was awaiting.... I shall tell you in blinkie format  teehee...........So far I've only watched the Hyde Park bit and not the accoustic show and after all the anticipation, I'm afraid to say (and this is sacrilige in this journal), that I'm not impressed *shocked look, audible gasp*  Dave's singing is really pants!!  I don't remember it being that bad in Manchester but then I was singing over him.  Trina and I have put it down to nerves coz Hyde Park was a big show............we even slated roger though and that's even worse sacrilige in this journal!!  Well I say we, I actually mean Wayne and I looks like he's struggling towards the end of the song!!  I'm not giving a very good review am I??  Perhaps I'll feel better about it when watching it on widescreen with surround sound ;-)  We can but hope......................................

Anyway onto the main purpose of this entry, I have to do this as tomorrow when I'm not around it will be 15 years since the loss of our Freddie :(



He is the best and nobody can EVER come close.  I love you Freddie and miss you even more now than I ever have.  God bless you wherever you are xx 

Well that's it peeps.  Whatever your doing at the weekend I hope you have a good time and I shall see you all again on Tuesday xx

Take care

Thanks to Donna @ DsDesigns for the sig xx

Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Midweek Madness

Hello peeps 

I’ve had a thought about today’s journal entry and I’ve decided that you can have a day in the life of me ~ whilst I’m at work anyway LOL  Once I get home it would be too boring for you to read.  So here I am going to give you a blow by blow account of my day including any thoughts etc……………Enjoy ;-)

Starting 21/11/06  

Time 4.06pm  - just finished flattening boxes with the team leader.  Bit bored have been all afternoon.  The morning went by quite quickly.  No song stuck in my head!!

4.20pm – Big discussion about jelly babies and which brand is better ~ stay away from Tesco’s own people………...  Nothing’s changed and I still don’t have any songs stuck in my head.

5.00pm – My team have all gone home and I’m still here making up the flex for my leave on Monday grrrrr……….  Jim and I had a discussion about this week’s Holby  still no songs stuck in my head.


8.47am – logged in for work booooo………..Want to go home already that’s not a good sign lol……DVD should be there tonight yay ~ song stuck in my head Tribute – Tenacious D.  *starts singing, 'best song in the world'*

9.40am – So far have done a write off and dealt with some emails etc  Now I’m about to write to the woman whose recorded post went missing.  Already found out from Trina her copy of the DVD is here……………*fingers crossed* ~ still singing ‘this is a tribute ooooohhhhh oooooooooo’ lol

10.44am – Now eating chocolate cake brought in by P and about to answer a very sweet email from my Fairy friend LOL that sounds dodgy!!  Finished my letter to the woman about her recorded delivery and just made a prat of myself asking the other team why they’d done something.  According to them M from the other team asked them to do it grrrrrrrrrrrrr…………………wish he wouldn’t do that!!  Ooooo my ears just gone funny…………… ~ still singing ‘he said, be you angels’ in a very funny voice!!

11.49am – can slowly feel the life drain away from me, soooooooooooo bored lol.  Nothing new to report!!  ~ singing still ‘nay we are but men........ROCK …..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh’

12.07pm – can’t stop yawning, am pretty positive I shall fall asleep soon……………..

12.43pm – stopped yawning, now feel chilly brrrrrr………………Trina’s just rung to ask if I have a PS2 (which I have) I know what’s she’s getting me for xmas LOL *yay*

13.10pm - Lunch woohoo – consisting of two ham sarnies and a packet of Walkers cheese and onion crisps!!

13.48pm - back from lunch booo………..Played the puzzle game on Kafka at lunch and had a sneaky look at the graphics blog – shall have to share some of the ones I’ve pinched from other people me thinks!!  Couldn’t finish the puzzle I couldn’t see all the pieces.

2.55pm – Email from Trina to say she’s off (not amused with Trina regarding xmas but that's another story!!) ~ been fairly busy and laughed at P for spilling yoghurt down her top.  She’s not amused with me coz I hadn’t told her, well how could I when I didn't see it *shakes head*.  Soon be going home time and I shall find out if my DVD’s there *eeek*

3.25pm – Nearly the last entry!!  Gonna eat my banana now, been on the phone to benefits offices for part of the afternoon aren’t I lucky??!!  Worked out my flex earlier ~ just one more night of staying late woohoo (that’s tonight in case you wondered) and I can still leave at 4pm on Friday yay!!

4.38pm – been kept busy this afternoon allocating credits (BORING!!)

So that’s it peeps my day at work!!  Hope you enjoyed reading this and I promise we shall be back to normal entries soon.  No more staying on for extra 10 mins lol………….  It’s worked quite well though I have to say!!  Anyway I shall leave you here and pray my DVD has turned up…………….  If it’s not you’ll probably hear me cry and scream where you live lol

Bye for now xx

So did you hear me scream - no??  That's coz I held it in!!  No my DVD hasn't turned up :(  I'm not amused but sworn Trina to secrecy that if she watches hers she ain't to ring me and tell me about it.  Tried in vain to cheer myself up and download some new vaguely worked lol  That's the reason I've not choosen a mood coz f****n' cheesed off isn't an option ;-) LOL  C'mon aol give us new moods........................

Monday, 20 November 2006

Brill Weekend

I’m writing this entry whilst at work *tut tut*  ~ only because we’re getting to that stage again where there is not a lot of work to actually be done and I have to make up some flex time.  I’m having a flex day next Monday as I’m going to Trina’s to look after the Devil spawn and his brother for the weekend.  Wayne and Trina are going to Sweden to see Iron Maiden.  Bruce Dickinson is actually flying them and about 188 other people over.  Not my thing so I shall look after the cats and watch many dvd’s on their widescreen, surround sound system -  Yay coz the new Foo’s DVD is released this week (mine is on order and *fingers crossed* it shall be here soon)!!  (edited to add I could've gone up town and got it on the way home grrrr..........)

Anyway this weekend was a blast!!  As you know we went to see Ga Ga.  I’m telling you about this now instead of doing one of those write ups coz I don’t think it deserves one.  The band were good and it was fun seeing our friends (the ones who made it!!) The only down side was the fact that Trina and I went to wait for the band again afterwards and they didn’t show up.  Trina wasn’t very amused.  Instead we joined the others in Weatherspoons, but were soon kicked out as it was closing time.  Fairy, Kev and Trina were all staying at mine so we made our way back there.  We had a laugh and a bit more to drink watching Roger/Queen videos - Bahhhhh Man on Fire! Ooooops sorry about that gettin’ carried away……….lol

Saturday – we got up about 9.30ish and Trina made brekkie for us all.  (I’m not lazy, well alright I am and proud of it LOL, but I told her if she wanted bacon she could work the grill, coz I have no idea then she was welcome to it ;-)  In the end I think she fried everything, well apart from the beans and the egg lol……….It was yummy :-P  Trina does spoil us all…………We watched some more Queenie stuff but about 11.20ish I had to leave.  The postman had tried to deliver one of my items the day before and I had to get it.  Said my goodbyes to Fairy and Kev and Trina stayed behind to tidy up ~ bless her heart!!

Woah it was busy in town and that’s all I shall say about that!!  Did manage to get my item though and it’s lovely but can’t say anymore as it’s a xmas pressie for someone.

In the evening Trina had found The Pick of Destiny showing at a cinema in Torquay.  I wanted to see it and I wanted to see it with me mates but as they won’t be around for the day it comes out (see first paragraph for reason).  So I went down to theirs, had fish and chips for tea and we made our way to the cinema.  Big discussion about whether the bus was going to turn up or not, eventually it did (film was due to start at 8.25pm and the time was now about 8pm) so we calmed down!  Until we got off the bus and stood outside the cinema.  It was a Carlton and we were looking for an Apollo arrrrrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh…..  Trina went inside and spoke to the bloke anyway.  It was decided (by Trina) that we still had time and she rung for a taxi.  The cinema we should’ve been going to was in Paignton.  I had to laugh, more so than I had done during this journey so far, as we go from optimism to blind panic, back to optimism and again back to panic.  The taxi arrived and the driver heard our sorry story and promised to get there as fast as possible.

We get to the cinema in time, well about 8.26pm and go and get the tix whilst Wayne joined the queue for the drinks.  When we went to wait for him Trina noticed a drinks machine behind doh!!  Eventually we got into the right room and the film had already started damn it………….we were all convinced that the part we’d seen would be the part which explains why theywere searching for the Pick of Destiny but nope we were ok!!

The film is excellent and I recommend you all to see it!!  Especially the part with the devil (even before I knew who the devil was ;-)  If you like comedy and rock music Go, go, go, go etc……………

Afterwards we decided to go to the pub and ended up back in Torquay at a place called Ejays.  It was such a good laugh.  They play rock music and other stuff combined and all three of us enjoyed it!!  Wayne’s started to have some booze (bless him) and he seems to be coping well.  *fingers crossed* Trina requested a Foo's track and they played 'Times Like These' which is her fave, and I requested a Queen track and they played 'I Want To Break Free' (they'd played Don't Stop Me Now earlier in the evening and Fat Bottomed Girls ;-) We stayed in the pub until about 2ish and then Wayne drove me all the way back to Exeter.  I would've stayed but two weekends at their house you can't have too much of a good thing lol ;-)  I went straight to bed but I worried about them driving all that way at such a late time ~ so I sent a text and luckily Trina texted me when they got home to say they were safe ~ so I was a happy and contented bunny to go to sleep ;-)  It certainly made up for the crapiness of last weekend!!

Yesterday I did some washing and the machine has chewed up one of my work tops.  When I took the clothes out there was fluff everywhere which baffled me as there was nothing fluffy in there!!  When I stretched out the top I caught my finger in a hole on the sleeve and there was a large hole and fabric everywhere :(  I'm not amused but at least it wasn't one of my beloved t-shirts - I've taken pics so I'll share them with you when I can be bothered to load them in lol

Otherwise I watched Forrest Gump on DVD (great film) and not much else lol..........gettin' addicted to Blocker on kafka now ~ seriously if you aren't playing the games on kafka go do it now..............go go go go go..........

Still I think that's all my news for now.  I have to stay late at work every day this week to make up the flex so you never know perhaps there'll be an entry every day ;-)  I'm not promising anything but you never know........................

Oh by the way everyone say hi to becky xx  One of my queenie friends is reading me journal, so I can't say anything nasty about her if I would ;-)

Well I better go I'm so behind in my journal reading again *rolls eyes*

bye for now xx

Mmmmmmmmmmm...............Roger *dreamy sigh*

Thursday, 16 November 2006

Weekend is almost here..............

Hey everyone -  to Thursday's entry...........I was actually gonna start this entry laughing heartily.............why I hear you cry??  Well yesterday was the day of the Scissor Sisters gig and the weather was absolutely miserable, which I think was small justice for the fact that I couldn't go LOL at those people who were queueing *evil laughter*

So let's see what is there to tell you about??  UK Music Hall of Fame is on at the mo...........ROGER's been on already and inducted Led Zepplin ~ waiting patiently to see him play drums for the George Martin tribute thingy :-)  Go roger.........*girly giggle* LOL

Everyone must join me now in singing Happy Birthday a tad early for my brother ~ whose birthday is tomorrow :-)  Nah, don't worry peeps I won't subject you to my horrible singing voice again lol  I have remembered to send him a card so he should get that tomorrow (thanks mum for reminding me when it is LOL)!!

This week at work has been one of the toughest ever!!  We have this new system that payments towards the invoices gets entered on and ever since it was brought in we've had nothing but trouble!!  The first query this week came from some person who received an invoice showing two lots of charges, but they reckoned they'd paid one lot in cash at the post office.  So I go and query this to no avail and ring them back for more information only to be told it's all sorted.  The woman at the post office hadn't taken the slip so had kept the money in the safe until someone complained about it!!  Could've told me!!  Grrrrr.....................

Second another payment gone missing ~ this time the rep sent copies of proof of payment by recorded delivery ~ only we've not received it!!  So I've been on a wild goose chase to try and locate it!!  I went to despatch who passed it to cashiers, who then asked some woman in IT services to sign for it who couldn't remember who she'd passed it to.  Emails to other people finally track it down to possibly the room next door.  Enquire with them and they haven't got it!!  I felt so tired by the end of dealing with all this....................They've agreed to write off the amount, as the rep is so adamant that she's paid it and to go to that much trouble proving it we have to agree.  It's just utter madness that a piece of recorded delivery can go missing like that ~ i tell ya nothings safe these days!!

Enough of work talk ~  well actually after all that I was too tired to come home and clean, which I should've done coz people maybe staying tomorrow!!  We're off to see the best Queen tribute band ever Ga Ga :-)  Those regular readers will probably my story of Trina and I going to see them last year and partying with the band (well okay a couple of drinks at the bar ;-) lol This time Trina has encouraged our close living Queenie mates to come down for it, so I think Becky, Dan, Fairy and Kev are making their way down ~ should be a good night and I am looking forward to it!!

This is turning into a long entry just a couple more things bear with me peeps xx

I received my Cujo DVD today and I have to gripe about it!!  So far I've only seen the cover of the damn thing and I'm moaning already lol...........On the cover it looks like the woman is holding a gun..........there was no gun in the book, well ok there was eventually but it was thrown into the grass and not mentioned again!!  Also she's wearing a dress ~ in the book she had jeans on!!  The cover says the boy is six years old, he wasn't he was four!!  I don't think it's sticking rigidly to the book here!!  Anyway I shall watch it soon and give it a chance lol.........

I won my ebay item that I mentioned the other day ~ it's actually a mag about the Foo's :-)  It was produced by Metal Hammer and only sold in WHSmith ~ I thought I was going to get outbid and paid a little more than I had hoped for but never's mine *rubbing hands together with an evil glint in eye*

Started reading Danse Macabre - even though my books are in alphabetical order of title the next few are all Stephen King :-)  Well he is my favourite author!!  So that helps..........

I shall end this entry here and go wait for the gorgeous roger to appear on my TV again :-)  grrrrrrrrrrrr..........another break.....soon be on I hope.

Thanks Terryann for this sig xx

Tuesday, 14 November 2006

Blah and mini adventures

Hiya everyone :-)

I was gonna start this entry off with a nice peaceful graphic but I've changed my mind so you get this one instead............

  Isn't he cool??  Look at him

So how's your week going?? Mine is very blah!!  I still need a damn good cry but it's not coming ~ so to cheer myself up I've been buying things on Ebay this evening ~ probably only a temporary measure but hey, who cares lol  I've purchased Cujo on DVD as I'm about 5 pages away from the end in the book (so I know the dog dies before any of you say anything in the comments ;-)  I'm also bidding on something else but we'll have to see how that goes!!

I've also purchased two items for Trina's christmas presents :-)  I can't say too much as usual coz she reads this and if I don't tell I've updated it, she has a moan at me!!  I've told her that I have an idea for next years present though.........can't do it for this year coz I reckon it needs about 12 months worth of planning lol

I'm currently typing up the next big adventure that I had this year so until that's finished you get the odd bits and pieces and some photos from those days ~ hope you like them...........

What else is there to tell you about before I go on with the adventure is boring and we had a team meeting today ~ I don't know why they bother I never listen to them!  We're all awaiting the results of the job evaluation and up until today I've figured that we'll all stay the same scale but I started thinking what if we go down??  There's no question that we'll go up a scale it's not that much of a demanding job.........but we could go down!!  What do I do then??  I'm sure I'd cope but I wouldn't go out and spend as much as I'm able to now!!  It's not agreat loss just got me thinking that's all...........

There's not much else to talk about ~ well I could go on about the 'greatest drummer debate' but I don't wanna bore you rigid ~ I tell ya some of the things that go on in my head it's no wonder they haven't locked me up in the padded cell by now ;-)

So as I have no news and feelin' very blah and can't beat my own score on Packets @ Kafka I'm going to leave you here with some short adventures LOL  Enjoy xx


29th July – Spent day with Trina (surprise, surprise) went to Paignton for the day and sat on the beach listening to my mp3 player – good day

4th August – Day off with Trina spent doing nothing – went to pub in the evening for a meal and on the Saturday all 3 of us went to Paignton – attacked by seagull, cut on finger and lip bleeding went to see Disney Pixar’s movie Cars – v.good. Also spent time in the fair – bumper cars and the other two went on one. Whilst I was watching all I could hear was Trina screaming lol……… They also played Crazy Golf. I took scores.

12th August – went to visit mum in Teignmouth. Spent all afternoon playing catch with Meggy, took great pic of her with ice cream all around her mouth but deleted it by accident before saving it to the computer When on the way home – waited for a train which didn’t turn up Damn trains!!

That seagull thing is very true and now I hate all low flying birds - I literally panic when there's one near me and it's not doing anything but I swear that when I walk near it, it's gonna take off and hit me in the head or something!!  Go on laugh I dare ya!!  It's not funny and to think I used to want to come back as a bird ~ it would have to be one of the smaller variety me thinks!!

Right I'm off to finish Cujo :-)

Bye xx

Thanks for this beautiful sig Sazzy xx

Sunday, 12 November 2006

More of the Same

Hiya peeps - hey how are you doin??  I've had one of the worst weekends ever...................I shan't go into too many details but do you remember last week I said I was going to see Miss Fairy in one of her plays ~ well we didn't go in the end!!  We went all the way to Taunton, did some shopping (I got two cd's and two dvd's :-), had a meal in Weatherspoons and then half way to Wellington decided it was best for all concerned if we went home instead ~ got home in a bad mood!!  Decided to just sit and watch TV for the night so ended up watching Casualty, Volcano, saw Peter Kay on Parky (very funny), and other stuff.  Didn't go to bed till quite late *tut tut*

Today I got up quite late and went for a walk all the way round the river.  When I got home I put my key in the lock of the main front door to the block of flats and it wouldn't go in!!  After about 5/6 times of trying I freaked out ~ I didn't have my mobile on me or any money!!  After a little while of trying the key over and over and figuring that no-one was leaving the block and no-one was coming home...........I decided to ring a couple of the flats to see if anyone was home to let me in.  No answer.............try another answer.............try my key again, it fits in perfectly and opens the door ~ weird or what??  Tomorrow I'm gonna take both the keys that open the front door and see what happens - wish me luck LOL

Other than that I've watched Calendar Girls (one of the DVD's I brought - very good film) and read a few I think I'll continue with my LostProphets story.........enjoy xx and I hope you like the photos :-)

About 9.30pm the Prophets came onstage (we had a pool going again and I have a feeling Wayne won again!! damn it) and started with Waynes favourite song from the new album. The band was on fine form and laughed and joked with the audience. I couldnt really see much so I dont have favourite bits Im afraid!! I just remember that we spent most of the gig head banging as the view wasnt that great and there were no big screens or anything like that!! We took a picture of each of us head banging it looks quite funny! Because I was sweating so much I remember sweat getting into my eyes a lot of the time so when I tried to stand still and just enjoy the gig I found I couldnt. Its compulsive that I must move to the music lol…………………We tried wiping the sweat off with Waynes t-shirt, first he had it, then Trina and then me. By the time I got it, it was soaking so I found myself rubbing over peoples sweat on me lol…………*disgusting*

There wasnt much of an atmosphere where we were standing but I think we created one of our own!! It certainly helps when theres a small group of you coz you look across at the others and theyre dancing away, having a good time etc. As I mentioned before the band were on fine form and at one point the singer was remarking how hot it was and started talking about the people upstairs sitting down and how they probably werent sweating as much coz they werent moving around much. I cant remember how it went properly but there was mention of the fact that heat actually rises and they were probably sweltering more than we were lol……….trust me it was funny but clearly a case of you had to be there!! The songs I remember them doing are: To Hell We Ride, Burn Burn, Last Summer, Last Train, Everyday Combat, 4am Forever, Rooftops, New Transmission, Everybodys Screaming, Town called Hyprocrisy, Start Something, etc..

When the gig finished we tried to make our way back to the car. Lots of people all walking down the same stairs ahhhh…….we waited till it calmed down a bit but got chucked out!! Trina brought another t-shirt, this one has red and black stripes so she has since been nicknamed Dennis the Menace. On our way back to the car a discussion about which was the best gig ensued. Wayne thought the Prophets (which I suspected) and I disagreed and thought the Foos. Come to think of it I havent got a clue which Trina preferred but I would probably say the Foos.  I managed to get to bed just after midnight and unfortunately had to be in work the next day. Boy, did I ache?? My neck was once again killing me note to self stop headbanging!!

Anyway we all enjoyed the gig though and they are touring again in November and once again coming down our way but we cant afford it.  Next time without a doubt!!

In way of an update to this ~ Trina found out on Friday that they are touring again next year and we have discussed the possibility of going but they aren't coming down here :( 

On a completely different subject the Scissor Sisters are playing Exeter on Wednesday and guess who isn't going ~ yep yours truely ~ I would've loved to have gone but Trina isn't into them and by the time I was informed mum would've come with me it was too late to get tix :(  The radio station have been going on about it all weekend - the gits!! LOL  No I'm not bitter ;-)

Right I better go before this turns into another essay lol, just before I do though as you know I watched Volcano last night ~ well earlier I was looking up websites about Exeter ~ apparently the high street is built on an extinct volcano....................hmmmmmmmmmmm something to think about lol.............

Till next time peeps xx

love this sig - Thanks roxy xx (link in the other journals bit ;)

Wednesday, 8 November 2006

Normal Service Resumed

Evenin' all *lookin' rather shamefaced*  I admit yesterdays entry was probably a bit hotheaded and I should think before I type.  But thank you all everyone who left a comment your all very sweet and Jayne you made me laugh ;-)  Thank you xx   It appears it must've been something due to atmospheric pressure as the TV is once again watchable Woohoo!!  I've just watched Two Pints of Lager in fact ;)  Thanks to Kafka for reminding me that it was being shown on terrestrial tv lol

Talking of Kafka - I played the packets game at lunchtime and managed to get 2nd highest score Woohoo number 2 :-)  Shall try and beat it tomorrow..............

I wanted to share this email that I received from one of my colleagues (we do, do work honest lol ;)  It was so funny it just deserved a mention here..............I had told J that if the TV wasn't working yesterday then I couldn't watch Holby and we wouldn't be able to talk about it.  When we do neither of us can remember the characters names so J thinks of silly things to call them.  This morning he asked if I'd watched it and so I said no but I didn't want to know what had happened.  Around lunchtime I get this in my inbox.................

Last night Ric revealed he used to be a girl.

Werewolf Girl (auburn haired one) gets trapped in a lift and has to eat a patient in order to survive. Unfortunately he was quite poisonous on account of being so ill.  Luckily for her that chap in the wheelchair ramraids the lift doors and drags her out.  To save her life he then makes her vomit by making her read a copy of Heat magazine.

Twitcher (uptight posh bloke) turns out to also have an addicton to carrots and is nearly caught crunching whilst in theatre. It's just getting silly with him now.

Bereaved Elliot attempts suicide by igniting pre-prepared flatulence. Fortuantely he is saved in the nick of time as Abra harnesses the unknown healing powers of the barber shop quartet.

Oh and Marker Pen girl gets a bit upset like she does every episode.

There, got it all out of my system now.

LOL isn't that funny............made me chuckle anyway!!

Work has taken a slight turn for the worse but I shan't moan on about it here..........they can think what they blimin well like ~ damn them!!  (bit cryptic but trust me it's too boring to spout on about!!  Maybe another time..........)

For now I want to carry on with the adventures.........Cast you mind back to July when the weather was slightly warmer ;)


I can’t honestly remember the time I left work but it had been a very hot day. I think that was back in the days when our side of the desks didn’t have a fan, so we were melting all day!!

Trina had asked me to find out during the day where the great hall was at the university but I couldn’t think of who to ask!! When I was stood at the photocopier I found an opportunity to ask one of my colleagues. He said he had only ever been to the university once but not to the great hall. When he enquired as to why I wanted to know, I explained we were going to see the Lostprophets. He was jealous and wished I had told him about it!! (I have since told him they are touring in November but I don’t think he’s going LOL) I did manage to find instructions of how to get there at lunchtime on the web, so armed with those I figured we would be fine.

We all meet at my flat and after a quick change and somethingto eat we leave for the great hall by about 7pmish. Once we get to the University premises it seems unlikely that we would find anywhere to park. Luckily we did but we were slightly concerned as it said ‘staff parking’ but we weren’t the only ones there and convinced ourselves apart from Trina that the car would be okay. We made our way back up the hill to queue. I was surprised by the amount of people already there and queueing. I also had a sneaking suspicion that we were the oldest ones there!! We kept looking at the other people who were walking past to see if there was someone older and felt slightly happier when there was lol

We were stood in the queue for about 20 minutes if not longer before it started moving. Snaking all the way to the door, we kept ourselves amused as usual, and heard the first support band playing!! As we got closer to the door it was obvious that some people had been queueing for a long time there were trashy magazines, cans, wrappers and god knows what else strewn about the place. Once inside I made my way to the merchandise stand. Wasn’t sure whether I was gonna buy a t-shirt or not but decided to do so anyway ~ Got a lovely black shirt with the tour dates on the back. We then went to have an alcoholic drink but we weren’t allowed to move out of that room with them so stood there and chatted for a while. We kept ourselves amused this time looking at the other people milling around. I had spotted some eye candy for the night ;-) so most of my time was spent looking at him lol, well what’s a single girl to do??!! At one point these two blokes were making their way towards us and I said to Trina, ‘they here on the wrong night for the dinner and dance.’ She laughed as she looked at the two I was talking about. Both had smart trousers and shirts with ties. It did look extremely out of place!!

Once we finished our drinks we went to find the great hall. Wayne had been there before when he saw The Levellers so we followed him. Inside the great hall it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo stuffy!! The sweat literally wanted to drip off you as soon as you stepped foot inside. It was overpowering really as the heat had nowhere to go! A bit like being on a tropical island but with no breeze and none of the benefits you get from the island lol

It was decided that it would be too hot to stand near the front so we moved to the middle and side of the room. At the side were less people. As the 2nd support act was playing I decided to go and lean against the side wall. Wayne managed to find the only breeze in the room so we all decided to stay near that breeze, it was very faint but we needed it!!

The act on stage was called ‘The Blackout’ and were actually quite good. Trina and I took a liking to one of the band members so she tried to get a shot of him but it wasn’t happening!! (*Note – have since found their myspace account and there’s a picture on there with the note f*** Queen We Are The Champions – don’t like them anymore!! Grrrrrr……………)

During the break Wayne ventured downstairs to get us some water as we definitely needed some kind of refreshment!! The sweat was already starting to pour down us but there was no escape from it, even the breeze stopped every now and then. To amuse themselves the main crowd started chucking bottles about (this was a new one on me seeing as how I live in the dark ages ha haha………and only found out about it from the Foo’s gig in Hyde Park – many video’s on Youtube about it!!) The technician guy on stage doing the 1,2’s was quite surprised that a bottle fight was occurring in Exeter!! He wasn’t the only one!! Trina and Wayne thought it was hysterical and wanted to join in – in fact I think they tried too. Personally I don’t get it, but whatever floats your boat……………………….

I don't want this entry to get too long so I shall leave it here for now..........more next time xx

Take care peeps