Thursday, 30 November 2006

Why Am I Doing This Entry??

  1st December - World Aids Day!!

And also the 1st day where we are allowed to eat chocolate for every day for the next 25 days at least ;-)  Ahhh traditional  customs...aren't they great lol..............

I don't honestly know why I'm writing an entry today life has been fairly boring during the last few days ~ at least AOL is playing ball now!!  Can't believe the problems were due to Pamela Anderson getting have to worry about the team working on our behalf don't you!!  *Or maybe you have a life and can't be bothered lol*

So as I have nothing to talk about I'm gonna ramble....probably means a long entry is coming *you have been warned lol* which will make no sense at all but at least it's what you've come to expect from me lol

I could tell you all about my dream last night :-)  Woke up feelin' good after it tee hee hee...........My Queenie friends and I were going to a gig in this big hall, I mean HUGE!!  It was so huge to get round the car park alone you had to take a bus!!  So we are on this bus, me, Trina and my German girlies and we get to the next stop.  For some unknown reason there is an empty seat next to me, Eliza is pearched on the arm of the seat??!!  Anyway guess who we can see gettin' on........only ROGER :-)  So I'm sitting there praying and hoping no-one sits next to me in the meantime.  Which they don't and I try to persuade him to sit next to me.  Although by this point it is the only seat available.  He looks at me and my bag and asks if there's enough room, *cheeky sod lol* I happen to have my new bag that Trina and Wayne brought back, but Roger doesn't have a clue what that's about!!  So he does sit next to me and we actually chat the whole bus ride to this venue.  Couldn't tell you what about but it was nice and pleasant :-)

Mmmmmmmmmmm..........that wasted a bit of space!!  Work is boring and there's nothing to tell you about from there!!  Oooooo so David Guest has been sent packing from the jungle ~ I seriously thought he was gonna win??!!  Not that I've voted.  I think if I was in a jungle with him I would've slapped him one for annoying the hell out of me.  I have a low threshold for silly people like him!!  It wouldn't be like you could just turn your back on him...............ugh couldn't have done it!!  I think I want Mylene to win (probably spelt that wrong) but I don't know why??!!  So I won't go there!!

I have decided that when I'm really bored and stuck for something to write about I shall tell you about my Great Drummer Debate............yes unfortunately this is still rolling on *not a drum roll I hasten to add* the problem is more songs get thrown into the pot and it's not helping!!  On my way home this evening just randomly thinking..I was trying to come up with a title for it, but I shall have to ponder that a bit more me thinks..............

*Shrek 2 I must watch that again soon* This weekend Trina and I are going xmas shopping - Her hubby and I were emailing today discussing ideas.  I can't say anymore than that, and I've probably said too much there!!  Ooops ~ anyway I worked out how much I wanna spend on people and calculated my finances and it ain't lookin' good so I've arranged for my overdraft to be uped (is that spelt right??)  I hate this month, coz I always go overdrawn and then when January comes and the sales (there's quite a bit I would like in the sales) I have no money to get anything ~ damn it!!

Oooooo there is one piece of news from work that I forgot!!  We've just been through a job evaluation process, well it's actually been going on for about a year or so, but we got the results yesterday and relief all round for the majority of our office ~ we all stayed the same grade!!  YAY but.........we're a point shy of the next grade level, so apparently we are appealing!!  Thing isif one does it you all have to otherwise it will still affect you anyway ~ not quite sure how it all works but I'll keep you posted ;-)

Ok so I think I've rambled quite enough.........hope you have a good weekend and if your xmas shopping like me good luck ;-)  ooooo that reminds me I shall start posting the xmas cards soon peeps but I've been told there is a postal strike planned for Monday so I apologise if they take a while to get there.

Speak to y'all soon lol

Thanks Roxy for the tag xx


jeadie05 said...

Hey Jen you made that choccy rule up ,didnt you ? lol shhh yes AOL was behaving Jan xx

rachealcarol said...

..........I'm very big on tradition and will see that one is carried out post haste :)  Well done at staying the same grade.  Even now I'm not sure if David's stories were true, he's got such a poker face.  I've enjoyed this series. Rache

mtrib2 said...

I have not been keeping up on the 'reality' TV shows as I am getting too old I guess,   lol .     That is good that you are all appealing on the pay advance grade so there will be another chance for you.     I am in deep debt but hope that a new credit card with 0% interest for a year will allow me to make small payments.    My home addition construction requires every dollar I can  spend to have the room I need as my cabin is so cramped.      Really I consider my life to be boring but with other's feeling the same perhaps that is something of interest, lol .   If we were rich wouldn't we be rich and boring?  lol.    mark

jaymact1 said...

Not been watching the jungle much this time as hubby hates these things. Glad when its over. Heard this morning the Skating will be back in the new year more hassle.  Hope the shopping goes well. Love Joan.

oddb0dkins said...

No postal strike round here. B. x

sarajanesmiles said...

I like your rambles :o)
Good luck with your Christmas shopping!!!
Sara   x

xxroxymamaxx said...

cool!  Good luck with your shopping.  I'm going to add your journal link to my list as I somehow haven't done it yet.  Have a nice weekend!  Hugs and GBU, Shelly