Sunday, 12 November 2006

More of the Same

Hiya peeps - hey how are you doin??  I've had one of the worst weekends ever...................I shan't go into too many details but do you remember last week I said I was going to see Miss Fairy in one of her plays ~ well we didn't go in the end!!  We went all the way to Taunton, did some shopping (I got two cd's and two dvd's :-), had a meal in Weatherspoons and then half way to Wellington decided it was best for all concerned if we went home instead ~ got home in a bad mood!!  Decided to just sit and watch TV for the night so ended up watching Casualty, Volcano, saw Peter Kay on Parky (very funny), and other stuff.  Didn't go to bed till quite late *tut tut*

Today I got up quite late and went for a walk all the way round the river.  When I got home I put my key in the lock of the main front door to the block of flats and it wouldn't go in!!  After about 5/6 times of trying I freaked out ~ I didn't have my mobile on me or any money!!  After a little while of trying the key over and over and figuring that no-one was leaving the block and no-one was coming home...........I decided to ring a couple of the flats to see if anyone was home to let me in.  No answer.............try another answer.............try my key again, it fits in perfectly and opens the door ~ weird or what??  Tomorrow I'm gonna take both the keys that open the front door and see what happens - wish me luck LOL

Other than that I've watched Calendar Girls (one of the DVD's I brought - very good film) and read a few I think I'll continue with my LostProphets story.........enjoy xx and I hope you like the photos :-)

About 9.30pm the Prophets came onstage (we had a pool going again and I have a feeling Wayne won again!! damn it) and started with Waynes favourite song from the new album. The band was on fine form and laughed and joked with the audience. I couldnt really see much so I dont have favourite bits Im afraid!! I just remember that we spent most of the gig head banging as the view wasnt that great and there were no big screens or anything like that!! We took a picture of each of us head banging it looks quite funny! Because I was sweating so much I remember sweat getting into my eyes a lot of the time so when I tried to stand still and just enjoy the gig I found I couldnt. Its compulsive that I must move to the music lol…………………We tried wiping the sweat off with Waynes t-shirt, first he had it, then Trina and then me. By the time I got it, it was soaking so I found myself rubbing over peoples sweat on me lol…………*disgusting*

There wasnt much of an atmosphere where we were standing but I think we created one of our own!! It certainly helps when theres a small group of you coz you look across at the others and theyre dancing away, having a good time etc. As I mentioned before the band were on fine form and at one point the singer was remarking how hot it was and started talking about the people upstairs sitting down and how they probably werent sweating as much coz they werent moving around much. I cant remember how it went properly but there was mention of the fact that heat actually rises and they were probably sweltering more than we were lol……….trust me it was funny but clearly a case of you had to be there!! The songs I remember them doing are: To Hell We Ride, Burn Burn, Last Summer, Last Train, Everyday Combat, 4am Forever, Rooftops, New Transmission, Everybodys Screaming, Town called Hyprocrisy, Start Something, etc..

When the gig finished we tried to make our way back to the car. Lots of people all walking down the same stairs ahhhh…….we waited till it calmed down a bit but got chucked out!! Trina brought another t-shirt, this one has red and black stripes so she has since been nicknamed Dennis the Menace. On our way back to the car a discussion about which was the best gig ensued. Wayne thought the Prophets (which I suspected) and I disagreed and thought the Foos. Come to think of it I havent got a clue which Trina preferred but I would probably say the Foos.  I managed to get to bed just after midnight and unfortunately had to be in work the next day. Boy, did I ache?? My neck was once again killing me note to self stop headbanging!!

Anyway we all enjoyed the gig though and they are touring again in November and once again coming down our way but we cant afford it.  Next time without a doubt!!

In way of an update to this ~ Trina found out on Friday that they are touring again next year and we have discussed the possibility of going but they aren't coming down here :( 

On a completely different subject the Scissor Sisters are playing Exeter on Wednesday and guess who isn't going ~ yep yours truely ~ I would've loved to have gone but Trina isn't into them and by the time I was informed mum would've come with me it was too late to get tix :(  The radio station have been going on about it all weekend - the gits!! LOL  No I'm not bitter ;-)

Right I better go before this turns into another essay lol, just before I do though as you know I watched Volcano last night ~ well earlier I was looking up websites about Exeter ~ apparently the high street is built on an extinct volcano....................hmmmmmmmmmmm something to think about lol.............

Till next time peeps xx

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oddb0dkins said...

Glad you enjoyed the gig. I didn't know that about Exeter, fascinating. B. x

jlocorriere05 said...

I love The Scissor Sisters! I've got both their CD's. Strange about your key not fitting then all of a sudden going in the lock! May I ask why Wayne seemingly appears to be naked?! Lol! Have a good week! Jeannette xx  

rachealcarol said...

Lolol@Dennis the menace.  I liked Calender Girls, nice to see us oldens in good films.  Good luck with the key tomorrow Jen, shame about Scissor Sisters, they're really catchy you can't help but tap your foot :) Rache

sarajanesmiles said...

Ooh, my J likes the Scissor Sisters :o)
I do too, of course!
Hope you don't have any more key problems... give it a stern talking to, bad key!
Sara   x

jaymact1 said...

That was strange about the keys hope you can get it sorted the last thing you want is to be standing in the dark and the rain trying to get in. Glad you enjoyed your gig. Love Joan.

salonrose123 said...

Aww, shame you couldn't get tickets for SS, I love 'em too.
Most strange about the key....but glad you got in eventually.
High street built on a volcano still wouldn't stop me from shopping!!
A xxx

elainey2465 said...

Hi ya Jen

Whoooo didnt know that about Exeter - thats interesting isnt it!!! Ive been to Exeter many a time - we have friends who live near there.  Great to see you again. Love Laine xxxx