Monday, 20 November 2006

Brill Weekend

I’m writing this entry whilst at work *tut tut*  ~ only because we’re getting to that stage again where there is not a lot of work to actually be done and I have to make up some flex time.  I’m having a flex day next Monday as I’m going to Trina’s to look after the Devil spawn and his brother for the weekend.  Wayne and Trina are going to Sweden to see Iron Maiden.  Bruce Dickinson is actually flying them and about 188 other people over.  Not my thing so I shall look after the cats and watch many dvd’s on their widescreen, surround sound system -  Yay coz the new Foo’s DVD is released this week (mine is on order and *fingers crossed* it shall be here soon)!!  (edited to add I could've gone up town and got it on the way home grrrr..........)

Anyway this weekend was a blast!!  As you know we went to see Ga Ga.  I’m telling you about this now instead of doing one of those write ups coz I don’t think it deserves one.  The band were good and it was fun seeing our friends (the ones who made it!!) The only down side was the fact that Trina and I went to wait for the band again afterwards and they didn’t show up.  Trina wasn’t very amused.  Instead we joined the others in Weatherspoons, but were soon kicked out as it was closing time.  Fairy, Kev and Trina were all staying at mine so we made our way back there.  We had a laugh and a bit more to drink watching Roger/Queen videos - Bahhhhh Man on Fire! Ooooops sorry about that gettin’ carried away……….lol

Saturday – we got up about 9.30ish and Trina made brekkie for us all.  (I’m not lazy, well alright I am and proud of it LOL, but I told her if she wanted bacon she could work the grill, coz I have no idea then she was welcome to it ;-)  In the end I think she fried everything, well apart from the beans and the egg lol……….It was yummy :-P  Trina does spoil us all…………We watched some more Queenie stuff but about 11.20ish I had to leave.  The postman had tried to deliver one of my items the day before and I had to get it.  Said my goodbyes to Fairy and Kev and Trina stayed behind to tidy up ~ bless her heart!!

Woah it was busy in town and that’s all I shall say about that!!  Did manage to get my item though and it’s lovely but can’t say anymore as it’s a xmas pressie for someone.

In the evening Trina had found The Pick of Destiny showing at a cinema in Torquay.  I wanted to see it and I wanted to see it with me mates but as they won’t be around for the day it comes out (see first paragraph for reason).  So I went down to theirs, had fish and chips for tea and we made our way to the cinema.  Big discussion about whether the bus was going to turn up or not, eventually it did (film was due to start at 8.25pm and the time was now about 8pm) so we calmed down!  Until we got off the bus and stood outside the cinema.  It was a Carlton and we were looking for an Apollo arrrrrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh…..  Trina went inside and spoke to the bloke anyway.  It was decided (by Trina) that we still had time and she rung for a taxi.  The cinema we should’ve been going to was in Paignton.  I had to laugh, more so than I had done during this journey so far, as we go from optimism to blind panic, back to optimism and again back to panic.  The taxi arrived and the driver heard our sorry story and promised to get there as fast as possible.

We get to the cinema in time, well about 8.26pm and go and get the tix whilst Wayne joined the queue for the drinks.  When we went to wait for him Trina noticed a drinks machine behind doh!!  Eventually we got into the right room and the film had already started damn it………….we were all convinced that the part we’d seen would be the part which explains why theywere searching for the Pick of Destiny but nope we were ok!!

The film is excellent and I recommend you all to see it!!  Especially the part with the devil (even before I knew who the devil was ;-)  If you like comedy and rock music Go, go, go, go etc……………

Afterwards we decided to go to the pub and ended up back in Torquay at a place called Ejays.  It was such a good laugh.  They play rock music and other stuff combined and all three of us enjoyed it!!  Wayne’s started to have some booze (bless him) and he seems to be coping well.  *fingers crossed* Trina requested a Foo's track and they played 'Times Like These' which is her fave, and I requested a Queen track and they played 'I Want To Break Free' (they'd played Don't Stop Me Now earlier in the evening and Fat Bottomed Girls ;-) We stayed in the pub until about 2ish and then Wayne drove me all the way back to Exeter.  I would've stayed but two weekends at their house you can't have too much of a good thing lol ;-)  I went straight to bed but I worried about them driving all that way at such a late time ~ so I sent a text and luckily Trina texted me when they got home to say they were safe ~ so I was a happy and contented bunny to go to sleep ;-)  It certainly made up for the crapiness of last weekend!!

Yesterday I did some washing and the machine has chewed up one of my work tops.  When I took the clothes out there was fluff everywhere which baffled me as there was nothing fluffy in there!!  When I stretched out the top I caught my finger in a hole on the sleeve and there was a large hole and fabric everywhere :(  I'm not amused but at least it wasn't one of my beloved t-shirts - I've taken pics so I'll share them with you when I can be bothered to load them in lol

Otherwise I watched Forrest Gump on DVD (great film) and not much else lol..........gettin' addicted to Blocker on kafka now ~ seriously if you aren't playing the games on kafka go do it now..............go go go go go..........

Still I think that's all my news for now.  I have to stay late at work every day this week to make up the flex so you never know perhaps there'll be an entry every day ;-)  I'm not promising anything but you never know........................

Oh by the way everyone say hi to becky xx  One of my queenie friends is reading me journal, so I can't say anything nasty about her if I would ;-)

Well I better go I'm so behind in my journal reading again *rolls eyes*

bye for now xx

Mmmmmmmmmmm...............Roger *dreamy sigh*


phoenix71011 said...

My pack alot into one short weekend!
Glad you got to see the film in the end.
Have a good week

jeadie05 said...

A busy weekend Jen ,no wonder you need to go to work for some relaxing typing !!!lol Jan xx

rachealcarol said...

Yeahhh Forest Gump an all time fave of mine.  It's normally tissues that do the dirty on me in the washer, snow everywhere :)  Your energy astounds me all the time.  Rache

mtrib2 said...

It was good that you made the film just a little late but you enjoyed it.     You are very upbeat and know how to live life to it's fullest.    That is too bad that your work shirt was destroyed in the washing machine.    Wishing you a good work week.     mark

sarajanesmiles said...

Hello Becky :o)
Waving at Becky, and at Jen, of course!
Glad you had a better weekend.  I've not heard of that film, will keep an eye out for it on DVD now though.
Sara   x

oddb0dkins said...

I should think you need to go to work for a rest, lol. B. x

sdrogerson said...

great entry as always!

jaymact1 said...

Sounds as if you had a blast during the weekend must be great to be young. LOve Joan.

ghwt9996 said...

Great to see you're having fun Jen :)

Gary x

salonrose123 said...

This isn't exactly making up flexi time, you naughty girl!!  Love it, really!
Glad you had yet another great weekend at yet another gig!  
Haven't heard of that film....will see if it's on up here and try my luck at getting the hubs to take me!
Don't work too hard!!
A xxx  

coopscruiser said...

You mentioned Kafka´s in another entry and since then I´m addicted to Blocker, too!!! :-)))  Great entry, Jen!

stewielad1 said...

Check out Youtube for loads of rare queen stuff, ive found some great stuff. I'm so jealous of your friends getting flown to the Maiden gig by Bruce. Last time, the drummer was serving drinks throughout the flight. I had tickets to Earls Court, but I sold them when I read they were only doing 5 old songs!, and one of them not being Number of the Beast. Thats like Queen deciding they're not going to play Bohemian Rhapsody live!!

funnyface0s0 said...

Hey Jen .... what a fab weekend.....!!!!
Luv Jayne x