Sunday, 5 November 2006

Stuff to do!!

Evenin' all :)  How are you??  How true is that statement LOL

Me ~ I'm ok ~ just thought I should do another entry and bring you slightly up to date considering it's a long time since the last one (well before that colourgenics thing ;)

So anyway were to start??  It's cold ain't it??  I actually had a bit of a cold over the last week, started off with a sore throat on Monday and still had that till Wednesday, thought I was gettin' better and woke up Thursday not being able to breath :(  Friday night I didn't sleep very much and Saturday I felt better again - very odd!!  Today I have been coughing well, hey ho.................

Work is going okay ~ same as usual really boring LOL...............actually many changes are taking place which I feel I should be concerned about but at the end of the day as long as the rent is paid I don't tend to care!!  That's probably the reason why when my colleagues are talking about cases I tend to switch off and not pay too much attention (when I know I should)..................I guess it just goes to show that life for me does not start and end at the work place LOL..............I'm thinking we'll see what happens in the New Year and if it get's too bad then I shall seriously consider looking for something else.  Well I have been there for two years now ~ freaky!!

Not been to anymore gigs or adventures lately ~ there are things to look forward to so it's not all bleak on the horizon ;)  On Saturday Trina, Wayne and I are going to see Miss Fairy in one of her plays :)  Should be good fun, then the following week Ga Ga the tribute band are playing in town and most of our mates are coming ~ last checked Trina had managed to get 16 tix for people!!   Then at the end of the month I'm hopefully going to Trina's for the weekend as she and hubby will be in Sweden at an Iron Maiden gig *not my cup of tea to be honest* and I shall be looking after the Devil spawn cat and his brother :) 

I've started calling Dibley the Devil because when I was last at Trina's, I had been playing with him when he lied down and looked like he wanted a stroke.  I said to Trina he's gonna pounce on me and she was like no he isn't so I went to stroke him and he clawed me :(  My wound is still in the process of healing!!  Devil I tell you ;)

I wrote to my aunty the other day and asked her for some information on the area where gran's retirement home is, thinking she would know coz she goes to visit often, plus I don't want to ask my dad!!  I got a letter back the other day saying she had rung Bedford tourist board for me who were sending some information ~ bless her :)  I did get a magazine too ~ so that's something else I should be looking into!!  Bit worried about going all that way on my own but I expect I'll be fine...........

I'd also like to start my family tree - when I met up with Mum and Meggy *waves to them* the other week, mum and I had a long chat about her side of the family and what she knew of dad's and it sounds v. interesting ~ especially as there is possible family out there that I didn't know about!!  I have no idea where to start though...................I shall have to have a look around and see what I can find out :)

Well I don't wanna droan on anymore so I think I shall leave it here and retire bedwards ;)  Oooooooooooo before I forget Trina's xmas present!!  Last year I did her the year book which some of you may remember coz I wasn't updating for a whole month or so!!  Well I have no idea what to do this year................I can't do the same coz that would be boring but I outdid myself last year and I don't know how to top it........if any of you can think of something please email me and let me know xx  PLEASE DON'T WRITE IT IN THE COMMENTS SECTION COZ SHE MIGHT READ IT ;)  Thanks peeps.............*sorry about the caps*

Well I better had go now...............

Till next time ~ next entry shall carry on with my adventures!!

Take care xx


jeadie05 said...

Great entry Jen I had missed you ,sounds as though life is good for you at the minute,enjoy doing your family tree thats some thing I keep thinking of doing ,.love Jan xx

jlocorriere05 said...

Yeah, work isn't the be all and end all is it?! I'm thinking of a pressie for Trina but my mind is a blank right now! Have a good week! Jeannette xx  

salonrose123 said...'re back!!  Have missed ya!
Glad things are going well for you...hope you feel totally better soon.  These colds are a right pain.
Sounds like you've got loads to look forward to...lucky thing!
A xxx

funnyface0s0 said...

Hi Jen - nice entry, sounds like your still rockin- yay!
Luv Jayne x

rachealcarol said...

Ouch! for the wound Jen, cats claws are like needles.  A lot of works have a slow time this end of the year. The time has gone fast, 2 years, am surprised. Rache

jaymact1 said...

Sorry can't help wit the pressie choosing am hopeless at that. Know you will think of something. LOve Joan.

ghwt9996 said...

Hi Jen.

Good to see your keeping yourself mega busy.  Buy yourself some boxing gloves to deal with the devil, might keep the scratches away lol!  Christmas prezzies, I aint even started yet...scary stuff!

Gary x

oddb0dkins said...

Hi Jen,
Good luck with the family tree stuff, hope you don't uncover too many crims. ;O) B. x

stewielad1 said...

Telly them not to bother with Iron Maiden, the set list is shit!! They are only playing 5 old songs. I sold my tickets