Wednesday, 8 November 2006

Normal Service Resumed

Evenin' all *lookin' rather shamefaced*  I admit yesterdays entry was probably a bit hotheaded and I should think before I type.  But thank you all everyone who left a comment your all very sweet and Jayne you made me laugh ;-)  Thank you xx   It appears it must've been something due to atmospheric pressure as the TV is once again watchable Woohoo!!  I've just watched Two Pints of Lager in fact ;)  Thanks to Kafka for reminding me that it was being shown on terrestrial tv lol

Talking of Kafka - I played the packets game at lunchtime and managed to get 2nd highest score Woohoo number 2 :-)  Shall try and beat it tomorrow..............

I wanted to share this email that I received from one of my colleagues (we do, do work honest lol ;)  It was so funny it just deserved a mention here..............I had told J that if the TV wasn't working yesterday then I couldn't watch Holby and we wouldn't be able to talk about it.  When we do neither of us can remember the characters names so J thinks of silly things to call them.  This morning he asked if I'd watched it and so I said no but I didn't want to know what had happened.  Around lunchtime I get this in my inbox.................

Last night Ric revealed he used to be a girl.

Werewolf Girl (auburn haired one) gets trapped in a lift and has to eat a patient in order to survive. Unfortunately he was quite poisonous on account of being so ill.  Luckily for her that chap in the wheelchair ramraids the lift doors and drags her out.  To save her life he then makes her vomit by making her read a copy of Heat magazine.

Twitcher (uptight posh bloke) turns out to also have an addicton to carrots and is nearly caught crunching whilst in theatre. It's just getting silly with him now.

Bereaved Elliot attempts suicide by igniting pre-prepared flatulence. Fortuantely he is saved in the nick of time as Abra harnesses the unknown healing powers of the barber shop quartet.

Oh and Marker Pen girl gets a bit upset like she does every episode.

There, got it all out of my system now.

LOL isn't that funny............made me chuckle anyway!!

Work has taken a slight turn for the worse but I shan't moan on about it here..........they can think what they blimin well like ~ damn them!!  (bit cryptic but trust me it's too boring to spout on about!!  Maybe another time..........)

For now I want to carry on with the adventures.........Cast you mind back to July when the weather was slightly warmer ;)


I can’t honestly remember the time I left work but it had been a very hot day. I think that was back in the days when our side of the desks didn’t have a fan, so we were melting all day!!

Trina had asked me to find out during the day where the great hall was at the university but I couldn’t think of who to ask!! When I was stood at the photocopier I found an opportunity to ask one of my colleagues. He said he had only ever been to the university once but not to the great hall. When he enquired as to why I wanted to know, I explained we were going to see the Lostprophets. He was jealous and wished I had told him about it!! (I have since told him they are touring in November but I don’t think he’s going LOL) I did manage to find instructions of how to get there at lunchtime on the web, so armed with those I figured we would be fine.

We all meet at my flat and after a quick change and somethingto eat we leave for the great hall by about 7pmish. Once we get to the University premises it seems unlikely that we would find anywhere to park. Luckily we did but we were slightly concerned as it said ‘staff parking’ but we weren’t the only ones there and convinced ourselves apart from Trina that the car would be okay. We made our way back up the hill to queue. I was surprised by the amount of people already there and queueing. I also had a sneaking suspicion that we were the oldest ones there!! We kept looking at the other people who were walking past to see if there was someone older and felt slightly happier when there was lol

We were stood in the queue for about 20 minutes if not longer before it started moving. Snaking all the way to the door, we kept ourselves amused as usual, and heard the first support band playing!! As we got closer to the door it was obvious that some people had been queueing for a long time there were trashy magazines, cans, wrappers and god knows what else strewn about the place. Once inside I made my way to the merchandise stand. Wasn’t sure whether I was gonna buy a t-shirt or not but decided to do so anyway ~ Got a lovely black shirt with the tour dates on the back. We then went to have an alcoholic drink but we weren’t allowed to move out of that room with them so stood there and chatted for a while. We kept ourselves amused this time looking at the other people milling around. I had spotted some eye candy for the night ;-) so most of my time was spent looking at him lol, well what’s a single girl to do??!! At one point these two blokes were making their way towards us and I said to Trina, ‘they here on the wrong night for the dinner and dance.’ She laughed as she looked at the two I was talking about. Both had smart trousers and shirts with ties. It did look extremely out of place!!

Once we finished our drinks we went to find the great hall. Wayne had been there before when he saw The Levellers so we followed him. Inside the great hall it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo stuffy!! The sweat literally wanted to drip off you as soon as you stepped foot inside. It was overpowering really as the heat had nowhere to go! A bit like being on a tropical island but with no breeze and none of the benefits you get from the island lol

It was decided that it would be too hot to stand near the front so we moved to the middle and side of the room. At the side were less people. As the 2nd support act was playing I decided to go and lean against the side wall. Wayne managed to find the only breeze in the room so we all decided to stay near that breeze, it was very faint but we needed it!!

The act on stage was called ‘The Blackout’ and were actually quite good. Trina and I took a liking to one of the band members so she tried to get a shot of him but it wasn’t happening!! (*Note – have since found their myspace account and there’s a picture on there with the note f*** Queen We Are The Champions – don’t like them anymore!! Grrrrrr……………)

During the break Wayne ventured downstairs to get us some water as we definitely needed some kind of refreshment!! The sweat was already starting to pour down us but there was no escape from it, even the breeze stopped every now and then. To amuse themselves the main crowd started chucking bottles about (this was a new one on me seeing as how I live in the dark ages ha haha………and only found out about it from the Foo’s gig in Hyde Park – many video’s on Youtube about it!!) The technician guy on stage doing the 1,2’s was quite surprised that a bottle fight was occurring in Exeter!! He wasn’t the only one!! Trina and Wayne thought it was hysterical and wanted to join in – in fact I think they tried too. Personally I don’t get it, but whatever floats your boat……………………….

I don't want this entry to get too long so I shall leave it here for now..........more next time xx

Take care peeps


jlocorriere05 said...

I'm glad you eventually found the Great Hall at the university! Also happy you got your TV reception back! Jeannette xx  

sdrogerson said...

You should post some of your stuff on the Forum or the Community Blog and help it reach  a wider audience! ;))))

mtrib2 said...

Chucking the bottles must have been done by some rowdy people.     Great that you got your television reception back.     mark

katie39041 said...

Sounds like you all had fun, glad your tv is sorted
love and hugs

salonrose123 said...

Yay for sorted tv!!  You'll be able to watch Catherine tonight now.
Glad you had a good time.  I don't really get the bottle-throwing either.
A xxx

jeadie05 said...

Like you I was pleased when the TV returned to normal , Jan xx

rachealcarol said...

Well done u at getting high scores. Lovely e.mail from your mate and glad the TV is behaving now. Rache

sarajanesmiles said...

Read your last entry to see what you meant... aww, we all get like that every now and then m'dear, glad you're feeling better now, glad your TV is working again too!!!
:o)  Smiles for Jen :o)
Sara   x