Thursday, 23 November 2006

Quick One

Hey Everyone :-)

Just thought I'd add a quick entry to say that as I'm away for the weekend I have turned my alerts off.  I am trying to read the ones that are left in my inbox but any that I don't get around to I shall be deleting and starting afresh when I get back!!

You'll all be glad to know (well I doubt it but I'll tell ya anyway) I finally got my DVD today :-)  Just when I have no time to watch it only make time don't you in some cases ;-)  Some of you asked what DVD I was awaiting.... I shall tell you in blinkie format  teehee...........So far I've only watched the Hyde Park bit and not the accoustic show and after all the anticipation, I'm afraid to say (and this is sacrilige in this journal), that I'm not impressed *shocked look, audible gasp*  Dave's singing is really pants!!  I don't remember it being that bad in Manchester but then I was singing over him.  Trina and I have put it down to nerves coz Hyde Park was a big show............we even slated roger though and that's even worse sacrilige in this journal!!  Well I say we, I actually mean Wayne and I looks like he's struggling towards the end of the song!!  I'm not giving a very good review am I??  Perhaps I'll feel better about it when watching it on widescreen with surround sound ;-)  We can but hope......................................

Anyway onto the main purpose of this entry, I have to do this as tomorrow when I'm not around it will be 15 years since the loss of our Freddie :(



He is the best and nobody can EVER come close.  I love you Freddie and miss you even more now than I ever have.  God bless you wherever you are xx 

Well that's it peeps.  Whatever your doing at the weekend I hope you have a good time and I shall see you all again on Tuesday xx

Take care

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jeadie05 said...

Oh Jen have a good week end and I do agree Freddie was THE  best ,is it really fifteen years ?  I cant believe it,where has that time gone ,love Jan xxx

rachealcarol said...

Have a good weekend Jen..........thanks for tip on Jelly Babies:)   Hope you can find time to watch the DVD when you get back. Rache

oddb0dkins said...

They can't all be good revies now, can they? Even Rog has to have his bad days. ;O)
Have to agree, Freddie was unique. B. x

sarajanesmiles said...

Have a great weekend Jen :o)
Sara   x

katie39041 said...

Have a lovely weekend.
love and hugs

jaymact1 said...

Have a great weekend. Love Joan.

irisclyde said...

I can't believe that it's 15 years! I agree, there can be only one, he was definitely unique. Hope you have a great w/e!

sunshines612392 said...

Hi Jenny, just wanted to pop by and say thank you for your support lately, it's much appriciate.  I'll try to catch up with reading some peoples blogs over the next week or so, but am finding it hard to concentrate on anything at the moment, thanks again, Sam xx

ghwt9996 said...

Fifteen years ago was a black day indeed Jen.  Can't believe it was that long ago and was truly awful but so glad he lives on in his music.

Gary xx