Sunday, 8 October 2006

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (mark two)

Hey everyone,

Got back from London earlier and I thought I'd post a fleeting entry just to scream at you all again!!  LOL 

First Paddy on Monday ;-)  (liked the comments to that entry ~ they made me giggle!!)  Then yesterday MR ROGER TAYLOR ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.............................I didn't manage to get a pic or a photo but I held my hand out to him and he shook it with all his might bless him :-)  *Jenny is a very happy bunny ~ girly giggle*  Anyway to mark the occassion I have sneaked this picture from queenonline which Isabelle has posted - god bless her!!

  Don't he look gorgeous *more girly giggling*

Anyway I also wanted to let you know that it appears I have an awful LOT of alerts to catch up on so I may not be commenting properly for a while.  Hope your all ok xx


Wednesday, 4 October 2006


Hey Everyone, just a short entry from me to share a photo with you.  Had a great time Monday and last night but as usual I shall be doing write ups for those ;-) 

For now though I just want to say on my favourite blokes list - 2 down and 1 to go :-) *big happy grin*

Paddy and me :-)  *big sigh*

Hope your all havin' a good week - wish me luck I have to ask for Friday afternoon off work when I go in tomorrow arrrggghhh!!

Bye for now

*happy smiling* Jen xx

Sunday, 1 October 2006

Good shoes won't save ya this time!!

Hiya everyone :-)  Odd title huh?? It's from the song I'm listening too ........... the line goes 'hair cuts hot but this has got to stop, good shoes won't save you this time' LOL I love that!!

How are you all?? I'm ok thanks for asking LOL........ God what an awful day weather wise. I was woken up at 7ish by heavy rain and by heavy rain I mean like a waterfall out of sky!! I managed to drift off  until my alarm went at 9ish but then we had a thunder storm and the heavy rain continued. It's funny really because they've threatened heavy rain and thunder for ages for the southwest and now we've had the battering!! It appears that there's more to come which I'm not looking forward too...........especially if it's tomorrow morning!! I have to take a big bag to work tomorrow with my clothes for my time away and if I have to take a big umbrella too I shan't be amused!! Keep those fingers crossed for me peeps.....

Yesterday I went to visit mum and Megan!! Whilst I was walking up to mum's house I passed a bloke wearing a Paul Rodgers t-shirt - this made me smile  and I wanted to ask if he was going to the gig in Bristol on Friday but I didn't act quick enough and he walked away!! Megan was cool (everyone say hi to her - apparently she's an avid reader of my journal  :-) Apparently and I have to tell you guys this but she's written about me at school. She had to write about her family and for her sister (that's me ;-) she wrote that I'm silly, nutty and funny  - that's not a bad little write up is it?? Bless her!! We had a good day, went round town (I brought a few things even though I couldn't afford them lol), went back to mum's and played Simpsons top trumps (which I won :-) Then I came on home and managed to catch a train straight away, but it took me an hour and a half to actually get home!! The train ride takes about 1/2 an hour and then I had to wait for a bus into town and I walked home from there. It wasn't such a great idea as it was dark but I wanted to save some money - stupid girl!! Got home just before it started pouring!! Then my neighbours started making loadsa noise and that bugged me coz I was trying to watch Casualty LOL God knows what they were doing!!

Today I've not been doing anything but trying to catch up on journals and every other website that I have been neglecting like the paul rodgers forum LOL........I've also been listening to some really awesome bands on myspace - it's free and you get to hear some good stuff!! Let's see what've I been listening to?? Well......Queens of the Stone Age, The Automatic (who listed Queen as an cool), Nirvana (lol @ funny Wayne story regarding them.....Trina will know what I'm talking about but I can't tell you as it would embarass him lol), Yeah Yeah Yeah's, Placebo, Muse, Foo Fighters, Taylor Hawkins and the Coatail Riders, and tons more!! The tons more where the poppy ones that I just won't mention lol I definitely recommend those bands that I've mentioned though and I've started a list of albums I really should get, will come in handy when anybody asks me what I want for xmas LOL

It's funny really but I'm lookin' forward to seeing Paul :-) that I completely forget we're going to see Paddy tomorrow and I have to pack for that too!! I've added a few Bad Company and Free tracks to my MP3 player list and I'm enjoying them - especially Bad Company definitely becoming one of my new fave songs!! I have very little collection of Paul's but I can't wait for the gig and to see some friends who are all gonna be there - it's gonna be great!!

Well I guess I should really go and pack instead of wasting time lol not that I think writing my journal is wasting time - far from it ;-) There's one thing I won't be packing is the Q magazine I brought on Saturday!! I won't go into this hatred I now have for that mag but let's just say that Q and my own stupidity don't mix!! We'll leave it there before I fly into a rage of despair at myself LOL

Right not gonna bore you with my non-news anymore!!

Take care peeps - have a good week and I warn you I'll get very behind with alerts again sorry about that!! Should turn them off really but I don't wanna miss a thing lol - bye for now xx

Edited to add I forgot to tell you about the woolworths woman - Megan and I were moaning at each other like we usually do and I picked up a mug and said 'this is what you make me feel', on it was written Stressed.  LOL and a woman who works there walked passed and said 'Ahhhh that's not very good you making your mum feel stressed is it'  - well that was it Megan and I were in fits of giggles!!  LOL silly woman!!  Thought you might like that!!