Wednesday, 4 October 2006


Hey Everyone, just a short entry from me to share a photo with you.  Had a great time Monday and last night but as usual I shall be doing write ups for those ;-) 

For now though I just want to say on my favourite blokes list - 2 down and 1 to go :-) *big happy grin*

Paddy and me :-)  *big sigh*

Hope your all havin' a good week - wish me luck I have to ask for Friday afternoon off work when I go in tomorrow arrrggghhh!!

Bye for now

*happy smiling* Jen xx


jeadie05 said...

Great picture of you and Paddy Jen ,.,.,Jan xx

salonrose123 said...

You lucky ******!!  Luv ya really!
Whatcha wanting Friday off for?  To pose with more good looking men?!
Hope you get it!
A xx

sdrogerson said...

good luck ;)))))

rogsmistress said...

Forgot to add: You look lovely!!!

rogsmistress said...

And who is Paddy? How does it come I don't know him? *LOL*

jaymact1 said...

And very nice too. Love Joan.

funnyface0s0 said...

Wow, and Paddy's phone number is ?????????? LOL....
Jayne x