Wednesday, 31 May 2006

Alerts & Moaning

Hey everyone   Look there's me waving :-)

God knows if you got yesterdays entry alert!!  I warn you if you read it but didn't want to comment coz I was moaning today's entry is pretty much the same lol.........

Today the estate agents have taken on board what I said in the email  and they rung my mobile today about 2ish but left a message - with a name and number to get back too!!  Result!! 

So I rung them back and now there's a viewing booked in for 6pm tomorrow evening - enough time for me to get home from work and tidy up lol.........the estate agent didn't find that funny hey-ho!!  But guess what??  This is the best bit...........all their agents are out on viewings at that time so I was asked if I would mind showing her round - so muggins here is doing that!! 

I was thinking about this - landlords get it pretty easy don't they??  I mean I could take this opportunity to put this person off so I can stay longer but I love it here, how could I not sell it??  So that's why I think the landlord has it easy - I'm doing all the work and for what??  It's not like I'm gonna get commision or anything lol..........Sorry it's just I don't usually do things out of the goodness of my heart, unless I like a person who asks me too...........don't think I'm a nasty person coz I'm really not!!  I just have my moments like we all do lol.........

Anyway whilst trying to avoid BB I watched X factor tonight!! WHY??? is all I have to ask................I won't say anymore otherwise I shall be here all night and this entry won't get any kind of alert shall save that for another day.........

Well I'm gonna go and hope AOL does it's job ~ otherwise when I move I may have to find another IP just out of protest ..............  @ AOL!!

Take care peeps xx

WOOHOO one more day of work to go

Tuesday, 30 May 2006

Leave me a message!!

Tis me again peeps...........bear with me for one moment........
Arrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ...............
There that feels better ;-)
New update in this god damn saga!!  Don't roll your eyes ~ I know it's boring but there ain't nothin' else going on to tell you about lol.........
Lunchtime I decide to check my phone, being a new working day I thought the estate agents would try and ring and guess what??  Yep one missed call from their number!!  Grrrrrrr............So on my lunchbreak I ring and say I'm Jenny and reside at blah blah and someone's rung my mobile.   The response I get this time is I'm the only one here and it wasn't me!!  He said he would try and find out who it was and let them know I called.  I said well can you tell them to leave a message next time they ring my mobile coz this is getting rather annoying.  Alright they've only done it twice but to be told each time they don't know whose rung it............someone must know, or is that asking too much??
No phone calls recieved this afternoon so I decided and have done to send them an email!!  They won't respond to my calls let's see if they respond to their emails!!  I shall let you see what I typed.  I read it to Trina and she thinks it was good, bitchy but not quite lol.............yay me!!
Looked in the paper at lunchtime for places to rent.  There's one I like the sound of but they've not printed the damn rent price..........I don't like it when they do that probably means it's well out of my price range.  Well if it's still advertising next week I shall ring and find out :-)  Can't be bothered this week - need to come to terms with things and not be so panicky about living in another area!!  Just hope I can take AOL with me!!  If I can't you'll all have to read my live journal ;-)  One thing I did manage to do at lunchtime was to find out how much the flat is selling for...........I'll never be able to afford it!!  :-(  Oh well never mind...............
Well I'm gonna go now - due to chatting all night haven't caught up with any of the alerts.....arrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhh!!  Hopefully will catch up tomorrow ~ wish me luck lol....
Best wishes everyone xx
P.s Here's a copy of the email I sent ;-)
To whom it may concern,
I am Jenny  and I am currently the tennant of the above address.  My landlord had no doubtedly passed on my mobile number for you to arrange viewings etc.  Over the past week, twice someone from your office has contacted my mobile and no message has been left.  I have seen the missed call and therefore rung your office back but to no avail.  Nobody seems to know who is making these calls.
This is why I am sending you this email,  (I went on to tell them when I would be available etc.........)
If you could give me some notice I would be grateful as I shall be arranging viewings of other flats that I could move too.  Otherwise if you wish to contact me by phone again can I suggest that if you are ringing my mobile please leave a message so I know who to ask for when I call back.  Alternatively you can email me at this address.
Thank you for your time.
The saga continues...............

Monday, 29 May 2006

Bank Holiday Update

Hiya everyone :-) 
Don't have much to report from this end of the country!!  Been pretty bored today ~ although as usual I planned to do lots of different stuff ~ well mainly catching up with journals but that clearly hasn't happened lol........well I have got them down from 70 odd to 38 :-)  I am reading just not commenting to catch up a bit quicker!!    I've not turned on the computer on Friday/Saturday that's why I'm so behind!!
Friday - waited for the plumber to turn up!!  I was told around 9ish, so I got up early and waited...........and waited ....................and waited............had planned to go to Trina's once he'd finished so the fact he hadn't turned up when they said he would was getting me angry!!  At quarter to ten he turns up and looks at what he needs to do.  He then says he's gotta pop out for about 20 mins whilst he gets some new tap heads!!  Ugh.........this annoyed me further!!  So to calm myself down I rung Trina and explained the situation and hoped I could make the half eleven train!!  Then I turned the computer on and played bejeweled 2 :-)  (if you get a chance play it - it's really good lol).......  He came back about 10 past 10 and had to run the water so he could change the tap heads.  It was at this time he started talking to me about my game that I was playing...........So I said, 'is it gonna take long only I was hoping to be out by 11am'.  lol.........His response was no - should only take about 20 mins.  *phew* i was thinking.
Managed to catch the 11.30am train to Torquay and the silly ticket person only charged me to Dawlish (which is before Torquay for those of you that don't know :-), still who am I to complain!!  I clearly said single to Torquay!!  Her loss!!
Didn't do much at Trina's - we played the smash hits DVD game ~ it was sad that I remembered some of the questions from when we played it on trina's birthday.  Trina and I decided to go down town, but by this time the shops were closing.  So we caught the bus back and Wayne drove us to the Nutwell Lodge in Lympstone - going the long way round - not my fault I hasten to add ;-)  We had some drinks, a carvery and some pudding ~ lovely it was!!  They drove me back to mine and unfortunately wayne's head was playing up so they went home but it was a fairly nice day :-)
Saturday - Went to mum's ~ got up early again!!  Got to the train station and almost got on a train to Glasgow that wasn't even stopping in Taunton.  Grrr.......Had to wait about 1/2 an hour for the next train ~ so sat down and read the paper - lookin' at the flats available ~ not many in my price range :-( 
Got to Taunton eventually and walked to mum's!!  All day I had a strange feelin' about me ~ like I wanted to spend money but knowing I couldn't ~ something wasn't quite right all day.  Didn't feel happy, just felt blah!!  Don't think mum noticed lol...Meggy told me she's singing We Are The Champions at school, apparently they are making them learn it lol.........Made her sing some of it when we got back to mums :-)  We played some games on their computer and watched some of Deal or No Deal (which I only watch if I'm desperate ~ I'm not a fan to be fair!!), then I came on home!!  Watched Casualty and American Sweethearts!!  Wasn't really paying attention to that ~ I think i was fallin' asleep on the sofa lol.............
Sunday - Didn't do anything........oh I lie there is something I was gonna tell you all..........I went to Comet to get a new battery for my camera ~ couldn't find one the day before!!  We are going away next weekend so needed one ;-)  Anyway went in ~ looked at the computer games, but decided against it ~ went to find scart leads after something Wayne had mentioned on Monday and whilst I was pondering these I heard the lovely sound of 'Don't Stop Me Now' coming from somewhere.  I looked up thinking it was on a radio and how this was fate that it was playing when I was in there.  That was when I turned round.  The big screen on the wall had Freddie's image on did quite a lot of the television screens.  I was in awe, this was fantastic, muliple Freddies, multiple Roger's, mulitple Brian's and John's :-)  I had to stay until the video ended to see if they would play anymore but alas no!!  I found the battery I needed and came on home feelin' happy I'd seen my boys ;-)  This day also marked the last episode of Invasion on Channel 4 and yep you've guessed it, it was left on a cliff hanger - why do they do that??  If your a fan you'd watch the 2nd series anyway!!
 - Russell from Invasion - just to keep me going to the next series you understand ;-)
Today - nothing done!!  Caught up with some alerts, played more computer games - tidied up the cupboard.  Don't feel like being tidy or spending time cleaning!!  Why should I??
Don't wanna go back to work tomorrow - still it's only for 3 days as I'm off again on Friday and Monday of next week ~ going to London for a meet up :-)  Lookin' forward to seeing my friends from there.  I've been talking to them for about 2 years and have only met some of them!!  Don't know what we're doing when we're there but I shall take piccies anyway lol.......
May post again during the week - depends what happens if I wanna tell you about it or not lol ;-) 
Take care peeps xx

Thursday, 25 May 2006

Quick Update

Hey everyone,  I really do think J-landers are the best (((((((((hugs)))))) to you all for the comments especially to Stewie :-)  I may take you up on that offer ;-) 

Well I thought I'd let you all know that I've had a response to the email that I sent and I've officially been given my two months notice :-(  Oh goes on and so the search for flat number two has started!!  There's a couple I've seen but I'm not gonna rush into something.  I shall wait to find the right one this time coz if all else fails I'm gonna move in with Trina and Wayne until that one does come along!!

I was just talking to Trina about it and the cheeky moo said I better start packing coz I have a lot of stuff - what's she like lol.........

It's just gonna get hectic round here now, what with Fulfords wanting to bring people round here for viewings and me off to view other flats, I don't reckon I'm gonna get much time to myself lol.......I'm just really glad I've got mates like Trina and Wayne coz they are gonna be my rock over the next few months!!  :-)

Well I shall leave you here ~ it's telly night tonight.  Tomorrow is a day off so I'm gonna spend time with Trina and Saturday I'm off to see Mum.  See you again at some point over the weekend ;-)

Take care xx

Tuesday, 23 May 2006

Tell me the Truth

Well yet again I was not going to do an entry but I feel so stressed and miserable today I thought I'd post my rant on here, coz I know you'll listen to me ;-)  Trina's already had to put up with it bless her!
I had my mobile phone in my desk drawer today.  Trina's on holiday and I like to have it near in case she rings or texts.  Well to my surprise it went off ~ luckily it was on vibrate!!  I didn't answer it just opened and shut it to stop it from going off coz it was making a noise!!  When I looked to see who the number was, it was one of the estate agents from last week.
It went off again about 5 mins later but this time the person left a message coz I had moved it to a place were it wouldn't make so much noise!!  Turns out that was the plumber ~ what I hadn't told you was that when the landlord had contacted me about the flat, I finally got round to mentioning the hot water tap in the bathroom doesn't work.  It's never bothered me coz I just use the one in the bath but I had to mention it to them ~ well this panicked me and made me stressed.  Trina had kept saying that if they don't get it fixed perhaps they will sell it coz who goes round and checks the taps lol.........But I was thinking about it the other way round!!
I spent the rest of the day wanting to cry ~ I know that's pathetic but I can't cope with this situation anymore........I mean there is so much to think about and take into consideration, like if I have to move whose gonna help me??  Will I have to hire a van?? How much is that gonna cost??  Will I get my deposit back etc etc............I just wanna know one way or the other!!
Trina felt the full brunt of my worries on the way home.  It's not like I can talk about it to people at work - their so wrapped up in their little worlds with their little friends I don't think they'd be very supportive/sympathetic!!  Gosh that sounds bitter lol......... As usual though Trina's a rock in my unsteady little world.  But I took it upon myself to email the landlord from work - hopefully I shall have a response when I get in tomorrow.  I just asked them to give me an update.
When I did get home I rung back the estate agents and nobody knew who'd rung me and what for.  The only other person they could ask was out doing a viewing and she said she'd ask him when he gets back, but I've heard nothing since.  What's the betting they ring again tomorrow??
Just when I think things couldn't get any worse they did........I was bidding on Ebay for a book called Gluttons for Punishment - a Queen book *yes I know your shocked by that lol* and I've wanted it for ages and it's the first time I've seen it on there!!  Well I was winning up until the last 28 seconds and I lost it by a £1 -  I am gutted and feel like crying again!!  Jeez when will things pick up??
Hope your all having a better week than me - at least there's only technically two days left for me ;-)
Best wishes
p.s I'm behind in my alerts - I do apologise!!  Problems with accessing internet at lunchtimes so I just don't bother anymore lol.......

Monday, 22 May 2006

Dedicated to Sweep

Hi everyone ~ I wasn't going to do an entry today as nothing really great had happened but I got a call from mum tonight and felt I should do an entry :-(
R.I.P SWEEP 22/05/2006
Sweep came to our household when we lived in a village called Musbury here in Devon.  We already had a cat called Sooty and I choose to call our new little Yorkshire Terrior Sweep :-)  We'd tried once before to have a dog but as it kept jumping up on me and I was only little at the time it didn't work out.  I was a lot older when we got Sweep and he was such a cute little bundle you couldn't be scared of this one!!  I remember he fitted in the palm of your hand when we first got him :-)
As mum would sometimes work long hours, I would be the one who would take him for walks.  Musbury had great lanes for wandering off to take him too.  He was always one for lagging behind to sniff pretty much every blade of grass.  Often he would roll in things and smell disgusting.
He didn't like his bath times and didn't much like the hair dryer.  He hated being taken for walks in the rain, he probably sensed our displeasure at having to take him, lol........He was a funny little character who always wanted to eat what we were eating and wouldn't stop yapping at you until you caved in.  Even if you knew best that he wouldn't like it!!
Mum and I moved to the town of Axminster, Sooty our cat had passed away by this point but Sweep came with us.  He fitted in well and loved all the new places to explore.  He was such a mummy's dog.  She was forever telling him to stop getting under her feet.  At night times he knew when it was time for bed and would get into his basket which was in the corner of the kitchen.  He loved those chewy bones and would sit there for ages with them.  The best thing he used to do was bury them indoors.  He wouldn't actually bury them but he would place them by the wall and then move his head as if he was burying it!!  I used to tease him a lot and go and pick it straight up, he would look at me as if to say how did you get that I buried that!!  LOL..........
He was great fun to play with and would often growl if you had his toy.  He had so many toys scattered all over the kitchen and lounge area :-)  He never bit any of us ~ or at least I don't have any recollection of it!! 
Once when he was out walking with mum and some other dogs he slipped off the grassy bit into the river and mum panicked coz she couldn't reach him.  Needless to say he was okay but it was a bit scary!!
He was friendly to everyone and everything - except probably bigger dogs but once he knew they were friend not foe he was fine :-)
A brave little boy towards the end.
We shall miss you Sweep xx
P.s I was hoping to scan some more pics in but unfortunately my scanner is not currently plugged in ~ perhaps tomorrow :-)

Sunday, 21 May 2006

Alerty Thingy

Doin' AOL's job again!!

Just in case you didn't get one I've just done an entry xx

Jen xx

Update on the normal life

Hey everyone xx
I was hoping to have updated by now but laziness took it's toll on me once again!!  Glad you enjoyed the convention write up - did most of it at work last week lol ;-)  Don't tell anyone will ya??  We got the accounts on Thursday which was quite freaky, so busy, busy for a couple of weeks again!!  I have Friday off this week - got enough flex (don't know how I managed it but I have lol) decided to have a long weekend - well it is another bank holiday comin' up!!
So I promised to update you on my boring life ;-) with my next entry.  I do actually have some news - not great news admittedly but it's still news!!  A couple of weeks ago at work I received an email from my landlord to say they are thinkin' of selling the flat and they needed my telephone number for the estate agents to arrange a viewing :-(  I was upset and to be honest still am........I'm happy here, it's quiet (well until I get home ;-) and no-one bothers me and I don't bother them.  I'm settled and don't fancy the idea of moving again!!  So that weekend i was in a complete panic and cleaned from top to bottom.  Don't know why just felt it needed doing!! 
Last week I get phone calls from two estate agents.  Whitton and Laing have something stuck up their rear ends the way they talk down their nose at you.  Fulfords on the other hand were very nice and the bloke that came round to measure up etc was pleasant!!  Now that they've been round I'm hoping I'll get something to tell me what my landlord is playing at ~ when he says that their thinking about it doesn't really give me anything to work towards if you know what I mean!!  I rather know yes or no so I know what to do!!
Then we come to the next problem in this........Trina's begging me to move down to Torquay.  I would love to be closer to her and Wayne and pop into see them whenever I can but the more I talk to her about it, she is really putting me off.  Plus there's the problem that I can't drive and actually work in Exeter.  I know she says Wayne's happy to drive me, but what about when he's got his headaches what then??  They can last a while so that would leave me in a bit of a problem!!  The other day I sent her a list of available flats in Torquay and she talked to me about them saying stuff like, 'oh that one sounds dodgy all bills inclusive, that one's near the house with the murder and the drugs house, my mate lives near that one and she sees people dealing in the alleyway opposite' ~  If she hadn't said stuff like that I probably would be a 100% yeah let's do it but I can't go, can I??
I heard on the local radio the other day that Exeter is like one of the safest cities to be in and I know I could probably find another nice flat ~ I know vaguely at least two nice areas in the city!!  But there was a nice one that i found on the web in Torquay in a nice area ~ so says Trina ;-)  The deposits quite cheap but god knows about the rent!!
I just don't know what to do if they say they are definitely gonna sell it :-(  Someone tell me please lol...............
Anyway onto happier things ~  yesterday was a good day!!  Did my food shopping quite early (when it had finally stopped raining) and went to a bloke on the checkouts.  Usually I avoid the blokes (i'm not blokeist - just went to an annoying one once) but this one was lovely!!  He must've only been about 16/17 but I liked him - damn hormones lol..........
Later during the day Trina and I met Bev - an old school friend - we sat in the bus station cafe for about 4 hours catching up on all the goss!!  We walked around town as it was gettin' a bit stuffy and ended up at a juice bar in the shopping centre.  Two blokes were workin' there and as Bev was getting her smoothie I said to Trina that they were both rather nice and one in particular had a nice rear end lol..........I think he must've heard me as Trina said he had been giving me the eye............Naturally I disagreed with her, but it does give you a nice feelin to think he might have been!!
Once Bev had gone - Trina, Wayne and myself went for Fish and Chips in a shop that my team leader says she goes to.  We brought them back here and ate them whilst watching Dr Who and then saw the cuffle on the lottery - that was funny!!  Just at that moment we were having a debate as to whether it was live or not lol..........Trina looked a bit silly when the fathers for justice came on!!
Wayne suggested we went bowling, so we did :-)  All 3 of us managed to get strikes at one point or another.  The first game we played there was only a couple of points between Wayne and myself, the second game there was only a couple of points between Trina and myself.  We then sat in the bar and had a drink :-)  After that they went home and I watched the scores on the eurovision - well done finland!!  Really do think england should do a rock song next year!!
Well I better go to bed ~ so until next time take care peeps xx
I shall try and keep you updated with what's happening aka the flat situation!!
Best wishes

Wednesday, 17 May 2006


Well here they are finally the photos!!  Sorry there's so many I didn't think there would be!!  Not all taken by Trina and myself - I've pinched some from the others that I thought you'd like to see ;-)

Also in case a wireless thingy went out for my last two entries that's just a hint that i've written two lol.............

Next entry will bring you up to date on my daily (boring) life!!

Love y'all

Convention part 3 (2)

(cont...........)  We decided to get some burgers from the burger bar.  They are disgusting but it’s one of those things that just have to be done.  Whilst we were waiting the legend that is Keith Harris came and stood near us so we all started talking to him about the fan club and whether this would be the last convention or not?!!  After the burgers Jamie and I watched Dan and Gavin play air hockey, whilst the little girl (I think her name was Sam too), came up and had a go against Dan lol……….I was getting bored so Trina decided now was the time to go and find Jamie Moses.  I had suggested to her that we find him at some point as he had mentioned Paul and Brian during those stories earlier but not Roger - I wanted to hear a roger story :-)  We went to the bar only to see him leaving that area and wander off down the corridor.  Who should we meet down there but Wendy, Marianne, Charlie, and Helena who all seemed to be rather merry.  So we waited for him to emerge from wherever he had gone with the girls.  At one point Vern came out of the gents and I asked him if Jamie had gone in there lol.........  Apparently he had not!!

He did appear at some point and was accosted by the aforementioned people as they all wanted pics and stuff.  Eventually though my chance came and I asked him for a story.........this is what he told me............

Usually Brian, Roger and Paul would stay in a different hotel to the other lads, but in Los Angeles (I think he said) Roger stayed in the same hotel as them.  His reason was because he could see his house from the bedroom window!!  ??

We stayed in the corridor chatting to the girls and watched Jamie play the grabbing teddy machine, which is when the stupid ness kicked in!!  Someone came up with the idea that it would be funny if we grabbed Jamie into the photo booth that was opposite the machine and all get in there with him.  Unfortunately this did not happen as it was actually one of those drawing ones.  Instead we decided to take pics with the Roger from DSR and do the 'international sign for roger fans' behind him lol......I can't go into what that sign meant on my journal - this is a family place!!  ;-)  So we took the pic and more hilarity ensued!!  Someone came up with the idea of going up to a security guard and saying 'Excuse me I've lost my mate, he's about so high and wearing a Queen t-shirt have you seen him?' LOL.........Of course we couldn't ask half the security that we found coz they knew us and wouldn't fall for it.  So someone suggested we ask drunken people, coz they'd fall for it.  So we went to the bar area to find said drunk people but couldn't find anyone.  Instead we found Sarah chatting to Jamie (about what we're not sure but apparently his answers where either I don't know or no!!)  Trina started having a word with Jacky about the shirt and then found Val and had an hour long conversation with her :-(  Whilst I was waiting a woman was looking at me and finally said 'are you Jenny?'  I was like 'yeah' she said 'I have to say hello to you from Inge' I was shocked!!

When I became a fan and joined the fan club my name and address went into the fanzine asking for dedicated roger fans to write to me.  At one point I had over 40 pen pals.  Those were the days I didn't have the web.  lol.........Now I have the web I've lost touch with quite a lot of them and Inge was one of my faves!!  One year she brought her mum to the convention and they were both so lovely and tall the photo of me both looks quite amusing!!  I shall dig it out to show you at some point!!

Anyway back to topic!!  I couldn't believe it apparently she had gone the year before and of course I wasn't there :-(  Neither of us had any pen and paper and Inge has moved and so have I but it's so nice to hear she still thinks of me :-) bless her!!  So I told the lady to go back to Belgium and give Inge big hugs from me!! 

When I turned round Trina had disappeared so I started to try and find her.  By this point the tribute band had finished so everyone was coming off the dance floor and making their way towards the bar.  I decided to have a look outside and in the loos.  Nope she wasn’t outside.  Just before I went into the loos I was asked by Richard to see if Sarah was in there as she was wearing his flag.  I found Sarah in there and asked if Trina was with her.  She shouted for Trina but no response came and she said ‘no’.  Left her and Jamie and went to see if she had gone back to the bar or the dance floor, no such luck!!  I did manage to find Wendy and Amy though.  Asked them if they’d seen her but unfortunately not, so I decided to go and look again.  Still not having any luck I went back to the dance floor and stayed with Wendy and Amy, thinking that if I’m stood still she’d be able to find me!!

At some point Wendy suggested we stand on the steps and look over the bar area to see if we can find anyone but unfortunately we couldn’t.  I did however ask the bloke who came to stand below us if had seen my friend, she’s wearing a Queen t-shirt.  LOL……..  He looked around and said ‘no’.  Just after that Trina and Funster walked along by the stairs so I managed to shout for her.  I told them what I’d said to that man and they laughed.

The disco followed and they played many a good track, even showed the video when they played Breakthru’, which was a bonus until it broke down!!  Grrrrr…….  I don’t think they showed the ‘smile’ version either but at least it was the video ;-)  Afterwards we decided to have the party back at our chalet as people were asleep in the others.  Sam brought out her video camera and Andy (vivid) brought his DVD player in and started playing Super live in Japan (they hadn’t finished showing it earlier as they had run out of time!!)  Sam’s friends brought their tea with them and bacon and pizza’s were cooked for those of us who were hungry.  I had a burnt bacon sarnie lol…….  Sarah was gone she was on the sofa covered in the duvet.  Gavin had a laugh by placing empty bottles and beer cans around her and taking a picture of it.  Every now and then though she would wake and shout Roger or bahhhhh……….  It was quite amusing!!  Outside the weather had taken a turn for the worst and the rain had started to come. :-(  I got a bit annoyed at one point and had a stonking headache and went to bed.  Not long after Trina and the gang tried to get everyone to leave as Jamie wanted to go to bed.  It didn’t take them too long to get everyone out.  It was sad that this was our last night but like all good things it has to come to an end sometime.

Day 4
We didn’t have to leave till about 10.30am (I think!!) we thought we could have a lie in till about 9ish.  Unfortunately the last of our electric ran out in the early hours of the morning so we couldn’t have a cup of tea or anything like that :-(  We actually got woken up by voices again, this time it was Funster being called by her work colleagues.  She works for radio and she was talking live on the radio from her bed at the convention – how cool is that?  I went and sat on Funsters bed talking to Sam whilst Trina started tidying up.  Funster needed a shower as she had a job interview that day, so went over to Charlie’s chalet.  Nobody had any spare electric for us to have a cup of tea :-(  Eventually we all managed to pack our stuff away and get the chalet in some kind off nice condition.  The first to leave was Jamie as she was having a lift with Julie and Vern.  The rest of us put our bags into the car and went to the restaurant for some brekkie and a cuppa :-) at last lol………..The weather had definitely turned for the worst and we had rain showers all the way home.  It was a quiet journey home with everyone falling asleep and listening to Dan’s choice of music (non-Queen!)  When we got back to Bristol we spent about an hour at Sarah and Dan’s before we caught the train home.  Trina and I had warm waffles with chocolate sauce on them on the way back just to round the trip off nicely.

So after all that are you ready for the photos?

Convention Part 3

Day 3

Was planning to have a bit of a lie-in as yet again we didn’t have anything to do during the day.  Yet again we heard voices so Trina got up and started her motherly duties once again.  The weather outside was bright sunshine again which was a good start to the day, even though we’d been forecasted rain and thunderstorms.  We switched on QTV and had a relaxing start.  Although I was suffering with my throat that day, it felt very sore and even after having a good ol’ cup of tea it didn’t make it any better!!  Wendy gave me a throat sweet though and that definitely helped.

Eventually the other chalets started emerging and we all agreed to wander over to the ballroom and watch ‘Super Live in Japan.’  I had not seen this DVD although something like it had been made available as a download (tut tut), but I couldn’t download it as it would’ve taken up too much disk space!! It was showing about 12pm so we made our way over to the ballroom and made ourselves comfortable on the floor.  There was hardly anyone else there!!  I was starting to get the impression how much people didn’t like Queen/Paul Rodgers which was a shame I thought.  The previous night when Keith had mentioned the DVD and the tour of last year, people behind us had booed!!  I don’t understand these people, but at the same time I can see why they do it!!  Anyway I shan’t go into that conversation – I sat next to Julie and Vern who were actually at the show that we were watching and Julie kept giving me insights into what it was like etc……  At one point we could actually see them too :-)  It was strange watching this gig and comparing it to the one which had been recorded in Sheffield.  The Japan audience were quiet – no-one shouting out anything, they just sat and listened.  Whereas the Sheffield DVD is like a bunch of rowdy drunks – it’s quite shameful really!!  The band was more on fire too and seemed to be really enjoying it!!  I was jealous and wished I could’ve been there to experience it!!   At one point I had to go and get a drink etc, so I left everyone in the ballroom and wandered round to the shop.  When I was going into the ladies I bumped into someone I had been trying to avoid all weekend.  To my surprise though she was pleasant and even said that I should pop over to their group and say hello.  This put me on slight high for the rest of the day, knowing that I had literally been worrying for no reason at all, which is just typical of me.   As I went back to the ballroom to join the others I got a whiff of the restaurant cooking their Sunday roast mmmmm……………I did not partake in this though!!

When the DVD finished we all headed back to the chalets.  Dan had a great idea of getting everyone together for a group photo.  By this point it had got a bit windy and a bit chilly but everyone gathered on the grass outside our chalets.  It turned out to be quite funny; everyone set their cameras up on timers and then ran back, or in Andy’s case slid back to get in the photo.  As we were crouching down in front Marianne fell over so that started chanting of ‘You fell over’ which made us laugh even more!!  It’s a great photo of everyone and you’ll see it when I do eventually post the photos, I know you can’t wait to see them lol…………..

After the photo was taken a small break at the chalets for drinks and cake (Dan’s gran’s cake which we still hadn’t eaten, not that I got a piece lol), we headed back to the ballroom.  More guests were speaking, one bloke was already in the middle of his speech but I can’t remember his name!!  I remember thinking he was very camp though LOL…..  Next was a guest who had turned up last year by the name of Ken Testi.  He was manager of Freddie’s first band Wreckage, so that was quite interesting.  He hadn’t realised he was going up on stage again but they had managed to convince them.  At this point we were informed that the tribute band for that evening would be late setting up as they were stuck in Birmingham or somewhere like that.  They introduced their next guest Jamie Moses – he played rhythm guitar on the QPR tour.  Before he came on they played a snippet of him singing Puff the Magic Dragon from his recent birthday party, which was really funny as he was slightly merry ;-)  He came on stage and performed a few songs including the Beer song – I must share the lyrics of that one with you one day it’s brilliant and you’ll be able to sing along as you’ll know the tune its set too ;-)  He was great though he had quite a bit of heckling from our lot which was funny and he played up too.  He told us the story of Brian falling down in one of the American shows and how they tried to make everyone aware the hole was there but of course Paul fell down there as well.  He finished off with his rendition of Purple Rain which was lovely.  Sarah spent nearly the whole session holding her phone up for her mum to hear lol………

After Jamie I think we went back to the chalet to get something to eat and change for the evening.  We all made sure we were back in the ballroom for the raffle.  Whilst there we managed to get yet another group photo but this one was of the girls in our chalet :-)  The raffle tickets were drawn but alas we didn’t win anything.  I can’t remember whether Julie and Vern did or not as they had brought so many!!  Didn’t win anything with the MPT raffle either boooooo :-(  Next was a bit of a tear-jerker, Jacky and her sister Val have been running the fan club for ages, but because of dwindling numbers, they’ve had to move out of their offices, etc etc…….Jacky has had to let Val go :-(  They presented her with a pressie that we all gave a donation too and bunches of flowers to them both from the arena team.  Keith had to read out Jacky’s speech as she was too tearful to do it.  It’s such a shame and there’s a lot of underlying stuff surrounding it so I won’t go into that.  Anyway onwards and next was the tribute band MayQueens.  Our friend’s on the Roger board had been raving about them but I can’t say I was impressed.  Slightly later on when they had an opera singer with them it got a bit more interesting but to start off I was bored!!  Eventually we gave up standing there listening to them and ventured into the arcade.  By this point Sarah (who was slightly tipsy had gone back to the chalet with Trina).  In the arcade we found Emma on a driving game and she challenged Gavin to a stint.  Libby and Brandon were there too!!  Gavin didn’t do too badly so it became a bit of a contest between them to see who could drive the best.  They gave up on this idea soon, by this point Trina and Sarah had meandered back.  Trina had left her bag with me and when I looked at her mobile she’d had a couple of texts, one from Jamie asking if she could join them back at the chalet.  It was a bit late for me to be reading that lol……………………..

I'm going to split this entry into two - hopefully you'll get an alert for it but also this way you can read this bit and then come back later and read the rest ;-) Aren't I kind lol..........

Monday, 15 May 2006

Wireless Alert

I'm just guessing this time as it took so long to write that last entry that you've not received a proper alert for it xx


Convention Part 2

Before I continue with my convention write up - have you seen the pic of Paddy on the welcome screen??  He's one of the stars that's posed naked for testicular cancer and OH MY GOD!!  That was a nice round off to the day ;-)  For those of you that missed it I shall paste it at the end of this entry xx

Day 2 - Saturday

It started off fairly well – although we were still fairly tired from the night before!!  Trina and I were sharing a bedroom, Pam and Sam were in the other one and Jamie was on the sofa.  Trina and I were awoken to voices in the living room, so we went out to find out what was going on.  Sam was saying about how she’d been woken up by two beatles in her bed and did anyone else have any??  The response was no!!  As we were all up Trina (being mother), started breakfast, bacon sarnies all round, except for Sam who had Philadelphia on toast.  The conversation stayed on Sam and her beatles (which she would eventually chuck over the balcony).  It was a pleasant start to the day.

First item on the agenda was the market place.  Fans bring their records, merchandise and anything else that they don’t want or even make, to sell.  I had a set limit and started off well.  The jumper I wanted was being sold for a reduced price of £15.00.  I kept teasing Trina about this as she paid £40 for hers lol…….*evil laughter* my other main objective was to find some tour programmes or something like that.  Getting a bit frustrated coz I couldn’t find anything I wanted, we went to have a look at the official merchandise stall, whilst we were having a look Trina bumped into old friends Margaret and John, and stood gossiping for nearly an hour.  Jamie had joined us by this point and we were stood waiting for Trina to finish her conversation.  Eventually she did but apart from raffle tickets from the MPT stall there was nothing else we wanted so wandered back to the main market place.

Margaret and John had followed us there and Trina stood gossiping to them for another half an hour.  By this point Jamie had disappeared and Amy had turned up, she was new to the market place so wanted a bit of advice.  She soon disappeared too, and when Trina finished talking we wandered around again.  I brought myself a Fat Bottomed Girls t-shirt which was also reduced and ended up splitting the cost of some DVD’s and Cd’s which were buy 3 get one free J  I also ended up getting a really early tour programme but the bloke we brought it from first said £15 then as we were handing the money over he changed his mind to £20 grrrrrr………  After that we gave up and went back to the chalet where we found the rest of the group watching one of the DVD’s Jamie had purchased earlier.  As soon as I entered the chalet Sarah said ‘Oh my god you’ve got to listen to this’ and they played the most loveliest Roger moment of the weekend so far J  They were all trying to get it onto their phones as a ring tone or message tone.  Unfortunately my mobile is useless and won’t do high-tech things like that!!  We all sat around having sarnies etc deciding what we were gonna do for the rest of the day.  The problem is that unless you are taking part in some sporting event the day can get quite boring.  Although the chalets do have QTV most of it you’ve seen before or own so you don’t feel like watching that.  With no money you can’t afford to spend all your spare time in the arcade.

Eventually we all started to wander over for the showing of ‘Return of the Champions’ on the big screen (I was chuffed I would get to see myself on the big screen lol), at the bottom of the chalet steps, Becky, Dave, Rosie, her boyfriend (who I can’t remember the name of), Roz, James and possibly Dan (my memory is terrible), were painting their tram for the fancy dress later that day.  So after a few photos of that were taken we headed off to the ballroom to watch the dvd.  Trina managed to have a word with Jackie about the fancy dress though, coz we were all under the impression that they used to have a Queen themed one then the other theme on a different night, but there had been no mention of this in the programme!!  According to Jacky that was wrong and they had never done that (yeah right!!)  Trina went on to explain to here that we hadn't bothered with the Xmas theme and gone for Roger's Believe in Yourself.  At the end of the song he mutters loads of things and items and people andwe had to pick something from the list to dress up as!!  Jacky laughed and said she was gonna point us out for being stupid and wearing Queen dress instead!!  Trina and the rest of the gang thought that was hysterical - not me though I hasten to add!!  I couldn't think of anything worse lol!! 

Anyway we settled down to watch the dvd, after my bit ;-)  I got bored - well I have seen it before and I was feelin' tired so I went back to the chalet on my own and lied down for a bit, had some convention water (aka Vodka - I can hear your audible gasps - naughty jenny ;-)  and went back to join the girls.  As I did I missed Sam and Funster and I think Jamie going back to the chalet, so I had to walk all the way back as I had the key *tut* We all went back to the ballroom and watched Pheobe (aka Peter Freestone, Freddie's personal assistant) do a Q & A session.  After that we all had to run back and get changed before the auction!!  During my time alone I had convinced myself I did want to do the fancy dress, so with Sam's help (cutting me some eye holes) I was a ghost!!  I would post the list if I knew where it was lol!!

When everyone was ready we went back to the ballroom and sat waiting for the auction.  Before that though they had the mime and Sarah and Jamie decided to enter against these blokes all in Freddie costumes.  Jamie had her blow up hammer, and Sarah used her tree part as a guitar (Wendy/Helena gave them the blow up guitar that they had :-)  It was so funny and I wish I could share the video with you It's the best!!  Sarah actually won in the end and was given a certificate and what I like to call a Jim'll fix it medal - you'll see what i mean in the photos ;-) 

Next was the auction.  Trina sat with Julie and Vern!!  Julie has money and if there's something she wants she will bid on it, so Trina had to negotiate with her, what she wanted to bid on, so they don't bid on the same things - if that makes sense.  Trina won a shirt owned by Roger (which Vern has something to tell her about it but what that is we don't know yet!!  I've not actually seen him wearing it and it smells musty lol - not that I've sniffed it you understand ;-)  Julie and Vern walked away with tons and I think their last total was between £4,000 and £6,000 pounds *shock*  I wish I had the money to do that!! 

After the auction we prepared ourselves for the fancy dress :-)  Our tram had arrived, there were several ghosts including a roger one, a vet, a waste spacing journalist, pirates (not actually mentioned but hey!!), a decidious tree, a lawyer with fees, these were all mentioned at the end of the song.  We looked great but wandering around the ballroom floor with everyone else dressed in xmas gear we looked stupid.  The pontins photographer took our photo and we passed our sign to Jacky so they would know what we were!!  Alas we were robbed!!  We didn't get a number and therefore didn't make it to the finals :-( 

Next came one of the greatest tribute bands ever!!  They played the convention last year and everyone raved about them so Trina and I knew we were in for a treat.  Their argentinian and their english name according to the fanclub is God Save the Queen.  We managed to get near the front and they were awesome.  When I post the pics you'll see the Freddie was meant to be in a tribute band - it's so scary!!  Trina was practically drooling on the stage, she loved him so much.  When they walked off I got him to touch my hand and teased her about it afterwards lol........mean jenny!!  They came back on to do an encore though and he touched her hand afterwards she was very happy.  The roger is funny as he has blond hair and bushey dark eyebrows but in certain angles from behind he did look like him!!  He also touched my hand :-) 

After going back to the chalet for some unknown reason, we came back as the Arena team said they were doing something to mark the 21st anniversary!!  The arena team are fab and usually do stuff like that!!  This year they were going through the last 21 years and marking out things that happened in history and what Queen were up to.  Then some of the team members would come on and mime to a song, for example we had bob the builder complete with Jamies hammer ;-), the cheeky girls or should I say men, etc etc..........They then played Christmas tunes and that was a good laugh :-)  After a few of them and linking arms etc we had the disco.  Apparently Dan went up and requested D.I.S.C.O and YMCA but they wouldn't play them lol.........

After dancing the night away, we decided to head down to the beach.  The majority of us went with some staying behind to get more sleep.  I had never been to prestatyn beach before - how pathetic is that??  Still it was quite an adventure with drunk people walking with us and not being able to see a thing when we got down there!!  We didn't stay long and headed back to go to bed as there was no available chalet to carry on the party!!  That was to bed again at 4am .................... would we ever get some sleep?? 

Part 3 sunday possible tomorrow!!  But for now a treat for the ladies ;-)  or perhaps just for me lol


Sweet dreams peeps xx

Sunday, 14 May 2006

Wireless Alert Thingy

Thanks to Jeannette (Travels) who informs me that a wireless alert went out for my last entry - figured that was gonna heres one of those entries for no particular reason to draw your attention to the entry I've just done ;-)


Thanks peeps xx

Convention - Friday

hey peeps - long time no hear huh??  Well ok, it's only been a week but I bet you missed me all the same ;-)  I was hoping to get this update of the convention finished tonight but I've been distracted so I'll break it up into 3 parts and on the 3rd part you can have the photos ;-)
So let's get on with this and tell you about the convention.  It's set over a weekend in Pontins holiday camp in Prestatyn North Wales.  Trina and I have been attending them for 9 years and this was to be our 10th.  We've missed two due to not having any money and wanting a break (naughty us!!)  In the past we've always found that we have one good year, one not so good, one good, one not so good etc etc........I had my reservations about this one but I was to be proved wrong.
Sarah and Dan had organised a gang of about 18 people to stay in 3 chalets all next door to each other.  They had also organised what I like to call the Fun Bus, which was really a people carrier, for the people travelling up from the southwest.  As you all know I had Thursday off work to prepare myself and then had to get up early to meet Trina the next day.  We caught the 8.23am train to Bristol and met Dan, Sarah, Becky & Dave at the train station.  Once they saw Trina's bag, no-one was impressed.  The problem with people carriers is they can carry people fine but luggage is a no-no!!  We all jammed ourselves in with luggage on our knees, between our legs and in every space available.  We then headed over to the airport to pick up Gavin.
Eventually after a stop at Halfords we were on our way :-)  Listening to Queen most of the way and having a good ol' gossip it was a good journey.  We stopped off at the services a couple of times, and we even stopped off at Dan's gran's.  Bless her she had a whole spread ready for us to feast on :-)  She even gave us a cake to take with us!!  We left Dan's gran's and we were getting closer to Prestatyn.  It was funny at one point we were stuck behind one of those powered wheelchairs.  Anyway when we were getting closer we opened the windows and turned the speakers up and played Roger's Man On Fire Very Loudly and sang along.  It was starting to feel like the convention to me :-)
We pulled into Pontins and Sarah and Gavin went to check in.  Eventually they came back and we drove round to find our chalets.  Right on the other side of the camp - typical lol.......Luckily though we did have 3 altogether, so we set about getting our luggage into the chalets and settling in, waiting for the others to arrive.
Funster, Sam and Andy (aka Vivid), turned up.  At the same time people from our chalets were choosing who was going shopping and what we needed to get.  (Very organised)!!  After the hello's were done, the gang went shopping, and I met Richard who'd I'd heard a bit about.  Funster told him I was lovely and his response was, 'apparently your lovely, I shall be testing you on that over the weekend' lol......Great not a lot to live up to then!!  Eventually Jamie arrived too so our chalet was complete :-)  The guys took ages with the shopping but eventually called to say they'd found a fish and chip shop, did we want any?  Of course we did!!
When they came back we were all chatting in Sarah's chalet.  Theirs was on the end, us girls were in the middle and the quieter group were on the other side.  The chalets were all on the top row, which was cool.  After having our fish and chips and all changing into our 'In Love with a Rock God' t-shirts we ventured over to the ballroom.  It looked as though we were sharing with the netball players which they had done the previous year too.  We had arrived to see the last of the kareoke, which Jamie was depressed about but she was in luck.  The call went out for a couple of lads but they didn't turn up.  Jamie offered to do their song for them instead.  She sung Don't Stop Me Now and I was very impressed :-)  She's been training to sing properly and it's paid off!!
Next was the welcome from the legend that is Keith Harris - he is the leader of the Arena Team and has been doing conventions for as long as I can remember, there was one year when he was ill and couldn't make it - it wasn't the same!!  I think Jacky came on stage after him (she run's the fanclub) and showed Brian's message, apparently Roger didn't do one coz he had a cold!!  I had a feelin' we weren't gonna get a message from him :-(  Then we had the first of our tribute bands - The Queens.  To be honest I wasn't impressed but it was the start of the convention so we did try to get into it!!  The disco was next and that was ok.  They've changed that since we last went and now have a DJ who takes requests.  Amy, (who we met), an Amercian, who was in England studying, waited all night for the DJ to play her request but alas he did not.
I don't remember what time the disco finished, but then it was back to Wendy's chalet for a party :-)  They were in the same block as us which was cool!!  Jamie had gone to bed but the rest of our chalet popped over to the party.  I sat on the sofa next to Richard and Amy who were having a very animated conversation.  We all had to sing happy birthday to Helena's dad Mark, and it was a good laugh.  Eventually though Sam, Pam, Trina and myself decided enough was enough and we needed to reserve our energy, after all it was only the first night!!  So we went to bed.  It was about 4am!!
More tomorrow..............................

Wednesday, 10 May 2006

Convention is THE BEST!!

Hi peeps

Convention is a legend, convention is a legend la la la la....hey la la la la la :-)

I've had one of the best weekends ever and I shall give you more details and photos when I feel up to it!!  I've come home with a hoarse voice, which I'm actually quite proud of lol.......

Anyway I've decided not to turn my alerts back on until Saturday - just need a break for a while.

So until the weekend - take care peeps

Hope your all ok xx

Jen xx

Thursday, 4 May 2006

Convention here we come.......

Hello peeps - Didn't know whether I could be bothered to do an entry today but as I promised yesterday figured I should lol........

Today's been gorgeous and I was glad I had the day off but I've done nothing exciting but I am packed and nearly ready to go.  Just gotta remember to pack the wash stuff lol.........Just felt like doing this today though >>

So the convention!!  Every year after the may bank holiday Queen fans decend upon (used to be Southport when Trina and I first started going) Prestatyn, North Wales, which is organised by the Fan Club (they've won awards don't you know??!).  This year will be our tenth convention :-) the fan club's twenty first.  It should really be our twelveth but we've had two years off due to expenses etc.......  It's a weekend of fun, drinking, dancing, and general Queeniness!!  You even get Queen TV back in the chalets. 

I am lookin' forward to this year, Sarah and Dan have booked us in along with the rest of their group and from the emails that have been doing the rounds they are obviously a mad bunch ;-) 

Anyway I am gonna log off and have a relaxing evening watching the TV.  I have turned my alerts off - or at least I think I have lol only time will tell lol........

Have a great weekend peeps and I'll make sure I take lots of photos to show you ;-)

Take care peeps xx

Queenly yours

Wednesday, 3 May 2006

Short happy entry

Well this is a short entry - I'll do a proper one tomorrow this is just to say.....................

We're all going on little holiday

No more workin' for a day or two

Fun and laughter on a little holiday

Do be do be do me & la la lala lalalala.............

Are you getting the hint ;-)  I'm off of work now for 6 whole days WOOHOO

Yep I'm gearing myself up for the convention but like I said I'll give you a better update tomorrow xx

Till then...............take care xx

Jen xx 

Monday, 1 May 2006

A change of scenery

 peeps - hope you've all had a good weekend xx
Well after the excitement of receiving 3 entries in a row I thought I'd treat you all to a break before I wrote again.  Plus nothing exciting or even slightly interesting has happened so I don't really know why I'm doing this entry lol............Except I don't want you all to think I've forgotten you ;-)
During the week I figured I should go out somewhere at the weekend but the debate reigned as to whether I should or not!!  I can't afford it, even though I got paid at the weekend, yep monthly payments yuk, but this month I had a pay rise and went up an increment woohoo!!  This covered the amount I had gone overdrawn but I think I went slightly more overdrawn on Friday when I went shopping coz I don't think the wages had actually gone in yet *rolls eyes*  So I was debating this all week to go out or not.  The thing was if I didn't go out I would just stay in watch videos and not get anything done productively but I didn't know what the weather was gonna do and this would take away some spending money for the convention.
On Friday during my lunch break I looked up train prices on the web and tried to find bus prices.  The idea was torn between going for a walk and taking a picnic or a bike ride to actually going to the beach if it was nice!!  Unfortunately I had missed the weather report on GMTV which is unlike me coz usually I do get to see it!!  So by the end of Friday I went to bed still undecided as to what to do but set the alarm for quite early in case I could make up my mind when I woke up.  Plus I thought it would be a good idea to get up early and do the hoovering coz then it would be done and I wouldn't have to worry about it on Sunday.
So I wake up early and I still can't decide.  The weather report from the local radio station says dry, cloudy and sometimes a shower, but it would definitely brighten up in the afternoon.  I get up, have brekkie, decide which train I'm going to catch if I intend to go out and set about hoovering.  Doesn't take too long as I was in one of my I-can't-be-bothered-with-this moods.  So I'm sat around still undecided but end up getting changed and packing my bag still undecided.  At half 10 I walk up to the train station, which only takes quarter of an hour and so I'm really early.  I sit by the river for a few minutes.  Looks as if I'm going out then I think!!  Well a change of scene will do you good, plus I took the camera so I had my journal in mind you see lol..............
At 11.13am I'm on the train to Exmouth, according to the web it's cheaper to get there than it is to go to Torquay.  £3.40 to be precise, compared to £8.00 something to go the other way.  Anyhoo the train got quite busy but it was a pleasant journey.  Got there in about half an hour and wondered into town.  Like I said before I have no money so why I went into town I haven't got a clue.  I looked in some places for some new sunglasses and found a pair I quite liked in New Look for £8.00 but I figured that was too dear and so I left them and tried to find some cheaper elsewhere but no such luck.  Did consider going to see Wayne's mum and thanking her in person for the microwave but her stall was busy so decided against it!!  Instead I decided it was time to wander off to the beach.
Got there and wandered along the beach and figured as it was lunchtime(ish) I would get myself some chips.........mmmmmmmmmm...........chippy lunch :-)  Eventually got them (big queue) and sat on some rocks down by the sea.  A boat went past when I was eating them and it was playing Status Quo quite loudly, how cool is that??  I was waiting for them to play Queen but no such luck!!  After I finished eating I sat there for about an hour, feeling really extremely bored.  I'd taken a book to read and a notebook to write some stuff in but didn't feel like doing any of it now I was there!  It's nice to go out but when you surrounded by families all having a good time it just makes me feel miserable.  I started thinking I should've gone to see mum instead, I haven't seen her since mother's day :-(  It would've cost more but still........................
I gave up and decided which train to catch home and wandered up the beach and back into town.  I thought maybe if I buy myself something nice, just cheap, but nice.  Guess what??  I couldn't find anything and I decided against those sunglasses.  I went to wait for the train and it was lovely and quiet when I got on.  Then we pulled into the Royal Commander Training Unit and guess what??  The train suddenly got jam packed!!  Full of Royal Marine traninee's - any other day I would've been lookin' at them thinkin' it was my lucky day! (well ok, not really but I can dream can't I? lol) but not today, I didn't really want them on there at all, but one of them had lovely eyes.  Unfortunately he moved away from me :-(
Eventually got home and rung Trina - I was feeling blah and needed cheering up.  When I got home I decided to crash out on the sofa and watch some stuff on video.  I did put the computer on but I felt really tired so I didn't catch up with journals which is why I'm behind again lol............
Yesterday I did nothing and today I did nothing, but I did go for a walk.  :-)  This week is a two day working week for me woohoo!!  Apparently we don't go to the convention until Friday so that means I have an extra day in bed on Thursday :-)  Yay!!  Well I have to pack, which I've actually started and for once in my life I know which Queen t-shirts I'm taking.  and I've sorted out a bit of my costume.  I did have an idea about it which I should've done today but I can't be bothered.  May not bother at all shall just have to see lol..........I shall of course give you the full write up next week, probably Tuesday next coz I've got that day off too to recover ;-) 
Well I don't know what else to drone on about - wife swap is beginning so I should go and watch it :-)  So until next time...........take care peeps xx
Oh and I've also added pics of the daffs from Wayne's mum and a crystal thingy which I got from Trina's mum that I've hung in the window and when the sun's shining there are rainbow thingys everywhere :-)
 Look it's me in southpark format lol xx
P.s if anyone's seen the Tiscali ad the one with the woman and the cheese and the bloke says crackers and she says completely - what was she in?? it's doing my head in now!!  If you know please tell me - Thank you xx