Thursday, 29 September 2005

New Quiz

Hiya :-)

I'm so pleased - tomorrow is a half day for me!!  My first half day since I started working there!!  It's not taken me this long to build up the flex, I just don't abuse the flex system enough!!  LOL...........This week has been crap so far!!  At work I mean, not home!!  Home's been cool.........but back to work..........we have none!!   I've been through one folder at least 3 times in the last 3 days..........I'm so bored!!  I feel bored just sitting in the chair when I arrive.  So feeling bored on Monday persuaded me to take the afternoon off on Friday.  Plus I'm finally gonna see Mum on Saturday so I'll be able to do things that I don't wanna do on Sunday coz Saturday I'll be busy!!  Did you keep up with that LOL??

Home's been cool.............On Tuesday I had Wayne and Trina round for tea.  Then, Monday night I get a text from Sarah asking if she could stay as she was on a course down here........I agreed she could, so Tuesday Sarah came round :-)  And...........if that wasn't enough my bootleg Hyde Park DVD turned up *yay* It's brill!!  Not only does it start off with the Peter Kay thingy, you can also pinpoint the part when Paul blows me a kiss :-)  *big cheesy grin* They should release that instead of Sheffield LOL..........Mind you apparently on the Sheffield DVD you can see my arm getting the condom Brian chucks me..........I've not seen it so I shall report more when I get that DVD!!

I'm trying to order my Max and Paddy DVD as it's released on Monday!!  Can't wait to hear the commentary - Apparently they are doing some kind of exercise DVD ??!!  That's all I know peeps!!  I'm as baffled as you!!  LOL...........

Anyhoo here's your next more cryptic clues just 20 easy questions.  Don't forget to email me your answers ;-)

1)  Who married Patsy Kensit in April 1997?  Liam Gallagher

2)  On which day are hot cross buns traditionally eaten?  Good Friday

3)  Who left Eastenders for France with two of her children?  Cindy Beale

4)  Glasgow is the administrative centre of which Scottish region?  Strathclyde

5)  Which UK car manufacturer produced the Cambridge?  Austin

6)  How many different coloured squares are there on a chessboard?  Two

7)  On which label did the Beatles have their first hit record?  Parlophone

8)  Which tree can be Dutch, English or wych?  Elm

9)  In which month is Epiphany?  January

10)  Which Steve scored Leicester's 1997 League Cup Final winner?  Claridge

11)  St Winifred's School choir sang about which relative?  Grandma

12)  Which film told of Moses leading the Israelities to the Promised Land?  The Ten Commandments

13)  If it's Friday and it's five o'clock what else is it in children's TV terms?  Crackerjack

14)  Who formed the Black Abbots and had a TV Madhouse?  Russ Abbot

15)  Who went Surfin' USA?  The Beach Boys

16)  What nationality was Herb Alpert's Flea?  Spanish

17)  What colour is creme de menthe?  Green

18)  In the 90's who had a No. 1 with Pray?  Take That

19)  In which decade did Prince Charles marry Lady Diana Spencer?  1980's

20)  In 1959 which party was elected for the third time in a row in Britain?  Conservative

Well that's it - good luck peeps *fingers crossed*

Take care everyone

Best Wishes

  Thanks Sara xx

Wednesday, 28 September 2005

Quiz answers

If you go back to the cryptic quiz entry - you'll see I've put the answers up!!  I think rach and wobbly (aka Denise I think!!)  get top marks, even if just for attempting it LOL.........

Once I've caught up on journal reading (currently have 63 alerts in my inbox arrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhh) I shall do a proper entry and a proper quiz :-)  No more cryptic stuff I promise LOL.........

Love y'all

Jen xx

Monday, 26 September 2005


Evenin' :-)  Quickie from me - just noticed I was tagged by dear ol' Sandra for going to my 23rd entry and noting the 5th line down. 

My 23rd entry was a joke and the 5th sentance was:

It's a sunny morning in the Big Forest and the Bear family is just waking up.

LOL that's good isn't it??

I shan't nominate 5 people - I don't think I know that many people ;-)  I expect they've all been tagged already anyway!!

Go for it peeps.

Take care

Jen xx

Thursday, 22 September 2005


Hey all :-)

How are you doing with the cryptic clues??  I'm not doing so well but I keep struggling on LOL........Hopefully I shall have the answers with you sometime next week!!  I'm guessing that cryptic clues aren't really your thing coz the emails aren't coming!!  Oh well never mind.......I tried to entertain my readers LOL........

So changed my journal around a bit - what do you think?  I think I might do that say once a month or maybe longer, depends when I remember!!  I like change sometimes me!!

I'm watching the Live episode of the Bill - I'm curious more than anything to find out how a live episode of the bill works - what makes it different??  Well I can't tell as yet but we've still got 30 mins to go :-)

Shall be away at the weekend.  It's actually the queen convention this weekend but I'm NOT going.  Can't afford it, (she says after she checked ebay last night and ends up buying 2 dvd's *rolls eyes*) so Trina, Cat and I are having our own mini convention in Torquay!!  Should be a laugh!!

Before I carry on can we please take a moment to give Stuart a round of applause!!  He sorted my counter out for me - bless him (((((((hugs)))))))) to you Stuart!!

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow - arrrrrrrgggggghhhhhh!!  Don't worry it's nothing too serious - just going for a test!  Well I hope it won't be serious - great now I'm panicking LOL........  Still at least it's Friday and they're showing a Max and Paddy out-takes programme - lookin' forward to that too coz I haven't seen it yet :-)

Don't know what else to drone on about so I shall leave it here........

Take care all xx

Tuesday, 20 September 2005

The Cryptic Clue Quiz

Evenin' all and we start off on a sad note!!  Yes my counter is messed up - It's sad to log in and see it's saying my journal has only be read 17 times since last year It's been read more than that I swear!!    Anyhoo enough of my misery and onto more fun things!!  You'll all be glad to know I have bananas :-)  My team leader went to Tesco's at lunchtime and asked if there was anything I want  *big grin*  I feel complete now!!

So I promised you a quiz!!  I think I might make this a weekly feature - something different and something fun.  I have a pub quiz book that I used to use when I was quiz master in a chat on a Friday night but I don't go there anymore!!  So let's see if this goes down well and I'll think about it!!  Have a go - even if it's just for fun and email me your answers.  I'll let you know how you've done as soon as I've got the answer sheet..............(I have a feelin' Pauline thought I was gonna have a go so I suppose I better LOL........) I won't cheat reading your answers - honest :-)


Decfipher the following to name these Towns/Cities in the British Isles for example......communist Woman = Redruth!!

1 - Fruity Entrance   Appledore

2 - The Whole Weight  Alton

3 - At Anchor in a meadow  Arborfield

4 - Racing Water Heater  Ascot

5 - Burnt out brewing town  Ashburton

6 - What Oliver asked  Aviemore

7 - Messing up a suitcase with a gun  Bagshot

8 - Surely not a sausage  Bangor

9 - Has a fair head of hair  Barnet

10 - Useful one wheeled vehicle really hot  Barrow in Furness

11 - At least once a day - or smell  Bath

12 - A currant favourite  Eccles

13 - Fix it firmly  Bolton

14 - Could be head churchman of NZ capital  Bishop Auckland

15 - Drill into a bacon tree  Borehamwood

16 - Chiefs cranulated house a bit wet at times  Boscastle

17 - Discharges a fletcher's produce  Bow

18 - Quick dollar  Buckfast

19 - Near the Navy  Byfleet

20 - Summer Fruits not quite galloping  Canterbury

I think that's the hard one - this one's a bit easier coz I got one on this one LOL...........

1) Pepper's companion tree  Saltash

2) Up to date weighty prior  Newton Abbot

3) Life's journey completed  Gravesend

4) Highway man's demand  Andover

5) Godiva's Territory  Coventry

6) A baby at shaldon's Landmark  Totnes

7) Jesus' Home  Christchurch

8) To Inter in the earth  Bury

9) Irish or Scotch - neither  Rye

10) High Mooring Point  Torquay

11) No Food Devoured  Nuneaton

12) First of the three R's  Reading

13) Rowing Eight  Crewe

14) Cheerful Charlie  Chester

15) Illuminating Weight  Brighton

16) Naval Oak  Fleetwood

17) Crocodile  Dundee

18) Hasty Cereal  Runcorn

19) Ride a cock horse here  Banbury

20) Offal in the water  Liverpool

Well that's your lot!!   Don't forget if your taking part email your answers don't put them in the comments coz you don't want everyone else to read them do you ;-)

Good luck!!  by the way don't worry you can't do any worse than I'm doing LOL............


Monday, 19 September 2005

Forthcoming Attractions

Hey Everyone *waves*

Quick entry to let you all know that I've asked Pauline for a copy of the cryptic clue quiz she let team leader do the other day!!  I didn't do it coz I'm no good at those sort of things but I had a look and managed to get 1 right (yay go me!!)  But I thought my journal readers would like that - so if she remembers I'll put it up tomorrow night and give you a day to get as many answers as poss :-)

Had a bad day, I didn't get to bed very early so it's my own fault :-(  I worked quite hard and every phone call was full of queries - nothing was straight forward LOL.....I just had that thought it was gonna be a bad day - I'm sure you know what I mean!!  My Queen cd has not arrived - Jeez I could've gone to HMV on my way home and I could be listening to it now!!  grrrrrrrrrrrr.............and to top it all off and this just seals it - I have no bananas :-(

So until tomorrow (if she remembers the quiz)

Take care all

 Jen xx

Sunday, 18 September 2005

August Bank Holiday

Evenin' all :-)  Before I tell you about the fun that was the August bank holiday Bar-B-Q!!  I want to show you my new computer wallpaper!!  I made it last night...........

  Isn't that good??  It's a mixture of friends, Roger, Peter and Patrick (all the things I like and love :-)  I'm thinking of doing some more - all different themes and stuff............ well it keeps me occupied ;-)  One more thing before I continue - aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh I'm on a TV advert!!  Alright you can't really see me but I was there and I know it which is the main thing ;-)  If you see the ad for Queen's 'Return of the Champions' cd, it shows clips from the Sheffield gig!!  :-)  Avid readers will back me up that I was there LOL............  So ladies and gentlemen you're reading a journal of a TV star (ok that's going too far........)

Right the BBQ!!  It was decided that Trina was gonna hold one after she got married and at Hyde Park we invited as many Queen friends who lived in the South West as possible!!  The day before we found it most weren't going to turn up but Cat, Sarah, Jamie and Sarah's other half Dan, were coming so it'll still be a laugh :-) 

Cat and I travelled down to Trina's together on the Friday!!  I managed to find Cat on the train :-)  Got to Torquay about 7pm ish!!  Went straight back to Trina's and got some pizza and watched Peter Kay live at Bolton Albert Halls.  It was hysterical!!  We went to bed early knowing the next night would be a long one!!

Got up fairly earlyish on the Saturday - about 9.30am ish!!  Went and did some shopping.  Came back and watched some crap on the TV.  About 12ish Cat went to prepare the food - Trina was ill from her trip to Kenya and had been told by the doctor to cancel the bar-b-q but she was adament she wasn't doing that!!  Besides which Cat would do the cooking and wouldn't let her do anything anyway!!  I was bored watching the TV, apart from the fact there was nothing on and Wayne had found the football *groan* so I went to help Cat make the kebabs etc.....and watched her making the burgers :-)  Learned quite a bit, considering I don't do cooking!!  (Wish I could!!)  Anyway Trina's phone started ringing and it was Sarah, asking for directions.  As Trina opened her back door, Sarah's car drove past!!  So let the day begin :-)

Sarah, Dan and Jamie came and said hello's and then Cat and Wayne fired up the bar-b-q, (which had taken Wayne and Trina 3 hrs to buy)!!  The kebabs started cooking and the drink started flowing :-)  We all got to chatting!!  I think Wayne couldn't believe it!!  He was used to me, Cat and Trina but Sarah and Jamie were two he had not met before!!  He was about to meet the loud side of Trina LOL........So the kebab's were first, then the burgers, then sausages etc........ Jamie started taking pics!!  After the food was gone and the drink was still flowing we showed the girls our shirt that was owned by Roger ;-)  We brought it at a convention one year!!  Then we went inside and showed the girls our movie clips from the gigs.  Mainly all the talk so far had been about the shows!!

Then we put 'Roger live at the Astoria '99' on the videoplayer and Sarah got very excited coz you could see her hands in most of the shots.  Wayne and Dan were very quiet most of the day!  Once we had seen Trina's very strange dancing on the video, we all agreed to go down to the fair!!  Wayne was the only one who hadn't been drinking so he drove us down.  Cat and I stayed behind whilst he took Trina, Sarah, Jamie and Dan.  Apparently they were quite noisy!!  Jamie and Sarah had spent the trip shouting 'Queen' and asking people if they were Roger Taylor LOL........... The madness didn't stop there.  By the time Cat and I arrived they were still in full swing and asking passer by's if they were Roger, Brian etc...........So we went across the road to the fair.

Jamie and Sarah decided to go on a ride and Cat joined them whilst we were waiting for the ride to start.  You could tell Trina had been drinking coz this little boy walked past with curly hair and I said 'ooo look mini brian'  Trina ran after him screaming 'Brian, Brian!!' *shakes her head* LOL..........  Eventually the ride got going - it was that one that spins round and up and down - you know the one I mean!!  Anyway Trina and I had never laughed so much in all our lifes..........  It was one of those moments when your not sure why your laughing - you just are :-)

When they got off, we went on the bumper cars.  Me and Trina, Sarah and Dan and Cat and Jamie.  It was all going well until Trina kept shouting, 'get her, get her' and eventually took the wheel from me!!  Apparently some little girl had been ramming into Cat and jamie on purpose!!

Next was candy floss and the ghost train.  Cat and I didn't go on but everyone who did was laughing their heads off.  All it was, was some bloke walking behind the car and growled at you!!  We then went onto the octopuss or whatever you wanna call it!!  Cat, Trina and myself went in one car and argued about a)who was gonna get squashed and b) the fact I didn't want to squash Trina :-)  It went on for ages and Cat got suitably squashed.  Dan took a pic of us on it but I'm not showing you that coz I look flippin' awful LOL.......

Once we got off we walked round and Sarah spotted the 'Hook a duck' stall that was selling inflatable hammers.  Of course she wanted one, so paid to get one, Jamie got one too and they started having a fight with them.  I got one and Trina took it and joined in the fight!!  Some young boys had the hammers too and so they went to fight them.  When they came back we continued walking and Sarah heard the Wurzles playing and went and danced to it on the ride that was playing it.  Another octopuss!!  She started chatting to the carny and he played Don't Stop Me Now!!  So Trina and I got on as did Sarah and Jamie.  £2.50 for one song and it wasn't even the whole song - was not amused!!  They played Don't Stop Me Now again!!  I remember the lady coming out of the food van parked nearby and asked them to put some decent music on............(ooooooo swear words out of my mouth do apologise!!)

The gang went on the big wheel next.  I managed to convince Trina to go on it but I declined :-)  So I stood there watching them go round enjoying the peace and quiet for a few moments LOL..........Once off of there Jamie, Sarah and Dan went on some little roller coaster thing.  They were at the pay desk for ages.  Apparently they were asking for Queen to be played, what did they get??  Michael Jackson!!

We went on the bumper cars again after that!!  Trina informs me we're swapping partners so this time she was with Cat and I went with Jamie!!  NEVER AGAIN!!  She was mad, she drove the wrong way round, hit people head on, at one point I hit my knee and had a lovely bruise!!  Someone went into the back of us and I jarred my back.  But it was funny coz everyone was trying to hit everyone with the hammers!!

Next Jamie, Cat and Trina went on the Waltzers.  Been on them before and was definitely not going on them again.  Apparently Jamie was very quiet but Trina was not!!  She kept screaming......I was reminded of the saying 'The louder you scream the faster the ride!' So of course the bloke stood behind them turning their car all the time............LOL

When they got off we'd all had enough by this point so Trina rung Wayne to come and get us, (he would after Match of the Day) and we went and sat down on a bench to wait for him.  I felt my pockets coz I suddenly realised I didn't have my wallet.  On the first Octopuss ride I passed it to Trina to look after coz I couldn't put it back in my pocket.  Anyway I asked her if she had it, she felt her pockets and told me not to worry she had it :-) 

A bit later the little girl who had been ramming Jamie and Cat on the bumper cars came up and asked us for a fag.  Told her we didn't have any and she suddenly realised it was Jamie who shouted 'Queen' at her!!  So she said 'why do you keep doing that?' Which sparked off a whole argument fiasco!!  It was quite amusing, especially when we told her we thought she was 12 and her response was 'oh I'm 12 am I??  So how old am I then?'   We all went 'duh, 12!!' LOL...........Sarah, Jamie and Trina got in a slanging match with her.  I got Trina away by shouting that if she didn't come and stand near me I wouldn't be her bestmate anymore LOL...........It worked ;-)  Eventually the carny nearby had to get rid of her!!

We crossed the road and Wayne turned up and took the first bunch home.  Cat, Trina and I waited for him to come back!!  Apparently they had screamed out of the windows again LOL........By the time we got back I was knackered.  Wayne and Cat had said goodnight!!  Dan started falling asleep on the sofa, Jamie was still taking pics and Sarah was singing along to the downloads, even though we could hear them from her Ipod!!  LOL.............About 2.30am I said goodnight but the party still went on - I managed to fall asleep pretty much straight away!!

The next day, Dan, Jamie and Sarah had to go and meet some friends in a pub.  Sarah was hungover and didn't surface till about 3 or 4pm and ready to go!!  Also I discovered thatI had lost my wallet.  Luckily my pin number wasn't in it - but there was a lottery tix and my photo with roger :-(  which was laminated!! 

All in all a good laugh and Trina reckons it's now an annual thing!!  Hopefully those who couldn't make it this year will next year :-)

Hope you all had a good weekend - I'm off to watch my ad again (yep I did video it :-)

Take care

Best wishes - Jen xx

Photos c/o Sarah and Jamie


P.s if anyone can tell me how you get the name to be the web address thingy then I would be grateful - thanks :-)

Thursday, 15 September 2005

Back to Normality

'Ello you lot!!  How you all doing??    I had a feeling that nudist beach photo would appeal to your sense of humour - see I do know my readers ;-)  LOL.......

I thought for a change I'd do a normal entry and bring you up to date with what's going on in my life - nothing!!  There that's that done   Nah I'm only joking.......... The holiday bar-b-q can wait until the weekend when I have more time to write it!!

So let's see what is there to tell you - work !!  It's still the same ol' same ol' - we've had the latest batch of accounts.  What I haven't told you is they've split the alphabet again so our team only goes from A-H and the other team has I-Z !!  Not a fair split I hear you shout!!  Trust me I've been there thinking the same thing.  The reason they've done it coz my team leader only has 2 full time staff at the moment and the other team leader has 2 full time and 1 part time so someone thinks they can cope more than what we can!!  Jeez I've nearly been there for a year and our team has put up with more crap than the other ones and we've managed.  We have four week periods between bill runs and usually by the 2nd/3rd week we're scrabbling around trying to find work to do!!  I'm starting to rant about this now but it's just not fair!!  That sounds childish doesn't it LOL........Eventually when Karen comes back from maternity leave we'll probably get these flippin cases back *rolls eyes*  I seem to be working on slow mode at the moment, either that or just coz she's been there longer Pauline is in super mode!!  Not that I was counting but she's done more binders than me and with appraisals coming up that can't be a good thing!!  Oh well, I'm doing my best!!  I did get a bit of praise today.  Assessments usually ask us questions like are we appointee's etc, well I had asked Jez in assessments a question and he had one to ask me!!  I tapped the number into the system and I said 'sorry Jez that's one of their cases' pointing to the other team and he said in a low voice 'ohhhh but your nice and I don't like them!!'  I said, 'what even when I'm grouchy' he laughed and said 'yeah'!  Bless him.........been a bit grouchy in the morning you see (not a morning person me!!) and he'd put a call through and I'd groaned at him LOL..  Next time he did it I was super nice (LOL sarcastic jen!)

Anyhoo so that's work!!  A while ago mum had texted to say she was coming down for the day and could I get the day off work.  I had said no, at the time team leader was off and at such short notice there was no way!!  Perhaps in my old job but not this one!!  I was angry with her for a while - she must learn to give me more notice.  I was sat in work looking out at the lovely day thinking of her and Meggy in town and it wasn't on!!  Anyway I finally decided to ring her this week and try to organise to see her.  Can't do it this weekend they're going to a circus!!  Told her to give me more notice next time :-)

Then she told me she had bad news about my nan and grandad - I was thinking oh no what is she gonna tell me!!  I knew Nan had taken another tumble so I was dreading this!!  She said 'they have to go into a home.'  I breathed a sigh of relief!!   At the end of the day it would be much better for them, than where they are.  Grandad is losing it and Nan keeps falling down.  I was thinking the other day, that I hope they manage to stay together - bless 'em!!

I mentioned to mum about my idea for my 30th birthday too.  It will be Megan's 10th the same year so I've suggested that we go to Euro Disney.  I know mum wouldn't go to Florida so that was my suggestion.  She sounded up for it, which is great coz I wasn't sure whether she would be or not!!

Queen - Last night they showed about an hour of their DVD at a some place in London.  Guess who couldn't afford it?  Yep yours truely!!  Never mind, I swear to myself that the next event where they turn up I will be coz that's two I've missed now!!  They appeared at WWRY again with Ben this time.  All my mates are going and I do wish I could have gone just to see them again!!  Still never mind.............There's a meet up in November and Trina and I are going to that so that will be fun :-)  Going to see We Will Rock You with a bunch of mad dedicated fans - should be a good laugh!!

On the subject of Queen, here's a fact for you!!  It is ELEVEN years to the day that I first saw Roger Taylor live.  It was at the Shepherds Bush Empire in London and it was my first EVER live gig.  Trina and I managed to get about 4 rows from the front.  The support act came on and I started feeling unwell, so we moved out of the crowd and went and stood on the steps where we had a better view - why did we do that??  Once on the steps I realised my penpal was standing behind me and I hadn't known she was gonna be there - how strange was that!!  Roger came out on stage and started singing songs from his album Happiness? and some Queen hits.  By about the 3rd song in I had got too excited and started hyperventilating LOL.........For the rest of the show we ended up standing near the toilets.  All I could see was from his waist down!!  It was a good gig and I proved I was a better fan than this silly woman in front of us LOL..........;-)  Sorry reminiscing!!  Always will stay in my mind that gig.............

Anyhoo I think I've bored you enough and I have some washing up to do - see I'm living the high life  Oi you lot stop laughing ;-)

Take care everyone

Best wishes

 xx (thanks sara xx)

Tuesday, 13 September 2005

Last of the holiday entries

Hi - how are you all??  Thank you for your kind comments to the last entry!!  I shall finish off telling you about my hols in this entry - but I am in agony right now with my legs!!  Yesterday trying to be the good girl that I am decided to do some exercises.  Obviously worked some muscles I didn't even know I had coz my legs don't like standing up, sitting down, walking etc.............Why did it have to happen to the legs??  Why not the arms........LOL............Just thought I'd moan - sorry!!

Onwards....................(it would appear that photobucket is not working this evening so if you can't see the photos come back tomorrow :-)

As you know I'd been to bygones and shown you the view photos.  After looking at the view for a while I decided to visit the model village in Babbacombe.   I'd been there a few years ago and I wanted to see if anything had changed.  Plus I like it anyway - could see myself working in a place like that LOL......So you get in there and there's a new circus bit which was great and then you walk around outside.  It was huge!!  Here's some photos that appealed to my sense of humour ;-)

The nudist beach LOL.........

Streakers running across Wombley stadium LOL............(there's a theme here I'm sure there is LOL)

There was another new section (well I say new, it wasn't there last time I went!) which had famous characters from the movies and TV. 

Like the muppet band!!  Further down from this was a section of all different times in history and my fave has to be the medieval one!!  There was a sign saying someone had tampered with it and put lots of modern day stuff in the display could you spot it?  There was an HSBC cash point, plus lots of other stuff.  Then I came across this and laughed out loud.  Took a photo of it coz this really does appeal to my humour :-)

 LOL isn't that funny.........

Here's some photos of the village and me just to prove I was there :-)

That's the main high street bit and it has moving vehicles along there now!

 Me and the main bit in the background - bit dark that!!

 More of the park and me :-)  That's better isn't it?

I finally managed to find the couple getting married - I remembered there was one and vowed to get a pic for Trina :-)  They'd moved them to the other side of the village and it was a lot easier to spot them this time!!

 Look there's Wayne and Trina LOL.............and here's their car!!

 Trina's car was better LOL..........

When I finished walking round there I decided it was too nice a day to go back home so I went down to the beach!!  I was annoyed with myself for not taking a towel, I had not been paddling on this holiday and I had been determined to do so!!  The walk down to the beach was down a steep hill but I was not going to walk back up it!!  The cliff railway closed at 5ish so that gave me plenty of time!!  The beach was packed with people.  I got myself some chips and sat on the steps and ate them.  Then I read some of my book!!  Just to prove I had been to the beach I decided to take another pic of myself there :-)  So I walked along the beach and found a good spot..............

 Doesn't the water look lovely??

I was starting to panic about not catching the cliff railway in time so swallowed my nerves (hate heights!!) and walked back up the beach.  As I was about to climb the steps a lady asked me to help her off the beach with a buggy which I obliged!!  Made my way to the railway, paid and got on!!  Me and a couple, and the conductor said we could go!!  I was fine, until about halfway up.  The lady of the couple was so thrilled to be going on it, she wouldn't sit down LOL........The bloke told me they had broken down the previous day about halfway up.  Don't need to hear that!!

  Look how far up it was...........arrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhh............Trina told me they work by water!!  Amazing!!

So that was my fulfilling day out!!  Monday I stayed in coz Cat had sent her photos and they were due either Monday or Tuesday around 1ish!!  So I watched Gangs of New York - that's good that is!!  In the end the photos didn't turn up!!  I had managed to sort out a pressie for Wayne and Trina though.  I put some of the photos from the camera's on the tables into multi frames and hung them up :-)

Around 3/4pm on the Tuesday the newlyweds came home!!  It was so nice to see them again.  I sat through their photos (mainly wilderbeasts but that's another story LOL) and they'd brought me a statue of an elephant and her baby!!  It's a wooden carved one and it's lovely!!  They loved what I had done with the photos, which I was relieved about :-)

After Trina telling me Wayne was too tired to drive me home, I got into the car around 7/8ish expecting to be driven to the station, but no, he took me all the way home, bless him!!

So that was it - holiday was over and I was back to work the next day - but I still had Trina's bank holiday bar-b-q to look forward too..........

And you'll hear about that in the next entry!!  That's enough from me for now - I'm tired and wanna watch a bit of the DVD I was gonna watch last night but didn't coz I started watching Jack Dee instead LOL......

Take care peeps

c/o Sara - thanks hun

Sunday, 11 September 2005


Hey everyone!!  Firstly thanks for the messages to the last entry........I think I should point out that the spider was not killed, Wayne took the folder outside and managed to let him go free!!  I expect he will find his way back in but I have removed all folders so he won't be living in them again!!  I was going to do another holiday entry today but I have decided instead to dedicate this entry to rememberance!!

  Firstly 9/11.  Has it really been 4 years??  It is beyond me how quickly those years have gone by but things get worse instead of better.    Let us remember those who lost their lives.  Not just in 9/11 but also in the bombings in London!!


I would also like to take this moment to talk to you about Michelle!!  It is hard to know where to start!!  I guess the beginning would be the best place.............Michelle, 19, went to nearly all the Queen gigs.  I met her in Newcastle, for the first time and spent hours in her company at every other gig in the UK.  As those of you who read my memories from those gigs will know those two weeks were certainly the best two weeks I had spent this year.  It wasn't just because of Roger, Brian and Paul but mainly because of the people I met, Michelle being one of them!  Trina and I spent a lot of time in her company and due to Trina's mothering instincts, offered her places to stay etc........

Unfortunately during my holiday in Torquay on Thursday 18th August 2005 I received a text message from Sarah, informing me that due to an accident at work, Michelle had passed away!!

I wasn't sure what to do or how to feel and it's not until now that I've been able to really write about it.  Of course I've left messages saying it's a shame coz one so young should not be taken from this world, but even now I don't really believe it!

Last night I wrote this on her tribute


I've sat here wondering what to write for ages, having spent so many hours, days with you on the tour!! I just don't have the words to tell you how much you will be missed. But I shall focus on the fun times, singing in a taxi at 5am on our way to the station in Birmingham, singing outside the gig in Birmingham, outside the same gig you jumping on me LOL, sharing hotel rooms etc............. You were really fun, mad (in a good entertaining way), and so full of spirit!! If anything you have taught me to live life to the full, and I know that you are up there having a ball with Freddie :-) Looks like you have made it to your paradise island after all.............

We miss you xx

I felt like crying when I wrote this because I was reminded of a conversation we had, had in Manchester waiting for the band by the gates.  So many memories came flooding back, those that I had written about and some I hadn't!!

She really has taught us all to live life for the now coz you really don't know what's going to happen next!!

Please take a few moments for Michelle!! 

 she's the one I have my arm around!!

Michelle - Taken from us too young!! 

Saturday, 10 September 2005

Please spare a thought!!

Hi Everyone!!  Just a quick entry for you all to spare a moments peace and thought for Sam!!  (here's a clue to who I'm talking about ;-)

Yep my spider friend!!  That is also correct I had taken to giving him a name!!  Big round of applause to Trina's hubby Wayne for doing the duty!! 

I would also like to take a moment to tell Trina not to freak me out when I show her where spiders are living in future coz it really doesn't help LOL...........

Jen xx


Oh!!  One thing I've been meaning to do is say Happy Birthday to my journal  I have to say I'm quietly impressed that I've been writing this for a whole year :-)  Thanks for all your comments over the past year!!  And most of all for sticking with it...... group hug :-)  LOL...........

Wednesday, 7 September 2005

And more photos

 how are you all?  Yep I'm here again - mainly coz I'm gonna be chatting to friends tomorrow so I thought I'd update, it's mainly going to be photos again.  I've had a good day at work and came home to find one of new Ebay purchases had arrived woohoo, but am waiting till Saturday to watch it coz Trina's coming round and she wants me to wait LOL..........


Saturday - I decided to go out on Saturday, the weather wasn't too bad and I was hoping to meet up with mum.  On my way down town on the bus I get a text from mum saying she was busy and couldn't make it!!  I don't mean to be rude to her but I had a feelin' she was gonna cancel.  Anyway I decided to go to Paignton for the day!!  Caught the bus and got there around 12ish I think maybe earlier.  Walked around a bit, sat by the beach listening to my walkman, watching the people.  The weather had gone a bit cloudy but there were still plenty of people on the beach.  Went into the arcade and spent far too much money and didn't win much back   Decided to leave the arcade and sat down near the green!!  There was a big wheel and a few other rides/games!!

 There's the big wheel :-)  I took a pic of it just for you guys.  I have actually been on it!!  I didn't want to but my ex did so I ended up doing it to please him...........LOL.......There was also: 

 A galloper!!  I walked around thinking 'I really want a go' but I didn't have the change.  So I walked off and sat by the beach.  After a while, went back to the galloper 'wanting a go' but walked away again!!  I just couldn't bring myself to do it, would've done if Trina had been there LOL......I ended up in another arcarde and got some change.  So I went back to the galloper but still didn't go on it!  Thing was there was less people on it this time LOL.......So I definitely gave up this time!!  Thought about treating myself to a new cd or book but gave up on that idea too......I caught the bus back and managed to find some more photo frames for Trina's pressie :-)  Went back and had chips for tea again!!  Had a day planned for Sunday!

Sunday - Got up fairly early!!  Mind you the cats wouldn't let me sleep in!!  They were getting used to the time I was getting up so would start scratching the door at the same time every morning LOL......Oh before I go on here's pics of me and the cats!!

That's Dibley :-)

That's Solly :-)  He was the hardest to catch for a photo!!

So I went for a walk down to St Marychurch!!  I planned to go into Bygones.  I'd wanted to go in there for ages so I decided now I was finally gonna do it :-)  For more info on Bygones visit It's a Victorian street, with a model railway and lots of old artifacts etc.  It was really good and I definitely recommend it to anyone.  The railway was worked by pressing lots of buttons.  The victorian street was really good - I love history!!

When I finished in there, it was such a nice day I decided to visit the model village but before I did I went for a walk.  I remembered being around this part before and knew there's some good views along there!!  Here's some pics:

Isn't that view amazing?  It was so clear you could see for miles!!

 You can see a bit of the beach in this one :-)

 More of the beach - looks lovely doesn't it??

There's me just to prove I was there LOL......I don't like this pic but I still thought I'd share it with you!!

I think that'll do for now!!

More next time...................

Take care

Jen xx   nighty night!!

Tuesday, 6 September 2005

More Holiday Talk

 tis me again!!   Aren't you glad LOL.........Well time to update you more with me goings on!!  More holiday stuff - I will catch up eventually but at least this gives me something interesting to write about.  Tonights entry shall probably be mostly photos so enjoy :-)


Well as you know I had gone to the quiet town of Dawlish to watch the air show and the Tornado GR4 had arrived - here's some more pics for you to enjoy:

It was really loud and I have to say I was impressed with my photos!!  I couldn't see a thing and was just pressing the button when it was in view LOL............

Next up was what I had gone to watch The Red Arrows.  I had never seen them before and was determined not to miss them.  I remember one day at work, a loud noise went overhead and my team leader said ooo that was the red arrows, by the time I looked they were gone LOL.... Here's my pics:

  The weather had started off lovely for the day but it had gone hazy when they arrived.

Look how low they flew over the boats!!

Oooooo stunts!!

  Ooooo head to head!!

It was amazing I couldn't believe I had finally seen them!!  I didn't enjoy it too much coz I was taking too many pics - so if I can I shall go back next year :-)

I thought that was it and with it being carnival day I started panicking about getting back to Torquay and not being able to get back for the cats.  (Thinking about it now that was a bit stupid coz the trains would've been running LOL........) Anyway I went to do a bit of shopping and managed to get a photo frame for Trina's pressie!  Then I got some chips and managed to find some space on the town green to sit and eat them.  It really was jam packed in the town!!  After my chips I figured it was best just to get back to Torquay.  What I didn't realise they were now having an old aeroplane display.  When I did realise I was too late to see it and my bus had turned up :-(

Friday - Did nothing!!

Well I shall leave you here and tell you about the other days soon..........

  Take care

Jen xx