Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Just a Quickie

Hi peeps ~ wasn't gonna leave an entry today but I promise this will be quick!!  I've had a plea from the brilliant computer fixer person ~ yep my bro :)

He's managed to get his website back and free from hackers (apparently this took a while), but now doesn't have any members or anything happening on it.  Please go take a look and if you like what you see log in and have a chat on the message board :)  Thank you greatly!!  (My log in name is Life-Changes over there in case you wonder!!)


I've had a better day today!!  Let's just hope it continues................Had a bit of a glitch with the computer earlier but it sorted itself out :)  Good little computer!!  Bro' rung earlier to ask how it was doing but it did that after he had rung so I won't tell him just yet LOL.............He's told me that he's saved my MP3's apart from some folders so he'll bring those round on his week off and load them in.  He's also gonna bring his memory (computer not mind lol) which holds his MP3's as he has about 500 of them :)  I can't wait for that ~ he shall have some fabby stuff on there I can imagine!!

Anyhoo I'm gonna update my MP3 playlist for the rest of this week.  Earlier this week I downloaded the Rogue Traders album and I've been pleasently surprised by what I've heard.  Definitely reccommend it!!  But if you have to download one track this week make it Running Up That Hill by Placebo (cover of the Kate Bush song) It's the BEST!!  I have to thank Trina for alerting me to that one ~ just wish I had found it before LOL  (never satisfied!!)

Well I'm off for now................

Jen xx

p.s can't be bothered waiting for photobucket to load hence no graphics LOL

Monday, 29 January 2007

Moan, Moan, Moan

Hi everyone,

I'm not sure why I'm adding an entry today, just feels that i need to get things off my chest coz if I don't they will stay there and fester!!

I've had YET another bad day at work!!  I don't know why it was a bad day.  I didn't walk to work dreading going in, well not as badly as it has been but as soon as I entered that room and sat at my desk despair filled me!!

I don't think it's my colleagues anymore (although they don't help!!) I think it's me and my attitude towards things.  I may have said that Friday was better but only after I had gone to the loo's and had a good cry about it all.  Admittedly I was suffering with the hormones too but I couldn't hold in my emotions that day, not matter how hard I tried.  When I got back to my desk things were better!!

I think on some level now i am worried ~ for what??  We have our appraisals coming up and I KNOW something is gonna get mentioned.  It just amazes me how we can go from working okay to absolutely abmissally!!  Not that the work isn't getting done coz it is and faster than ever before from the looks of things.

Maybe it's my confidence that is holding me back.  I've always suffered with my damn confidence and knowing that I don't do the job as well as I could probably doesn't help!!  I'm now finding that I'm slower than what I thought I was!!

At the end of the day this just stems to me having a damn bad month!!  I agree with Caff I'm looking forward to February and hoping it will bring some smiles with it.  I don't wanna get to that stage where I'm ringing in sick, when there's nothing wrong with me just to avoid it!!

Perhaps I think too much, if i just let it wash over me I might be able to cope better!!  I feel like i did last thursday when you know there's something wrong but you can't put your finger on what that is!!  And now I'm just babbling.................

I'm not sure this is helping but thanks for listening peeps...............One day the smiles will return I'm sure of it lol

Sunday, 28 January 2007

A Silly Computer Tale

Hey People ~ Great news I'm back :)  Ok you can stop cheering now!!  Sorry I've not been around but here is my sorry tale to amuse you all ;)

The thing that made the computer go wrong which I was talking about in my last entry was me!!  The Saturday night it had crashed (AGAIN!!) so I thought on the Sunday that I could just reinstall Windows and it would be fine ~ after all that's all my brother did!!  So that's what I do.  Now the thing you have to remember with 'uber' computer is that it has several hard drives.  So I've loaded in Windows and it's fine, load in AoL and go to download the firewall and it's screaming at me that there is not enough memory.  I'm thinking that's insane coz it's 'uber' computer with bagfuls of memory.  Upon inspection though, Windows is already installed onto a different part of the computer.  Arrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........

So I had two lots of Windows on my computer!!  That's why it was so embarrasing!!  I lost my rag big time coz I couldn't believe how stupid I had been!!  Common sense tells me Windows should go on Drive C not D!!  So I wait until I get to work the next day and I leave greg a message on myspace and tell him what I did but I thought I can fix this no problem!!

So I try to fix it on the Monday!!  By installing Windows again to a different drive.............easy right?  Ha ha ha..............No!!  This time the computer throws a proper wobbly and tells me Drive C is corrupted and cannot be repaired!!  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...................  This time I sit here at the computer desk and laugh!!

Again I send a message to Greg as there is no way I was gonna get around it this time!!  He rings me up to say he's buying a new hard drive as there is clearly a problem with it!!  I've lost count of the times it's crashed!!

So I have to wait a week for it to be delivered and for him to come round (AGAIN) and fix it in!!  A whole week without a computer ~ no journal reading or entries made ~ no changing the playlist on my MP3 player ~ ugh it was very odd!!

He came round on Thursday last week and fixed it!!  So far so good *fingers crossed*  keep them crossed peeps ;)  I thought I had lost all my music but as I was falling asleep that night I got a text to say he'd saved all of it except a couple of things I had downloaded recently *yay*

It's working and I'm on download frenzy again ;)  Well need new songs on the MP3 lol...............I had to replace Queens of the Stone Age - Lullabies to Paralyze, brilliant album and also the first complete album that I've EVER downloaded.  Memories lol

So work isn't great at the moment but on Friday it was a bit better.  We'll just wait and see what the week ahead brings huh??

Otherwise changes made to journal - please note the colour change, a new pic of me and new stuff in the about me column ;)

Well I don't wanna drag this entry out too much ~ just a quick one to let you know I'm still here and you can't get rid of me that easily lol

Love y'all

Monday, 15 January 2007

Absolutely Stupidity

Hi peeps

I am currently at work on my lunchbreak but I figured I needed to leave you a message to let you know why I'm not commenting on your entries!!

I only went and screwed up my 'uber' computer yesterday.  I'm not going to tell you what I did, mainly because I am so ashamed but just that it's completely and utterly screwed up!!  I shall probably lose everything that I've downloaded, saved etc ~ I can't see a way out of this one.

My beloved brother didn't sound amused when I rang him yesterday to explain what I had done.  Trust me if you knew you'd be calling me stupid too lol  He is coming round to fix it  ~ bless him ~ I just don't have a clue when!!

So bear with me peeps and normal service should be resumed shortly

Hugs to you all xx

Thursday, 11 January 2007

Journal buddies are the best xx

Firstly before I start my entry properly I wanna thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all the messages  to the previous entry!!  You are all so lovely and Sara you made me smile with your comment about the 'in crowd' being smelly :-)  I think you might be right xx  Thank you guys (((((((big hugs))))) all round.

Work was okay today ~ which is just typical and exactly what I expected.  Damn it!!  I still got the local paper last night to look at the jobs and was just gonna start ringing some that I might look into when Trina rung!!  Her hubby's gone away for the night and I texted her earlier to say that if she needs me, then tough................nah I'm only joking just that she knows where I am blah blah.............

They both came round last night and that was quite stressful trying to get her new sony mp3 player to work on my 'uber' computer!!  Eventually after it was sorted we played Guitar Hero :-)  They marvelled at how well I was doing ~ practise does make perfect ~ yay me!!

I don't know what will happen on the work front ~ just to prove that I am not pyshic and can't spell lol ~ but I'm just glad that I don't bring it home with me!!  When you live on your own there is a high probability that you would bring stuff home and dwell on it.  Not me though ;-)  Well 99% of the time I don't!!

I think I shall just keep an eye out for other jobs but I'm not going to put my life in some kind of hell by quitting before I've thought about it, if you know what I mean.  I wouldn't want to lose this flat through stupidity!!  Mind you I was just telling Trina about this maisonette that's being advertised in the paper ~ it has a roof terrace and is cheaper than where I am at the moment but I don't think it's in the city so transport costs would come into it!!  Well it's interesting to see what's out there.  Of course I shall keep you posted :-)

Ummm...........what else can I tell you about?  I've managed to get onto South West Water and inform them I've paid their bill so how dare they send me a final demand!!  I'm gonna try a different way of paying next time and hope they'll leave me alone.  I could understand it if I never paid but c'mon on........why do the people who pay on time get the grief??  Gits!!  Oooops sorry......gettin' carried away there!!

No news regarding the washing machine.  It's bad really you'd think he'd ring and just leave a message to say he's not managed to get hold of them or something.  I looked at the machine earlier and it's looking a bit grim ~ I guess I should clean it if someone's gonna be looking at it.  Can I be bothered though??  Well the honest answer is I don't know!!  I'll answer that properly on Saturday ;-)

Trina took some washing for me last night!!  My arm is killing me coz I use it to ring the clothes out when I've washed them by hand!!  It's not something i reccommend.

So is anyone watching Celeb Big Brother?  I'm only watching it in the mornings when I'm getting ready for work and it's a bit boring isn't it but I want Leo Sayer to win coz I've seen him live.  I was gonna get my scanner connected and scan in a photo of him to prove that I had seen him live, but that sounds like a lot of hassle for no reason to me!!

Anyhoo not gonna drone on anymore.

Later peeps xx

Thank you Shelly for the sig xx

Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Crazy Enough

 It has to be just that time of month again (no, not PMS!!) but I'm feeling down and miserable.

It's not the job ~ although when it comes down to it I'm not very good at it and they would probably be better off without me.  It's the people I work with!!  I'm sick to death of being nice to them and gettin' crap all in return.  I mean why do I bother??  Monday I go in, not in the greatest of moods but seeing how the land lied and I don't even get a good morning.  Same thing happend today ~ I had to say it before I got a response.  For the past two days I may as well have not been there for all the conversation that has come my way :(

Yesterday I was so fed up I started slamming things about like my calculator etc.  It made me feel slightly better.  Today it proved I wasn't part of the 'in crowd' coz I didn't get an invitation to lunch.  Last time K was due in I got one, I couldn't go coz I couldn't afford it but at least I was asked.

It all boils down to me I know that!!  I shouldn't spend so much time listening to those voices in my head telling me how crap everything is!!  I have been to this situation before and come out smiling on the other side, so why do I feel this time is going to be any different?

I'm sorry I know I'm ranting, but if I don't rant then it will stay boiled up inside my head and I'll just take my anger out on something else!!  Trina's been having to listen to my rants for the past couple of days ~ poor thing!!  And with hangovers too, I don't know how she does it ;-)  (Please note the sarcasm!!)

At home I am a little bit happier!!  Yesterday you guys would've been proud of me.  I got home, hoovered (very quickly), sewed a few things and hand washed the clothes that were in the laundry basket!!

At least I have my Guitar Hero game to cheer me up :-)  and my computer of course *gives computer a little hug*LOL

Tomorrow Trina and Wayne are coming round ~ I'm being used.  She wants to check if her new snazzy MP3 player will work on my computer coz it doesn't on theirs.  If it does guess where she's getting the music from??  Yep muggins here!!  I feel I am going to have start charging for these priviliges lol ;-)

Oh, and guess what??  South West Water have given me a final demand YET AGAIN!!  I have paid it ~ found the bill where I write on them that I've paid it and checked my bank statement online.  So this means a phone call to sort this out AGAIN!!  I tell ya it's the last time I pay online for my water if this is gonna keep happening.

Why is nothing ever simple??!!

Anyway the long and short of it is that I have to find a new job.  Mind you I was thinking about that earlier.  The pro's for this place definitely outweigh the cons.  I just need to get some perspective on life ~ if that's what I mean!!  Ugh...................I'm sorry if this entry makes no sense.  I'm really writing it for myself in a way to moan out loud ~ well moan by typing anyway LOL

Well I think I shall leave it here and go and do something that will cheer me up :-)

Later dudes and dudettes

Sunday, 7 January 2007

A Surpise at the Weekend

Woohoo ~ the computer is fixed.  C'mon everyone join me in doing the dance of joy ;-) tee hee hee...................Didn't lose anything either ~ what a bonus!  My brother came round earlier to mend it and spent about an hour/2 hours downloading god knows what to do god knows what LOL.............Most of it was windows updates ~ there was 75 of them!!  Can you believe it??  Anyway cross those fingers that nothing else goes wrong *touches wood*

I would like to personally thank you all for the sweet comments you left on the previous entry for the Birthday Girl.  She has read them and left you a comment back ;-)  She's Hawmer on AOL just in case you didn't know!!  So Thank you (((((((((((Hugs))))))))))

I just wanna tell you about Friday really.  Wayne had planned to take her out for a meal and emailed me at work ages ago to see if I would like to join them afterwards to go out for a drink at Ej's.  Well I immediately said yes ~ I think it was just after the first trip there so I know I liked it there :-)  which was a bonus!!  So the plan was that I turn up at theirs whilst they were out for their meal and when they came home I would be there and we'd all go out for a drink.

Eventually I managed to get his house key of him, we'd been trying all day, since lunchtime to tell you the truth.  I got home just after 5ish and I had to leave just before 6pm so I managed to pack a few things, get the cake ready in a box, (yep I'd made her a cake ~ well Jane Asher helped ;-), and had some beans on toast before leaving.  I didn't like the idea of walking to the train station in the dark but I made it on time and the cake was still in tact.  The train was due at 6.28pm, but when 6.35 came and went I started to get the feeling it wasn't gonna turn up.  I had images that I would be waiting there for an hour for the next one and then phoning Trina to speak to Wayne and get them to pick me up ~ arrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! *panic*  There were other people waiting and they looked like they had done this journey before and this train is always late!! 

20 minutes late the train was in the end!!  I was freezing.............Then when we were pulling into Starcross it made this noise which didn't sound very healthy at all!!  Luckily though the rest of the journey was smooth sailing.  My next worry was whether I would get a taxi at the train station.  I don't know any taxi numbers to started panicking about that but needn't have worried as there were plenty waiting outside.  Unfortunately for me I picked the guy that seemed to want to tell me all about taxi driving.

Eventually I get to Trina's house and it's in darkness ~ they had definitely left ~ well the car wasn't there so that was a dead giveaway lol.........I went in and immediately set about putting up some decorations I had concoted through the computer at work *tut tut* Well at least I'm being honest and it's not like we had any work to do lol..........After that was done and some help from Soloman and Dibley ~ bless them ~ I moved my bag and stuff upstairs and watched Eastenders.  Wayne had said they would be home anytime after 8.30pm so I sat there with the lights off and tv off and waited........and waited....................and waited.  Finally about 9pm the car pulled up.

Trina came through her back door and started laughing at the decoration.  She asked Wayne if he'd put it up and he said (well I can't remember what he said), she made her way into the living room eventually where I was waiting and I shouted 'Surplies'  (don't worry I'm not going mad it's part of her favourite joke!!)  She looked so happy to see me and shocked!!  Apparently she had been bugging Wayne throughout the meal and most of the evening about driving to Exeter to pick me up and bringing me back and we go to Ej's.  She was even secretly hoping he would drive there as he was taking her home.  Of course he didn't coz he knew there was no point of driving to my flat coz I wasn't there!!  It was so funny........................bless 'em both!!  She wouldn't stop welling up, but managed to open the small gifts I got her and marvelled at the Lemon Drizzle cake sufficiently long enough for my liking LOL...............

We made our way to Ej's.  It was dead there was only people that worked there inside, but we sat down and had a few drinks.  A few more people did come in but we didn't care!!  We made our own atmosphere and drank and danced.  Trina went up to the DJ to request Queen and when he played Don't Stop Me Now I went and asked the DJ to say happy birthday to Trina.  This prompted them to buy her a drink of god knows what.  It had a million straws and she was told to suck it down as soon as possible.  She tried her best but unfortunately didn't do it in the five seconds they gave her lol....I tried a bit it was very sweet!!

More dancing ensued ~ I even did a stint on the pole that they have there!!  :-)  Apparently I wasn't bad but that coming from my best mate I tend to think she's a bit biased lol............The music wasn't up to much again until later that evening when I had no energy left and they started playing rockier music!!

We left and managed to catch a taxi back to theirs quite quickly.  Trina fell asleep straight away and Wayne tried to get her new MP3 player to work but it didn't.  I went to bed not long after. 

It was a great night and I really didn't think she would be as surprised or as happy as she was to see me but I'm glad she was.

The rest of my weekend has been fairly quiet and spent catching up on journals and stuff.  At least the computer is fixed now ~ Greg is a godsend lol..........and he played on my Guitar Hero.  Damn it he got the top score on one song ~ can't remember which one at the moment!!  Hey-ho just means I better get better huh?  Well not now coz there's a film on I'm trying to watch!!

Hope you all have a good week xx

Thursday, 4 January 2007

A Special Message

Hi Everyone,

Wow another entry huh?  Don't panic it's not gonna be a long one (jeez I wish my neighbours would stop banging their doors!!)

I forgot to mention the streaker in the pub on New Years Eve and the blokes that were dressed as school kids and revealed their private parts.  Can't believe I forgot to tell you that bit!!

Rung the landlord explained what was happening he said that he would have to get hold of the washing machine people.  I'm glad I don't have to sort it out!!  Not heard back from him yet though....

There is a reason for this entry and that is because of this person:

  Yep my lovely bessie mate Trina.  You see by the time she reads this entry she will be celebrating her 30th birthday.  (5th January!!) So I would like to dedicate this entry to her.

She is the best thing to ever have happened to me.  She is always there through out the good and the bad making me laugh and smile all the time.  I really don't know where I would be without her.  She often thinks that I am being strong because of the things I achieve as I'm living on my own but I wouldn't be able to do half those things without knowing that if I need her she is there and supporting me through it all.  That makes it sound like I depend on her too much but I don't, I swear I don't!!  Last year was fab and I made a great new friend through Trina in the form of her husband Wayne.  I couldn't have asked for two better gigging and going out buddies as them two are.

So Trina what I'm trying to say is these last 16/17 years of friendship have been the BEST!!  Let's have a toast to many more.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY ME BEST BUDDIE!!


I hope you have a really great day and get lots of great gifts xx

Love ya

Thanks Missie for the sig xx

Wednesday, 3 January 2007


Hiya Peeps - before I write my proper entry go and click on this link and read about how fabby Queen are click me - when I read that I just thought 'As it should be' *smug grin* tee hee hee....................My boys done good :-)

So reading the journals and listening to people talk about New Year's it would appear not many people ventured out and about.  I guess it probably had something to do with the weather but it didn't stop us from going out.  I went round to Trina's early in the morning and we didn't really do anything notable during the day.  She got her cat back from the vets so it was mostly about him for the majority of the morning.  We watched Ice Age 2 (good film, not as good as the first though in my opinion!!)  Then they attempted to take part in my quiz but pretty much failed miserably.  Trina was guessing the whole time and eventually Wayne got the answers from Trina's guesses lol.......................

We had something to eat (wasn't all that hungry but had to eat something!!)  then we got ready to go out.  The taxi arrived at 6.30pm to take us to Ejays.  (I know that's fairly early but it was either that or walk!!)  When we got there it looked closed but we ventured in and found we were the only customers.  Told the work staff we were there for the night and talked about the fancy dress notice on the door.  Apparently it was Little Britain theme night but we hadn't been informed lol.........we were told that wasn't going to be very strict though, the DJ was dressed as Scooby Doo for instance.

It wasn't until about 7pm that more people turned up.  A few people walked in, had a drink and left again.  By about 8.30pm it was getting a bit busier.  I was drinking Bud pretty much most of the night.  We were given a shot of toffee vodka for free each, that was quite nice.  I was a bit dubious about a shot of anything but when I heard it was Vodka ;-)  Well it would've been rude to refuse!!

Much later after she had been talking about it all night, Trina brought two shots of Tequila.  I was like what's that?  So she told me, and I flatly refused to drink it!!  I've never had it before and I'm always dubious about drink I've never experienced.  I'm fussy about my drink coz I don't like the taste of most things so I made a huge fuss about drinking it.  After much peer pressure I gulped it down!!  Ugh.............it was disgusting but it certainly got me a lot merrier than I wanted to be!!

The fancy dress was fab, so many different characters!!  We were relieved when someone walked in wearing normal clothes lol.............The music wasn't up to much but it was to be expected.  Eventually I got Trina to request a Queen track so they played We Will Rock You, quickly cut off by Take That ugh!!

At one point the DJ said that it was snowing outside and being fairly merry it flippin' well looked like it was.  We had to send Wayne outside to check it wasn't real.  It was clever really they had a foam machine sending down droplets that looked like snow.  It was cool.

The countdown eventually came and hugs and wishes of a happy new year went round.  This bloke who had been looking at me for most of the night came over and hugged me!!  More Queen was played as Trina requested more put said she would put some cash in the tin for the charity they were collecting for.  They played Don't Stop Me Now, Fat Bottomed Girls, Bohemian Rhapsody, I Want To Break Free and A Kind of Magic.  By Kind of Magic came on I felt awful, I had the most horrible headache and very tired.  We decided to leave after that.  It was the first time I've not danced to a Queen track :(  Didn't like that!!

On our way to the taxi rank Wayne went to get some food.  Trina and I stood in the shop doorway and this bloke came over to us and said happy new year and then muttered something.  All we understood was recovered earlier that day.  Couldn't tell you what he had recovered from though.  Trina's face as he walked away was so funny!! 

We eventually got a taxi after having to queue for quite a while but there was stewards there so it didn't get ugly but it was SO COLD!!  We were lucky though coz half way back it started pelting down with rain.  We made the right choice to leave then.

When I went to bed my head was still killing me so I took some paracetomol as I hadn't drunk anything for ages and the next morning when I woke up I felt fine.

Trina and Wayne brought me home and then played my Guitar Hero game.  I hate Wayne, with no practicing he is much better than me ~ surely that can't be right!!  We both laughed at Trina though bless her..................................

So that was my new years not bad by all accounts and I'm glad I didn't stay in to be honest!!

So onto other news....................not only has my computer broken down (I'm using my old one), but the washing machine has now too!!  Hang on a minute these things tend to come in three's ~ oh christ what's gonna be next??!!  Panic panic panic......................So I now have to ring the landlord ~ marvellous!!  NOT!!  I can't believe this year...................................At least team leader has marked my birthday off on her calendar for me to have leave WOOHOO.........I am not working on my birthday this year, I don't care if my co-workers will be there this year or not!!  LOL

I did take a couple of pics of me dressed up at new years *shock horror* but I will have to share these with you at a later date.  My brother is supposed to be coming round on Sunday to fix the computer so fingers crossed peeps.

This is turning into a long entry so I shall leave you here............

Thanks Shelly for this sig ~ it's the best xx

Monday, 1 January 2007

Quick Message

Just wanted to leave a quick message to wish all my readers and commenters and everyone else out there in J-land and their families a super new year!!  (I shall tell you what we got up to on New Years Eve another day but I'm having computer probs again and shouldn't really be leaving this entry right now *tut tut*  Never mind.)

Happy New Year Everyone xx

Thanks Missie for the sig xx