Thursday, 30 March 2006

People On Streets

Hello J-land!  It's only me again back with another 'what happened on this day 7 years ago' lol.....
Firstly a small catch up session!!  Not much going on really!!  Last night was insane - I won't tell you about it now coz it really needs to go into it a bit more deeper, but let's just say it was a very strange experience.  Not an unhappy one I can add ;-)  Unfortunately though it made me late going to bed so today I have no energy whatsoever!!  I woke up with fuzzy ears!!  What I mean by that is I can hear but not very clearly like the sound is all muffled.  I had it a few years back only a lot worse it felt as though I was living under water for about a week until I could go and have them cleaned.
It was very odd today though.  I felt crap for most of the day and then I went to the loo.  When I came back from the loo I thought 'I can hear again' LOL.........very strange!!  P, myself and team leader are fastly becoming hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil at the moment.  P has a problem with one of her eyes, team leader had to go to the emergency dentist the other day and me with me ears!!  It's quite funny when you think about it!!
Anyway enough of this waffling ;-)  Onwards.............and to continue my 7 year saga!!
Well this gig was not planned!!  Trina had spent a whole hour on the way back from Cambridge trying to convince me that we had to go to another one.  I know that doesn't sound good on my behalf but we were depressed about not being able to go to gigs and I didn't see how going to one more was going to combat that!!  Eventually I came round to her way of thinking and she booked everything on the way home.  That night I rang a friend of mine called Sandie who I knew was going to the gig and she promised to save us a place in the queue, she was getting there very early!!
This proved to be a gig that makes me wonder how we would have felt if we didn't go!!  We managed to get to the concert hall at 3pm.  It was quite late coz we had to leave home late as I had to sign on that morning.  The job centre didn't realise that I wasn't really looking for jobs, I was following Roger Taylor half way around the country.  Much better way to spend your time me thinks ;-)  Anyway Sandie had saved us a place and she was right at the front of the queue.  She even gave me a photo of Jason that she had taken at Stoke :-)  bless her!!
First person we saw was Treana.  I was going to say hello to her, but she beat me to it!!  As we walked past her she said 'alright?' Bless her she is so nice!  Not long after that we saw the band going in.  Trina got Mike to sign her Happiness? cd cover.  I tried getting Jason's attention but he ignored me!!  Everytime he appeared though Trina would either hit me, kick me or push me - her way of letting me know he was there!!  Roger went in a totally different door and a select few seemed to have managed to get his signature.
When we were let into the hall there was blind panic!!  It didn't seem to matter who was first in the queue or whatever, coz they opened the doors and then you were stopped by security who were checking bags and taking drinks off you.  I had to wait for Trina who had a bag with her.  Then as you went up the stairs there was a hall but about 10 different doors that you could go through, which were all locked when we got there.  Luckily we managed to squeeze in the queue with some friends coz they remembered we were in front of them outside.  We still managed to get to the front :-)  Horrors of all horrors, another barrier, with a massive gap between us and the stage :-(  Roger did comment on that later, like he always did.  I got the feeling it was not his idea to put the barrier there!!
Anyway when we were waiting for Treana to come on and do her stuff, I recognised a rather tall lanky man at the side of the stage fiddling with some amps.  I turned to Trina and said, 'Isn't that Brian's guitar tech Pete?'  She looked and we agreed it was!!  Just as we did we noticed the red special guitar sitting on a stand nearby.  We decided to let everyone know what a treat they were in for!!
We couldn't believe it, it turned out to be the best gig we went too.  Not just coz Brian was there, but the band were so fired up, it was unbelieveable.  Here are the best bits ;-)
- During Believe in Yourself, Roger didn't get to the microphone in time and he looked at us, coz he saw me singing when he should've been, pulling weird faces coz I thought I heard it wrong.  Anyway when he did make it back to the mic and sing 'You' he pointed at me and accentuated the word (which you can hear on the live bootleg cd!!) ;-)
- During Strange Frontier the crowd sing the ahhhhhh's in the middle and he put his hand to his ear and looked at us.  (editors note - which he shouldn't have done coz we were so out of tune lol)
- For the first encore he came on without any glasses.  Wow!!  I started screaming and god knows what else, and Trina thought it was because he was wearing a waistcoat and white shirt.................but then realised the man wasn't wearing glasses!!  Something he didn't do very often as he had a problem with his eyes.  (editors note - he's had laser eye surgery to fix that for those of you who didn't know that - trivia fact for you ;-)
- Brian came out for the 2nd encore.  It was totally amazing!!  He did Under Pressure, Rock n Roll, and Radio Ga Ga.  The greatest thing was watching little insignificant Jason.  He was bewildered that he was playing next to Brian and he just kept grinning and pointing to him.  He also mouthed 'it's brian'  Brian pretty much kept himself to himself and stood at the back of the stage.  When he did come to the front it was right in front of where we were standing.  The worst bit was I couldn't take any photos coz I  was too scared to reach into my pocket and get my camera as there was a bit of a crush.  Trina had a rather large bloke using her as a public leaning post.  Even leaning on her to jump higher.  She did manage to take a couple though :-)
When it was over we went round to wait for the band to come out, so I could get Jason to sign my photo that Sandie had given me earlier.  Roger's blue van went round to the front and Sarah ran round and apparently Roger and Brian both came out at the same time.  She had managed to get Brian's signature but he said he had to go as he was meeting a lady ;-)
Trina and i didn't run round, I figured there'd be no point, that we wouldn't be able to meet them and we might have missed the band!!  Eventually they came out..........Keith came out and Trina asked him to sign her Happiness album cover (it's now ultra rare coz Keith doesn't play on it LOL).  While she was doing that I said I'd take her picture.  Once he had signed they had their picture taken.  It was all I heard about all night!!  How lovely his fleece was lol.......She did manage to compose herself long enough to say something to Mike.  Apparently he looked round another person to say 'good gig wasn't it?'  bless.......
Jason finally came out.........I went over to him and asked him to sign the photo!!  I asked him what it was like to play alongside Brian, he said, with a huge grin on his face, 'fantastic!'   So there you go.........we weren't going to go.........and all that happened!!
Not long till the next one............
Well your going to have to wait for it though ;-)  I've added an extra photo at the end.  The SAS band did a gig a while ago which was recorded and you can currently purchase called 'The Show'!!  That photo is a screencap from the gig just as Roger walks on the stage.........look at my face lol.........Thanks to Jo for that capture ;-)
Right well it's taken a long time to type that I'm off!!
Take care peeps

Tuesday, 28 March 2006

Nation of Haircuts

Evenin' all!!  Hope we find you all well...........
Well although there was a picket line outside work today it would appear they were targeting people in cars rather than us walkers :-)  I was all geared up for a fight and even had worked out some witty responses if they said anything to me, such as......I don't work here I'm just passing through ;-)  Unfortunately I can't remember the other one me it was good though!
Those accounts that I told you were wrong - well it gave me a headache yesterday!!  We finally received a spreadsheet with the names of all those that had gone wrong and decided to pull the note and the account.  It turned out that some of them had come down as nil accounts, coz of course the charges weren't loaded on when they should've been grrrrrrr......Our nil accounts go to a couple of ladies who pull the files, so there was another hassle to deal with.  We've managed to find them all today but jeez.....nothing's ever simple is it??!!
Anyway tonight I shall continue with my 7 years ago saga.  7 years ago today Trina and I followed Roger to Cambridge :-)  Enjoy!!
CAMBRIDGE JUNCTION - March 28th 1999
Luckily I have an Aunty and Uncle who live near Cambridge - (editors note R.I.P my uncle:-( !!) and I haven't seen them in ages so Trina and I went to stay with them.  We went up on the day before the gig to spend some proper time with them which was lovely :-)  The next day they gave us a lift to the venue, but refused to pick us up at that time of night.  So we had to get a taxi back, which we didn't mind.  When my Aunty dropped us off, we were 2nd in the queue.  That was until they decided to tell us after tons of people had arrived that we were to queue by the other door.  Great security as usual (please note the sarcasm!) We were still quite near the front though.  The people we had met during the other gigs turned up which we didn't think they were going too so that was nice.
Unfortunately there really isn't much to report as far as meeting or whatever coz there was this huge walk to get round to the back of the venue.  Also the rumour was they had stepped up security after Sheffield as two 40 year old women had practically abused Roger!!  Martin (nice security bloke) had to apparently shove Roger into the side of the van to get him in safely.  Needless to say that us younger ones had all been blamed for that incident!!  Jeez Trina and I weren't even there!!  Anyway Trina and the girls all walked round.  She informed me that Jason's growing a beard and Keith looked terrible in his hat (she took a liking to the drummer Keith Prior).  They also caught a glimpse of Roger who waved to them but that was all!!
The gig was good but both Trina and I felt as though it took a while for the band to get going.  It could've just been that we hadn't seen them for 10 days (which was true)!!  How we coped I shall never know!!  (editors note - the same way I'm coping with Q + PR in Amercia right now arrrrrrrrhhhhhhhh)!!  Once the band did get going we had a great here's the best bits :-)
- When We Will Rock You started the lights went up and Jason looked directly at me and mouthed alright :-)  My sources informed me that the day before at Liverpool he was apparently recovering from a bad hangover lol.  I don't think anybody else had been screaming for him in the last 10 days!!
- When Roger took off his jacket, everyone, mostly the girls, screamed :-)  So Jason lifted his guitar and motioned to undo his flies....................faint!!  Unfortunately he didn't grrrrrr.......
- After Roger's drumming solo at the end of London Town, the end of the first batch of songs, he left the stage and had to walk past us!!  He was carrying his drumsticks.  He threw one  and it went past me and to some people nearus.  I noticed this and called to him, so he bent down and bounced the 2nd stick.  It went towards Trina!  She made a grab for it and so did the girl next to her.  Fortunately for us the other girl let go, so Trina had caught a drumstick and it is most definitely Rogers :-)  I couldn't believe it and I kept hugging her, then when she passed it to me I would not let go!!  I feared someone might take it.  Fortunately nobody did, and we own a drumstick arhhhhhhhhhhh..........
- I did try for Jason's plectrum but he chucked it to the people a few row's behind me :-( 
Still we had Roger's drumstick what do I care??!!  Trina and the gang went round the back again.  I decided not to bother and made friends with a girl on the same side of the fence as I was.  The girls who went round to the back got talking to Treana Morris who promised to dedicate a song to us in London.  Then the band left and so did Roger!!  Trina and I went back to Aunty's and Uncle's on a bit of a high........not long to go till the next gig :-)
Unfortunately on a sad note - the infamous drumstick that I wrote about there has gone missing :-(  I definitely had it when I lived with Trina's parents but it disappeared after I moved in with my ex who didn't like Queen stuff!!  It's depressing coz it holds such great memories!!  Still you can marvel at it on the photos just to prove I'm not lying about it ;-)
Well I shall write more in a few days.
Take care j-land

Sunday, 26 March 2006

Mothers Day

Hi Everyone :-)  I'm not feeling 100% at the mo, so I won't post a huge entry...........I'm sure I'll be fine don't worry about me!!
Well firstly HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all you mothers out there, especially mine - who will hopefully read this unless she's changed her home page to something else!! lol
Mothers day is the only day I tend to agree with.  Every other one is usually a marketing ploy but whenever I think of what my mum went through, and is doing it all again, she definitely deserves a day to herself.  Not that she'll get it no doubt but in my mind she should ;-)  Hope you have all had a good day all you mother's and been spoilt rotten.
I went to visit mine yesterday!!  Couldn't decide what to get her for a pressie and if I asked her she probably would've said oh I don't know!!  So we went shopping so she could pick out something that she would like :-)  She ended up choosing a handbag which was actually quite nice.  Even I admit that and I'm not one for handbags!!  I spent far too much money, thinking I get paid this week, when in actual fact it's the end of the week arrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhh..............Never mind!!  We went and had some lunch in the country stores restaurant place which is quite expensive but nice and pleasant!!  Meggy had a child's portion but it didn't look like a childs portion.  It said in the menu that kids get a free lolly if they leave a clean plate.  I bet they don't give out many!!  Especially with the size of their plates.  I opted for chicken tikka masala and it was nice.
I finally managed to show mum where I am on the Queen Paul Rodgers DVD :-)  and set my journal up as her home page.  Now that she has internet connection again.  So she can keep up with me doings!!  Everyone say hi to my mum ;-)
Oh my god work on Friday was a flippin' nightmare!!  We received the accounts and as usual looked through the Direct Debits one first.  There were a few that I had set up on the system all in one day that hadn't been accepted as DD.  I was freakin' out coz I was sure I'd done everything right and everyone double checked it and I had.  I was panicking most of the afternoon, until we were informed there was a problem with the system and any updates we made after the 15th March they wouldn't have been registered.  Apparently 480 bills will be affected.  Can you believe that?  Who said computers were fab??  Certainly not me!!  Well their ok when their working huh?
I had a freaky dream the other night and haven't been able to forget it ever since.  I dreamnt that I came home one day and my front door was jammed open and the flat had been turned upside down and it was a complete mess.  Yet nothing had been taken.  My neighbour (although it wasn't actually my neighbour), was a student type with an attitude problem and had been home all day yet claimed they hadn't heard anything.  What a horrible dream!!
Today I've not really done anything!!  Rearranged my book cupboard for like the millionth time since moving lol........hoovered, and watched Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightley.  It was ok but I didn't go much on the ending. 
I've got just over 100 pages left to go in my Martina Cole book I'm reading.  No guesses for what I'll be doing this week LOL...........
Well I shall leave you here since I didn't want to do a long entry......yeah right lol
Take care and I promise I'll catch up on journalreading soon xx
best wishes

Wednesday, 22 March 2006

An entry to go YAY!!

Hiya peeps :-)  How are you all?  Thanks for the comments about the picture (no.7 on the last entry - yep that one is framed, how did you guess?? LOL)
Well I know I said the next update for the seven years ago saga is not till next week, I figured I should still update the journal.  Was trying to do it over the last couple of days but it's all gone wrong and by the time I think about it, it was time for bed LOL...... So here's an update in me doings!!
The weekend was fun :-)  Trina and I went to Sarah's and Dan's flat for a housewarming.  There were 8 of us in total.  I won't bore you with the details and the majority of the time (apart from drinking) was talking about one of the other guests.  So as I don't feel right about going on about that in my journal I shall just tell you a good time was had by all........We didn't go to sleep till 4am.  Woke up on Sunday at 10am.  Sunday was also good but I was too tired to enjoy it ;-)  That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.  I can't remember how much wine I had, which is very odd for me coz I usually can tell you lol.......Don't get me wrong though I didn't get drunk, just merry enough for me to know what I was doing.  Felt light headed far too much though lol............
Got home in time for Invasion (which Jez had said was gonna be a good one) and fell asleep during one of the ad breaks.  When I woke up I realised it wasn't on anymore - grrrrrrrr.......Luckily Trina had videoed it and when she rung back the other day apparently all I had missed was 30 seconds!!  But they were like THE most important 30 seconds of the show ever!!
Work is going okay!!  I feel actually quite pleased with what I've achieved during the last bill run.  The first week P was off on hols.  The second week P came back, but K was off.  The third week P was off and we still had no K.  The majority of the time my team leader was in meetings so I was mainly on my own!!  And I managed to get the accounts out and away from us!!  The next run is due on Friday and it doesn't seem like yesterday that we got the last lot.  I'm glad it's gone quickly but the next run won't :-(
This year is shaping up to be pretty cool for things I'm attending :-)  I was allowed to take the 8th september off so I can go to WWRY.  Yay!!  and last night I looked at Paddy's site as I occasionally do if I remember and I noticed he's added some more tour dates.  One being in Plymouth........arrrrrrrhhhhhhhh..........Emailed Trina, which she didn't get coz I sent it to instead of!!  Doh!!  Finally got it to her at lunchtime and she asked if I wanted to go - duh!!  I had a feeling she would if I sent it to her ;-)  So she went ahead and booked tickets in October for me, her and Wayne - YAY!!  I can't wait, I'm gonna see Paddy Yay!!  Regular readers know I go on about him nearly as much as I waffle on about my Rog!!
So the year looks like this:
May - Convention
June - Roger board meet-up, Foo Fighters gig
July - Cornwall
September - WWRY and Freddie birthday party
October - WWRY and Paddy
Woohoo not bad huh?  I'm glad there is stuff going on I wouldn't wanna sit around and do nothing after last year's excursions - plus what would I talk about ;-)
Ooooooooo.......almost forgot last night around 7ish I thought I'm gonna fix my puncture!!  At nine I was putting the tyre back on the bike all fixed :-)  \o/  I did it!!  I fixed the puncture on the back tyre - everyone go yay!!  I went shopping today to try it out and it's still up but I found one of those silly little things that puncture them in the first place in the front tyre so I'm waiting for that one to go down now!!  I was kinda hoping I had got rid of the noise my pedals make when I'm cycling too but alas no!!  Still can't have everything I guess................
Well I think I've droned on enough.  I don't think the alerts are right I don't seem to be getting half as many as I should.  Forgive me if I've missed an entry on your journals!!
Well until next time.....................
Best wishes xx

Friday, 17 March 2006

Believe In Yourself

Hi peeps - thanks for all your kind messages about the exam :-)  Feels so good knowing it's over and I thought that title is pretty apt for today ;-)

So tomorrow will be 7 years since the Truro gig.  I don't know if I'll be online on Sunday so here's the write up today :-)


Not much to report from Truro or am I bluffing?  Trina and I went home after Cardiff, just for the one night though, cos we were off again.  This time to Cornwall a little closer to home :-)  We arrived fairly early, not everyone that we had met at Gloucester/Cardiff were making it to this gig, but it was nice to meet some new people.

We decided to stand outside the stage door.  For the main reason that as we were in the cafe we saw Mike Crossley and Martin Groves (editor - Martin was security blokie) walk past.  We had been standing there for a while when the door opened.  Out stepped Jason and Matt Exelby (rhythm guitarist).  Jason turned to look at the crowd and saw me first and said hello.  I decided to have another go at this picture taking business.  I actually told him he wasn't looking for the last one!  (editors note - why god why??) Thank god it wasn't Roger, otherwise I would have lost it!!  When Trina took the picture people asked him for his autograph.  We got him to sign one of our Happiness? covers.  Then I asked him if he got ribbed.  His face for a split second was of total shock!!  He soon realised what I meant and said no!  I had meant is he getting teased by the other band members as he is the only person getting asked for autographs etc.  Still not to worry at least he couldn't forget me now lol.

Jason left to get a drink, (his words!), and we waited for Roger to turn up.  As we were waiting a blonde haired girl and her friend who had just turned up, started talking about the signatures.  First was Treana's and as she is Cornish they talked about her for a while.  Then the next was Jason's.  The friend said, 'whose that?'  'Jason Falloon the guitarist'.  'oh'  'Yeah I know well everyone else was asking for his autographs so I thought I would.'  This annoyed me!!  Don't ask me why it just did!! 

Anyway when Roger did turn up, it was quite late and there was a lot of people waiting for him.  So I decided not to try for anything and just took a few pictures.  As so did Trina.  She was not amused as Debbie (his partner) was with him and walked right in front of Trina's camera when she was trying to take a pic.  We had a feeling he wouldn't come back out as it was too late.  So we went to get our place in the queue.

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), I couldn't stand still and kept checking outside to see if Roger was going to come back out.  The first time I went out a select few were still there and we cornered Matt when he appeared, as to whether Roger was coming back out or not.  He said he probably wasn't going too as he was probably going to eat in.  I went back to tell Trina what Matt had just said.  Not long afterwards Roger's blue van went down to park outside.  Seeing this inside I went out to see what was going on.  Me and Sarah tried ringing Trina to tell her he was coming out.  Unfortunately she thought we were telling her about the van and didn't answer her phone.  The question is what would you do?  Go and tell your best mate or wait for Roger!!  If you agree with what I did please tell me.......

There was literally six of us and he came out.  A gentleman asked me to take his picture with him.   So I did.  I then asked the bloke if he could do the same for me, which he agreed too!!  So I asked Roger if I could have my picture taken with him.  Martin was trying desperately to get him in the van.  But Roger stopped walking, bent down to my level and the picture was taken (editor see number 7)!!   OH MY GOD I can still remember when that was processed how much I screamed and cried lol

Anyway shocked and stunned I wanted to run and tell Trina but I managed to calm down enough to take another picture of him.  I ran in and told Trina what had just happened.  She couldn't believe it and was totally annoyed that she was not there!!  You can't blame her really, (NB:  She has since managed to have her picture taken with him :-)

Once again the gig was brilliant!!  Roger and the band all acted as though they had taken something, they were so UP!  Mind you this is the only gig so far to have a barrier between us and the stage :(  Massive gap in fact!!  Here come the best bits:

- The change in set list.  He took People on Streets out and replaced it with I Want to Break Free.  When he saw us singing it, he turned the microphone round on it's stand and told us to sing it :-)

- When he announced the band during London usual we went mad over Jason.  Roger saw this and told us he taught him everything he knows........bless :-)

- He said something about his mum being there too!

That was it apart from taking Jason's picture outside and he smiled afterwards as usual *rolls eyes* Mike gave me this awful look for taking Jason's pic.  Probably jealous ;-)  Unfortuantely not only did the gig have a barrier but we weren't allowed to take pictures either, but we did manage to get a few ;-)

Well that's it for now peeps, more on the 28th March :-(  it was such a long gap and it was flippin' awful!!  Ten days in fact!!

I'm away for the weekend so have a good one peeps and happy st patrick's day to you all :-)

Best wishes

god it's cold brrrrrrrr........


Hiya peeps - just thought I'd post a quick entry to let you all know..........


I PASSED woohoo :-)  86%!!!

1 down 3 more to go - gonna do information and communication (aka emails and the web, should be a doddle)!!

Just thought you'd like to know!!  Thanks for the good wishes.......*hugs* to you all!!

Jen xx

Thursday, 16 March 2006

A Nation of Haircuts

Hiya everyone - well I have some GREAT news!!  I did the diagnostic test today which actually has a lot more questions than the real test and I scored 90% :-)  Which means I would've passed had it been the real thing!!  P rung earlier and when team leader told her it was my test tomorrow apparently she said, tell her she'll be fine!!  Her way of wishing me luck I guess LOL..........Anyway just wanted to share that with you!!  So onwards and back to 16/03/99...................


Well after the Gloucester gig I had an hours sleep!!  But I felt totally alive and awake, ready for another fantastic concert.  This time off to Cardiff.  We met my Irish pen pal who had flown over and not told her parents!!  Then we met up with Trina's pen pal whose house we were all staying at.........She dropped us of at the Coal Exchange building and the same people who were first in the queue the day before were there again!!  We managed to find out the actual layout of the building.  There where two doors at the front and none round the back.  So thankfully he had to be dropped off somewhere near where we were standing.

The hours and minutes went past, evenutally the blue van (editors note - that's Roger's van :-), was spotted!!  This parked up and no-one apart from the driver got out!!  After a long pause the driver got back in and drove off, everybody, apart from me, were running here there and everywhere chasing it!!  In the end they positioned a person on each corner.  It was quite amusing, like some military operation.  At one point whilst we were waiting we heard a shunt between two cars and looked at Lisa who was standing on that corner and she pointed to the cars and laughed.

Before all that happened though I have forgotten to tell you that Treana turned up and people got her to sign stuff.  She signed my Electric Fire cd cover.  Then after a long pause, the white Star Line van turned up, meaning one thing, the band and more importantly for me - Jason!!  The band got out and everyone apart from Jason managed to get inside.  So where was Jason??  Surrounded by about 10/15 people all wanting autographs and photos.  He was so sweet, he kept saying that he had to go inside for the sound check.  I managed to get him to sign my Electric Fire cd cover, then I had my picture taken with him.  Then if that wasn't enough as he was going in, I told him that he played well last night and thanked him :-)  He grinned back at me and said thanks!!  Believe it or not though after all that waiting I found out from Trina who took the picture that he wasn't looking!!  Noooooooooo.........Paula, my irish pal, had her picture taken with him too and sent me a copy.  He's looking at me in her's and at her in mine LOL............

Still low and behold Roger turned up.  I decided not to bother to try and get any autographs or photos cos a lot of people were!!  Trina did try though and she felt like he was ignoring her on purpose.........reason being she held my cd cover out and he looked at it, but signed the ticket next to her.  Can you even begin to imagine what that must've felt like?  He went in for the sound check.

When he was coming back out, we could see him through the door, so I managed to get myself on the ledge and lean over the wall to catch him as he came out.  When he opened the door, I called out to him and he looked in my direction.  And you will not believe what happened next...........He looked at me, (as I've already mentioned but thought I should again and said 'Oh I missed you out earlier' and signed my cd cover.  It was the same cover Trina had been holding, but she was holding it differently to me and it was also a different person, so it made me wonder what he was thinking but OH MY GOD!!  The first time I ask for his autograph and not only did he sign it but he spoke to me! ARrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

The gig was Brilliant!!  Although the lights were not!!  Roger and the band were on fine form.  Now I shan't bore you with loads of details again, so here is the highlights:

- When Roger started Happiness he sang the wrong words, but Jason mouthed the wrong words too........silly man!!  We helped Roger remember that one.

- Some stupid bloke jumped the stage and Rog commented on it but I can't remember what he said!!

- When Radio Ga Ga finished (last song on the set list), I yelled at Jason for his plectrum, I did this for a few times but he didn't hear me.  So I was going to give up when Trina made me continue.  When he finally looked at me I asked if I could please have his plectrum?  He took it from under his tongue and replied that it was a bit wet!!  I said, so??  He chucked it to me and I dropped it and frantically searched on the floor amongst all the coats for it.  When I finally found it I was so was still wet (editors note - Oh dear lord!!) Trina told me afterwards he looked a bit worried.

Roger left not long afterwards, but there was no point trying to get near him, there was so many people around.  They all left after Roger did, but I decided I wanted to see Jason, so I made Clare (trina's pen pal), Paula and Trina wait!!  When he did come out I told him I had found the plectrum and thanked him for it.  (Editor - I am so cringing right now what was I thinking??!!) His reply was nice one and gave me the thumbs up sign :-)  Wow another fantastic day/night!!  Can Truro top that in a couple of days??

Well you'll find out tomorrow hopefully!!  As I'm going away on Saturday (back Sunday), I shall post Truro either tomorrow or Sunday!!

Until then - wish me luck with the exam tomorrow and happy st paddy's day to any of you irish guys out there for tomorrow :-)

Best wishes

Wednesday, 15 March 2006

Pressure On

Well I wanted to share this tour diary with you last year and completely forgot but I won't forget this year ;-)

1999 - a pretty good year for me!!  Followed Roger around on tour whilst I was unemployed ;-), got a job at the council, year of the eclipse - that was the day I started my job!!  I'm sure there were other good things but I can't remember them now LOL.........

Anyway here's the diary as I wrote it back then so forgive me for the writing..........

March 15th - Gloucester Guildhall

The start of the tour!!  We set off quite early with a few train changes to make!  I couldn't listen to Electric Fire on the walkman as it was making me too nervous just thinking about it.

Got to Gloucester and on our way to the B&B took a look at the queue.  Familiar faces but only about 5/6 people there.  Once checked into the B&B we went back to the Guildhall to queue.  Got there at 1.30pm.  Six people in front of us, they were, Lisa, Sarah, Helen, Brenda, Alison, and Sarah.  Between them they kept checking the back entrance.  Trina and I hadn't eaten much so I went off to get something to eat.  After a little walk and a Macdonald's in hand, I went back to the queue.  OH MY GOD!!  No-one was there........Lots of things entered my mind......had they been let in early?  Were they meeting Roger?  Where were they?  (Editors note - please remember this was before EVERYONE had mobile phones!!).  All of a sudden Trina's walking up to me.  Apparently he had just gone in, was sound-checking and was due out at any moment.  So we made our way to join the others and listened to him sound checking.  Whilst waiting we heard practically the whole set, so we knew he was gonna do Under Pressure and other stuff, BRILLIANT!!

Eventually he came out!!  He looked so perfect, he was wearing proper glasses so you could see his blue eyes.  GORGEOUS!  We managed to get him to sign stuff, well Trina did.  She pushed her way through and he signed her Electric Fire cd cover.  He also brushed fingers as he took the pen from her!!  He signed Lisa's leg, which she went and had tattoed.  It looks good, if you ever meet her ask her if you can see it.  Anyway after that was over there was a long wait till the concert actually started.  But even though all 8 of us had left the queue we were still in front when we went back :-)

The gig started about twenty past eight when Roger's guest Treana Morris came on.  (Editors note - She's now the singer for a band called Wire Daisies - look them up their really good :-)   He found her in a pub in Cornwall apparently!!  Now before Roger comes on I'm going to tell you another story.  I took a liking to his guitarist in the first ever gig I went too.  His name was Jason Falloon.  At the time one of my penpals sent me a pic of him from the Shepherds bush Empire gig 14/10/98 so I was looking for him from what he looked like in that pic.  When Roger was signing autographs I watched some of the other people coming out of the door.........desperate to see Jason.  A bloke walks out and I think to myself, 'He looks like jason but it can't be he has too much hair.'   We had made it to the front row and We Will Rock You, Roger's first song starts up.  Guess what?  It was Jason!!  Anyway the whole concert had started but you could tell the band and roger were nervous!!

Just so I don't bore you stupid I shall only give you the highlights.

- He announced a song wrong.

- His flies were undone (many photos taken) *cough*

- He knocked a light off the stage

- When he came over to our side of the stage (we were stood on Jason's side), Sarah stroked Roger's leg.  He glared at Trina who pointed to Sarah and said 'It was her not me!!'   He grinned at Trina and at some point before anyone else shook her hand.  I was livid!!  It just wasn't fair!!

I was sharing moments with Jason though :-)  and he always smiled at me after I took his photo.  grrrr....

Believe this or not but Roger then came back over to the front and shook my hand Arrrrggggghhhhhhhhh........His hand shake is lovely, it's so firm he literally grabs your hand.  Anyway what else happened?  Oh yeah, Martin Chambers, drummer from the Pretenders was there!!  Not much else happened except Jason shook my hand as he was walking off, (I had meant to ask for his plectrum!) His hand shake wasn't as firm as Roger's, it was sweaty.  Sarah got his plectrum and Trina told me to ask her for it.  So I did and I offered to pay money for it, but she gave it to me anyway.  Oh my god I had Jason's plectrum.  Wow what a night!!

After the gig we went round to the back exit, but we couldn't see Roger, what with security guards.  We saw the band get into their van.  After Roger had left Trina and I walked back to the B&B and looked forward to what the next day was going to have in store.


Tomorrow - Cardiff :-)

Stressed arrrrhhhhh!!

Hiya peeps well I shall be making two entries this evening as like I said in the previous entry it's 7 years since Trina and I followed Roger Taylor round the country!!  More about that later ;-)

Right now I'm feelin' fairly stressed out!!  Last night there was a web chat and a girl that annoys us turned up like she usually does.  She posts her usual 'we can't understand a thing your saying' stuff and then she types something to one of the other girls and I flipped to be honest.  She had told this other girl to shut up and just got messy!!  I'm moderator on the board and big boss wasn't there so I felt kinda responsible.  Problem was I didn't have the ability to kick her out.  Instead I sent her a private message asking her politely to leave.  She ignored it.  I asked her in the main chat to leave, she ignored it.  She then starts posting about how she's received messages about large trout and thinks it's from me!!  Well that was it I couldn't deal with it anymore and left!!  I was fuming!!  I haven't felt like that in ages.  I rung Trina to get her to calm me down lol..........Well tis her job after all ;-)

When is all said and done though I feel as though I could've handled the situation better and not left in such a huff but there comes a point when you just can't take anymore!!  If you know what I mean??!  Big boss has banned her from the board now after last night's fiasco!!

I'm also stressed about this damn exam and I still feel I'm gonna fail.  I should know more tomorrow as I have to do the diagnostic test and that gives a clearer view as to what the main test will be like!!  Panic arrhhhhhh!!!

Tonight my computer is playing up.  It's not loading up normally giving me options such as safe mode, normal mode, and others.  Apparently I've deleted some file or another that's extremely important!!  Well I'm sorry but b*****ks!!  Why would I delete a file like that??  On top of everything I have no idea how you would access such a file..............

I give up!  Especially if it means I need to do a system restore coz as usual I shall lose everything :-(  Oooooo not if I get myself an MP3 player that would work and I could store all my music stuff onto it!!!   Something to consider but for now I guess I'll just plod!!

P's off work this week due to breavement in the family at the weekend and the doctor signed her off.  I asked E to give her my regards when she spoke to her on the phone.  Apparently P was worried coz she'd left me alone on Monday.  I shrugged my shoulders and carried on but it's nice to know she cares in her own strange little way :-)  If K's not back next week then I shall be on my own again on Monday!!  Hey ho!!

Anyway I shall leave this entry here and shall take you back 7 years ago this very day when I was 21 years old - 1999 what a year!!

Take care peeps

Sunday, 12 March 2006

Exam worries and other stuff

 Hiya everyone - can't believe I haven't updated since Tuesday!!  I'm useless aren't I lol........don't answer that ;-)  So what's been happening??  To be honest and quick - nothing!!  So have a good week only joking!!

Seriously nothing has been happening.  Work is okay!!  More of the usual moany people and a bit of work to do when I go in tomorrow which is nice to know.  T left the department on Thursday.  I'm kinda glad in a way - her voice irritated me lol......When you don't talk much and listen to others having a conversation they can start to do your head in after a while!!  She was alright otherwise!!  Her section put up banners and balloons when she left on Wednesday for her to come into on Thursday.  P couldn't believe the childishness about it all.  I don't understand it to be fairly honest but I've never really been in an office that does stuff like that.  The worst we did at Go was to send Graham a birthday card filled with those little hole punch things.  He saw the funny side of it but was fairly annoyed as he'd had to hoover them up LOL........God I miss that place in some ways!!  If I was still with them I'd have a lot more than 20 days annual leave that's for sure!!  I'm trying to spare some of my leave for next year coz you never know what might happen.  We have leave from april to march just in case you were wondering lol.

Talking of leave I must book the 19th June off this week :-)  Trina and I were emailing as usual *tut tut* and I mentioned how B4 (channel 4's music prog on at 7am) had said the Foo Fighters were playing Hyde Park in the summer.  I thought how cool would that be so I mentioned it to Trina in passing.  As it turned out we (aka Trina, myself and Wayne) are going to Manchester to see them on the 18th June.  As that's a Sunday we are gonna make a weekend of it.  They are playing the Lancashire Cricket Ground and I've been there before.  One of my ex's family had a 50th or something and they all live in Manchester and I went with them.  Had the worst time of my live coz he got drunk and we argued pretty much all night!!  But the next day there was a cricket match on and our balcony looked over the ground.  Could've sat there all day and watched it - I don't even like cricket!!

Anyhoo what else has been happening??  The weekend has gone by in a complete and utter state of 'where did it go?' lol.....Today especially!!  I've had enough of being out in the rain what with the last few days walking to work during it and so today I stayed in.  But I haven't really done anything or achieved anything and it's now 9.41pm!!  I have been slightly creative this weekend though.  I've made 4 more banners and 2 wallpapers :-)  I should post a banner so you can see what I mean but I can't be bothered to open that photobucket account just yet so I do apologise if you haven't got a clue what I mean!

Watched Wallace and Gromit today.  Love that film - as if you didn't guess, what with the comments telling me they had won the oscar LOL.......I just think it's amazing (a bit like Harry Potter phenomenon) that someone can have a simple idea and look what it turns into!!  I want to be able to do that.........but how??  That's the big question of course!!  I guess I shall never know the answer.

*ouch* that was a bit deep huh?  I've been downloading stuff too.  I don't know why I bother coz I can't get it off the computer anyway LOL.  Managed to get Paul and Queen doing Dragon Attack which they've been doing on their usa shows.  It's funny coz I don't have a clue what the tour dates are for those and I think it's much better for me not to know otherwise I would be miserable!!  I probably could've gone but I would be in much more debt than I am now!!

Oooo talking of tours *see that link that I just did crafty huh* Wednesday marks the 7 year anniversary of the Roger Taylor Electric Fire tour which Trina and I managed to attend 7 shows of :-)  If I remember coz I forgot last year I shall try and share my tour diary and possibly some of our photos :-)  Don't worry it doesn't go on that long and doesn't really include much about Roger, but you'll see that when I start sharing it!!

This week I have my ECDL exam and to say I'm panicking about it is probably an understatement.  I was planning to catch up this weekend but that went out the window.  So I shall have to do some at home during the week.  Arrrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhh...........I have this instinct that I'm gonna fail!!  That's not good............

Well I shall leave you here for now.

Take care peeps

Best wishes.....

Tuesday, 7 March 2006

More Weekend Stuff

Hey everyone.  Jeez what a day!!  Is it the weekend yet?  No, okay let's just keep going then LOL.........So here's the rest of what I got up to at the weekend and I did remember to put the lead into the computer today and have added the photos from the zoo - enjoy :)

Sunday - Trina and I did manage to get up at 9ish, had some brekkie, watched some of 'return of the champions' and decided it would be better for us to get out and have some fresh air instead of staying in and watching TV and doing nothing all day.  So we went to catch the bus down town.  As we were waiting we noticed the dark cloud forming and prayed it wouldn't hit us as neither of us were prepared for rain!! 

The bus eventually arrived and we went into a few shops as Trina was looking for a new swimming cossie!!  After looking in Debenhams we went for a walk by the harbour.  All the time having a good ol' natter about nothing in particular and having a good laugh.  I realised that when we're together we don't talk about normal stuff, just odd stuff and turn it into something that it wasn't to begin with.  Tangents in other words.  I won't go into what kind of tangents we went off on but it was flippin hysterical when we recalled what we had been talking about trust me ;)  We walked along the pier and sat down at the end of it.  Whilst we were there it did start hailing but didn't last long :)  Not that we noticed LOL.......Eventually we moved and walked back to town and continued shopping.

Trina thought I was being very good by not spending all my money.  At the end of the day when I owe her so much I could hardly spend in front of her could I?  lol We went into Ottakers book shop and visited Costa Coffee at the top of the shop for a sandwhich and a cake :)  Trina purchased the new Stephen King book for Wayne, I have to say reading the blurb it does sound very good - can't wait to read that one!!  After food we went to woolies, a dvd shop and a clothes shop :)

Went back to Trina's, had a cuppa watched Saturday's Deal or No Deal but the DVD cut out before the end so we didn't know what had happened.  (Managed to find out from Jez at work), then they brought me home!!  I didn't want to come home, I feel very alone after spending the weekend with them two.  Also my flat always feels big and cold :(  So I just curled up on the sofa and watched Tv.  Have you been watching Invasion?  It was well cool on Sunday :)  Apparently according to Jez it's gonna be even better next weekend. 

Well I think that's it your all caught up.  Yesterday I managed to do some exercises :)  Today I couldn't be bothered but I'll make up for it tomorrow.

I walked to work today it was raining and as I was walking across the bridge I started to regret my decision.  It was blowing a gale and my hands were cold trying to keep my big umbrella up :(  I did go into work through the nearest door which means I have to walk up 4 flights of stairs.  Puffed out is not the word for it LOL..........

Well I shall leave you here..............

Until next time - Take care everyone xx

Monday, 6 March 2006

Weekend Adventure

Hey all - hope your ok :)  I am listening to Queen radio but don't panic I shall try and keep the tangents down to a bear minimum!!  I could be here all night otherwise.  I'm afraid there are no pics with this entry coz muppet here forgot to load the camera lead in before she loaded up the computer doh!!  So if I remember to do that tomorrow you can see the photos then ;)

So the weekend - where did it go?  Friday I went to stay with Trina and Wayne.  First we went and did Trina's weekly food shopping.  Guess what I got??  A Wallace and Gromit tea caddy - it's smashing it is :)  (Oooo billy squire and brian don't think I've heard this one!!)  It kinda makes up for not being able to get the mug!!  On the way back Wayne and I got our chippy tea and Trina had to cook her's as she's on a diet *mean laughter*  We didn't do much during the evening.  I managed to catch up on Hotel Babylon as Trina's been kind enough to video it for me!!  Then as the American leg of Queen's tour started on Friday in Miami we decided to watch the Hyde Park DVD.  Well we would've watched Return of the Champs but Roger looks so much better in Hyde Park ;) LOL

Saturday we managed to get up early and out just after 10am.  I was impressed lol......We went to Paignton Zoo.  I paid for us all to get in as I thought it might help to lower the bill that i owe trina - little did I know!!  *rolls eyes*  We had such a good laugh walking round.  We spent a long time by the tiger and lions coz they are both partial to those particular animals.  You'll see that from the photos lol.......We wanted to watch the feeding of the big cats too, but whilst we were round by the lions, the tigers were the ones that were being fed and we missed it!!  Mind you I don't reccommend you making a point of watching the feeding times in Paignton Zoo........(ooo 1 of my top 5 songs - it's late!!), they just seem to dump the food in the animals pen and that's it.  In other zoos I've been too they do a little talk too!!  Anyway after they'd seen the tigers and lions for a long enough time we went and had some dinner.  :)  Trina and I didn't have much as she had planned to cook later.  Wayne had a burger and chips.  The woman behind us in the queue had a list as long as your arm for food thatshe had to get!!

After lunch we planned a route to follow and pretty much stuck to it.  We saw Red Pandas which are just the cutest, camal, zebras, red hogs or something like that, little monkeys, lots of monkey type thingys (can't remember what they were and can't be bothered to get the guide map ;), wolf, cheetah, and of course the elephants :)  It was strange coz as we walked into the elephant/giraffe house the woman in front said she could smell smoke.  I thought she was having us on.  We walked through to the elephants and I stood there for a while but then decided to walk back to the giraffe bit. As I walked through the door I could smell smoke it was eerie!!  Poor things :(

Later Trina and Wayne battled to get the better pic of the cheetah as you'll see when I post the pics LOL........That was about it at the zoo!!  Apart from the gift shop of course :)  I brought the obligatory book mark (I try to get one from everywhere I go :)  and a red panda cuddly toy which I've named Roger :)  Now I have Brian the lion, Freddie the tiger, Roger the red panda, I'm considering calling my giraffe John :)  lol...........

We went back to their house after a detour to Totnes.  Wrong turning LOL.......At least I can say I've been to Totnes now LOL.......We watched Wallace and Gromit :)  I brought it on DVD on Thursday to cheer myself up as I'd had a bit of a crap day!!  Love that movie!!  Trina and I went for  a walk after that to get pencils (sweets not the proper thing!)  (ooo stone cold crazy remix thingy Love this!!) Unfortunately they didn't have any pencils so we had to get jelly tots and tooty fruity's lol.......we're such kids at heart ;)

We got back just as Ice Dancing was starting.  Go Gaynor :)  I'm so pleased she won and I was well chuffed that it was between her and Stefan.  I was welling up watching Torvill and Dean perform the bolero - I remember the first time they did it!!  Once that finished it was of course, Casualty, and the final Ice Dancing bit.  After that we couldn't watch a Queen DVD coz they were videoing Planet of the Apes and didn't really wanna watch Parky coz Tony Blair was on it!!  Saw the ending to Just the two of us.  Trina was convinced Russell and Sian had sung Barcelona but whenthey replayed it none of us could make it out until they actually sung the word.  Very odd version!!  Trina was not amused!!

Anyway after the football, we managed to watch some Queen, but not too much coz Trina kept falling asleep.  Decided to head up the wooden hills to bedfordshire as we were gonna get up early the next day too :)

I think I shall finish this tale here for now and post some more tomorrow - until then...............

Take care peeps

Best wishes

P.s I'm behind in journal reading as I've been away but don't fear I'll catch up at some point LOL........

P.p.s Great king rat was born today - sorry just singing along to the track on Queen radio :)

Wednesday, 1 March 2006


Evenin' all - yep tis me again!!

I'm having one of those days where I thought I would have lots to tell you but now I'm here and typing the entry and I'm not sure what to say LOL.......You'll be glad to know I'm not listening to the Queen radio so I won't be going off on my tangents ;-)

Let's see what's happened since me last entry?  Well it's the first of the month and therefore a change to the journal - colours and photo :-)  I like change sometimes!

Short break as my doorbell was buzzed!!  It was some chinese delivery - I didn't ask for a chinese, I've just eaten my tea LOL......Trina's ears have probably pricked up if chinese people deliever down this area!!

Talkin' of change I ordered some photos of my mates and they were delivered today so I've rearranged the pics in my big multi frame.  It looks good now there's an up to date piccie of my bruv, the group pic from the tour and wedding pics of Trina and wayne :-)

I suppose I have been a little creative lately, yesterday I made 4 banners for use on the web.  I was actually really pleased with them - I finally worked out how to use the paint brush in the programme I use lol only taken me about a year lol........I'm so pathetic it's unbelieveable!!

Work is manic with the accounts and only two of us there!!  Sometimes it feels like there is just one of us.  Team leader is always in meetings or up talking to her boss - still it goes to show I can cope on my own coz I just get on with it.  It's a nice feelin' to know there's work on me desk when I go in though.

Not been doin' well on the ol' exercise front this week.  I was determined all day I was gonna do a workout when I came home today but about 2 seconds before I walked in the door that changed!!  Well I have my reasons LOL.........Tomorrow I've gotta do quite a bit to get ready for the weekend (woohoo) so no exercising tomorrow!!  Unless I do my hoovering when I get home lol ;-)

What is up with the weather??  Yesterday it was sun, rain, hail, snow, sun, rain, hail, snow.........all day long!!  Today it's been beautiful sunshine all day till about 5 minutes before we're all due to go home and it buckets it down with snow, rain, hail, whatever!!

Well I'm gonna sign off here as I wanna shut the computer down to watch the film in a bit!

Take care everyone.

Best wishes xx